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Hi abbie! You don't have to if you don't want to, but could I see a before of the woman in your history challenge post. I love your screenshots ♡

hey babe!!! omg i always feel like my screenshots are shitty but thank you so much! and i assume u mean the woman with the fire? i mean sure but i dont think there’s an extravagant difference tbh it’s just really the fire im not that good at photoshop unfortunately haha!!!! i’ll put it under the cut!

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Heyo, did you base the outfit in your Taako design off of anything specific? I want to do a cosplay of him using your design (if thats even ok with you) but I'm not sure where I could find those clothes... (if you know the name of those types of shirts/shorts it would be a huge help too!) thank you!

Hi Sunny!!

It’s super okay to cosplay my Taako design omg!!! AAAAA

The shirt I can’t really be specific, unfortunately, but the closest thing I could find that had similar design would be this shirt

For the shorts, I specifically looked at Ouji fashion, which has pants like these, which I think are more accurate to what I drew! Originally though I based them off a pair h.NAOTO’s balloon pants that I own.

Here’s something rough I came up with, also for my own reference since I’m planning to cosplay him sometime too ehuehuehue

I hope this helps!! ;v; 

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hi artist can u draw shuichi saihara in a maid outfit pls and ty

omg what an odd ask but u know since its a request from a fan i cannot refuseノ (´ ◡ ` ノ)

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au where keith is lowkey a furry and when he and lance start dating, lance finds a bunch of fursona drawings in his drawer and when he confronts keith abt it, keith is all like "THOSE AREN'T MINE" but lance is like ":// that's a shame i wanted to make a fursona" and they draw their fursonas together. keith is a wolf with purple hair and lance is a cat with a red bandana

this is actually super cute omg???

i bet they’d make versions of everyone else too and they’d probably think they’d be made fun of if they ever showed them to the rest of the group (especially pidge) but she actually likes them a lot??? she’d ‘adopt’ the design they made her and probably name a program she created after it.

hunk would probably get a decal made of his and put it on his car bc he loves it so much. shiro pretends to laugh it off but he hangs the picture of his fursona in his room. allura cried tears of joy when she saw hers, and has a mural dedicated to it!!

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AMEN PREACH. The thing that bothers me most about people excusing Snape because of his "troubled past" is...what troubled past? I mean I know he had a sad childhood or whatever (if I remember correctly) but his main motivation for everything he does as an adult wasn't that, but was being rejected?? like that doesn't happen to most everyone?? there is no excuse for him.

YESSSS. Also can we just stop with this “troubled past” trope like…forever?? It transfers over from literature into the real world and people become very okay with it which is not okay, especially in a children’s/teen series. 


I’ve been thinking about this megane/ahoge crossover for literal months and now I’ve finally drawn it I can be put to rest

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OMG I saw your character thingy that his outfit is like that cus he's colour blind and someone told him it looked cool and I cudnt stop laughing for like 20mins.!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂 omg please write a fanfic of this!!!! (Maybe his distant third cousin twice removed Wade could tell him) 😉

Wade Wilson bopped down the street to music only he could hear “Kick-ass mix writer man, that old school disco!” thanks Wade. “does that dude sneaking around in the bright orange think I can’t see him? yoo-hoo! Mr. pirate boots can I help you?” Deathstroke exploded out of the shadows and “Deathstroke? thats a cool name!” Do you mind I am narrating here! “oh sorry, keep going you’re doing great” Wade said sarcastically. Deathstroke swung his sword which Deadpool blocked with his own.

“Oh cool a cutlass, really sticking with a pirate theme? well good for you, this katana thing I got going on is problematic isn’t guys?” 

“who are you talking to?” Slade snarled “you know, the readers? all the Tumblr kids? my sword it’s totally cultural appropriation”

“the who?”

“oh never mind” Wade kicked Slade in the gut knocking him into a wall. “Well this has been a blast weird pirate dude but I’m gonna have to carve you up now” He lifted his admittedly problematic sword “Hey I can say that, you can’t say that!” in the air ready to bring down a killing blow. Slide drew his gun and shoot Wade in the chest.

“OW! jeez dude that hurts, you could warn a guy before you go and do something like that”

“sorry did I stain your outfit princess?”

“A) super homophobic dude, we’re on Tumblr right now, and B) stain? can you not… what color is my costume?”


“oh my god! oh my god guys! pirate guy is color blind! dude, has no one told you that you’re costume is half bright ass orange?” 


“yeah half your face is hunting jacket orange, like Trump’s asshole orange, orange having unprotected sex with a pumpkin orange, like-”

“I get it”

“aw I had so many more!” 

“why has no one killed you before now?”

“Because you’re gonna find thats a lot harder to do than you think” 

  • Miyagi: Why the hell did you adopt a dog?
  • Shinobu: It was FATE
  • Miyagi: What???
  • Shinobu: The dog's name is....
  • Shinobu: Cabbage
  • Miyagi: What the fuck

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Omg ! Your squids are the cutest~ X3 I loveeeeeeeeeeee them! I really like the green squid with the dark skin! What's his name & weapon? XD I was wondering if I could ship him with my OC squid? If that's okay with you~ ☆

Omg, thank you!! His name is Cable and he uses the Splattershot Jr! (Im still fickle with the shoes, I’m thinking Clogs, or LE/Ltd, Low Tops) Yes, you’re totally welcomed to ship my characters with your ocs! Q3Q 

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But history nerd!Derek watching Drunk History and is like omg thats not even the correct term for that you drunk bastard (he swears at the tv drunkenly) and Stiles secretly filming him challenging the drunk person on tv. it ends up with popcorn on the floor and a bottle of Jack spilled on the floor.

(one, Drunk History is the best and now I can’t stop thinking about Derek being the comedian asked to be on it and him sitting there for five hours because, even in his drunken state, “one cannot just make up names and dates, what kind of show is this??? History can’t be rushed.”)

Two, oh my god yes. Just…history nerd!Derek who likes to stay at home and watch documentaries rather than going out. Stiles, to compromise, buys a bottle of Jack and gets Derek to drink it with him because “it’s a Friday night Derek and I love you, so I am going to stay in and watch the fascinating history of cuttle fish with you but for the love of god, just have one shot!” 

Cue Derek having more than one shot. Cue Derek pretty much having the whole bottle and Stiles not even caring because he has never seen Derek drunk and he just knows he’s about to witness something he’ll never forget. (Of course, he gets his phone at the ready.)

He doesn’t really know what he was expecting but it wasn’t for Derek to get even more adorable than usual and be drunkenly, genuinely concerned when the person telling the piece of history gets a name or place wrong. “You don’t understand, Stiles! They are rewriting history.”  “Derek, I’m sure no-one takes these programmes seriously, I mean-” “Oh my god, CLEOPATRA DIDN’T HANG HERSELF WITH A SNAKE. That isn’t even possible. Why are they hurting Ancient Egypt like this? It didn’t do anything to them! Fuck you, comedy central! ” 

And Stiles…he really doesn’t know whether to give into the laughter he’s been holding in for the past twenty minutes or actually go and hold Derek because the dude is looking seriously distraught (someone just called Marc Anthony Mike Anthony and Derek just about fell off the sofa). In the end, he goes to get him a blanket (and a bag of popcorn for himself because the show isn’t even half way through yet). 

When Friday rolls around again, Stiles doesn’t even suggest going out. Just puts on Drunk History, hands Derek a bottle of alcohol, and sits back with a bowl of chicken nuggets and a grin.

(Stiles may also upload Derek’s rants to YouTube.)

So B.A.P was on after school club this morning (it was 3 AM where I live) and the #SelcaASC challenge was to take a selca with all of B.A.P laughing but when I paused the video, Youngjae was falling out of his chair. I tried pausing the video another two times, but kept getting shots of him falling, only half of him showing up in the shot, so I didnt feel like waiting for another shot of them laughing and I just paused the video again and captioned “youngjae get back onto the screen gosh darnit.”

I was texting my friend as this was all happening (she wasnt watching…she was asleep…again it was 3 AM where we are from when this was happening) and I saw that ASC retweeted my tweet and it started getting a bunch of favorites and retweets, so I was freaking out to her just because they retweeted it. (and I started getting followers? Like I just recently made the account just for ASC stuff, but I had never gotten anything favorited or gotten any followers before)

Then on the show, they were on the TV screen and went through the selca asc tweets that the PD-nims retweeted on the ASC account. I saw mine on the very bottom and began frantically texting my friend and telling her what was going on. I could literally hear my heart since it was beating so fast and so hard in my chest as they scrolled down the tweets, my tweet slowly moving  to the top as Eric scrolled down. Before I knew it, Eric said “And next, we have Christine~” and I literally started screaming okay. They opened the tweet and laughed for like 475927582 years, Sam and Eric commenting on my face and how I did not look happy. “AHAHAHAHAHA! CHRISTINE’S FACE!” Eric said, as if we were close friends or something >///< Youngjae and Himchan were like “We choose this one!” (or something..?) in Korean and Daehyun agreed from the back…and then Yongguk started smiling as he looked at the screen again and said “…Christeeen~” in his husky voice (it was so cuuute omg.) And then Eric confirmed that I won, soon pointing out Himchan’s nostrils in the corner of my tweet. He literally pointed it out tho, accidentally glitching the screen. As they tried fixing it, I think it was Youngjae (the screen was focused on the screen, not on them, so I couldn’t see, but it sounded like Youngjae and my friends thought so too so) was like “…ah…Christine, chukahae~!” and Yongguk repeated my name again with his husky voice and said “Christeeen~” (he sounds so cute pronouncing my name oh my gosh) and Eric congratulated me once again.

This means that B.A.P saw my faceee…omg Zelo saw my face o_o NO THATS NOT FAIR I DIDNT LOOK CUTE IN THAT PICTUREE but im so happy I won ^^ They all seemed really tired, but tried hard for us fans to stay energetic(: Zelo like barely made a reaction to my tweet…I think he saw that my profile pic was of him making a heart…? Or maybe he liked my face…? >///< Ahh he was probably just super tired and was staring at the screen I dont knoww…

youtuber!bokuaka hcs

bc i’m a slut for youtubers and what better way than to compare them to my fav hq pairing!!! m suffering :-) (also, this is like inspired from @akaashikelji ‘s hqtube post bc i loved it so much aaa) oK

  • so whenever i look at akaashi, i just see marzia?? like he’s so the type to just talk about his fave book or movies and probably post a baking video (Akaashi Makes: Owl Cupcakes)
  • anD BOKUTO . i bet it’s just random stuff like?? it’s so random you don’t know his genre (Why Owls are Great! , Help With Mood Swings!! , Why is kuroo Such a Big Ass Nerd) buT THEYRE ALL CUTE AND FUNNY SO U JUS LOVE HIM
  • they both have separate accs and no one didnt even knew they were Best Friends after a meet up bc bokuto hugged akaashi and carried him and both of their fans are just ??? what
  • so after that , the Shipping started and all of the fans just demanded them to have a collab video 
  • of course they do a simple q&a where bokuto has started the infamous hashtag #askbokuaka !!! (@bokutowl: hey guys!! me and @AkaashiKeiji are gonna have a q&a!!! send us q’s! #askbokuaka) (m sufferin)
  • and its probably so Awkward at first but then we all see Akaashi Keiji laugh so hard after bokuto tells an embarrassing story and everyone, plus bokuto, is heart eyes emoji
  • ok so they came out with akaashi posting a video titled Boyfriend Tag (ft. Koutarou) and everyones like!!!!!!!!!!!! whO THE FUK–itS YOUTUBER BOKUTOTHEGREATHORNEDOWL (actually no thats not bokuto’s name its too long and im too lazy to think up of something)
  • and omg its probablu so cute like akaashi has this soft smile in his face and a small blush and theyre both so lovesick and :”””))) stop me from writing a fic right here right now
  • AND HAVE YOU CONSIDERED ?? PHOTOBOOTH CHALLENGE?? their video is kinda like melix’s video n i cry every time i watch this an fuckk its so bokuaka i ju .(watch the video pls)
  • AND THEIR COLLAB VIDS?? akaashi would probably help in bokuto’s videos where they talk about mood swings or gay rights and just basically helping their fans out jashdkjds 
  • they makea vlog where they just play volleyball with their friends

OK THATS IT – this is gettng Too Long and i have unleashed my gay now so if ur also suffering youtubers!haikyuu just send me a message so u can let me suffer too(: 

When Fangirling About K-Pop Around Friends Pt 3
  • -Purely BTS btw-
  • Me: oh
  • Friend: yeah?
  • Me: oh...
  • Friend: ...yes?
  • Me: oooohhhhhhh...
  • Friend: Koreans?
  • Me: yes
  • Friend: what now?
  • Me: Bangtan
  • Friend: the heck is a Bangtan?
  • Me: they posted another Bangtan Bomb
  • Friend: tf?
  • Me: excuse the weirdness but I have to watch this
  • Friend:
  • Me:
  • Friend:
  • Me:
  • Friend:
  • Me:
  • Friend:
  • Me:
  • Friend:
  • Me:
  • Friend:
  • Me:
  • Friend: this is literally them opening and closing a window while one of them eats standing out the sunroof
  • Me: exactly
  • Friend: are all of these like that?
  • Me: no
  • Friend: okay good
  • Me: sometimes Jin eats food
  • Friend: srsly
  • Me: and opens and closes a door
  • Friend: you're kidding me
  • Me: for 30 seconds
  • Friend: and you find it entertaining
  • Me: yes
  • Friend:
  • Me:
  • Friend:
  • Me: I've watched it twenty times
  • Friend: just leave
  • ---
  • Me: omgggg
  • Friend: more Koreans
  • Me: why do you assume that?
  • Friend: because it's all you've been talking about lately
  • Me: not true
  • Friend: you were watching videos during class
  • Me: they were important videos
  • Friend: of Koreans eating?
  • Me: no, this one was V
  • Friend: doing what?
  • Me: no one knows
  • ---
  • Friend: what tf are you watching?
  • Me: what?
  • Friend: they look possessed
  • Me: what do you mean?
  • Friend: and what is he doing- is that what he calls dancing?
  • Me: hey, Jin's traffic control dance is adorable
  • Friend: um...
  • Me: it's his thing
  • Friend: and the two doing the- WTF
  • Me: what?
  • Friend: what are the two in the middle doing
  • Me: oh I think that's Rap Mon's signature move
  • Friend: and the three on the side?
  • Me: imitating EXO's tree at the beginning of Growl feat Yoongi being cute
  • Friend: and I'm not gonna even talk about the other two
  • Me: hehe Hopie and Jin... Omg I forgot their ship name
  • Friend: their /what/
  • Me: ship name
  • Friend: ship?
  • Me: yes
  • Friend: you mean you ship these guys with each other?
  • Me: yes
  • Friend: like as in love and kiss and sex?
  • Me: well, I'm more of a BroTP fan
  • Friend: the heck is BroTP
  • Me: but some fans do
  • Friend: oh gosh
  • Me: you should see the edits, hold on lemme find the V-Hope one-
  • Friend: bye
  • -Admin Jinnie
Charles Lair

I dont think I am alone in this thought.. I am convinced that the Ravenswood lair was Charles and not Ezras, heres why…

For some reason when i saw this lair i immediately thought, omg this person is as OCD organized as me… timelines, printed labels, everything is symmetrical. I instantly thought of Spencer, and Wren

BUT IT CANT BE WREN BECAUSE HIS NAME IS ON THE BOARD… WRONG, thats genius.. if you are the bad guy why not include yourself in the timeline, especially if that isnt your real name, his persona “wren” was at radley. 

What really freaked me out was the giant posters of Alison in the hallway… i will never buy that was Ezras inspiration for a book… that seemed, insane, obsessive, stalkerish to me.. 100% Charles feel there.

We saw Cece talking to someone on the phone mentioning that they were late to meet, and she didnt want to go back to rosewood. Notice what room she is in.. its the ravenswood lair

Notice the board of newspapers and drapes when Hanna grabs the diary off the table. So we were led to believe Cece was meeting Ezra in Rosewood thats why she was lurking at his apartment… but why would he tell her to meet him there because he was late due to aria showing up, cece would be caught… it doesnt make sense. What if it was Charles who told her to go spy on ezra, redcoat just escaped spencer and emilys grasp so she would be reluctant and scared to go back after that.

As much as they say it was Ali who led them there and we are left to believe that is her peeking i dont buy it. Maybe ali led them there but after cece was attacked by aria she had to go somewhere so maye she was hiding in that lair. She reported back to charles that his lair had been discovered by the liars and ezra.

The scene when Ezra slams the closet didnt make me feel he was upset he got caught… i got that “are you effing kidding me A is back and tormenting my woman again” feel from this. That was severe anger, then he looks around the room, taking it all in. 

So i truly believe he stole the computer equipment in hopes that he could crack it, and find out who this is. 

When have we seen ezra wear suits.. maybe once or twice, but 6 designer suits.. hello dr. wren that was a total mind game to me… good job on that one writers.

YES we see ezra in the basement of the cabin with all of the stuff from the ravenswood lair, i know, i know. But i dont think his intentions were what you think. I think he took that stuff and it didnt belong to him. Ezra is smarter than he looks.

What got me thinking was when A broke into ezras cabin. If it were Ezras lair and ezras things why would A break in, what would A need with it, A is allknowing after all. I think A wanted his stuff back! He knew ezra had taken it.

After this we never see his computer system again, they never speak of the cabin, or why he had all that stuff. All we are told is that Ezra put it all into boxes at a storage facility with spencers help. So its possible when A broke in Ezra boxed everything up to keep it safe.

Remeber the storage where the barrel was the teacher said a blonde owned it and they wanted us to think of Ali, well it was Cece, Charles helper

All i have to say is, if A can rent a storage unit in Hannas name.. why the heck cant he rent an apartment in ezras name!!

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So I'm sitting here watching you reblog Gourmet Trash (for a while there I thought that was his name) and all I can think of it is: If Mads Mikkelson's Hannibal was Anime with purple hair that's probably exactly what he would look like.

please take full responsibility i want no part in this