i think sony is a ok

Brits 2017

Well, I did some thinking and have come to the conclusion that yesterday was a strategic battle between Simon and the boys. And the boys won at least for the public eye and that is what counts.

Simon presenting was kind of obvious. He had three acts in for the win, so chances of some shameless self-adulation were good. I think that is why he was so smug in the beginning.

If I were salty, I would say 1D winning became a done deal during the day, so the boys decided to make it their own, even if they couldn’t be there.

I am not convinced that they didn’t want to be there. Niall went to the after party, so he could have easily attended. Louis was in London during the day. As much as I love him spending time with his siblings it could have easily been done on another day and I guess there are enough people around to babysit, so Lottie, Tommy and Dan could have gone with Louis.

So they got this show on the road. It started off with Louis asking the fans to vote, showing that the band still cares. All the other tweets from friends and family created an all around positive vibe showing that those close to the boys still believed in them and supported them. Especially Anne tweeting showing that Harry still cares. She would not have done this if Harry didn’t feel ok with it.

They chose Liam to go, because he is the diplomat. They got him in unnoticed and in the worst case (losing) would have gotten him out unnoticed. Him getting up there and stealing Simon’s thunder was the first blow, him not thanking Simon and Syco/Sony was the next.

The final blow was all the boys tweeting afterwards. They played it perfectly.

The only question is does OT have any leverage for retaliation or are we seeing the coffin finally sealed for good.

Personally I think the boys are not there yet but they made a very important point by standing up and calling their fans to gather behind them. It worked.

Love them, love us.

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I think you've got it actually. I am pretty certain Harry does not want to be closeted any longer or hid his relationship. HE definitely let all record labels know that and I assume he's got some iron clad clauses that prevent them to talk much but I can imagine those become a little looser if you give them something in return, like a solo album from Harry Styles, and we've yet to see where Louis goes.

This is pretty much what I’m thinking. I really believe that Louis and Harry want to live their authentic lives, and they’re under iron-clad NDAs with Syco/Sony. But maybe those reins would be loosened if Harry gave them what they’ve wanted since day one, and they’d be more cooperative with Louis and Harry in what details they want to share about their past and present. If Harry went to another label, I’m sure Sony would be harsh in their enforcement of their contracts, checking every fucking song lyric and interview for any indication of information contrary to the public story.

And in a perfect world, maybe they’d take it a step further and sell Simon down the river since he’s a blight on their business at this point anyway, and they could use a check in the plus column after Kesha, MJ, Prince, etc. (ok, that’s way too optimistic, but a girl can dream, right?).

Other anons, I think this pretty much addresses your questions, too!

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Truth is that I won't believe Louis has a kid until he's free. If he's free from sony and he still has a kid then ok, it's real, I give up. But if Louis still has a fake stunt girlfriend and is surrounded by shit ton of fakeness then why would I think the baby is real? Tbh why would Louis' team give him fake gf's if he has a real baby. Idk how ppl can believe that Elounor is fake but baby is real. 4 me either they are both fake or both real.

the only thing is everything is so ridiculous there’s no room for it to be real

20.04.17 - Today I had my final tutorial of the year followed by a class test. I think they both went ok, but I’ll soon find our as I get the results from the class test tomorrow afternoon! I’m also anticipating feedback on an psychology essay I wrote a while ago. This evening I’ll be organising notes and tackling some bio hormones revision.

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No one is actually not buying the album to end babygate or whatnot. Some larries made up this "boycott" and started being their bullshit spewing and rude selves, per usual.

Anonymous said:

No! I think your last anon is confused or deliberately trying to start shit. A few anons mentioned not buying anything from Sony until babygate ended. I’m pretty sure they just don’t feel like giving them their money and don’t actually think it will actually have an effect. It’s just a personal decision of a few anons

Anonymous said:

Oh god u got an anon too…. there is no boycott, there was just some anon(s) going around saying there was, trying to stir shit up (very successfully, unfortunately). Some anons told adifferentkindofson they weren’t going to buy H’s album and she just said “ok, you do do” basically. And then all hell broke loose. 

You know what? I was gonna try to answer some asks. But y’all have successfully turned my Inbox into the high school cafeteria. Killed my vibe dead. So I’m out.

honey… he’s on their website.. they’re promoting him on social media… he’s connected to sony, who columbia is under… there are news articles about producers from columbia fighting for him through using that $80 mill… and ur just gonna sit there and say the deal doesn’t sound right… ok

What are you doing Sony Pictures?

Ok, all of these Spiderman spin-off movies that Sony have announced are so out of the blue and almost reactionary. Honestly, I think Sony’s in the worst place to try to make a Spider-verse. I mean, if it was spun off of The Amazing Spider-Man, that movie may not be everyone’s favorite, and the spin-off may feel forced, but the connection would still be there. Now that Spider-Man’s back in the MCU, they’re forced to do all this stuff on their own, with no connection to anything as far as we can tell, and it will fly in the face of the current Spider-Man film continuity. Either stick with your guns, don’t reboot Spider-Man, and do these spinoffs, or reboot it but don’t do the spin-offs. Trying to do both is way too messy and greedy. Or do the even smarter thing, and make a Spider-Man that works (as they are doing), and actually work with the people who’ve helped you solidify the character to flesh out a new corner of the MCU. Just sayin’.

My thoughts on Yoga

Before you hate on the people who do yoga because it’s ‘stupid,’ go take 3 classes. Heck, just go take one class. Then come back and talk to me. 

Kids always wanna do something.

Ask an adult what they did over the weekend. Watch how their face lights up when they say 'I did absolutely nothing' 
This constant hustle is good for productivity, but are you taking care of yourself mentally and physically?

That’s why I like yoga. Because its physically good for your body to stretch out from the tense positions we are in daily. It’s also calming, in a way that our society, at least in the urban area as a college student, is not. I don’t think I’ve had one day in a longg time without me using at least some form of technology like a tv, cell and laptop.That is crazy. Before I did yoga, I saw pretty pics of people doing this glorified form of stretching and thought they were snobs about it. Like seriously? Who is gonna stretch for a whole hour?

But alas, my opinion changed when I came out of my fist yoga class, feeling like my body was releasing the tension I had had from stress of college and grades, of wearing heels and walking all over campus to do my part as a student leader and member of society to volunteer, without a moment to spare for myself. And I thought that when I was reading, I was spending time with myself. No, I was reading about something else in the universe, another person’s life. Not about Sony.

When you are in yoga, it is about you. It is about thinking about where you are in your life right now, and being ok with it. It says to stop thinking about “where you want to be 5 years from now”, or what are you doing after college, etc.

It is about acknowledging that you are a human being, and you deserve, like the trees, and the mountains, and the animals, to be. Just to exist as you are, and know that you are here, and you are just as important as the trees, and mountains, and you are on earth, breathing, and that is what it is. You are.

This simplicity is kind of hard to grasp because you are a lot of things, so that in itself is so complicated.

—  Rambling thoughts of Sony at 1am

WE JUST GOT OUR PLATINUM PLAQUES FOR WORTH IT AFTER HAVING JUST PERFORMED ON JIMMY KIMMEL AND THE FACT THAT THE LATTER IS A REAL SENTENCE IS LIKE SOME KIND OF FAIRY TALE. TEARS EVERYWHERE. CAPS LOCKS EVERYWHERE. ok calm down. seriously thank you so much to our team @la_reid @iamsylviarhone @joeyarbagey and our incredible team at @epicrecords . @simoncowell and @sycoentertainment for being unbelievable, our @sony music family, and our whole management team :) it’s been such an honor to work alongside such hardworking, talented, passionate people- we’ve done it together!!! obviously our harmonizers who we love so much it hurts. i could go on forever but i think our smiles go up all the way to our eyes and that’s more than words can capture. YAAAAAAAAAAY. !!!!! #worthit by camila_cabello

Re: RDJ, Spider-man, Marvel

Ok, per RDJ’s Instagram, he was working this Saturday.

(His helicopter picked him up earlier that morning.)


There actually wasn’t any filming for Civil War that day, at least not involving the Russo brothers. Both guys spent the entire day with Kevin Feige and Amy Pascal in doing final screen tests for the next Spider-man on location in Atlanta.

So, based on these …

I think it’s not that incredibly unreasonable to assume that yes, RDJ spent Saturday working … but it’s actually in helping Marvel/Sony to screen test the next Spider-Man (i.e., reading scenes with the potential Peter Parkers) and not filming scenes for Civil War.


(PS.  If you read that supposedly leaked entire plot of Civil War from a couple of weeks ago – yes, the one originally from 4chan – one of the things that stood out to me was Peter connects with Tony especially.  So it would make even more sense.  Granted, this is assuming that that thing wasn’t mostly bullshit, which it probably was, but still)

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So antis excuse for Sam and Caits lovey pics from the T2 premiere is that they are staged photos just for PR. Ok antis I don't think PR would tell Cait to press her hip into Sam's private area and for said private area to respond simply for good PR. 😂

Oh good lord, predictable. 

1. First, of course it was PR to attend the event, duh. I think I said that even before they showed up to the event. They are the stars of a pretty popular show, currently being filmed in Edinburgh, who happen to be in town! who also just won Best TV show at People’s choice and Sony did T2. So, not shocking they were invited.

2. What was surprising was their loved up behavior. Why was it surprising? 

Because it was not necessary… they could have taken pics separately or just without turning on the heat and still done the PR job they came there to do. 

That is the hottest red carpet they’ve shown since the IFH, imo. They didn’t act like that even at the S2 premiere, when you think the would have, for PR reasons!!

3. Basically, a whole year of hard work in denials just went up in smoke. 

These denials were approved by their employer, the IFH, presence of dates at Baftas…etc..so it’s not like the studio is forcing an “SC love” narrative for PR.

Based on their behavior…who is surprised that the headlines today are not reading “Sam and Cait are not dating, OL actress escorted by bf?” Yeah… not me…

Then Sam and Cait wonder why people ship them??? really??? LOL

4. The only times I have ever seen Sam and Cait truly uncomfortable around each other is when they have had to pretend they had others as dates … like BAFTAs… 

because they certainly seemed very comfortable ‘pretending’ they were a couple last night…LOL

5. Apparently, the press missed the whole SC have bf, gf  at BAFTAs too… curious… lol

So… sorry Antis… you’ve got nothing except a supposed bf was present… but all the video of SC and their friends on and off-camera suggests something else is going on… 


1) Because he’s funny and adorable

External image

2) Because he’s so him

External image

3) And he looks good in glasses!!

External image

Do I really need to say more?

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Ooooooh ok, now that makes much more sense why you would say that. So you don't think their contracts with Syco end in March but earlier? I actually thought that the break would start in January but the contract would end in March... Why do you think so though?

Because the chart everyone was looking didn’t have anything to do with actual contractual obligation–it was a financial valuation model. I’m an accountant so I knew what it was and what it meant.

In layman’s terms, Sony was basically estimating how much money and through when Syco would be able to pull money in for 1d. Considering their albums always drop in November and every year but last year they’ve had at least three singles, it’s safe to assume Syco will bring in the most profit from their fifth album before March 31. Even after the contract is fulfilled, MITAM will forever be a Syco album. It won’t change to whoever they sign with next. But the lions share of the profit will occur before then. I’m sure Sony has some sort of calculation it uses to predict these things.

So Sony was basically saying you’re only really guaranteed significant income from 1d’s albums through the end of March.

I don’t know for sure when the actual contact ends but I’m guessing December 31. I could be wrong. It could still be March. But the reason why so many people think it’s March is based on an incorrect interpretation of what that Sony data meant.

Hey guys! I haven’t done an update in a while so here goes! Work’s been going well, and it’s been a whirl wind these last couple of months. Definitely been learning a lot and growing in terms of storyboarding speed/efficiency. Hopefully when my schedule gets a little less hectic, I’m planning on posting more art. I’ve been in a bit of a mini art block, and have been a bit tired in terms of creativity when I have free time to draw. Most of the time drawing ends up being fanart, but it’s been fun (and an excuse to draw TF2….) I think once things settle down I might want to hunker down and actually draw a new board sequence to test drawing more action based storyboards (or acting etc…..) Anyhoo, long story short, I’ve been tired and busy, but have been having a lot of fun and good growth. Ok that’s all

Ok I don’t know how late I am to the trend but everyone’s tweeting #LetHoltzmannBeGay so I’m gonna too. I get that her sexuality shouldn’t define her whole character in a movie like this, but it makes me mad that when asked about it, Kate wasn’t even allowed to answer (especially because she herself is gay). So yeah I’m tweeting it because I think Sony should see that there is nothing wrong with a character being gay.