i think that first date is right

INFINITE REACTION: To you asking them to be your first time

Scenario: You’re dating for two years


“Yah… Do you think  am that easy?”

“Yeah, that’s right… I am…”



“Hum… Hey how are you doing? So sudden like that?”


“How about now?”





“Excuse me?”


“You… I’m watching you…”

~ADM Cherry Panda and Misso~

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Did you ever do First dates for the Flanks and Front liners?

I don’t think so!

Makoa: He’s a simple guy and first dates (if they ever do happen) will never be anything fancy. Maybe just go out for dinner and that’s it.

Fernando: You’ll know if he’s very invested in the potential relationship - he knows how to play his cards right and if he really wants something to happen, he’ll be certain to get it with his charm and the right gifts at the right times.

Ruckus: He’ll probably be late and is super flustered if he really likes them, but they’ll forgive him for it because of how adorable he is.

Barik: He can be quite intimidating at first, but he knows what to talk about that will almost always get his date hooked. He never pays the whole bill though - a few rotten experiences have taught him his lesson.

Torvald: He’s really not interested in dating anyone anymore. He had his share of flings and relationships when he was younger and he usually makes his disinterest clear when it was his friends who set him up.

Evie: Everything is about her. She’ll turn the conversation towards herself at every chance she gets but the problem is that she doesn’t actually notice it. It’s such a habit that she doesn’t notice and her date gets very frustrated.

Skye: She’s super smooth and knows how to charm her date - mostly so she can get away with free drinks or dinner. She’s not interested in really dating but she wouldn’t say no to a chance for free food.

Maeve: Intimate relationships are not her thing and she wants nothing to do with it. She wouldn’t even show up.

Buck: He’s super nice - perhaps a little but too nice. Unfortunately he’s had his fair share of bad run-ins with dates that never called back, but that’s okay. It’s good experience anyway.

Androxus: His dates find him oddly charming despite how hard he tries to be scary and dark and Edgy. When they do call back, he gets very confused and has already forgotten who they even were unless he’s really into them. Which, being a Godslayer, never happens.


After a couple of drinks the tension seemed to lighten a little, they were sitting on one of the fancy sofas over by the pool.
“The wine any good?” Akira asked as Ellis was taking a sip.
“Oh yeah, it’s the best I’ve ever had I think.” Ellis said looking at his glass with fascination. “Better than the wine I had at…” Ellis trailed off.
“At?” Akira asked.
“Oh nothing, it’s nothing.” Ellis said trying to wave it off.
“Oh come on, tell me.”
“It’s about Harvey.” Ellis said truthfully.
“Oh.” Akira said “Well that is the one rule right, don’t talk about exes on your first date.”
“Exactly.” Ellis said sheepishly “So I’ll let that one go okay?”
“Okay.” Akira smiled and took Ellis hand. “You look really good.”
“Thanks.” Ellis smiled “I had no idea what to wear, I felt like nothing looked good.”
“You look good in anything.” Akira smiled and started to lean in a little.
“Hey!” Ellis said suddenly and stood up “Let’s take a dip in the pool!”
“Really?” Akira chuckled “Okay, fine by me.”

Person C: I still can’t believe you two are dating. The more I thing about it, the more I shake my head. Like, how…?

Person A: Yeah? Right? To be honest at first I didn’t think it’d work. But, hey, B is amazing, he’s smart, he’s funny, he’s ridiculously attractive and he’s always there when I need him *looks expectantly at B*

Person B: Oh? Yeah, what he said. Plus, uh, the sex is great, because, eh, he’s got a big dick.

Person A: ….

Person C: ….

Person B: I’m sorry. A said all the things that I too wanted to say and I, kind of, y'know, panicked.

Masterlist // 3

This is a masterlist for SHINee, GOT7 and iKON!

Here are the other masterlist:


EXO, Seventeen

VIXX, WINNER, NCT, Jay Park, SuJu, BigBang



-When he takes care of your child

-When you had a major panic attack and they freak out

-He thinks you’re cheating on him (Jonghyun angst)

-He thinks you’re cheating on him (Jonghyun angst)- part 2

-When you’re feeling insecure after watching WGM for the first time (Taemin)

-When he’s on tour and really misses you (Taemin fluff)

-He’s confessing to you (Taemin)

-You’re drunk texting them

-Texting you while you’re in the same room

-They can’t sleep so they want to some over

-They think you’re ignoring them but you just fell asleep

-They accidentally text you something dirty

-Random late night conversations

-You surprise them after their concert

-“I’ll come and fix it right away!” //Minho

-They heard/saw you crying (you’re not dating yet)

-You confess and they turn you down due to a misunderstaning- part 1 // part 2  


-What dating Taemin would be like

-What dating Jonghyun would be like

-What dating Key would be like




-Reaction to meeting you at a fan sign and all of them falling for you

-Reaction to you buying you both a couple outfit

-Reaction to your relationship getting public by accident

Conversation reactions:

-Reacting to you winning an award in a dance competition (Taemin)



-They confess to you using the lyrics of “Confession song”

-You surprise them at their concert

-Others telling you that Yugyeom likes you

-They accidentally text you something dirty

-Others tease you for having a crush on JB

-When he’s in love with a noona (Jackson)

-They text you after a break up

-They’re trying to hook you up with Yugyeom

-When you thought they forgot about your birthday

-Love caught on camera (Jaebum)


-The English teacher (Jackson)

-It has to be you (Jaebum fluff)

-A walk to remember (Jinyoung)


-What dating Jaebum would be like

-What dating Mark would be like

-What dating Junior would be like

-How would GOT7 members help you out with the stress that comes before finals


-Super Powers!AU- Jackson



-When his noona girlfriend and her group are doing a sexy performance and he watches backstage (Jackson reaction)

-When they see you dressed up really fancy and with your makeup done nicely for the first time

- When one of your guy friends is being too touchy-feely with you

Conversation reactions:

-Reactions to you and the other members playing blindfolded hide ans seek in the dorm (Jaebum)

-Reaction to you cursing him while arguing (Jackson)

-Reaction to telling him you’re pregnant (Jaebum)


-He’s jealous when you meet a friend who likes you



-They bring a puppy home

-They want you to call them oppa

-Texting you while you’re in the same room

-Other boys teasing your having a crush on Junhoe

-Other boys teasing you for having a crush on Bobby

-Other boys teasing you for having a crush on Hanbin

-You surprise them after their concert

-When Hanbin has a crush on you

-When Bobby has a crush on you

-They think you’re ignoring them but you just fell asleep

-They’re whining to you because others ate the chocolates you gave them for Valentine’s Day

-They find out they weren’t your first iKON bias

-They’re teasing you about your upcoming debut as a rapper

-Having them over for dinner and them complimenting your cooking (WinKon)

-They text you about a huge problem they have but in the end it’s just them being…well, them

-They accidentally text you something dirty

-Others telling you that Chanwoo likes you

-Texting them after watching WIN and Mix&Match upset about the situation they had to go through to debut


-Waiting for him with your 8 months old daughter sleeping on your chest (Hanbin)

-He introduces you to the fans during their concert (Hanbin)

-Traveling with Jinhwan

-Traveling with Hanbin

-Married life with Hanbin


-Dating Junhoe would be like

-Hanbin as a dad of a newborn baby

-Training for a dance collab with Jinhwan


-Reaction to you being shipped with another member

-Reaction to your ex trying to get back with you

-Reaction to you doing something sexy when you’re still not dating

-Reaction to you getting on many magazine covers in Korea, Japan and USA

-Reaction to security not letting you enter their hotel room since they and pretty much everyone else have no idea you’re dating

Conversation reactions:

-Reaction to you being able to death growl (Bobby)

-Reaction to you rapping his part in iKON’s song even better than him (Hanbin)

Outfit imagines:

-First date with Hanbin

  • DAVE, smashed at 3am after his sisters wedding: you know john the funniest thing me and jade ever did was think that you and rose were going to get together. yall were cute and maybe it woulda been cool but i dont even understand what layers hormone-jacked assumption that must have been because it should have been obvious from the get go that rose was gravitating to the first sassy lesbian she could find like shed refined her ecto-inherited gaydar to detect snarky horseshit
  • JOHN: i dont know dave, all trolls like dating any troll right? why does kanayas sexuality even matter
  • DAVE: come on dude i agree that labelling it doesnt matter for shit at this stage but you cant deny that kanayas gayer than a 1920s elf in booty shorts who doesnt understand modern terminology singing about happiness and friendship while he bangs a komina body pillow
  • DAVE: ysee while trolls like to pretend their quadrants and culture are so alien from ours that wed eat dead babies without knowing theres more similarities than wed expect. we arent eating those dead babies unaware, humanity was using dead babies as burger dip since the first buttscratching caveman killed a cow while it was minding its business eating that grass on its friends body thank you very much
  • DAVE: and like our society they cant seem to grasp the basic concepts that people would be Only attracted to groups that go outside of their preconcieved norms of whats bangable
  • JOHN: uhm
  • DAVE: its pretty interesting though that trolls consider variable sexualities a basic fetish that doesnt matter much while humanity has to make a whole big deal about it to the extent of gouging peoples faces off though both are at least partial in the basic erasure of personal boundaries therefore you see trolls dating people theyre not really interested in or caped douchebags flirting with innocent vampires who would rather strangle them but wonder if its worth a shot anyway
  • DAVE: hell you know that vriska jerk you and her were flirting like there was no tomorrow but next time you see each other you want little to do with anything. whats up with that?
  • JOHN: dave its getting pretty late!! and i dont really want to talk about this...
  • DAVE: wait wasnt she also flirting with that guy who likes fire and then basically kicked him to the kirb in the most violently confused way possible and started fake flirting with my brothers dumb AI thing that nobody could love unless they are into irony in more ways than one
  • DAVE: all this after hanging with another girl who none of us could drag away from her for the most basic of shitposting doing mysterious things together for three years and also vriska being told off by rose for sniffing her girlfriend
  • DAVE: do you think vriska could be a lesbian john
  • TEREZI, on the next seat sniffing a suspicious looking red and green lollipop: WH4TS 4 L3SB14N
  • DAVE: terezi youre not really helping with the discourse here

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OK sorry i tried to like vikturi but i can't stop thinking that it is sooo creepy that yuri has pictures of viktor everywhere on his room & starts dating him like a creep? >.<

Err… whoa, let me stop you right there. :p

Like, I’m cool with it if you don’t ship or don’t like the ship for whatever reason, but this is really taken out of the context, big time. It’s Yuuri’s childhood room that’s covered in Victor’s posters. When Yuuri returns to his home town, the first thing that he explicitly states is that he hasn’t been there in five years; he literally apologizes for staying away that long to his family.

He hasn’t used that room in over five years, meaning that he left for college/competitive skating when he turned 18. This was the room of Yuuri the teenager, and naturally he had an idol when he was not yet an adult, someone to look up to ever since he discovered that he was into figure skating, and of course he admired someone who was considered the very best at the thing that Yuuri enjoyed doing (and on top of that this idol was rather close to his own age, thus easy to relate to).

He admired Victor as a skater and artist when he was young, probably thinking that his dream of ever meeting Victor or ever skating on Victor’s level was just that; a dream. He’s never been shown to be a creepy or stalker-y fan; Victor was merely an inspiration to Yuuri, someone he’d love to compare to someday, to be just as skilled as this guy was. (Hell, Yuuri even backs out when Victor offers him a picture when they are in the same room for the first time; he’s not some crazy obsessed weirdo to jump on the first opportunity to touch or harass his childhood idol.)

And Yuuri isn’t an idiot, because yes, when Victor shows up at his house he needs some time to adjust to that guy that he’s looked up to his entire life because said guy is a skating legend and very attractive, but we also see that he soon learns to separate the two; Victor the skating legend that he idolizes, and Victor the human.

Because he knows Victor the public figure, but Victor the person, he has to get to know that person. Which is why he is very reserved at first, because he understands this. He knows the difference between ‘fiction’ and ‘reality’. They have to get to know each other as actual people if they want to get into any relationship (even a friendly one), and now that this is a real possibility, Yuuri embraces that and lets him in.  

Even if you want to include the banquet scene: Yuuri was never the creepy fan. He’s very drunk, yes. But he’s outgoing and getting close to ALL his fellow skaters at that point, he’s not just going after Victor. (Pole dancing with Chris in his underwear, the crazy dance off with Yurio, etc).

And then eventually, this is what we see after that chat that Yuuri has with Victor on the beach; ‘he meets me where I am’, this is the point where Yuuri first learns how to separate the two.

This shit happens before Victor first kisses him, and Yuuri doesn’t care at all anymore about the affection, he gets it now, this is Victor his coach and his friend, not Victor the legend:

Same as this: Yuuri does no longer give a shit about personal space or sharing a bed (the only thing he cares about is that someone set the alarm so that he doesn’t miss his performance), because this is Victor after Yuuri got to know him; his friend and the person that takes care of him. 

There’s nothing creepy about their relationship even with Victor being Yuuri’s childhood idol, because they took the time to form a normal friendship that goes both ways, and there’s equal attraction from both sides whenever they’re together. 

Like seriously, I’m not forcing you to ship it, but it’s probably the most least-creepy fictional relationship out there at the moment imo. :p 

Like A Virgin || S.M.

‘can you do a Shawn one where you’ve just started dating and you’re not a virgin but he is so for your first time he’s all cute and nervous and doesn’t know if he’s doing anything right and you keep reassuring him that he’s doing such a good job ??’

“Shawn, do you ever think about sex?”

“Well… yeah, of course, I do.”

“Do you… think about sex… with me?”

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Hard Eyes: Part 5

AN: While it isn’t first thing in the morning it is still fairly early. So here is part 5 of Hard Eyes. There’s only one part left after this!!!! I’ll be holding a poll on twitter to decide what series I should up date next, so make sure to follow me HERE

Prompt: Batmom that was former suicide squad?

Words: 1268

Part 1 , Part 2 , Part 3, Part 4

You can’t help but think, that Dick was right. This life is addictive. It’s easy to fall back into. It’s easy to kill and forcefully move people out of your way, when it comes down to it. It’s old hat for you; the bullets flying, the crazy screams, the occasional bit of laughter. Your body moves on it’s own, somehow remembering everything it knew all those years ago.

    It takes everything you have to hold back. You don’t go after major arteries, you go for the tendons, and weak spots. Spots that will ground your  opponents, but not kill them. Then everything is quiet, with the exception of the ringing in your ears. It takes only a minute to snap out of it. Floyd’s hand lands on your shoulder and you’re back.

    “They’re still alive,” Harley complains.

    You look at your friend and shrug, “I’ve gone a bit soft.”

    She sighs, “I heard motherhood does that.”

    You smile before you move forward. You’ve dyed your hair, and donned a mask. There’s no chance of someone recognizing you, and that gives you a certain amount of freedom. You move forward in a group, toward the final door. The only thing standing between you and Thomas Elliott.

    You grip your knives a tighter, until your knuckles turn white, “We do this fast. We neutralize any traps or threats, we grab Elliott, and we make him talk.”

    There’s a murmur of agreement, as Ivy uses her plants to open the doors. Several small explosions go off as you enter. And then you’re met with more hired guns.You fall right back into the pattern.

    It takes no time for you to cut through the weeds, and that’s when you see him. He’s grinning, and staring at you. You have no doubt that he knows exactly who you are despite the disguise.

    You want to rush forward, but you know better. You know better than to give someone like him what he wants. So you stay with you team, right up until he runs. It had taken you all week to get this close to him, and you’re not about to let him go now.

    So ignoring every instinct you have, you chase him. You run him down like a cat after a mouse. It separates you from your team, but you don’t care, the rage is taking over now.

    He leads you through the twists and turns of the tunnels, until he stops in a main chamber. He stares at you with that twisted smile on his face. “Welcome Mrs. Wayne, though I suppose Hell Cat is much more appropriate in these circumstances.”

    You don’t bother responding, as you take a step forward, “Not so fast.” He holds up a device with several buttons, “It’d be a shame if not only your identity was released but that of your family.”

    That makes you stop. “Tell me, do they know that they’re helping get the Batman back on his feet? That they’re helping their number one enemy. Or are they so blinded by their loyalty to you, that they don’t even see that you’re betraying them?”

    The sound of footsteps fill your ears and he let’s out a laugh, “I know let’s ask them.”

    “I don’t think you’re going to like the answer.” You smile at the familiar voice, but you don’t turn to look. Jason’s familiar gloved hand reaches for yours, and a moment later your other children begin stepping out of the shadows.

    You squeeze Jason’s hand once before stepping forward, “Thomas Elliot, AKA Hush, AKA the bastard who betrayed my family. You should have thought twice about that.”

    You can see the nervousness in his eyes now. As he steps nervously to the side, only to be met by the sight of Damian. As your children begin to close in you explain. “I’m not stupid Thomas. It took me next to no time, to realize that it was you who had betrayed us, and thanks to Ed I already knew that you knew who we are. I also realized that I couldn’t rely just on my old team, I needed to rely on my new one as well.”

    “We hacked you, that controller you’re holding is now useless,” Tim states.

    “Our identities will stay secret, thank you very much,” Dick says, taking the controller.

    You can see that he’s nervous now, he’s fidgeting, and his eyes are darting all over the place, “You still need me. For the poison, or I’ll talk. That’s right I’ll tell the entire police precinct who you are!”

    You shake your head, “You don’t realize it do you, Thomas? That day my oldest son came to visit me he put a listening device and a tracker on me. He knew exactly what I was doing and where I was. It also gave him and my other kids a chance to look up exactly where you’ve been and examine your office.”

    Cass’ voice is cold,“We found the poison.”

    “Martian Manhunter has already worked up an antidote, and is removing the other shrapnel as we speak.”

    “Doesn’t mean I won’t talk!! And you all don’t kill!”

    You nod, “You’re right, we don’t. Unlucky for you Amanda Waller does, and you pissed her off by stealing her poison.”

    His eyes go wide right as the bullet takes him out. Your eyes flicker to the high ground, where your brother is lying down, rifle still in hand. You walk up to the body, “Even unluckier for you, I have an over protective brother, who’s a damn good shot.”

    Your children stare at you for a moment, and you open your arms to them. As they encircle you in a hug, you take comfort in your family, and a sense of relief takes over your body. Relief that you hopefully won’t ever have to pick up your blades again.

    You watch your kids disappear into the shadows as the squad comes into the chamber. There’s complaints about you having all the fun, but otherwise there’s no questions about the dead body or the bullet hole that created it.

    You head back to that run-down bar, and have one last drink. As you sip your whiskey you simply say, “I’m done.”

    Floyd nods, “We know.”

    Harley and Ivy both wrap an arm around your shoulders, Harley smiles and says, “Let those news guys get some pictures of you and the baby some time okay. We want to see what she looks like.”

    “That goes for all major events, any future kids, weddings, graduations, the works,” Ivy adds.

    You take a deep breath, “I’ll do my best.”

    Floyd smiles, “Thanks by the way. For setting up that scholarship for my girl, headed to the best high school in the area because of you.”

    You smile, “I’m ashamed to say that was Bruce’s idea.”

    Floyd just smiles, “You got a good guy there. Got good kids too.”

    Harley grins, “Your boys are real lookers.”

    You roll your eyes, “Stay away from my boys AND my girls Harley.”

    She just smirks, and shrugs. Pulling out a couple of large bills you place them on the counter and tell the bar keep, “Make sure their glasses stay full.”

    He just nods, and you down the rest of your whiskey. Without looking back you pick up your bag and make your way out to your car. You climb into the passenger seat, and stare at your brother, before handing over the keys, and simply say, “Don’t destroy my car. It was a birthday present.”

    He just scoffs and says, “Whatever you say Richie Rich.”

So this had been a headcanon staple of mine for ages but, FAHC Dan and the Crew yes? Because it’s some good shit, Gavin and Dan together again, another weapons expert/hitman at the crew’s disposal yes? And the crew get along just fine with Dan yes? Right?

Fuck no. Michael is and always has been a jealous idiot, about Lindsay, Gavin, Meg, even before they were all dating but now? This guy that Gavin absolutely adores, who knows Gavin as well if not better than Michael does, this guy who’s talents range from guns to cars to explosives, to Michael’s thing, Michael’s area of expertise, Michael hates Dan. Dan doesnt like Michael either I mean Michael is openly hostile to Dan and at first Dan kinda thinks he’s like this with everyone and asks Gav why he’s dating that dickhead and Michael damn near blows a gasket, and then Dan learns it’s because he’s jealous and gets defensive and then they both actively just don’t like each other. They play act just dandy when Gavin, who’s so far down the ‘Dan’s back and alive and here with me and he’s ok and my B is back’ rabbithole that he does not (yet) notice the strife between his boyfriend and best friend

And so Michael and Dan constant trying to one-up each other, getting on each others shit like
Random Thug: one more step Jones and the limey gets a bullet in his head
Michael: just one?
Dan: fuck you Jones
Michael: yeah ok, anyway bye Dan, ive got more important shit to be doing, GAVIN MY BOI ARE YOU IN THERE?
Dan: are you gonna damn help me?
Michael: I wasn’t planning on it no.
Dan: You’re a cunt you know that
Michael: eh, I try, GAV, BOI-

Random thug #2: i’ve got your friend limey, stand down!
Dan: friend?
Michael: damn straight he’s not right. ugh, fuck you for making me agree with you dan.
Dan: right, anyway *sits*
Dan: continue. 
Michael: i’m gonna slit your throat and tell Gavin it was a freak accident
Dan: can’t do that if youve been shot in the head. please sir, continue,

Michael: ‘oh hey Gavin,’ i’ll say, ‘yeah boi its the darnedest thing, Dan just up and died. just stabbed himself like eight or nine, ten, twelve times in the face. so strange.’ I’ll say
Dan: if you’re as shit with a knife as you are everything else I wont have much to fear, will i?
Michael: ‘Fifteen, twenty times,’ I’ll say ;carved his own damn eyes out man, dan’s such a weird fucking bastard, i have no idea why you hang out with him’ and then i’ll set your room on fire to really sell it

Dan: you’re doing that wrong
Michael: no I’m fucking not Dan I’ve been doing this eplosioves shit for fucking years you horse’s ass
Dan: oh really, and how did you learn this ‘explosives shit’ eh? 
Michael: I’m self-taught jackass
Dan: and I learned in the military and you, are doing that wrong
Michael: I fucking hate you

Dan: you were supposed to shoot that guy
Michael: oh really Dan? Really? Are you sure because if I’m not goddamn mistaken I was about to get fucking shanked to death
Dan: oh quit your bloody whinging, if you’d shot that guy you could have taken this other twat out before you got ‘shanked to death’.

Gavin: you two came for me!
Michael: I did! I did, all by myself. Dan didn’t help worth a damn.
Dan: Bullshit, Michael spent the whole ride here crying in the backseat
Michael: because I love and missed you boi, I was emotional
Dan: oh is that right, and I could have sworn it was because of your crippling inadequacy compared to me. That or the fact that you have no idea what a proper explosive rig looks like
Michael: mmmmm fuck you dAN

They spend all their time digging st each other until Gavin walks in the room and spend the rest of their time squabbling for Gavin’s affections. Michael makes up for Dan having known Gavin longer and all their inside jokes and their closeness by lots and lots of physical affection. He stands there kissing Gav staring Dan dead in the eye. Dan responds by buying Gav a new phantom, and grinning at Michael while Gav coos excitedly over it.

Them working together is usually only for Gavin’s sake and is never any modicum of friendly without Gav there like, their one common interest that they won’t immediately fight about, for his affections sure but not him, is Gavin. Their one common goal being his health and happiness. Gav gets hurt? Send Dan and Michael out and Gav will be carted back to the penthouse in record, tossed in the hospital where he will stay until Caleb clears him, no ifs, ands or buts. Gav gets kidnapped? Gavin’s rescued a day or less later and an entire swath of gangs in that sector of the city get taken out. Gavin’s been up for 5 days trying to get into some database? Dan and Michael bully Gav into sleeping, a feat more impressive than anything else.  Dan senses something wrong with Gav, emotionally, physcially, Michael confronts Gav about it. If Gav lies his way past Michael, Dan’s there to pick up the slack. Just, Dan and Michael’s the ‘we ‘share’ a loved one but also fuck you’ guys

˻ starry starry rp prompts ˺

→ for when you feel that space feel. ☆


  • Hey, look - a shooting star!
  • We’re gonna miss the meteor shower, come on and hurry up!
  • Maybe it’s just the moon and the stars above us and all, but you look really nice tonight. Like, more than usual.
  • Hey… Do you think aliens exist?
  • I just noticed this tonight, but your freckles sort of remind me of the stars… You probably get that a lot.
  • Aren’t you an astrologer? Do you get to go to space?
  • That’s the Taurus constellation right there, and that’s the Big Dipper…
  • Dammit, I forgot my camera!
  • Phew, it’s pretty cold out tonight…
  • This is a pretty neat first date, star gazing. Didn’t know you could be so romantic…
  • Did your bring your telescope? I wanna see them clearer.
  • I thought this would be kinda boring at first, not gonna lie, but this is actually pretty fun.


  • Send  for our muses to have a picnic under the stars.
  • Send  for my muse knock on your muse’s window in the middle of the night. (Bonus: my muse uses a rock and accidentally breaks your muse’s window.)
  • Send  for an alternate universe wherein my muse comes from another alien planet who accidentally somehow bump into yours.
  • Send  for our muses to go to the beach late at night to stargaze.

Name : Steven Mulhall
Age : 23 D.O.B : 12/07/1990
Convicted of : Bank Robbery
Release date : 11/18/2017
Will write overseas

I am an open minded person and a good listener. I’ve been through a lot and I can feel for you if you’re going through it too. I’ve made a mistake and I’m trying to put it behind me. Right now, I’m just looking for a person to care about / think about. A relationship would be fine but first and foremost I’m looking for a good friend.


Steven Mulhall 03648-104
P.O. BOX 1033
COLEMAN, FL  33521

Age gap - Request

(What an original title…)

Requested by anon:  Hey, I was wondering if you would write a Dean/Reader fic, where the Reader is like 10 years younger than Dean? Like she’s mid-20 and he mid-30? And people who meet them don’t think they’re together, especially women who flirt with her boyfriend right in front of her eyes and sometimes even insult her?

Summary: A woman tries to flirt with Dean in front of (Y/N) and doesn’t really believe they are dating, which makes (Y/N) feel really upset about the whole thing. So Dean tries to comfort her and… Fluff. (I suck with summaries, pardon me.)

Pairing: Dean x reader

Word count: 2,248

Warnings: Dean implying dirty things… at the very end…

A/N: First fic of 2017! I loved doing this, age-gapped realtionships are my very fave and oh Lord this request made me so happy…. THANK YOU! I really liked it, and I hope you do too.


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Maybe it was her matureness, or maybe that he was a man-child; maybe it was the many things they had in common, or the ones they differed. Maybe it was a prank made by some naughty cherub that made them fall in love; or even so Chuck’s way of saying “thank you”, but either way they had fallen in love and nothing could interfere between them – not even the age gap.

Yes, there were sixty year old men married to twenty year old girls, as well as forty year old women dating nineteen year olds, but Dean and (Y/N) – as well as everyone around them – felt like the mild ten years gap was massive. She was still in her twenties, and she was vibrant and so full of life it was unbelievably attractive for the already thirty year old Dean, who’s age and life had led him to mature enough to turn into a dad every time (Y/N) did something reckless like the things he used to do.

But they were so happy together…

Of course, there was also that social pressure than got to their nerves. For starters: Her parents. Not only did her dad got all grumpy when he met Dean but also Sam had taken a while to get used to the idea because he too saw her like a child. Less to say, everyone around them couldn’t get in their minds that they were actually dating, and actually in love – not just a sugar daddy with his princess.

“Hey handsome,” a MILF greeted as she sat on the bar stool next to Dean, “how about you drop your daughter at a friend’s house and take me to my place?”

“She’s not my daughter.” Dean replied with a sarcastic smile as (Y/N) gave her a death glare from the opposite side of Dean.

“Niece, granddaughter… Whatever.” The woman rolled her eyes.

“Girlfriend, actually.” Dean snapped and the woman let out a dry laugh.

“Right, you dating this… Kid?” She couldn’t believe it, “Honey, if you didn’t want to say yes you just had to be honest, not lie.”

“She really is my girlfriend, and I would really appreciate it if you went to stalk someone else and let us enjoy our evening.” Dean spoke in the most calm way possible, but (Y/N) – who knew him very well – could tell how pissed off he really was.

“You’re rejecting this” she gestured for Dean to notice her curves, “for a gold digger?”

“Basically, I’m rejecting an old-ass woman who doesn’t know what being taken means.” Dean chuckled cruelly, reaching for (Y/N)’s hand and squeezing it tightly.

“At least I’m a woman.” The stranger barked, “I’m sure behind all that makeup she still has zits.”

“It’s better than being all wrinkly.” (Y/N) beamed, making Dean choke.

The woman gasped loudly, she was offended. “How dare you?”

(Y/N) shrugged her shoulders and the woman left. Both (Y/N) and Dean were used to older women – MILFs – flirting with Dean, as well as them not buying it when he explained (Y/N) was his girlfriend. Why was it so hard to understand? It wasn’t as if ten years was that much. And yes, Dean had a few wrinkles and (Y/N) still had her baby face, but apart from that there wasn’t much difference.

“That was fun.” (Y/N) breathed out sarcastically as she and Dean got in the car.

“It wasn’t that bad.” Dean locked eyes with her, begging for his girlfriend to agree.

“We’ve been through worse.” She granted and Dean smiled, “I just wished they weren’t so cynical and avoided flirting with you right in front of me.”

“To be fair, they think you’re my daughter.” Dean clicked his tongue and sat up straight; putting the key in its place and making Baby come to life with a twist of it.

“To be fair, a decent woman wouldn’t flirt like that with a man in front of his daughter.” (Y/N) insisted.

“To be fair, none of them was decent.” Dean chuckled. He wasn’t as affected by everyone else’s behaviour because he was never insulted. Whether it was because boys the age of (Y/N) were utterly scared of his authoritarian pose or because older men respected when a guy dated someone younger – because they were mature enough to do so – and the ones who didn’t usually got kicked in the ass before they could even approach her.

“To be fair, it’s awfully annoying.” (Y/N) continued.

“To be fair, I love you.” Dean stated, knowing that those three words would calm (Y/N) down.

It was her safe zone, something to grip onto when times get tough. Whenever someone insulted her out of jealousy, or tried to play with her mind claiming that Dean couldn’t really be in love with a kid, or just messing in their relationship, Dean only needed to remind her what was keeping them together – what made them get together in the first place – and that would be the end of it.

He was protective of her, and most times the one to scold her after a hunt in which she did something stupid or dangerous. He would take care of her when she was sick, or dealing with any kind of hormonal issue, as well as cure her when hunts got a little too violent. Dean was the kind of man who works better as a human shield than he does as a boyfriend, but honestly, she couldn’t complain.

She was young, and so dumb in so many things… The lack of experience sometimes got to Dean’s nerves, but she was also open minded and not only would she absorb every last bit of information like a sponge absorbs water, but she would also find different ways of doing things – like the time she hula-hooped her way across a farm full of ghosts – she was a revolutionary, just like any other young woman. Of course, she spent much time on social media and doing “Millennial stuff” but truth was it made Dean feel alive again.

They were so uneven their relationship became equal. They completed each other, and made the other’s life find its balance. It was like with magnets – opposites are attracted to each other. And, when Sam understood that, every resistance he had settled fell down.

(Y/N) had been hunting with them for a while; since she was seventeen, to be specific. Of course, Sam couldn’t help to see her like the teenager they rescued from a fire caused by a wicked witch. Dean had seen her like so for many years until her matureness caught his attention.

Of course, she had the body of a younger woman, but her brain was something different. She was smart, comprehensive, merciful, empathetic and so authentic, it was impossible for Dean not to fall for her. She could be serious in serious times and childish in childish times; her control over herself was something Dean couldn’t even dream of when he was her age.

“Babe, are you okay?” Dean asked. They were parked right in front of the bunker. (Y/N) hadn’t said a single word on their way back home.

“Yup, why?” She lifted an eyebrow, trying to look normal but Dean knew her a lot more than she knew herself.

Her breath was different, and her eyes had that thing that makes Dean’s heart ache. The curve of her lips were trembling lightly and Dean could see her jaw clenched, figuring her teeth were pressed against it other tightly. Her eyes looked sad, no matter how much she tried to look tired, and her back was arched to the front rather than the usual straight position she tried to keep.

“Is it because of that woman?” (Y/N) didn’t have to say anything, the mere mention of that person made her face fall. “Babe, we’ve been through this many times- I love you, and only you, no matter what others say… Let-”

“Let them judge.” (Y/N) finished the sentence, “I know.”

“Then why are you down?” He leaned closer to her, instantly holding her hands in his warm ones.

She breathed in deeply, biting her lower lip as she tried to formulate the correct sentence. “I just…” She sighed, “It really hurts me to see them flirting with you. As in: they are your age, they have quite the same knowledge of life and the experience and… I feel like you could share so many things with them you can’t share with me… Like life during the 80s or something.” She looked down shyly, “Maybe you’d enjoy them better than me. Sometimes I do feel like your daughter, because you scold me and get pissed at me for being so ruthless and- and I don’t know.”

Dean listened carefully to ever single syllable she pronounced. “Babe…”

“No, don’t babe me. You know I’m right.” She looked up at him. His eyes were glossy and his lips were lightly parted; on the other hand, she had tears threatening to spill and her cheeks were blushed. “I thought it wouldn’t be… hard. It would’ve been worse if we had started dating when we met, but even so… I’m still too young, and too dumb and so immature…”

“You’re the smartest girl I know.” Dean stated softly.

“What will happen in the future, Dean?” (Y/N) inquired sadly, “What if we stick together and I start craving a family? What if you feel too old to have kids by then? Or what will happen when I grow up and make my own decisions rather than asking you for advice? What will happen when I grow up? Our whole relationship will change.” (Y/N) cleared her throat, “Right now I have issues everyone my age has, and they feel like the biggest thing in the world… And you help me, because you know they’re not that bad… But when I grow up, when I’m more mature, I won’t need you to give me advice, and…”

“I’m not dating you only because I like being your personal counsellor, (Y/N).” Dean smiled warmly, “You’re too mature… At least most of the times, and even when you grow up-” He let out a shy chuckle, “well, I’m not getting any younger.”

“But, Dean…” He placed a finger over her lips.

“Let me finish.” He begged, “When it comes to you, none of it matters.”

“But…” Dean lifted and eyebrow and that was enough for her to stay quiet.

“Having a family, with kids and all… I can be sixty years old and still want it as long as it’s with you. I know you may not see it know, but you make me so happy… You’re that missing piece I had searched for, and no matter what anyone says, I’m not giving up on you anytime soon.”

Dean shifted even closer to (Y/N). His breath and hers crashed against each other as his calloused palm cupped her cheeks and his apple green eyes locked with her (Y/E/C) ones. “I’m so in love with you… And not like a puppy love but rather a serious love… A real kind of love.”


“Dean.” He mimicked, “The only one who should be worried is me – Dean. Maybe you’ll grow up and realize you don’t love me anymore, or that I’m not the type of man you want to spend the rest of her life with… And that’s fine as long as I get to enjoy every damn second I have with you by my side.”

“I will never – never ever – stop loving you.” She whispered.

“Then why are we worrying about?” He smiled cheekily at her and it was so contagious her lips ended up curving as well. “I love you, kiddo.”

“I won’t love you anymore if you keep calling me kiddo, old man.” She joked.

“What about baby?”  Dean wiggled his eyebrows, making her giggle.

“Do I get a bottle?” She inquired, following his joke.

“Only if it contains beer.” Dean left a shy peck on her forehead, “But seriously, (Y/N/N)…”

“I know, I’m sorry.”

“You don’t have to be sorry.” Dean muttered, “I do get very jealous whenever anyone lays eyes on your flawless ass,” (Y/N) laugh, “and I sure as Hell hate it when other women don’t respect you… But you’re mine, and I’m yours and, I don’t know about you, but that’s more than enough for me.”

(Y/N) nodded. “Let them judge.”

“Let them judge.” Dean repeated the mantra before leaving a soft kiss on her lips.

No matter how many prejudices people had – which were many – (Y/N) and Dean would overcome them. After all, they were all they needed, and as long as they loved each other things would be just fine.


“Okay but do you really feel like… Like my daughter?” Dean furrowed his eyebrows.

“Only when you act like a dad with me.” She replied nonchalantly.

“I won’t act like a dad, then.” Dean breathed out, “Although…”

“Although what?”

“You can call me daddy anytime you want, sweetheart.” Dean winked at her.

“You’re gross.” She furrowed her nose.

“Are you kink-shaming me?” Dean pretended to be offended.

“Only because of the context.” (Y/N) laughed.

“Who’s the gross one then, huh?” Dean wrapped his arms around her.

“You are.” She breathed out. Dean left a warm kiss on her shoulder.

“You can be gross with me…” He whispered seductively.

“Gross.” Dean laughed.

“You love me.”

“That I do.” Dean smiled proudly, leaving yet another kiss on her lips.

“And I love you.”

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Sugar Baby Basics: 4 Things Every Aspiring Sugar Baby Should Know

To any and every man or woman who is aspiring to be a SB – I hope this article finds you before your first SD does. Why?

Because apart from the know-how in picking the right SDs, the techniques of negotiating allowance, and the little tips and tricks to controlling the relationship to progress your way – there are the fundamentals to sugar dating that lie at the very base of all of that.

And these are the things that every SB absolutely needs to know.

Learn it. Memorize it. Internalize it. And don’t forget it, no matter who you meet down the sugar road.

#1. Men Think You’re More Attractive Than You Think You Are 

If you’re a somewhat decent-looking girl, you probably have an assessment of your looks that you are right now comparing to the looks of so-and-so model or so-and-so gorgeous acquaintance, etc. By comparison, you don’t feel so hot.

Well, guess what?

Most sugar daddies don’t spend their days flipping through the pages of Cosmo. They’re also too busy with work to go frolicking around with models all day. The simple fact that you’re a young, cute girl makes you beautiful. Add to this the fact that you’re a young, cute girl who is having dinner with them and interested in what they say, makes you the most gorgeous girl they know.

In addition, you have to remember that men are human. And all humans are susceptible to a herd mentality: We believe what other people believe. That is why, in America, as the media broadcasts images of models and underweight actresses, we believe thin is a epitome of beauty. In Mauritania, however, girls force-feed themselves to attain the ideal fatness their men like.

What all this means for you is that men will judge your beauty by how other people judge your beauty. And the primary way he can do that is by observing how attractive you seem to believe yourself to be.

Have an unshakeable belief in your own attractiveness, and he’ll believe it too.

#2. Do NOT Equate your Physical Beauty with your Worth

Many SBs fall into this trap when they’re figuring out how much they should ask for allowance. Some make the mistaken assumption that the allowance should be equivalent to your level of physical beauty. This is bullshit.

By determining your allowance amount by your physical attractiveness, you’re leaving out the majority of what you offer.

Every girl possesses certain, non-physical qualities that are worth much more than her physical beauty and most often, those characteristics are what SDs are looking for. You might not be America’s next top model, but are you witty enough to make him laugh? Are you thoughtful enough to know just when to say the right thing? Are you appreciative enough to make him feel like the amazing man who’s made your life happier and easier?

All these qualities of yours are priceless. He knows it.  Make sure you do too.

#3. The Difference Between a Sweetheart and a Pushover

People like sweethearts. Sweetness is wonderful. Sweetness can also be powerful. It can help you diffuse arguments, mask criticisms, and get out of undesirable situations.

But sweetness needs to have a backbone. It needs to able to laugh in his face when he makes a moronic request. It needs to be able to let him know that he’s being a douche when he’s crossed the line. Do it sweetly, of course, but DO IT.

Men will try to push you just to see if they can. This “pushing the envelope” game is also popular with dogs and children.  Whomever you’re dealing with – remember that the boundaries need to be set early.

If you’re a sweet pushover, there is no greater service you can do for yourself than to practice saying, “no.” Say it with a smile. Follow it up nicely with something else you’d like to happen instead. Keep your sweetness, but learn to mix it up with a little spice and a little sour when called for.

#4. Most Importantly: You’re Worth a Helluva Lot More Than Whatever He’s Giving You

Ever heard the saying, “People spend their youth trying to make money and spend their money trying to buy youth?”

It’s uncanny how this saying sort of explains the entirety of the sugar relationship.

But anyway, I’ve brought this up so that you don’t forget something mighty important: you may not have money, but you have youth. Guess which one is actually attainable.

My point is, don’t ever let yourself get intimidated by his wealth or successes. Don’t let your life be dominated by what he wants from you.

You’re young and you have something worth much more than what he can ever offer you: you have a future. And a future full of possibilities has an allure greater than a past full of successes.

You have something far more valuable than what your SD can offer you. Don’t forget that.

I asked her out six times in thirty seconds. She said yes after the third one but none of them felt right so I had to keep going. On our first date I spent more time organizing my food by color than I did eating it. Or fucking talking to her. But she loved it. She loved that I had to kiss her goodbye sixteen times, or twenty-four times if it was Wednesday. (…) When we moved in together, she said she felt safe. Like no one would ever rob us because I //definitely// locked the door. (…) Now, I just think about who else is kissing her. I can’t breathe because he only kisses her once. He doesn’t care if it’s perfect! I want her back so bad– I leave the door unlocked. I leave the lights on.
—  OCD by Neil Hilborn.
So this has been nagging me...

Ever since Mark started talking about Dark on the charity stream (which is great by the way watch it) (also I was super hyped to learn more about this great, interesting character) I’ve been questioning my theories about Darks a bit. At first I thought, since Mark and Dark were supposedly the same entity, that Dark hijacked Mark’s subconscious but shared the same desires as him. And that was why I thought he (Dark) had fallen for the character in some way.

But Mark said he and Dark were separate entities, so that couldn’t be right. So you have Mark, taking you on a date, supposedly for romantic themes (cause that’s what a date is right?). And Dark shows up (from his alternate timeline/multiverse…?) and takes control of it. But that got me thinking. 

Mark said Dark is all about manipulation right? So he’s a demon (or something else) pretending to be human to gain your trust. Mark also said Dark wants to take advantage of you for his own reasons. Another thing he talked about was how Dark takes pride in Mark’s achievements and somewhat envies him.

But what I’m really getting at here is, why would Dark need your trust? To gain power of some sort like Anti? No, Mark said he wasn’t like Anti. So there must be some other reason to keep you around. 

I think Dark wants to keep you around because you mean something to Mark. Love is a long time thing. If Mark cared enough to take you out on a date you must mean something to him, right? And Dark wants to “take” you so he can, not necessarily use you for evil, but to take love off of Mark’s achievement list.

But hey, that’s just me writing a long Tumblr post while concentrating on multiple other things. A YOUTUBE THEORY.

I just want to add a note to this post I made earlier and that is, imagine how well this would work from a visual standpoint, how flawlessly they could transition.

The jumps between season 1 to 2 and 2 to 3 were just kind of like rapid jump cuts, if you watch the show as one it’s like one episode ends and suddenly it’s months later in a different place; don’t get me wrong, I understand they had to do that because they don’t film the first episode in advance so they can’t make it like one second the camera is on someone and then it shifts and boom flows right into a new season with no obvious transition (like if the only way you’d know is by looking at the air dates or paying really close attention)

BUT if they transition from Isak to Even here’s how I think it could go:

  • The season(3) ends with Even and Isak laying in bed together after we think their story is complete, we think we don’t get a hint to the next character
  • The clip they release to reveal the new protagonist is a clip very similar to how season 3 ended, Even and Isak laying together, in a similar position, only this time it’s light outside and we see Even check his phone to see the time and the date (to show time progression) and that’s it
  • Think about this: if you were watching the end of season 3 and the start of season 4 right after, imagine seeing Even and Isak together, you know it’s some time in December on a Friday because they were just at a Christmas party. The episode fades to black on a shot of just them; then episode one of season 4 starts on a Saturday and it’s light outside now, Even and Isak are still sleeping, Even wakes up and checks his phone to reveal it’s actually some time in March now (same place different time in the universe anyone?) and it confuses you at first because wait, weren’t we just in December? And then you realise you’re watching a whole new season, we see Even get up, maybe make some breakfast, maybe see him get a text, something to make it very obvious that the focus has now shifted, and it’s clear that though it’s still the same characters, we now get to see the story continue in a new perspective (way more so since it’s the same story continued, not a harsh shift like other seasons [again, not a bad thing])

Can we just take a minute to imagine how amazingly that would work, if the editing and directing was done just right they could have a near flawless transition (the director part of my brain is super hyped at the thought of it lol) like just imagine it, ahh it’d be so beautiful!

Honest to god i really hope some of you aren’t pissed or gloomy about Isak’s chat with Eva.

I know he said he “doesn’t know” when she asked was he the man of his life, when two episodes ago he said he was.

But they’ve grown since then and he can’t be sure now because he sees their love as something real and not a fairytale and we never know what tomorrow will bring.

Now I caught the little quiver in his tone when he said “it could be over tomorrow” or something like that, which means he doesn’t want it to end but he’s not as blinded as before to think that it won’t.

He’s seen the bad sides of Even and he still loves him and he stayed, that’s enough!

Plus they’re 17/19, just kids really. I mean I’m 20 and still don’t think i found my soulmate and I’m dating someone lol.

So cut him some slack, Even was his first boyfriend and right now it’s good and it could last forever but don’t get mad because he didn’t say it would.

Skam has always been based in reality and the ending was real, so applaud that. And remember he smiled at Even at the end so right now all is good, they’re together, he’s meeting Even’s parents, they kissed and played around with each other and Even wasn’t mad that Isak is taking care of him and stopped him from smoking that weed

They’re happy! And that’s all that matters! A same sex couple made it in 2016…..that’s fucking awesome!

The Gift Matter

I’ve been getting a lot of anons about asking for a gift. I am not the master of this since I haven’t received any exciting gifts for first date. But here’s a way that I rationalize the gifting phenomena. 

Imagine you’re planning to go out. You have 3 options. You either go to a small restaurant or an upscale restaurant.

Now, which one you’re likely to make reservation for?

Upscale restaurant, right? 

But when you think about it you can get lucky at an upscale restaurant any day and get a seat without a reservation. Or you may not be able to find a seat at small restaurants.

I sometimes made reservations at small restaurant’s too. Especially when I want to try a specific menu item etc.

So the comparison here is not the value of the dining place but how bad we want to eat there and not at the alternatives. Gift is like a mental reservation on his end. It works solely on how bad does that guy wanna see you. 

You can tell that by how much he’s lusting over you. Some guys just set up the meeting and show up. These may agree to bringing a gift or may bring it without having to ask but I would personally be reluctant about asking.

But second group of guys are the guys most of us hate who act desperate and hit you up 5 times a day, keep telling you how beautiful you are the whole time without being creepy. If you’re going out with such guy and girl, if you don’t ask for a gift, it’s on you.

How to ask for it? Open your mouth, and speak. As easy as this. 

If they are coming from another city/country 

“What will you bring me on your way back?”

“Pick up something for me from duty free, surprise me! ;)”

If you guys are in the same city

“Will you bring me a gift for our date, babe?? <3”

“It really lifts my mood up to receive gifts during a date.”

“I really appreciate gentlemen who provides me with a gift for our first date.”

Also if/when you’re discussing terms prior to meeting

“I’m used to get $X per month and gifts which could be cash, spa or anything you would like to buy for me.”

Or the same old trick

“Can you get me a dress/shoes/lingerie for me before our date, babe? I want to look my best for you.”