i think the cat just farted

starters based on stuff i've said/thought
  • "nothing sexier than a guy in a target uniform"
  • "these falsies were a terrible idea"
  • "you can't just replace pandas with more pandas and think everything will be fine."
  • "i wanna work as a panda. they can give me a suit. wait will there be wifi in the suit?"
  • "well that's... not good--"
  • "holy shit... cat satan..."
  • "i'm gonna fart"
  • "bitch, eat faster. *makes whip noises*"
  • "what the fuck it's leaking on me"
  • "i'm just really confused"
  • "okay but listen, did you see the baby cheshire cat? the cheshire kitten."
  • "all hail hot dad."
  • "i'm weak. i'm so weak."
  • "look at his jawline."
  • "anyway i'm perfect."
  • "once i hugged him and his hipbone hit me in the boob."

guys i dont think u understand how important it is to rescue dogs from shelters think abt it like they go from living on the streets scared and alone and trying to find food or r taken away from abusive owners and then they wait in a shelter where they r caged up and confused then u come along and take them home and suddenly they have a steady meal schedule and room to run and play and u give them love even if they make a mistake u say ‘its ok’ and help them instead of hurting them and they finally have a family and will be forever grateful and the only “problem” is u have to figure out how to navigate ur home w a lil fluffy shadow followin u around

GoT Asks

Anonymous said:
Did D&D just forget about the Freys? Other than mentioning Arya mentioning Walder Frey in her “list” this season, I don’t think the Freys have been mentioned since Season 3. You know, the family responsible for ending the Northern campaign and the deaths of Robb, Cat, Talisa and Grey Wind. But I guess in order to include the Freys that would force D&D to include Lady Stoneheart and those “boring” Riverland scenes. Also I think I saw the Blackfish and Edmure on the back of a milk carton.

Well, they never really developed any Freys past Walder, so I guess having a few of them hanging out in Winterhell would have been too much to ask. But I do expect everyone’s favourite Quiverfuller to be back, if only because he’s in Arya’s prayer… just like Maryn Trant, which they’re also being super subtle about. Like, wow, I wonder what will happen to him…

I see the Stoneheart Hype Train has started up AGAIN (Like, literally for the fourth time…) but don’t hold your breath. It would make zero sense at this point anyway. Not that that would stop them… it just wouldn’t make me happy even if she did show up.

Honestly, my nerd rage about the missing riverlands has made me appreciate them a lot, especially Jaime’s chapters in aFfC, some really interesting stuff goes down there. 

But, like, Genna Lannister might have competed with the Dowager Countess in sass, so you can’t have that.

Anonymous said:
Oh my god how did I forget St. Tyrion explicitly saying that he was the gift. I feel like I’ve reached show watcher commitment where I may as well be peering over my laptop and asking my partner “hey why is Jonah knocking out all those guys in front of Khaleesi?”. Seriously do you think the writers realise how increasingly disconnected their show is becoming from their own fandom?

Do you mean book readers? They stopped caring about us sometime between the end of season one and the beginning of season two, I think. They needed us then, now they do not.

Sometimes I think D&D are cynical assholes who will do anything if they think it will grab ratings, but sometimes I think they’re just two guys as befuddled as Larry who DON’T understand the source material and actually think they’re being faithful because “Dany and Tyrion eventually meet and it doesn’t matter how, right?”

Anonymous said:
I know D&D said that there would possibly be some TWoW spoilers this season, but so far it doesn’t seem like it. What do you think?

I’ve kind of discussed this before when I talked about “the ending”. WHAT happens isn’t nearly as important has how it happens or what impact it has on the characters. 

The example above with Dany and Tyrion is a good one. This is probably a “spoiler” of the fact that they will meet in tWoW (although it will surprise exactly zero readers) but, like, so what? In tWoW the Battle of Fire will already have been fought and Dany will have ridden a dragon. In the show he literally randomly shows up one day. What does knowing that fact that they meet tell you about their meeting in the books? Nothing at all.

Even something like the Shireen BBQ possibility doesn’t worry me too much. I have no ideas who this “Stannis” person is, so what he does means nothing.

Anonymous said:
I was curious to know if you believe the show can be salvaged? Is there anything they can do from here to actually make worth while watching again. What are your thoughts?

You know how in the seventh Harry Potter movie, they kind of said, “fuck the movie canon” and pretended that none of the stuff they cut in the first six movies was cut and just kind of went with it? Well, I doubt that’s possible for GoT since there are SO many things they cut and so many stupid thinks they stuck in to make it “work”.

Really, I think I just have to say “No”. With D&D in charge, the writing is not going to get any better, and they’re not going anywhere. And, notwithstanding the fact that their ratings have been dropping like a stone this season, they have more than enough momentum to get to seven seasons no problem.

And it’s probably gonna get worse. Season six is going to diverge from the source material “a bit” remember…