i think someones made this joke before

there are some ultimatums i wish i had made earlier. cut myself out of pictures long beforehand. my mother told me if someone ever gave me an ultimatum to just get out of there but i think she forgot there are good ones. 

like it’s me or it’s your hate of women. like i should have stopped talking to him long before then. but he was nice when he wasn’t making those jokes and i tried to tell him. he said they weren’t hurting anyone. but why did he think i was bringing it up, then? it didn’t matter. i was young. and.

like it’s me or you keep doing those little impressions of a gay man. like i knew she thought they were funny. and she said she was totally fine with gay people. i should have known then. when she found out about me she couldn’t stop laughing. of course, she cackled, while i held hands with my girlfriend, god i knew you were weird but this is “and then some.”

it’s me or your petty racism. it’s me or how you treat waitresses. it’s me or you keep being a terrible human. i believe in you and i think you can change but the question is will you. because when i told him it’s me or your anger, he chose his anger. there are people like that. who won’t change. who don’t care enough about you. there are times you have to realize - we are two incompatible humans and flawed and maybe one of us is right or we’re both wrong but it doesn’t matter because we just don’t belong. there’s no reconciling what we’ve lost. 

she said fine. it’s me or your goddamn feminist poetry. and i smiled. because that one was easy. i just wish she hadn’t waited to ask me.

Beautiful - Jughead Jones

xfightxthexfairiesx said:

Could you maybe do a jughead x reader where betty and veronica want the reader to tryout for cheerleading with them but shes to self concious too because she think shes not pretty or skinny enough to be one. Then maybe jughead tells her how he thinks she beautiful and society tries to make everyone think they have to look like a supermodel to be pretty. If there can be alot of fluff that would be great. And then she decides to try out and she makes the team. Thanks

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This was so fun to write! I just wanted to say before you start reading that if you are struggling with your looks, gender, sexuality and that makes you feel bad, everyone is going through this too. Some have made it through it already and some are still struggling. If you need to talk to someone you can message me. You’re wonderful.

It started as a joke, something you would’ve never done unless it was in some hypothetical universe where you just weren’t you. Where you weren’t ugly or fat, instead where you were skinny and beautiful. There were unspoken rules that cheerleaders had to be the best of the best; beyond pretty and gorgeous. The whole idea of joining seemed impossible, but with Veronica and Betty breathing down your neck, it was hard to say ‘no’. So you didn’t, instead you just avoided the two girls all day. Somehow you managed this feat and made it through the day without joining the cheerleading squad. Granted, the tryouts weren’t until tomorrow so you would have yet another day of avoiding your friends.

When school ended, you went straight home and didn’t dare move from your room in the fear your friends would see you out and about. With boredom nipping at your heels, you found yourself thinking about your looks, then criticizing your figure in the mirror. Too big there, too jiggly here, you started to judge every limb and appendage. At first, you didn’t even notice the tears in your eyes, until one started to roll down your cheek. You quickly wiped it anyway, marking down another thing you hated about yourself: too sensitive. You weren’t as strong or as stunning as the celebrities on the internet and the TV screens, no, you were just below average you. Before anymore poisonous thoughts could enter your brain, you heard your phone go off. You walked over to your desk where it was and saw that it was your neighbor, Jughead Jones. You felt a sense of relief that it wasn’t Veronica or Betty.

Jughead : Hey can I come over? I don’t understand this geometry homework.

You : Sure, but I don’t know how much help I’ll be.

Jughead : Okay, be there in two.

You turned towards your window and saw Jughead leaving his room in the house across from yours. His family had lived in the house across from yours as long as you could remember. You had been friends since the first grade, when the Jones’ family moved in. You walked back over to the mirror and an horrid idea struck you. From this angle, Jughead could’ve had the perfect view to see you standing in front of the mirror, to see how upset you were. A pit grew in your stomach as you heard your front door open a shut, followed by the sound of Jughead running up your stairs.

You turned as your friend opened the door, barely making eye contact. You noticed his hands were empty and your heart fell. “Where’s your Geometry book?” You asked hopefully, trying to pretend that there was a chance he didn’t see you judging yourself in the mirror. You glanced up from his hands and saw his steady gaze. “Do you really think about my Geometry homework?” You swallowed at his words and your shoulders sagged. “There are these things,” he started, walking over to your window, “called curtains, that if you want to judge yourself in private you can just…” He reached up and gently pulled on one of your curtains, blocking the view of his bedroom window. “I wasn’t, I was just,” you stumbled over your words.

“I overheard the new girl trying to convince to join the Riverdale Vixens,” he said, faking school spirit by waving his hands with minimal effort. “I assume, you and your mirror were having a conversation about it.” You knew that there was no fooling Jughead, he could read you like a book. No lie could cover your bad self image and he wouldn’t buy it anyway. “I’m not pretty enough,” you whispered, feeling tears in the corners of your eyes. Jughead took a step towards you, leaning down to look into your face, “Say again?” You almost started to sob, “Jug, please don’t,” but your friend wasn’t having it. He placed his hands on your shoulders, slowly turning you to look into the mirror. “Now,” he murmured in your ear, “say it again.” You stared at your reflection, studying the features that you so hated. You were about to say it, but with Jughead looking at you with those eyes, you just couldn’t. You felt his hands travel from your shoulders, down your arms, and to your waist where they wrapped around your middle. You back rested against his chest and he rested his chin on top of your head. “You are so beautiful Y/N. Nothing can worth changing yourself for.” You turned in his arms to face him now and felt your cheeks grow hot at the closeness, “Jug…” He was just staring at you now, mesmerized by every detail.

“You’re so lovely, don’t let the world make you think you’re not,” his hand was on the side of your face, with his fingers in your hair. He was so utterly taken by your grace, he had been since grade school. It was killing him that you didn’t see yourself as he did and he was desperate to make you see it; but now wasn’t the time. He backed away a little, pulling his hand away from your face, “You should try out, you’ll blow them away Y/N.” You snapped out of your puppy-love induced daze and nodded. “T-thank you, Jug. I will.” He gave you a bright smile that met his green eyes. He opened his mouth once more, most likely to mention your shared moment, but he phone started to ring. He picked it out of his pocket and scowled at the screen. “I gotta go,” he said, walking towards the door, “but I’ll see you at the game, and you’ll be in a snazzy uniform.” You let out a laugh as he walked out of the room. When he was gone, you let out a sigh With a renewed sense of confidence, you texted Veronica and Betty.

You : I’ll be seeing you both at tryouts tomorrow, yes?

Veronica : Hell yes!

Betty : This is going to be so fun.

You paced around near the bleachers, pulling your jacket more securely around your shoulders and chest. Jughead had texted you a few hours before the game saying that he’d be near the right side of the bleachers. You stopped your pacing and looked out at the field, wondering if you needed to move. You almost screamed when someone put their hand on your shoulder. “Am I that scary?”

You turned and smiled at Jughead, who wore a playful expression. “How’d tryouts go, you never told me?” He asked with raised eyebrows. You bit your bottom lip, giving him a sly smile. “Did you not-” you cut him off by pulling the sides of your over sized jacket away from your body. He smiled when he saw the cheerleading uniform, “See what did I tell ya!”   

You blushed but before you could say anything you heard a whistle go off. “I believe that’s your que, River Vixen.” You gave him another smile and was about to walked away when you spun around. You faced Jughead, planting a hand on his face, pulling him in. Your lips met softly, but as soon as he put a hand to your waist, the kiss became frenzied. You pulled away breathless but smiling widely, “I’ll see you after the game, Jughead.” You murmured and Jughead just nodded dumbly. “See you later, beautiful.” He said and your felt a blush rise to your cheeks. You walked away then, leaving a smile on Jughead’s face.

i can’t believe i hadn’t thought about this before but do you think the giant penny in the batcave is meant to be a silly pun towards Alfred? or someday someone made a snide comment about Alfred being ‘worth a penny’ and the next day Bruce hung a giant fucking penny on the batcave as a reminder of how much Alfred’s worth to him and of course he was touched but he couldn’t show it so he just made an ‘overcompensating something’ joke and then made Bruce’s favorite dinner that night?

RFA+Saeran & V - Matching Pregnancy Shirts

I couldn’t get it out of my head lol 


  • I bet he’d be so excited he would order them over night haha
  • No seriously, someone help this angel breathe before he passes out


  • He’s so proud of himself
  • You wouldn’t let him get them custom made with his name
  • “The Zen behind the Bump” and “The Zen Bump” 


  • #lovewins
  • its meant to be a joke (i’m not here to offend anyone) 
  • Although I don’t think Jaehee would find it funny either…lol 


  • I imagine Jumin having a girl 
  • Then I imagine “poor Jumin” 
  • Then I realize, “Wait, she’s gonna be a badass” 


  • He would too 
  • Hell I would


  • Aw, this angel would be so embarrassed
  • Or refuse to wear it…


  • My heart, it fits him so well 
  • *Passes out from cute imagination*
jeanphoenixheart replied to your post “jeanphoenixheart replied to your post “If whatshisface the letsplayer…”

Okay, perhaps I need to clear this out because this needs to be said. Yes, PDP did make some anti-semantic jokes, but you know something? He’s also made other unpopular jokes -before- being hired by Disney. Disney knew what they were getting into when they were hiring PDP.

Soooooo that means A: it was okay because he does it all the time? And B: that companies aren’t allowed to take time to decide, or fire someone after there’s a scandal, or just say it breaches contract or anything?

No, really, I want to know what your argument is here. I mean, that’s not true, I don’t give a shit what your argument is, but I think it’s important to be clear.

Your fave got some bad press and you’re rushing to defend him, even though he still has a YouTube account and, I’m pretty sure, lots of other advertisers that he’s making his millions of dollars from.

Also, forgot the Enter key ends a post. Anyhow secondly, the original story from WSJ was only pointing out those specific jokes because the writers were indeed just moral busybodies. Ever heard of a hitpiece? That article was the worst kind of fake news, because these “journalists” are so blinded in their ieaology, that they try to ruin anyone that either voices out against it, or are just making fun of their fanaticism.

Really. You’re going to “ethics in journalism” me.

It doesn’t matter to you that the articles were true, only that they resulted in something you don’t like happening as a result. Gotcha.

So, what’s your definition of “fake news”? Based on your choice of phrasing, it’s merely something that you don’t like, even though it’s true. True news is fake if it’s negative to you.

That’s not how it works. No matter what Donald shouts at three in the morning as he’s watching television, shouting it loudly enough doesn’t make it true.

Also, your ‘attempt’ to look at both sides look more like you were raising your own bias on a higher pedestal than mine or anyone else. but you know what? I know someone else who can put this point out better than I: https://youtu.be/dC5LyaCdpEI

So, for a lark, I clicked on that, and it started out with a long still image of PDP in nazi clothing, in front of a row of swastikas, with the hashtag stating that he did nothing wrong.

Which you linked to someone Jewish.

Gosh. I bow before your superior hateful memes.

And in case that video was too long for you: https://youtu.be/Pu6KHQwZjt4

A video entitled “Since when did leftists care about Jews”

Gosh again, you’ve really hit the nail on the head. Nobody actually cares about us, which means that any kind of statements or actions about it is the worst kind of virtue signaling and really means that you should be able to do what you want.

Here’s a thought: What does that have to do with a company deciding to pull their advertising, something that happens all the time?

What makes this special?

No, don’t bother answering that. It’ll contain some combination of the wonderful phrases “lib cuck SJW triggered kek” and we’ve already established that doesn’t mean anything. And we’ve also established that I don’t care.

Everything’s fair game unless it’s happening to something that you like. What’s that wonderfully dismissive phrase? Special snowflake? You might want to think about its applications before you throw that around, too.

Did you miss the part where I said that I’d actually accept it if he actually apologised, instead of just a bullshit “The media is being mean to me”? Because I would. And I still will. If he does.

Because, regardless of what you think of me, I know that people fuck up. It happens. I’ve done it. Everyone’s done it. You’ve done it four times to my last post.

When you fuck up, you acknowledge that you fuck up, and you learn from it, and you don’t do it again. That’s what adults do. Fuck, that’s what children do.

Did you know, I was recently in a screaming argument with one of my best friends? She yells at me when I fuck up. I trust her to do that, because she’s my friend. People need friends to tell them “Hey, that’s actually a really shitty thing you just did”, and then you go “Oh shit, you’re right, I didn’t even realize I was doing it, thanks for catching me out”, and they go “No problemo home-skillet” and we all go out for ice cream freeze frame a group high-five and wait for the credits to roll.

I mean, you didn’t read that because you don’t care, you posted your hateful videos as a smug self-satisfied “This will really stick it to that fuckin’ libcuck snowjew SJWflake” because lol, posting swastikas to jews means that now I’m triggered kekekekekeke

You may mentally insert the image of a poorly-drawn cartoon frog.

So, here’s what I want you to do.

Take a dollar out of your pocket. Hold it in your hand. You got it? Right in your hand.

Walk outside, because it’s absolutely beautiful out here in Chicago.

Go to the corner store.

Buy yourself a goddamned clue.

Savour Me

Pairing: Sam x Reader x Dean

Word Count: 3.8k

Warnings: SMUT, language, slight dom!Dean

A/N: CHAPTER 2 TO FREE ME! May make it a series depending on feedback.

                                                -6 months later-

 "A siren? Seriously?“ I scoffed.

"Yeah, Sam and I worked a case a few years back. My only advice? Don’t trust anyone. Not even us. Bastards can shapeshift to anyone you desire, and hey, if you’re feelin one of us too much, dial it back a bit,” Dean joked, nudging me with his shoulder.

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In Regards To ‘Let’s Talk!’

I agree with everything Jack said, basically. I think it was a super cunty thing for Felix to do but the world is very grey and Jack explained context and intention and how mishandled everything was from start to finish very well and my stance on the matter is basically the same as his. 

Humans are inherently problematic, like, by nature. To expect someone to be perfect all the time is ridiculous, and I think everything has to be considered within context before sweeping judgements and lynch quests are made. If I treated friends who made trashy jokes like the internet treats anyone I would have not very many friends and a lot of people would not like me. 

What Jack has said about consequences and the nature of humour, and understanding humour within context, I also agree with. Now was a really bad time for these sorts of jokes with fascism and neo-Nazism on the horizon. I do think there CAN be a time and a place for these sorts of jokes but, like Jack said, only if there’s a point, a valid social commentary that it’s trying to achieve. I’ve been upset with my friends for their bad jokes and slur usage but I don’t cut them off or try to crucify them as so many on the internet - particularly Tumblr, let’s be honest - are want to do. I mean I myself am a minority and sometimes it really gets to you, and all? But it definitely requires context. 

My friends are just some teenagers and to them faggot doesn’t really mean much. They’re lacking in context, historical, personal, and modern. They’re also teenagers, so they don’t really care about these things all that much. They’re also a bit headstrong, and don’t like being wrong. But they aren’t BAD people. I wouldn’t be friends with someone who is genuinely homophobic, and they might call people faggots, or say something is gay -and yeah! it bothers me! a lot, sometimes, yeah! and of course I try to ‘educate’ them and sometimes it gets some remorse - but that’s just the culture they’ve been raised in and this is just what they’ve normalized. A big thing these days is definition separation, where people say ‘no but I’m not using it like that’ because they think that these things can vary by context. But the problem is it’s too loaded, too directed, too hateful, and too discriminatory to ever change. Something like faggot will not vary by context. You cannot just redefine it, or change how you mean it whenever you want, because that’s disrespectful of the history and all the people who have been harmed, abused, and killed under these terms. 

Which is why it’s especially rocky for humour.

Like Jack I definitely don’t condone Felix’s joke, not even in shock humour value, because it was in really poor taste and made light of a situation that you have to be incredibly careful with, especially now! I’ve never been much of a fan of his content so it doesn’t bother me that these sorts of jokes have put me off watching his channel, but I also know he’s not genuinely antisemitic - as has been confirmed through his apologies, Mark, and Jack - he’s just a bit ignorant and said some dumb things to try to be funny. Attack people who genuinely support those kind of statements, not the misguided people who try to make jokes about them. Be angry, yeah. Educate, yeah. But enough of this mob mentality nonsense. This discourse has dragged on long enough. I think we just have to acknowledge the fact that he made a problematic mistake - as we, and everyone we know, are all naturally prone to do - apologized, and the context surrounding the situation: the joke, the individuals and beliefs of those involved, and the way it was handled. It was super gross but it’s been done and apologized for, and he said it wouldn’t happen again, so let’s be happy with that okay? He’s determined to better himself and that’s what matters. He’s realized his mistake, and he wants to improve, and that’s the most you can ask of a person, and the best outcome in these sorts of situations. We’re allowed to make mistakes. Be angry, but educate. Go out and find a racist, or a homophobe, or a sexist, or an ableist, and try to explain to them what’s toxic about their beliefs and/or behaviours. People who are genuinely problematic and need the most help to reform and better themselves. Condemning someone can be understandable, but in this situation it’s a little bit overkill to bay as much as everyone is, considering who is involved. Redirect your attention to someone like Mike Pence or Richard Spencer, people who are actually incredibly toxic and GENUINELY support the kinds of ideals the jokes we’re all hating on represent. Felix was just a dumbass, not an antisemite. Richard Spencer, though? 

Can we put this witch hunt to rest now?

(And yes, please recognize I understand how humour has an affect on the reinforcement of the behaviour of the genuinely bad people, I know, yes, it’s indirect support and empowerment, but it was also just a dumb mistake, let sleeping dogs lie, please. I also wrote and reblogged a post explaining where I stand on Mark’s video, which is a mostly yes after the post where someone else reframed his opinion in a way that made sense and I could agree with e.g. holding people accountable for their actions as people instead of establishing inhuman standards which basically excuses them for their nastiness).

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what's the meaning of ayatollah in cbm? im soso curious

do you mean the name of the song or the meaning of the lyrics?

for the name- ayatollah means someone who is powerful and high up in a hierarchy, usually in a religious group, though i don’t think van means it in a religious way ahah. so maybe the songs name is that because he feels like the girl has power over him? but also it can be used as a name for male genitalia so maybe van is just making a dick joke tbh

lyrics- not entirely sure because they never speak about the poetry and fuel album hence why they haven’t released it, because they made it before they signed to their current label. but i’m assuming that van wrote it for the same reason he wrote all of the songs on p&f and the balcony, the girl he loves from his teens. hope this helped idk??x

i think i should make myself clear because its bothering me and i should summarize what i meant abt that pewdiepie shit:

so before ppl start jumping to conclusions i was talking abt myself as an individual that I forgive him and respect him as a person for owning up for his mistakes, that does not mean that i support a person who made an anti-semitic joke. respect and support are two different things and they dont go together at all. if you thought i had said it was okay for someone to make anti-semitic joke then you’re mistaken,it was never okay. 

Loving Hurts.

I remember first meeting you. I thought you were really cute, a smile that made me want to smile back. You had a group of friends with you that I desperately wanted to be part of. I had been too afraid to approach someone like you before. Someone like that never talks to a girl like me. But you did.

I guess I was distracted for awhile, I liked spending time with you. My friend nicknamed you “the hottie” and I joked about dating you because it seemed so ridiculous. I didn’t even think of you that way because I just thought you were so young and sexy and cool and so incredibly out of my league.

You started dating someone, and were around less often and I started to miss you a little. But when you told me about her I didn’t feel jealous. I had just gotten back with my ex too, actually. Funny coincidence. Funny, it was a mistake for both of us. Who knew we’d both end up getting hurt to badly?

When it started falling apart for both of us, it seemed to happen around the same time. We both started coming around more often to escape what was happening in our lives. And we talked. I did most of the talking. You listened. I told you everything he was saying to me, making me feel like the crazy one, and you would get angry and assure me I wasn’t wrong. While he tried to make me feel crazy and bad about myself, you were there to keep holding me up. And I guess that’s when suddenly you stopped just being “the hottie” that joked around all night and made me laugh, and started being my friend.

I guess that’s when I suddenly started to see you as someone who cared. And that made me care. That’s when I really started having feelings for you. But I still thought there was no way you could feel the same about me. You were cool, you were funny, everyone seemed to like you. You were the hot guy and I was just the nerdy girl you had pity on and were nice to. Of course I’d fall for you. But how could I hope that someone like you would see me as anything more than a friend?

That was the time to tell you how I felt. But I knew you were heartbroken and it wouldn’t do any good. And I had just gotten out of a shitty… something, as well. I was sad, and lonely, and wanting you, but being too afraid to tell you. And that’s when your friend messaged me. And I messaged him back. I didn’t really know how to feel, it was unexpected. But he was cute, so we went out a couple times. And I told you about it. I don’t know why. I’m stupid I guess.

I hate thinking back at how many mistakes I made. I keep wondering if there were things I could have done or not done that would have changed where we are now. I fucked it all up. With him, and you. And it wasn’t worth it. Because I never wanted any of them the way I wanted you.

When I finally told you how I felt, it didn’t go as I thought it would. I mean, you said you weren’t ready for a relationship and that was expected. But the offer to hook up wasn’t. And laying naked in bed with you I asked if you had ever thought about me this way before, and you had. And I’m not sure if that made me feel better or worse. Cuz, fuck. This whole time? Really? But you didn’t want me getting attached. You didn’t really want a relationship.

When your friend started talking to me again I should have told him to fuck off. But I didn’t. I didn’t because I needed something to stop me from falling in love with you. It wasn’t because I had feelings for him. He’s cute, and cuddly, but he was never you. But he was a distraction. And I think that was a mistake. Because it didn’t work. And I think maybe it drove you away? But maybe I never stood a chance anyway. I guess I’ll never know. I’ll never know if I had a chance and lost it, or if I’m just delusional.

The truth is, I fell in love with you anyway. And it wasn’t just the sex. I mean, it was great sex. I know you aren’t happy with your body. You feel fat for some reason. You’re not. You don’t need a six pack to be sexy. I want to be able to grab onto your body as you press yourself inside of me. I like feeling your soft body against mine. In that way, you are perfect to me.

No, what made me fall for you was your face lighting up in a big smile when you see me. What made me fall for you was sitting in your car looking through your photography. What made me fall for you was sitting in the cold, silent, but just happy to be around you. What made me fall for you was talking passionately about food and cooking. What made me love you was when I was crying and upset and you made me laugh anyway. What made me realize I loved you was seeing you sad and desperately wanting to do anything and everything to make you not feel that way. I realized I loved you more than I loved anyone before.

I think it was easier believing I never had any chance. Knowing from the start that someone as sexy and cool and funny and amazing could never feel anything but pity for me. But for awhile there I thought you cared. I never thought you loved me, I know that. But I thought you actually cared. And man…

Realizing that someone you care about doesn’t actually care about you is the most absolutely fucking heartbreaking feeling.

Loving you is fucking tearing me apart every day. And every time I start to take a step back I see you, or you message me out of the blue, and I’m sucked right back in. I hear your voice and I forget I’m supposed to not care about you anymore.

Sometimes I feel like loving you is killing me. And I know I should stop. But I don’t fucking know how. You are not perfect. I never thought you were. And I try to focus on that. But honestly, it doesn’t help. Because all the reasons I love you are still there.

Except for one thing, the reason I started to look at you differently in the first place. I really thought you cared. So the more you show that you don’t, and maybe never truly did, the more I know it’s time to really step back. I just need to find the courage to let it go. Because I can’t just keep letting you tear me apart. I don’t think either of us want that. I have to believe that at the very least, you don’t want to be causing me pain.

Trisha Paytas and Leafy

I don’t normally do stuff like this but this is really meaningful to me. You all know that leafy made a video on Trisha and her 100 layers of cum video and the main point was he called her a pig. Now obviously the video is slutty and she even acknowledges this fact. The point is leafy called her a pig.

I think he needs to think about what he says before he puts things out there on to the Internet as he has such a large fan base. One of my favourite points Trisha made was “if you think I’m ugly then how may other girls feel about that, it can really damage their self esteem” (summarised)

This point is very valid and I’m happy that Trish is old enough and capable to take criticism as if this was a younger girl, this could really have hurt them. Again I feel that Calvin needs to think before he speaks as he can seriously end up hurting someone with his comments, even if it is just a joke.

Now I love leafy and I love Trish, I hope everything works out and I’m super happy Trisha knows how to deal with this type of hate and criticism as it really is crazy how people are attacking her insta because of this stuff. She seriously does not deserve it.

💛 As a person who has worked with many women who have suffered with the issues listed in this photo, I know how easily someone making a joke about these can effect them. These are serious conditions and are NOT to be made fun of or spoken about lightly. 💛 All I ask is you think before you speak. www.kaylaitsines.com/guides

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saying you will willingly end someone’s LIFE because of their ship preferences shouldn’t be taken as funny or a joke.

it doesn’t fucking matters if you thought that copying what myotpkissed said would be a good reply to someone who was mad because YOU ultimately decided to make hateful comments on a post I worked hard to create.

I am okay, but I could have not been. that *joke* could make me wonder if my life really matters. that *JOKE* could’ve trigged every little bad thought I had of myself and made me do something really stupid.

joking about murdering and beating someone to death is not and will NEVER be okay to make fun of.

so please, think about it before saying another shitty thing that could legitimate kill someone just for the sake of a good laugh.

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The other day I made a few jokes about being in the ace spectrum and how people just don’t get it (how people ask if you reproduce asexually and how dumb that was) and one of my friends’ face just lit up so I told her how I know b/c I’m Demi and she just got so excited because someone else was asexual and I don’t think anyone ever told her they were before and she thought no one understood and this is why we need representation because i never want someone to think they’re alone or broken.


Break in

A/N: Someone breaks into your house while he’s on tour.

Requested: yes.


To: C-dizzle


From: C-dizzle





are u sure?

No, I’m joking about someone being in the house at 3 am WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU THINK?!

Shit! Where in the house are you?

….bedroom, I was asleep, it’s 3 fucking am here idiot

Whatever you do, don’t go downstairs


why aren’t you answering?




After sending Calum your last text you decided to suck it up and go downstairs. You carefully made your way down the stairs, listening for a sound. Once you reached the bottom you turned on the light before turning the corner into the kitchen. You quickly turned on the light in there and were surprised to see a giant stuffed dog on the counter. Attached to it was a note.

Dear Y/N, sorry for accidentally going into your house just thought you might like having this Calum replacement (uncanny resemblance I know). I swear I did not mean to come inside your house but I only had time tonight to give it to you since I’m leaving town tomorrow morning and it’s not a good idea to leave a giant teddy bear outside all night.

Again, sorry for going into your house.

Love, a 5SOS fan that made a really weird choice tonight.

Despite the weirdness of it all you found yourself laughing at the note. You quickly ran upstairs and got your phone, reading Calum’s messages as you walked downstairs.

To: C-dizzle

Sorry, false alarm

From: C-dizzle



No way you were telling him this over text.


To: Mr. Giggles

Hey Ash?

From: Mr. Giggles


Don’t freak out but there might be a small possibility that there’s someone in the house


ASHTON! Chill, I said small because I’m not sure, I just woke up to a sound. Maybe the dogs got out of their cages again

Ok just be careful while you check it out



You walked downstairs to the dogs little area and unfortunately, both of them were fast asleep in their locked cages. You looked around nervously before quietly making your way upstairs where you texted Ashton again.

To: Mr. Giggles


From: Mr. Giggles


That went dark quick, I don’t wanna die!

Shit! Of course you won’t die, I was just joking

Smooth -.-’


You decided to make sure that there actually was someone in the house before calling the police. So you went downstairs again and looked around carefully, phone in hand and ready to call the police. Saying you were shocked at what you found was an understatement.

To: Mr. Giggles


From: Mr. Giggles

It’s cute but you need to get it out.

:( you’re no fun

I’M ALLERGIC, WE CAN’T HAVE CAT HAIRS IN OUR HOUSE IF I’M ALLERGIC! And besides, Juno and Ember (Your dogs’ names, just roll with it) would kill it.

Goodbye sweet cat, you will be missed :’(



To: 9 ft man


From: 9 ft man







I’m not a noodle :(


You decided to explore the surroundings a bit before calling the police. Since Luke was so famous that the tabloids would be all over cops showing up to his house. You had only just stepped out of the bedroom when you heard voices. You followed them a bit just to hear what they were saying.

“No, you obviously have to unhook it first.”

“Excuse me Jenna, but you do not know the basics of window-ology.”

“There’s no such thing dumbfuck.”

“Whatever we just need to get it unstuck first.”

You had heard enough and walked down to the origin of the voices and turned on the light to reveal two teenage girls in your house, trying to open a window. They turned around shocked.

“Could you please explain why you’re in my house?” You asked, crossing your arms.

“Uh, we can explain.” The taller one blurted out.

“Go on.”

“See, your window was open and we were just trying to close it because someone could break into your house and wow that sounds ironic.”

“Y-you’re Y/N, Luke’s girlfriend.” The other stuttered out.

“Yeah, and you’re in my house at 2:30 am.”

“Sorry but we’re huge fans of his band and wow you’re even prettier in person.” The taller one smacked her friends arm lightly.

You thought for a few seconds before deciding.

“I’ll let you guys off the hook with one condition, you do not mention this address to anyone. And this is based on the fact that I am trusting you guys.”

“Anything seriously.”

“Okay, now I would like to return to sleeping and show you to the door.” You said and the girls nodded and hurried after you to the door.

“By the way, wearing his shirt to bed is serious relationship goals.” The shorter one said before closing the door and you stood there blushing.



To: Rainbow boy

Mikey! I just heard a sound in the kitchen!

From: Rainbow boy

Are you sure?

Yes and I’m fucking scared, Billy hasn’t barked or anything tho

You should go check, bring your phone and don’t die

Damn, I was just planning on dying tonight.

Not funny

You laughed


You walked down the creaking stairs and cursed them in your head as you heard the sound stopping. Once it resumed you thought it was safe to  continue and you ever so carefully made as little sound as you could.

Once down you tip-toed to the kitchen to the origin of the sound. You heard a loud bark right in front of you and you jumped as a little tongue started licking your toes. You turned on the light to find your puppy, Billy (Joe bc LBH Michael would probably name his dog/child after Billy Joe) with his tongue sticking out as he panted happily with you there.

“You need to learn how to not wake me up with your eating.” You mumbled as you picked up the puppy who immediately tried licking your face.

To: Rainbow boy

This lil shit was the cause *bomb ass selfie with a puppy*

From: Rainbow Boy

OMG that is so adorable!

No! He woke me up and almost gave me a heart attack

I wasn’t talking about him ;)

Fuck off Clifford

You love me



A/N: TBH I have no fucking idea what this is but I hope you enjoy it and to the anon who requested thanks, you made my day! You guys are all adorable tho

Request away

Holy cow, I can’t believe that I made it to 100 + after just a couple weeks! I originally wanted to make a blog for Zuko or Katara, but as I watched the series, I began to get attached to this tribal meme. I think out of all the muses I’ve played, Sokka is by far the most fun to write. It’s so much fun writing shitty jokes and clever plans at the same time, and I couldn’t practiced that without this genius idiot. 

Now, before I get to my special mentions, I just want to say that you’re all great. If we’re mutuals, it means that I love your portrayal and I want to interact with you, but I’m too much of a shy baby to approach you. And if we’re not, then you’re still cool. You’re all my precious Hawkies. 

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