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This isn’t actually a kitchen, it’s a plant sanctuary.

I made this space mostly to mess around in Photoshop. I’m trying to create an action I can use consistently but it’s slow going.


every westallen scene ever (124/?)

one day

one day i’ll show you the stars and show you that impossible possibilities can be delightful.

 one day i’ll show you the mountains and show you that the powerful can be graceful.

 one day i’ll show you the clouds and show you that the purposeful can be delicate.

 one day i’ll show you the waterfalls and show you that impermanence can be magnificent.

one day i’ll show you the cities and show you that people can be elegant.

come with me one day and i’ll prove that this world is beautiful

I could probably have double the followers I have if I just sucked it up and never criticized anything

Everyone on this damn site is looking for validation of their own feelings or opinions.

They don’t care about what’s “right.”

I see blogs with thousands of notes on every post, but every post makes no fucking sense, and is just repeating nonsense.

But with thousands of notes.

Like if I just complimented all your favorite anime and never said anything bad to anyone and just played the victim all the time.

Oh yes.

I’d be a much larger blog.

God I wish I were the type to do that.

But unfortunately I’ll just have to settle for the thousands of you that don’t tolerate bullshit 🙄

guys i’m planning on getting a lost tattoo before i move cause my friend and i are gonna get tattoos together and i’ve wanted a lost one for years but I CAN’T DECIDE WHAT I WAAAAAANT

Important Waldi news

No, he’s not leaving.

But he’s not entirely healthy at the moment. We’ve always struggled with everything from his fetlocks down, sometimes having short-durated infections. They always seemed to tone down and didn’t seem to bugger Waldi for too long. We left it how it was, hoping his feet would sort themselves.

They did, for a while.

Somehow, sadly enough, it worsened during this autumn and winter. So much so that he was in pain when in strenuous work and activity, not quite limping or anything, but stepping in short and walking out of rhythm.

I figure I am young and unsure, I didn’t call the vet as fast as I probably should have. I had hoped that it would tone down with rest, better weather, and care.

It hasn’t. So I called the vet this Thursday, nearly ensuing an anxiety attack on me because I suck at caring for things.

The vet came and… confirmed that it was bad now. Poor thing is in more pain than I thought, he just could hide it very well.

Anyway, we have a treatment schedule now, hoping we can fix whatever I let happen to my bay bae.
To point out good things: it isn’t a terrible condition, his muscles and tendons are perfectly fine, and it’s just his hindlegs. We know what is causing the pain and we can set out some ways to cure it.

As for the future; I trust that Waldi will get better. There are many solutions and treatments.
It’s just that that’s what’s dragging me down and under the past month, and mostly these past days, and you had the right to know why I wasn’t as active as usual.

chad34stuff  asked:

I remember feeling bad that Sans wanted Papyrus to fess up to his secret, but was unwilling to fess up to his own secret. The fact is, there's always a chance that Flowey could come back, and Papyrus deserves to know.


There are things both of them will keep a secret from each other, no matter what.

So many people are disappointed about Rocknaldo (and I think I understand why) but I really, really love the dynamic between Ronaldo and the gems. It's not easy, and he was a truly jerk but I enjoy it.

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the peeps who hate hanzo mostly hate him because the fans turn hanzo into a do no wrong type of person. like we all get that he has a lot of stress and trauma but it doesn't excuse his actions. or maybe it's just me. I mean I really liked him as a character but then the majority of the fandom started to attack anyone who see hanzo in a negative light. :/ the point is that people don't hate hanzo because of his character but instead because the fans.

like…..i dont really care abt han.zo like, at all but a lot of fans turn him (and basically every other character) into a one dimensional, 1 trait only kind of person, so they like, only focus on either how Shit of a person he is because he ‘killed’ genji, OR they turn him into a ‘literally did nothing wrong uwu’ and its like……………no………hes….a complex character with a LOT of trauma..you cant just do that……

Okay but hear me out: Ming Na Wen as Sara Smith

Our cues:

(aka. How messed up can a single Finnish person teach dog training cues )

  • Sit - “Istu” , “Sitta” , “I” (just sharp i like in ‘sit’)
  • Lie down - “Maahan” , “Maa” (lit. ‘land’)
  • Stand/Stack - “Seiso” , “Sei” , “Ylös” (Dante-only)
  • Come - “Tänne” , “Kom hit” , two short whistles
  • Wait - “Odot” , “Vänta” , long single whistle
  • Stay - “Paikka”
  • Free to go/eat - “Saa”
  • “Session over” - “Loppu” , arms X crossed
  • Move Aside - “Väist”
  • Careful - “Varo”
  • No - “Ei” , ”Äp-päp”
  • Enough - “Riit” , “Hus pois”
  • “Emergency stop” ex. handler slipping on ice - “Hui!”
  • Loose Leash Walk - “Nätti” (pretty)
  • Heel - “Sivu” (lit. ‘side’ or ‘page’)
  • Walk together - “Yhdessä” , “Yli” (crossing roads and passing others)
  • Moving Off-road - “Seikkailu”
  • Sniffing Time/Allowed - “Nuuskii”
  • Let’s Go - “Mennään” , “Tuutko” , middle length single whistle
  • Leave It - “Jätä”
  • Ignore - “Anna olla” (lit. ‘let it be’ , for passing others , Aika-only)
  • Jump On - “Hoppa”
  • Jump Off - “Alas” (down)
  • Settle/Relax - “Rauha” (lit. peace)
  • Back away - “Taa taa” (Work-in-progress)
  • Be Quiet - “Kiitos” (lit. thank you)
  • Go sleep - “Nukkumaan”
  • Nose Touch - “Koske” 
  • Lick - “Pusu” (Kiss)
  • Watch Me - “Katso”
  • Hand Shake - “Tassu” (paw), “Toine” (other paw , used in in sequence) , “Kolmas, Neljä, Viis, Kuus, Seitte” (sequence of give the other paw, Dante-only , lit. Finnish numbers 3-7)
  • Sit Pretty - “Pupu” (bunny)
  • Roll-Over - “Kieri”
  • Lie on your side - “Kylki” 
  • 2-on-2-off  - “Tassut” (paws)
  • Under - “Alle”
  • -> Walk along under handler - “Mukaan” (come along)
  • Weave - “Väli” (between)
  • Bow - “Bau”
  • Hug - “Hali” (wrap front paws around arm/pole)
  • Spin - “Pyöri”
  • Tunnel - “Putki”
  • Front - “Eteen” (agility only , lit. ‘forward’)
  • Left - “Vasen”
  • Right - “Oikee”
  • Go Around - “Kierrä”
  • Pull - “Veto” 
  • Tracking - “Jälki” (lit. ‘scent-track’)
  • Seek/ Item Search - “Etsi”
  • Fetch - “Hae”

Items / things (mainly used to identify things for dogs, ex. Dante thinks small children are dogs and is reactive to dogs) :

  • Ball - “Pallo”
  • Favorite toy - “Råtta”
  • Toy - “Lelu”
  • Treat - “Nami”
  • Car - “Auto”
  • Children - “Lapsia”
  • Bicycle - “Pyörä”
  • Motorcycle - “Mopo”
  • Sheep/goats - “Pässei”
  • Horse - “Heppa”
  • Frisbee - “Frispi”
  • Dummy - “Dami” , “Lätkä”
It took HYDRA thousands of years

to master the clever use of flares?!??????!!! Like thousands of years of study and they couldn’t figure out the portals like come on… Also I have a crossover theory that HYDRA and Rittenhouse are two branches of the same evil organization. Also- there’s a lot to process here people- I’d like to guess that Banks is to Rosalind as Melinda is to Phil. I just have this funny feeling okay, she tells him everything like Phil tells Melinda everything. It’s adorable.


James Flint // 4 04

Nassau works best when its men know what crews they belong to and what captains they answer to. Without structure, disorder is only to be expected.
Now, you will begin - [gunfire] with men that you know and trust.
And from there, you will begin to reorganize your crews as quickly as possible.