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I always find it sad that everyone finds love and moves on, but Asgore is always left in the cold. From in -game dialog with Toriel, it is clear that he moved on from her as well (he just wants to be friends). Yet, so many folks do stories where Toriel finds new love but Asgore must suffer alone (which is sad, given she is as guilty as he is for the exact same reasons). I just wish more folks would let the big guy find a new love too. Maybe Muffet or Grillby.

tbh I think it’s mostly because people wanna ship Toriel with someone, rather than actively shutting the old man out. Toriel’s also got some in-game moments with Sans that make them prime shipping material. meanwhile, Asgore doesn’t really have any potential ships aside from crack ships.

Personally, I’m a big fan of Asgore/my-own-interpretation-of-Gaster. They must’ve known each other in the past, and if canon Gaster is even half as soft and kind and well-meaning as I write him, then I absolutely think the two of them would be amazing together. I really love the idea of these two sad old dads, who have been through so much, finding each other and settling down and improving each other’s lives just by existing near each other, it’s such a happy-feels-inducing ship.

Just gotta fish Gaster out of the void and put him back together again first. it ain’t no prob

i made a status today being like ‘yo minnesota people! hang out with me when i return for a few days!’ (super paraphrased) and right now i was just gonna tag people who need to see it but like… there are only two people that i can think of who i’m friends with and who haven’t already commented.

(three people have commented.) 

it’s so bizarre to me that i lived there for twenty years of my life and like… aside from my family, like four people, and a coffee franchise, there’s nothing there for me. it’s not my home. 


do you ever just feel yourself loving something or someone less and you’re just like nO I NEED TO KEEP LOVING THEM but no matter how desperately you’re scrabbling to keep loving them you just feel yourself slipping away until you don’t even remember why you cared because i think that’s just the saddest thing

Jolene Purdy Goes From ‘Chut Up’ Girl in ‘Donnie Darko’ to 'OITNB’ Breakout

“Jake actually pulled me aside when I wrapped and gave me some really great words,” Purdy says. “I’m paraphrasing horribly right now, but he said, 'You have to think about the impact this character is going to have. People are going to watch this and there’s going to be someone who’s been bullied and they’re going to find a friend that understands what they’re going through. There’s going to be a bully in a theater that is watching this and he’s going to realize the way he makes other people feel.’ He just really encouraged me.”

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no one cares that luke got a cake. people are sad that no one seemed to care as much about ashton or his birthday. which seems to be what always happens. he is always pushed aside. people just wanted an opportunity for ashton to be appreciated as much on his birthday/his "birthday show". not everything is an attack on luke like so many(not you) like to make it out to be

i think it’s getting blown way out of proportion tho tbh. there wasn’t a show on ashton’s birthday so, okay, no huge public display in front of the fans but that doesn’t mean ashton didn’t receive any love or affection from his friends and family on his birthday. i think things online can easily escalate and maybe some people are not wording their arguments on the matter in the best way but i don’t think luke deserves any kind of heat for any of this. 

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I think if Octavian was gay, he'd probably completely deny it to anyone who asked, and even himself ,and maybe even pretend to be homophobic for a while until he told someone he trusts about it.

Hey buddy boiiii (idk, are people tired of me calling everyone friend? Lmao)

I think that’s completely possible! If he’s hiding the fact that he’s gay (especially from himself) I can imagine him being rude and manipulative and lashing out. Also, if he’s power-hungry, constantly trying to get in power, to be on top, then he’d try and deny anything that could possibly set him back. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have many friends he trusts to talk to after he accepts that he’s gay. In the end, he puts asides his differences and goes to Reyna. She helps him through it, and it’s the beginning of a shaky relationship

A lot of people (I imagine Octavian would be the same way) deal with a lot of internalized homophobia they didn’t realize they had when discovering their sexuality. The important thing is working through it

Mod Isabel

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how about questions? what got you into anarchism? which anarchists are you fond of? any specific types of favorite anarchist philosophies or organizational structures?

Boi it is 3am what makes you think I can answer that and be coherent?

Well I’ll start off by saying I don’t think an anarchist society is possible today, or tomorrow for that matter, maybe not even in my lifetime who knows. Change is slow, and we have to stop walking in the direction of more authoritarianism before we can even start to walk toward liberty

I don’t really know of many anarchist asides from a few friends really, I’ve never read Ayn Rand, Adam Kokesh just looks douchey to me, and so on so forth… I’m going to say my Dad. He always raised me and my bro to think of consequences to good ideas, and the idea that people own their bodies. Examples being drugs are bad, but you have no places to kidnap someone over doing them, by banning prostitution you’ve effectively made it 10x as dangerous and disease -infested.
I certainly won’t go out tomorrow and kidnap drug users because I think drugs are bad, or kill kindergarteners, and neither will you (I hope). He pushed the idea that 99% of people aren’t psychotic assholes that rape murder and pillage for shits and giggles, and the ones that do exist- and want to rape/murder/pillage- don’t listen to the big guys telling them not to. So why would we need a state to tell people who won’t listen not to do things?

You lost me on that last part bud I’m not entirely sure what you are asking… Anarcho-Capitalism? Everyone wins. Wanna be commie? Go ahead but not on my land… Wanna open your very own Cocaine Hut™, have fun with that too… Wanna live in the woods with randy and his 7 wives away from every other living soul? Sure!

Is this coherent? I don’t think so but fuck it. Ten bucks says its @anarcho-isolationist

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What is your take on the theory that RL is merely a "stepping stone" for LM, as LM will eventually happen?

Aside from the fact that I find the concept of people being “stepping stones” or just being there to “prepare someone” for the next relationship completely gross… I just don’t think it’s an accurate theory. This is not Degrassi. There’s not going to be a bunch of partner swaps going on within one friend group. The writers have always insisted that it’s not a triangle, and they’ve presented plenty information as to why (and I’m fairly certain we get a bit more with both parts of Ski Lodge) And at the end of the day, the biggest thing they wanted people to take away from the last Q&A was that friendship was the most important thing on the show. I can’t think of any scenario where continuous dating among the group like that theory would suggest (because most of the time it doesn’t just include LM happening, it also include RF, SZ, etc…) doesn’t end in someone’s hurt feelings and friendships being fundamentally altered. That’s not the way the world works, and I just don’t feel that it’s the way MJ writes. 

You know, something I think a lot of people seem to forget or just not realize…

Aside from the few times he had the help of the ‘faeries’ (aka, Squall and co.) and was able to access their junctions and magic, Laguna managed with just his gun, grenades and two friends ever at his side.

That’s it.

And look at everything he accomplished and all he survived. 

This is one of the biggest reasons I love Laguna so much. Because when it comes down to it…he’s just a man. He has nothing fancy to boast about, no super powers or gigantic weapons. And yet he still manages to kick ass.

Not to mention, he is in my opinion, the most mature and most real character I have ever come across in my entire life.

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why is there so much greg x pearl hate over this episode??? obviously the ship will never be canon and that was no where near what this episode was about and obviously pearls a lesbian and gay for rose,so can't people chill??? plus like... people can also make platonic and romantic ships together.. like i ship them as a brotp and a bit of a otp,not as much as best friends but it's there.... not in canon of course.

I think a lot of people are just so afraid that people will ship it seriously, like they did with P*wey. There’s the whole added aspect of Pearl being incredibly uncomfortable with Major Dewey’s advances, which makes shipping Pearl and Dewey solely based on Dewey’s feelings (a man’s) and completely disregarding Pearl’s feelings (a woman’s) which rubs so many people (including me) wrong. 

With Greg and Pearl what I don’t like about it is, aside from the fact that Pearl only shows interest in a female gem so far, that Greg and Pearl have only ever treated each other as friends, and Pearl has so far mostly just been more or less disgusted by Greg’s touch. I really can’t see Pearl date any human at all. It doesn’t seem like she’s dated a human ever, or had any interest in them at all. It just feels so forced when people try to ship Pearl with any human.

But yeah, I think people are just relating G*earl to P*wey and thus the spiral of people feeling sick about it starts anew. So yeah people, if you’re gonna ship it, please be respectful and tag properly so people can blacklist it. And if you hate those ships, make sure to actually NOT post much about it as it’ll just inspire more trolls to post even more about it. Cause there’s mean people like that out there, sadly. Literally all posts I’ve seen about G*earl since last episode have been troll posts just to irritate people. SIGH. :\

Today was  a nice day aside from being sick. I think I must have gotten food poisoning, as I feel better now, but not 100%. So, I’ve been drawing and painting for the artists I’m living with. One of them I hope to keep in touch with - she’s great, really. And we had dinner and talked for a while. And earlier she approached me with, “my friend,” and gave me a hug, and then spoke about my drawing and singing for a while. Some people are so very positive in moments when you don’t feel so hot. 

I cleaned our kitchen and sanitized pretty much everything, so hopefully the bug that’s going around goes away. I think I’ll work on paperwork now for a while & continue learning programs. Worthwhile stuff, this theatre work. Very worthwhile.

Some small things
  • I’ve read every single fandom survey I can get my hands on (sorry if that makes me sound like a stalker, but I want to know you guys better!) and…some people say they don’t have any friends in the Boueibu community? Drop by my askbox at courage-a-word-of-justice, and you can be friends with me. I know some of you must consider me intimidating but I don’t bite if you approach me in a civil/friendly manner. I knew I forgot something for the open letter, but I was up at 1 am thinking about it and I went “stuff it”…
  • I ain’t gonna blab about ep 1 yet aside from speculation and reblogs from people who’ve seen the ep, but…if people haven’t noticed yet, I’ve used the tag “boueibu spoilers” and “Keep reading”s pretty heavily for the moment (especially regarding a certain debut and certain outfits). This embargo will most likely be gone next week as we get back into the groove of having magical boys on Thursdays/Fridays (and I go back to the policy stated here), but do remember I am trying to be respectful to all fans while it exists. Looking at the archives now, I’ve basically made a 180 from how I treated spoilers in Jan. 2015…*sweatdrops*

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THE RULES ARE SIMPLE! POST TEN CHARACTERS YOU’D LIKE TO ROLEPLAY AS, HAVE ROLEPLAYED AS AND MIGHT BRING BACK THEN TAG TEN PEOPLE TO DO THE SAME(if you can’t think of ten characters, just write down however many you can and tag the same amount of people).



  • Cal Calore ( red queen ) - Active
  • Dorian Havilliard ( throne of glass ) - Active
  • rhysand ( acotar ) - active ish
  • Klaus Mikaelson ( the originals )- Inactive
  • Kai Parker ( vampire diaries ) - Deleted
  • Ethan Wate  ( beautiful creatues ) -Deleted
  • Elijah Mikaelson ( vampire diaries ) - Deleted
  • Tobias Eaton (Divergent) - inactive
  • Deucalion ( teen wolf ) -Deleted
  • Damon Salvatore ( vampire diaries ) -Deleted


  • Henry VIII (au obvs bc a friend & i made up a storyline with him & elizabeth bathory)
  • Mr Quinlan (the strain)
  • tbh i wish to play a lot of characters ngl


  • Elijah Mikaelson
  • Ethan Wate
  • …Kai parker… maybe.

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@ everyone that says I'm their friend

If you got something to say to me you should say because my anxiety disorder™ makes me think up scenarios about people actually hating me when they say they don’t so nothing you say to me is gonna hurt my feeling because in my imagination you’ve already stabbed me in the back lel

(idk how to even tag this post because idk how to describe this symptom aside from just saying anxiety and this symptom isn’t very cute so y'all just gonna pretend you didn’t see this but okay bye)


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  • Edgar Allan Poe :^)
  • Nathaniel Hawthorne 
  • Toki Wartooth (Metalocalypse) i mean i dont have a blog for him but i Am rping him rn

HAVE PLAYED (i dont have blogs for most of these tho)

  • Dante (DMC)
  • Will Graham (Hannibal)
  • Magnus Hammersmith & Nathan Explosion & Abigail Remeltindtdrinc (Metalocalypse)
  • Dazai Osamu 
  • Jack Spicer (Xiaolin Showdown let me live)
  • Jason Todd (DC)
  • Badou Nails (DBAC)
  • Vlad Masters (Danny Phantom i hate myself)
  • Marionette (FNAF) 
  • Rhys (Borderlands)
  • Chrollo Lucilfer & Illumi Zoldyck (HxH)
  • so many


  • Waylon Park (Outlast)
  • Eddie Gluskin (Outlast)
  • Yukimura Tooru (AxK) 
  • Zero (Vampire Knight) 
  • Claude Faustus (Kuroshitsuji)
  • Gregory Violet (Kuroshitsuji) 
  • Alucard (Hellsing)