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Funny Drarry fic recs

Because sometimes you just need a good laugh, you know?

The Morning After, by birdsofshore (5.3k)

Stately Homes of Wiltshire, by waspabi (57k)

The Light More Beautiful, by firethesound (81k)

In the Company of a Rubber Duck, by birdsofshore (34k)

The Critiquer, by dysonrules (24k)

It Never Occurred to Me That I Would Fall in Love With a Frenchman, by lamerezouille (6.6k)

Thou Art More Lovely, by Writcraft (8.4k, and don’t miss the art!!)

Aural Gratification, by birdsofshore (10k)

• Ferocious Determination, Insufficient Deliberation, and a Slightly Wrong Destination, by Faith Wood (9.5k)

A Convenient Impracticality, by firethesound (38k)



clintasha + harry potter au for @victimsteve 


Kate Fuller Appreciation Week → when you fell in love with Kate Fuller

My love for Kate Fuller was solidified during fourth episode of season one titled “Let’s Get Ramblin’.” I was slowly growing to love her in the past three episodes, but it was the fourth one that I really became to truly love Kate. She wasn’t a caricature of a teenaged girl that you usually see on shows but was a real teenaged girl with real problems that young women could easily relate to. She had lost her mother and was at odds with her father, and that just added to her appeal for me. She was presented as a soft spoken girl who was hurting inside and not sure how to express it. She was presented as inquisitive and bright and all around a well-rounded character. She was feminine in a world where femininity had grown to be a synonym for vapidity and written impeccably which gave her a beautiful base to grow into a strong female character that was not made in the stereotypical mold that people are used to. Kate showed that you could be soft and that softness did not equate to weakness. One other factor that caused me to fall head over heels for Kate was to see a young woman not be sexualized for the ultimate benefit of an older male. In this day and age we have characters that are Kate’s age that are grossly over sexed in order to cater to male characters/the male audience to the point that it’s misogynistic. It was refreshing to see a girl in a bikini, and her not be a blatant sex object or a love interest. This episode showed me Kate could stand on her own, and I loved her for it. Her strength comes from her faith, determination, and emotional intelligence.

anonymous asked:

Can we have an hc about Andrew.... And tattoos.... thank u

……Excuse me while I die just imagining that. (this isn’t long at all oops)

  • umm tbh who knows why andrew would want to get a tattoo
  • its probably because of renee
  • or possibly neil, if he decided to get a tattoo before andrew
    • the tattoo was probably a key
    • there might be another one thats a fox paw
    • who knows with neil
    • (hint: he totally has a key and a fox paw)
  • andrew probably only tells renee and neil
  • maybe just renee
  • (revenge for neil not telling him about his tattoos)
  • (jk)
  • anyway
  • andrew gets a knife on his arm first
  • it symbolizes the knives in his armbands and it also covers his scars but keeps a reminder
  • when neil finds out, he probably makes andrew get a key on his wrist too to match
  • well, he asks him to do it and andrew does but “this means nothing junkie”
  • the knife and key are really the only things that stay for a few years
  • but then he thinks “huh. there are some things i might want to remember”
  • when he and neil make the same pro team, he gets a small tattoo of the mascot
  • nowhere noticeable, but noticeable enough for neil to see
  • (neil smiles and doesnt tell andrew that thats kind of cute)
  • he has tattoos of King and Sir Fat Cat on his biceps
  • (if anyone remembers my photographer!neil post, andrew gets a tattoo of a camera somewhere. maybe over his heart idk)
  • (said camera totally does not symbolize neil capturing his heart)
  • (imeanwhat)
  • andrew isnt really a big tattoo person so he only gets tattoos of things that he figures are pretty memorable
  • he probably gets like a rainbow somewhere to symbolize renee and his pride
  • but its a badass rainbow
  • or smth yknow idek dont ask me
  • maybe a flower is what he uses to symbolize renee
  • something cute yet deadly
  • like a black rose
  • or a daphne (which is apparently a pretty pink flower that is entirely poisonous)
  • uhh
  • moving on
  • then one day andrew and neil are doing an interview or something
  • and someone notices something
  • “hey” says this person “whats that on your guys’ hands”
  • “what” andrew says, looking down but not seeing anything
  • “your ring fingers” the person gestures
  • “oh this” neil smiles “its nothing”
  • on their left ring fingers are simple x’s

all i’m rly understanding from the latest on the persona twitter is that morgana is pretty excited about this week’s next ‘fun’ CM but like what does that mean 

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Do it post your Pokémon au

!!!!! a sign! okay, my voltron pokemon AU! (THIS IS GOING UNDER A READ MORE ITS SOOOO LONG) 

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okay i love your art but I am a bit confused about the dream pack because in the books I didn't find any references to their physical apparence, so i was wondering how can everybody draw them in the "same " way thanks :)

there are no references to their physical appearances in canon whatsoever besides proko having prominent ears and sloped shoulders, so… you’re not wrong on that haha

i don’t think everyone draws them in the same way? i actually don’t see much (visual) art of them besides from myself and @dimtramp and @natroze haha. i drew my own interpretations of them about half a year ago and have since had various fic authors ask if they could use my drawings as ref for their writing descriptions, but otherwise idk! if you see other people drawing the dream pack boys in the same way as i’ve drawn them, then… i guess they are just copying my character designs lmao idk

so I don’t know what happened with my email lately, but I just got 3 fashion companies offering to work with me on selling my art on their clothes

I have no idea what fashion is…

I love it when people have their pronouns on their blog, especially people who arent trans, because it normalizes the whole asking for pronouns thing. 😄 like yes make it normal to say your pronouns so that it isnt weird for trans people!

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Any One Direction songs in which you find the romantic relationship to be portrayed healthily?

That’s an amazing question anon.  Thanks so much.  I’ll try to do it justice.

Before I begin I will have to talk a little bit about what I see as most damaging about One Direction songs.  It’s not the subtle negging of Little Things, or the sudden rash of rape-y songs on the third album.  It’s that there are so many songs which strips the person the song is about of any agency and reduce her (later maybe them) to an object of desire. The singer is so obsessed with his own feelings that there is no space for the girl he is singing about to have any feelings at all - or for those feelings to matter.

And that’s so damaging - the target audience of One Direction is young girls who are told in a million different ways that men’s desires and feelings matter and theirs don’t.  One of the most important fights, both for feminism, but also for women in our own lives, is realising that we are subjects and not objects - when we have so often we are told differently.  

Before I get into One Direction’s songs I want to share an amazing Dar Williams song - about women claiming their subjectivity - that I like to imagine fighting UAN and TMH and destroying them both with its awesome power (and then they rise from the ashes - still great pop songs but with magically transformed better lyrics)

There’s lots of different sorts love in a pop song - and I’m going to organise my discussion around different subjects - because I think each sort of song has its own pitfalls.

We’re Super in Love With Each other, isn’t it great (aka Larry songs)

  • Strong
  • Right Now
  • Home
  • I Want to Write You a Song
  • 18
  • If I Could Fly
  • Act My Age
  • Through the Dark (maybe not great - but better than it would be otherwise.  I particularly like that the perspective of the person this song’s about is relatively strong).

I didn’t include Drag Me Down - because I think the ‘shell of a man stuff’ is  fraught.  It’s often a really manipulative thing to say.  I think in the context of the whole song it’s actually fine - because the song is so joyous.  There’s a huge difference between ‘Things are great! I love you! Thank you! Without you I wouldn’t be as great as I am!’  And ‘Things are terrible. I love you.  Without you things would be even worse.  But it did make me cautious. 

Everything About you is surprisingly good for a song on UAN (they’re literally all about how it’s unfair that a girl would like anyone but the narrator) - but there’s that bit in the middle about other guys seeing her and not knowing that it’s him - which is really gross.

Quite a lot of these songs are borderline for me - in that there isn’t much space for the person being sung about to have any feelings or their feelings to matter.  If I was talking to Louis (in particular I think) about what sort of love songs he wrote in the future - I would encourage him to be more specific about the object of his affection and to give that person a voice in the song.  But there are obviously reasons that might have been difficult.

It’s the two of us against the world - but our love will win (aka more Larry songs)

  • Ready to Run
  • You & I
  • Fireproof (just - like I have very strong feelings and readings about this song - but it would be so easy to introduce some mutuality to it.  To have the first version be “nobody knows you baby the way I do” and the second “nobody knows me baby the way you do”.  The difference of having ‘we’ in both Ready To Run and You & I is really pointed)

Definitely not They Don’t Know About Us - which I feels hits too many red flags.  Presenting young girls with the idea that ‘people on hate on our relationship because they’re jealous’ is a romantic statement - is basically priming them for emotional abuse. 

I’m attracted to you and think you’re amazing

  • Better than Words
  • Girl Almighty

The key to this sort of song is to make the focus how amazing the object of the song is and not on the singer’s own feelings.  There are a lot of songs in One Direction which are about how the object of the song should be into the singer rather than someone else.

Songs about hooks ups that are portrayed as mutual and consenting:

  • Best Song Ever (they just dance and she says no - and that’s OK)
  • Never Enough
  • No Control (I think ‘I’m all yours’ saves the ‘no control’ - and makes it clear that the encounter is mutual and consenting)
  • Up All Night (I’m absolutely grading on a curve here - it wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t on their first album)

Lots of songs are almosts in this category. Live While We’re Young has the pressure-y vibes of Zayn’s verse. Temporary Fix would be there if it wasn’t for the idea that bodies can speak. And I would include Kiss You - but the line about showing her off to his friends is fucked.  In fact, almost every way that friends feature in 1D songs is a red flag for me.  There’s a lot of ‘your friends hate me’ - which it bothers me is being portrayed as slightly romantic - rather than a sign that the person is actually terrible. 

Songs about break-ups and heartbreak that aren’t gross and entitled

  • Walking in the Wind (obviously you could read this song about any sort of separation - but it’s beautiful, mature and respectful of the subjectivity of the person).
  • Rock Me

There are many One Direction songs which make out that breaking up with the singer is a terrible unjust, unfair wrong thing to do.  In that context these two stand out. 

Some final examples

Over five albums their songs changed significantly. Lyrically they matured so much.  I want to pick out two songs from MitAM that don’t fit my categories - but show how much more honest, real and respecting MitAM is about relationships than UAN.

A.M. - this is a song about a shared moment and experience - it’s not explicitly about sexual relationships, but I love its specificity. I also think the fact that it’s not definitely about a sexual relationship makes it more healthy than equal than so many of their songs that are.

End of the Day - I don’t know if I’d exactly call this song healthy.  The person is so scared of expressing themselves and the situation is clearly messy (an early equivalent which is also much better than most of their early stuff is ‘Change My Mind’ - where the singer is seeking out consent and cares what the object of the song feels).  But I think songs that are messy and complicated about how hard being vulnerable is are so much better songs and less damaging - than some dude whining ‘my love is better than his’.  I think all sorts of relationships can be beautifully portrayed in songs that add something to the world - not just healthy ones.  What makes End of the Day so great is that there’s space in the song for ‘her’ - even if things might not work out the way the singer desires.


I know this is going to sound like such a Larrie thing to say.  But the more I think about this the more impressed I am with Harry and Louis.  And I do mean Harry and Louis. Niall doesn’t write that much.  And I can’t attribute the changing view of love within One Direction songs to Lima - when he’s all Wolves is a song about how stressful it is when people hit on my hot girlfriend. One Direction songs were really limited in the way they portrayed relationships.  And that’s changed.  MitAM depicted a range of relationships in songs that often had space

I think actually given the experience they’ve had over the last five years - that is quite extraordinary.  Being in the centre of a boyband storm - and yourself being treated by an object by so many fans - it’s not necessarily a place that you’d expect to develop maturity about relationships and an understanding of other people’s subjectivity.  They’re really impressive.

I’m going to stop now before I get even more sentimental and ridiculous.