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Since the landlady is going to the beach with the boys when her ankle heals it got me thinking, how would they react with a s/o with tattoos? I know tattoos turn some people off so I was curious about what you think. P.S: I love you and how approachable you are when answering these ask. Keep being your sweet self!

(*Thank you so much! <3  I hope I seem approachable; I don’t want anyone to ever be nervous to talk to me.  =]  Also, since skeletons don’t have any skin, I think they’d all be fascinated by an s/o with tattoos.  It’d definitely be a turn-on!  Except… maybe not so much in the case of Papyrus because he doesn’t approve of the needles.  He likes the ink, but looking at them makes him imagine his s/o in pain, and that dampens his spirits.  He’ll get over that eventually. )


Sans thinks they’re neat.  The idea of dyeing your skin permanently is a huge responsibility–and one he’s intrigued by.  So, he’s going to give you a bunch of stupid joke tattoo ideas, most of which are puns.  

…And if you happen to actually take his unsolicited advice and get BONE ZONE tattooed in bone-shaped lettering, well… he’s going to marry you.  


ART FOR YOUR SKIN?!  THAT’S AMAZING!  Papyrus is jealous that he doesn’t have skin, but FEAR NOT!  He’s awfully resourceful and will be sure to draw on his bones with marker to make his own tattoos!  He’s going to be so happy when he shows you because he just KNOWS you’ll like his new ink.  

However, when he discovers how tattoos are applied on humans, he’s… horrified.  He still thinks your tattoos are fantastic, sure, but he doesn’t want you to ever get another one because the idea of someone stabbing needles into your flesh makes him hurt for you.  He doesn’t care if you insist it doesn’t really hurt.  If anything, that just makes him think you’re a real bad-ass.  He still stands his ground and insists that he can re-draw it on you every day instead.


Sans loves them.  He spends his time tracing his fingers along them, and if you happen to have one on your side, he enjoys following that design with his tongue.  It’s a part of you, so of course he likes it.

….He really wants you to get his name tattooed on your hip or lower back.  


Edge doesn’t really have a preference one way or another.  He has no idea what tattoos are, so when he sees the markings on your skin, he assumes it’s just a thing humans have.  He won’t even comment on them or ask you about them because he doesn’t want to show his ignorance, but whenever you’re not looking, he’s blatantly staring.  He does think that look pretty neat.


Blueberry assumes that your markings are just a human thing you’re born with, but when he sees you get a new one (“OH NO!  HUMAN, ARE YOU INJURED?  WHY IS THERE A BANDAGE ON YOUR ARM??”), you explain the process to him.  Like UT!Paps, he’s horrified, but you seem so nonchalant by it that he pretends it doesn’t bother him.  

He really wants to impress you, but he’s told that tattoos won’t work on bone.  The temporary kind won’t even transfer to his arm.  Sooo, he just goes with stickers and hopes that you like them.  

If you happen to let him help design your next tattoo, he’ll never stop staring at it–or telling everyone he encounters about how cool your tattoos are.


Stretch likes looking at them, and he wants to see every one you have, up-close.  He’s going to lean in and carefully examine each tattoo, and then ask you about the stories and meanings behind them and how much they hurt.  He’s fascinated by the way the ink moves with your skin, as well as by the permanence of it.  

A Shallura Stargazing fic won by @daydreamsandwikiwalks I had a lot of fun writing this and I really enjoy the Voltron characters. My next prize fic is more Voltron so hopefully, I can keep this rolling.

Shiro stepped out of the base and onto the grass, staring out across the sky before he scanned the field before him. He saw her white hair first, like a breath in the cold. He went towards her with a slight smile on his face.

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this is my idea of what vlinny’s true form might be! his name is “v2″, which is supposed to mean “vinny 2″ or “version 2″ because thats what i think his experiment name would’ve been :P

i drew this on my ipad with ONLY my finger. it was suffering and i was surprised that it actually came out kinda decent….

Other vaguely backstory-esque things abt the Klance superhero/supervillain au:

  • Lance has ice powers and Keith has super speed this is partially because those powers fit but mostly because ive been watching the flash lately
  • Keith naturally has a huge distrust of authority and a big whole deal about looking out for himself, has a pretty tragic backstory but it mainly boils down to “fuck the rules what have they done for me lately”
  • He generally avoids hurting people and his targets tend to be douches but thats as close to vigilantism as it gets (in the early days at least) he’s mainly a thief
  • Until he starts going head to head with Lance at which point he is an “Any crime that will get this guy’s attention so he shows up and I can punch him” kind of guy
  • Lance is a wonderful person who genuinely wants to help people and is always putting others before himself, he just truly and purely thinks that having these powers means helping people. It’s not even a question of responsibility it’s cause and effect to him.
  • THAT BEING SAID he’s also very snarky and kind of projects smug arrogance and he immediately rubs Keith the wrong way.
  • It isn’t even a “This hero is in my way I need to take him out” type of situation it’s just. Entirely about the fact that Keith dislikes him. Mostly bc he’s got some deep seated issues w the law and views Lance as kind of the ultimate representation of everything wrong with it, someone who is only in it for the glory and only protects the people he considers worthy while condemning everyone else.
  • This is 100% inaccurate but there is a small possibility that Keith has some issues so that’s what he thinks
  • (are u maybe getting the sense ppl werent there to help keith when he needed it i am getting that sense i dont know about you)
  • That is how their relationship starts out but it eventually gets to the point where Keith crashes on Lance’s couch when he needs a place to stay so you can tell there is development
  • Lance also hates Keith like… this fucking guy. Could do So Much Good with his powers. But no he steals and makes chaos bc he’s an IRREDEEMABLE DICK. 
  • The main turning point for Keith’s view of Lance is when Lance has the obligatory temporary loss of powers plotline while some supervillain/monster attacks the city
  • In his view this just confirms his ideas about Lance because he’s a no-show when people seriously need him and it just proves that he’s only looking out for himself just like everyone else and Keith is not disappointed okay because if he was disappointed it would mean he thought the idiot was different and that would have been incredibly naive of him. People look out for themselves first thats just how it works
  • (he tells himself while risking his life to evacuate civilians bc he has no self-awareness whatsoever)
  • And then Lance does show up to confront the villain right when things are getting really bad and makes his arrogant speech about “you might as well just surrender” and Keith is Not happy about it he’s not he’s annoyed actually because why isn’t this stupid ass making with the blasting instead of just awkwardly flapping his jaw-
  • Lance definitely does Not have his powers back
  • He might be a bit of an idiot
  • He definitely almost gets killed but Keith rescues him (bc again no self-awareness whatsoever) and is like what the ever loving fuck was that just shoot ice in his face dummy
  • “I can’t”
  • “What so I steal a car and you go all out but this guy wrecks a city block and you decide he gets twelve warnings? What kind of-”
  • “No I mean I can’t! I don’t have my powers!”
  • “Then what the fuck are you doing here?!
  • “Look, I don’t expect you to understand but it is my job to protect this city and I am going to do whatever I can to do that! This guy is here because of me and powers or no powers I’m not going to stand by and let him hurt people.”
  • Why does Keith’s heart skip a beat who knows certainly not him it’s probably unrelated
  • Keith drops Lance off way outside the danger zone and tells him to stay put until he can make with the frost again and goes to fight the villain because someone’s got to.
  • Oh shit time for some begrudging mutual respect
  • Subsequently they end up having to team up a handful of times. They have their differences but neither of them want the city destroyed.
  • (Villain of the week: “Why do you fight, alongside your enemy no less? Surely you know it is futile.”
    Lance: “I’m not just going to stand by while you put innocent lives in danger, no matter where you go I will stop you-”
    Keith: “I live here.”
    Lance: “Keith-”
    Keith: “I’m not saying I don’t think what you’re doing is fucked up but I am saying that if you did it like the next city over that’s not really my problem anymore”
    Lance: “…dude.”)
  • Also I heard y’all like pining Keith
  • He gets it bad.
  • It really sneaks up on him and then suddenly his stupid arch-rival is laughing at his own joke and it’s just “Oh…”
  • He keeps doing a bunch of genuinely selfless things for him and then being like “What the fuck?? What the FUCK??? WhAT the Fuck???” @himself bc he does not do that.
  • Lance makes a crack about how he’s got a date tonight and it better not get interrupted by any villains and before Keith knows it he is foiling a bunch of crimes bc listen okay this has nothing to do with Lance and wanting him to be happy it’s just that these guys are in his territory and he doesn’t appreciate the competition okay??? thats definitely it and also his heart definitely does not hurt whatsoever bc it has no reason to HE CAN PUNCH BADGUYS IF HE WANTS THATS THE WHOLE POINT HE HAS SUPERPOWERS SO HE CAN DO WHATEVER HE WANTS AND MAYBE HE WANTS TO PUNCH BADGUYS SOMETIMES WHATEVER
  • The Paramedic he yells this at does not look convinced she mostly looks scared and confused actually
  • Lance is completely baffled when he checks the news the next morning and finds a bunch of articles about his nemesis potentially turning to the good side, suddenly recalls mentioning his date and realizes what Keith was doing and proceeds to be the smuggest motherfucker about it forever
  • this exchange probably:
  • “Careful Keith, or I’m gonna start thinking you care about me.~”
  • “I do.”
  • “What?”
  • “I do. Care about you.”
  • Cue confused and flustered Lance noises
  • I have not given any thought to Lance’s superhero name but he has one and a mask meanwhile Keith wears a the same jacket everywhere and his villain name is “Keith” so he’s clearly not putting in a lot of effort
  • Eventually they go beyond “grudging respect” stage to “weird friends stage”
  • Other supers have a hell of a time figuring them out.
  • I have like a thousand more things but thats p much good for now
  • I have devoted very little thought to what everyone else is doing in this AU do I play favourites? Yes absolutely am I ashamed? Kinda will I stop? No

MidNight Cin Suitors’s Children AU :3 

Have u ever think abt what do childrend of all suitors look like? I’ve been working on it for a while, lets see what do we have here yay!! Just imagine we have MC 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 then LMAOOO, and this is just my AU, not official.

Nico’s daughter

  • She must be a girl, to receive the cuteness and loveliness from her father :x 
  • She’s completely a female version of Nico, those pink hair, big doe amber eyes make her even cuter >.< That little girl can unintentional give you a huge heart attack (Nico can be a little overprotected now lololol)- <br>
  • She can look similar to her father, but her personality is totally opposite. She’s really shy, too shy tbh. And that makes Nico her superhero (LMAOOO overprotected papa) 
  • She loves to watch her mama cooking. Sometimes she even teams up with MC to tease Nico (lol daddy is not superhero anymore) 
  • Idol: Nico (yes ofc), Byron (who dont idolize their king srsly loll) 

Byron’s twins (YES BYRON HAS TWINS) 

  • The twins has a ‘purpleish brown’ hair (tch, i dunno how to describe it), a combination between MC’s brown and Byron’s dark hair. And a pair of Byron’s eyes hehehehe :X 
  • They can look cute or handsome or sth outside, but deep insde they are not. Just imagine Nico’s soul in Byron’s body lolololol. They are very active, keep playing a prank and give Albert’s son a hard time :P 
  • Despite being naughty, they clearly aware of their responsibility as princes of Stein, and working their best. Those pranks are “to relax after studying hard” - they said. But where’s the fun if they dont give their teacher a hard time lolololol 
  • They love to sneak and hide in Byron’s cope (lololol) 
  • The right one is the older. He’s a little mature (yes just a little) than his younger bro (on the left)
  • Idol: Byron (ofc their father) and Nico (LMAO evil team) 

Albert’s son 

  • A little older than Byron’s twins. 
  • He was early trained to be a knight of Stein (Yes, his father is Albert after all lol) 
  • He was very impressed the 1st time meeting Byron, thats why he swore his best to protect the princes. 
  • Bestfriend and personal attendant of Byron’s twins. 
  • He takes after his father. From the look (except the glasses) and his personality. 
  • However, he’s quite soft and warm heart. Careful but a little slow. Thats why he always get pranks by Byron’s twins. (poor babyyyy)
  • His father is really strict when being outside, but he always listens to his son’s stories when they get home, and both of them will doze off in bed together after that. (MC be like: Boys what abt meeee) 
  • Idol: Albert, Byron (yes, father and the king loll) 

Alyn’s son

  • He has dark brown hair like his parents, and a pair of red eyes from his father. 
  • A very stubborn and hot-tempered one. 
  • He was also trained to be a knight of Wysteria in a young age. 
  • He cant endure the bad things, and it got him in trouble, many times. 
  • Alyn doesnt like seeing his son hurted, but he also cant scold him after knowing the reason. 
  • He’s very enthusiastic and active. He always wandering around and help people in the castle. 
  • He also love to visit his uncle - Leo. Leo knows many interesting stories that he loves to listen to. 
  • Like to cuddle and enjoy dinner with mom, while telling her what he did a whole day. 
  • Bestfriend with Leo’s son, but people always mistaken that they hate each other. 
  • Idol: Alyn, Leo. 

Leo’s son

  • White hair, red eyes, totally inherit from his father. 
  • Flower boy. Alrd received many love letters from ladies at a young age. 
  • Opposite with Alyn’s son, his brain is his only weapon.
  • Always have to take care of (and curse at) Alyn’s son after his fighting.
  • Bestfriend with Alyn’s son, but always curse at him (sometime kick). People (and even their parents) always mistaken of them. 
  • He keeps his face calm and dont often show his expression, especially with his father (he’s shy lol) 
  • The talk between father and son will always end up him being teased by Leo, and tickled by Leo, and tickled by MC, and the whole family will end up sleep tgt. 
  • He secretly taught Sebastian bad words to play back his father. 
  • He dearly loves his family, but say nothing abt it (Yes he’s shy after all lol) 
  • He’s very smart, a result of being well- educated since his father is a excellent teacher. 
  • He loves art, and visits Robert whenever he can. 
  • Idol: Leo, Robert. 

Louis’s daughter

  • She has a pair of pure blue eyes and bright hair. 
  • Totally Louis’s jewel. 
  • She is soft, sweet and caring. She knows perfectly how to be a true lady. She’s a typical young lady that we can easily imagine. 
  • Her best friend is Robert’s daughter. She loves to listening to her stories. She wants to know more about the outside world. 
  • She’s always attracted by Leo’s stories. And wonder how can he know a lots.
  • She loves to learn cooking with his mother too. And Louis is always the one to try when MC and his daughter try a new receipt. 
  • Her father can silently kill any boys that come near her, by his death glare. (lololololol)
  • She secretly adore Alyn’s son, because he’s very honest and enthusiastic. 
  • Idol: Leo, Alyn’s son. (sorry not sorry Louis lololol) 

Giles’s son

  • His hair is a combination of purle and brown color. 
  • A very young but also very independent boy.
  • Can be a rival of Leo’s son when he’s getting older.  
  • Quite straightforward, even with his parents. 
  • Sometimes debates with his father about their point of view. 
  • Giles just wishes for his son to be like a normal boys (lollll) 
  • After a their lessons, both father and son (sometimes his mother joins them) will take a walk around the castle and enjoy the sunset. 
  • He loves festivals, so his parents often take him to where the festival held. 
  • He admires his father, and determined to follow his path despite how difficult it can be. 
  • Idol: Giles, Leo’s son. 

Robert’s daughter

  • She has light brown hair, and a pair of green eyes. 
  • She’s a cheerful lovely girl, a type of girl that we can count on. 
  • She’s also a very passion and talent artist, inheriting the painting skill from her father. 
  • Louis’s daughter is her bestfriend, and also her muse. 
  • She usually asks her bestfriend to be her model, thats why Louis has a lots portraits of his daughter, for free. 
  • She travels around, from countries to countries with her father, to draw. She keeps many souvenirs and give them to Louis’s daughter later, when she gets back to Wysteria. And tells her stories too. 
  • She also makes friend with Leo’s son. Since he always comes to her father whenever they are back in the castle. But he’s quite hard to understand in her opinion. 
  • She’s a sweet girl, all she wishes for is her father’s and her bestfriend’s happiness.
  • Idol: Robert (only father is enaph lol) 

Sid’s children

They are not twins, just sister and brother. (At first it was decided for Sid to have a daughter but I was interested by the idea of some romantic scenes between Sid’s and Louis’s child sooooooo Sid must have a son lmaoo.) 

They travel a lots with their father, sometimes Wysteria, sometimes Stein, and many other places. 

The travelling is quite tiring, but they enjoy it. Its freedom.

  • The sister has quite a strong personality (heheheheeee). 
  • Her hair is in dark blue tone with a little ombre red. 
  • She’s a replica of her father. Very interesting, and full of herself 
  • A girl fear of nothing, a girl to be on top. 
  • Her hobbies is to tease her little bro, her so-called-stupid-bro 
  • She doesnt quite get along with her father. They dont cuddle, dont fight, they dont interact much. But sometimes she finds out about his secret work and she thinks that her father is … cute? 
  • She loves to hear her mom singing. 
  • She will make Albert’s son hers in the future. 
  • Idol: Sid, Albert, Alyn. 

  • The brother is also strong personality, but not as much as his sister. (They are Sid’s children after all lololol) 
  • His sister look is similar to their father, while his look is similar to their mother. 
  • His hobbies is writing, and he keeps his notebook close to him whenever they travel. 
  • Their father’s job is very dangerous, and he’s worried abt it. He once talked to Sid how he feel, and his father was very touched. His smile was so gentle. 
  • He swore to train and practice more so he will be helpful to his father someday. 
  • Due to travelling a lots, he met and made friends with many children around his age. 
  • He think his heart stopped beating the first time meeting Louis’s daughter. 
  • Idol: Sid, Byron, Nico, Louis’s daughter. 


Lol thats all I can think abt now, I will be update more in the future. 

You guys all know abt my AU now, so I wanna ask for a favor >.<</p>

Can you help me to name them, all of them, pretty please???  xDDDDD

I will choose the most suitable name for them, and then more stories after that :P 

Feel free to join and share your idea, im really appreciated >,< Thank you so muchhhhhhh 


And one more thing:  im not gonna be here for a while ;;;; 

There’s some trouble with my internet connection so Im not active recently, and probably later. 

It was very bad before, I can barely log into anything. I can log into tumblr now but I cant check the notification, it wont load /sigh/ Sorry cuz I cant reply you all now ;;;;; 

Its past midnight in my place so the internet is a little better, so It allowed me to post this … but its really sucks in other times. 

Feel free to give my AU’s name :x I will comeback and check the messages as soon as possible ;A; 

Thank you and sorryyyyyyyy ;;;;;A;;;;;

i cant think of names for the Criminal and the Gambler.. i wanted to call the Criminal ‘Baby’ but its too obvious im ripping off a certain upcoming movie im excited about… i dont know what else i wanna call him tho i want him to have a weirdly cutesy kinda nickname-ish name but we never find out if thats his real name or not. maybe just ‘Junior’? thats too ordinary tho i think. Gambler idk at all. kinda wanna give him smth very old-fashioned.

mmm im still trying to work the Criminal out the most bcs i had a design first and a personality second whereas w/ the Gambler i knew what i was doing p much right away… i know i want the Criminal to be kind of a spoiled brat who gets pretty much everything he wants, and in a lot of ways he cant look after himself… he cant clean or cook or behave well in nice places but at the same time hes really smart about really particular things. like hes not a total moron even though most people think he is? 

his family has definitely always treated him like hes a useless idiot and in some ways hes never tried to like… move outside of that or try anything for himself. like hes ?? 28 and hes never had a job or an education or tried to do anything with his life expect take a lot of drugs and break a lot of stuff. working at his brothers new casino is literally the only job hes ever had and he quits that after like two or three months bcs he robs the place.

his family also doesnt actually have any money like theyre incredibly well-connected and really old but his grandfather (whos still like the family patriarch) just lost what little money the family had left and the Criminal’s parents never managed to earn any of it back - his older brother (who owns the casino) is the only one in the family (and he has at least two siblings and several aunts and uncles and cousins, nearly all of whom live in the same ancient old mansion the family owns) whos ever actually had a successful business. but the family like, knows everyone and everyone owes them favours and the servants in the family are as old as the grandparents and could never leave. the whole family runs on the memory of money and influence. 

like the Criminal is the youngest of the family and hes always been treated like the baby and the throw-away. his oldest brother is successful and tries to help the Criminal out sometimes but is definitely a huge asshole about it. i think probably he has at least one sibling inside the police department, and some uncles or aunts too. the family is incredibly insular and super controlling. like the Criminal has never even left the city (probably New Orleans???) because his family literally wouldnt let him, or anyone. 

so like a big thing with the Criminal is learning that he can actually like… do stuff with his life by himself. but at the same time hes a massively entitled brat. like he can be good fun but when he doesnt get what he wants he just breaks shit and tries to cut people. hes a real fucking handful. i think he has big self-esteem issues that he tries to hide under a cocky outer shell. he will Never admit to having had a problem in his life. 

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Something based off this confession on the dirty lazy town confessions blog plz: 154403357081 (That's the post number I think I don't know how to tumblr sorry)

(I love bottom Robbie!! I think it’s important for people to acknowledge that power dynamics are not set in stone and that switching at least sometimes is p good for relationships) 

Sportacus chuckled a bit at the way Robbie whined and thrust his hips up forcefully, face pinched in frustration. 

“I already told you to add more fingers, Sportaflop!” Oh–name calling. It must be serious. Sportacus continued to tease Robbie’s tight walls with just one finger, smile twitching up in one corner. He made sure to just tease gently at the outer hole before pressing deeper at just the right times, pressing the pad of his middle finger to the spot that would make Robbie see stars. 

“Spor–ggh–come on!” Robbie shifted his hips forward forcefully again, trying to jostle Sportacus into cooperating. It simply made another laugh escape him. 

“Ah, Robbie, you have to ask nicely.” Sportacus said, pulling his finger out to teasingly press two against Robbie’s hole–enough to be felt, but nowhere near enough to penetrate. Robbie whimpered. 

“Fine…p…please. There. I said it.” Robbie said, crossing his arms over his chest. Sportacus nodded, smiling sweetly, before pressing both fingers in quickly, aiming directly for his prostate. The arms that had been crossed over Robbie’s torso quickly went to pull at the sheets instead. 

Sportacus continued smiling, innocent as could be, as he fingered Robbie–scissoring and pressing against his prostate more, teasing until Robbie finally begged for it to stop, warning he was going to cum. 

“You’re so nice, like this.” He whispered into Robbie’s neck as he bent over him, sliding in slowly. Robbie let out a shaky breath, somehow turning a deeper shade of red than he already had been at Sportacus’ words. When he was all the way inside, they stayed for a bit, shaking slightly with the deep inhales and exhales. 

“Please,” Robbie said again, this time not hesitating like he had earlier. Sportacus answered his request gladly.

  • *jaysteph, after they're married*
  • Jason: So did you do it? Did you change your name?
  • Steph: Yep! I am no longer Stephanie Brown. You are now talking to...Princess Consuela Bananahammock.
  • Jason: ....You're kidding right?
  • Steph: Nope!
  • Jason: Wha...why? Why would you do that?
  • Steph: Cuz it's fun! Way more fun than just Stephanie TODD, c'mon.
  • Jason: ...Fine. Alright. Then I'm changing my name too!
  • Steph: See? Fun! What's your name gonna be?
  • Jason: ....Crap Bag.
  • Steph: Seriously? Jason CRAPBAG?
  • Jason: Nope, no Jason, just Crap Bag. First name Crap, last name Bag.
  • Steph: That's....
  • Jason: I think it's FUN.
  • Steph: Well...well, okay. Great. If you love it, I love it.
  • Jason: I do love it. And I love your name. I looove Princess Consuela.
  • Steph: And I love Cra--p. Ugh.
Imagine if in TFP there had been a convo like...
  • Optimus: Starscream, Megatron is gone. Please consider my offer. Let our people unite and work towards peace!
  • Starscream: Hm. I will consider it... if you do something for me...
  • Ratchet: Oh boy, here we go.
  • Optimus: What are your demands?
  • Starscream: ... I once had a companion, before the war. A dear friend. He joined your ranks, yet even with Decepticon resources I could never find much intel on him. After a while, there were some... troubling reports. The trail went cold.
  • Ratchet: Hmm... we really never had too many Seekers on our side...
  • Starscream: He wasn't a seeker. He was a shuttle.
  • Arcee: So you want info on this guy?
  • Starscream: Yes. Information only Autobots would have access to. What function did he serve to the Autobot cause? What sort of missions did he perform? How... how did he offline?
  • Bumblebee: <<What's his name?>>
  • Starscream: Skyfire. His name was Skyfire.
  • Optimus: Thank you for considering my request, Starscream. We will do our best to find what we can... and give you some closure.
  • Ratchet: Optimus. I'm running a search through our databases and I'm not finding anything here. Just in case, Starscream, do you have any image captures?
  • Starscream: Yes. Sending now.
  • [[[ IMAGE LOADS]]]
  • Bulkhead: Hm?!? Hey, I know that guy!
  • Ratchet: Yes, I remember him... ahh Jetfire, wasn't it?
  • Bulkhead: Maybe Jetfire had a twin!
  • Starscream: "Skyfire" did not have a twin.
  • Bumblebee: <<But... that's weird. If they look the same...>>
  • Arcee: I think that's our guy. Maybe he was just... logged incorrectly...
  • Ratchet: I think he was too. According to his enlistment records, the Vosian glyphs he used for his name were retyped for clarity, but "Skyfire" was his original designation.
  • Starscream: I'd like to confirm this for myself...
  • Optimus: Of course.
  • Ratchet: ... and you aren't going to believe this, but the last entry for Jetfire says that he was on a lone expedition in search of energon when he suddenly crashed and went missing... on this very planet...!
  • [[ dramatic camera angles and CUT TO COMMERCIAL ;P]]

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that art u just rb'ed.....ur son,,.. the "shut up" one.... Who

JAMES’ OLD DESIGN which i still love but his current design fits him better i think?? Aa

He was uhhh stuck in a ////really////abusive///relationshi/p//™(with Entity McEdgeMaster) so thats why he looks kinda messed up in th drawing,, hes crying constantly Like Me and he wants to live in the ocean but he has 2 children (named airavata and rory) and a bf on land so he stays w them but they live by the beach and its chill
I like dont know what else to say so like
Ocean man take me by the nhand lead me to the la

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This is gonna sound very weird but I think Marlon's back is sexy! Like when his shirt is torn in A Streetcar Named Desire :P

Oh! Do you mean this scene, anon?

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Yeah….I see what you mean *turns head away so you don’t see me blush* But in all seriousness, it’s not weird at all. I don’t care what anyone says, Elia Kazan knew what he was doing, and we should all appreciate that. 

Another good scene (in my little ol’ opinion) is one of the workout scenes in The Men.

Whoever made this gif is doing god’s work. It just loops so flawlessly…

👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀 good shit go౦ԁ sHit👌 thats ✔ some good👌👌shit right👌👌th 👌 ere👌👌👌 right✔there ✔✔if i do ƽaү so my self 💯 i say so 💯 thats what im talking about right there right there (chorus: ʳᶦᵍʰᵗ ᵗʰᵉʳᵉ) mMMMMᎷМ💯 👌👌 👌НO0ОଠOOOOOОଠଠOoooᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒ👌 👌👌 👌 💯 👌 👀 👀 👀 👌👌Good shit


@virginamerica replied to your post “when skjei scored i yelled “YES! YOU BEAUTIFUL DISNEY PRINCE” like….”

how the fuck do u pronounce his name bc ive tried a million times and i cant for the life of me do the ɧ sound

p much just like shea i think? thats how the announcers pronounce it anywyay

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Hi guys! I just wanted to ask if the "new episode names for season 2" thingy was a prank because today is Aprils Fools Day? I am really sorry to have bothered you if that's the case. (And I can understand if this ask annoys you... So... Sorry again)

Hi! Yes, we’re sorry but we couldn’t resist. :P So yeah, the season 2 list of episodes was a prank. I don’t think that at this stage the episodes are already finalized, since we don’t really know how the production is going. Anyways, we hope you liked it!

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I don't watch adventure times. The style really puts me off. Who is the nerd with the glasses?

well thats ayt i guess thats me w some shows

that nerd is the best character in the show (imo) and also my son

his name is simon petrikov and he says breadballs when he wants to swear

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also his hair does the ghibli thing i thought thatd be important to point out

and if you heard of the ice king (im p sure anyone who’s heard of the show at least knows about him? i think?) yeah. he is also. that guy

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this guy. its sad

hes kinda both of them at the same time and this is the context for it. its a longer story but itd be too sad to put it all here

YO I was watching the ep of BMW called “Pairing Off” where Eric teaches Cory how to “get” girls and ya lessons learned about how that’s wrong and how you needa like learn about a person and know a person before you go out with them and the scene with Cory and the girl he asks out named Wendy parallels scenes with Riley and Lucas and at the end they don’t go on a date because they don’t know each other well enough so they decide to just hang out and get to know each other and it ends with Cory saying “Wendy…” and she’s like “yeah?” and he says “Hi.” and she says “Hi.”

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Hi,this girl (I think she was their guide in Tokyo) posted a pic in color of the "winding wheel" :) websta me/p/929479809919926136_1059942862 I don't know if you can see the link,her ig name is "holarena"

Well thats nice. Now we know what it looks like in color………

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