i think thats all of that scene tho

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Please write those 24356643 meta posts on post Azzano Bucky!!!! I wanna get sad!!!

Let’s start with one!!! But when??? There’s so much to think about and see with post-azzano Bucky and it’s only because Sebastian is truly great. I’m gonna pick my favorite and start with The Bar Scene

are you sad yet? Because I am.

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Emotional over Got7 (..again)

I wanna express my thanks to these 7 boys, while I know they prob won’t see it here, I wanna share how I feel. 

Im Jaebum, greatest leader aha I know we put a lot of pressure on you just by calling you by such a seemingly harmless nickname. I wanna thank you for always encouraging and caring for the members and by extension teaching me to be more aware of my surroundings and notice when those around me are off. I think I’ve became a better friend and someone others can look up to with your help. At the same time also teaching me that it’s okay to be a total goof and bummie (lol Jaebummie Bummie, get it?? i love puns) as long as you know when to be serious again. Ps I love when you go all If you do era on us with the hard dancing XD

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Park Jinyoung (aka the boy who changed his stage name thrice now aka Got7′s omma). This half of JJP taught me it was okay to get frustrated and let people around me know, so that I didn’t bottle up my annoyances and so that others didn’t walk all over me. I found inspiration in the way he moms everyone but is still their friend, it takes courage to yell at those around you and i admire that he is able to do so without hesitation. Jinyoung is so chic nowadays (looking so handsome oppa) I’ve totally noticed him more (not that I didn’t before). Park Jinyoung helped me to naturally perform both selfish and selfless actions because while it feels good to help others, sometimes you have to help yourself. JINYOUNG I LOVE YOUR SONGS BOY, KEEP SLAYING but stop pushing everyone to like it lol we already do your actions are pointless

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Mark Tuan (My Bias <3) My little angel, our youngest looking eldest, ilysm and I just want to squish and protect you. You show your vulnerable side to Ahgase so much but I know that you can be tough as well. I always worry about you because you are so far from Papa Tuan, and I see your insecurity with speaking korean and that encouraged me in my languages as well. Because I’m in the same boat with Cantonese and Viet. I really wanted to fight Doni and Cony from Weekly idol, you can’t ask an American to say something in english and not expect the freaking American pronunciation of it -.- .  I learned a bit of my aegyo from you (lmaoo) and I love following your cute antics (If you can’t scream over them, bowl them over with cuteness) I might just be biased but I love how you rap and dance, it’s just the right amount of sticking with the actual dance and Mark Flair. (And his voice is so fucking deep ughhhh i cantttttt) (I acknowledge Yugyeom as our dancer of the group lol) I think Mark is so brave for being in Korea and becoming so successful, I think all idols are so brave for giving up so much to achieve their dreams

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Wang Jackson, Wang Jia er, Wang Puppy, you totally brought me to Got7 at first. It wasn’t your variety skills( Tho that was pretty magnetic as well) it was actually the fact that this kpop boy spoke both English and Cantonese. (thats right, i’m attracted to languages) It made me super happy to see both in the kpop scene, and although Jackson obviously wasn’t the only canto/english speaker there, he pulled me in first. Jackson tries so super hard and puts in 105% into everything he does. I feel so bad and appreciate him so much. Please don’t put your health at risk for the sake of entertaining others. The world can go on a while without you if it meant you’re here longer. </3 The boy also taught me to completely let go and be wild (so to speak) I wouldn’t have had the experiences and happiness I do today if I hadn’t let go of my inhibitions sometimes

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Choi Youngjae my little sweet sunshine! ahem ik you’re a little perv you little scheme -.- BUT I LOVE YOU FOR THAT TOO. thank you for hiding it so well that it took me being a fan for almost a year to find out. I think mystery makes finding out more precious cus it means you’re that much deeper into the fandom. Youngjae my cheery little bubble that never got discouraged even when you didn’t get a lot of lines despite being the main vocal. 2Jae/JJP/Markjae? (T.T IDKKK) I love watching you laugh at everything, it’s so nice seeing others appreciate the dorkiness that makes up got7 on camera (i mean sure the staff too but they don’t always apppeeaaarrr)

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BAMMMIEEEEE um ah uh yeah (hehe mamamoo) Kumpimook Bhawakul ( i reallly hope i spelt that correctly) You’re the public perv and dab master. You follow up on too many trends and I love/hate you for it. I can’t help but laugh at your rediculousness at this point. Thank you for teaching me to do what I want without caring about the judgment of others. You little fashionista, so cute, ily. Bambam i notice myself responding to his english whenever i watch videos with it lmao (dont judge me >.<) 

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Kim Yugyeom YUGYEOMMIEEEE (Yugy-yummmyyyyy) MAH BOY IS SO. FREAKING. CUTE! I just wanna hug you and never let go, I feel like I can get a bear hug from this Giant maknae and just swim in it. You never let life (or the hyung’s bullying) take you down, you face everything with a smile (or at least a devious smirk, little devil) I always notice when you’re about to do something bad and zero in on it But i can never fault you for it cus you’re so. damn. cute. This is gonna be my downfall ugh. I got a few tendencies and mannerisms from you (like we all prob did from each member of got7) I admire your ability to dance so well (HIT THE STAGE BABY) I’m so proud of you

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I think this is the end of it? Ty to anyone who read this long lol I just went on a longggg rant to share my feelings. Got7 just taught me it was okay to do anything and everything and reach for the stars, ty boys for existing <3

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YES I WANTED LAURENS TO BE PASCAL TOO but i also want him to be a ruffian w herc tbh... can u imagine in the ive got a dream scene instead of that eliza is like i mAY NOT LIVE TO SEE OUR GLORY nd ham just like ok shit shes perfect ?? (but now im thinking thats such an angelica thing bc shes all about the revolution ...)

oooo i rly want to see eliza singing that tho!!!!



“You’ve gotta seize life. Do something man, just do something that matters. Squeeze the fuck out of every day. Life’s always sewn up. Everything’s in this right place, charged, ready. Whatever happened to all the heroes, man? I’m the last one. You hear me? The last one.”

MONSTA X - All_In Theory

i have a full theory on the mv after the millionth watch but it’s actually a mess so i apologise in advance.

so their land or whatever has been invaded by some force and the boys are standing up to them as seen right in the beginning when jooheon makes them point their gun at him instead of pointing it at the old men they were harassing and by how hyungwon puts a flower in their pocket (in a sense mocking peace).
then we realise that this military based force they’ve been invaded by actually has religious roots, since a man holding some holy book of sorts (a religious cross is drawn in the cover) approaches them and hits hyungwon, hinting at the fact that he has sinned in their eyes (.. possible hint at his relationship with minhyk hmmm).
so basically we now see all of them dealing with different problems in their chaotic world. hyungwon getting harassed and beaten - leading minhyuk to take action against the religious party with the help of wonho and I.M. by burning their house/sacred place i assume; and shownu who is dealing with his father/grandfather (i assume) being sick and in need of treatment, so he turns to jooheon for help and they both rob a bank to get the money he needs. However when he gets back the man has already passed away. Similarly, when Minhyuk gets back hyungwon is found dead in the bathtub (possible suicide). So many parallels are established - how shownu burns the money that is now worthless and minhyuk burns the sacred and how they both come back too late.
Now, simultaneously they r all part of a clan and i think they are developing some type of elixir that basically transforms them into something beyond human and thats why they are reluctant to drink it and are careful but its the only way to fight the power. So when its all messed up and Lost they all take that step - minhyuk drinks it along with hyungwon who is dead but as we see the elixir must have worked since we see his hand moving and then it cuts to the scene of all of them reunited and i think that it will now lead to the continuation where they are all transformed and ready to fight those motherfuckers.

i still don’t know what that fucking blob in the sky was tho

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"#noel is a fuckin beast tho#picking up that big puppy like nbd yall i got this" haha, right?!?!?! I always think about ants when I see that scene. Like, you know how they can lift 20 times their weight or whatever? that's what he looks like to me. :)


that cam puppy, folded in half, is almost as big as noel. that is a dead-weight cam puppy right there. all of the cam puppy. and noel is just like… so whatever. so nbd. so ‘i got this cam puppy, no problem’.

i wanna see the bts of this so bad. i can only imagine noel just walking around set with the cam puppy, just carrying him around lmao and cam’s like ‘omg.. omg… please dont drop me’. but its no big deal. because noel is beast mode.

I wonder how many white people thought the scariest part in Silence of the Lambs was when the kidnapped girl threatened to kill Buffalo Bill’s dog

Remember when we were legit the only people talking about Bamon and any casual viewer would’ve been like ‘the fuck?’ if we brought it up and now it’s all up in the media and no one would be surprised if they became a couple and the only people who’d go ‘THE FUCK?’ if it happened is us because we’re so conditioned to be pessimistic?

What a time to be alive.

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i was having the shittiest, busiest week of my entire academic career but after that fitzsimmons scene i am free from all burden and care this is the best thing thats ever happened to me. i think i might actually cry. also your liveblogging is spot-on and perfect