i think the art block is gone.....

NCT as people I know

Taeil: art teacher that wears same jeans and black sweater everyday, only speaks when you think they’re gone
Johnny: older brother, ten year age gap between u and him, will take you mini golfing at 6pm on a Wednesday
Taeyong: single retired mother, owns a mansion? Gardens, only stress now is the weeds and grandkids
Doyoung: student that does crafts with kids at the park, does not get paid enough, a practiced calm voice, the monkey bar incident™ is a blocked out memory
Ten: the name you always hear going around your school, cannot put a face to it, you’ve been in five classes together
Yuta: neighbor with the sports car, too much hair gel, has had eight jobs, makes awkward eye contact with u through your bedroom window
Jaehyun: respectable guy, wears plaid shorts shamelessly, has a calling with the old people because he mows all their lawns
Winwin: transfer student, english is their second language, aced three bio quizzes, passed the whole course, spoke only for attendance
Mark: anxious and awkward neighbour, saw your new bathing suit, got up and moved to a further seat with a red face
Haechan: friend who plays around, once threw dog poop “accidentally” into a backyard and had zero issues explaining animatedly to the house owners exactly what happened
Jeno: Shoppers Drug Mart® worker who asked you if your flu shot hurt, smiles warmly and congratulates you on your bravery, never to be seen again, please where are you I’ve been going back for months…I miss you
Renjun: the person painting Pocahontas in the art room, earbuds in at all times, has no time for the annoying kids in their own grade
Jaemin: that forgotten elementary school kid who broke his right leg twice, left once, arms numerously, and cracked a pelvis, where are they now…who knows???
Chenle: classmate with the nice shoes, odd patterned socks, says “what’s goodie” on morning announcements
Jisung: four year old cousin that demands more respect than your own grandmother, you’re playing with them no matter what because nobody and I mean nobody wants the worst cousin ever title

Eyy, I’m still alive it’s a  fucking miracle

hey, guys, sorry for not posting so much, life and stress and a mega art block got in the way, but since it’s our sem-break now I think I might be able to draw more

and also

               THANK YOU FOR THE 3000 FOLLOWERS!

like holy crap, how long was I gone?!

and again, sorry for not posting art so much, I hope art block will not get in the way again

anonymous asked:

A greeting! And I'm sorry for such a miserable start. Ahem. By the way, you know a couple of Geno and Reaper? Well .... I think you know. So, it is difficult if not then you can draw this couple ????

Thanks anon, My art blocks finally gone :D

You’re lucky that I’m still interested in AUs, I was about to stop doing this type of junk and just draw canon Undertale stuff…

Geno- @loverofpiggies

Reaper- @renrink

Picture Perfect (Yoongi x Reader)

Yoongi’s searching for perfection. He meets you.

2.4k words, yoongi/reader, fluff + many question marks, artist au 

Yoongi is a distressed artist.

At night he paints constantly, forming ink into cosmos and brushing oil into flowers. Fingers, brushes, anything: he uses them all as tools to splatter paint onto the canvas.

But when day comes and the sun rises to its peak, he tears it all down and lays the ruined canvas to the side. It’s this destructive cycle that’s formed an accumulating graveyard in his studio, a good half of the room dedicated to his works deferred.

“Man, this place is a mess,” Hoseok observes, picking his way through the paint splatters that litter the floor, the debris strewn about.

“A keen observation,” Yoongi snarks back, voice cold and biting. He lithely weaves his way through the easels.

Hoseok seems unaffected by the sarcasm. “Dude, and–what’s that? Is this–” Yoongi turns and sees that Hoseok’s bent over the pile of torn canvases, reaching out to turn one over. “–yes, what the fuck dude, this is good. Or was a good start, before you tore it up. Why the hell’d you do that?”

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Doodle page of the Yandere Theurgist!

“Who said Life can’t hit? Hah! I can turn your body into a weapon, and then use it against you!”

  • master of biochemical warfare
  • violent theurgist known for compounding super drugs

Unlike classic yanderes, this one can’t decide on just one love! How can that be enough?! Don’t worry, there’s enough in this heart for everyone..

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i think instead of an art block im having a sort of… creativity block when it comes to my own characters
maybe it’ll change when I get to college I mean i hope so I just need something new? Someway to refresh my thinking and all i’ve been doing is sitting in this house for what… 2 years.
The time i’ve spent in here i’ve gone though a ton of idea and I think im just burnt out when it comes to original content
i shouldn’t try to force this as much as i try, it only upsets me. 

Secret Santa P2 (Gerard Way X Reader)

Gerard looks like he did in the I’m Not Okay music video.

(I won’t put a link to P1, I’ll reblog it)

    Four days before Christmas vacation and you still are giftless.
You needed to make a good impression on Gerard. If you couldn’t be his girlfriend, you could still be a friend with… benefits.
Tuesday morning, you were pacing the empty cafeteria, your mind filled with stress and desperation.

“Gerard draws in class… I could get him an art set.” You thought aloud. Even though you figured Gerard would think it was cheap, it was worth a try. No other ideas were popping up anyhow.

Wednesday night. Your parents were gone, so you rode your bike to the bookstore a few blocks away.

When you arrived, you parked your bike on the sidewalk and walked into the store. It was surprisingly empty. For a family business, the bookstore was usually quite popular.

“Hey Y/N. Nice to see you.” Said the elderly man behind the counter. You knew him as Pedro.

“Hey, Pedro! I came to get a Secret Santa gift.”

“Ah!” Pedro lazily raised a hand in the air to show memory. “My grandson came here yesterday for that. Good luck on finding a good present.”

The ringing of a bell startled you. You turned to see the one and only… Gerard Way. Oh no!

You dove behind the counter. Pedro chuckled and immediately understood. When he turned, you quickly tiptoed to the art section. There was a marker-proof sketchbook on the top shelf. You reached for it, but tripped and fell into the rack.

It almost toppled over.

Thankfully, the rack stayed sturdy.

But your identity was given away by the incident; Gerard had rushed out of the way and ran into the art section.

“Oh! Hi, Gerard, I- I… Sorry for almost killing you.”

He laughed.

“I forgive you. Y/N, right?”

You nodded, gulping.

“Here for Secret Santa?”

“Yeah. Are you?”

Gerard nodded. He seemed a little pale. Maybe it was just from the fear of getting flattened.

You both went separate ways and picked out gifts. And yet another problem- no wallet.

Pedro would probably understand. You would just leave your ID here and- uh-oh. No ID!

“Pedro, I don’t have money with me! The store’s closing for Christmas at nine, oh no…”

“I would give it to you for free but Heather got mad at me last time. Go ask another customer.”

He seemed unaware of the fact that Gerard was the only other person in the store. He couldn’t buy his own gift!

“Y/N needs twenty dollars, the customer up here!” He said over the PA.


But Gerard, being the gentleman he is, offered to lend you some money. Pedro covered his mouth with his hands, obviously realizing what had happened.

“Here, Y/N.” He held out two ten-dollar bills.

“But you can’t buy your own gift!” You blurted.

He grinned.

“I guess we’re exchanging gifts on the spot,” He said, handing you the gift he had already bought.

An electric guitar.

“Y-you- how- an electric guitar?! But that’s so EXPENSIVE!” You exclaimed.

“It’s okay. I earn this back every month from my work anyways. You’re the best in band class, and I figured you would enjoy an upgrade from bass.”

“All I got you was a sketchbook…” You whispered, looking at the ground.

“It’s okay…” He said, putting an arm around your shoulders.

“Anything from you is worth a million bucks.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean… I’ve been crushing on you for a long time. I was ecstatic when I found out I was your secret Santa. I love you, Y/N.”

WHAT?! You struggled to process what had just happened.

“I love you too.”

“I was looking for a new sketchbook anyways.”




I’ve been, uh, kinda gone for a while… I’m so so sorry about that, I really am :( I haven’t been able to draw for quite some time now… I don’t know what’s going on but, I think I hit another art block? And, I have three more crayon pencil asks to do but, I just can’t seem to pick up the pencil at the moment.. Ah.. I’m so pathetic, I’m sorry again guys… Not to mention, I still haven’t figured out how to start my next story for y'all… I know what’s going to happen at the middle and end but? The beginning? God… Ah I just, thank you for being so patient with me… I’m a mess :/ I’ll try to finish those three asks as soon as I can. They’re all I have left to answer smh


So Hey Guys. First of all, I’m sorry I was gone without havin’ said something. Live was literally drowning me in lemons and most things I did totally wrong making me feel like I was doing everything wrong. I didn’t really want to draw and I think I had a massive Art Block QvQ because everything I’ve tried to draw in that time seemed like trash for me [I killed many papers the last few months •v•"]. On top of that my phone broke and I was unable to talk to any of my or you and yeah. I feel really bad for not saying anything I also went on vacation and ye, I got a bit of my creativity back [^//v//^ FINALLY!!!] So, I’ll be trying to draw and upload much as possible to make up for that. Like I said, I’m sorry and I hope you’re not angry or worried or something QvQ"

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