i think that makes it a little funnier

I think “I cried at the (reprise)” is the perfect summary of my life.


It never fails to make me happy, that my husband thinks I am funny. Not just “ha ha you’re adorable”, but in the way where I can render him gasping for breath with tears streaming down his face Funny. And he tells people too, at every given opportunity. He’s proud of me, immensely so, and it makes my little heart sing because I was always told this would never happen.

My mother always told me that boys don’t like funny girls. They especially don’t like girls that are funnier than them. Boys don’t like a lot of things, according to my mother. They don’t like sluts but they also don’t like prudes, and they don’t marry bimbos, but they also don’t want someone too clever either. Because you’re life is supposed to be a supporting act. You can be funny, but you are part of a duo. You are the cheap laugh to his comedic genius, the assistant fluttering the feathers to distract everyone from his slight of hand.

And it makes me sad because my father—a profoundly funny man—agrees with her. Oh women can be funny of course, but not because they are quick or witty, but because they are laughable. The fact that I work hard at my craft is irrelevant, explained away by an anomaly of chance and luck, and as he so often says with an buff of his nails on his imaginary lapels, genetics—empirical proof that some men will try to take credit for whatever you do, even if their last worthy contribution was sometime post utero, but mostly prior.

A sentiment many men in my life feel the need to reiterate as they comment on my facebook with things like “wow you sure are something” or “where did you get that line from” as though it could never have come from my own pretty little head.

Which is hurtful, to say the least. Insulting as middle ground and at worst a broken record stuck on repeat for the last thirty years of my life.

So the next time you think about sending me a message that says “wow you’re really funny for a woman” I would like you to reconsider your outlook on life, and whether or not it might be better improved by first removing your head from your arse.

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So, 2016 is finally ending and while overall I believe it was a shitty, shitty, shitty year for basically everybody, there were a few things and people here who made things easier, funnier and lighter for me, so I wanted to say thank you to all of you. For being there. For creating such quality content to follow. For making me laugh and cry and think, and for making me want to be a better person (I swear I’m trying). I hope 2017 goes easier on all of us, but especially you, you wonderful people. 

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Needless to say these wishes extend to all my lovely followers, love you all and hope to interact more with y’all this next year! If I’ve forgotten someone I truly apologize, this was really done in a haste but you are all very important to me, please know that.

Happy Holidays!

proof that i’m a psychic

waiting in line to enter a pet expo with my terrified dog quaking beside me I heard the person in front of me say “I’ve only got 15 dollars cash” and I started thinking “Cash would be funny dog name. Cashdollar would be even funnier” and anyway 20 minutes into the expo I walk past a little agility course contest and the dog winning the contest was literally named Cashdollar. The announcer said his name and everything and everyone had a laugh over it. Anyway I have no proof this happened aside from if I was going to make up a story to prove I have psychic powers I’d probably try to come up with something less stupid

Electrify Your Resistance

So I was writing a reply to a comment and mentioned my headcanon that ethics, which is listed as Gakushu’s least favorite subject, is an actual course that Gakushu is failing miserably. Then I thought, “You know, I bet Karma’s in that class too and doing splendidly, since he probably does a good job of disguising his near-sociopathy,” which would drive Gakushu nuts. Thus, this cracky fic was born.

I took some liberties to make it possible for Karma and Gakushu to share a class, since I don’t think Kunigigaoka allows Class A and E to do that, and I’m not sure how electives work in Japan, so please pretend canon/reality work as described. It contains a reference to this half-written fic of mine, but having read it is not required. It just makes one line a little funnier.

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This guy looks like a Kid Law love child.

He got Law’s face and his attitude.
Kid’s muscle and fashion taste.

Probably grew up in Kid’s side for a little too long, because Daddy Kid’s friends are cooler and funnier. Although, he acts like Law a lot because he thinks that it’s cool.

He also spent fair amount of time in Uncle Killer’s care and Uncle Doffy’s care every once in a while. Often enough to pick up some of their likings. (E.g. love of sharp, pointy objects. A fur material, covering face etc etc).


This scene confused the hell out of me. I thought I was misunderstanding the situation and blamed my poor language skills cause it didn’t make any sense to me that Kanato of all people would get mad over a little dirt in the hallway.

By now I’m convinced that the writers mixed up Reiji’s script with Kanato’s. I didn’t play Reiji’s route but I like to think there is a scene where he’s having a tea party with dolls or something.

BTS Reaction when they try to make a move on you

-Admin N

Jungkook: *just acts like himself*

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V: *comforts you through the movie and lets you cuddle into him because he purposely chose a scary movie*

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Jimin: “I’m gonna let you pick the movie because I am a gentleman” *thinks being a gentleman will win your heart*

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Rap Monster: *does the yawning thing where he puts his arm around the girl*

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J-Hope: *uses his humor to win you over and you think he’s funnier than the movie* 

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Suga: “Listen, I like you. A lot.” *smug little shit*

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Jin: “I’m a mom. Idk if you’re into moms” *he thinks he’s slick, but he’s not*

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working with kids is the only balm to my mind right now they’re so much funnier and more insightful and interesting than adults they make me laugh so much and actually really help with my inclinations of paranoia because i’ll describe a situation and they are unable to see it in a way that isn’t completely objective and they’ll be like “how could you reach that conclusion? that’s silly. nothing is there that should make you think that.” and i’ll be like.. shit little debbie u right 


RA 31 Day Challenge

     3. A scene which made you laugh.

The most obvious answer would be a scene from The Vicar of Dibley, or maybe Porter’ sass, or the bromance scenes with Jerry… But I think it’s funnier when there’s just a little thing on a very otherwise not funny show.
So my pick is this little scene between Thornton & Higgins, which makes me laugh everytime !

I’d like to think, if given a minute to breathe, to think, to laugh at herself and scream a little, Revka would be certain her choice. 

(She’d wonder and there’d still be rage–the hope that some small part of her, un-tethered and guiltless to go with the bodiless, will make it across that sea and keep her quietest promise.)

Letting go by keeping control. Just like her. Thane might laugh. She hopes a bit of her will still know how. She wonders, in a brief fragment that is far funnier than it ought to be, if Vega will see her movements in the Reapers–would that be a comfort? Probably nightmare fuel. 

Shepard out.  

In the end, Revka walked into the control ending with clear eyes and a tucked half smile. 

@bloomingcnidarians, you have outdone yourself. I’ve run out of ways to say perfect, so I’m just going to share this with everyone and you can fill in all the high-pitched keening noises. I shall treasure this, and thank you for patience and for making a very dear character look how I see them in my mind. (also, crow’s feet. crow’s feet. Thank you.)