i think that's interesting too louis

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Hi. So, i read your reply to the anon who says they believe that what Sony does means H&L broke up. But it left me wondering about your opinion on the milkshake-louis quote tweet. Do you think it was H/HSHQ? I ask because i get the impression that to some extent H is more allowed (tho i wouldnt say a lot more) than L has ever been to hint at Larry, even though he doesnt always do it himself, but people close to him. Like Corden and the coloring book a few months ago. So yeah.. Lol:/

Personally anon, and this is just my own feeling, I think the milkshake tweet was HSHQ looking to cement in early sales from us despite the aggressively het fuckboy launch they inflicted on Harry. I doubt they’d allow H loose on his SM if they believed he was going to validate Larry against their will when they’ve fought so long and so hard to shut it down. But they’ve always farmed us when they need sales.

I also dont believe Corden is anything other than a Sony/HSHQ shill Im afraid with an eye to the main chance. He’s always been a part of the solo Harry/friend to the stars build up though like everyone else I fell for ‘dodgeball James.’ But he was always selling the 1DHQ narrative and thats become so clear its almost beyond a doubt since Holo launched. He doesn’t know a Louis because Sony dont want him to. That how much you trust Corden & Winston (equally embedded in 1DHQ/HSHQ) to stick with their ‘friends’.

Harry is definitely encouraged by Sony and HSHQ  - at allowed times - to show support for LGBT, but Larry is utilised by them only when its absolutely necessary for sales. Then they try to milk the fandom rather than try to strangle it, and we’ve been starved for so long as they’ve tried to end us, and move us wholesale to Holo fandom, that we react ecstatically to any tiny Larry crumb they throw. Its educational to see how low theyve bought us as a fandom yet how most of us seem to keep going despite it all.

 Im interested to see now if anything major changes, as the marketing techniques for Holo change back to allow a more familiar Harry. I know its unlikely at this stage, but theres always hope anon and by that I mean hope for Louis to be allowed a positive public image and a chance to be a successful solo artist. Id like to think thats Harrys priority too mind you.

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uo: I don’t think zayns a bad guy at all and I think he did what was right for him in the situation. that’s said I think bg was meant for zayn and his leaving was going to be after two weeks of them saying it wasn’t his and he left due to too much craziness, but he didn’t want that so he left before he was suppose to. and that’s why louis and harry were so strongly bitter about the zayn subject

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kind of? i think bg was for him too, after i read the theory and it’d explain h/l’s behaviours but since we won’t ever know *shrugs* 

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I think people really think Louis is all about Yorkshire tea,vans, adidas, & Harry is all about kale chips, fruit smoothies, & yoga. & that's it, when really they all are a multifaceted bunch. I've seen fan photos of Harry getting coffee & ice cream. I'm sure Louis likes to drink coffee too sometimes & they probably have a lot more interests than we are led to believe. We only see like 2% of their lives anyways.

i know and this whole healthy-living-harry caricature that’s running through all sides of the fandom right now is one of my biggest pet peeves