i think thats all the ones in the pics okay

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so my friend is a lesbian and other girls were taking pics of guys (secretly) and it was fine to everyone else, but she took one picture of a girl and everyone called her creepy, is this homophobia?

I definitely think they were being homophobic by only being bothered by a lesbian taking pictures secretly; that being said, ya’ll shouldn’t be taking pictures secretly of people at all, that’s not okay.

-Mom Em

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On a scale of 1 - 10 of belief, what is your number Sherri? I'm scared to believe anymore after all of the stupid pics and games. Make me believe again O Great One. Sometimes I think you may "know" more than believe and hey! that's okay too. I'm just ready for fun again.

I would say I’m at a solid 9.

You gotta go with what is right for you.  if you wanna believe, and wanna have fun, then do it.  

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Toni, do you think that picture of Liam and Cheryl "kissing" is photoshopped? Because you've got pictures from that angle of them just looking at each other, and I'm pretty sure if there were legit kissing pictures, wouldn't they be all over the place by now? That's like the ultimate thing to make people believe that stunt right? Seems fishy to me....your thoughts? Hope you're well. Take care xx

Hiya anon,

I’m okay. Hope you are too.

This one?  +

What is there to photoshop?  Its a ‘kiss’ from the one direction members playbook.

In the first pic she looks like she’s been told she’s getting every single tooth in her mouth pulled out by someone slamming a door and a piece of string round each tooth.

So I think rather than it being photoshopped - I think its legit and its the best they could get either of them to do and I’m not even sure Liam’s eyes are shut.

And its so like that pic from last week with Danielle and Louis apparently ‘kissing’ but it didn’t actually look like they were kissing, you couldn’t tell.

Plus of course the Harry pics with Kendall on the boat.  They’re practised at this.

Not to mention the Liam and Sofa ‘kiss’ on the french boat in 2014 and ILYSM picked it apart in this video, I’ve saved it at the point it starts but honestly as always if you haven’t watched it before, watch it all.

All I’ll say is that given how they flaunt their love and how loved up they are alleged to be and given what we’ve seen already, if they were really THAT loved up, how is it so impossible for them to do a kiss in public?  A genuine proper little kiss in public?  Instead this is what we get on video +

They’re very practised at giving the illusion of one but without any passion or in this instance, any evidence that they actually did ‘lock lips’.

They’ve been desperate for a kiss from them all along,  and yet Cheryl either swerves it or they say Liam was rejected for a peck on the check while I maintain it was liam saying something to her but no of course ‘puppy dog Liam’ got ‘rejected’. +

Same for Zigi with this away from photoshoots and the PT video, and those weird little polaroid camera efforts and they even had to peg that awkward looking thing of her getting into the car and called that a smooch for some reason.  +

They do the minimum, all of them. Always have, always will. All of them. 

Anyway, here’s a real kiss.   

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Hi. im wondering what you think of Hook and his hand dilemma so far and his reasons were for sentimental reasons and also what to expect for his character development and with Emma? Im fascinated by just how deep Hook self loathing is, coz i think he has that despite the im so dashing comments and confidence he has… but deep down has walls, will we ever see more? will Emma see he is keeping that part of him so locked up. Also i kinda feel the same in what u said about Emma and Neal thing

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I thought i was kinda the only one who thought and wants Hook to feel alittle jealous of Emma and Neal, to have the kind of scene we had in the last episode when he saw the pic of them - i interpreted like Hook felt for Bae as we know as a kid (thats one side) but also felt the tension of looking at the pic and then seeing also Emma’s reaction and expression to Hook looking at it, expecting some reaction from him i guess - what do you think?

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Hey have you or anyone wrote a meta on what was going through Hook’s mind and so on whilst looking in Emma’s memory box and seeing THE pic of Emma & Nealfire. And also add in Emma’s look and watching Hook?

Okay, I hope you all don’t mind that I put your asks together. They kind of all touch on the same subject. What do I think about Hook’s insecurities in general and where they relate to Neal and his hand in particular? First of, I have no idea if there is a meta out there on the topic. I haven’t read a lot of CS metas lately. Simply, because I find the CS storyline right now kind of self-evident. I expect I’ll read more CS metas when the conflicts start coming. Because then Emma and Hook will probably be a little less open and easy to read. So I’ll want to see different interpretations. As of right now, I think we see a lot through them.  But I can still give you my interpretation since you guys seem interested. I think that Hook acts cocky, but he actually hates himself. He is very secure about his looks, but outside of that he finds himself pretty disgusting. And even when it comes to his looks, his missing hand makes him feel self-conscious. Season 3 showed that. Peter taunted Hook with the fact that his missing hand would make him less attractive to Emma. Something Hook didn’t contradict. And we were shown Hook trying to do thing one handed before Charming stepped him and did things for him. That was shown to bother and humiliate Killian. So yes, Hook has insecurities there. He does think that he is less attractive and useful to Emma because he only has one hand.  But that’s not all he is insecure about. He has a darkness to him and he knows it. His first impulse is sometimes still to punch and hurt people on a whim. He is still capable of murder in order to serve his own interest. He is still capable of being that selfish and that evil. Hook knows it and he is ashamed. But not enough for these impulses to stop. Not enough to come clean to Emma because that would mean losing her. And he would rather be selfish than not have her. He hates himself for that. He thinks that if he wasn’t scared of losing Emma, he might just go back to his past ways. Season 3 and the missing year showed him that he could. He knows it is still in him. Meanwhile, Hook kind of put Emma on a pedestal. Pretty much all True Loves on the show do that to some extent. It’s normal. But here the consequence of his admiration for Emma is that he will feel extremely inferior to her. Because here is how Hook sees Emma. He thinks she is a powerful witch capable of anything she puts her mind to. He thinks she is unstoppable. He believes that she is incredibly brave, selfless, and heroic. In a way, she probably reminds of Liam. A hero he would do anything to gain the approval of. He knows Liam would have proudly fought by Emma’s side. Except Hook is no longer the young Killian; that boy full of hope and good intentions. He has years and years of blood and general villainy on his hand. He has done things that he never want Emma to know about. He feels ashamed of them now, but he knows he didn’t then. And so it hurts to look at himself when he thinks she shines so bright in comparison to him. He think Emma has a bit of a badass side. She is capable of a bit wickedness. She can be a bit of a trickster. She can defy the rules. She can steal. And she can take pleasure in it, but nothing as bad as he has ever done. Just enough to make her even more sexy in his eyes.  She can also be hard and cold, but only because she has known the same loneliness and despair he has. So that’s not unattractive to him. It makes her more desirable to the contrary because she can understand him. And Killian knows that beneath all her hard edges, Emma has an incredibly soft center. She has a heart of gold. It’s capable of incredible love and devotion as she has shown with her son and her parents. Even strangers sometimes. She has so much love to give and you can bet Hook craves to be loved like that. He’d do anything for it. But he doesn’t actually think he deserves it. Not from someone like her anyway. Not for the man he actually is. And if that wasn’t bad enough, it’s canon that Hook thinks Emma is drop dead gorgeous. Last finale established that.  So for him Emma is way way up there and he is way way down there. She is completely out of his league. That didn’t stop him from pursuing her. He is a pirate after all, but he doesn’t actually think he deserves her.  But Hook wants to do everything to be good enough for her and if he can’t, he’ll do everything to fool her into thinking he is. Because Hook doesn’t want to lose her. He knows he might lie and cheat in order to keep that relationship. He’ll do it, but he will feel like shit about it. He’ll pretend to be whoever she wants as long as she stays. Or at least that is what he is telling himself right now.  It’s heartbreaking. And that brings us to Neal. Hook has been shown to be jealous of Neal. I can’t say I am glad for it. I personally find it sad. But I am glad that we have hints that says this will be acknowledged and dealt with in the future. In season 3, Hook was afraid of Neal as competition. That was established in the Neverland arc. Now, Neal is dead. Hook does mourn him because he was Bae. But he also wonders what Emma felt for Neal when he died.  His questioning of Emma saying she felt guilty, I believe stemmed from that. He doesn’t think her guilt was all about Regina. He thinks Neal factored in too. He is wondering if Emma is still in love with Neal. He is afraid of the answer, I think. And I do believe he even feels guilty for wishing she didn’t love Neal when Bae died. But he does wish it.  Neal, as far as the show is concerned, died a hero’s death. Neal doesn’t have the blood Hook has on his hands. I am pretty sure that when he compares himself to Neal, Hook finds himself lacking. Neal died a hero and maybe he deserved Emma more (Hook’s thoughts not mine at all). Emma was in love with Neal. They had a child together. And now Hook wonders if he is the consolation prize. Would Emma rather be with Neal if she could be? And he is scared that the answer is yes or should be yes because he himself is not good enough for Emma. Emma’s silence on the topic only makes his fears grow. Because what if she is trying to spare his feelings here? Hook would rather be Emma’s second best choice rather then not have her at all. And he is afraid that he is. He’d rather not find out that his fears are true. Right now, anyway because that might change.  Meanwhile, Emma is in a happy bubble. Emma thinks she has never been this lucky. Because here she is, in a relationship with a guy that truly cares about her. Someone she can trust and rely on. Someone she can ask for help and count on. Someone that cares for her kid. Someone she can trust with the vulnerable part of herself. Someone that she finds heroic, and funny, and kind of adorable. A man that understand the pains and fears she hides because he shares them. Someone that makes her feel beautiful and wanted. Someone that is always on her side. A man that she also think is incredibly sexy and hot and that makes her feel flushed and excited like a teenage girl.  Emma can’t believe her luck. And she won’t do anything to rock that particular boat. So talking about the ghost of Neal is a big no for her. She just wants to be happy with the man she has realised she is seriously falling in love with. Of course, ignoring problems is not making them go away. But Emma is so busy trying to let herself be vulnerable and open in order to have a good relationship with Hook, that she isn’t seeing that Hook is keeping part of himself locked away. She doesn’t even think that he could see himself as not good enough for her. She thinks he is so damn wonderful, she can’t imagine that he doesn’t know it.  But sooner or later her bubble will burst. And it will be painful to watch, but it also mean that Hook will get to find out that he is loved the way he is eventually. So that when they find their way back to each other, their relationship will be even better. And that’s my interpretation of the CS relationship right now. 
Wink Up January 2014: Saga: "I'm really young!"
  • Interviewer: This time around, we'd like to look back on 6 years of this continuing column.
  • Saga: I've had a lot of fun getting to do so many different things for Wink Up over the years. (While looking at past issues) Wow, I haven't changed much, have I? Actually, it almost seems as though I looked older in the past, compared to how I look now, haha. When my family gets together everyone says to me "time seems to stop only for you!" Heh. Recently when we went to my grandpa's, he said I look younger than my brother, and he's 3 years younger than I am! Haha. I'm happy about that, but it's funny, isn't it? For musicians, y'know, our hair and stuff isn't the norm, right? I wonder if I went back to black hair, would I still look this way?
  • Interviewer: I don't think we've seen anyone in the band go back to all black before! But I do think that anyone in your position would still look young.
  • Saga: Is it a matter of consciousness, I wonder? Like, with Tora, when we're just working, and not doing a live or a photo shoot or something, he gets really careless and loosens up, heh. And sometimes I'm like "Eh? Are you alright?" But right before a live, an aura starts to emit from him. That surprises me! Recently I saw an actress on the street and she had no aura about her, her stage presence was nil. I was shocked! But when you're up in front of an audience, it's typical to emit an aura. Although ordinarily I barely show 20% of a stage presence, ha. Back in the day, I put up a front, I wore a mask. But lately onstage, I've been myself, I've become really casual. I think that's a good thing, though. I think a natural stance is best. Not trying to overdo it, y'know?
  • (Rereading old articles) Inside, my core, it hasn't changed at all, really. See, here I said "I can never talk to someone that I like," and that's the same even now. I could never say anything to them, they'd think "my god, he's depressing" and that'd be the end of it, ha!
  • Interviewer: Ahaha! What would you like to do next?
  • Saga: Looking back on all of this, it was decadent; that poorly constituted makeup looked okay; the one cosplay set-up where I had the doctor's lab coat on, that looked good, heh. I kind of unraveled at that age, haha. Wink Up, I wanna show off a different side of me than what I show onstage. I wanna go to a kindergarten and pose for pics with the kids there!


A word about Collaboration.

When the book comes out later this year it will say ‘By David Litchfield’ or maybe 'Written and Illustrated by David Litchfield’ which is just bonkers for so many reasons.

One thing I’m learning a lot is that a project like this is an absolute collaboration. Which for a complete control freak like myself, has been a huge eye opener and learning curve.

The story and the artwork have developed over the past few months. Through chats, e-mails, skype sessions, tweets, etc the whole thing has gone back and forth. Tweaking artwork here and there or on a fair few occasions changing pages completely and starting again from scratch.

Between myself, Anne at Bright and Katie and Andrew at Frances Lincoln (3 of my new absolute favourite people!!) we have crafted a pretty amazing book that is so, so close to being completed (2 pages away in fact….yeep!)

The drawing above WAS one of the opening pages, until we decided it wasn’t good enough and its now completely changed it. It now looks nothing like this (which is why 'i think’ its okay to put it up here!!!!).

But thats the beauty of collaboration….if its just me I probably would have just stuck with the pic above rather than changing it to the really fantastic and utterly better piece of artwork we came up with instead.

I can’t wait for you to see it :)

 D x

All updates HERE

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I don't have a unhealthy obsession with a certain bear guy wth are u talking about haha *Ken photos fall from pockets* No, those aren't mi-*more pics fall off, especially that naked one STILL ON HIS INSTAGRAM AGH* I HAVE TO GO NOW *runs away* (my gallery is full of this guy is that bad? My friends think I'm just sad haha)

THATS OKAY BABU. ヾ(๑❛ ▿ ◠๑ )

it’s pretty rare to see someone fan of Ken. Unhealthy obsessions r usually moar focused on Mark or Jack.  or both.

usually both 

We all have an obsession for somewahn. that won’t change anythin’ to kink shame u. 8A8

j-just for kno’,bc u kno’ imah not obsessed but just… curious.//cough cough// the naked wahn… it’s this that picture ? : 

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okay but all I could think of while looking at those pics is that's the way he holds harry....I'm sobbing

That’s not the way he holds Harry lol uhhh there is a reason we’re all making fun of it. He’s clearly not used to being the taller one in the couple.