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anonymous: “DID SOMEONE SAY REQUESTS?! (。♥ ∇ ♥。)  I’d love you forever if you drew a sad shiro with tsukiyama and banjou comforting him in their own way? (LOVE your art btw! hhhhhh!)”

omg i know you sent in this request a long time ago…. :”D i loved it and i couldn’t get what i wanted for it! I still have other ideas. Anyways, it’s so cute! thank you! I think they probably know when to give him his space, and when he needs an outing.

Grief * Fred Weasley Request

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NOTE: Hi guys! I missed you all! Sorry, I went on hiatus for a long time but I had school and lacrosse camp! I also was in London. I’m glad to be back, I missed this account so much! Okay, enjoy this request I got a long time ago (sorry by the way ): ). Keep on request babes! 

PS: I’ll be posting more so don’t worry. Enjoy!


Request: “Fred imagines, please!! He and I are together and we have a huge fight and don’t talk for ages until he sees me kissing someone else and we get back together *major fluff please and kissing someone else out of grief not slutty!*”


Warnings: Mild language and cheating



“I can’t believe you. So utter stupid and careless.” I said to Fred, my boyfriend.

“Me? Yet I’m the one who purposed thinking oh well this will be fun! Marrying the only girl I ever loved!” Fred said.

“You knew that I wasn’t ready for marriage! Everything was perfect until this happened! Did you even think about everything that could possibly change if I said yes? We would need to plan a wedding that would cost a lot, a house, jobs… kids?!”

“Kids?! Who said anything about kids?!” Fred said growing frantic.

“Well, everyone would expect us to conceive! Maybe not right away but soon! Fred… w-we aren’t even done with school yet you’re thinking about marriage? What about your shop with George? Do you think he would be able to handle the shop alone? A-And our families… how would they take the news?”

“Stop making excuses! You’re just too selfish to even think about the positives!”

“What positives?! There aren’t any! Our lives would change if we marry! Don’t you get that I’m… we… aren’t ready for this?”

“Now you’re just in denial! A-And… how do you know I’m not ready for this? If I wasn’t ready then why am I the guy who has a bloody ring in his hand asking for your hand in marriage?! Don’t you think I’ve considered the facts about marriage?! What would change and what would happen?!”

“Y-You know what…” I trailed off.

“What now?” Fred said rolling his eyes.

“I-I can’t do this. I give up.” I said crying.

“What do you mean you can’t do this?”

“Fred… all we do is fight. Fight after fight after fight. I’m done. I’m tired. I can’t believe you think our relationship is healthy enough to marry one another. Our relationship was a mess from the start. I just need some time to process everything.” I walked off. I couldn’t bare to see Fred’s face.

*2 Year Later*

I was walking in the dark halls of Hogwarts. Everyone should be asleep by now so it’s just me and my thoughts that roam about in the school.

The school has been stressful lately and I’ve been needing to get out more. Being a 6th year is harder than I thought.

I rarely have time for my friends and my love life. I haven’t loved anyone since…. Fred.

“Hey what are you doing up?” My friend Noah said walking towards me.

“What are you doing up?” I joked.

“I asked first.”

“I’m just clearing my mind.”

“As am I” Noah said getting closer.

“Seriously, why are you awake? You’re never awake at this time.”

“Julia and I broke up. I caught her cheating on me.” Noah said.

“I’m so sorry. You know I never liked her.”

“I know. I can see why.”

We talked for hours. It was one of the best conversations I’ve ever had with Noah.

“So, how are you? I rarely see you around.” Noah said trying to change the subject.

“Busy. I’ve been trying to maintain an A+ average in all of my classes how about you?.”

“I’ve been… not good. A lot has been happening and I just don’t know if I can handle it anymore. I thought coming back here will help me be happy again but so far it hasn’t. Being home isn’t helping me and being here isn’t either.”

I didn’t know what happened to me at that moment. Seeing Noah become genuine and sincere made me feel some type of way. My body took over my brain and I kissed him.

My hands landed on his soft cheeks and our lips touched. I haven’t felt this sensation in years. I can’t explain why did I kiss Noah. I always thought of him as a friend but he’s always been there for me when no one else was.

Suddenly I pushed away. Noah’s face was in shock.

“I-I’m sorry I-” I stuttered. My mind was a wreck.

“Y/N is okay. Don’t worry about it. It was actually quite nice and it made me feel better. This can be our little secret. Promise.”

“I don’t want you to think I’m slutty or that I’m using you.” I was panicking.

“Y/N! I will never think that of you. It’s getting late. We can talk in the morning. Don’t worry Y/N.” Noah helped me up and gave me a hug.

“I’ll see you tomorrow.” Noah said walking away.

I walked the other direction until I felt someone grab my wrist.

“Get off me! Please, I’ll do anything!” I pleaded hard hoping this guy will let me go.

“Y/N, Y/N, it’s me. Fred.”

“W-What, why are you up?”

“I was just walking around with George. Then I saw you and that guy kiss so I-uh lost George. I was just looking for him but then I saw you walk alone.”

“Oh, you saw… that.” I said with my face heating up.

“Yeah. I did. I know we haven’t talked in over 2 years. I just wanna say that I miss you. I wish we handled things differently back then. Honestly losing you was the dumbest thing I ever did. I’m sorry.” His voice started to crack.

Sometimes I wonder what would’ve happened if we didn’t end things the way we did. Would we have gotten married?

“Fred I don’t know what to say.”

“Then don’t say anything at all.” Fred then cupped my cheeks and smashed his lips against mine. The kiss felt like fireworks were behind us and no one else existed but us two.

The whole world froze in their tracks and a new feeling opened up. The kiss seemed endless. I didn’t want it to end but sadly I needed air.

“I’m sorry too. I missed you so many words can’t describe how must I needed you at times.” I said.

“Well then, Y/N will you-”

“You don’t even have to ask!”

I jumped into Fred’s arms and kissed him with all the energy I had left.

We spent the rest of the night talking and giggling about stupid things that happened within the past 2 years in the comfort of the Gryffindor common room. Before we knew it the sun was already up.

I feel asleep in the comfort of Fred’s arms. His face was snug in the crook of my neck. Luckily it wasn’t a school day for everyone was sleeping in.

Finally got my man back!

Strdia scenes I seriously can’t stand seeing in edits.

This was requested a long time ago by an anon, but was sent to my second account, I think by accident,  so I am answering it here!

1x11, “Stiles gets Lydia to dance with him,” & 6x01, “Stiles’s kisses Lydia’s cheek.”

When Stiles is with Lydia, it seems he forgets that girls have the right and justification to say, “No,” to a request. It seems very out of Stiles’s character to force someone into doing something, especially someone he cares about, he never pushed Malia to find her Mother, if anything, he wanted her not to track her down, he never pushed Scott to do anything he wasn’t sure about. So why, did this boy, think it okay to force Lydia, by basically bullying her and calling her, “heartless and cold,” to dance with her, until she felt so small, she had to agree with him. Or now, in season six, when the girl clearly states, “Do not kiss me,” and he still does it, runs off and screams, “Did it anyway,” as if her statement before meant nothing.

The obvious scene, that I will not state as I and many of the fam have brought up before, is the scene in Season 1, when Stiles shuts the door, because Lydia is flirting with him, whilst heavily drugged up, letting her touch him. Once again, THAT IS WRONG!

2x12, “If you die, I will literally go out of my freaking mind!”

How do you comfort someone who has just witnessed the death of their loved one? Well, for Stiles, who screamed his head off at Lydia, who wanted to try and save Jackson, someone she thought to be dead, but Stiles cared more about his feeling s towards her, but never took into account how much Lydia was truly hurting.

The episode before this, Stiles told Scott he couldn’t be as strong as him and he felt like he was losing with the life they led. He was the kidnapped and beaten up, just for being associated with the supernatural. He was angry and he took it out on Lydia, in a harsh risen tone and it wasn’t his place to do so.

3x11, “Panic attack”

Guess what? You shouldn’t even touch someone during a panic attack; they are already out of their comfort zone and they are not with it, they are just scared and it feels as if the world is crashing down on them, like they are going to die. So Lydia should have not kissed Stiles, he was already panicking and his heart rate would have already been fast, in real life, he would have pushed her off and probably panicked more for not being able to breathe so suddenly. Yes, in a panic attack, you should hold your breath if that is your way of doing it, but how Scott demonstrated 3x14, just calming them down and reassuring them can save them. You didn’t Scott kissing Stiles, did you now?

5x04, “Lydia is injured.”

How many Strida edits have I seen with this scene? Too many to count, but it’s not the Strdia edits that annoy me. It’s the anti Stalia and anti Sterek edits with this scene! Saying, on Stiles looks at her like he is going to lose the love of his life, oh he never cared this much about Malia and Derek, Strdia is SPECIAL! It’s fine use this, it’s fine, nice scene, but it should not be used against other ships.

For one, Stiles was not the only ONE to care about Lydia when she is injured:

*clears throat for sarcasm*

Well….he of course didn’t care about Derek, did he? Didn’t look really concerned when he didn’t wake up, his voice didn’t crack when he was shouting his name.

Or Malia, he didn’t cry and scream for her to set free, he didn’t let in Void just to save her life.

True love never dies

Pairing: Bucky x 40sReader, i guess also Steve x Peggy

Summary: Steve goes to Peggy’s funeral and sees someone that looks so familiar and then makes it his mission to make the woman meet up with someone who was very important to her 70 years ago…

A/N: Peggy’s funeral is not in London but in NYC. This takes time after cw, Bucky’s all good now and everyone is okay with one another. :)

I haven’t seen anything like this before so I thought it might be interesting to write!

Words: 3.8k (i’m sorry it turned out so long!! so i put it under “read more”)

Hope you like it! Please let me know what you think!

masterlist | request

It was on of the colder days in New York City, the sky seemed to resemble the feelings of the gathered people in the church. Steve wasn’t entirely sure if he wanted the weather to be sunny or cold, to be honest he quite didn’t care at all. The only thing that was on his mind was Peggy and that damn pain in his chest. He let the emotions take over his body to the point where he once felt like he was going to drop the coffin of the love of his life and just start crying in the middle of the church.It wasn’t supposed to end like this. Your story was supposed to be different

He was sitting next to Sam, his gaze fixed somewhere ahead of him. His mind was going crazy, he was trying to recall her beautiful smile that he loved so much, the first time he saw her, the day they made plans for their date before he got frozen, the first time he saw her in the hospital after being defrosted and the last visit he paid her. He felt relieved with the thought that she died in her sleep, without the typical pain and fear that assists the process of dying.

Sam shook him out of his thoughts by elbowing him on the side slightly, just when Sharon was about to start her speech. Steve was trying to completely focus on what she was saying, but he kind of failed. He wasn’t trying to be impolite, he actually made it look like he was listening intensively. At the ceremony were people that he didn’t even know. He was kind of happy that so many people spent their time to say their last goodbye to her. He was now looking at the black and white picture of her that was framed and standing next to her coffin, with a black band on the edge of the frame. He still can’t quite believe it. 

When the ceremony was over, Sam and Steve were standing outside waiting for everyone to leave the building. 

“Who’s that lady? She looks your age.” Steve followed Sam’s gaze and saw an elderly woman. She was dressed in all black, like everyone else. She was really slim, her back slightly crooked. Her almost white shoulder-length hair was loosely pinned at the back of your head. Sharon was letting you use her arm to help you stand. She seemed to be… calming you down? It was only now that Steve realized how hard the lady was crying.

“Not really but she looks so familiar…” Steve was trying to match the face with the ones from his earlier days. He felt like he knew her well but couldn’t find any face to match.

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Hi! May I have a prompt request for someone that is leaving their partner after they cheated on them too many times? Thanks!

“How dare you think I’d ever stand for this?”

“I knew about it a long time ago. I was waiting for you to mess up again.”

“You don’t deserve me, that much is clear.”

“That’s the thing- I won’t ever be able to trust you again. What’s to say you won’t do it again?”

My name

A looooong time ago, I got a request for a reader insert in which she’s sleeping and the Ragnarssons hear her moaning a name. Sorry it took so long, anon!

Tags: @heathensisterwives @heathen-army

Rating: Teen and up

Characters: Ivar the Boneless, Ubbe, Hvitserk, Sigurd Snake-in-the-eye, Female reader

Warnings / tags: Reader-insert, Moaning in your sleep, Watching Someone, Sleep, Talking in your sleep, Overheard, Dreaming


Sigurd sets the cup back down on the table and wipes his mouth with the back of his hand.

”Either way, I don’t think she-”

“Shut up.” Ivar snarls, interrupting Sigurd. Ubbe strokes his beard, sighing a little and glancing at his youngest brother.


“Sssh!” This time it’s Hvitserk interrupting. Ubbe stares in shock but before he can speak up again Hvitserk gestures to the corner where the girl is still sleeping under a pile of furs.

“Listen.” Hvitserk urges

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//Under the Streetlight //Part 1

So i think I will start this fanfiction like this? I had Posted a long time ago a Gif with the request if someone wanted a Fanfiction about Prostitute Jimin and this is my start! Tell me if you would like it like this or what your wishes are <3 ^-^


Over the years Jimin worked in this Job he had set himself some rules…

Rule Number 1: Never go home with your clients and always choose yourself the place where you will do it.

Jimin set this rule up after one time a guy took him home instead of to a motel, promising him to pay the double amount of money he normally would had get. He regretted it as soon as he got in the creepy looking apartment.

What had he thought? That everything would went well? How stupid he was back then.

Jimin ended up in an Orgie with 3 men. He got beaten up, green and blue over and over, his ass ripped and not even able to walk.

Still he got Paid.

Rule Number 2: Never tell your Clients something about yourself and never met them on a private Base.

Jimin was young back then and not long in the business when he was so dumb to tell a Client where he lived. What happened was that he got himself a Stalker. Every night the guy would stand in front of Jimins small apartment building, one night, the night when he had to call the police, the guy broke in and tried to rape him… since than Jimin slept with a fucking Bat next to his bed and keeps his mouth shut about everything even his name.

Rule Number 3: Never get emotionally involved with your clients.

It’s not like Jimin was ever so dumb to fall in love with his Clients, no, that was not the Point. Not even had he a story for that. He just figured out it would be the best like this. His Clients were not good looking or rich, just some guys that would want a short blowjob or a little fuck before going back to their wives. Jimin was not a noble Prostitute, he never was something noble or had something that could be called noble. He just has no other choice to live like this.

3 Rules, he had just 3 Rules, 3 Simple Rules that would help him to come over the day.

But he broke all of them for the men that Currently were laying next to him.

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Why do you think magpie or Odins mom is the fav fam memeber ?

For Odin’s mom I think it’s because I have a personal preference where mother son relationships have always been my jam coupled with the fact that Adam’ Song (which used to be on Odin’s official playlist) has a specific line of requesting that the mom realize “it’s not her fault”.

Also, a long time ago Michelle posted some concept art on the fourmspring of what all of us assumed was the Arrow family. It was very sweet and is guiding me on that path to believing Odin really loves his mom.

Then for Magpie because of the drawings and the direct citation of her name as being “someone I’m doing this extremely taxing mission for”. I like the idea of a younger sibling thinking Odin hangs the stars, when in fact Odin thinks so little of himself. His other siblings I assume “love” him but their whole relationship seems very strained by current circumstances. Having a younger person who unconditionally loves Odin even through all the real bullshit that is him + the fake bullshit he creates for himself would be moi bueno and kill me.

hi babes! so recently someone asked me if I had any good 5sos fic recommendations and I realized I haven’t made a follow forever in a really long time (I think the last time I made one was a year ago yikes). I hit 9k a while back but I never did a proper thank you sort of thing, so I’ll do that now: honestly I am so blessed that so many of you deem my shitty blog worthy enough to follow and actually enjoy reading my writing. Thank you so so so much to those of you who take the time to send in requests or nice messages it really does mean a lot:-) I also figured it would be a good opportunity to share some of my fave writers and fics with you guys because there are tons of super talented writers here and I want to share them with you guys! 

some shout outs (as per usual):

@pfftclifford Lauren! Girl I love you and I’m so sad that we live on opposite sides of the world from each other. But you’ll always hold a special little place in my heart because you were my first internet friend ever, you’re rad dude!

@vaporofficial Cass, you’re so incredibly talented and one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met through 5sos. keep on being amazing, I love you!

@vegemitexmike / @gabidaile of course I have to give a shoutout to my best friend in the entire world. Gabs your friendship is one of the biggest blessings in my life, thank you for always being there for me and always being the person who catches my references lol

@5sos-official obviously I can’t make a follow forever on my 5sos blog without tagging the band themselves, so special shout out to 5sos for being a band I have been able to spend my teen years growing up with. You guys rock and words won’t ever be able to express how much your music has helped me. much love xx

my current reading list:

@anarchyaustralia Calum Hood / Firsts Series / Calum Hood

@bananashemmo Luke Hemmings / The Math Teacher 

@pfftclifford Calum Hood / Empty 

(it’s quite short at the moment I know, but I’m a busy bee. I’ll update this as I find more series to read!)

talented af writers:
(all these babes have their masterlist linked in their bio)

@0kbutmichaelclifford  @2k15luke  @alreadymissings  @anarchyaustralia  @assholemalums  @aussiekinks @bananashemmo  @broadassluke  @cal-baby  @calsthunder @calumtrashofficial  @classifiedluke  @cliffwoes  @clummyhood  @complicashton  @hemmingsalmightty  @huggingcalum  @jigglypufftribe  @lsotboy  @malumshighlight  @malumsnudes @michaelgclifford  @mukegrinding  @navylukes  @peaceof5sos  @pfftclifford  @pretendtobepunkrock  @slflucas  @tadpolehemmings  @vaporofficial  

some other rad 5sos blogs: 

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A long time ago someone requested I do a PotterLock fic.  I was thinking of doing one for each house but that depends if people want it. Anyway, Happy Halloween.

Sherlock (Slytherin) X Reader (Gryffindor)

Words: 1600


You were getting quite upset now, your books seemed to be getting heavier in your hand by the second.

“Come on, Rabbits Rebellion! How many times are you going to make me say it?” your voice was strained by the weight of your books. The fat lady in the painting was busy discussing the latest of painting gossip.

“Just a minute dear.” The fat lady interrupting her discussion with a witch that was laying rather comfortably on her broomstick. From what you remember she was located a couple paintings down, she seemed to be very interested in what the fat lady was saying.

“Please? Professor Snape gave us a four foot long essay and I need to get into the common room. Rabbits Rebellion!” you nearly yelled

“Oh all right all, all right.” She swung open revealing the way into the Gryffindor common room.

“Thank you.” You said, very ungratefully.

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The Way You Are

Originally posted by kths

» yoongi x reader
» 2.2k
» hello! can i please request an angsty yoongi scenario…promises he’ll change? thank you so much!! 
» painter!yoongi au

If you were less pretty I think I should be very much afraid of you. It wasn’t something you had said to Yoongi but it felt like something you should have said to him. Maybe a long time ago, maybe a few days ago. Either way, if he didn’t have that mint green hair and gummy smile he would have been terrifying; an absolutely sickening beast of imperfections beyond repair.

You’d never even seen him that way until someone brought it up. A friend of his maybe – you’d lost count of the amount of people that knew his name from his darkened artwork. They asked what you saw in him and you stuttered to reply that it was what laid beneath his beautiful that intrigued you. But he never even shows affection, how can you love him?

You never even said that you loved him. It was something everyone just assumed was true, and in theory it was. You were afraid to say you loved him because when he found out that you liked him he stared at you blankly at walked out the room. Two days later he came back, canvas in hand and asked to paint a picture of you.  

You thought that he had sold that painting, but a week after it was on your doorstep with a letter attached from the artist himself. I think this makes you my girlfriend.

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Unknowingly (Xiumin Scenario)

So the weekend starts and here’s a lovely scenario. This one was actually requested a long time ago and I really apologize for taking so long! Hope you like it, Admin A~

Sometimes, when you spend a lot of time with someone, people tend to think you are dating or something is going on between you. Sometimes they are right but the majority of the times. it’s just your best friend that loves being around you and asking you for love advice, not knowing you are crazy for him. 

That was me with Xiumin. He was my best friend and everybody at school thought we were dating, but not him. I don’t know if he pretended he didn’t know or heard the gossips but he never talked about it with me. Our friendship stayed the same for days, weeks and months, making me think that he was unreachable, just a platonic love. He was my brother when we were together, but at night when I was alone in my room, he was that boy I never stopped thinking of. My mind just tortured me with thoughts like how would it be kissing those sweet lips? Or how would it be if we had a date at the theme park?

He was not just a crush. He was more to me than I was to him. He was so important in my life. He was the one I loved the most even if we’ve never dated. Without noticing he became the only thing I reached for. He became a part of me I was scared of losing. 

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ch-boytaako  asked:

what do you think of a bloodswap between karkat and gamzee

Friend I did this swap a long time ago during Bloodswap Request Night!

There’s a whole spiel of ideas about their relationship and the surrounding story on the original post and a whole tag full of other bloodswaps if that’s of interest to anybody. *shruge* UwU

Bedtime Story

Pairing: Dean x reader
Song: the Run and Go - Twenty One Pilots
Request: Please write something else with Ellen! She’s become my favorite character in your fics haha (other than dean of course) ♥
Words: 3002
Warnings: depression, anxiety, suicide attempt, verbal and physical abuse, excessive use of alcohol.
Key: y/f/n - your father’s name.
Related fics: Working On It and Eager.
A/N: Ellen is Dean and the reader’s child, for those of you that haven’t read the related fics. Sorry this was so much longer than usual for me! Please say if it was too long. Also, thank you, anon from a while ago, for reminding me that the Run and Go just screams Supernatural. Sorry this isn’t Ellen-centric, by the way, requester. Enjoy and tell me what you think! By the way, sorry if you thought the depression part ruined it. When I started writing it, I was really feeling it, and I did a text post on it, and people said they thought it would be okay to include it. x
“Daddy” Ellen, you and Dean’s six year old daughter, gently tugged at her father’s sleeve. She was tucked up in bed, with only her night light to aid her in seeing anything. “Can you tell me a bed time story?”
“Of course, which one would you like, baby?” Dean gave her a warm smile. He wanted to spend time with her, but he also wanted to get to the room you shared with him and spend time with you, so he hoped it would be quick…
“Can you tell me the one about you and mummy?”
… with no such luck. It was his favourite story to tell, though, so he didn’t really mind.
“You mean the girl and boy who met when they were your age?” he smirked.
Ellen nodded vigorously.
Dean began.
“Once upon a time, there were two children. They were 6 years old. A girl and a boy. They met because their fathers crossed paths, and were friends. The girl was called y/n, and the boy was called Dean. They were in the same motel for a job their fathers were doing together. Dean didn’t talk much, and mainly occupied himself with looking after Sammy, but y/n didn’t mind. She liked him anyway.
When they had to leave, Dean was sad. He liked y/n. He liked the way she accepted him, even though he didn’t really want to play. He had told her he stopped playing when he saw something bad happen to his mom. y/n understood. She said “I’ll do what you want to do with you, then.” that made Dean smile, and Dean never smiled.
The following year, y/n arrived at the same motel the Winchesters were in because of another job. Dean and y/n shared silent days together like they had before, enjoying each other’s company. From then on, y/n and Dean were together most of the time. Their fathers wanted to work together all the time. y/n tried to look after Dean as much as she could. She knew he was sad because of his mom and the way his dad treated him. They always got motel rooms next to each other, and Dean would do a special knock on the wall when his dad had been mean. y/n would sneak into his room and hug him for hours. Sammy was very young, so he couldn’t really do anything, but he cried whenever Dean cried, so y/n ended up holding both of them in her arms.
When y/n and Dean became teenagers, they remained as close. Dean started talking more, and, obviously, so did Sam. When y/n was 13, though, she became ill. But it wasn’t the kind of ill you can see or feel in your body, like a stomach ache or a cold. It was the kind of ill that’s in your head. She went to Dean as soon as she had been told by the doctor that she was like this. Dean looked at her with a kind of sadness in his eyes that she had never seen before. He held her for a long time, then.“ Dean felt tears sting at his eyes.
Ellen grabbed hold of his hand and didn’t let go after that. Dean gave her an empty smile, and continued. "It broke Dean’s heart to know that every moment, no matter how much she could be laughing, she was extremely sad, and anxious, inside. He would have traded his own life for her to be better. Really, he would have. He couldn’t help, though.” Dean paused. “This bit is very sad, you know it is. Do you want to skip it?”
Ellen shook her head. “No, it’s part of the story, and I’ve already heard it a lot of times.”
“Alright.” Dean sighed. “Once, when the boy and girl were 15, Dean woke up and wandered into y/n’s room. She was… She was lying on the floor, on the edge of life. She’d tried to end it. She survived, luckily, but those were the worst days of Dean’s life so far. He stayed with her every moment she was in hospital. He missed school for it, and his father hit him for it when he got home, but Dean didn’t care. He needed to be there for her, and make sure that if she passed, she wouldn’t do it without him.
y/n didn’t want to talk after that. She only ever talked to Dean and Sammy. She barely ever shared a word with her father. That’s when Dean started to ask if her and him could share a motel room. With three single beds, obviously, so her, him and Sammy could all be in there. Eventually, their fathers let them. While Sam slept, y/n and Dean would sit on one of their beds facing each other, their fingers interlocked and their foreheads pressed against one another’s. This was the only way they knew how to breathe.
Sometimes, in these moments, Dean looked at y/n when she had her eyes shut, trying her very best to hold it together for him. He wondered why the most beautiful thing he’d ever known deserved to suffer so much.
Not many people know this, but, sometimes, what y/n has comes with a physical pain, too. It’s mainly in the chest. One night, y/n was crying because it hurt so much, so Dean pressed his hand to her heart and kept it there. Immediately, she stopped crying.
These things happened almost every night, but no one knew about them… which is why y/n and Dean were confused when everyone at each school they attended thought they were a couple. It had become customary for them to hold hands at times y/n felt uncomfortable, but they could never understand why that meant they were together. They denied any rumours, but never confronted the other about it.”
You stopped in the middle of your speech. “I can’t believe you still wanna hear this story” you scoffed to Ellen, who was sitting cross-legged on her bed, a hand cupping her face which was propped up by her elbow on her knee.
“I still love it, mum” she shrugged. “And you’re just getting to the cute bits.”
You sighed. “You really want me to go on? You’ve heard it enough times.”
“Why would I have asked in the first place?”
Ellen was now 16, and over the years, as she matured, you’d added in little parts of the story that had recently become appropriate for her to hear.. provided that she was comfortable with hearing them.
“True. Alright, I’ll carry on. Where was I?”
“They denied any rumours, but never confronted the other about it.”
“Ah, yes.
When Dean turned 16, he started going out when y/n and his father were out on cases. y/n didn’t really mind being alone with Sam, as they felt like siblings to one another. More and more, Dean would come home smelling strongly of alcohol. He would come in during the early hours of the morning, and y/n would still be up. Her sleeping pattern wasn’t very regular, but she always stayed up for Dean. She was so used to having him near while she slept that it was practically impossible to do so when he was out. He used to give her this grin, this goofy grin, like he was seeing her for the first time in years. They would stand there, chests practically touching, breathing each other in. Dean knew y/n didn’t like it when he got really drunk. She knew that it would be because Dean was overcome with feelings he daren’t feel.”
Dean took a breath. “- Dean would search for forgiveness in her eyes. She was never, ever angry at him for what he’d been drinking. She knew she could never touch a drink because of how easily it could take her over, considering her mental state, but she understood.”
You paused for a moment, then. “Eventually, Dean would end up pulling her into his arms. He used to whisper that he was sorry in her ear, voice shaking. She made him promise he wouldn’t go to such a length with alcohol again, but every time he wouldn’t be able to resist.
Dean never acted drunk, and, in a way, that was the part of it that shook her the most. Hell, it still shakes her to this day. He was a heavy weight from the beginning, but all too soon, he’d got drunk out of his mind too many times for it to majorly affect his behaviour.
Whenever Dean came home drunk, he could only relax if he was making physical contact with y/n of some kind. Often, he fell asleep with his head in her lap or on her chest, and she would watch him sleep. She could never figure out why, but he always slept the most peacefully when he had got drunk. You’d watch him from your bed when he went to sleep sober sometimes, and he would toss and turn and sweat and have a frightened look on his face. Every time, she was torn between waking him up and leaving him with a crappy amount of sleep or letting him get more sleep, but not without nightmares.
When he got home one night at the age of 17, all he would say to y/n was ‘I’m sorry.’ She asked him what he was sorry for many times, but he refused to tell her. He had fallen to his knees, his head in her lap, and she asked him gently if he had been drinking more than usual that night. He shook his head, and still wouldn’t say anything other than those two words that said so much to him, and so little to you, at that point.
But, onto happier things. Dean had grown tall, now. And he had muscle. He had that wink that could drop the clothes of anyone who liked guys, that smile that lit up the darkest days, those calloused yet soft hands, those mesmerising eyes… y/n was gazing at him one day as he laughed at a joke Sammy had made, and just thought, shit, I love him. It wasn’t just his looks, though. It was the expectant face he put on when he was waiting to see if his joke was funny; it was the way he stopped going out to get drunk and forget the day he walked in on y/n crying alone in her room; it was the way he held her when she was especially sad - there was no point in therapy because of all their fathers’ moving around, yet Dean could hold her in such a way that would make her feel like all her broken pieces were together; it was the way he’d always put others first, a quality she endlessly admired. She could have gone on forever about the reasons why she loved him. Ever since romance had been appealing, she’d been in love with him, and she kicked herself for not realising it before.”
2025 - separate date to previous 2025 one
“But, onto happier things.” Dean smiled a smile that felt a lot more genuine than his previous one. “Do you want me to skip this bit? You might feel weird about it, cause, ya know…”

“Nah. It’s kind of adorable, dad. Don’t worry. I’m 16, I can handle these things.” Ellen teased.
“But, it’s your parents, man…” Dean grinned.
“Don’t care. Want to hear it.”
“Alright, I’ll carry on. Where was I?”
“But, onto happier things.”
“Oh, yeah. But, onto happier things. y/n had grown up, and she’d always been beautiful, but, now, Dean could see just how, um, smokin’ she was. Of course, she had a pretty face. She always had. She got more gorgeous every day, and Dean had known that since he was 6. It was her body, though. The thought of it made his mouth water. She had that smirk that could drop the clothes of anyone who liked girls, that laugh that lit up the darkest days, those smooth yet delicate hands, those curves that drove him crazy at night, those mesmerising eyes… Dean was gazing at her one day as she laughed at a joke Sammy had made, and just thought, crap, I love her. It wasn’t just her looks, though. It was the way she spoke when she did talk - her voice was music to his ears; it was the way she sang to him when he went to her, drunk and even more of a mess than usual; it was the way she always waited up for him back in the days when he did go out; it was the way she could make him laugh, and cry, as easily as he could breathe. Ever since romance had been appealing, he’d been in love with her, and he kicked himself for not realising it before.”
2025 - original date

“Neither y/n or Dean said a thing about their feelings for one another.” you stated. “y/n was too scared. She didn’t want to lose him. She felt absolutely certain that she wasn’t going to be good enough for him. She saw all the girls that flirted with him, and, in her eyes, there was simply no comparison. So, she just waited for her love for Dean to fade away, forgetting the fact that she’d loved him before she even knew what love was.”
“Go on, tell me the rest” Ellen encouraged eagerly.
“Hey! You’re supposed to be tired, not excited” Dean joked.
“Just go on, and I’ll… get tired” she proposed.
Dean laughed. “Alright. Now, where were we? Kicking himself for not realising it. Dean was stubborn, and he’d held it in for so long already, so he didn’t tell y/n about his feelings for her. He got paranoid, though. He was sure they were obvious. Sam always used to tease Dean about her when the two of them were alone, and Dean used to try and shake it off the best he could, but it always left him thinking. Was he really that easy to read?
One day, when y/n had just graduated and Dean had recently started working with his father, the two fathers had a falling out. Afterwards, they were both gathering up their things to go their separate ways, and Dean pleaded his father to let him stay with y/n, even if John didn’t want to himself. John said no, he didn’t want anyone in his family to be associated with anyone in her family any more. Dean stuttered a ‘but…’ and John yelled at him. 'What is it, kid?!’” Dean looked zoned out at that point. “Dean opened his mouth and John cut in before he could get anywhere. "I don’t care if you’ve been in love with her for God knows how long” he told Dean. “And don’t think I don’t know about that. You think I can’t tell?”
Dean thought his father was the biggest hypocrite on earth. He could do absolutely nothing, though. It was either go with his father, or be stranded at the side of the road with six bucks to his name.“
"Where was I?” you frowned. “Oh, yeah. One day, when y/n had just graduated and Dean had recently started working with his father, the two fathers had a falling out. Afterwards, they were both gathering up their things to go their separate ways, and y/n pleaded her father to let her stay with Dean, even if y/f/n didn’t want to himself. Y/f/n said no, he didn’t want anyone in her family to be associated with anyone in his family any more. y/n stuttered a 'but…’ and y/f/n yelled at her. 'What is it, kid?!’” you looked zoned out at that point. “y/n opened her mouth and y./f/n cut in before she could get anywhere. "I don’t care if you’ve been in love with him for God knows how long” he told y/n. “And don’t think I don’t know about that. You think I can’t tell?”
“Late that night, Dean was just getting into his father’s car with him and Sam, ready to depart from the only woman he was sure he’d ever love aside his mother, when he heard y/n scream his name. She was sprinting toward him. He stood up straight, his mouth wide open. When y/n reached him, she said 'I love you’ breathlessly and pulled his face to hers before Dean could even think about forming a response. He kissed her back, and right then, he knew that the past 12 years didn’t go to waste, and there was absolutely no way he was getting in his father’s car, or any car, for that matter, without y/n. When she finally pulled away, Dean could see the fear in her eyes. Then, Dean put his hand over her heart like he had years ago, and told her he loved her, too. Sammy grinned, and John scowled in the background. Dean leaned in through the window of the back of his father’s car, and told Sammy he’d call every day. Then, he took y/n’s hands, and they would have run away if they’d had the energy after that kiss. Instead, they walked at the steadiest pace they could together, like they’d been doing in a different way for so many years.”
Ellen sighed. It was a sigh of contentment, that was clear to see.
“Alright, baby, I’ll tell you the rest of the story tomorrow night. It’s been quite a while” Dean proposed.
“But daddy-”
“No 'but’s, Ellie. You need your beauty sleep. I mean, you’ll be beautiful anyway, but…” he grinned, and leaned down to kiss her forehead. “'Night, sweetheart.”
“Night, daddy. Thank you.”
“For what?” Dean asked from the door way.
“Telling me my favourite bedtime story. And looking after mummy all these years” Ellen smiled.
“It’s what I live to do, baby. Night.”

He picks you up/surprises you at school

A/N: YAY IM WRITING PREFS AGAIN. This pref takes place in more of a highschool scene.  So prom is a end of the year formal dance for all of you who do not know. (Y/F/N) and (Y/F2/N) means friends name and a second friends name. 

Requested: A very long time ago 

Irwin : “Have you found a date to Prom yet?” Your best friend asks as the two of you make your way into the gym for a school assembly. “I’m thinking about not going all together.” You admit. “Is this because Ashton is on tour and he cant go?” She asks knowingly. “I would feel weird going with another guy.” You explain climbing the bleachers. “If the roles were reversed you would want him to go with someone.” (Y/F/N) says sitting down. You shrug squeezing in next to her. “GOOOOOOD AFTERNOON (Y/S/N)” Your principal yells into the microphone. “BEFORE WE START THE ASSEMBLY WE HAVE A SURPRISE FOR ONE VERY LUCKY STUDENT.” You roll your eyes pulling out your phone,knowing it would probably be a lame award for student participation or something. Your phone buzzes as a tweet from Ashton lights up your screen. “About to see my beautiful girlfriend again:))” Your eyebrows knit together knowing they were doing promotions 12,000 miles away. Ooohs and ahs erupt the stadium as some cheerleaders roll out a huge gift box. “Wow the teachers really out did themselves this year.” You whisper to (Y/F/N) not wanting Ashton’s tweet get to your head. It was probably one of the boys messing around like usual. “Are you sure its the teachers?” She whispers back,only giving you more false hope. Your phone buzzes again you look down to see a text from ash saying “ look up” The crowd goes crazy as you look up to see Ashton standing in the box with a sign that says “(Y/N) Y/L/N) PROM?” You drop your phone and run down to the middle of the gym engulfing Ashton in a hug,gaining awws from your classmates. “I’ve missed you so damn much.” You whisper “I’ve missed you too (Y/N)” He says pulling you closer.

Clifford: “Aand number 14 is..” Your teacher says in a monotonous voice. You start to drift off to sleep but a buzz from your phone awakens you. A new text from Michael arrived “babeeee come home.” Two days ago Michael came home from tour which was great but school had just started for you,so that meant you had other priorities besides Michael. “Rescue me from hell and we can do whatever you want.” You reply before dozing off again. “(Y/N)” Your friend whispers shaking you “Shit what did I miss?” You ask. “The principal just showed up and shes talking to our teacher about you.” You look up to the front of the room to see your principal and teacher eyeing you. “Miss.(Y/N) can you come with me,bring your things?” The principal asks after finishing the conversation. All the eyes in the room were on you as you walked up to the front of the room. “Your relative will explain when we to the office.”  She says when you walk in the hallway. Relative? You wonder walking at the same pace as the administrator. You arrive in the office only to see Michael sitting in a chair with a worried expression on his face. “Mikey?” You ask confused. “Come here.” He says with open arms. “Whats going on?” You ask confused. “I’m your cousin and our grandma is getting worse in the hospital as we speak.” Michael explains whispering in your ear. You nod and break the hug, facing you principal again. “You are free to go (Y/N). Sending the best wishes for your Grandma.” She smiles squeezing your shoulder . “Thank you.” Michael smiles leading you out of the school. “I can’t believe you pulled that off.” You giggle kissing Michael once in the safety of his car. “Well I figured I am way better then hell.” Michael mumbles deepening the kiss. “What are you doing?” You ask pulling away. “You said if I rescue you we can do whatever I want.” “Michael we are still in my school parking lot.” You remind him. “Oh yeah.” He chuckles starting the car.

Hood: “Did you hear about Calum’s new girlfriend?” You overhear some lower class man talking at the table next to you and you couldn’t help but listen in. “I heard that his girlfriend goes here.” You look across the lunch table to your bestfriend alarmingly. You and Calum haven’t exactly gone public yet,it was just known that he had a girlfriend and she lived in your town. She shrugged,also listening. “I think that’s just a rumor,no one is pretty enough to end up with Cal.” You breathe out a sigh of relief and blow off the comment following the statement. “Well we know why they aren’t with Calum.” (Y/F/N) comments smirking.“Be nice!” You laugh throwing a piece of your salad at her. “Its true.” She defends. “Hey this table is taken already.” You look up to see (Y/F/N) talking to a boy with a baseball cap on hiding half his face sitting next to you. “Its me (Y/F/N)” Calum whispers looking up a bit. “Cal! what are you doing here?” You exclaim,getting a couple looks from the surrounding tables. “Keep your voice down (Y/N)” Calum scolds. “I was bored and the rest of the band was busy so I sneaked in.”  He exclaims. “You sneaked in?!” (Y/F/N) yells. “Shhh!” You say kicking her under the table. “You are going to get in so much trouble Cal.” You groan. “Well I wanted to surprise my girlfriend.” He says. “That’s really cute.” Your best friend coos. “That’s not what security is going to think.” You sigh. “I’m not going to get caught (Y/N).”  "You could have brought food or something.“ Your friend mumbles. You kick her under the table again. "Ouch!” “I’ll keep that in mind for next time.” Calum laughs at your childish actions. As the conversation carries on you start to relax a little. “Sir could you take off the hat. No hats on in the building.” A teacher asks passing the table. Calum sighs taking off the hat. “Just keep your head down. You should be okay.” You whisper. “So how has your day be”- CALUM???“” Calum is interrupted by a shriek from the table next to you. “Shit.” You mumble. “Oops?” Calum smiles at you cheeky

Hemmings:  “We need a single girls night.” One of your friends suggests walking out of your last class. “But not all of us would be able to attend.” Your other friend says glaring at you. “It’s not my fault!” You exclaim. “Yes it is, your part of the relationship its your fault.”  She says. You roll your eyes. “and its not like its just any boyfriend,Its fucking  Luke Hemmings!!” (Y/F/N) yells. “Keep your voice down!” Your cry covering  her mouth. “Why? Everyone knows!” She says prying your hand from her mouth. “Yeah, but I’m still not used to shouting about it.”  You blush. “Awww that’s adorable.” (Y/F2/N)  squeals. “What is Luke up to anyways?” They ask"He’s still on tour but he’s supposed to be in the area within the next week but he wont tell me when.“  "I want a boyfriend.” (Y/F/N) whines. “but you know if you had one it would have no comparison to (Y/N)’s relationship.” (Y/F2/N) points out. “You guys make it seem like its perfect.” You laugh walking out of the school. “because it is!” (Y/F/N) exclaims. “Aw your wearing the sweater I bought you.” A familiar voice says behind you. You whip around to meet Luke’s blue eyes staring down at you. “Luke!” You scream dropping your books to hug him. “I missed you so much.” He mumbles wrapping his arms around you lifting you off the ground. “I missed you too.” You say kissing him. “SEE ITS PERFECT.” “NO PDA (Y/N)” Your friends yell from behind you. You unwrap one of your arms around Lukes neck and flip off your friends and deepen your kiss with your boyfriend, 

Well Lukes kind of sucked but its still cute. Requests are open:) 

Old, Dirty, Abandoned Warehouse

Dean x Reader

Prompt: The Winchester’s go on a djinn hunt and Dean gets captured. In his dream world, he see’s someone (reader) and he can’t stop thinking about them. In a different hunt, he can’t believe what happens…

A/N: So this was a request given to me a long time ago, and I’m so sorry this took me forever. I really want some feedback on this because it was just a little something. Also, I will be posting something to inform you guys about the Q&A and some other stuff, so yeah. Hope you enjoy!

“Sammy! I think I found something!” Dean yelled from his place at the motel table.

“What is it? What did you find?” Sam screamed back, coming out of the bathroom, mouth full of toothpaste. Dean tuned the computer around so that it faced Sam.

“Check it out. By the looks of everything that the police found on the vic’s and at the crime scenes, I’m one hundred percent positive that it’s a djinn.” Sam gives an okay face to show he agrees.

“It makes sense. The vitims are drained of blood and are found in abanded buildings and such. Don’t know why we didn’t think of this sooner.” Dean gave a small nod in agreement.

“Get packed up and ready, we head out tonight.”

Hours later, Dean loads up Baby and puts himself in the drivers seat.

“Ready?” Sam gives him an airy “yeah” before Dean starts up the engine.

Within about fifteen minutes the Winchester’s were in front of an abandoned warehouse, in the middle of nowhere, with silver knives and lambs blood ready.

Together, they walked into the warehouse immediately noticing the divider in the warehouse.

“You go left, I got right. Check both floors. Yell if anything happens. Don’t get killed.” Sam nodded and turned left, aiming his gun, then continuing to walk down the hall. Dean walked to the right and did the same as Sam had done.

Both of the brothers checked the first floor, making their ways up to the second floor, unaware of the danger one of them was about to face.

Sam hurried up the steps of the old warehouse. He constantly checked his surrondings and was aware of everthing around him. His brother on the other hand, was not.

Dean was careful, and observant of the things in front of him, but not of the things behind him.

The djinn appeared behind Dean as he walked forward. Silently, the djinn started to advance on him, and within seconds had taken the mighty hunter down.

Sam finished up his side and returned to the front of the building. He waited several minutes before becoming suspicious, and began to search the right side of the warehouse.

The bright light was irritating as Dean slowly opened his eyes. The sun peaked over the horizon and gave the clouds a beautiful array of colors. Birds chirped happily, and the weather was perfect. Dean got up from an unfamiliar bed with a headache. He couldn’t remember anything as he looked around the small room.

All throughout the room picture frames hung or stood with, oddly enough, pictures in them. The pictures were of Dean and an unknown person. As he looked at each photo individually, he realized that he was always smiling or laughing. It caught him off guard since he hadn’t had a good laugh in about a year.

“Dean!? Could you please get your ass out of bed so we can eat breakfast?” Dean’s head snapped in the direction of the voice. He followed it and found the person in the photos he had been looking at.

Fake you turned stared at him in anticipation.

“Come on now, don’t keep me waitin’.” Unsure, he sat across from fake you and began to eat slowly.

Brow furrowed, you looked up at him after taking a chunk of pancake. “You okay? Seem a little off.”

“Uhh… do I know you? I just woke up in your house and I have no idea what’s going on.” Dean set his fork down on the plate and waited for an answer.

“You’re kidding me, right?” Your eyes were wide. He shook his heard muttering a small apology.

“Jesus Christ Dean. I’m Y/N. We’ve been dating for a little over a year and a half. We met each other on a hunt in New Orleans, hated each other, than finally came to our senses.” You’re hands were in a questioning position.

“I’m sorry. I don’t know who you are. I have to admit, though, you are very attractive and I would love for us to be dating.” Dean hadn’t realized what he said, but he meant it. Your Y/H/C hair framed your face perfectly and your Y/E/C orbs shone brightly in the sunlight.

“Are you fucking with me Winchester? Cause if you are, I’m gonna beat your ass to next week.” You began to rant about how his pranks are getting out of hand, but all Dean could hear was his name being screamed over and over in his head.

Suddenly, he really woke up this time, but instead of a small room in a city, it was the old, dirty, abandoned warehouse. Sam was pulling some needles out of his arm as he fell forward slightly from the blood loss.

After that certain hunt, Dean began to dream about you in his mind. You was always a hunter, but each time he dreamed of you, it was a different scenario. Most often he would freak of you after some rough hunts, or just a rough night in general.

Dean remembered every detail of every dream. What you wore, what you said or how you acted. Anytime he said that he didn’t know you, you mentioned New Orleans. So, Dean always searched for hunts in that area, just hoping that you were an actual person, and little to his knowledge you were.

The dreams started to come more often them Dean anticipated, and eventually he had a dream of you every single night. He hadn’t realized how deep he had gotten into his dream person until Sam found a hunt on New Orleans.

It was a ghoul hunt, and yet again, the ghoul was in a old, dirty, abandoned warehouse.

The Winchester pulled up to the spot, only to find a red 1972 Chevy Chevelle. Dean’s heart rate picked up, as you had mentioned in a dream your oldest friend.

Quickly, they gathered their materials to end the life of the ghoul. To their surprise, someone was already inside burning the bodies and preparing for a cover up.

The flames ignited in front of you and took some odd seconds before catching on the bodies of the dead.

Twigs cracked behind you and you spun around on your heal, taking a quick aim to see who followed you.

Two (overly) tall men stood about 20 feet back with shotguns and knives. Green eyes caught your attention, and you didn’t believe it at first, but it had to be.

“Dean?” His eyes opened wide and must have realized who you were.


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