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It’s not about hating Sidney Crosby. It’s about hating the NHL’s bias toward him and other big named players like him. It’s about the danger that comes along with protecting the NHL’s golden boys. In the eyes of the Refs, players like him can’t do any wrong, and because of that, players like Methot get seriously injured. This isn’t necessarily Sid’s fault. He didn’t ask the NHL to protect him unnecessarily, but he needs to be held accountable for his shitty actions. He got away with two dangerous moves, two games in a row.

If you think that it’s okay for someone to take part of someone else’s finger off with no repercussions, just because “Well, he’s just really good at hockey,” then you’re part of the problem.

White Wine Nights

Summary: In which, we expose Lin as a wine mom 

(I really couldn’t think of a better description, I apologize)

Author’s Note: yay, my collab with @hamilbye!!! yes, it did take us that long to decide to write together and yes, it only took us like three days to finish this. We put our amazing brains together and wrote this pretty quickly. 

I love love love working with you, Nat. It was the most fun. I also love love love you. You’re the best. AND you’re very talented. 

Words: 2,138 

Warnings: alcohol/drinking mentions, a curse word or two (I forget), fluff 

An audible sigh escaped you when you stepped off the elevator in your apartment building, taking a right turn to head down the long hallway. Your feet carried you, but protested heavily after the shift you had pulled at your dead-end waitressing job. You were sure you smelled of stale cigarettes and dirty dishes, but at least you had some cash in your pocket. As if that hadn’t been stressful enough, you hadn’t even seen your apartment in about 20 hours due to college classes and familial commitments. It was the week before Spring Break and hectic was the synonym for your life.

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ive been starting to categorize my friends into pairs that always go together (cause i mentally organize everything bc autism gfgj)

the mechies and dirty bendy fuckers, with gay sappy hearts, whom i love: @christiandiscourse and @robotbeeborp

the duo of death, meme bros, Soft gayes, whom i love: @cisphobepapyrus and @privatemumbles

the small gays and raging sjws, but gentle, whom i love: @officialember and @lesbiansilvally

the slightly bigger gays, with unstoppable sweet hearts, whom i love: @traumatizedofficial and @sombrinha

the #1 cuck and cuck apologist, great talkers and listeners, whom i love: @skamimikyu and @papyruswiki

the furry apologist and #1 mechlord, hell bent on my ultimate destruction, whom i still love: @mononsnidali and @synthenoid

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Jess realises something.

Different place, same situation.



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When exclusionists make comparisons between voldemort and and aros because voldemort, a completely monstrous character "cannot love", its "just a joke" and we "shouldnt be so offended"... When you say a character is relatable and nice and thus aro, that's saying all gay people are mean and horrible etc etc. What.

Like I even used their own damn meme so I am very confused. Pretty sure a lot of the ppl who reblogged that deliberately “misunderstood”. Also you could pull that shit with a lot of positivity posts?? Not to mention aro is often not a “stand alone” orientation, like are they suddenly assuming all aros are aro ace (or only id as aro) when they usually forget aro aces exist? Or was that them assuming aros = hetero? Who even knows.

Most of all I’m still amazed at the person who came at me like “why did u not end this with her being black instead I am SO DISAPPOINTED” (without even disclosing their own race lol even after I asked)

IDK maybe bc 1) the post was about aromanticism and 2) the post was about aromanticism

Also with that anon I got a while ago, I’m apparently not allowed to speak about black ppl either lol.

The crapcourse is wild

Day and Night

Au where viktor is the king of the sun realm and yuuri is the king of the moon realm

viktor leaves flowers for yuuri because he really really likes him but yuuri just thinks that the king accidentally drops the flowers in his realm so yuuri returns them every morning


ur a filthy sweetheart