i think that is the ship name

if you looked around this blog, you probably know what i draw and feel joyful about..right? did you take a moment…to think about why you really absolutely had to send me this…? :) 

shipping is inspired by canon but is separate from it.

fans have the freedom to create alternate universes that diverge from canon - all in the name of fun and expressing the joy these characters bring them.

you can sink what you want or float what you want in fanmade universes regardless of what happens in canon.

lastly, characters can and probably will grow and change in OW canon too.

that’s what i think since you asked. ill be planning my next drawings~ :)

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I agree with the Villinous team being more family like, I just can't see the ships like most people. At most I think Dementia (I think that's her name) would be like a schoolgirl with a crush on her teacher, or more of a puppy love kinda thing that Black hat ignores. ~Q

true X’‘‘D

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Did you know that you & Betty have a SHIP name? It is "BUGHEAD"! TAAADAAAAAA!

I appreciate that witticism. I like that more than I probably should. It’s completely unromantic and it’s a ship name. Perfect.

I am also keenly aware that there is a population that ship Archie and myself. Because bros can’t be bros on the internet. I know our ship name is Jarchie but I think it should be Baldhead.

Because Archie’s full name is Archibald, and so that’s just funnier to me to be baldhead instead of Jarchie.

I’m sure Arch will disagree.

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Yuta... I Think Yukimaru needs a hug.

Oh, Yukimaru, you are here, I was searching for you !

Oh yes, that’s right, you needed me for that, I’m coming.


*turns to Mondo* Sorry, I have a thing to take care of, I will see you later.

Eh? O-Okay….

….*turns around and drags Yuta away with him*

*once they are away from the others* Did we have something planned? I’m sorry I don’t remember…

Of course you don’t, I lied.


*sits down on the ground before sighing* I just wanted 5 minutes for myself before going back to Mondo…Mondo and his stupid boyfriend.

Oh…*sits down next to him* Let’s wait then.

I didn’t ask you to stay. I just needed you to get away, you can go and do your own stuff now.

I know, but I’m like being there. Plus I was bored so staying with you doesn’t bother me at all !

Tch. Do whatever you want then.

I will !

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I CANT DEAL WITH THIS PREQUEL okay azriel x Lena (lazriel?) is just👌🏼 and I am SO in the Azriel fanclub (stanclub?) like It's killing me aghhh

THANK YOU FRIEND!!!! And I’m thinking Lazriel is a good ship name ;)

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Halsey's character name for the Strangers video is Luna (Moon) and she didn't say the name of Lauren's character because it would "give away a plot point" .... my delusional self is ready for them to say that Lauren character name is Sol (Sun) 😏😏😏😏 *Fingers cross* Pray to Allysus

Nope, I hate to crush your dreams kiddo but Halsey’s album is a concept album and R+J themed- Nothing to do with Camren and TBH I don’t want to drag Halsey, my peace and serenity, into this mess we of a ship.

But I would be hella delulu and freaking out if she was named sol, but I think it’s going to be something white themed??? 🤔

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Hi, my name's Jess (Jessica) though I do most of my writing using my middle name (Paige). Can't remember the reason why I started doing that, but I think I was in film school at the time. Fav color: blue. Fav ship: all the Doctors x Rose (most favs though are 10, 9, 8, 3 & Tentoo). Ice cream: chocolate w/ or w/o peanut butter...oooh or salted caramel. 1 cat, Sinful. He's a little bit evil. He's mellowed with age (he's 18). Also have a houseful of dogs.

Originally posted by telefilmaddictedforever

Wonder why we all like blue? :P:P

Hello!! (So you like to be called Jess or Paige?) Every Doctor x Rose FTW!
And it’s funny but Three x Rose is surging all of a sudden?? I keep seeing more things. I haven’t read an actual fic for them yet, I don’t think, other than whatever would have been in Jessa L’Rynn’s multidoc fics.

Tell me about yourself and your favorite ice cream and ship and cat and anything else, anon or not 

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What do think of Gideon and Roderick? I think Rodigon should be their ship name. In case you don't remember Roderick was Gideon's friend in 6x16.

Oh, they’re in love. I will shmush their faces together and they will engage in a passionate session of luuuuurrrrve….I want to write them sonnets, I will sing of their love from the tops of mountains. Because Season 6 sucked (so much), BUT GIDEON AND RODERICK.

There was something so painfully but delightfully bittersweet about them–delicious angst, I want a hipster soundtrack okaying in the background while Gideon rides a train with his scarf blowing in the wind, wistfully watching the sun go down as he thinks of his lost love. I want Roderick at the edge of a lake, holding a crumpled flower in his hand, and staring off into the distance as he thinks of his lost love,,,

I want them to bang. HARD. 

In short, I’m putting Roderick and Gideon in the “Neal Cassidy” area of Fanon: which means, “belongs only to the fandom, the writers cannot touch them, we shall develop them and figure out who they truly are on our own, through deep discussion and exploration of the little scraps of useable canon they gave us.” I want us as a fandom to make this ship grown because…Roderick is Gideon’s boyfriend, and fucking fight me on this.

If someone were to have told me a few weeks ago that two big ol sweet gay butch squares were going to be the thing that finally motivated me to draw again…i probably would have believed them tbh

Anyways i love Topaz and Topaz with all my heart and id die for them to be happy forever thanks.

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THANK U i love evan comforting connor