i think that is the ship name

So apparently “BIT Hit” took down some 18+ fake jikook audio on YouTube. If I remember correctly, didn’t they also took down the videos of kookminworld?

Since their name is spelled wrong, which makes it obviously a fake, I think it might be someone from another ship being angry. I mean, they only did that to jikook stuff as far as I heard, and mostly analysis’ and stuff that sounds too real, like the fake audio.

That’s so pathetic, even if it’s not from another ship, there is no reason to take those videos down.


Lunyxweek day 1 -  Alternative story - Pride and Prejudice AU

i think this au doesn’t really fit Lunyx but I’m really happy with that first pic. Although he doesn’t really look like Nyx *cries*

Lunyx + Noctis x Crowe on the side

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You keep talking about this lingerie episode and what's your "source" that picture ever existed? disneyprincessmodelword/modelworld aka the girl who literally says anything you all believe

Oh Anon, my “source” is not @disneyprincessmodelworld  (and please know this has nothing to do with her at all, I am just correcting your misconception).  

But I had a BETTER source. You know what my source was?  MIA’S SNAPCHAT.  Go head, do your research, I am sure it was recorded on her “fan” sites. It was for sure recorded by us CCers (look in our archives, you know the date).

You see my delusional, blind anon, I watched the entire event unfold as she recorded it in real time.  Now ask yourself, why would she do that?  Blow holes in her own ship? I can think of one explanation, but you would never believe that about your queen.

Now repeat with me. Mia is a beard, She has a real bf named Ben. It is NOT hidden.  And if Mia is a beard.  I think that likely means Darren at least bends.

Time to wake up and live in reality my dear.

I can’t believe y’all are already coming up with ship names for Mic and King Dice I’m cackling

Might as well make an official one so I can tag them. Any suggestions while I’m thinking on it as well? I do quite love smart wordplay instead of just mashing the names together 

tho knowing myself if i cant come up with a nice one i’ll just default to A x B lmao and leave y'all to name them whatever you want


I started a YouTube channel to stop Star Wars ship wars awhile ago but kind of ended up forgetting about it. I’m thinking about bringing it back (I even have a sideblog named after it - @stop-tfa-ship-wars which I also need to get back to). Would any fellow vidders on here be interested?

The only rules are:

  • NO HATE IS ALLOWED. You can dislike a ship, it can be your NOTP, whatever but any comments hating on a ship WILL be deleted. It’s supposed to be a safe space for all shippers - regardless of what that ship is.
  • Respect everyone (kind of goes with the above rule). We’re all human beings who like one thing: Star Wars. 
Discovery Thoughts 1.06
  • Tyler is also leaning toward being a cupcake
  • A Vulcan suicide bomber is just weird
  • The fucking Disco shirts LOL
  • Michael’s FACE when Tilly calls her her mentor!
  • Weird-ass long distance mindmeld is uncomfortable
  • “Now that’s my kind of crazy”
  • “Sarek-vision”
  • “An uncharted superhighway connecting all of consciousness and life”
  • “Like a psychic hit of speed.” “I was thinking an adrenaline shot, but okay.”
  • Stamets is suddenly awesome
  • “Are you really that crazy?” *eyebrow* “Good to know.”
  • “She’s smart. And I could use the moral support.” I don’t ship it (yet) but damn they’re cute
  • Sudden weird Lorca/Tyler/Burnham thoughts and that’s awkward
  • Why is there a Vulcan named Tyrell? That’s not a Vulcan name
  • I’m torn about this admiral chick. On the one hand, she’s super cute. On the other, she looks like my neighbor.
  • Sarek’s an ass. Legit the only thing I like about him is his relationship with Amanda (in TOS, not DSC)
  • I’m not feelin’ this Amanda
  • Nearly spit my tea at Spock being called Sarek’s experiment
  • The green blood looks like paint, not blood
  • “Much as it would displease my Vulcan mentor, I’m feeling a lot of emotions right now.”
  • Michael calling Sarek “father”!!!
  • I feel like Lorca is gonna run off and do something dumb (esp since his reply to the admiral saying they’d discuss how he steps down was to quote “may fortune favor the bold”)
  • I might end up shipping Michael and Tyler…
  • Plz don’t kill the admiral, plz don’t kill the admiral…
  • Well fuckshit

saturnofthemoon  asked:

Are you still doing the ship meme? If so, plantonic Saru & Burnham. Also hi. I don't know if you remember me, but I used to be weirdofromafar/yetanothermask on LJ.

I will continue responding to ship asks as long as y’all continue sending them!

Hi! I don’t remember any specifics (sorry!) but I recognize your handle and your name, and found evidence I made you an icon of Emma Frost and another with the Plato quote “love is a serious mental disease” and that pleases me, greatly. You are obviously awesome and I am pleased to re-meet you. 

Saru and Burnham are super interesting. I think their relationship on the Shenzou was actually pretty superficial. They were rivals to a degree, but worked together, and under Georgiou’s excellent guidance, worked together well. I’d be tempted to compare it to siblings, but there was none of the closeness of family while there. They were snarky colleagues. 

Now, on Discovery, they actually seem closer. And closer to siblings, if the antagonistic kind. They know each other’s strengths and weaknesses the way the rest of the new crew does not. And (this is the way they are most like family) they know each other’s drama. Especially after Saru realizes his hang ups wrt Burnham and Georgiou and owns up to them to her directly. I hope that he gives the telescope back at some point, maybe when he decides to trust her again. 

The way things are going, I would not be surprised if at some point either Michael comes to Saru with the suggestion that Lorca needs to be removed from command, or he actually comes to her. And then he will understand why she did what she did. Pure speculation but I can see it being the Michael-Saru arc. 

Send me a ship and I’ll give you my (brutally) honest opinion on it 

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Why do SS fans come to your blog to complain about what SK "extremists" say? I check the SS tag often and I don't see SK fans cross-tagging-I just see SS fans complaining about how "dumb" SK fan theories are. So my question is, why do they care what SK fans think if SS is canon? SK fans wanting to believe that Sarada is/could have been a child of Sasuke and Karin isn't offensive in and of itself. I would understand if SK fans were cross-tagging, but I don't see that. It makes me think that the

the SS fans who send you all those asks are stalking the SK tag or the anti-SS tag.

Well not that many people intentionally cross tag, but if you search the ship names without the # in front of it, then you’re gonna see every post with that word included, regardless of whether it’s anti or pro. Many people in the fandom, both pro and anti search in this manner, so they often see posts of the opposite fandom which they don’t like. And yes, SK fans are guilty of this too.


In the meantime in Sven Dimension —

(Lance is one of the last Galra Hybrid? Or just a fluffy alien? Who know? Not me - I just wanted to draw blu lance with nice golden stuff. With Sven. Of course.

Ps: of course Keith is a rogue altean.I wanted to doodle the whole team, but I haven’t already chosen what they can be^^’’.)

If someone were to have told me a few weeks ago that two big ol sweet gay butch squares were going to be the thing that finally motivated me to draw again…i probably would have believed them tbh

Anyways i love Topaz and Topaz with all my heart and id die for them to be happy forever thanks.