i think that's what tristan said

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It was a joke! The question was asked weirdly so they answered it as if it was aimed at all of them. God, some seriously narrow minded people if they think that it's SO SEXIST. Fifth harmony over reacted big time - they are literally nothing in the UK and never will be because they're shit. Their song is called BO$$ come on now that's not cool - they're just silly little girls who think they stand for power of women when nothing remotely bad has ever happened in their privileged upbringing xxx

Do you even hear how ridiculous you sound right now?

First of all, even if it was a joke, do you think it’s funny to joke about something as serious as objectifying women?

Let me remind you of what The Vamps said:

“I haven’t dated her for a while.” - James

“I was April to December.” - Tristan

“We all had a bit of a go.” - James

He’s basically implying that Lauren’s a slut and that they passed her around to each other in the group as if she’s some kind of piece of meat on Thanksgiving. And what’s worse is that Brad and Connor sat there, laughing their asses off while their two buddies were disrespecting Lauren.

This isn’t even about fanwars anymore. It’s not Vampettes vs. Harmonizers. It’s not Fifth Harmony vs. The Vamps.

It’s females sticking up for fellow females.

So don’t give me that crap about Fifth Harmony or Harmonizers “overreacting” because we aren’t. Why should we sit here and allow boys to walk all over us? Us, females, are better than some “property” that boys make us out to be.

You’re calling us “narrow-minded”? How about all those fangirls of The Vamps who continue to blindly support them through all this? This is what I think is wrong with society. Fangirls who defend their biases no matter what, even if it goes against morals. And these boys will continue to make these sexist “jokes” because YOU fangirls give them a reason to continue doing it. Have some self-respect for YOURSELF as a female. I don’t care how nice their hair is or how cute they are, STICK UP FOR YOURSELF AS A FEMALE.

Don’t even get me started on James’ so-called apology. He was basically apologizing that people are actually offended by it. He should be apologizing that HE offended people by his “joke.” Not the other way around. And hey, if he’s going to apologize, at least apologize to Lauren, not to the people who apparently got “offended” by it.

And what “privileged upbringing” are you even talking about? Dinah lives with 23 people in a 4-bedroom house. She even mentioned that their church had this foundation for helping people in need and they did that for her and her family because they couldn’t even afford Christmas. You call that “privileged upbringing”? Lol.