i think that's interesting too louis

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It seems like promotion being done for the first time by a team that has not worked together before, maybe even a new imprint doing their first rollout.

@glorff that makes sense too. It does feel like people who are getting a lot of wires crossed. That is an interesting theory and one that I believe to be completely viable

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I, too, think Harry's waiting for Instagram coloured Louis (or at least something related to him/them). That's really interesting because I really don't believe he started this thinking it'd be too long. I mean, I really doubt he's gonna be posting black and white for a year, for example. He really started the b&w series in october if you only count the sequential ones, so I don't believe it's going to take long. It's coming.

yeah he can’t do it for much longer, people outside the fandom are catching on and wondering what’s going on with the black and white. It’s going to catch us off guard cause it is indeed going to be soon

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Hey can you tell me more about this even as young as you are interview? Did Louis really said 100 percent? That's commitment!

He sure did and then he instinctively looked straight at Harry like the lovesick fool he is.

This question is at 5:50, but the whole interview is fantastic; Barbara Walters has such a lovely energy.

Interestingly I remember hearing that when they re-aired the interview later on the same network, they edited that question and answer out.

And isn’t it also interesting that when he’s asked whether he intends to propose to Eleanor, suddenly Louis claims he’s too young to be thinking about getting married?

Headcanon: Harry and Louis are totally engaged.

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I think people really think Louis is all about Yorkshire tea,vans, adidas, & Harry is all about kale chips, fruit smoothies, & yoga. & that's it, when really they all are a multifaceted bunch. I've seen fan photos of Harry getting coffee & ice cream. I'm sure Louis likes to drink coffee too sometimes & they probably have a lot more interests than we are led to believe. We only see like 2% of their lives anyways.

i know and this whole healthy-living-harry caricature that’s running through all sides of the fandom right now is one of my biggest pet peeves