i think that ill delete this shit later

Hi guys.

So my computer is pretty much shitting out. I’m looking into if it’d be cheaper to fix (we think it’s a harddrive problem) or buy a new one. I don’t exactly have a lot of money atm dealing with student loans and not being able to work until after my surgery, so there’s a chance that SaM will not be able to update for a month or more, depending when I can get this fixed.

I uploaded everything on an external harddrive but my old one shit out so I’m going to need to get a backup one just in case, too. Any and all commissions I will work hard to get them completed before April 27th, the day before my surgery, even if I have to use my old shitty 13 yo desktop and transfer the files through my parents computer.

Either way, I just wanted to let you guys know so if there isn’t any updates for a bit it’s because of this.

Thank you.

everyone in my class is a fucking cunt lol someone told the teacher that they saw me outside when i was supposed to be ‘ill’ like i fucking hate all of them if i saw one of them out i wouldnt tell the teacher about it too and just let them live but literally they cant keep their mouth shut these motherfuckers i literally dont wanna talk to them ive gotten into more shit now do they think this doesnt make things worse? do they think this doesnt have consequences? they better dont touch me tomorrow or ill actually snap