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the latter half of today was, just perfect for me (though I did end up having more baths than required, long story). Just sitting comfortably on the couch, streaming the festival with and talking to @anna-something about anything and everything. B.A.P, food, good breeze, great conversations = finally relatively calm sudi after a shitty week.

The Prince Hans fandom in action

So the other day I was watching “Ella Enchanted” and every time the fan club girls popped up all I could keep thinking is “that this is exactly how the Hans fandom would react to seeing Prince Hans. It pretty much play out exactly like this:

Prince Hans fan club: WE WANT HANS!WE WANT HANS!

Hans: ( walks out onto stage)

Random Hans fan: Hey Prince Hans! Are you a fast runner?

Hans: Not particularly. No. Why?

Random Hans fan: GET HIM!

Hans: (runs away from all his adoring fans )

I mean is it just me? Cause I could totally see this happening!

anonymous asked:

Can you make a post about things broke littles can do/use to still feel little? I don't have money to get diapers or pacifiers, I mean even coloring books and stuffies cost money. Do you have any ideas of things littles with no cash can still feel little? Sometimes I'll put my hair in pig tails even though I have a pixie cut, but that's all I can think of to do and it saddens me. :( #brokelittles

That is an excellent idea! Thank you for asking us to do this.

We are aware not everyone can afford the diapers or the pacifiers. And you’re right coloring books and stuffies (especially good ones) can be costly. It’s not easy when budgets are tight.

Here are a few suggestions:

  • watching cartoons or videos on the internet. 
  • listening to disney songs on spotify (which is free)
  • Go hang out in the children’s section of your local library!!! Mine has blocks, toys, books, even events in the summer time! – if you have a younger sibling, children of your own, or a friend with kids maybe invite them so you don’t look out of place.
  • printing off a coloring page or two. (assuming you have a printer and some ink) 
  • Wrapping yourself up in a blanket 
  • Building a blanket fort.
  • Doll making games on the computer– kind of like dress up games.
  • Drawing is always free
  • Attending free days at the zoo. Our zoo does them every couple of months kind of like a community appreciation day.
  • If you happen to have a pet - playing with them. Getting a string and having your cat chase it. Or playing fetch with your dog. 
  • Go to the park and swing on the swings! Trust me adults do it more than they let on ;)
  • Drawing on the sidewalk with chalk

Now if you happen to have a little bit of money after buying things or just extra in your budget there are CHEAP things you can do too.

  • buying coloring books or toys from the Dollar Store, like the REAL dollar store. – I get all of my coloring books there.
  • Visiting the thrift shop (Goodwill, Salvation Army, etc) And buying a stuffed animal. I’ve seen some really good quality ones for like $2-$5
  • Garage sales!!!!! 
  • Craft stores will have classes you can take. The most expensive I’ve ever seen them get is $30 Most run about $10. But they will teach you how to make different things! And sometimes you even get to keep the supplies used at the event.

We hope these ideas help you out. If anyone has any suggestion feel free to chime in!

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