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Understanding & Conquering A Bad Habit 

I think everyone has something that they positively want to change about themselves; but as we all know, this isn’t always the easiest thing to do… I made this spread to understand and conquer any negative behaviors, thinking patterns, and tendencies. I had really wonderful results!

  1. Root of issue
  2. How it affects you
  3. How it affects others
  4. Outcome if you do not change
  5. How to approach issue
  6. Necessary Action
  7. Advice
The Most Popular Overwatch Ships

(according to Archive of Our Own)

Out of 10,998 fics: (as of February 20th, 2017)

1. McCree/Hanzo (2137)

2. Soldier 76/Reaper (1885)

3. Pharah/Mercy (899)

4. Roadhog/Junkrat (597)

5. Widowmaker/Tracer (587)

Compare to these stats taken on January 10th. Most significant change is that Roadrat has taken #4 away from Widowtracer by only 10 fics. Reaper76 has gotten the biggest spike with over 400 new fics in the last six weeks.

What was in Victor’s mind in episode 9?

So today I was thinking about the airport scene today again and what struck me about it is that it is never explained what was Victor thinking while saying this:

While it’s obvious what Yuuri has in his mind at the moment (i.e. having Victor by his side these last few weeks before his retirement) there is no reason why would Victor reevaluate their relationship then. Leaving Yuuri for that three days for Maccachin obviously doesn’t make him a bad coach at least Yuuri would never think so. And Victor doesn’t overthink things much normally so while it’s his natural reaction to throw himself into Yuuri’s arms (and Yuuri’s only but that’s another story) it’s why he speaks about coaching first what puzzled me the most.

But then I realised something else about this whole situation and I think that was the same realisation that really made Victor look so miserable on that airport. Because what is interesting is the fact that Victor couldn’t decide what to do when he learned about Maccachin at the first place.

He was seriously torn between staying with Yuuri or going back while really there shouldn’t be a question. Sure, he takes his coaching responsibilities very seriously and he cares about Yuuri a lot and he doesn’t want to leave him especially since they’re finally in a relationship like he always wanted but still we’re talking about Maccachin whom he had for over 12 years? He loves that dog more than anything, Maccachin was the only one to greet him home, the one to care when Victor was down, the one who slept with him… Like Yuuri was apart from his dog for five years and he was still devastated after Viccan’s death can you imagine how Victor would feel? For Yuuri, it’s obvious that Victor should go back, he tells him he needs to because it really is the one right thing to do and Victor. Still. Hesitates? 

Side note, I love the fact that Victor trusts Yakov so much he believes he may take care of Yuuri in his stead but anyway he finds a solution, he flies to Japan and now, we don’t know what happens there but what I think happened is that Victor looks at his miraculously saved dog, he looks back at what happened in Russia and he realises he truly loves Yuuri. I’m pretty sure that the only thing that Victor thinks about while sitting by Maccachin’s side is Yuuri and I’m also sure he gets aware of that too. It’s not a crush anymore it’s not the eros matter, it’s not the fact that Yuuri inspires him more than anything. I believe that while alone in Japan Victor realises that being apart from Yuuri terrifies him because he loves him more than he ever loved anyone. He literally was choosing between two persons he loves the most in his life.

So what I imagine Victor has in his mind when he sits on this airport is “what can I do to be with Yuuri for longer”. Now, there was a great meta on how much insecure Victor is about revealing his feelings and we know from what Kubo said that it is not until he has a ring on his finger that he lets himself think about their future together but I’m sure that Victor already tried to think of something he could do to stay longer by Yuuri’s side and as they communicate mostly thru skating he was probably thinking something like “I’ll tell him about the technical things we need to improve and also maybe suggest him that he may still win at Four Continents and Worlds so he would need me to stay” but even if he wants to play it cool he can’t wait to make sure Yuuri will make him stay and basically the second he holds Yuuri he starts to ramble about that. Like when I look at this scene now it all makes so much sense, that Victor is so touched when Yuuri asks him to stay because that’s what he wanted to hear all along. And then that marriage proposal remark that comes out of nowhere or rather comes from Victor’s realisation that he loves Yuuri so much he could marry him. And then this?

They are emotional because of being apart and because of how much in love they are but I think that what really explains this whole scene is looking at it as at the first time they are together while Victor fully understands his feeling for Yuuri. And Victor is so emotional and honest while saying that last line that it makes Yuuri cry? Yuuri has no idea what Victor has in mind but I think he feels something changed and I really wish Victor wouldn’t be afraid to tell him the truth at that moment. But anyway this scene somehow is even better for me now and I thought I should share it with you guys.

anonymous asked:

Do you think Jikook really have done something?

i think that this is a very sensitive subject , and very personal and private indeed ,But i will answer you since this is my personal opinion only , even though i think none of us have the right to talk or to have assumptions about their “bedroom life”/”their fave positions”.. , anyway personally yes i do think that something has happened between them and has changed their relationship for the better and jimin my man is totally doing something right cuz jungkook be thirsty all the damn time ,

and  even if i thought that nothing has happened between them yet I’d have said that It’s eventually going to happen , (something as in they’re going to have their first kiss / first love making session) .

 because let me tell you something ; it’s not platonic , the thing between them could never be platonic ,i mean the sexual tension can be felt through the sceen , and the way they eye each other especially when they do it through the screen of the camera like in this vid or in this iconic vlive, or when they think they’re not being filmed like jimin in the gif below …… what i’m trying to say is they have mutual attraction towards each other , mutual interest in each other  , mutual fondness so  , long story short they’re in love thanks bye :)

Despite his major character flaws, I have a great deal of respect for Ganondorf in The Wind Waker, and I think this probably has something to do with how my perspective has changed as I’ve gotten older. I know what it’s like to have to live with the consequences of devastating failure, and I know what it feels like to be convinced that you’ve worked too hard and for too long to simply give up on your goals, even if they’re no longer feasible. The frustration of having one’s identity defined by something that happened in the past and the difficulty of trying to move forward while bearing the weight of painful regrets are themes that aren’t really dealt with seriously in a lot of geek media, and I appreciate the emotional complexity represented by Ganondorf.

As I’ve been playing Breath of the Wild, something that’s started to resonate with me about the various incarnations of Ganondorf in previous games is their disdain for Link’s innocence and the youthful purity of his convictions. There’s a scene early in Breath of the Wild in which Impa asks Link if he intends to fight Ganon despite not knowing or remembering anything about the situation and having only his courage and a sense of justice on his side. Link says yes, because of course he says yes; Link always says yes. I haven’t gotten very far in Breath of the Wild and can’t really talk about what’s going on in the game, but I think I’m beginning to understand how Ganondorf would find that sort of refusal to engage in critical thinking infuriating, especially when it repeatedly manifests itself in a seemingly endless cycle.

  • Fanon!Jekyll: *Is literally Jesus*
  • Canon!Jekyll: Uh yeah I'm a horrible person so I'll just even it out by donating a few bucks to charity idk
  • Fanon!Holmes: *Literally everyone loves how amazing and talented he is*
  • Canon!Holmes: WHO IS THIS HORRIBLE GARBAGE MAN oh wait it's me
Charred (Part Five)

EXO FanFiction: Fantasy AU
Main pairing: Reader x Chanyeol
You get sucked into a mysterious world, and begin to discover things you couldn’t have imagined. But why you? And who is the stranger you are becoming drawn to?

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‘Are you okay?’

You looked up blankly, and saw Sehun sliding into the seat opposite you at the kitchen table. He watched you nervously, sliding a black coffee across the table top to you. You mutely nodded your thanks.

‘Y/N…’ Sehun sighed, and you shook your head.

‘Don’t.’ you said, dreading Sehun trying to talk to you about when he had found you.

You were back in his home. After Kyungsoo had shown you the memorial for your people, you had broken down, overwhelmed by everything. Sehun had come looking for you, but it was like you couldn’t hear him, the only thing consuming you was grief and confusion. The last thing you remember was Sehun arm’s wrapping around you and the now familiar pool of shadows blossoming around you, pulling you away from the library.

You had stopped crying now, but now you just felt numb.

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Ed Sheeran

It’s too cold in this downtown apartment,
no furniture, so we sit on the carpet.
Heating is gone so you fill the bath
with boiling water from the kettle.
What a beautiful way to start this.

I just met you today for the first time.
All I know is your name and your birth sign.
I’ve not got any curtains to draw, only the electric set on the floor,
won’t you lay with me, darling, all night?

I’ve got a movie, we can watch
and we’ll eat popcorn from a coffee cup.
Not the fanciest place, but it’s home.
Down in this downtown apartment
is where two broken hearts went
to see what it feels like to fall for a stranger.
Caught in a landslide of something,
darling oh I’m asking one thing:
Is this what it feels like to fall for a stranger?

I feel love in this new founden flat
only God knows where I found it at.
Maybe fate pulled me into the pub
just to meet someone who’d give me their love.
I just liked how you kissed me like that.
Never thought I’d be taking you home.
I assumed I’d be sleeping alone.
Apologies for the mess that I’ve made,
I wasn’t expecting you’d stay at my place.
What a beautiful way to start this.

And I’ve got a t-shirt you can wear,
Just a blanket that we both can share.
not the fanciest place, but it’s home

Down in this downtown apartment
is where two broken hearts went
to see what it feels like to fall for a stranger.
Caught in a landslide of something,
darling oh I’m asking one thing:
Is this what it feels to fall for a stranger?

And I’ve got no way to see
what’s meant for you and me
but all along I’ve been falling for a stranger.

it’s so hilarious to me that people somehow equate wanting a redemption arc for a character with an explicit endorsement of that character’s actions. it’s such twisted logic. of course i know this character is wrong!! of course they’ve done evil things!! that is literally why i want them to be redeemed!!

i think i just realized that i met my soulmate, if that’s even a thing. our meeting was a rather odd one, at least on my end. as soon as words escaped his mouth, i felt as though i had known his voice for decades, maybe even centuries. it was incredible and overwhelming. social anxiety has always been a strong suit of mine, but it was no longer present when i was in his presence. i had never experienced that before. every string of words that entered my head, escaped my mouth freely and without fear or judgment holding them back. i found myself feeling capable of expressing thoughts and feelings and emotions that i couldn’t even muster around my closest family members or best friends. the most shameful part in all of this is that may never even see him again. but, as cliché as this is, i will never forget the way i felt with him. it was such an extreme rarity. perhaps, he did not feel this way at all. maybe our friendship was on the verge of ordinary from his perspective. regardless, i will always cherish this connection because i had never known the pure meaning of such a word. it’s been eight months since i last saw him, but now i realize that i experienced a connection in its fullest form. the point of this rambling is that if you experience anything close to along these lines, hold on to that person. i don’t consider myself religious, but i do know that there is something very divine and eerie about such a strong relationship between two individuals at first meeting. it is not something to be ignored.

Inazuma Walker Volume 4 White Day Special - summary
(Apologies for lack of pictures, but they can be found at @shawn-and-aiden-frost-9 under the tag Inazuma Walker and @edgarvaltinas under the tag Inazuma Eleven)

*All prefixes (-san, -chan etc…) are how Hino and Mo address the characters

New Character Contest:
Character designs that were created by fans that will appear in the anime and games
The girl’s name is Ponko and the boy is called Hyoujo
Mo comments his mouth is always like that - it looks like the number three or waves
I think the girl character is an actual tanuki that turns into a human
They talk about how cute she is; Mo praises the design and Hino says it’s a perfectly created tanuki - a real tanuki
They reminisce about the kappas from the original series
They also bring up the fact that playing soccer barefoot is dangerous
They congratulate the two winning designs, then Hino comments that it’s a wonderful idea that fan designs can appear in the show and games. Mo asks him if he is praising himself (for the idea).

Valentine Event Character Ranking:
The Inazuma Valentine’s Event 2017 ran from the 10th-17th of February on Twitter where fans could Tweet chocolate/sweets/food/pictures and ‘give’ them to their chosen character by hashtagging the name of the event and their character’s name. Each tweet counted as one vote. They received about 4,500 tweets and while they’d like to, they can’t show everything so they’ll show as many as possible. They really praise the effort fans took - making their own chocolate, drawing pictures, coming up with their own scenarios etc…

Here are some of the comments about specific characters. 

I think they said he received a lot, and they talked about one of the managers calling him Shin-sama

The girl’s message to Gazelle apologised in her tweet since she felt she failed in making her cupcakes. Mo explains the picture of the bar of chocolate surrounded by ice-packs as Gazelle giving a ‘cool/cold’ impression.

Mou explains the tulip theme is because of his hair, according to a lot of fans

Of course, Asuto-kun’s candy is the sun. Mo says ‘Go for it!’ Is that a catchphrase?

It’s a bento rather than chocolate, but it’s wonderfully made, right down to the bangs
Mo says this character is well-loved

The picture of him on the cake was drawn by hand, Mo seems impressed

The gold Endou-kun figure in one of the photos is a charm, called an o mamori in Japanese, and Endou-kun’s name is Mamoru (same kanji)
Mo says looks like an Ikemen/hottie in one of the pictures, and Hino can’t believe it’s Endou-kun but Mo insists it is. She says he looks cool.

They’re both happy to see Kinako-chan. Mo says she ranked very high.
Hino comments that she’s popular in spite of being a girl, and Moe corrects him that it doesn’t matter than she’s a girl - she’s popular regardless.

Hino mentions Hiroto makes an appearance on the top cupcake, then corrects himself that his name has changed to Tatsuya. I think Mo mentions something about using matcha to make green food, Hino adds because he has a ‘green’ image (like his name means green).

Kira Hiroto
All of his gifts are gum, not chocolate. Mo says, Happy Valentine! Here’s gum.

Even Goal-san is loved.

The captions in his picture are Hakuryuu protesting that he doesn’t eat sweet things, while his fan insists by shoving it into his mouth, and he calls her ‘kisama!’. Mo says fans love him because he’s cool.

The atmosphere is kind of tense in this picture, like she’s apologising while giving him the chocolate
Mou comments he’s popular because he played basketball as well as soccer

Mo says the picture for Aki-chan looks like official art. Hino agrees and I think he says it looks exactly like a picture by a particular artist

He got frog-shaped chocolate

Mo says he gets chocolate because Kidou is inside of him (same voice actor)

A lot of pictures have homework, and Mo mentions he’s popular

Mo says Gojou-san is great.

Steel-bar shaped chocolate. Hino says the fans have thought this through, and Mo says reluctantly that Kageyama is popular.

Even Hino and Mo got gifts. They once again praise the quality of the gifts, despite fans only having a week. Hino’s happy that the characters are so loved.

Top 10 Character Ranking:
Hino comments that even though they only had one week, so many people send tweets. A lot of magazines like Animage already guessed the most popular characters in their last issues, and they bring out one article as an example (for reference, that magazines lists Kazemaru, Fudou, Tatsuya, Aphrodi, Fubuki, Kidou, Gouenji, Endou, Gojou in that order as their guesses). Hino makes a joke about asking people to buy the magazine they showed (Famitsu?).

Kirino - 113 Tweets
“I’ve been supporting Kirino since my youth. And he’s still my favourite today.”

Mo says the picture looks really high quality, like something from a real manga or an anime frame, the image of him accepting the chocolate with a smile.
Then I think (and I could be wrong) Hino mentions that afterwards he’s going to have a worried look, which is why Mo reacts with ‘kowai, kowai, kowai…!’, meaning scary. (If I’m right, this is because Kirino shows hesitation about being popular with girls/ receiving things like Valentine’s…) EDIT: I’m completely wrong. Hino says the girl who drew the picture should come work for him as an animator lol

Tsurugi - 115 Tweets
“Please take my honmei choco*!!! And because you look freezing, please take this scarf too!”

Hino says there was a fair amount of tweets for Tsurugi, and Mo adds because he’s cool. Hino then mentions that Kirino and Tsurugi were the two from Tenma’s story to make the top ten. They talk about the picture and Hino comments he doesn’t think Tsurugi looks cold at all, but he does look embarrassed. Mo says Tsurugi is a tsundere, except in front of his brother - then he acts like an angel.

*honmei chocolate - chocolate given to a boy on valentine’s day out of genuine sentiment

Gouenji - 131 Tweets
“The strawberries are fire, the whipped cream is your hair, and the blueberries are what the ball looks like after you make a shoot.”
His gifts are supposed to look like his face/image. Mo likes him so she was upset he wasn’t ranked higher, and only got 8th. A letter from the fan says she loves every aspect of Gouenji, from his hair to his face seen from the side to the kanji for his name. This fan loves him so much she can’t express it, and asks him to eat the cake she made if it’s alright.

Aphrodi - 134 Tweets
“Kami no cocoa. When you drink it you’ll feel refreshed.”
Mo says Aphrodi is a really popular character, loved by everyone. Hino comments on the Kami no Coco. They go to the next picture, and the message reads: “Don’t worry, it’s not Kami no Aqua - it’s Kami no Hot Chocolate!” Hino and Mo feel like these two would be friends, and find it amusing. They talk about how Aphrodi is cool.

Sakuma - 145 Tweets
“I’ll be your biggest fan from here on too! I’m supporting you! Do your best as a player for Teikoku and with the new coach!”
They talk about the eyepatch bear-chan, and the origami penguins. They mention Sakuma has become captain.

Kidou - 196 Tweets
“For White Day, I’d like a written notification for an offer to join Kidou financial group and Teikoku! Oops, you’ve seen my ambition!”
Hino says Kidou’s finally appeared. Mo says that while Kidou received a lot of chocolate, they chose the picture which really went all out to include everyone, like the koutei penguins, penguin Sakuma and Genda, Kageyama and even Gojou. Hino says it looks like a wallpaper. Another message from a fan says she made lots of onigiri chocolate, so please eat them with your close friends at Teikoku.

Kiyama Tatsuya (Hiroto) - 226 Tweets
“I love Kiyama, who always does his best to believe in his own path!! I’m looking forward to see what you do next!”
They talk about the cookies, in the form of Aliea, Ina Japan and even kappas. This fan mention since she can’t cook, she drew a picture.
He’s liked no matter what his name.
Hino mentions that when this person watches today’s PV, she’ll be amazed, and Mo teases him about praising himself again.

Fudou Akio - 374 Tweets
“Akio-chan, act as you did before.”
(I saw him called Fudou-chan/Akio-chan on the chat quite a lot too, must be a thing…)
They mention he’s very popular, and talk about the bear in the photo dressed as an Inazuma Japan rep.

Fubuki Shirou - 374 Tweets
“The white thing is a scarf. I like Fubuki no matter what series.”
Mo says the Fubuki-shaped cookies are absolutely adorable. Hino comments that the design is great, right down to the scarf, and Mo says they look like they could be sold as professional character-based cookies. Although the new Fubuki has no scarf.

Kazemaru Ichirouta - 512 Tweets
“I’ve supported you since I fell in love with you at first sight nine years ago! In contrast to you cool appearance, you’re so caring and sacrifice yourself for your team, with a warm Inazuma spirit. Do your best in Teikoku too! I’ll continue to support you from here!”
Mo says Famitsu (the magazine that guessed the top-ranking characters) and Animage were right, and Hino agrees it’s amazing a character got over 500 tweets, a huge amount. They congratulate Kazemaru.

They both mention they’re curious about Gojou’s rank, then move o to commenting on the top 50 character ranking.

From 50-30 (Character ranking can be found on my tumblr)
Even Kageyama’s name is there, in 50th place, with some female and GO characters. And in 33rd place is Hino himself! Before Desarm-san (34th) and behind Fideo (32nd). He thanks fans, as he’s happy, then Mo teases him if he eats all that chocolate he’ll get fat again. Hino mentions Matatagi (36th) and is impressed GO Galaxy characters made it. Hino mispronounces Matatagi’s name (Matatabi?) and Mo teases him that Japanese is difficult.

From 28-11
Both Hino and Mo talk about Minamisawa-senpai (22nd) (they call him senpai) for a little bit, as if they were expecting him to appear. Gojou-san got 21st. Hino looks amused that he’s near Minamisawa-senpai’s ranking. They mention Minamisawa-senpai’s pink phone. Hino notes Sangoku-san didn’t make it. Mo says he was 62nd. They talk about him for a bit, saying he’s very caring, though Hino calls him the ‘keeper who can’t stop goals’ and that there’s nothing really he’s able to stop, no joke. (Translator’s Notes: apologies to sangoku-san) They say it’s a pity Endou is in 11th place, just missing the top 10
Tenma is only 26th, even though he’s the protagonist of GO. Mo assures him tenma is very popular so it’s okay.

They thank everyone again for participating, then say they’ll give their White Day gift - a message from the top three characters.

Fudou’s Message
(I’m so sorry, but I had trouble understanding the second part of his message, so I’ll need more time before I can translate it properly!)
It seems like you went through a lot of effort to give me unnecessary things. Well, since you went through all that trouble, I guess I’ll accept.
But (missing) this isn’t a thank you or anything.
What? You want something in return? No way!

Hino smiles and says he’s very rude to fans. Mo says that’s the part of Fudou fans like. Hino wonders if this ‘thank you’ message is really okay… Still, it’s a Fudou-kun-like comment. So that’s Fudou’s ‘thank you’.

Fubuki’s Message

Thank you for these wonderful gifts!
I have to say something appropriate in response to your thoughts, right?
It might be difficult for Atsuya to feel the same way, but he’s not a bad person.
Because we’re going to show you cool moves together, stay with us from here on out too! 

 Hino comments Atsuya made a guest appearance in his picture, then I think they said his ranking was quite low in the top 50.
They said Fubuki-kun’s voice sounds genki and confident - he’s a new Fubuki-kun compared to the previous series, thanks to Atsuya.

Kazemaru’s Message
That you remembered me like this makes me so happy!!
Now I’m running in a new ground…
I feel a different wind, with new feelings.
But, I have a feeling not good things are going to happen…
Whatever happens from here on, I’ll only run forward, without forgetting Raimon spirit!
I’m depending on you to support me!

They said Kazemaru-san gave a perfect ‘thank you’.

Another White Day gift is the picture (Kaze, Fubu, Fudou), which can be downloaded from the Inazuma Walker page in many sizes. They talk about the picture for a bit, how all three look cool and Shirou’s doing his special training with his ski board to become like the wind, and Kazemaru-san has his running tracksuit. They said Atsuya’s not in this pic, but he makes his guest appearance in Shirou’s message.

Hino and Moe talk about how fans think so carefully about the InaIre characters, and they’re glad they held the event.

(I’ll upload the second part of the summary about the PV in another post)

Can you ever tell when something in your life is going to be a turning point? Like even if it’s dumb as hell? I had such a fucking moment on Saturday night lmao

Don’t mind me whine in the tags because I’m on mobile and don’t know how to do a read more.

[ENG TRANS] [BTS FESTA 2016] BTS 내가 쓰는 프로필 Ver.3

Name BTS

Unique report Idiots

Members JIMIN V, Jungkook, Rap Mon, Suga, Seokjin, Hoseok

Nickname Idiots

2015/2016 BTS Self Evaluation

J Hope ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆

Min Suga I’m still a long way away

Jin The beginning of HYYH

Rap Mon You’ve worked hard. Let’s work hard.

V I’m very happy to be a part of the group called BTS

Jungkook You should have done better…

Jimin I think we’ve worked hard for each other than anyone and for BTS.  Cool dudes.

2016/2017 BTS Goal

J Hope Win Daesang Award!!!!

Min Suga I want to win the Daesang Award!

Jin To shoot 3 food advertisements

RM To be a cooler team

Kim Taehyung To be a group that’s respected

Jungkook Do better

Jimin Let’s become a team who can receive more love from more number of people

Name Kim Seokjin    Hashtag #EATJIN

Position Handsome  Body size Broad shoulders

My level of education is peerless in BTS.

Talent Driving in MV Hobby Looking in mirrors

A line that gives me strength “We’re all working hard to eat (to make a living) so let’s eat.”

Something I did recently that makes me very proud I memorized the entire choreography

I’m the No. 1 in BTS for dancing funnily

I’m the No. 7 in BTS for dancing stylishly

When I’m drowsy  I sleep

Happiest moment is concert

My recent concern is dancing

Something that has changed from last year J Hope said my dancing skill has improved

A line of BTS song which I’d like to give you is You are my one and only sun

A new modifier I created for myself is Young-face Seokjin

I will compliment myself I look younger than my age

My goal in 2016 To grow taller

2016 Bucket-list To live a life that makes other people envy

To have people who support me is like the full feeling you get after a good meal when you actually haven’t had anything

BTS Relationship diagram

Member -> Relation between us -> Reason

Rap Monster   Leader   Wow, he’s the leader

Suga   Roommate  He shares the room with me

J Hope  Dance teacher 1  He teaches me to dance

Jimin  Dance teacher 2 He teaches me differently from J Hope

V  Younger brother  He’s my younger brother

Jungkook  Dance teacher 3  He teaches me differently from J Hope

*Let’s draw a diagram based on the relationship (or group), etc

Leader = Dance soulmate

Roommate = He’s quite in the room

Dance teacher 1 = Leader of progress

Dance teacher 2 = Teacher with repeated studying technique

Younger brother = He likes hamburgers

Dance teacher 3 = Leader of details

Name Jeon Jungkook    Hashtag #SensitiveVocal

Position Muscle pig  Body size 115~120

My extreme stubbornness is peerless in BTS.

Talent Can’t wake up (from sleep) Hobby Photography, drawing, exercising, playing games

A line that gives me strength OhAhnChi (OHneul AHNmoo CHIso = Choreography practice is cancelled today)

Something I did recently that makes me very proud I installed music software

I’m the No. 1 in BTS for teasing someone

I’m the No. 7 in BTS for sleeping early

When I’m drowsy  I should sleep heoheo

Happiest moment is when I’m on stage and looking at ARMY of course

My recent concern is I’m worried because I can’t wake up from sleep (I wouldn’t even know if ARMY kidnaps me when I’m asleep)

Something that has changed from last year I think I’m a bit more thoughtful

A line of BTS song which I’d like to give you is  Please put your hands out for me, Save me Save me

A new modifier I created for myself is Sensitive Vocal

I will compliment myself Although I might not express well and seem thoughtless, I’m not so cold inside!

My goal in 2016 I will be the best sensitive vocal.

2016 Bucket-list  To create a song, learn how to play the drum, improve my singing, learn kick-boxing! that’s all for now…

To have people who support me is like Having people who make it possible for me to keep dreaming. It’s terrible when I image that they don’t exist so I will work hard and not let the people around me to leave.

BTS Relationship diagram

Member -> relation between us -> reason

Rap Monster Gosiwon friend  He’s my roommate but our room is too small so it somehow feels like we’re living together in a Gosiwon.

Suga  Lamb skewer friend We often go together to eat lamb skewers. Yang~ ggeu~ chewi~? (lamb skewers)

Jin Raw fish friend Jin hyung likes to eat raw fish so we often go togther and eat a lot

J Hope Foodie friend He’s often beside me when I’m hungry so we eat together a lot

Jimin  All-nighter friend Two of us always do something in the night. I don’t know what we’re doing

V  Foolish friend We’re like Dumb and Dumber. We understand each other a lot so it’s always fun.

(Gosiwon is an accommodation facility where examiners often stay to study. Something like a uni dorm but it’s not run by any schools)

*Let’s draw a diagram based on the relationship (or group), etc

Gosiwon = clothes, sleep, fretful

Lamb skewer = corn noodles, glutinous rice flour tangsuyuk (sweet, sour and crispy pork)

Raw fish = Spoon Worm, flatfish, sea bream

Foodie = Cafe, beverages, rice noodles

All nighter = Random things, phone, late night snack, games

Fool = Funny videos, bicker

Kim Namjoon    Hashtag #RM #KimDaily

Position Brain, rap, music, seriousness, dance, etc Body size Tops 97, Bottoms 30 (waist)

My clothes + height is/are peerless in BTS.

Talent Choosing Hobby Buying clothes, Korea tour

A line that gives me strength You’re sexy, you’re cool

Something I did recently that makes me very proud I made a complete song 100% by myself, decorating my workspace

I’m the No. 1 in BTS for not caring about what others think when I choose what to wear, being sentimental

I’m the No. 7 in BTS for bad dancing

When I’m drowsy I sleep while standing

Happiest moment is concert, when we release our album

My recent concern is I don’t have time. I want to write a song..

Something that has changed from last year Now I’m the track producer (confident)

A line of BTS song which I’d like to give you is Forever~ We are young~

A new modifier I created for myself is I’d like to change my name to RM

I will compliment myself You’re cool, you’re sexy, you’re good at what you do no matter what others say. It’s going to be fine if you improve.

My goal in 2016 create 100 songs, release 2nd mixtape, Daesang

2016 Bucket-list RM 2, read 100 books, travel to more than 10 places, be loved by Rapmonnie, write 100 songs, buy 100 clothes, spend time with family

To have people who support me is like I can keep on living for now.

BTS Relationship diagram

Member -> relation between us -> reason

Suga Neighbour Everyday he plays the bass loudly from his workspace which is next to mine. Noisy…

Jin Elementary student who lives next door He’s just like an elementary kid… He’s a 2002-er.

J Hope Neighbourhood fool hehauthaeheut HEY heheheahahaheutheut…

Jimin Owl He doesn’t sleep

V Con artist Whenever we take photos these days he ends up looking taller than me. (he’s shorter than me)

Jungkook Obstacle  He keeps his clothes on the upper bed… Stop hanging your clothes, I want to see the sunlight, Kook…

*Let’s draw a diagram based on the relationship (or group), etc

(North) “Forest” with Jimin on the tree and Jungkook below the tree.

(East)  Jin

(South)  V

J Hope is in between Suga and V

(West) Suga

Name Min Suga    Hashtag #Genius

Position Grandfather Body size My heart is 180cm

My ability to stay still (it’s like being in a corner and being lazy) is peerless in BTS.

Talent staying in bed Hobby staying in bed

A line that gives me strength Go sleep

Something I did recently that makes me very proud is writing a song

I’m the No. 1 in BTS for being staying in bed

I’m the No. 7 in BTS for moving around

When I’m drowsy I sleep

Happiest moment is when I’m performing at concert

My recent concern is These days I have no trouble in writing songs

Something that has changed from last year I’ve grown a year older

A line of BTS song which I’d like to give you is Don’t try so hard, it’s alright to lose

A new modifier I created for myself is Top Genius

I will compliment myself I live my life fiercely

My goal in 2016 Release my mixtape

2016 Bucket-list Release my mixtape, travel to New York

To have people who support me is like  They keep me moving.

BTS Relationship diagram

Member -> relation between us -> reason

Rap Monster 7 years together under one roof We know what we’re thinking about even when we don’t talk much

Jin Roommate  Most compatible roommate

J Hope Sop Hwagae Marketplace

Jimin Passionate guy  I gain passion by looking at Jimin

V Younger brother who has no worries  It seems like he doesn’t have any worries so my worries disappear

Jungkook  Lamb skewer duo  The duo that’s always with lamb skewers

*Let’s draw a diagram based on the relationship (or group), etc

(top) Roof, Rap Mon (Rap Mon keeps us sheltered)

(inside) Jin, Suga, Jimin, V, Jungkook

Name Kim Taehyung    Hashtag #TaeTae

Position Honestly, the Cool guy Body size XL, Oversize

The life I’ve lived is peerless in BTS.

Talent Boxing, judo, taekwondo, jeet kune do, kendo, the art of using a stick as a weapon, martial arts, 17: 1 HobbyRiding helicopter, travelling to Moon, making hobbies

A line that gives me strength Beautiful words make us smile

Something I did recently that makes me very proud is I watered the pots

I’m the No. 1 in BTS for taking care of Namjoon hyung

I’m the No. 7 in BTS for my ability to look smart

When I’m drowsy I should sleep haet

Happiest moment is when I become a useful person to someone

My recent concern is To not disappoint their expectation when I’m given a task

Something that has changed from last year  sense of responsibility

A line of BTS song which I’d like to give you is But I’m still happy to be who I am today, For being able to make someone scream

A new modifier I created for myself is Consistent Cool Guy~

I will compliment myself I’m going to do my best for BTS so the 7 of us can reach higher

My goal in 2016 To be approved as an actor

2016 Bucket-list To film a movie, cycle travelling, trip with members, build a house (a house where my dad, mom and younger brother can live at Ilsan lake park)

To have people who support me is like  They are the biggest strength in my life. They make it possible for me to gather my strength again when I’m exhausted.

BTS Relationship diagram

Member -> relation between us -> reason

Rap Monster alliance, friend  It’s annoying when he comes to me all the time when he’s doing something but he’s a friend like hyung who I think is cute.

Suga Business Business kekekeke He smells quite like business when we’re working but at home he’s like the next door uncle

Jin Ice cream buddy This hyung always looks for me when he’s eating ice cream

J Hope Not a rival, he hits me  I want the hitting to stop TT

Jimin Friend We’re 95ers but because I’m few months younger than him he looks down on me

Jungkook  Lion and rabbit  Please don’t kill me. Whenever I play prank on him he carries me and throws me down TT

*Let’s draw a diagram based on the relationship (or group), etc

Line (-) represents alliance

Dotted line (…) represents enemy

Arrowed line (<->) represents love

Name Hobie    Hashtag #Hopie

Position Visual Body size Medium size

My tummy fat is peerless in BTS.

Talent Ability to annoy Jimin Hobby Interior design, collecting figures

A line that gives me strength Hope is always behind you…

Something I did recently that makes me very proud is I decorated Bangtan Room… (Overspent…)

I’m the No. 1 in BTS for my positive mind kekeke

I’m the No. 7 in BTS for staying quiet

When I’m drowsy I eat food items around me

Happiest moment is when I’m singing at our concert

My recent concern is I have to read books but I feel so sleepy whenever I’m reading….

Something that has changed from last year I become more professional and… I get tired faster ㅠㅠ

A line of BTS song which I’d like to give you is Burn everything up Bow wow wow

A new modifier I created for myself is Watching with trust

I will compliment myself Everyone likes you~ You’re working hard

My goal in 2016 Make yourself shine brighter music-wise this year

2016 Bucket-list Buy a house, release a mixtape

To have people who support me is like The reason why I’m still alive…

BTS Relationship diagram

Member -> relation between us -> reason

Rap Monster A friend who’s like a friend but not like one too At times he’s like an older brother but sometimes he’s seriously like a younger brother

Suga Grandfather like hyung I respect him very much.  Hmm but I do feel uncomfortable when I stay with him for too long

Jin Hyung who is like a newborn infant  Unlike an elder brother he whines and he’s loud

Jimin Toy 1  He’s fun 1

V Toy 2 He’s fun 2

Jungkook Toy 3 He’s fun 3

*Let’s draw a diagram based on the relationship (or group), etc

Boring people

(starting from top right)

Rap Mon = Hmm… He’s just a cool leader

Suga: No fun, lame jokes

Jin: Our humor code doesn’t click


Interesting people

Toys = Jungkook, Jimin, V

Park Jimin   Hashtag #ParkBboong

Position In charge of being dilly dally Body size L

My hair brushing skill is peerless in BTS.

Talent Getting my eyes swollen Hobby Daydreaming

A line that gives me strength Follow your dreams like breaker

Something I did recently that makes me very proud is Giving birthday presents to members

I’m the No. 1 in BTS for dilly dallying

I’m the No. 7 in BTS for being the worst game player

When I’m drowsy I use my phone until I drop it on my face or sleep while doing something I should be doing

Happiest moment is when I’m at the concert with ARMY and Bangtan members.

My recent concern is My only concern is that I want to always provide good music for you to listen.

Something that has changed from last year I like ARMY more.

A line of BTS song which I’d like to give you is Smile for me

A new modifier I created for myself is Ddong-gaeae (poo puppy)

I will compliment myself I could praise myself for my  perseverance.

My goal in 2016 Project to make myself a cool person

2016 Bucket-list Concert, travel, win Daesang, upload cover song, send presents for my parents and younger sibling, make my members and ARMYs to smile

To have people who support me is like

To have people who help me get on my feet again whenever I’m exhausted, lonely, feel like giving up and want to run away or cry-

To have people who makes me happier when I’m happy and make me smile more-

To have people who I wish to repay more than anyone-

“I” am  so blessed to be such person.

BTS Relationship diagram

Member -> relation between us -> reason

Rap Monster Uncle He’s like the uncle who takes care of me. Like a person who really cares about his nephew and knows a lot about me.

Suga Grandmother A talkative grandmother who can’t be bothered

Jin Elder sister He’s older than me but he somehow feels like my friend and he’s somewhat fussy

J Hope Hyung Hyung who cares about his younger brother

V Younger brother I’m raising him

Jungkook Pet Jungkook I’m raising him every year

*Let’s draw a diagram based on the relationship (or group), etc


<Uncle> Rap Monster, <Hyung> J Hope, <Younger brother> V, <Pet puppy> Jungkook, <Grandmother> Suga, <Noona> Jin

Translated by PEACHISODA

Take out with full credits!


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