i think that's why he's laughing

3:50 pm

Every Friday at exactly 3:50 pm Draco makes sure to kiss Harry.

Every Friday. He hasn’t been late once either. Because Draco always drops everything he’s doing, no matter what he’s doing, to go and look for Harry. It’s not that easy sometimes. Harry has a job that, unlike Draco’s, requires him to actually leave the house. Whenever Draco shows up at his workplace, Harry’s face lightens up. He has never complained about Draco interrupting his work. Not once.

Even when they’re fighting and they’re both in a bad mood, they briefly forget about it when it’s 3:50 on a Friday. Like right now. They had an argument last night about Harry getting a motorcycle. Draco just doesn’t get why Harry would want to spend that much money on something that will probably kill him. They both fell asleep with a scowl on their face and they didn’t talk while eating breakfast. Harry left the house while Draco was reading the paper.

But now, as Draco stands in front of him, Harry is smiling at him fondly. Merlin, Draco just never tires of that smile. Even after all these years.

He glances at the clock and sees it’s 3:49. His eyes find Harry’s and they hold so much love, it makes Draco shudder. He takes Harry’s hands in his and pulls him closer. When his lips brush Harry’s, a familiar feeling washes over him. It’s warm and invigorating, reassuring and exhilarating. Kissing Harry will never fail to consume and mesmerize Draco.

Harry leans away again and brushes his thumb over Draco’s cheek.

“I still have a bit of work to do, but I’ll try to be home early, okay?”

“Okay,” Draco whispers, his eyes still closed.

He feels Harry kiss the tip of his nose and can’t help but grin. He pulls Harry back into a tight embrace and relishes the feeling of Harry’s body shaking against his, as Harry laughs out loud.

“I love our Friday afternoon kisses,” Harry murmurs.

“I love them, too.”

Draco really does. Because it was 3:50 pm on a Friday afternoon when Harry Potter said “I do” and kissed Draco for the first time as his husband.

Going to the Yule Ball with Draco Malfoy would include...

Originally posted by crystalgreene-justromance

request -  Dancing with Draco at the Yule Ball.

a/n - i kind of changed it up and made it into a yule all with draco thing since i had a lot more ideas to offer into the request, hope you don’t mind!!! xxx

- he probably asked you by using a charm to be all cutesy

- he only went all out because he thinks you’re the absolute cutest in the school

- also would probably beat crabbe and goyle up if they called they said anything about you that was negative

- him asking fellow slytherins to tie his bowtie

- ‘draco all you’ve ever told me to do is go stick a dragons egg up my arse why should i help you now’


 - waits for you at the bottom of the staircase in front of the great hall

- might i mention that you’ve already tripped on your dress a good 5 times already

- your mom sent you that dress okay!!! it was special and you hope he would like it

- and oh boy did he

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Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris in the library
  • Eric: "Get up!"
  • Dylan: "GET UP!"
  • Eric: "Stand up right now or we'll blow your fucking heads off!"
  • Dylan: "Fine I'll start shooting then..." (shoots Velasquez) "Woohoo!"
  • Dylan: "All jocks stand up... white baseball cap"
  • Eric: "Pigs are here..." (begins firing out the window)
  • Dylan: (shoots Hall, Ireland, Steepleton) "Yahoo!"
  • Patti Nielson: "our father... who art in heaven.. hallowed be thy name"
  • Dispatcher: "ma'am, you need to forget about praying right now. What's happening there?"
  • Nielson: "They're in here.. they're killing kids... I have to go." (drops phone)
  • Eric: (kills Curnow) "Die! Motherfucker!"
  • Dylan: "WOO!"
  • Kasey Ruegsegger: (after being shot by Eric) "Oh!"
  • Eric: "Stop your bitching! It's merely a flesh wound,"
  • Dylan: (laughing hysterically)
  • Eric: "Peek-a-boo" (kills Bernall)
  • Dylan: (shoots Ireland) "Die! ...down on the floor!"
  • Dylan: "REB?"
  • Eric: "Yeah?"
  • Dylan: "hey, man... there's a nigger over here."
  • Eric: "shoot him"
  • Dylan: "SHIT YEAH!"
  • Shoels: "no...no...no...mom!"
  • (Shoels and Kechter killed)
  • (CO2 bomb detonates)
  • Valeen Schnurr: "oh my god... help me..."
  • Eric: "do you believe in God?"
  • Valeen: "no..yes..."
  • Dylan: "Why?"
  • Eric: "God is gay."
  • John TOmlin: "Don't... done enough?"
  • (shots fired)
  • Dylan: "You think we've done enough?" (laughing)
  • Eric: "nice glasses" (shots fired.. sounds of a scuffle.. shots fired again.. Mauser killed)
  • Dylan: "was he trying to jump you?"
  • Eric: "Yeah"
  • (shots fired... DePooter killed)
  • Dylan: "Look what we have here..."
  • Eric: "What?"
  • Dylan: "just some fat fuck"
  • Dylan: "give me one good reason why I shouldn't kill you."
  • Evan Todd: "I don't want to get into trouble"
  • Dylan: "Trouble! You don't know what trouble is..."
  • Evan Todd: "That's not what I mean... I don't have a problem with you guys..."
  • Dylan: "I'm going to let this fat fuck live... little fat fucking piece of shit... you can have him if you want."
  • Eric: "Let's go to the commons"
  • Dylan: "One more thing" (sound of something smashing)
  • Dylan: "Reb, ya ready?"
bts personality analysis: taehyung

Originally posted by sweaterpawsjimin

i found it quite difficult to nail this analysis down - this is the only member i actually had to plan before writing. taehyung has a personality that kind of confuses me because he is everything all at once. he is such a big character that i dont think i could possibly understand him wholly; and understanding is what i do best. i think what makes taehyung so big is his lust for life. he is curious and he doesn’t hold back. he has no qualms when it comes to judgement. taehyung is dynamic. he is so entertaining to watch and thats what makes him so popular. people want a taste of the zest he has, they want that to be as bright as him. but they cant, because taehyung will always be the star of the show and he doesn’t even try. he will always be one step ahead of everyone as they try to catch up but he isn’t a conformist, he is a trendsetter. he does things that arent mainstream and his singularity will bring copycats. thats just the type of person taehyung is. 

i dont think thats the only reason why taehyung is popular amongst idols or why he has so many friends, i think he also has a knack for communication. it is natural to him which makes him seem more charismatic and his energy will ultimately empower those around him. taehyung has so many big ideas because his mind is always whirring and because he has his own language, inadvertently persuades whoever he is with. he has the power to inspire who he is with just with his words. taehyung also brings out the best in people and i think the fact that he is humble is why he is likeable.

taehyungs mind never stops and is always filled with thoughts and dreams and this curious nature brings him to be fascinated by small things. this fascination is why taehyung is so observant and why he seems to just watch over sometimes, eyes glazed over. he is so lost in his own thoughts that he has left his body to live in hise mind. but this endless stream of thoughts could be considered both a strength and a flaw. a strength; taehyung knows himself and his thoughts like the back of his hand, he is interested in things and this curiosity is his drive to try new things. a weakness; taehyung is highly emotional and is very in touch with his own emotions so being in his own head could lead to negative thoughts and create unnecessary insecurities. 

taehyung has a need for independence, he doesn’t like when he has to rely on someone. you see this when he brings up hold me tight, of course, he is proud. but i think he is just reminding others that that is his own work. his. independently. he likes when he has credit and when people acknowledge this. taehyung feels as though rules are restraint and would much prefer to be set free. he likes to be seen as independent, he wants to be seen as someone that can do things for himself. but, unfortunately, taehyung has assigned himself to the kpop industry where independence is a desire that wont be attained. this would stress taehyung out and i can see that taehyung would possibly be sad in his position if it weren’t for his other members.

i think that taehyung really does look up to jin as an older brother and has a great amount of respect for him and ive noticed that he always laughs at jins jokes!!! a+ concept!!! yoongi and taehyung are a fun pair to analyse because they are so different; yoongi values realism and taehyung values optimism. they both see the world in juxtaposing ways and thats why i think that they would be a good pair since i believe that opposites do attract. hoseok and taehyung are strange because as much as i love their interactions, they both seem too intense for each other. both of them have such strong characters that i feel like they can only be around each other for a certain amount of time before it drives either one insane. namjoon and taehyung are cute!!! namjoon has a soft spot for cuteness and i think thats why tae and him are so close. taehyung loves to listen and namjoon loves to talk. good combo. jimin and taehyung are also one of my favourite relationships in bangtan because they seem to understand each other. they have this deep brotherly bond that they have formed over the years and i think its a really important relationship for jimins psyche because taehyung understands jimins personality better than i think anyone else does. its really beautiful to watch them interact and hear their inside jokes. taehyung and jungkook are another one of my favourite relationships because jungkook can keep taehyung on his toes and thats what taehyung needs, he needs someone that can keep up with him and give him a run for his money. he loves the competition and thats what jungkook brings.

kim taehyung - enfp/capricorn. pioneer, zest, curious, character.

kim seokjin ; min yoongi ; jung hoseok ; kim namjoon ; park jimin

anan Performance Unit Interview Q1
  • Q: The good points and slightly worrisome points among members?
  • Dino: The8-hyung is too much of a perfectionist. When he matches clothes, everything needs to be considered, even when he's packing, he watches the mirror while muttering, "Does this combination look good?"
  • The8: I just want to bring everything, and end up bringing a bigger suitcase than everyone else.
  • Dino: But when everyone's gobbling up food with spoons, The8-hyung uses chopsticks and eats very little, no wonder he never gains weight, I'm a bit worried.
  • Jun: Dino, too. Sometimes you don't eat breakfast properly, right? If you don't eat properly, you won't grow big like me. (laughs)
  • Dino: I don't do that. I grew taller during "BOOMBOOM" era. When I stand with the other members, I no longer feel small.
  • Hoshi: When the group was first formed, he was still a kid. As for Jun, he's just handsome, open-minded and a peacemaker. The fact that he has no bad points is the most disappointing.
  • Jun: (trying very hard to hide his blushing shy face) Please give me a mask~!
  • The8: But he always likes to tell jokes, when he hypes himself up it's... Oh well, we're all used to it by now anyway. (laughs bitterly)
  • Jun: Every time I tell a joke I think, "Wow, my Korean's so good!"
  • The8: That's why you tell them?! This is the first time I'm hearing it. (laughs)
  • Jun: But aren't I right about this? (laughs) Dino thinks in detail about all his expressions and actions on stage. Even though he's so talented, he's still this hardworking, it's truly commendable! His slightly worrisome point was mentioned earlier, he doesn't eat breakfast.
  • The8: Hoshi is the member you should learn from the most, he's someone you can rely on. A lacking point is that, he's slightly short-tempered, when he gets worked up he talks really loudly.
  • Hoshi: When we're nearing the deadline for the choreography, I get anxious when I have no inspiration, so sometimes...
  • The8: Because he's very close with us, he is able to show us without any disguise, everyone understands.
Old Dog, New Tricks: Part Six (ending)

Summary: Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes were known to be your soldiers across the hall. Whenever you needed them, they were there. It never crossed your mind that one day, after coming to terms with just how inexperienced Bucky was with getting back in the groove of romance - you find yourself now helping him in a way you never expected. Sex.                                

                                                Part One

                                                Part Two

                                                Part Three

                                                Part Four

                                                 Part Five

Word Count: 2,043

Notes: Cursing, NSFW, 18+ (smut), A N G S T !!!!!!! have fun.

let me know what you think :)

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bts personality analysis: jungkook

Originally posted by nnochu

ive talked a lot in these analysis’ about avatars in the industry and how they select specific personas to appeal to a target audience; and i dont think jungkook has one. its weird because nearly everyone does, famous or not. people select an image to show their best side. but the reason i think that jungkook doesn’t have a specific avatar is that i really dont think that jungkook could. he couldnt stick to a certain image and you often see in interviews or lives that his persona falls, like he gets tired of it sometimes. he also kind of mocks the idol stereotypes sometimes and i think its funny because jungkook is one of the most loved idols, yet he is so cynical of his own industry. he doesn’t like avatars, he values honesty. i noticed this most in this years kkul fm - the members ask jungkook if he is sleepy and tell him to notice the camera, and jungkook blows a kiss with a smile and looks back down with a blank expression. i think this says a lot about him and how he responds to certain situations.

jungkook is quiet, observant. its rare that he speaks up in an interview; instead, he prefers to let his other members speak. i dont necessarily think jungkook is shy, but i think he has trouble expressing himself. i dont think he can articulate his thoughts and i think he isnt as aware of his emotions as namjoon and taehyung are. because doesn’t know his own emotions, i can see the intensity of them being overwhelming to him and jungkook breaking down because of stress. jungkook is known as the multifaceted member - the golden maknae. he has to live up to that title and i think the pressure is sometimes a little bit too much sometimes. instead of an idol image, jungkook wears a calmer, more collected exterior to protect himself - this goes for yoongi, too. even though he seems calm, his mind is busy and nervous. 

jungkook is facile because he is so adaptable to situations, he is comfortable in unknown situations and that makes it easier for him to learn new things. where anybody would be anxious in a new environment, a new environment gives jungkook drive. it serves as motivation. i see him also liking change - because his mind is so busy, i think he would be distracted if he was in a routine. he needs to be doing things at all times. i also think that jungkook really shows virgo traits when he is learning something new because he has a desire to improve and perfect, which is his flaw and his strength. because he is such a perfectionist, just like jimin, he sets expectations that he cannot even dream to achieve. he strives for perfection when he cannot be perfect and this mindset can be damaging to his perception of himself and that could lead to him being in a bad state of mind. jungkook is also completely stubborn so he will not give up in the middle of something, he will keep going until his bones atrophy. again, this is a strength and a weakness. i just hope jungkook hasn’t worn himself out.

i think my favourite thing about jungkook is his compassion and complete admiration for his members. although he finds it hard to express this love and sometimes seems almost rude when he is amongst his hyungs, he does it in other ways. a small compliment - “jimin you can sing pretty well”-, or with a joke that he knows will make them laugh. he cannot articulate his emotions. he becomes uncomfortable when expressing himself. thats why i think that jungkook crying with his members before the wings album was such a huge moment for them as a group. im sure they have cried together many times, but for jungkook to truly admit his feelings to his members and tell them that he values their emotions over his own is a fucking big deal. once jungkook begins to develop and mature, i think that he will learn to love himself more and respond to his emotions. i think that he will learn to articulate his thoughts and im sure we will see them in his solo songs.

jungkook and jin are hard to work out because as much as i do believe they adore each other, i think jungkook often forgets that jin is his hyung and demands respect because jin is always so goofy. jungkook doesn’t acknowledge jin and acknowledgement is what jin needs and values.  yoongi and jungkook are a relationship that is hard to define - i find that most jungkook related relationships are like this but ill get more into that in his analysis. both yoongi and jungkook have trouble expressing themselves so it wont be the most overtly affectionate relationship but i see them both having a lot of respect for one another and just a chill duo who just wanna have a relaxed time. hoseok and jungkook have a sibling relationship, jungkook really admires and respects hoseok and his dance and wants to learn from him. hoseok keeps jungkook on his toes which is exactly what that boy needs. namjoon and jungkook are a really special relationship because jungkook sees namjoon as an older brother or even a father figure. he admired namjoon and shows him respect - and for the maknae to do that… he must love the guy a whole lot. jimin and jungkook are odd because as much as i love jikook, i think jungkook is a handful that jimin doesnt have the strength for. but jimin is a really crucial part to jungkook and i think that jungkook needs jimin as a shoulder, someone that he can rely on. jungkook is like jimins younger brother and i think they really do adore each other. taehyung and jungkook are another one of my favourite relationships because jungkook can keep taehyung on his toes and thats what taehyung needs, he needs someone that can keep up with him and give him a run for his money. he loves the competition and thats what jungkook brings.

jeon jeongguk - infp/virgo. perfectionist, observant, compassionate, adaptive.

kim seokjin ; min yoongi ; jung hoseok ; kim namjoon ; park jimin ; kim taehyung

a/n: and that is all the analyses done!!! i hope u enjoyed reading everyone!!! pls come into my inbox and tell me what u thought - lana

I had this conversation today with a boy from school..
  • Him: "Hey! You love Harry Potter, yeah?"
  • Me: "Yesss... why?"
  • Him: "I do too! Yeah I love it so much! I've watched the movies so many times and I've read the books like 9 times!!"
  • Me: *laughs* "Oh that's great! The books are great! I love it."
  • Him: "I was thinking though... about horcruxes."
  • Me: "What about them?"
  • Him: *looking deep af in thought* "Well you know how like.. he has them?"
  • Me: "....um, yeah??"
  • Him: "Well I had this crazy thought! Like, what if Harry was a horcrux?"
  • Me: "Uh... you said you've read the books? And watched the movies?"
  • Him: "Yeah! I love them."
  • Me: "Ha ha.."
  • Him: "Did I say something wrong?"
  • Me: "..."
  • Him: "..."
  • Me: "... WHAT THE FUCK"
Proud Poppa

Huge thank you to @bucky-plums-barnes for having #daddyday and to @theassetseyeliner for the idea. Also huge thank you to you both for letting me write this.

“Hi mom!” Your eight-year-old calls as she comes in the front door. She’s later than usual, only a few minutes but it’s enough to make you curious.
“Hi Sweetheart. Everything okay?” You ask as you swat one of Bucky’s hands away from the after school snack you’ve got waiting on the counter. He chuckles and catches your hand, pressing a kiss to it as your daughter comes around the corner.
“Yes mom.” She says, with plenty of attitude. One doesn’t become the daughter of you and Bucky Barnes without a little extra helping of sass. Even at eight you’re 100% sure that she’s going to be a handful at sixteen. She drops her backpack on the floor next to the stool she slides onto and reaches for one of the celery sticks when you see it. Blood on her knuckles.
“Ashley Natasha Barnes why is there blood on your knuckles?” You demand catching her wrist before she can hide the evidence.
“I beat up a bully after school today.” Ashley says it so simply you’d think you’d asked her what she wanted for dinner. You stare at her for a second until Bucky lets out a surprised laugh.
“Thats my girl!” He says giving your daughter a tight squeeze. “Hit em right in the mouth didn’t you? Cut your hand on his tooth?”
“Rookie mistake.” Bucky says with a grin, “No broken wrist means it was a straight punch and no broken thumb means you tucked it on the outside. Just like uncle Steve and I taught you.” You’re staring at your husband with your mouth slightly open and eyebrows raised. He and Steve taught her how to fight? He high fives her and passes her a few Girl Scout cookies from on top of the fridge. Not exactly the reaction you were looking for but it’s typical Bucky for sure.
Before you know it Bucky’s got Steve up on FaceTime and is telling him ‘the exciting news’ about your little girl’s fight. If it can even be called that.
“Mom?” Ashley asks softly.
“Are you mad at me?”
“I haven’t decided yet. Why don’t you tell me the whole story and then we’ll talk about it.” If she jumped straight into violence, yes you’re going to be a bit upset but if it was for self defense or to protect someone else it’s hard to be angry about that. Given who her family is, and one of her namesakes.
“Well Mark was being mean to Naomi. He kept asking her when she was going to go back to China. But mom, she’s not even Chinese!”
“Did you try to use your words first?” You ask patiently while attempting to ignore your husband whose now on FaceTime with Natasha.
“Of course I did mom.” She huffs after chewing her peanut butter slathered celery stick, “I told him to stop it because Naomi was born here so she’s from here just like he is. And he told me to make him stop it so I did.”
“I’m glad you stood up for your friend but I don’t want you getting into fights all the time. Leave that to your daddy okay?” She nods in agreement as someone pounds on your front door. You make your way over to it and open it, looking down at you is a rather large man who would be intimidating if you weren’t married to an Avenger.
“Are you Ashley Barnes’ mom?” He demands, his voice loud and angry.
“I am.”
“She assaulted my son.”
“Don’t you think that’s a bit harsh? She’s eight.” You say a hand on your hip.
“No.” He snarls taking a menacing step toward you, he’s glaring down at you looking more than a little furious. You stare up at him coolly then his eyes go wide and he takes a few steps back.
“Everything okay babe?” Bucky asks resting his hand on your lower back.
“Yea. This is Mark’s Dad. Apparently he’s angry about our daughter defending her friend.”
“Sh-she punched my son.” His bravado has wavered since Bucky has come into the room.
“Your son was being racist against one of our daughter’s friends. You know where they learn that.” Bucky says bluntly. Mark’s Dad sputters for a few seconds then he turns red, turns around and walks away muttering something about the fucking Winter Solider. Bucky chuckles lowly then turns you in his arms as he shoves the front door closed. “You mad?”
“No.” You answer honestly. “Where was I when you taught Ash how to fight?”
“Uh, during the girl’s weekend you, Natasha and Wanda had.”
“Is she any good?”
“Kid’s a natural.” He grins down at you, looking 100% proud poppa.
“Of course she is.”

First Love (Part 2)

Summary: Suga’s sister wants to spend more time with her brother, unfortunately for you, you want to keep your relationship a secret from your best friend.

Pairings: Min Yoongi (Suga)/ Reader

Genre: Smut

Words: 3.7k

Part 1 | Masterlist

A/N: Sorry that my smut is a little too explicit



“Jisoo?” There stood your best friend, who happened to be sister’s with the guy you just slept with.

“What are you doing here?” She asked confused.

“We just had hot steamy-” Yoongi smirked as your eyes popped out of your head.

“My cable broke and Yoongi kindly offered me a spare.” She was still confused as she looked between you and her brother.

“We’re neighbors.” You further explained.

“Oh…what do ya know.” She smiled but you couldn’t read the truth behind it.

You got up and nervously went over to Yoongi’s kitchen grabbing a glass and filling it up with water.

“Ill be right back.” Jisoo got up and headed towards the bathroom.

“What’s with you?” Yoongi brushed your shoulder as you leaned against his counter. You turned around to face him.

“Nothing.” You shrugged.

“Why are you acting weird?” He leaned into you kissing your jaw line until he moved to your neck.

“I know your sister very well.”

“So?” He leaned back up kissing your lips.

You felt like you were in a daze. You kissed back bringing your tongue deep into his mouth. He moved his hand father up your shirt causing friction.

You snapped back to reality once you heard the sound of a toilet flushing. He looked at you disappointed as you pulled away. “She’s been my best friend for years, don’t you care how she would react?”

“I don’t care what my sister thinks about anything.”

“She might get mad.” You pouted.

“We met before you knew I was her brother….and technically we’re not together…..so we wouldn’t be lying.”

He was right.

“I know.” You heard the door opened from the bathroom.

“That doesn’t mean I don’t want to though.” He whispered as soon as he saw your sadden face.

“So how did you two meet?” Jisoo finally entered the room.

“Your friend is a loud obnoxious person.” Yoongi walked away from you.

“Really? You’re the one who always blast your music.” You argued.

“Only because you started to first.” He argued back.

“Okay so how did you come friends because obviously my brother is hard to make friends with.” Jisoo mumbled the last part but Yoongi clearly heard and pinched her side.

“Yoongi’s not that bad, he’s pretty handy with his hands.” You didn’t mean it in any sexual way but Yoongi did by the look of his face. He was holding in a laugh.

“Is there a reason you’re here?” Yoongi annoyingly looked at his sister.

“Can’t I just hang out with you.” Jisoo answered.

“No.” Yoongi said seriously but you pursed your lips in a smile.

“Come on.” She attempted to hug her brother but he squirmed out of her embrace.

“I’m busy.” He stated.

“Then why does (Y/N) get to be here.” She pouted.

“I was just leaving, he was giving me this.” You held up the cable.

“Fine….but you need to stop working so hard, you’ll get depressed.” Jisoo started towards the door.

“I like my job.” He smiled.

“Can I see your place?” Jisoo looked at you.

“Sure.” You started following her out the door but looked back at Yoongi. He rolled his eyes. You just quietly waved before exciting.

As soon as you let Jisoo in she looked around.

“So.” She sat down on your sofa. “What’s going on between you and my brother?”

You froze. “What do you mean?”

“My brother is quiet and grouchy….he obviously likes you if you stepped foot into his apartment.” She chuckled.

You took a deep breath of relief, you thought she expected something.

“Yoongi’s nice.”

Jisoo sarcastically laughed.

“He’s a little rough around the edges but hes pretty cool.” You smiled.

“Tell me your secret then.” She huffed.

“He can’t be that bad.” You suggested.

“I don’t know….we used to be close, until he got into his music…..then he started pushing me away.” She said.

“But I’ll take some of the blame….I kind of ignored him growing up….thats why I’m trying to make up for it now…..but he won’t budge.” She was distraught over the whole thing.

Maybe you could change that?

“I’m sure he’ll come around.” You tried to be optimistic.

“So you’re really friends with him?” She asked.

“I don’t know honestly.” You laughed.

“Well maybe you could get him out of the house?”

You arched your eyebrows. “I don’t know….my parents think he’s depressed….he never visits home anymore and they want me to change that….but It’s obvious that I can’t change that.”

“And you want me to help you?” You were confused.

“My parents are kicking me out of the house and they said ‘why don’t you spend some time with your brother.’” She said mockingly.

“Where are you going to live?”

“They suggested with Yoongi but I know for a fact he won’t like that.”

You didn’t want to suggest with you because you only had just enough money for you alone. College students have a hard time finding jobs and it was Jisoo in this case, so you knew she wouldn’t help you with the rent.

“Maybe you could convince him?” She batted her eyelashes.

“He wont listen to me.”

“My parents are probably gonna ask him.” She leaned her head between her hands. “I’m going to be homeless.” She put on a show.

“Shut up…everything will be fine.”


Later that day, after Jisoo left you went next door.

You knocked a few times and heard no answer. Luckily you tried his door knob and it was unlocked. You thought this was the wrong neighborhood to be leaving your door unlocked.

You didn’t see any sign of him so you thought of the first place where he could be. His studio. As said, you saw him with his headphones on. You bit your tongue seeing him finally bottling up his music.

You pulled his headphones down so they were now on his shoulder. “Hey.” You greeted.

“You should really start locking your door.” You smirked.

“I figured you were coming.” He gave that intense stare.

You blushed. “Your sister’s worried about you.”

He leaned back into his chair rolling his eyes. “Of course she is.”

“I’m serous Yoongi.”

“Just tell her I’m fine.” He turned back towards his computer.

“It’s more then that….she wants you in her life.”

He leaned his head against his hand. “Why?”

“What happened between you two?” You asked.

“It’s nothing…..I don’t want to talk about it.” He avoided your question.


“I don’t want to talk about it.” He raised his voice and put his headphones back on blasting his music.

You took that as your sign to leave. It was a touchy subject that wasn’t your business to medal, even though you were technically asked to.

You got up and as soon as you reached your apartment you crashed to your couch. Sammy immediately jumped up laying on your stomach.

“Men.” You rolled your eyes as Sammy purred against you.


Yoongi was blasting music to calm him self down. He hated thinking that his sister was talking about him to you. He tossed his earphones back off feeling guilty. He didn’t mean to snap at you.

He left making his way towards your apartment. He ran your door bell like usual. You got up retrieving to the door. You opened and you were surprised it was Yoongi but also you didn’t expect anyone else to be at your door.

You didn’t answer you just walked back into your apartment. You made your way over to your kitchen to open a can of soda. You were giving Yoongi a cold shoulder but he deserved it for snapping at you. And you wanted to give him a taste of his own medicine.

You could feel his presence behind you. “I’m sorry for being a jerk.” He softly spoken.

“You’re always a jerk.” You bit inside your cheek.

“I know.”

You turned around looking at him. “It’s none of my business anyway, I should of ignored Jisoo.”

Yoongi rolled his eyes again but not at you. “What does my sister want?” You looked up surprised.

“She quotes she wants to take you out of the house.”

He just stared at you un-amused. “Fine, tell her I’ll fill her in.” You smiled seeing Yoongi smile.

“But you come first.” He was now in front of you making you lean against the counter.

You blushed. He filled in the small space when his lips brushed yours. You felt butterflies burst through your stomach.

You jumped up wrapping your legs around his waist and he immediately brought you to your bedroom.

As soon as he placed you on your bed he was already towering over you kissing you immensely. You tugged on his shirt bringing him closer.

You felt him reach under you to unhook your bra. He had easier access as you were only wearing a tank top. He slipped your bra out of your shirt with no problems.

You moaned against his lips as you felt him play with your breast. As you started to feel friction rising you felt a buzzing in your pocket. You tried to ignore the irritation but the sensation had you giving in. You pulled away to look at your phone as Yoongi moved down to sucking your neck.

“Fuck!” You whined.

“What?” He looked at you.

“It’s Jisoo.” You panicked.

Yoongi rolled his eyes. “Don’t answer.”

“I have to….shes expecting me.”


Before you could reply you answered. “Hey Ji.” You greeted

“Hey….so….did you talk to my brother?”

You watched as Yoongi face was annoyed yet puzzled.

“Yup….he said where and when.”

Yoongi leaned down sucking on your neck once again. You mentally panicked as you felt his tongue brush your skin. You tried to stay calm as Jisoo was listening on the other line.

“Really? How did you get him to agree.?” She asked excited.

You were hypnotized by the pleasure you almost didn’t hear her.

“U-um…..what?” You stuttered.

“I said, how did you get him to agree?” She repeated.

Yoongi sat up. “I just asked him.” Which was the truth.

You watched Yoongi tug down your jeans tossing them aside. He then smirked as he pulled your panties down.

You breathing picked up as you watched him dip down kissing up your inner thigh. It was clearly audible through the phone.

“Are you okay?” She asked suddenly.

“W-what? I’m fine.” You gulped.

“There’s no way you just asked him.” She continued.

You couldn’t help but moan as you felt Yoongi’s tongue slid through your folds.

“You sure you’re okay, it sounds like you’re masturbating.” She giggled.

“What? I’m just watching my show, that lawyer is something else.” You laughed nervously.

“Trust me I know….so what should we do then?”

You bit your lip as Yoongi continued to lick up your core.

“Maybe you should ask your brother?” You suggested as you felt Yoongis fingers slide into your center.

“Fuck.” You whispered.

Yoongi quickly popped his head up.

“Tell her you’re busy.” Then he continued what he was doing aggressively.

“Are you sure you’re not doing what I think your doing?” She generally sounded confused.

You reached down tugging through Yoongi’s hair causing him to lean into you closer.

“Of course not.”

“I’m not convinced….you seeing someone?” She asked.

You were so dazed you couldn’t even control your emotions. “No why?”

“Because I heard a mans voice a second ago.”


“And you’re like totally not listening to me.”

“My tv is really loud sorry.”

“Are you having sex?” She sounded more disgusted.

“Jisoo….can we talk later?”

“Oh my God….you are….(Y/N) what the fuck?” She whined.

“I am not….call me later after you talk to your brother.”

“I can’t believe you.”

“I’m not doing anything I swear….I would of told you if I was seeing someone.” You tried to steady your voice that time.

Then you hung up not caring if she had a respond. You felt like you were close to an orgasm by this point. But before that could happen Yoongi’s phone start ringing.

He got up and slapped his forehead. “I’m definitely not answering.” He held up his phone showing Jisoo’s user ID.

He clicked the bottom on the side to silence it and he sexily started to unzip his pants.

“Can you hurry?” You whined.

He took that to action and immediately got on top of you leaning down kissing your lips. You reached into his bed side table grabbing a condom accidentally knocking things over.

Yoongi looked up arching his eyebrows. “Can you be quiet.” He teased with a smirk.

“I swear.” You threaten as you handed him the condom and he rolled it on.

You felt him brush his member against you core before pushing in. It didn’t take him long to quicken his speed making the pleasure take over. You pushed him over so you be on top taking control.

He smirked by your actions.

You rocked against him in a steady pace taking in the pleasure that you wanted desperately. You moaned as he weakened beneath you. He grabbed a hold of your hips trying to control himself.

You felt his warm juices spill, making you reach your climax. You felt dizzy from the quick exchange that you felt Yoongi grab your hand comfortably. “You okay?”

“Yeah.” You giggled. “You wear me out.” You fell to his side.

“I’m sorry.” He smiled. You loved his smile. It was beautiful.

Since everything that happened you thought deeply. What was this? Did he really want to be with you? Or was he another guy who just wanted sex?

You wanted to find out for sure.

“If your sister is going to be around….that means we can’t be…..close.” You almost spilled everything.

He lost his smile. “It’s not like she will be around me every second of the day.” You could already hear the annoyance in his voice. Little did he know.

“You’re right….sorry.”

He grabbed your hand bringing it to his lips. You were taken back by the romantic gesture. You felt butterflies from this side.

“I told you, I don’t care if she finds out….but I will only do it for you.”

You smiled.

You both heard his phone ringing once again. He groaned in annoyance. He got up grabbing his boxers in the process.

“It’s my mom?” You quickly got up yourself throwing on your clothes as he answered.

“I better take this.” He pursed his lips.

“It’s fine, I have school work to catch up on.” You kissed his cheek and he pouted understanding.

He grabbed his stuff and answered the phone on his way out.

Unfortunately you knew what that phone call was and you didn’t want to be near him when he finds out.


“Hello.” Yoongi answered the phone.

“Hey sweetie.” Yoongis mother greeted through the phone. “How are you?”

“Good.” Yoongi answered quietly.

“I know you’re probably busy but could you make time for a family dinner.” Yoongi mentally groaned but he didn’t want his mother to know that.


“Really? Thank you sweety…..Tavolo’s around 6.” Yoongi’s mother sounded excited.

“Okay.” Then they said their goodbyes.


As soon as Yoongi got to the restaurant he spotted his family immediately. The only surprise was that Jisoo was there. Why was she here? Why was he here? He thought.

“Min Yoongi, you came.” His mother jumped up hugging her son.

“Hi mom.” Yoongi had a soft spot for his mom. He loved the attention, even if he didn’t act like it.

Then his father got up shaking his hand. “Been a while since we’ve seen you.”

“I know.” He started to sit but Jisoo quickly hugged him.

“Hi Yoongi.” His sister greeted.

Yoongi just let Jisoo hug him but he didn’t respond. Then she sadly sat down next to him.

“So how’s work?” Yoongis mother asked.

“It’s fine.” He nodded.

“You still dating the girl you work with?”

Yoongi was taken back by his mothers question.

“No we broke up.”

“You two will work it out huh?” His mother knew of the on again off again relationship her son was in.

“Okay we called you both here because we feel like we’re drifting away as a family.” His mother wanted to get to the chase.

Yoongi arched his eyebrows confused.

“Look at you two, you’re not close anymore….Jisoo you may live with us but you never talk to us….and Yoongi you never come home anymore or even call.” His mom started to wipe the tears that brushed her cheeks.

“That’s why Jisoo will be moving in with you.”

“Sorry what?” Yoongi asked.

Jisoo already knew of her parents plan so she just sat there quietly.

“You heard me….you two need to build your relationship again.”

“And you think living together will change that….if anything it will make it worse.” Yoongi snapped.

“Please sweetie….Jisoo can’t live with us anymore…and It’s only temporary, until she can find her own place to live….teach her some responsibility to be on her own.”

So a life lesson?

Yoongi slouched in his chair nodding his head in approval.

“I promise, this will be good for you both.”


You were about to leave for your waitress job as you heard a faint knock at your door. You got up to answer it and as soon as you answered the door. Yoongi pushed you inside pinning you to your door.

He kissed you desperately and aggressively making your stomach turn with pleasure.

You gently pushed him off so you could get a breather.

“What’s with you?” You giggled.

“We need to hurry because I don’t know how much alone time we will get anymore.” He leaned down kissing your neck.

“What do you mean?” You had a little sense from what he was talking about but you wanted to be sure.

“My parents are making Jisoo move in with me.” He huffed annoyed.


“Because they want us to be close again and they thought they could use me to teach her some grown up responsibilities.”

You pursed your lips to try not to laugh. Jisoo was your typical college student, careless, irresponsible, and lazy.

“This isnt her fault….she loves you.”

“I know…I just wish she could grow up a little….on her own.”

You slipped out a giggle, not helping it. “You think this is funny?” Yoongi said playfully.

“Nope.” You bit your lip.

Yoongi leaned back in kissing you passionately. You could feel his arousal already through his jeans.

“We need to hurry.” He whispered.

You tugged down his pants buckle quickly as he pulled your left leg around his waist. You felt his member brush your underwear out of the way before quickly pushing in.

You moaned against his lips feeling him go deep. You had to hold onto his shoulders to remain steady.

Everything felt like it was going too fast. You could feel your pleasure building up but next thing you know you heard knocking on the door next door.

“Fuck shes here.” He groaned but not stopping.

“Yoongi?” You heard Jisoo knock.

You could feel him start to slow down. “Don’t stop.” You whispered.

He quickened his pace once again bringing that familiar feeling back.

“(Y/N)?” Then you heard the knock coming from right behind you.

“Hurry hurry.” You moaned quietly.

Then there it was, your orgasm hitting you like a truck. You felt limb against your door as you felt Yoongi release inside you.

“(Y/N)? You in there?”

You tried to steady your breathing as so Yoongi. He slid out of you so fast that you almost fell over without his support. He buckled his pants back up.

“What the fuck we do now?”

“Not be obvious that’s for sure.” You fixed your uniform then fixed his hair.

You opened the door and were met with a pacing Jisoo.

“Hey.” You greeted your friend.

“Didn’t you hear me?”

“No sorry, I was getting ready for work.”

Then she finally saw her brother. “What are you doing here? You knew I was coming.” She pointed to his apartment frustrated.

“(Y/N) needed my help with something.” He lied.

“Yeah….remember…..my cable broke again.” You pursed your lips.

“But you’re leaving for work?” Jisoo was trying to piece the puzzle together.

“Yeah but I thought I would catch him while he’s actually around.” You nervously laughed.

Jisoo still had evidence of confusion in her face.

“Come on let’s get you inside.” Yoongi pushed her to his apartment.

“See you later.” You started to leave.

“Whatever.” Yoongi grouched. At first you thought he was serious but the cute smile he was holding had you blushing.


As you were working you couldn’t get Yoongi out of your head once again, but this feeling was different.

You were falling for him and you knew it. You felt happy when he was around but how were you going to show those feelings with Jisoo in the way? You loved her and she was your best friend but if she found out, you knew she wouldn’t be happy.

But you felt like you couldn’t be happy if you had to hide from her.


When you woke up this morning you immediately went to make yourself some coffee.

“Boo!” You jumped almost dropping your fresh cup.

“Jisoo? What the fuck you doing here?”

“I know you get home at like 2am but you need to at least lock your door.” She laughed.

“Sick of your brothers place already?” You sat down on the couch throwing a blanket around you.

“No he was called into work.” That’s rare.

“So are you and my brother together?” You nearly choked on your coffee.

“No….why would you think that?” You nervously answered.

She looked at you hard. “But you’re dating someone right? And I figured because you two are always together it seems.”

“No and no.” You denied.

“Then explain that phone call.” She crossed her arms.

“I told you I was distracted by my show.” Jisoo had no change of expression, she knew you were lying.

“Okay, good then because I’m pretty sure that my brother is back with his ex anyway so I thought I warned you just in case.” She snipped. She got up and headed towards the door.

“See ya later.”

What the fuck has gotten into her?


Masterlist | Part 1

Mine - a Peter Parker/ Spiderman imagine

Woah two Tom Holland imagines in one day! Ya girl got a new obsession.

Originally posted by hardyness

“Hey Pete! It’s Y/N…but you already knew that because your phone probably said you had a voicemail from me… and like 20 texts…because thats how phones work… haha… Anyways I was just calling to see if you were still coming for our movie night tonight. You kinda bolted from school today and yesterday… aaaand the day before that so I haven’t really had the chance to make sure you were still on. Yeah, um call me or text me.” Y/N paced around the floor of her room, her had running through her hair as she stared at her phone after pressing the end call button. 

Y/N and Peter had been best friends since diapers. And Ned of course, but Y/N and Peter were inseparable. She plopped her self down on the edge of her bed, a heavy sigh escaping her lips and she glanced around her room, her eyes landing on a set of Photo Booth pictures of her and Peter each one more silly than the one before. She grinned as she picked them up, holing them gently in her fingers as though they would shatter under her touch. Things had been so different lately, her parents were constantly fighting and slamming doors and leaving and Peter had been seemingly avoiding her like the plague when she had needed him most. 

She pressed Ned’s name on her phone, hopping Peter was with him and that maybe he had just forgotten his phone or something. But to no avail, Ned was ignoring her also. She tossed her phone across the room with a groan. “I guess friend night is just for you and me now.” Y/N said to her dog who was curled up at the bottom of her bed before pressing play, turning the volume up to drown out the sounds of her parents screaming.

“Ned you can’t tell anyone.” Peter stared at his friend who already was beginning to lose his shit. Peters phone began to ring yet again in his pocket, he let it continue to ring while and New continued to talk. Ned phone began to ring only a moment later, the ringer specifically picked out for when Y/N called echoing In the room.

“Does Y/N know?” Ned asked and Peters eyes widened. He shook his head quickly. “No she doesnt. And she never will. After everything she has been through lately she can’t know that people try to kill me everyday. I’m pretty sure t would give her a heart attack.“Peter couldn’t bare the thought of hurting Y/N. She was his person, at least that’s what he liked to call her, if anything happened to her it would kill him. He already felt bad enough ignoring her and leaving her hanging so often but he couldn’t risk it. 

 Y/N leaned her head inside her locker, sniffling away the tears she had been crying all night and morning. Her dad had completely abandoned her and her mom. Packed everything and left them screaming nonsense. Her mom couldn’t handle it and left Y/N to go drink and didn’t return home. She had tried to reach out to Peter and of course was sent directly to voicemail. Y/N reached her hands up, forcefully rubbing them over her tear stained face. With a deep breath she slammed her locker shut. Peter and Ned stood on the other side of the door both with cheesy grins plastered on their faces. The grins quickly fell as they saw how Y/N looked, no makeup which never happened, puffy red eyes, tear stained cheeks and stain covered baggy sweatshirt drowning her already small frame.

“Y/N.. you look..” Peter stared.

“Awful.” Ned finished. Y/N rolled her eyes shoving past the two, hitting them both with her shoulders. 

“Definitely the way to any girls heart. Tell her she looks awful.” MJ leaned against the wall near them staring as though she had been there the whole time. The two looked at her for a moment before quickly turning to go and catch up with Y/N.

“Y/N waits whats wrong?”  Peter ran quickly and grabbed her hand, pulling her into an empty classroom and shutting the door before Ned could come in. He had a feeling this was something just the two of them needed to talk about. Y/N stared ahead at the empty chairs, not turning to Peter who stood behind her. Tears threatened her eyes once more and she took in a shaky breath. “please… you can tell me anything… Its me." 

 Y/N let out a sad and sarcastic laugh. She could feel her anger building up inside of her the closer Peter got to her. She turned on her heel and looked him in the eye. "Anything? I can’t tell you jack shit! You haven’t been here for weeks Peter! You bolt the second the final bell rings and when I talk to you during school you are always staring at the clock or your phone." 

 "Y/N I can explain! It’s the internship I- I have been waiting for a really big call and it takes up all my time!” Peter begged. But Y/N just shook her head an annoyed smile plastered on her lips honestly scaring Peter. “I thought you were happy about me having the internship!”

 "Would you just shut up about that stupid Internship!!“ Y/N screamed, Peter stepping back slightly. ” you aren’t listening to a word I say! I can’t tell you anything because you don’t listen! If you actually cared you would have actually listened to me and been there for me when I needed you Pete! And I fucking needed you. If you even cared a little bit you would have been there. But you weren’t, so clearly you don’t. You have completely shut me out Peter. If you want to end it and not be my friend any more please just end it instead of dragging me along like this because I can’t take it anymore.“ Y/N wasn’t even trying to hold back her tears at this point.

“Y/N… Please…” He reached out to her, they were standing so close yet they had never felt so far apart. 

“No Peter. If you won’t do it then I will. Don’t talk to me ever again, its the least you can do.” She sniffled, wiping her tears away before walking out of the room, walking past Ned and MJ and walking straight out the school doors. Peter stood frozen in his spot, silent tears slipping down his cheek as he stared at the empty space where his best friend and the love of his life had been standing just moments before. He was at a loss of words, the only sound filling the room was that of his heart breaking. He was so worried about hurting Y/N because of being Spiderman that he didn’t realize how much he himself had been hurting her. 

Peter sat on the rough of the apartment building across from Y/N’s home, he could see the window he had snuck into countless of times before to Y/N’s room, the flickering of a candle as the only light coming from the room. Her curtains blew slightly in from the light breeze that was blowing through her wide open window. He hadn’t seen or heard from Y/N the rest of the day no matter how many times he called her and looked around the city for her. He ripped his mask from his face feeling suffocated suddenly. He let so stupid for being so blind to how she had been feeling. Its not like she didn’t reach out to him, he was just so caught up in everything that he flat out ignored it. He could hear her mom yelling something at Y/N from where he was sat followed by a loud slam and her mom storming out of the townhouse with a large packed bag. This was his chance, slipping his mask back on he slung his web to attach to her roof, swinging down to land outside of her window.

“Fuck you too mom.” Y/N spoke with no emotion as she closed the door to her room, leaning against it and letting her body slide down it to be sitting on the floor in front of it.

“Now thats no way to talk to your mom.” Y/N’s gaze shut up as she stood quickly, Her eyes grew wide as she stared at The Spider-Man standing in the middle of her room. “Now I know what your thinking and no I’m not here to put you in jail or anything for using that language. I had heard from my pal Peter through the Stark Internship that his best friend Y/N was having a tough time and that he was a complete dumb ass. I figured I would come and try to patch things up. I hear you are a fairly big fan of me.” He stepped closer to her as she stood still, her mouth dropping open in disbelief. “Close your mouth sweetheart,  it would be a shame if a bug hereto fly in here.” He laughed slightly as he reached his finger up to gently lift her jaw and caress her cheek for a moment. 

“This can’t be real life.” Y/N shook her head quickly, pacing slightly in front of him. “I must be dreaming. Or I finally died, jeez that was a bit morbid…” Peter chuckled in front of her and her attention was drawn back to Spider-Man again. A small smile on her lips.

“What?” He asked as she stared at him.

“Oh nothing, you just..  your giggle sounds a lot like Peter’s. I love his little laugh.” She smiled as she bit her lip, thinking of all the times she had heard him let out his stupid little giggle. 

“Sounds like you love a lot more than his laugh.” Spiderman pushed stepping close to her once more.

“What? I mean- oh hell this is all a dream anyways so I might as well just say it. Yeah I love everything about Peter. I love him more than anyone or anything in this world. Thats why it hurt so much. Because no matter how much I say I hate him or how much he hurt me,I will always love him. I know he was just so caught up in the amazing Internship he got. I mean its his future, And I know how much it means to him. I know I was just being selfish. I think I will always be in love with him.” Y/N sighed as she sat on the edge her bed, playing with her chipped paint on her finger nails.

“Well… I know how hard it was for you to tell me that secret. Can I let you in on my own big secret before I give you some advice on what you just said?” Peter was trying his hardest to not stumble over his words, he knew what he said didn’t make the most sense but the love of his life just admitted she loved him too. Y/N glanced up at him her eyes shining with tears. 

“Go for it.” Peter took a deep breath as he reached his hand up, grabbing the top of his mask and pulling it off. Y/N’s eyes looked as if they were about to pop out of her face as she stood up and looked at Peter who had a small smirk on his lips. 

“I’ll always be in love with you too.” Peter said as he closed the distance between the two, pulling Y/N against him and connecting their lips in a passionate kiss. The two finally pulled away as Y/N continued to stare at him her brain unable to think of anything to say.

“This is why I have been so distant, I couldn’t risk you getting hurt from knowing but I was so caught up in that that I didn’t see how badly I was actually hurting you.” Peter admitted. Y/N reached up and punched him on the shoulder with all her strength. He jerked back slightly, his arm reaching up to nurse the light ache.

“Thats for being an asshole.” Y/N said sternly. She reached up again, Peter flinching and closing his eyes only to be pleasantly surprised when Y/N was kissing him once more.

“What was that one for?” 

“Thats for being my asshole.”

so I showed my mom black butler characters

What do you think happened to him?
uhh… he doesnt look happy. something bad.
what do you think his name is?
…orca. because he’s blue.
his name is actually ciel, his name means sky in French.
that’s nice!!
his parents where killed in a fire, and he and his brother where captured and sold to a cult, then they used his brother as a sacrifice.
gasps that’s awful!!

this is his butler. what do you think about him.
is he his father figure? he must be if he’s protecting ciel.
…in a way. what do you think his name is.
….his name is actually sebastian, and he is the demon that ciel summoned.
gasp what!?
ciel uses his power to find out who killed his parents, and when he does Sebastian gets his soul.
wow.. such a price to pay.

this is mey-rin. what do you think about her.
…she must be the demons side kick.
nope. no one knows he’s a demon. she actually has super good sight and doesnt need a scope when she shoots
so she’s like… bad ass.

what do you think his name is.
… humfry.
…his name is baldroy, and he is an american soldier.
really? thats cool, so he’s like a body guard for ciel?
yes, in a way.

what do you think about him?
he looks good and pure… im probably wrong.
…in a way, his name is finny and he was tested on by germans.
gasps really!? thats awful!

what do you think her name is.
… is it milly?
her name is actually sieglinde, she is from germany and her mother binded her feet and made her think of a huge fictional world as reality.
….some parents are awful. did ciel kill them?

what do you think about her?
are her and the other girl related?
nope, but they are friends.
ok, is her name…. lilly?
no, her name is elizabeth, and what do you think about her?
… she likes pink, and she is one of those girly girls.
shows her lizzy sword fighting what do you think of her now?
she hid that side because she thought he wouldnt like her, but im guessing this made him like her a whole lot more.

ok.. what do you think his name is?
……….his name is actually tanaka. he was ciel’s dad’s butler.

what do you think his name is?
is he a friend of ciel’s?
laughs NO! not at all, they hate each other.
…hmm… his name iiiiiisssss…. fred.
…his name is actually alois.
oh, i was way off. how do you expect me to think that?
well, he had a little brother named luka, and they where part of a village that bullied them so luka summoned a demon, to destroy the village.
…poor alois..
i guess, but, she actually grew fond of alois and started to take care of him. then he summoned another demon.
what!? why!? he already had another one!!
he wanted to capture ciel or something, its unclear because the writers are bad.

what do you think about him?
is he ciel’s father?
laughs no.
his long lost brother?
laughs more no!
…. ok, his name is Alfred.
his name is claude, and he killed alois. he was the demon he summoned.
what!? thats so rude!!
yeah everyone hates him because of that.

ok, what do you think about him?
is he another demon?
no. there are things called grim reapers.
ooooh… silver.
… his name is actually undertaker.

ok, what about him.
his name is billy and he takes selfies.
…close i guess, his name is ronald and he’s another reaper.
i thought he was a demon..

ok, what about her?
is she a demon? she must be the one that protected alois.
..no. she is another reaper.
ok, her name iss… rose.
her name is actually grell, and she is trans.
.. whisperes i like my name better.

Ok. last one, what do you think his name is.
….is he a demon?
no. he is another reaper.
rolls her eyes of course.
anyways, what do you think his name is?
his name is.. uhh… hm… his name iss…. Alfred.
….. his name is william.
people become reapers when they kill themselves.
this story is dark, but if your into that…

Bluberry drawn for an AT

Can we take a moment here and talk about this scene ?

Tormund said “are you talking about the dragon queen or the one who fucks her brother?”

I think it’s just interesting to note that Jon is definetely not laughing (when he was just laughing about Tormund having a crush on Brienne s’il vous plaît), he’s side eyeing Gendry - who is laughing - and also they both look at Davos as if he’s got something to say. Jon watches Davos reaction I think. 

Because in my opinion it feels like Davos suspect something between Jon/Sansa and Jon might “know” it, maybe that’s why he watched Davos’ reaction? (as if he’d say something back and maybe imply how wrong it is ? idk man, I feel like Davos would totally be against their relationship.) 

Dirty Dancing


Summery: Dance practice turned steamy is probably the best way for you to end your day

W/C: 2570

You moved from America to Korea thanks to your dance abilities. You had been doing what ever it was you could to become a professional dancer and when the all girl group Red Velvet called upon you for your assistance to ‘Americanize’ their dancing you couldn’t help but chuckle and happily accept their offer to fly you out. You knew by the term 'Americanize’ and watching the girls perform that this term was just a nice way of them asking you to teach the girls how to look sexier in their dancing. You didnt mind though, sexy was your specialty.

You had been working with the girls for weeks now and found yourself loving their company. They were so sweet and worked so hard that by the time you got home and kicked off your shoes you held no grudges against how tired you were; this was your dream.

Word spread that a new professional dancer was helping Red Velvet out and soon your 9 to 5 days were turned into 6 to 12 with all the extra lessons you had been giving. Your favorite, aside form Red Velvet of course, was the boy band BTS. Though their members varied in ability they took every pointer you had with stride and did their hardest to work to improve, even when you weren’t there yelling at them to step on a certain count.

Within this group you spent the most time with Jimin, why you had no idea. He was definitely one of the more talented dancers of the group and picked up the choreography extremely fast. But still you found yourself meeting up with him and two of the other boys at 8 and even when the others left at 10 you were still working with him till midnight almost every day of the week. You kicked it off with him right away and would be stupid to not admit half the reason you enjoyed working with him so much had partly to do with how gorgeous he was, both inside and out. Tonight was different, though. Hoseok and Jungkook had stayed behind basically begging you to finally perform a dance they had seen you do a month before moving to South Korea.

“Guys I don’t think thats a good idea.” You laughed shaking your head as you remembered the dirty choreography.

“Oh common, we’ve already watched you do it on youtube, why can’t you do it now?” Hoseok said as the three of them sat against the glass staring up at you.

“Yeah, and then when your done you can teach it to us and we can do it.” Jung kook said smiling up to you.

Biting your lip you raised your hands to stop the boys from talking over you and agreed, mainly because you wanted to see these three rolling around and twerking on the floor.

“Fine, but you can’t act weird.” You said pointing a finger at each of themas you fixed the large cut up tee you were wearing over your dance spanks. When they all agreed you pulled the song 'Privacy’ by Chris Brown up and walked to the opposite wall.

You took a deep breath before nodding to Hoseok to press play and when the right part came on you started your strut forward, making sure you popped your hips with every step you took. This room was alot smaller than the floor you originally danced this on and you soon found yourself extremely close to the boys as you dipped down from your kneeling position and flicked your butt in the proper motion. Your eyes met Jimin’s as you did this and for half a second you almost forgot your next step. You saved yourself by improvising and twirling on one of your kneepads and swinging your left leg around until you landed in the splits catching back up to the beat, Smiling as you realized how close your long leg was to where Jimin sat with open knees. You dipped and rolled again landing in another set of splits before rolling once more to twerk on the beat again.

Finishing you stood up and covered your face with your hands as the boys clapped and stood.

“Y/n, I don’t think I can do the whole.. You know.” Jungkook said spreading his legs as far as they could to indicate a split.

“Thats okay, theres different choreography. I kind messed up a little” You said still red in the cheeks which was caused by the dark look Jimin was giving you.

“What if we made it a pairs dance? Jimin, you have experience in pairs right?” Hoseok said leaning forward to look at Jimin.

When the two of you agreed You took your place infront of Jimin and shuttered at the feeling of his hand on your hip as you waited for Hoseok to play the song. This was the first time you were running it through after the boys helped you add a more masculine part to the dance and you couldn’t help but blush at how dirty it was, and coming from you that was saying something.

The two of you stepped and then double stepped twice together when the time in the song came and your couldn’t help but only focus on the feeling of Jimin behind you. To make it even worse, as you snaked your body to the side and placed your hands on your knee as you popped your hip the feeling of Jimin’s crotch hitting your body as he mimicked your move and thrusted forward sent a chill up your spine. You let him spin you twice before catching your back and dipped you till you were left in a back bend where you kicked over to land in the splits once more, twerking for two beats as Jimin stepped around you.

You took his hand as he pulled your body back up and stuck his leg between yours as you ground upon his thigh till the two of you were kneeling on the floor and as you dipped your body again so your cheek was now pressed to the floor
 you rose your behind to snap it you watched as Jimin rolled his body beside you, not taking his eyes off of your exposed skin. The next move was worse as you followed the original choreography and laid on your side to Lift your leg so your knee was by your ear. You almost forgot that Jimins part was to hold your leg up while hovering over your body so when his hands wrapped around your ankle you forgot to finish the move out.

“Alright!” Hoseok clapped as the dance finished and Jimin held a hand out to help you rise from the ground. The touch of his fingers once again making you forget about the other two boys.

You went home that night flustered and not quite sure what to do with yourself. You found yourself on the couch freshly showered with a smoothie in your hand watching and rewatching the video the boys were talking about when they brought up dancing for them, Jimin and his touch still very much in the front of your mind. There was a knock on your door and without looking up, or even thinking you called out.

“Its open!”

You took another sip expecting to see one of the Red Velvet girls as you had been placed in the same dorm building as them, but as Jimin walked into the apartment and stood in front of the coffee table you choked on a strawberry seed.

“What are you doing here?” You said suddenly becoming very selfconcious with your choice of pjs; an old sports bra and your class of 2014 highschool sweatpants. You watched as Jimin looked at you with the same look he had when you first danced for him, pure lust and you felt yourself fighting the urge to look at his lips, so you bit yours instead. You waited for him to say something but he seemed just as lost for words as you felt. The stare down became unbearable so you shifted so now both your feet were on the hardwood floor.

“Jimin?” You breathed he still hasn’t said one word. You watched as he finally looked away from you, obviously having a battle within himself before his eyes set back on yours and he moved from behind the coffee table and lent down with his arms straddling your body.

You couldn’t take it anymore and finally let your eyes move down to his lips, causing you to see something that make you smiled. In his bent over position his loose shirt fell forward so you could see straight down it. You but your lip and let your eyes gaze down his now slightly exposed chest. Not being able to help yourself as you took two fistfuls of his shirt and looked back up to meet his gaze. He chuckled and bit his lip before leaning down till your lips were barley apart. He hovered there, trying to make sure that this was okay for you, but it more than was. You were the one to close the space between the two of you by letting go of his shirt with one hand and hooking it behind his neck.

The kiss was heavy and needy between the two of you. With all the sexual tension that had been building up between you two the past few weeks you were surprised this didn’t happen sooner. His hands had traveled up so his palms rested against your cheeks while his fingers hooked around your neck holding you in places. Without him even needing to ask you let him slip his tongue into your mouth, giving up the fight to control him sooner than you wanted to. It just felt so good to have him powering over you. Frantic hands reached down to his shirt and in one swift motion you were tossing it over the back of the couch, now eyeing your new candy. The kiss picked back up and you couldn’t help yourself when you started to run your hands all over his chest, making sure not one inch of skin was left untouched. This included all the way down to the hem of his pants, where his member was already filling any wiggle room he had to spare. This make you gasp into the kiss, the need for him now was stronger than ever. He took your hint and sat next to you to encourage you to swing a leg over him. You tugged at his hair making his head snap back as you started to grind on his lap, letting your dancer hips control his new found stimulation. With his hands now tracing up your bare back and his fingers intertwining with the many crossing straps of your bra he sat up giving him your open neck to trail kisses down. He found your sweet spot to be right in the crevice between your collarbones and your breath hitched. You felt him smile against your skin  as he nipped and sucked at your quick to mark skin. Groaning you tugged his hair again so you could press your face to his. Pressure pulling at your shoulders told you he was tugging at your bra, which you quickly let him take off of you before he laid you down on your back. You reached forward confidently as and started to palm his member through his jeans while he kissed you feverishly once more. You decided to take this part slow, palming him than stoping to unbutton, than palming just to stop and unzip. It got tot he point where he growled and sat up to take his pants and boxers off before ripping yours form underneath you. He didn’t take a second to pause and look at you, his lips needed yours too badly so as he crawled back over you and lent down to kiss you couldn’t help but groan at the feint feeling of his member against your slit. You started to raise your hips up and down again just to feel him close to you. To try and get him to touch you. He bit your bottom lip and smiled a mischievous smile as he let his fingers travel down your body till he hit your core. You gasped at his touch now grinding your hips to mimic the movement of his fingers. He entered you and started to pump, his lips finally leaving yours so he could take one of your breasts into his mouth where his skilled tongue flicked and sucked on and around your over sensitive nipples. You bit back a moan and tried to reach for his member but it was just out of grasp.

“Jimin.” You said in a husky voice through a shutter

“Tell me what you want.” He said, his hot breath against your wet nipple causing a shiver down your spine as it became even more erect than it was before.

“Fuck me.” You barley breathed, the sensation of his fingers starting to drive you to your favorite feeling.

“I can’t hear you.” He said slowing down his pumping on purpose.

“Dear God just fuck me!” You said a lot louder than you intended.

He chuckled again before kissing his way back up to your mouth. You felt him line himself up with your opening and you groaned, this teasing was too much. Once aligned he started to press his tip into you slowly causing you to break out of the kiss so you could moan into his shoulder. You were surprised just how much of you he took up. You started to roll your hips against him as he teased you by staying still. He cussed at your movement and instantly picked up to a speed you weren’t fully ready for, but still you let a cry out in pleasure as you started to fit to him. He crashed his lips to yours once again but the kiss was sloppy between shaky breaths and moaning from the both of you. His pumps became staggered and rough as he reached down to rub your clit. With every pump you felt yourself getting closer the edge and you knew he was right there behind you. His forehead was pressed to yours and you grabbed tighter to his now dampening hair trying to hold yourself still but with your orgasm was this close to spilling over your back arched and you pressed yourself up into Jimins chest to the point where he had to hold you down. The moment his free hand grabbed onto your hips was the moment you came. And you came hard. He rode out your high until his came and he quickly pulled out and gasped when you pushed him to his back so you could finish him off with your mouth. His hand found your hair and knotted it around his fist as you bobbed your head against his bucking hips. You heard him cuss your name before groaning once more and releasing into your mouth. You swallowed before he could even let go of your hair. Sitting up you looked up to see him staring at you with lidded eyes and goofy grin. You reached your smoothie and took the straw between your lips to tease him with a wink. A wink that made him grab your hand and pull you into your open bedroom for another round before the two of you passed out in each other’s arms from exhaustion.

ephemeral--ingenue  asked:

Just because I'm an employee and you're a customer doesn't mean I'm going to agree with everything you say because you think I'll get in trouble if I don't. So shout out to the asshole teenager who tried laughing with me that he and his friend hate fidget spinners so much that his friend lights them on fire and throws them at people and then looked shocked that I replied with "that's awful why are you friends with them?!" I'm not going to validate your shittiness because I have to be nice to you

Paint || Jason Blossom

A/N: So sorry this took so long and I went inactive again but my birthday just passed so I was busy! I don’t know if I like this but the request was really good and I loved the idea of Jason asking you to paint him! I hope you guys enjoy and feel free to request more!

Warnings: Swearing ( as always )

Words with quotes and italics like ‘this’ are either thoughts, or text messages.


The first time he saw you was when you were painting. He vividly remembered walking around the school, seeing you painting by a tree outside, it became the very first thing he thought of when he remembered you.

The second time was a day later, when he realized you were in a few of his classes. He notices the quiet (H/C) figure in the back now, unlike before. Something strange was felt whenever his gaze wandered to you after that.

It was a strange feeling, weighing him down and making him feel light all at once, it scared him at times. Naturally he hid any of this from his family and friends, continuing to be the obnoxious Jason Blossom everyone knew.

Very quickly he began to see you everywhere, not just in his classes. It was almost as if you were always where he was, most of the time painting, but there were moments where you didn’t have your equipment with you, and seemed to be listening to music.

His feelings became more prominent every single time he saw you. He began noticing small details about you, small little details that wouldn’t matter to the average person, but for some reason meant the world to him.

For a month Jason would gaze at you from afar, luckily not being noticed by you or anyone else. After the first month he wasn’t as worried about getting caught, and became less cautious during the moments he spent glancing your way.

The second month you finally noticed him looking at you, immediately giving him an odd look and walking away from your spot. That night Jason almost caused a dent in his car after scolding himself for being so stupid and careless.

Jason had thought he scared you off, surely you would tell people that the notorious Jason Blossom had been caught staring at her. To his surprise however, nobody said a word about it, and you continued going to the same spots you went to as if none of it happened.

Once the third month rolled around Jason started seeing you at his football games, sometimes he swore he saw you looking at him. His feelings grew even stronger and he didn’t understand why he suddenly felt the way he did.

He began considering speaking to you privately, one of the main things preventing him from doing so was his reputation. If he was seen in a serious relationship with you, his ‘friends’ on the football team would surely ruin it for the both of you, not only harassing you but probably going after Jason once they realized it was serious.

The fourth month was frustrating, he had walked out after deciding to speak to you privately when he noticed you at your usual spot, painting. The one problem was who you were painting, Jughead Jones sat there, one leg folded so his knee was against his chest, one splayed out infront of him.

He saw you laugh at something the raven-haired boy said, and he stopped walking altogether. He stared at you both, turning away after a moment to avoid being spotted by someone.

Unfortunately for him, his twin sister had been observing him the entire time. The redhead walked up to Jason with a smirk, “Well, well, well. Jason Blossom has a girl he actually likes this time?” she said, a hint of excitement in her words.

Jason shook his head quickly, but Cheryl was having none of it. She dragged him off and began speaking rapidly, “Not a lot of people know too much about her since she is pretty introverted. She’s only really close with Jones over there.” she said, glancing in your direction.

Jason sighed, shaking his head as he began to think that his chance was gone. Cheryl grabbed his shoulder and forced him to look at her, “I don’t think they’re together JJ, step up your game and talk to her.” she muttered, smiling at him kindly before walking off.

The fifth month Jason decided to talk to you, it took him so long and he decided it as worth an attempt. He saw you at Pop’s when he decided to do it, it was perfect, a small empty diner where nobody would know that it happened.

He stepped inside, slowly walking to where you were sitting, eating a burger and staring out the window. As he walked over he felt all of his confidence leaving him, ‘why the hell is this happening right now? This isn’t supposed to happen’ he thought to himself as he trudged forward, getting closer and closer to you.

It seemed like hours until he reached your booth, and it seemed like years before you looked over at him, although it was only seconds. Your eyes widened a bit, “If you don’t mind me asking, what is the notorious Jason Blossom doing at my booth?” she asked.

He knew she wasn’t being rude by the tone in her voice, it was light, not annoyed. Jason gave a quick small smile, “Uh- can I sit, please?” he asked quickly, the words rushed and stuttered out.

When he got a nod in response he sighed, relieved that he hadn’t been rejected, ‘yet’ he thought. You sat up and looked him in the eyes, giving him a look as you waited for him to speak.

Jason ran a hand through his hair, “Can you- uh can you paint me?” he asked, immediately regretting what he had said, ‘idiot! You asked her to paint you? What were you thi-’ “I suppose thats fine” you laughed, cutting off his thoughts.

Jason looked at you wide-eyed, “Trust me it’s not as weird as you think, I’ve been asked before. Usually I do the asking though” you responded, seeing the confused look on his face.

Jason nodded to himself, still distracted by the fact that it worked. He was interrupted again by you, “Actually you were someone who I’ve wanted to paint for a while, you have some quality about you, Jason. Not sure what or why, but you have something” you muttered in thought.

Jason smiled to himself, cheeks warm. There was a minute of calm silence before you spoke up again, “Blushing a bit there Jason? You are not what I expected, being all kind and flustered suits you” you said, laughing at his reaction as his eyes widened and he choked on his own air.

You looked outside and quickly stood up, “I have to get going, but meet me tomorrow around 2, also, the name’s (Y/N). See you soon Jason!” you exclaimed, running out of the diner. Jason sat with his head in his hands just smiling to himself, “You aren’t the typical Blossom, huh kid?” Pop said, scaring Jason.

Jason just looked at Pop, who smiled and shook his head, “Have fun, kid” he said, walking back into the kitchen. Jason stood up, running out of the diner to his house, spending the entire night thinking about the day that was about to come.

When it was one thirty, Jason began getting fidgety, and when he saw you approaching him at two, his heart almost stopped, your name which he had only learned yesterday, began ringing in his head. You had decided to meet in the forest, near Sweetwater River.

You walked over with all of your equipment, setting it up as you began speaking, “Alright, do whatever you want and lets talk” you muttered, focused on setting up your equipment.

Jason looked at you curiously, “Shouldn’t you- uh tell me what to do?” he asked, making you pause. Looking over at him, you began to speak again, “That feels too forced. Jason I want you to get comfortable in whatever position you want, wherever you want. We’re just gonna talk while I work, It’ll be nice.” you said, smiling at him kindly.

Jason smiled, looking down at his all white outfit. He sat on the ground, leaning against a large rock nearby, facing you. Both of his legs were splayed out infront of him and his head was tilted upwards slightly, facing to the right.

He didn’t care about getting his white clothing dirty, his hands rested almost in between his legs, relaxed. His eyes closed for a moment as you began speaking again, “You look great Jason, now we can talk” you said lightly, sitting down in front of him as he opened his eyes again.

The next hours were spent talking about your lives, Jason talked about how demanding his family was and his reputation. You talked about your lack of communication with your family since they were always busy, explaining that it was how you began painting.

By the end of it neither of you wanted to go, “I’m almost done the painting, we should do this again soon” you muttered sadly, finishing the details on the piece of art.

Jason nodded, and just as he was about to speak he was interrupted by a shout, “I’m done!” you exclaimed, showing him the painting that you spent the past few hours on.

Jason was in awe, right in front of him was a beautiful painting, him leaning against a rock with his eyes closed and a peaceful smile on his face. The  painting was so pleasant to look at and Jason had never seen anything as beautiful.

It was almost as if the painting gave off a feeling of serenity, Jason had never seen himself so calm- and happy. Jason felt the sting of tears and furiously rubbed at his face as you looked at him with concern.

You quickly spoke up, “Uh- I didn’t know it was that bad” you tried to joke, but Jason just shook his head. He looked at you with something you never saw in his eyes, and you felt something inside of you grow.

Jason began speaking softly, “I’m so used to just being told how to act and look. Most people see me as ‘Jason Blossom, the rich bitch’ but you- you just treat me like any other person and let me make choices and I don’t know why that affects me so much. It’s beautiful and I can’t believe you spent time and effort- your time and effort to make something so amazing for- for me” he mumbled.

You immediately reached out and hugged him, the painting forgotten for a moment, “(Y/N), I’ve been feeling something for you for so- so long and it scares me, I don’t know what it is but-” Jason was cut off with a kiss.

Everything stopped except for the tears that had continued to run down his face, and Jason hugged you, he clutched on to you like you were the only thing left keeping him alive.

You hugged him just as hard, stuffing your face into his shoulder. You pulled away and grabbed his face as he smiled, “You deserve so much Jason, you’re just a broken boy and I will devote my life to putting you back together.” you mumbled.

Jason laughed as he stood up, looking up at the sky as the wind began to pick up. Tears of pure joy ran down his face faster as he picked you up and spun you around, both of you laughing harder.

He picked up the painting, hugging it to his chest, and that night the both of you couldn’t sleep, because you both finally had something- someone, to keep you grounded, to keep you safe.

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