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I’ll never stop swimming to you
I’m swimming all day

part 5 of vivi being binu trash

  • Sanha and MJ screeching on speaker and demanding to know what happened 
    • Eunwoo: “nothing! I’m just rewriting it and wanted to hear your opinions!" 
    • MJ: "ok but who’s Bin" 
    • Sanha: "why are you writing this Bin a song" 
    • MJ: "why does it sound so bright in the beginning my heart is !!!!" 
    • Sanha: "your heart is always !!!! idk what ur saying" 
    • MJ screeching in response 
    • Cue scuffling sounds where Sanha’s trying to get to get away from MJ
    • Eunwoo laughing because he’s far away and he can turn the volume down but Sanha can’t 
    • Sanha: “ok but then it becomes sadder at the end Eunwoo what’s going on”
    • MJ: “if this Bin person hurt you I’m literally running over right now to fight him”
    • Eunwoo assuring them that firstly, no, Bin hasn’t hurt him it’s just that he hasn’t finished the song and secondly, the image of smol MJ standing up to bad boy Bin just makes him want to laugh
    • MJ screeching more in indignation 
    • Sanha: “ok but does this song have a happy ending?”
    • Eunwoo, pausing before sighing quietly that he really, really hopes so 
  • Jinjin tossing an apple up and down and Rocky trying to catch it with his feet and Hwiyoung dead asleep on the other end of the sofa 
    • Bin studying the sea glass pieces in the counter they just had delivered today 
    • Jinjin: "so when are you going to tell him?”
    • Bin, looking up: “tell who what?" 
    • Jinjin, batting away Rocky’s foot: "tell Eunwoo you’re in love with him" 
    • Bin: "FHSKHDJS I’m nOt" 
    • Rocko: “you’ve been in love with him for forever, Bin, don’t lie”
    • Jinjin: “don’t let him go the same way you’ve been letting him go the past few years”
    • Rocky, before accidentally wiggling his foot a bit too hard and falling off the sofa: "better tell him before he heads back" 
    • Bin watching Hwiyoung startle awake at Rocky’s yelp
    • Bin saying quietly: "what makes you think he’d accept me?”
    • Jinjin, looking at Bin in slightly disbelief: “have you seen the way he looks at you?????”
    • Rocky, scrambling up and brushing himself off: "he looks at you like he can’t quite believe you exist" 
    • Bin: "but-" 
    • Jinjin: "i know you’re scared he won’t like you back but" 
    • Rocko: "trust us, he really does" 
    • Jinjin: "unless you’re scared he might already have someone else in the city?" 
    • Rocko: "or that he’d meet someone else back there that he’d prefer?" 
    • Jinjin: “he’s as sickeningly in love with you as you are with him, you idiot”
    • Rocko: “and if you’ve been in love with him for forever, chances are that it’s like that the other way round too”
    • Hwiyoung, yawning and rubbing his eyes: "what are you both, a tag team???" 
    • Bin watching Rocky shove Hwiyoung and squeeze himself between Hwiyoung and Jinjin on the sofa 
    • Bin, in a small voice: "what makes you think he won’t forget me again when he gets back?" 
    • Hwiyoung, simply: "then give him something to remember”
  • Jinjin yelling at Rocky for splashing him and Bin cackling and Eunwoo doing that one laugh
    • you know that one laugh where his mouth stretches really wide
    • Eunwoo isn’t sure when he agreed to jump into the ocean but Rocky and Jinjin strolled onto the boardwalk topless and shucked off their slippers and jumped into the shallow waters 
    • And proceeded to holler at Eunwoo to join them
    • Bin running after them onto the boardwalk and yelling at them to stop bothering Eunwoo
    • Eunwoo laughing and shucking off his tank top before jumping in too because heck it, it’s been so long since he played in the water and it’s such a hot day he might as well
    • Bin standing there with the three of them hollering at Bin to jump in before deciding also to heck it because if Eunwoo’s in there there’s no point staying on the boardwalk anyway
    • Bin peeling off his shirt 
    • Me still being attacked by Astroad apparently Bin instigated the whole thing
    • Eunwoo regretting all the choices he’s ever made that led up to this instant because holy shit he really wasn’t ready 
    • Eunwoo trying to will down his blush while treading water 
    • Rocky and Jinjin seeing Eunwoo blushing and just cackling 
    • Bin swimming over to them and immediately Rocky and Jinjin swim farther out and leave Binu alone 
    • Bin: “do you remember the time you thought you were part merman?”
    • Eunwoo, huffing a laugh: “yeah, and I said I’d be part dolphin”
    • Smol baby Bin laughing and splashing Eunwoo and telling him he’d be part crab instead 
    • Baby Eunwoo pouting and splashing Bin back
    • And Bin, laughing: “yeah I still think you’re part-crab”
    • Eunwoo pouting 
    • And Bin just smiles and starts swimming out to Rockjin and yelling, “race you, crab-boy!!” over his shoulder
    • Eunwoo laughing and swimming after him before grabbing Bin from behind to keep him from moving forward
    • Bin turns around to shrug him off and suddenly, they’re close, so close 
    • And Bin can see water droplets on Eunwoo’s eyelashes and Eunwoo’s blinking up at him and smiling and saying something
    • Bin’s breath catching 
    • He doesn’t remember when it was his brain decided to give up being bitter at Eunwoo and revert all Eunwoo-related matters to Bin’s heart
    • But his heart is thumping and there’s nothing more he wants than just to lean over and press a kiss on Eunwoo’s cheek 
    • And so he does
    • And it’s like everything’s snapped into place - the sounds of the waves beating against the both of them, sunlight flashing off the waves in small diamonds, Eunwoo’s eyelashes as he blinks when Bin pulls away slightly, Eunwoo’s blush riding high on smiling cheeks 
  • Bin parking his motorbike outside Eunwoo’s house 
    • Bin doesn’t know what to do 
    • Because Bin’s never come looking for him before - it’s always Eunwoo sliding into the shop or them meeting on the boardwalk 
    • Bin scratching his head before Eunwoo’s brother pops his head out the window 
    • Eunwoo’s brother: “woAh hiya Bin nice ride”
    • Eunwoo’s brother: “looking for Eunwoo?" 
    • Bin: 
    • Eunwoo’s brother, gently knocking himself on the head: "yeah because who else would you look for lmao come in" 
    • And the moment Bin steps into the house he hears a gentle melody on the piano, something bright and tinkly and light-hearted 
    • And as he slides off his shoes and follows Eunwoo’s brother into the living room the melody stills, then fades into something melancholic, single separate notes aching and lonely and familiar 
    • And Bin stills too, because Eunwoo’s sitting at a small, brown piano, his fingers heavy on ivory keys  and crumpled staff sheets littering the top of the piano 
    • And the tune swells and bursts and Eunwoo’s brother and the whole room fades into the background 
    • And all Bin can see is Eunwoo 
      • Eunwoo, laughing in the moonlight and hand on Bin’s knee 
      • Eunwoo, leaning back on his hands and face tilted towards the sun 
      • Eunwoo, chasing a stray drop of ice cream with his tongue 
      • Eunwoo, arms wound around Bin’s waist and awed laugh echoing in his ear 
      • Eunwoo, who slipped into the shop less than three weeks ago and made Bin remember everything from when they were young and dumb and best friends and Eunwoo, who looked exactly like Bin imagined Eunwoo would grow up to look like
      • Eunwoo, who’s still the same boy who would sit by Bin and listen to Bin talk about the things he loved and who would get worried when Bin did something dangerous and whose fingers still fit right into the spaces between Bin's 
      • Dammit now I need another soulmate!AU watch me kill my heart over it
      • Eunwoo with fingers dancing along keys, framed with a lilting melody now soft and sweet and gentle and echoing in Bin’s heart 
    • And as Eunwoo’s song comes to an abrupt end and Eunwoo picks up his pencil to scribble notes on his paper, Bin coughs gently 
    • Eunwoo’s head shooting up 
    • Bin coughing a little more because in the process of coughing gently he accidentally swallowed the wrong way and is actually choking 
    • Eunwoo: ????? "Um" 
    • Bin, recovering his breath: "that sounded really good, what was it?”
    • Eunwoo, shuffling his papers before Bin can see the title: “nah I was just bumming around”
    • Bin, not really believing Eunwoo because there’s no way that melody was just a result of ‘bumming around’ unless Eunwoo’s secretly a musical genius
    • Although now when he thinks about it he wouldn’t be surprised if Eunwoo was indeed one
    • Bin, fishing a small bag of beads out of his back pocket: “came to deliver beads”
    • And suddenly Eunwoo’s brother comes out of the background because yay!!!! new beads!!! and Eunwoo is laughing
    • Eunwoo’s brother prodding around the four beads and picking out his own
    • Eunwoo’s brother, pouting: “wait how come Eunwoo’s has an extra carving on the back”
    • Bin flushing because wow called oUT
    • Eunwoo’s brother running off with the beads to their mum
    • Eunwoo peering at his new deep purple bead: “this isn’t the one my mum chose that day though?”
    • Bin, shaking his head: “I chose it”
    • And Eunwoo can’t help himself, he can’t help the silly dumb grin spreading across his face because for the first time he’ll be wearing something picked for him by Bin again
    • Bin tenderly watching Eunwoo smile, heart doing the flippity-flop-about-to-stop thing
    • Eunwoo, seeing the small “8” etched on the front of his sea glass and flipping the bead around 
    • Bin shaking his thin black cord out from under his shirt
    • And Eunwoo sees a moon etched on the back of his stone and a tide on the back of Bin’s
    • Bin, softly: “you can leave the seaside and go back to the city, but remember, I’ll always be pulled to you.”

me: i need 2 stop 

also me: but what about myungjin

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You've probably heard most of the theories but did you hear the one that this isn't really dark and anti. This is mark and jack making fun of dark and anti and now... they just mocked them and we're going to regret it soon... even on jacks tumblr he (anti) said this isn't over, its just begun.. I'm thinking we will have a serious dark and anti video later on

Personally, I think it’s very safe to say that Anti isn’t done. Jack has been dropping hints that seemingly had nothing to do with this particular video. Everything with Chase and the other Egos, you know. And none of that happened here.

Mark, on the other hand, might be done. This is what we’ve been waiting for from him, the collab video with all the other YouTuber’s, not that Mark ever really hints at anything. He just likes to drop it on us all at once. So, we’ll have to wait and see.

It is quite strange that Dark and Anti seem incomplete almost. The missing tie and gauges, nothing you guys haven’t heard already. But someone told me they noticed that they didn’t hear Dark’s signature ringing, which is also interesting. It just seems fishy, if you ask me.

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The WM doesn't fit at all if you've heard BAR but then again it was online only for a bit and not many people heard it. I'm done with my mini rant...I just felt like venting lol. Do you think she reused the footage as well or that it was meant to be for WM from the beginning?

BAR footage.. The video was totally missing her singing and honestly while watching it I felt like it didn’t make a whole lot of sense until I saw it w BAR lyrics and I was like OKAY NOW IT MAKES ALL THE SENSE DAMMIT

PLUS all the focus on dancing - “My baby used to dance underneath my architecture” 

“All the roads lead to you like the 405 I drive through.”  

 “there was nothing left by the time we got to bed baby that’s a shame”  -  The whole video she’s trying to get his attention and touchy touchy but they never even kiss and he seems indifferent to most of her affection

“You were so obsessed with writing the next best american record” - ignoring her

It’s just really sad that their teams think this is how promo should be done. Thanks to this news, nobody is talking about his new video and nobody is talking about the listening party now. Way to go team; way to go! Hey, maybe they could get The Today Show people to ask him about his ‘girlfriend’ just to make things even worse. 

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o wise one, both of your predictions were correct for 2016, dan wore colour and they both looked like an emo power couple on many occasions, what do you predict is in store for 2017?

• since dnp are shedding their old branding i’m thinking they’ll be a lot more relaxed in their videos (as they already have been) with each other
• dan’s already begun pushing the boat out in terms of fashion and also breaking down gender stereotypes so hopefully more of that (get him some winged eyeliner i beg u)
• this might be kind of unlikely but i feel like the past couple of years they’ve shifted away from youtube and done more things outside of it??? i lowkey want them to focus more on yt videos now that tatinof/tabinof/dapgo’s all over
• i saw a textpost about dnp wearing earthy tones and honestly i’m so here for that
• more grown up phil (i.e. less overly child-friendly branding, more sex jokes/adult humour, etc.)

that’s all i can think of right now but if any of this happens in 2017 you saw it here first x

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This is a question about YouTube, as it concerns me of the legitimacy of people doing sponsored stuff. I don't want you to think I'm being a massive douche. Do you think when you show items and don't say it's sponsored in the video, do you care if people start to dislike your content because of this? As I've seen people take a disliking to goth YouTubers (including yourself) who are now just a face of goth marketing. I know people have to live, but I feel people should know how you get items.

I think viewers assume more vids are sponsored than they actually are - I’ve only ever done one paid video and it was like $50. If stuff is sent to me to talk about, I always say it was sent me, or at least write that in the vid’s description. I believe in honesty and openness about that sort of thing, dunno about other YouTubers. Even if I were paid to talk about a product, I would still be honest about whether it were good or not. Having the trust of my viewers is very important to me! 

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I just discovered Coyote Peterson and honestly he's done so much crazy shit that I'm expecting him to Enter the Smash Zone with a peacock mantis shrimp any day now.

The first video I ever saw of his was him getting stung by the velvet ant. Then I watched all of his videos. Once the bullet any came along I didn’t think it could get worse. But I was certainly wrong.

He already got bit by an alligator snapping turtle. Next he’s gonna go play with lions.

I do love him dearly though. I want to see him play with a good ol’ Fisher Cat.

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i think i'm a fucking GCF junkie now. i've watched the video like 5 times in a row when it was released. since then i rewatched it probably 20-30 times more. and i'm like "okay i'm done with this, time to move on" and in an hour after that i feel the NEED to rewatch it again. jungkook what have you done someone send me help pls

i legit just watched it like 2 minutes ago. like, i just automatically watched it when i went into youtube without thinking. like it’s just SUCH A WELL MADE VIDEO. LIKE, I WILL NEVER SHUT UP ABOUT HOW AMAZING JK DID WITH THE EDITING. OKAY. JUNGKOOK YOU TALENTED BOY. 

“Like, he literally tried to blow me up. With a severed head! And I’m like… I don’t even know how to deal with that, you know?”
Even in Wayne Manor, that wasn’t something you expected to hear coming from your living room. Dick did a double take outside the door— when he stuck his head inside, he saw Jason sitting in an armchair (book in one hand, phone in the other) and Tim lying on the floor. Tim was gesturing vaguely above his own head. He looked pretty out of it.
Dick recognized the signs. Every once in a while, Tim reacted to his pain medication— it probably had something to do with his caffeine intake, which was dangerously high on a good day— and he ended up on the floor. It was kind of similar to sleep talking, usually. He’d snap out of it after a few minutes.
But until he did, they were going to have a show. Tim continued with his story.
“So then we were fighting. We’re always fighting.”
“Yeah,” Jason told him. He waved his phone in Dick’s direction and winked. “You fight a lot.”
“That’s because he won’t leave me alone! He’s honestly the worst I don’t even—” Tim let one of his hands drop, but it fell directly onto his own face. “—ow. He’s so arrogant. Who does he think he is?”
“Bruce’s son?”
“So am I, you know.”
“We know.”
“So does he, I think.” Tim squeezed his eyes closed for a few seconds, then opened them again and glared at the ceiling. “He can make as many adoption jokes as he wants, but it won’t change the fact that I was here first.”
“You tell him.”
“I will.” Tim’s eyebrows narrowed even further, like the ceiling had offended him. “Is he home?”
Jason glanced at Dick for confirmation. “No,” Dick told them, “he went with Bruce.”
“Oh.” Tim sighed. “He annoys the hell out of me.”
“All he ever does is insult people. That’s not… that’s not nice, and I don’t appreciate it. Do you think he wakes up in the mornings and thinks ‘how can I hurt Tim’s feelings today?’ Because I do, I truly think that. He probably makes a list. He needs to grow up because he’s…” Tim trailed off for a few seconds. “Why is he so…?”
“So what?”
“He’s just—” Tim raised an arm above his head again and swung his hand back and forth. “He’s really—”
“Really what?”
“I don’t know! He’s…” Tim’s arm flopped down again. “Wait— small! Yeah.” Tim grinned, excited to have found his word, but then his face turned angry again. “He’s small, he’s too small, and I can’t take it anymore.”
“I’m sorry,” Jason put his book aside slowly. “What did you just say?”
“He’s cute,” Tim muttered, like cute was a dirty word. “I’m so tired of it. Make him stop.”
“Oh my god,” Jason whispered. “This is the best thing that’s ever happened to me.”
“I’m going to fight him until he stops.”
“Please do that, Tim.”
“How does he get away with this? First he’s small and then he’s… I’m supposed to be the smart one. What the hell. Literally what the hell?”
“What else?”
“He makes me so angry. Like… can somebody just tell him? Tell him he’s not a bad person. I don’t know why the hell he thinks that.” Tim blinked a couple of times. “Was it me? Did I do that?”
“Damn it,” Tim sighed. “Okay, Dick can tell him. You can do that, right?”
“Sure, Tim.”
“I’ll just…” Tim’s eyes narrowed again. “I’m going to— why is your phone in my face?”
“My what?” Jason clicked off his camera, and leaned back in his chair. “What phone?”
“Why am I on the floor?”
“I don’t know. You tell me.”
“Dick, why am I on the floor?”
“I think you fell,” Dick told him. He backed out the door slowly, without making eye contact. It was hard not to laugh. “I have to go now, okay?”
On his way down the hall, his phone went off: one video message from Jason Todd.

for blackturtlesofdeath xoxo

stop saying I’m cooler than you

The Amazing Tour Is Not On Fire: “The Internet is here.”

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hey i was wondering if you had any tips for someone who's just starting/ trying to find their art style, i'm gonna buy a graphics tablet soon to practice making digital art and i was just wondering if you had any tips on how to get started? and this is also a chance to say that i honestly love your artwork and style and it always looks so awesome and well done. so yeah i'm gonna stop myself rambling now and just say your arts awesome :)

I did my very first video tutorial a little while ago geared towards people like you who are just starting out with digital art.  I tried to make it easy to follow, so I hope it helps. I do ramble a little, but it was my first try recording myself like that, lol XD

In regards to finding your own style, that’s more individual and everyone discovers it a different way, but let me think if I can come up with any helpful ideas. It’s something I’m always constantly figuring out as well, so take my advice with a grain of salt.  ^^;

  • Get lots of practice with the fundamentals of art.  Study and practice anatomy, lighting, color theory, perspective, etc.  The better we’re acquainted with these, the less time we have to spend worrying about them and it becomes second nature, so you can focus on what things are the most fun for you to draw, like clothes, expressions, etc.
  • Play around with different techniques.  Think about why you like someone’s art style, whether it’s their use of color, a certain texture, the way they draw hair, etc.  Decide if it’s something you want to emulate and make it your own.
  • Draw a lot.  Practice, practice, practice.  It takes a while to get used to using a tablet and software, but eventually it becomes totally natural. 

Anyway, thank you so much for your kind words!!!  I hope I helped a little!

Imagine working as a spy and being assigned to go on a mission with spy!Woozi where you two have to attend a gala as a couple.

BONUS: Imagine a normally composed spy!Woozi being all flustered when he sees how amazing you look in your formal attire.

I feel so weird when 1D were put together I was 15 and hadn’t done my GCSE exams yet and I used to like run home from school on a Wednesday to see it the new video diary had been uploaded.

I’m now 20 and I’ve done all my GCSEs, A Levels and I’ve just finished my second year at university with only one more to go. I don’t even live at home anymore.

Just thinking of all the things that has happened in these 5 years in our lives: the sad, happy, crazy and amazing times. We’ve literally grown up besides them.

Feel a tad fragile and emotional right now.

Happy 5 years One Direction!!

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I'm sorry but if all the larries are mad about them having to hide their relationship why do they not give Briana and Ashley respect? I've seen a couple people thinking that they're dating and that the video was for Ashley and I think it speaks volumes that now possibly two relationships could be hiding and everything that's made us hate Briana could be fake & done by her management

I’m really confused. People are saying Ashley was recording the video. Not that Briana made the video for Ashley. They’re cousins. They’re not hiding a relationship. If anything it looked like they were trying to imply that a guy took that video of Briana but Ashley messed up by snapping herself there so looks like she was actually the one to record it.