i think that ill delete this shit later

i’m   gonna  kermit. 

my sister told me today that all men care about is ur looks and nothing else… like im so upset with heterosexuality honestly and the forms it takes sometimes. like why does my sister (who is gorgeous, career orientated, smart, and health driven) not see that this is fuCKED up thinking?? why does she think its normal??? why does the fact that i disagree with her makes her so upset, to the point she tells me i know nothing of relationships??? like i may not have ever been in love but jesus christ ill have the decency to respect myself and the other enough that if looks is the only factor, then this is not a functioning relationship.

like wtf???? why do i even have to deliberate on this?? why is heterosexuality so dangerous?? why does my sister literally just invite straight men to only judge her on her body, and this is normal??? why do i have to convince her that men are more than that and care about aspirations, likes, dislikes, etc. i feel like i had to convince her that men are people and love women as people. that’s like… so fucked up i even had to do that. god bless straight people honestly, like be fucking safe please. respect yourself and your partners. please dont view relationships like over generalized sitcoms.