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Tristan - Exchange

“What the-” you said as you opened up the luggage.
“This isn’t my stuff!”
You sighed and looked through the stuff in the bag to see if you could find a name or adress.
In the en you found a name tag.
Tristan Evans.
“Ok, Tristan. Where are you?” You said to yourself as you serched the bag.
Thats when you realized you only had like two outfits with you. Everything else was in your bag. “Christ, what the hell am I gonna wear now? You said.
Finnaly you found a phone number.
You took out your phone and called the number it said.
“Hello?” He said. He was British.
“Hi um, is this Tristan Evans?”
“Uh, yes. Who is this?”
“My name is Y/N, I think we might have confused our bags at the airport, because I took yours by accident.”
“Oh! Yes! I have yours. Y/N right? I couldn’t find any phone number, I was hoping you would”
“Great! So… please don’t tell me that you’re like on the other side of the world…”
“Im in America, in the US”
“Really?! Great! Me too!”
You both spoke for a while and you coordinated a place to meet. He was in a hotel, not far from yours.
You sat in a couch in the lobby of his hotel, waiting.
You felt someone tap on your shoulder.
You turned around, he was tall. You blushed a little because he was smirking at you.
“Yeah, thats me.” You mummbled.
“I’m sorry for all the confusion, but anyways, here’s your bag” he said as he handed it to you.
You reached for his bag and handed it to him.
“God, finnaly!” You said as you recieves your stuff.
“I’ve been wearing the same thing for so long! I had like, no clothes, thank god.” You said and he laughed.
“Yeah me too, one of my bandmates lent me these clothes, I didn’t have anything either”
“Oh, I’m in a band, called The Vamps”
“Oh! The Vamps! Yeah I’ve heard of you! That’s so cool.”
He was smiling at you.
You blushed once again.
“Ok, well thanks for everything” you said picking up your stuff.
“Sure thing, thanks too”
You smiled.
As you where leaving he stopped you.
“Hey, you still have my number right?”
Note: smooth AF😂. Short fic, hope you liked it.

How you meet:
  • How you meet:
  • TRISTAN- You were walking down the street with your headphones in loud. You were scrolling through your songs when suddenly you felt a bump and found yourself on the floor.
  • "Omg I'm so sorry are you okay" The tall blonde boy said to you. He held out his hand and pulled you up.
  • You brushed yourself off and paused the music.
  • "Are you okay, im so sorry I should've been more careful"
  • "I'm fine" you replied.
  • The boy smiled and stared into your eyes. "You sure are" He bit his lip and stroked your arm.
  • "Okay then... well erm thanks BYE" You said quickly playing with your hair awkwardly. "Erm... yeah" You added and quickly walked away. You were never good in social sitations. But throughout the day you couldn't help but think about him. He had the most amazing eyes that you could stare at all day. And he seemed nice and... flirty. You knew that you would be bored if you went back home so you decided to browse around town for a while. Your mum then called and told you that she had to stay in work for a while longer. When you eventually hung up, you were unsure of where to go next. You started walking but then decided you would walk the other way. As you turned around, you bumped into someone.
  • "Sorry" you mumbled.
  • "It's okay... wait... it's you" he said, making it sound more like a question.
  • "Erm, yep it's... it's me" you replied sarcastically, causing him to laugh.
  • "Well, this is what I'd call fate" the boy said.
  • "I don't even know your name" you said blankly.
  • "Tristan" he said smirking, sticking out his hand.
  • "(Y/n)" you replied half-smiling and shaking his hand.
  • "Well (y/n), I would like to take you out for coffee" Tristan said
  • "I don't drink coffee" You said. You seemed to be doing pretty well, playing hard to get. 'Well done' you thought to yourself.
  • Tristan chuckled "Well then, you choose where, I'm fine as long as I'm with you" He was flirting again, not that you were complaining.
  • "You don't even know me" you pointed your head to the floor but still looked up at him.
  • "That's why I'm asking you out. Besides, I know that your name's (y/n), you're clumsy" at this point you both laughed, "you're very beautiful and you play hard to get" he finished.
  • "And I know that your name's Tristan, you like bumping into people, and you flirt with girls you don't know" You said sarcastically.
  • "I know I don't know you, but I'd like to" He said with a smirk, making you suspicious, and you were sure those words were familiar.
  • "I'll think about it" you said. Tristan then grabbed your phone.
  • "Um excuse me what do you think you're doing" you asked.
  • "I'm adding my number, so when you've finished thinking about it, you can call me" e said as if there was nothing wrong with it. "Passcode" he added, obviously not being able to unlock your phone.
  • "Yes well done Tristan" you said sarcatically.
  • "Just type it in" he gave you your phone, laughing. You typed in your password and gave it back to him to add his number. He then took a selfie and added it to his number. He gave you back your phone, pulled out his and started taking a photo of you. You instantly out your hands infront of your face, but he pulled them down again. You flashed a quick cheesy smile and he laughed.
  • "I like you" he stated.
  • You simply replied "That's nice" and friendly punched his arm. "Bye bye now" and you walked away.
  • "Dont forget to call me" you hear him shout after you. You turned round to face him and carried on walking backwards. "I'll try my best" you replied sarcastically.
  • CONNOR- It was 3 months ago that your crazy old next door neighbour moved out and today was the day when you hot your new neighbours. You heard a bug truck pull up and rushed to the window to see who it was. Four very familiar boys walked out with a box each and walked up to the door. It was The Vamps. The Vamps. The frickin Vamps are your new neighbours. "OH MY GOOOOOD" you screamed to yourself to get all of your inner fan-girl out of the way. You checked that you looked decent and rushed outside.
  • "Do you need any help" You asked walking up to Connor who dropped his box imediately.
  • "H- Hi, I'm Connor" He said, looking stunned. You looked down to his hand that he had out for you to shake. But you went in for a hug. As soon as you did Connor seemed more relaxed.
  • "Oooooh Connors got a girlfrieend" You turned around to see Brad, James and Tristan chanting.
  • Connor went red and punched Tristans arm which started up a whole thing of punching eachother.
  • "Oooiiii stop it they were just teasing" you said trying hard not to laugh. They all stopped and turned to look at you.
  • "I'm (y/n) by the way, I live next door"
  • "Next door?" Connor exclaimed, which caused James, Tristan and Brad to burst out laughing.
  • "Well looks like Connor fancies you (y/n)" Brad smirked. You went red and so did Connor.
  • "Awww" They said and starting singing 'Love Is In The Air'.
  • "Shutuup" Connor mumbled.
  • You grabbed a box "Where do you want me to put this" You asked them, changing the subject.
  • "Oh just put it somewhere inside babe" Brad winked at you.
  • "Don't call her babe" Connor said with a sturn look on his face
  • "What if I wanna call her babe" he replied stepping closer.
  • "Because it's not like your going out! You're just trying to make me jealous." Connors voice was getting louder.
  • "Oh and why would you get jealous"
  • "BECAUSE I LIKE HER" Connor shouted and stormed off down the street. You ran after him and punched Brad in the arm, making him laugh.
  • "Hey" you said when you caught up with Connor, but he just ignored you. "They were only joking" you added. Connor stopped in his tracks so quickly that you almost bumped into him. "I wasn't" He said and looked at you.
  • "Well trust me I like you too" You added. Connor leaned in and gently kissed you.
  • JAMES- Today you were going to a Taylor Swift concert and The Vamps were supporting and you just arrived at the O2 with your best friend, Lucy. You found your seats (which were probably the furthest away in the whole building) and sat down. Soon after, a girl about the same age as you and her parents sat down next to you. You looked at the girl "I recognise her" you whispered to Lucy. "How?" She replied. "Im not too sure." You looked at the family again an saw that they had VIP passes around their necks. You were getting annoyed trying to think where you knew her from, but then it hit you. You quickly turned your head to Lucy "its James' sister" you whispered excitedly. "JAMES!" Lucy shouted because she knows how much I love him. James' sister whipped her head round to you and Lucy.
  • "Sorry it's just I recognised you and just realised that your James' family right? He's my favourite eeee" You squealed at the end.
  • "Haha it's alright, well do you want to come backstage with us, I'm sure he won't mind" She asked, smiling politely.
  • "I WOULD" You clised your eyes and took a deep breath trying to control your fan-girling. "I would love that so much" You said.
  • When The Vamps came on you stood up, sang and danced along to every song and shouted out to them as if you thought they would shout back.
  • Throughtout the rest of the concert you and James' sister talked alot and became very good friends. When it got to the end of the show, you and Lucy followed them backstage and waited politely outside their dressing room while they went in and caught up with their brother/son. Soon James' sister popped her head round the door.
  • "Are you coming in then or not?" She said laughing. You and Lucy nervously went into the dressing room and were greeted by the boys making stupid noises and hugging you. "Guys this is (y/n) and Lucy, and, well you know who they are" James' sister said with a grin.
  • "Helloooo" Brad said while scrolling through his phone.
  • "Holaaa" Connor said with open arms.
  • "Eermm" Tristan said, thinking. "BONJOUR" He shouted.
  • "Guys stop being weird you scare them away" James chuckled. He walked over to you and placed a hand on each of your backs, leading you to the sofa. "Would you like a drink?" He asked. His smile was lit up the whole room. "Yes please" You said while Lucy went off to talk to Tristan.
  • "Okay, well we havn't got much choice really" he laughed a bit, so you you did the same to be polite. "Okay we've got water, coke or tea"
  • "I'll just have water please" You said shyly.
  • "Okey Dokey" James filled up a cup of water and poured himself a glass of coke. As he walked back over to you, he tripped over Tristans bag. You quickly got up and put both hands on his chest, to... you know make sure he doesn't fall over. But while you were there you did have a cheeky feel of his abs. James had spilt coke all over your jacket. "Aah thanks." James said "oh shit I'm sorry I didn't mean to spill it on you" he worried staring at your jacket.
  • "Its okay" you laughed while you watched James take off your jacket and place it on the radiator, he took off his and gave it to you. You just stared at it, confused.
  • "Put it on" he laughed.
  • "Oh no its okay I'm f-" you were cut off
  • "Well I said put it on and I'm older than you so I'm in charge" he joked and you put it on an exchaged numbers while at it.
  • BRAD- Today was the last day of school before the christmas holidays and it was only a half day. After school finished at lunch time, you went straight to the train station to go to York to see your cousins. As you got onto the train you found your seat which was on a four seat table next to the window. You got out your headphones and started playing your favourite songs. Suddenly you saw a group of three walking towards you. First of all, a woman in about her mid twenties with short brown/red hair and an older man came and sat opposite you. You recognised them from somewhere but couldn't quite work out where. Finally, a boy in his late teens came walking towards your table and sat down next to you. You didn't really pay much attention to them at first. But over the music that was blaring through your headphones, you could hear a familiar brummie accent. You slightly looked to the side and saw dark brown eyes and curly brown hair. As soon as you saw you knew exactly who it was. It was your idol. Bradley Will Simpson. You were trying so hard not freak out while trying to work out what to do. Do you let your inner fangirl come out or do you stay cool?
  • "Are you alright?" Brad chuckled. You then realised that you had been staring at him for atleast the last 5 minutes.
  • "Erm, yeah... Im fine" you mumbled, not being able to look him in the eye. "Brad" you added as you looked up to meet his eyes. You could get lost in those eyes.
  • Brad gave you a puzzled look and you felt your whole face turn red. You looked at the girl infront of you who you realised was Nat, Brad's sister. She was laughing aswell as Derek, Brad's dad. You were desperately thinking of what to do. Suddenly it hit you. You were wearing the "Simpson" Vamps merchandise top. You took off your jacket, making it look discrete. Politely asking Brad to move, you stretched up to put your jacket away at the top where your bag was, making sure that Brad could see the "Simpson" on your back. You turned around to see Brad smiling widely at you. You giggled to yourself and looked at the ground. Once you sat back down again, you felt a warm hand on yours. You looked to your side to find Brad smiling at his lap, he quickly looked into your eyes
  • "I know I don't know you" Brad's head lifted and you were now looking at eachother. You couldn't help but smile from ear to ear, you knew he was speaking the words to Can We Dance, which were very apt at the moment.
  • "But... I'd like to"
  • Wait a minute. Brad. Bradley Will Sinpson is sitting next to you on a train, and you're managing not to burst into tears. Best of all, he's... flirting with you?
  • The smile on your face grew even bigger.
  • "Okay look, erm... wow this is harder than I thought" Brad ran his hand through his hair while you gave him a puzzled look.
  • "Okay well, when I saw you for the first time my heart skipped a beat an to be honest it still is now. And, I don't know when I look into your eyes, I feel comforted, safe. There's just something about you that makes me so eager to fin out more. I've never felt this way before you know? I always thought all this 'love at first sight' thing was stupid but.... but I think I'm experiancing it right now. With you."
  • "Is this some kind of joke" you questioned.
  • "No not at all. Oo oo more lyrics coning" he smiled. "I don't know you're name, but I'm hoping you might feel the same" You both burst into laughter because of him quoting lyrics to his own song.
  • "Here I go again" You added.
  • "I like you" Brad said to you. You quietly laughed to yourself.
  • "I've liked you since the first cover, Vegas Girl" You said, looking anywhere but into his eyes. You felt two warm fingers gently lifting up your chin so that you are both gazing into eachothers eyes.
  • "Good to hear it" He whispered, just loud enough for you to hear. You exchanged numbers and ever since then you have been inseperable.

anonymous asked:

It was a joke! The question was asked weirdly so they answered it as if it was aimed at all of them. God, some seriously narrow minded people if they think that it's SO SEXIST. Fifth harmony over reacted big time - they are literally nothing in the UK and never will be because they're shit. Their song is called BO$$ come on now that's not cool - they're just silly little girls who think they stand for power of women when nothing remotely bad has ever happened in their privileged upbringing xxx

Do you even hear how ridiculous you sound right now?

First of all, even if it was a joke, do you think it’s funny to joke about something as serious as objectifying women?

Let me remind you of what The Vamps said:

“I haven’t dated her for a while.” - James

“I was April to December.” - Tristan

“We all had a bit of a go.” - James

He’s basically implying that Lauren’s a slut and that they passed her around to each other in the group as if she’s some kind of piece of meat on Thanksgiving. And what’s worse is that Brad and Connor sat there, laughing their asses off while their two buddies were disrespecting Lauren.

This isn’t even about fanwars anymore. It’s not Vampettes vs. Harmonizers. It’s not Fifth Harmony vs. The Vamps.

It’s females sticking up for fellow females.

So don’t give me that crap about Fifth Harmony or Harmonizers “overreacting” because we aren’t. Why should we sit here and allow boys to walk all over us? Us, females, are better than some “property” that boys make us out to be.

You’re calling us “narrow-minded”? How about all those fangirls of The Vamps who continue to blindly support them through all this? This is what I think is wrong with society. Fangirls who defend their biases no matter what, even if it goes against morals. And these boys will continue to make these sexist “jokes” because YOU fangirls give them a reason to continue doing it. Have some self-respect for YOURSELF as a female. I don’t care how nice their hair is or how cute they are, STICK UP FOR YOURSELF AS A FEMALE.

Don’t even get me started on James’ so-called apology. He was basically apologizing that people are actually offended by it. He should be apologizing that HE offended people by his “joke.” Not the other way around. And hey, if he’s going to apologize, at least apologize to Lauren, not to the people who apparently got “offended” by it.

And what “privileged upbringing” are you even talking about? Dinah lives with 23 people in a 4-bedroom house. She even mentioned that their church had this foundation for helping people in need and they did that for her and her family because they couldn’t even afford Christmas. You call that “privileged upbringing”? Lol.