i think that would work

I finished it!!!

I feel this is the best I’ve done of Brynn yet.

This is my first painting/lineless/whatever you’d call this thing, so excuse any mistakes that may be sitting around there somewhere.

I had to merge so many layers for Tumblr to accept this.

Kinda thinking of doing some more NPCs like this. :o

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korrasami au. like secret relationship? They can be hiding it for whatever reason, for homophobia or a bet or it can be REALLY au and be like princess/pauper or like forbidden due to romeo/juliet type shit. Idk i love this trope if u want to use it!

[I decided to do something slightly different from your suggestions: you know how sometimes for TV stars, here’s looking at you Disney channel, have contracts that involve decency clauses? Well I decided to do that with Korra and Asami. So secret relationship kept secret because of contracts.]

“Hey Korra,” Asami called. “You’ve got some time to spare to go over some lines with me?”

The teenager looked up at the tall, dark haired girl and smiled. “Yeah, this scene is really giving me some troubles,” Korra grinned back.

“So, my trailer? Ten minutes?” Asami asked, nervously biting her lip.

“Yeah, I’ll get my stuff and meet you there.”

Ten minutes later inside the little shell of a room that was marked Asami Sato, Korra knocked once and then let herself inside.

“Asami?” she called, but she she didn’t get very far as the door was slammed shut behind her and when she turned around the only thing she saw was those green eyes looking at her like she was the most important thing in the world.

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I read your post with GRRM's quote about Sansa and her role in Ned's downfall. Will Arya hear about it from Tyrion? Will Sansa's possible kinslaying of Robert Arryn and/or Arya's training in seeing through lies play a role as well?

yeah, that’s what i assume will happen since tyrion knows and has the biggest mouth in asoiaf. i could easily see him using this to provoke arya like “”oh you think my family’s bad??? YOUR sister is the one who sold out papa stark to the lannisters lol”” you know he’s going to want to figure arya out and she’s a tough nut to crack. it wouldn’t be the first time something like that has happened either. sandor brags about sansa singing him a song and arya calls him a liar. then she finds out about sansa marrying tyrion but brushes it off as being stupid. obviously both of these things are actually true. 

there’s definitely an interesting dynamic that exists between the two with regards to lying. sansa’s storyline is all about lies where arya is more concerned with the truth. we see a lot of tension over it in the very beginning ,before they separated, and even in asos arya calls sansa a liar. arya was always good at seeing things for what they truly were too but now she’s got serious skillz. so i do think that would play a big role in their future interactions. 

This would totally be Jordan. Like imagine him and Lydia get into a fight and they both are walking to the car and he just angrily pulls open the passenger door for Lydia and his jaw is tense but he’s patiently waiting for her to get in. And she just stares at him because seriously no one has ever treated her with respect when their fighting like Jackson had probably actually drove off and left her to find her own way home (I don’t hate Jackson but I personally think that is something he would do). And they would just work things out because damn it they love each other.

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Huzy/ Solly when she fuses, forgets that's she's married and is super like "I am single woman who don't need no man". Ross and Arin try to convince her, but it's no use. Then, they fuses into Rarin and she is super attracted him. That's the only way to make her unfuse

Holzy (That’s what I’m calling her. It’s cute.) is very, VERY confident in herself when she’s fused. It’s beautiful.

She does tend to get carried away, though.

However, I don’t really think they’d need Ross and Arin to fuse to get them to unfuse.

Though I do believe a little push would be in order to get them to unfuse.

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I've been thinking about writing a D&D / d20 Modern campaign and setting in the Tobyverse, and I'm wondering - do you play either? If so, have you given any thought to how the mechanics of such a thing would work? I think I've worked out how to work the magic system, but I'm still boggled by how to deal with the many, many races.

Nope, sadly.  I switched over to World of Darkness and Cinematic UniSystem years ago, and I never really looked back.

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If Childermass had died when lady Pole shot him do you think Mr. Norrell would have made a deal with the Gentleman with the Thistledown hair to bring him back? And why (not)?

I am finally getting around to answering this because I can’t sleep and I managed to get all my feels out of the way.

Short answer: No.

Long answer: I really don’t think he would go for it. I mean, we saw how well that worked out for Lady Pole yeah? Norrell doesn’t like fairies on a good day and now that he’s essentially fucked himself over with a bargain already he’s not going to go about it again and definitely not with Childermass.

1) Childermass would probably come back just as “half-crazed” as Lady Pole

2) He would be in the Gentleman’s service in a sense and therefore Norrell couldn’t trust him so what would be the point?

3) He would know what Norrell did to bring back Lady Pole and why she is “mad”. And between the two of them you know they would figure out a way to tell someone what had happened somehow. Probably Jonathan Strange.

4) Can you imagine the betrayal Childermass would feel knowing that Norrell bargained him away like that? Like he was just some trinket? Nopenopenope.

I think he would consider it, yes. I don’t think he would do it. Not even if the Gentleman showed up like “hey dude I can fix this you know the terms. I’ll even promise that no one will ever ever ever ever ever find out what we did here I’ll even sign it in blood–not MY blood of course but in blood all the same.” Norrell might hesitate but he wouldn’t go for it, way to risky no matter what his motivations (business, reputation, affection).

He might consider Jonathan’s methods a little more seriously though. The magic he did with the Neapolitans and all, maybe. I don’t think he’d go for that either though in the end, not even if Jonathan offered to help him with it, so that Childermass didn’t come back as a hellzombie. There’s just too much to lose.

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I really want to see Jean heartbroken and unable to decide who he sides with- the man he loved who isn't really dead or the friends he has now, humanity. It would be my life force.

Such a scenario is the reason I continue to live and breathe. My life revolves around Shifter!Marco working against humanity and Jean having to choose between his best friend and his entire team. 

I think the decision would be harder because if Marco was a shifter working against them then he lied to Jean, and Jean would probably worry that their friendship was part of that lie to. 

………………………..I want Jean to suffer for my own angsty needs. :l

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Fuck, Marry, Kill: Italy, Russia, Romano

Fuck: Italy? He’s probably the better choice out of him and his brother.

Marry: Romano, we may not get along but I think it could work, plus I like the italian lifestyle. I could pick Russia for the sake of power, but, I’ll pass..

Kill: more like run for my bloody life because i tried to kill him, Russia. I’m sorry mate, I just don’t think it would work out all that well between us, in a way, sort of…

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Hi!! So a lot of people colour code their notes but i dont think i can do that super great + switch between pens, so if i brought my stuff home everyday _& coded them at home by underlining, do you think that would work just as well?


I don’t colour code my work at uni, I only do it when I am at home or get home from uni. You end up wasting so much time in classes if your main goal is ‘pretty notes’, but when you get home, you get to go over your notes a second time while making them look cute and all.

Colour coding notes at home by underlining, highlighting, circling, etc., is a good idea. That is what I do, and it helps more than stressing over it at uni. 

Hopefully this helped you x

bifca replied to your post:why would you ruin the wings!au by making it…

oh my god how dare you take your fic in the direction you want? With a ship you like? It’s almost like it’s your fic and you can do whatever you want with it

yeah man, what a piece of shit I am! Writing things I want/I think would work! How dare me! What a monster I am! 

But seriously. I talk/write about damiancolin all the fucking time. This person has obviously never been to my blog before, if they’re honestly surprised I threw it in somewhere. HEY ANON, SEND ME ANOTHER MESSAGE, TELL ME WHAT OTHER SHIPS YOU HATE I’LL WRITE THEM ALL INTO THIS AU.

This is only the third or fourth piece of anon hate I’ve ever gotten, I’m so giddy~

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Xanxus courting his s/o please? :)

Imagine your OTP leaving little love notes for each other around the house. (Bonus: Person A leaves really sweet, fluffy notes, but B’s are suggestive and sometimes dirty.) from otpprompts

I couldn’t not when I saw this also hope it’s not to short~!

‘I think doing work on you would be better then the work on this damn desk. - Xanxus’

Upon reading the note he had left on your chair since the other members of the Varia knew it was your favourite chair and therefore your chair, you flushed at the implications hidden in it. Huffing quietly you wrote down your reply on a sticky not and stuck it to his throne before leaving the mansion to calm down.

‘I could help you do your work Xan then we could cuddle~!’ - __

Xanxus smirked in amusement at your sloppy writing which was obviously caused by a flustered state. Chuckling lowly he wrote his own reply down underneath your writing lazily moving to your chair and sticking it on the top.

‘Of course we can cuddle since you’ll be tired out after I’m done with you.’ - Xanxus

You squeaked loudly once you finished reading the short note, face flushing red as you covered your mouth in a pitiful attempt to hide it. Tearing the note into little pieces you got another piece out to write down your answer to his suggestion.

‘I just wanna cuddle Xan! We can do that stuff when I’m ready or not at all mister~’ - Xanxus

Barking out a rough laugh of amusement he shook his head as a smirk stretched across his face, knowing he couldn’t very well refuse you.

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I agree with all that has been said about baby Neal. And yes he is a plot device but I think baby plot device only works if not in the main characters, like Aurora baby's. But he is Snowing, just don't ignore him, at least acknowledge him. Like you said snow blink and she is not afraid of losing him anymore, its too big to be off screen, and Charming doesn't have the same fear? As much I would LOVE cs baby I think they only work in series finale.

Well, they are taking baby Charming to Camelot with them. Of course Granny will be there to babysit. LOL Frankly one of the reasons I keep putting off the OFON sequel is because Emma and Killian have an infant, and I’m trying to figure out where baby Liam fits. (But it will happen, folks!) So I totally understand WHY it’s difficult.

As for a real CS baby…yes, for the love of god, if they want to do it wait until the series finale. We don’t need Emma running around saving people AND looking after an infant. Too much!

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i would like to design a spell to consistently promote positivity in a friend's life. to do this i was thinkin a spell jar. you think that'd work? or rather, would somethin work better from your perspective?

I think a jar spell, given as a gift to your friend, would work great. Just make sure you include a method to recharge it when it runs dry.

A Full Face for Under $100

hi everyone! ever since back 2 school season started i’ve been getting a ton of requests for affordable product recs and since im a huge proponent of drugstore makeup i decided to throw together a full face routine for my fellow broke college (or hs!) students. keep in mind that i just listed one routine i think would work fairly well for a wide variety of ppl. also obviously $100 isn’t cheap so i’d recommend gradually purchasing ur routine, don’t buy all these products in one walgreens trip unless ur feeling reckless tbh anyways hope this is helpful and have a nice school year!


primer - elf studio primer: $6; rimmel stay matte primer: $7

foundation - la girl perfecting liquid makeup: $7; elf studio flawless finish foundation: $6, black radiance liquid makeup: $5; rimmel lasting finish 24h foundation: $7

powder - nyc loose translucent powder: $4.49; black radiance pressed powder: $5; rimmel stay matte powder *comes in a great translucent shade too*: $4

concealer/contour/color correction - la girl pro conceal: $5; hard candy glamoflauge concealer: $6

blush - elf studio blush: $3; black radiance artisan color baked blush: $5

bronzer - rimmel bronzer: $4.63; elf studio blush&bronzer: $3; black radiance baked bronzer: $4.49

highlighter - wet’n’wild fergie shimmer palette: $6; elf studio baked highlighter: $3

setting spray - city color all-set spray: $8; elf setting spray *has a terrible bottle so buy a cheap spray bottle tbh*: $3


shadow - wet’n’wild color icon trio: $3; la colors 12 color eyeshadow palette: $2; essence eyeshadow: $2-5;

liner - wet’n’wild megaliner liquid liner: $3; elf studio cream liner: $3

mascara - wet’n’wild mascaras: $2-5; essence mascaras: $2-5

lashes - shopmissa lashes: $1

brows: elf studio eyebrow kit: $3; elf eyebrow gel: $2; essence eyebrow designer: $2;


liner - jordana easyliner: $2.49; wet’n’wild color icon liner: $0.99; essence lip liner: $1.49;

lipstick/lipgloss - wet’n’wild megalast lip color: $2.29; wet’n’wild megaslicks lipgloss: $2.29; essence longlasting lipstick: $3;

🌴**not included in the price, but here’s some affordable brush brands too**🌴


real techniques




sonia kashuk

There will be a huge move for the show, and it will be as satisfying an ending as it would have been in the first two seasons. So if we had ended with Will taking the fall for Hannibal’s crimes, that would be a satisfying ending. Or if Hannibal is actually laying all of his friends to waste and walking out in the rain, that would be a satisfying ending. And this ending for season three would be as satisfying.

Bryan Fuller

Okay, so now that I’ve seen the finale, I’m no longer questioning Bryan’s understanding of the word “satisfying.” But I think he might have serious issues with the word “as.” The phrase is “more/than” or just “more.”

Wow really?

The haters just pledged to all delete their blogs if Beth is shown alive in the present day in season 6.

I will laugh when and if that happens.