i think thats all of that scene tho

spoilers for the movie i ref i guess but yall know the scene in nausicaä of the valley of the wind where nausicaä is like, “its not the plants that are poisonous- its the soil,” and she has that underground garden? i think hunk would know a lot about diff types of soil if he was into gardening (him being guardian of the earth and all). i think thats called pedology

geckette replied to your post “It’s been 2 days and I still feel all sorts of weird about that pool…”

i think betty is really pushed to the edge and starting to spiral out, but i dont think shes polly because wasnt there a leaked scene that called her ma “grandmother??” meaning polly is pregnant??? sns thats why her mom wont let her see her??? idk just my theory tho

A later leaked scene confirmed that Polly is in fact pregnant and I’m p sure Polly has been cast also. Rn I’m just going along with Lili’s explanation that Betty just has too much pent up anger. Hopefully that’s all it is so it doesn’t get any worse but she kept the wig and I’m still saying yikesss.

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I have my doubts - and the trailer looks fake as fuck - not even bc it's gay but because Victor is naked in a good amount of episodes, yuri strips and drinks his own bodyweight in champagne and Chris literally cums on ice. I mean. It's a kids channel.

Tru, very tru. After the whole initial shock, I kinda started to think about all the nude scenes we gotten in the show and Yuri pole dancing. That’s what kinda made me go like, “Well thats gotta be fake.”

Props to the maker for making it look real tho

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