i think that because of jamie bell

Because there’s always too much complaining and not enough fun, here’s my fave things about Turn:

- I like the way they do the women’s hair, I don’t even know if it’s accurate, I just think it’s cute!

- Jamie Bell is one of my favourite actors and he’s doing a bang up job as Abe Woodhull!

- Agent 355 is a black woman!!! Talk about cool!!! I heard them call her Agent 355 and I flipped a lid I was so excited!

- The happy scenes that happen once in a while are so nice. Abe tackling Caleb with a hug when they meet each other, Ben teasingly spooking Anna when he sees’ her, etc.

- Mary’s devotion to Abe is honestly remarkable and while flawed it really shows her loyalty to those she cares about

- That scene where Caleb is sailing away from town singing “Spanish Ladies” is my favourite one in the entire show

- Anna and Mary and Abbie are so clever, like compared to how often some of the other characters make mistakes or calculate things wrong they’re really doing some incredible stuff!

- The way they characterize Robert Townsend is just the tops and he’s such an individual character

- Ian Khan is killing it as George Washington and it adds a special something to his scenes

- The show got me really emotionally connected to that horse in season one so I really felt it’s death super strongly, which is difficult to pull off given that it’s a horse

- I’m uncultured swine but I’m really in love with all the costume choices, like I don’t think there’s one I haven’t thoroughly enjoyed

- Abigail and Cicero are great, and the fact that Cicero is like DTS (Down To Spy) 100% immediately is spectacular

- That one scene where Anna and Abigail chit chat with each other and Abigail’s like “I don’t need a man” made me stronger

- I dunno, there was one scene where Anna is sewing a US flag and it really spoke to me, just that image of her draped in the flag was so exceptional

- Mary becoming involved the Culper Ring expressly to protect her family is super cool to me and shows the different ways and reasons why people get involved in these activities


Hewlett: He thinks he’s a lawyer because he played one in the tenth grade.
Narrator: In order to satisfy an English requirement, Michael appeared in the Drama Club’s production of an original play, “The Trial of Captain Hook.”
[Flashback] Young Abraham: You’re a crook, Captain Hook. Judge, won’t you throw the book at the pirate…
Richard: I don’t remember that.
Abraham: Well, you left during my solo.

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Gotham--- do you think they will have an episode end with the line "It's me Claire" and Jamie turning or have the entire scene flow from her opening the door to the brothel?

I don’t think the door hitting the bell is where the episode will end - because we don’t know if Jamie is in the printshop.

I could see Claire walking in, triggering the bell. Then the camera cuts to Jamie, his back to the door, saying: “Is that you, Geordie? Took you long enough -” and as he says this, he turns to see Claire. Freezes. His eyes go wide.

Then Claire smiles bravely, and the camera focuses on her as she says, “It’s not Geordie. It’s me - Claire.”

Then cut to Jamie’s face - full of shock and joy.

Then fade to black.

Then the proper reunion, up to and including the brothel scenes, in the following episode.


I got a few anons worried about Tom’s bulking up and how far it will go and how it will look.

The pictures above are of the OG Billy Elliott  Jamie Bell, and his new wife actress Kate Mara (she is 5′3″)…. Jamie is 5′7″ (same as Tom) and is 31 years old now. Of course when he was Tom’s age, he was leaner. My point is I think Tom will eventually bulk up to this level but not more because unlike Zac Efron and Nick Jonas, he is not getting artificial “help”. Tom is doing everything naturally.

the hilarious thing about turn vs its fandom

is if you look at the “inside the episode” for episode 9, jamie bell’s all,

oh yeah, abe’s really coming into his own as a spy, he’s been sharpened by prison, he thinks he’s two steps ahead of everybody, i really think he’s two steps ahead of EVERYONE (he says it twice, the latter while they show him giving Anna the knife), he’s taking charge of the ring, he’s giving orders to caleb and anna, he’s losing himself in it a bit

and then

fandom:  abe fucked up again worst spy terrible my dog is a better spy than abe and she walks into doors

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same anon as before, who else would you cast in a marauder era tv show? how many seasons? what would it be about? i'm just super curious and your marauder fics are always A+ so i just want to hear your opinion on this :)

Thanks lovely! <3 (this got really long)

Ok in terms of fancasting (it’s been so long since I’ve fancasted Marauders omg) we have the following:

Bob as James because this is what I need in my life. I personally like Avan Jogia as Sirius (poc James and Sirius ftw) because his face has the right amount of cold indifference and elegance while still maintaining puppy dog capabilities (…pun intended) I know a lot of people like Andrew Garfield as Remus which is really nice but like. Luke Newberry. Look him up. (was he supposed to be Teddy I can’t remember) As for Peter idk. Jamie Bell or Jeremy Dozier? (dozier is kind of older I think) Sophie Turner for Lily? Or Holland Roden? I am so out of this fancasting thing wow

OKAY PLOT. Let’s ignore the terrible attempt at fancasting for now.

I’m 100% certain back in the golden olden days someone in the jily fandom did do something like this but I cannot for the life of me find it so here I go, I’m jumping in head first prepare for… idk feels, flailing and caps lock?

Ideally it would be between 5-6 seasons starting in fifth year and ending the night they die (CRIES).

Fifth year aka season one: James is still a pigheaded prat and I love him. The Marauders finally succeeded in becoming animagi, the map is almost complete. Lily and Snape are still friends but it’s getting harder and harder to maintain it as time goes on. The war is just on the periphery, a stirring or darkness with murmurs through the magical community. This season is where a lot of the worldbuilding comes in to play, setting the groundwork for what’s to come. It kind of has a philospher’s stone/ chamber of secrets vibe because it’s not dark YET but it’s there. We see James and Lily’s relationship, the raw grittiness between them where they clash fairly often (please for the love of god do not have him asking her out a million times because that’s not true let’s not play the harassment card as cute.) We see the broship between the Marauders, see how Peter wasn’t always a rotten rat bastard, see just how loyal James was to his friends, see how much Sirius and Snape loathed each other, see the immature pranks James plays because he’s still just a child, see Lily roll her yes while secretly finding it funny when he transfigures the goblets at dinner into mice, they’re all still just children.

We see just how damaged things are between Sirius and Regulus/ his entire family, see how he deals with being an outcast, see how one wrong word from Snape has him sending him down into the shrieking shack. James saves him, but at the cost of finding out Remus’ secret. The Marauders are fractured with Peter and James left in the middle of the fall out (midseason finale maybe?) The second half of the season focuses on trying to re-establish that bond, but it takes time and even though they’re speaking now by the time the end of the year rolls around, it’s still heavy and weighted with tensions thick as who knows what.

Then there’s the OWLs incident (2 part season finale?) Everything goes down according to the book and it’s the first time James makes his feelings of Lily known. The first season ends with broken hearts and friendships in tatters between Snape and Lily and the Marauders themselves because I want parallels to the next season finale.

Season 2 starts in the summer with Sirius being disowned and coming to live with the Potters. James’ head begins to shrink at this point because it only hits him then just how lucky he is to have Fleamont and Euphemia (there was no reason for me to include their names; I just like it lmao) as his parents. Sixth year Lily wanders on to Kings Cross by herself without her parents or Snape. She sits with Remus and Peter for the time being and when James and Sirius enter the tension is suffocating.

This season is all about healing in the Marauders, making the friendships stronger than before, and forgiveness. Lily learns who her true friends are and Snape digs in further with his Slytherin buddies. Incidents of muggleborns being hurt/ injured are starting to be more frequent and the first time it happens to Lily, Sirius is there and he helps her fend of the five who attacked her while she was making rounds (I need Sirius/ Lily friendship okay. It’s important to me.)

James’ head continues to deflate and it’s the first time he gets the inkling of wanting to fight after Hogwarts especially when he sees muggleborns being singled out by pureblood extremists. (Start of jily friendship which is filled with James trying- and failing- not to be awkward around her and oh be still my heart.)

This season ends with the Marauders plus Lily and some of the other Gryffindor girls in a compartment together, all happy with A++ friendships. James and Lily are sitting together. No one says a word when she falls asleep with her head on his shoulder.

Season 3- seventh year: James gets his headboy badge and is FREAKED OUT because um. What. How. And Lily is the one who helps him calm down because don’t you see silly boy? People listen to you. You’re determined and charismatic. You’ll be fine.

Seventh year is when the war officially begins, and James has already declared that he’s going to fight after Hogwarts and Lily is scared, because this war is because of her, but she does so too, hiding her shaking hands in her pockets. At first she’s opposed to having one of the Marauders shadow her at all times, but then she realises just how much it means to have their support, especially Sirius’ who’s entire family is on the other side of the war.

This season is darker and grittier, Snape fully gives himself over to dark magic and Defence Against the Dark Arts becomes more focused on teaching defensive magic than actual learning about it. People are scared and it begins to show. Almost everywhere she goes, James is by her side, jaw clenched and holding her hand tight. (they slide into a relationship as natural as breathing, and neither of them realise when it happened, it just happens, in between forehead kisses and promises of safety in the dark.)

It ends after they all graduate, the five of them standing in Dumbledore’s office as he tells them about the order.

Season four and the war is brutal. Lives are lost, including some characters we got to know during the last three seasons. There’s blood and death and very little hope. Lily hasn’t seen her family since Petunia screamed at her after her wedding, and she all but lives with James and Sirius. They’re all on the frontlines, treating every mission as their last when things take a turn for the worst.

Lily and James escape the clutches of Voldemort twice before and after the third, it ends in a proposal, just a glimmer of hope. The wedding is two months later, as far away from the dream wedding she wished, slipshod though perfect. For the first time in months, there’s laughter and tears of mirth, Sirius persuades McGonagall to dance a jig with him and Remus laughs so hard that Butterbeer comes through his nose.

All good things must come to an end though, because it’s Christmas and they realise that they’re pregnant and now they’re sitting in headquarters, hands gone numb from how hard they’re holding on to the other as Dumbledore tells them about the prophecy.

The last season is the shortest one, more focused on how tetchy they get as they’re forced to go in to hiding. Harry is born the night of July 31st, five minutes to midnight and Lily cries because they were so so close to proving the prophecy wrong. James tries not to let his annoyance show as he’s forced indoors for who knows how long while others are fighting the war for them. Order members still visit at least once a week, bringing toys and stories and trying to make things bearable. Still though, they’re being picked off one by one and sometimes Sirius sneaks in after Harry and Lily are asleep to get smashed with James because how did things turn into this, how are they supposed to believe that they could win.

Things hit rock bottom midway through October. They haven’t seen Remus in weeks, Peter jumps at the slightest of sounds and Sirius has his jaw clenched so hard that Lily is a afraid he’ll hurt something. Dumbledore tells them that they should go under the protection of a Fidelius charm, volunteering to be secret keeper himself. But James, good pure James with unwavering trust in his friends asks Sirius who turns him down because he knows that the Death Eaters would turn to him first, knows that just about everyone knows how close he and James are. He asks Peter and then, within three days, the Potters are dead and Sirius is left standing in the rubble holding baby Harry, tears streaming down his face because how did this happen. (He knows how it happened and he’s filled with rage.)

The season finale: the showdown between Sirius and Peter, which ends with Sirius laughing manically surrounded by rubble. He’s carted off to Azkaban on his birthday. Remus is alone in a run down flat, bottle of Firewhiskey half empty, throat gone numb hours ago but his heart is still wrenching in pain. A statue of the Potters go up in Godric’s Hollow, and there are parties being thrown for the Dark Lord is gone. Meanwhile Harry sleeps in a cheap bassinet in the Dursley’s closet, scar still angry red on his forehead.

My Odd Neighbour and My Odd Neighbour’s Boyfriend


Prompt from natasharamonoff: You know that neighbor in Magnus building with the on off relationship? Could you write Malec from THEIR POV? Like how they viewed Magnus and Alec’s life together and the first kiss and breakup?

It’s written as journal entries but I’m awful with dates and time scales so I decided to just leave them out. Also, the ending feels a little bit rushed so I’m sorry about that, but I did my best.

I’m very tired today, I almost fell asleep at work. Not good. Mr Bane had another party last night, that’s why. The noise was atrocious, the loud music, the thudding of all those people dancing and running up and down the stairs, people shouting at each other. Jamie said I should complain about the noise but I didn’t want to. Mr Bane is a very odd man, he makes me a little uncomfortable. Such outrageous dress sense, and those cat eye contact lenses he’s always wearing. Jamie said I was a coward and I shouldn’t be so judgemental but when I said maybe he should go and complain then he said he was too tired. Hypocrite.
There was another reason I didn’t want to go knocking on Mr Bane’s door, but I didn’t want to tell Jamie after he’d already called me a coward for feeling a little unsettled around Mr Bane. It’s his party guests. They’re a very threatening looking bunch. They all ride these very ugly, almost organic looking motorbikes. I passed a couple of the guests outside the building when I got home late from work and the way they looked at me was almost predatory. I’d rather not walk into a whole room full of them and start making complaints.

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Say what you mean

I backread hawkwardly‘s jamie/tyler tag on tumblr and then I wrote a small psychic-powers ficlet. Who knows if it’s her thing, but, hey, gotta give credit where credit is due. Good work with the gifs.

The Stars aren’t stars enough for anyone to really notice Jamie the person, even in hockey circles. He’s Jamie Benn, and he’s pretty good on the ice, but he’s not getting photographed by the paparazzi on the reg. He doesn’t go out much and the team respects him but keeps their friendly distance and Jamie is thankful for every reason in the book.

And one that’s a book in itself.

Jordie can see into other people’s dreams, and that’s cool. Jenny can see out of other people’s eyes. Jamie can see inside their heads.

Nobody’s psychic all the time, obviously, but it drops on him at random moments. Fucked-up thoughts slam into his mind when he’s driving next to the same person for too long, or stuck in line at the supermarket: people think about their pets and their friends and their kids, sure, yeah, but they also think about driving off bridges. They think about mass murder.

His helmet takes care of it on the ice. He does not know why.

He gets a reputation for being a homebody, and he keeps it.

Jamie Benn doesn’t like crowds; Jamie Benn doesn’t do one-night stands; Jamie Benn can read your mind just by standing next to you for a while, it’s fucking awkward and terrible and he hates it.

Jamie stays in.

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Having now actually seen Fantastic Four, here are my thoughts:

Short version: It sucked MASSIVE cock. Good lord what a fucking awful movie.

Long version (may include spoilers but at this point, who honestly cares?):

Where do I even start with this?


LITERALLY nothing happens for the first hour and twenty minutes. That’s pretty fucking bad when the movie is only 1 hour and 45 minutes long. And when something DOES finally happen, it happens with no buildup whatsoever and is a total mess. And yes I AM talking about Doom, but I’ll get to him later.

Let’s start with the cast. Wow did it suck. Not only was the acting horrible but the casting and characterization was completely fucked. Michael B Jordan was the ONLY good actor in this film. He captured the cocky persona of Johnny Storm pretty well. Shame he had a terrible script to work with and therefore was able to do very little with it. Johnny Storm is supposed to be fun. Michael B Jordan at least seemed to be having fun when his character was given a chance to do something other than be a “troubled teenager.”

Miles Teller was bland, forgettable, and completely lame as Reed. Good lord. I’ll give them credit for trying to demonstrate how smart he was, as Reed Richards is the smartest man in the Marvel Universe, but they almost immediately fucked that up by having Victor be his intellectual superior.

Kate Mara as Sue Storm…I’d say they ruined her character, but that would imply that the film GAVE her a character to ruin. They vaguely hint at her being kinda smart, but don’t bother to show it because this movie has no idea how to develop characters at all. She’s there, she says a few lines, and otherwise just sits in the background and never has a single interaction with Ben in the entire film. She doesn’t even go into the other dimension with them. Oh and what the fuck was the point of her being adopted if it had absolutely no bearing on the plot at all???

Jamie Bell as Ben Grimm…who the fuck authorized this? Seriously? Who looked at Jamie Bell and said “Yeah this guy looks like he could play a tough Jewish boy from Brooklyn who befriends and acts as the muscle for the class nerd.”??? On top of that there is ONE FUCKING SCENE of Reed and Ben being friends outside of the scene of them as kids. You get one scene at the beginning of them being friends with each other, and then Reed is suddenly talking about how he couldn’t have done any of this without Ben, and he won’t go anywhere without Ben. (What the fuck did Ben even do aside from supply Reed with scrap metal and a place to work?) Also what was the point of establishing his brother abused him if it had no effect on his character other than giving him a reason to say “It’s Clobberin’ Time!”?

And last but not fucking least, Victor Von fucking Doom. THIS WAS. THE WORST. PORTRAYAL OF DOCTOR DOOM. EVER. This shit made me want the 2005 version again. At least he was a megalomaniacal corporate dickhead. Toby Kebbell doesn’t deliver a single line out of his weird monotone drawl that I guess is supposed to indicate that he’s slimy and untrusting. THIS version of Doom is a weasely little fuckhead who has a crush on Sue and doesn’t like the government. That’s about all you get about him before he drunkenly goes into the other dimension with Reed, Johnny, and Ben and “dies” (something that no one ever addresses or mourns, btw). Then, he comes back in the last 15 and looks like an assfucked inbred Tin-Man with glowing green eyes and psychic powers. He goes around killing people Scanners style and then tries to destroy the earth. Why? Who the fuck knows. It comes the fuck out of nowhere and has no buildup at all, so your guess is as good as mine.

Franklin Storm was fucking horrible too. He did the Christopher Nolan thing where every single word he said was emphasized to point out how important it is to the world. Seriously, did anyone actually care when he died? Because I sure as fuck didn’t.

The single action scene in the film is shit too. Aside from coming the hell out of the blue, it’s short as fuck. It lasts all of 5 minutes and consists of Doom psychically throwing rocks at them until they band together, much to the audience’s apathy, to fight him 4 on 1.

I should also add, some of the worst CGI I’ve ever seen. I hope the people who worked on this film are fucking embarrassed, because oh my LORD is it bad. Stuckmann said it perfectly. It looks like a 1990s film that was trying to use CGI that wasn’t invented yet. Only problem is IT’S FUCKING 2015.

The plot is just as fucking terrible, aside from being boring as sin, there are a fuck-ton of plot holes and so many scenes go absolutely nowhere or come from absolutely nowhere (as discussed above). It all culminates in a 5 minute final battle where 4 characters with no chemistry have to put aside their differences and band together to fight a villain who, for reasons undeveloped, wants to destroy the world, despite there being no buildup or indications whatsoever that they wouldn’t work as a team. The effects are awful. The direction is awful. The pacing is awful. The characters are awful. The acting is awful, and of course the faithfulness to the source material is fucking awful. The movie is a goddamn mess start to finish. Guys Fant4stic gets a fucking .5 out of 5, and it doesn’t even fucking deserve the 9% it has on Rotten Tomatoes.

I’ll close this review by pointing out 3 things that I actually liked.

- Michael B Jordan was good.

- He looked cool as the Human Torch

- They actually addressed Sue’s ability to levitate with her powers.

Aside from those 3 things, this movie was goddamn abysmal. Don’t waste your fucking money. Make sure it doesn’t break even. Make sure the fucking rights go back to Marvel so that we never have to sit through another box office sodomy like this from Fox Studios again. Spend your money elsewhere. Go see Ant-Man, go see The Gift, go see anything but this movie. Or if you still think “Hey nah, I’m gonna go see it, it can’t be that bad.” TRUST ME. Torrent this shit, or spend your money on a different movie and walk into this one if you’re so curious, because you will hate yourself forever if you spend your hard earned cash on this piece of shit and it ends up getting a sequel.

Fucking 1 hour 45 minutes of my life I can’t get back.


I think my demons are my demons, and we all have them, and we work on them. But I’m always impressed with people. I’m always impressed that other people are not as crazy as I would expect them to be, or more grounded, or more human than I anticipated. I’m constantly surprised by people. When you see people who could so easily be a dick or full of themselves or not giving of their time or their attention or whatever, I’m always reminded to be humble and have humility. Because it’s a great trait. It reminds me that I need to do the same.

I think my demons are my demons, and we all have them, and we work on them. But, I’m always impressed with people. I’m always impressed that other people are not as crazy as I would expect them to be, or more grounded, or more human than I anticipated. I’m constantly surprised by people. When you see people who could so easily be a dick or full of themselves or not giving of their time or their attention or whatever, I’m always reminded to be humble and have humility. Because it’s a great trait. It reminds me that I need to do the same.

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Alex is the best distraction so....what is your favourite Alex look, favourite stage persona and favourite album?xo

This is the best ask. I couldn’t wait to answer. I thought about it a lot, and I think this is going to be a tough decision for me. (I always feel like I should preface all of my answers about his looks with like a ‘I really admire him as a person, Arctic Monkeys have been a constant in my life for years, they’re very important’ and all of this other shit but then I’m like ‘idk I think everyone knows this already? Alright here I go.)

Fave look:

This is tough. Sometimes I want to say Humbug because look at him:

He was like just cocky and stoned enough to like … Be attractive. Like he maybe gained some confidence, did some coke in the desert with josh homme, got a super hot gorgeous girlfriend aka ALEXA CHUNG and realized he was cool enough to do this.

But then like, this happened: 

And just when 2011 me thought he couldn’t get any better, THIS happened:

So I guess my answer is… I don’t know? But like, maybe, just maybe, my fave look of Alex D. Turner is when he’s been like … Sleeping well, eating, dating someone for awhile. See:

But then… This summer happened. And we were blessed with T in the Park 2016. 

I haven’t recovered yet. Also, I think I might be biased towards this particular ‘era’ because I met him in it. And he was lovely and kind and pretended he wasn’t judging me and my gigantic eyes and my clear shortness of breath. 

Stage Persona:

Okay so this one was a little bit easier because I think the AM stage persona, while ridiculously intense at times…

(Like what the actual shit stop doing that please also peep @ Jamie Cook)

My favorite is probably Suck it and See.

…Is that even a persona? I think it was the most him of them all, if that makes any sense. Just enough arrogance and not as you know, hip gyrations. Don’t get me wrong, I love them/him. But something about this specific period of time for this band. They were just a band. They never needed a bell or a whistle, or their name on fire. And this entire era of their existence proves it. (Which I also think is why when they did have some bells and whistles and light their name on fire, it was cool because everyone knows they don’t really need it but they’re doing it anyway and that’s why they are the coolest rock band on earth.) Also idk something about his arms in those t-shirts… Anyway.

Album: This is the only one I can answer easily. Google isn’t letting me paste the image and I feel like you all know the cover anyway. But my favorite album of theirs, of anything he’s ever done, probably will ever do, will always and forever be Humbug. Forever. Until my death. Actually, when I die, take my vinyl and put it next to me. I don’t want to be without it in whatever afterlife I wind up in.

Thank you for this. Also, feel free to discuss any of these with me at any point in time. I’m more than willing to intentionally look for gifs and pictures of ADT in my spare time. I always want to talk about this. So.

(None of these gifs are mine!)

the big takeaway from normcore should be that fashion is no longer telling of identity, i.e. what you look like is not who you are or what you do (ur core), e.g. you can be the most radical creative & look like a suburban soccer dad (like jamie bell in nympho), you can be a billionaire CEO & look like a college freshman, you can dress like a punk w/out leading a punk lifestyle, etc. etc. 

i think this is because of a lot of things, incl. a) all subcultural looks are acceptable mainstream propositions now (there are wall st guys covered in tattoos partying at the jane on the weekend, like ew but also whatever); b) our society is So Spectacular & Performative: we see everyday how anything can be put on & taken off (e.g. Miley’s makeover) & that has worn away at precious claims to “authenticity” (performativity replacing authenticity); c) we don’t need our clothes to speak for us because now we have avatars, our social media selves, coming before (like, hey gurl, i know you from that smart comment on that fbook thread about lonely girl so that’s why i’m going to come up to talk to you at this party, not because of your cool highgloss ma-1 flight jacket, tho that Is Cool).

in conclusion, it’s about divorcing the [modifier] from the CORE, so hardcore, softcore, politicore, normcore, what-ever. all i care about it whether your core is GOOD. actions & intentions matter more than what’s on your body (still, i love clothes, doi, have for as long as i can remember, consider it part of my core). 

P.S. ALSO IDEAS ABOUT TIME & SPACE & MONEY ARE SUPER PERTINENT to normcore but we can talk about that IRL sometime bc rn i have soooo much work to do so that i can pay my rent, debts, & bills. 


Jamie Bells anwser in Turn interview is priceless

Q: Washington assigns Abe the spy alias Culpepper, which Abe later changes to Culper. If you could choose your own spy alias, what would it be?

A: That’s a good question. I think I’d genuinely be a terrible spy, because I have a guilty face. My code name would probably be something like “I’m a spy.” [Laughs]

“As the Fan Event Movie Premiere draws near and I rewatch Veronica Mars Seasons 1,2,3 and I read (while avoiding spoilers) everything I can, I find that waaaaaaayyyyyy too much of my brain is taken up by Veronica Mars. I’m talking to my husband while making dinner and I”m thinking about VM. I’m on the phone for work and only half listening because I’m thinking about VM. I can’t wait for March 13 when, hopefully, I’ll get my brain back.”