i think that should be it

everyone’s making jokes about how reigen’s gonna stop ???% but honestly? i feel like reigen isn’t going to try to stop him? i feel like reigen’s going to walk with ???% to tsubomi and just. take it all in his stride


firs time drawing thes boys an im really proud of how it turnd out i haent drawn for myself in weeks and of course the art of mines thats the best is the kind i produce at 2 am. i lov this game so much 

ill be drawing so much bloodborne shit probably lmao suk 


hahhaha so…….. this.. is a super quick concept………….. I might work more on it or just throw a whole new thing together but eh, we’ll see……

Deadeye Dave is something of a wild card, even when he used to be a bounty hunter, and a good one at that. Known for being able to track down any ghost in the Ghost Zone and capturing them quickly, he had no qualms with working with his mark or even letting them go if it offered something that interested him more than the first offer. That… brought him some problems, of course. Walker is determined to capture the ‘criminal’ and keep him behind bars while Dave only sees the warden as a joke.

Despite the whole brooding cowboy look, the guy has quite a sense of humor and is more than willing to waste his time betting on some dumb game or shooting challenge. He just can’t resist a nice gamble, no matter what’s on the table, the thrill of chance is more rewarding than anything.

I’m still thinking a lot about his powers and personality (Stuff like how his gun is just a way for him to channel his ghost ray more effectively), but if I… like him I might just work out more about the guy

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religious imagery is offensive lmao

im catholic 

Kaneki v. Nishiki in part seven of Erased…

“Where is she?” Kaneki asked, getting straight to business.

Nishiki frowned, pretending to look confused. “Who?”

“Don’t fucking do that.” Kaneki snapped.

“You’re going to have to be specific, Kaneki. I know quite a few women.” Nishiki gave a sly smile.

“Touka, Nishio. Where. Is. She?” Kaneki was grinding his teeth. “She’s really good at hiding, I’ll give her that, but I know you two are…close.”

Nishiki shut his eyes and took a hand out of his pocket, reaching up to pinch the bridge of his nose. He was already tired of this. “You’re so completely clueless.” He muttered.

“Stop fucking around, Nishio. Just tell me where she is and maybe you’ll make it out of this alive.” A corner of Kaneki’s mouth twitched, as if he was hoping Nishiki would make the wrong move.

“You already know that I won’t give you shit. Are you really that stupid to start a fight with me?”

Suddenly Kaneki’s kagune emerged from behind him, a tentacle shooting straight at Nishiki, who was quick to dodge it. Testing him.

Nishiki sighed. “Yeah, I thought so.”

I think the reason why I don’t write is because I’m so afraid to? I have so many talented friends and I’m so anxious; there are so many things I want to say, but I’m so afraid to say them. I hope therapy helps me learn to be okay with trying. That author was so cool; it just made me realize that someday I wanna have a piece of me in this world too.

if anyone wants a paraphrase of the reason why I’m getting bothered, it’s cause a few months ago i made a post about offbrand dr. peppers because they’re hilarious. and one of them happened to be called ‘dr pig’ which i particularly liked.

and then this blog with like…some kinda barnyard movie joke blog found the post and said they were gonna “fucking skewer” me for calling them fake? which i didn’t find funny from the get go. i made a second post addressing that to kinda make light of it and i can’t remember the exact words but i was definitely called a bitch. which rightfully bothered me.

and now i think those posts have a ton of notes now, i deleted them some time back cause my feed was getting insane. and only really recently have anons been gettin fukkin nasty. great jokes, friends. great jokes.

          ❛❛ I’UNNO HOW MANY EVENTS all y’all got goin’ on this Halloween, but I hope y’all realize there’s gon’ be a Skull Bash no matter what, yo. I been talkin’ ‘bout it for months n’ not only’s it gonna be Halloween-themed, but it’s for my birthday, too. So keep the 30th open on yo’ calendar if ya down for partyin’ wit’ G. Invites’re goin’ out soon. ❜❜


“Hey, whatchu drawing?” Cups. I’m drawing cups. 

You guys have no idea how much Cuphead arts I’ve been drawing. I love me them cupboys *inhales* Also that last shitpost is because of my sudden realization of how ridiculously big I draw their heckin’ hands. 


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