i think that is the ship name


Star Vs. The Forces of Evil has a lot of really stupid love triangles (says the ace-spec. person) and shit for some reason and I’m never going to get into any of that, but THIS EPISODE!
Like, everything was so sweet, Star hooked everyone up with tickets to Love Sentence because she wanted to include Jackie in their friend things, but with Jackie and Star hitting it off Marco starts feeling left out.
But another thing to that, I think Marco was actually genuinely afraid Star would steal Jackie away from him somehow. He was afraid that being next to Star, he would seem “less cool” and Jackie would ditch him. And there was this.

Yeah, that’s pretty clear.
But after they noticed, they all made up and everything was nice again, then there was this nice scene where Star and Marco were getting excited about one of their songs and had to remember Jackie was there, but Star didn’t mind and they all had fun!

LIKE, OKAY, THIS EPISODE MADE ME REALLY LIKE AND REALLY THINK THEY’RE GOING POLY WITH THIS! Or at the very least jealousy is being put aside and the love triangle was going to die and they would all be happy for each other and with each other, but this episode got me really hyped for the first one.

Aaaaaaaaand then…!

Firstly, I’m glad she’s trying her best to be happy for Marco and Jackie and she really is trying to move on.
Secondly: POOR STAR!

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Stop talking about heteronormative BS, gay justice, whatever. Most people are straight, that's why most ships are straight. James is an annoying white knight nice guy, it's not cause he's black. Karamel is cannon in the comics, it's not cause the writers are homophobic. Calm the hell down. I like supercorp too. Ship it in piece. Stop throwing about bigotry name calling and watch the show cause you like it it cause of one gay couple and wanting more.

Hello pal if you don’t think heteronormativity and racism have anything to do with supercorp and karolsen than you need to read a book. If Lena Luthor was a man, they would be dating by now. A Super and a Luthor? falling in love despite their family history! And if you don’t see a problem with the writers abruptly ending karolsen in s2ep1 because Kara has suddenly changed her mind/as soon as the pod landed to make way for pretty fratboy. And one gay couple means they’re can’t be any more right? I mean bisexuality doesn’t exist?!

It took HYDRA thousands of years

to master the clever use of flares?!??????!!! Like thousands of years of study and they couldn’t figure out the portals like come on… Also I have a crossover theory that HYDRA and Rittenhouse are two branches of the same evil organization. Also- there’s a lot to process here people- I’d like to guess that Banks is to Rosalind as Melinda is to Phil. I just have this funny feeling okay, she tells him everything like Phil tells Melinda everything. It’s adorable.

honestly i hate it when ppl use ship portmanteaus to refer to platonic stuff bc it always happens with two characters who are related or have a drastic age difference
like it might just be that you freaks are shipping abuse like that but im trying to give you the benefit of the doubt, mmkay

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consider: valhansole (what even is a ship name lmfao) with guy

valensolecock? solevalencock? solecockentine? i dont know.

but im not sure what i imagine for guys future relationships. i dont think id go as far as to ship him with anyone at this point, but heres a situation where theyd all be together <3

he wouldve almost shot hancock too if he didnt roll into a spiel about how he runs goodneighbor right after

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2,3,7 jikook <3

2.) Who is louder?

ok but i bet they both loud as shit it just matters whos bottoming at the time like i bet those two are just super whiney

3.) Who likes to ‘dress up’ and how?

i bet jungkook loves to crack out his police uniform from dope (the lil shit)

7.) Who enjoys being submissive more?

i think they both switches but jimin is a cock slut so i think he likes it more ;3

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Are you asexual and thoughts on Aromantic Asexuals as a whole and how they don't exist in tv?

I’m like 99% sure I’m aromantic but I’m bisexual I know for a fact. I can’t think of any asexual/aromantic characters in media other than that side character from sirens. I think seeing one and having them go through an arc would be interesting to watch, actually! In the case of jughead whom I’m assuming prompted this I wish they’d make him aroace in the show I think that’d be cool to watch- light years better than straight jughead and forced het ships to me

And I think I think they don’t really exist on tv because

1) the concept and acceptance of asexuality being a thing is pretty recent. Not to say there haven’t always been asexuals but it wasn’t, like, named. It was usually just assumed they were people with really low sex drives or something was just off with them I guess. A lot of older people wouldn’t even know what you meant if you called yourself asexual.

2) romance + sex = easy drama. Call it lazy writing if you want but it’s a sure fire way to create a story. Without that writers would have to come up with something else that has the risk of not even captivating the audience at all.

I wouldn’t really think it’s, like, a disgust, moral objection, or purposefully move against asexuals like lack of trans/gay rep more just the reasons I listed above, leaning towards the first thing :0

Sorry if that’s not a satisfying answer I’m on mobile and it’s kinda hard to make a well organized and thought out post :)

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remind me if i'm wrong, but, didn't you once have a post about ignoring g@brinette shippers and the anons you get about them? or maybe i was thinking of some other blog, oop (also i'm sorry about that anon they seemed more like someone who wanted to stir up trouble)

That was mostly in reference to people asking me why I am deeply, deeply uncomfortable with it; I’m not going to ignore every vitriolic anon that slithers into my inbox. 

I can’t tell what they were after, but if you’re suggesting that I quietly accept whatever abuse the internet wants to hurl at me, you’re going to be disappointed. Sorry if it showed up in your tag but I didn’t choose to put your ship name in my inbox; that was the responsibility of whatever fan that decided to invade my inbox with their two-cent opinion. 

I don’t tag my opinions; I don’t harass people who elect to ship something that viscerally triggers me. But when people show up to my front doorstep trying to rub it in my face, you’re damn skippy I’m gonna tell them to fuck off. 

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It seems that after the beth tweet a lot of non-shipping viewers are believing it is beth too

Interesting. Could you please elaborate on why you think that anon? I wouldn’t be surprised, as TPTB have been preparing the general audience for years. All of the subtle Beth/Bethyl promotion has been keeping her alive in the audience’s subconscious, making her return easier to accept. I’m going to quote one of my favorite movies, Paul, as I feel it’s appropriate to the situation. (It’s about two classic nerds who help an alien named Paul escape from the government and reach his people’s ship.)

Clive: He looks too obvious.

Paul: There’s a reason for that, Clive! Over the last 60 years, the human race has been drip fed of images of my face, on lunch boxes, and t-shirts and shit.
In case our species do meet, you don’t have a fuckin’ spaz attack

Essentially, the general audience has been drip fed reminders of Beth so they don’t have a spaz attack once she does return.

i did this a while ago, but forgot to post it and now my numbers are out of date so i did it again and died a little.

anyways i wanted to see the contrast of nsfw of shaladin ships (namely she/ith, sha/nce, and sh/kl/ance) in comparison to kl/ance and i got exactly what i expected lol

kl/ance (not factoring for crosstagged ot3s)- 6145 fics

rated explicit- 9%
“this work could have adult content” popup- 31%

sh/eith (not factoring for crosstagged ot3s) - 1799 fics

rated explicit- 22%
“this work could have adult content” popup- 43%

sh/ance (not factoring for crosstagged ot3s) - 574 fics

rated explicit- 35%
“this work could have adult content” popup- 58%

shkl/ance- 294 fics

rated explicit- 46%
“this work could have adult content” popup- 66%

in conclusion- why is so much shaladin nsfw lol @ shippers you can admit you just think its ~hot~ now

Numbers are as of about 5 pm February 25th, 2017.

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Can I have a match-up, please? I have 16, dark brown hair, blue eyes, 5'2" and I wear glasses. My name's Alice and I'm portuguese, but I think I can speak English relatively well. I'm moody, REALLY stubborn and sometimes kinda lazy, but I'm also VERY insecure, sensible and loyal. I'm a Slytherin, I love reading, listening to music and sometimes just be alone in my room. I get anxious really easily and I'm kind of a crybaby. And I'm totally in for PDA (seriously, I just love cuddles and kisses).

I think you can speak English well, too.

1p!Romano: “Why aren’t you telling me anything?!?”

Ship Headcanons

  • Moodiness, insecurities… He can relate to you very well, and he’ll always be there for you. In fact, because of how much you two can relate, he does a better job than any other country when it comes to these things.
  • Will always be there to comfort you when you are tense or stressed.
  • Don’t take it personally when he doesn’t want to help you
  • He understands that you need to be alone. He truly does. But he will invade your privacy, if he feels like you might forget about him.
  • You might get into fights about who does this and who does that, since both of you are lazy.

Yandere Headcanons

  • Might get pushy when he notices that you are upset. He’d start asking you these questions, like, “Who did this to you?”, “Why are you crying?”, and “Can’t you explain to me what happened?”
  • If you get quiet and distant, and suddenly want time by yourself, he’ll get suspicious