i think thats all of that scene tho

Valentine!Magnus telling Alec he's 'busy' and that's why he's acting all 'terse' and cold it's a dead giveaway that something's off...

Magnus will NEVER act that way towards Alec or be too busy to talk/see him. I think tho might be the scene where we see Alec on the floor with his bow? Or when he begins to really suspect that what valentine told him about him being Magnus isn’t a lie.

Monday please come soon!!!


“You’ve gotta seize life. Do something man, just do something that matters. Squeeze the fuck out of every day. Life’s always sewn up. Everything’s in this right place, charged, ready. Whatever happened to all the heroes, man? I’m the last one. You hear me? The last one.”

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Alec tried to get Magnus to safety but Magnus didn't seem to care when he saw Raziel. Is it because that's his uncle? Asmodeus is basically just a disowned angel. It makes me excited for Magnus to pick up a seraph blade and it glows red.

AWEJFIJA that’s probably reading too much into it, i don’t think magnus cared because there’s nowhere that he can be safe, like if the angel decided to smite down all downworlders it really doesn’t matter where he is. i think he just wanted to get to the scene bc then maybe he could at least do something.

it was cute alec tried to propose that he could get to safety tho lmaooo this boy

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Do you think there's actual footage of hannibal and will kissing in the finale that they've scrapped or that the kiss never happened?

I doubt there’s footage of an actual kiss, as it’s always been referred to as a near-kiss and knowing Bryan he wouldn’t be able to keep something like that to himself. I don’t think we’ve seen every take of that scene though, and it’s quite possible they went even further with it than what was included on the dvd extras. You’d really have to ask Bryan tho. :P

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omg your post abt harry not saying eggsy, holy crap same! i think what really makes me accept that scene is the short moment of silence between them before he said "absolutely nothing", it kinda shows his internal dilemma on whether he should say eggsy or not. idk but thats just me tho ;; how the world would be brighter and beautiful if he actually did admit that eggsy was the last thing he thought of sigh.

Yes exactly! Also ngl we all headcanoned that Merlin was his best friend and their interactions seemed kind of lacking to me?? But yeah, Eggsy was undoubtedly the most important person in Harry life. Like you said, he paused before he said it, I’ve seen a lot of people reply to the post about that second and say that it’s because of an internal debate

Oh an afterthought: I also was unimpressed when Eggsy didn’t say “you left me behind” because he was definitely thinking it given that Eggsy burst into tears every time he thought of Harry

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The MV isn't cheap but you could see some editing 'mistakes' with the green screen like at namjoon's scene you can see a little bit of the green screen, it just really little things. Also i've watched it in 1080p and sometimes when they filmed with the green screen the quality wasn't the best (i guess you could say it's grainy?). But overall the MV is really great, i loved all the colours and choreo and basically everything

yeah i noticed that little green screen namjoon moment too. thats so nitpicky tho the mv is still good imo i think ppl arent use to this fun colorful vibe from bts so theyre jus being negative nancys

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Is it bad i thought the sound effecs and music were kind of cute? It didn't make me feel like he was being made fun of or anything. I still felt for him so much during that scene i wanted to give him a hug. His emotions were expressed so well it all seemed so tender, even with the sound and music. I think it could have been bad if steven yeun wasnt such a good voice actor. thats just me tho.

nah not at all buddy - i mean, im pretty sure you’re bang on the mark here in terms of this being the impression that was intended by them - to keep it a little light and soften it into something sweeter and tender (albeit bittersweet against the backdrop of what was happening). 

tbh it could well be a lullaby-esque thing going on too? i think i mentioned that briefly a while back, it does sound like a lullaby a little with that synth sound which adds a poignancy w the associations of lullabies and childhood + also mention of his mum. it is such a delicate balance - i think there’s also the risk of overthinking it hahaha. 

steve truly is amazing like….. everything crammed into it was so incredible! you’re right his inflections and tone holds it all together perfectly which keeps us engaged and swept into it despite the background stuff…. 

we must treasure this forever!!!! 

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OH! But I'm not done! I am still here to tell you that fucking hell do I love how you write the characters! I love how you write Karkat's silent resignation. I love how you present the persistent struggle of communication slowly but surely being surmounted. I love the sproge scene, it still makes me smile when i think about it. I love how the darker moments with Karkat were written, I have so many things i love for so many reasons but I don't have enough space to tell of them all. I love it all.

aaaa even more niceness!! for someone who’s apparently a decent writer you’d think i could figure out how to say more than ‘thanks i’m glad you like it :D’ but nope. seriously tho thanks, even if i feel kinda like a robot or a recorded message when i respond to compliments, i really do mean it. 


March leaving the message for Tou before having the kiss scene with P’Bomb.

MONSTA X - All_In Theory

i have a full theory on the mv after the millionth watch but it’s actually a mess so i apologise in advance.

so their land or whatever has been invaded by some force and the boys are standing up to them as seen right in the beginning when jooheon makes them point their gun at him instead of pointing it at the old men they were harassing and by how hyungwon puts a flower in their pocket (in a sense mocking peace).
then we realise that this military based force they’ve been invaded by actually has religious roots, since a man holding some holy book of sorts (a religious cross is drawn in the cover) approaches them and hits hyungwon, hinting at the fact that he has sinned in their eyes (.. possible hint at his relationship with minhyk hmmm).
so basically we now see all of them dealing with different problems in their chaotic world. hyungwon getting harassed and beaten - leading minhyuk to take action against the religious party with the help of wonho and I.M. by burning their house/sacred place i assume; and shownu who is dealing with his father/grandfather (i assume) being sick and in need of treatment, so he turns to jooheon for help and they both rob a bank to get the money he needs. However when he gets back the man has already passed away. Similarly, when Minhyuk gets back hyungwon is found dead in the bathtub (possible suicide). So many parallels are established - how shownu burns the money that is now worthless and minhyuk burns the sacred and how they both come back too late.
Now, simultaneously they r all part of a clan and i think they are developing some type of elixir that basically transforms them into something beyond human and thats why they are reluctant to drink it and are careful but its the only way to fight the power. So when its all messed up and Lost they all take that step - minhyuk drinks it along with hyungwon who is dead but as we see the elixir must have worked since we see his hand moving and then it cuts to the scene of all of them reunited and i think that it will now lead to the continuation where they are all transformed and ready to fight those motherfuckers.

i still don’t know what that fucking blob in the sky was tho

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"#noel is a fuckin beast tho#picking up that big puppy like nbd yall i got this" haha, right?!?!?! I always think about ants when I see that scene. Like, you know how they can lift 20 times their weight or whatever? that's what he looks like to me. :)


that cam puppy, folded in half, is almost as big as noel. that is a dead-weight cam puppy right there. all of the cam puppy. and noel is just like… so whatever. so nbd. so ‘i got this cam puppy, no problem’.

i wanna see the bts of this so bad. i can only imagine noel just walking around set with the cam puppy, just carrying him around lmao and cam’s like ‘omg.. omg… please dont drop me’. but its no big deal. because noel is beast mode.

I wonder how many white people thought the scariest part in Silence of the Lambs was when the kidnapped girl threatened to kill Buffalo Bill’s dog

Remember when we were legit the only people talking about Bamon and any casual viewer would’ve been like ‘the fuck?’ if we brought it up and now it’s all up in the media and no one would be surprised if they became a couple and the only people who’d go ‘THE FUCK?’ if it happened is us because we’re so conditioned to be pessimistic?

What a time to be alive.

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i was having the shittiest, busiest week of my entire academic career but after that fitzsimmons scene i am free from all burden and care this is the best thing thats ever happened to me. i think i might actually cry. also your liveblogging is spot-on and perfect