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I hope she dies right away. On second thought, I hope she suffers quite a bit before she dies. I just hope her pathetic screams can’t be heard from my room, because I was thinking about having a lie down, and I need peace and quiet. I was playing golf and I’m quite tired, the last thing I need is someone dying slowly and loudly.

THE LOBSTER (2015) dir. Yorgos Lanthimos

GOT7 ideal types

A/N I do not own any of the gifs nor is my opinion a fact. This is just for entertainment and i could be totally wrong about their preferences.


Ideal type:

  • Someone who makes me want to be with them.


  • Someone kind and charming. Is the parent of the friend group. Someone calm in any situation. Thinks before they say anything. Doesn’t want to hurt anybody


  • 1996-1998


  • 158-165cm

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Ideal type:

  • Someone who catches my attention; someone cute.


  • Someone mature and minds their own business. Is good at judging the situation. Kind and humorous. Can be very serious and intimitading if they want to. Enjoys music and movies. Someone soft.


  • 1995-1999


  • 160-167cm

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Ideal type:

  • Someone who I feel connected to; Someone who takes care of me.


  • Someone optimistic and bright. Sporty. Kind and bubbly. Kinda childish but can impress people by their serious side. Someone who takes good care of themself and others.


  • 1992-2000(would need to be 18+ when daiting)


  • 157-165cm

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Ideal type:

  • Someone that belives in me; someone who takes their career seriously and focuses on their work.


  • Someone social and likes teasing others, but doesn’t mean to hurt their feelings( at least much) Is hard working and succesfull. Belives in themself and other people who work hard.


  • 1995-1998


  • 160-170cm

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Ideal type:

  • Someone with a sense of humour; someone very cheerful and laughs a lot.


  • Bubbly and cute. Laughs at his jokes. Well mannered. Someone pure and innocent. Isn’t judging and is open minded. Enjoys peoples company and thinks well of others.


  • 1994-1999


  • 157-167cm

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Ideal type:

  • Someone bright and innocent.


  • Someone who knows whats trendy. Likes making people smile by embarrasing themselfs. Bright and a little tomboyish. Someone kind and someone who has a big heart.


  • 1998-2002( would need to be 18+ when daiting)


  • 160-168cm

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Ideal type:

  • Someone who thinks outside of the box; someone with a wacky charm.


  • Someone unique and different. Is good at communicating and likes music. Sporty and intelligent. Someone childish and mature at the same time.Someone who can handle teasing.


  • 1995-2002(would need to be 18+ when daiting)(he has also said age doesn’t matter to him but i think still over 18)


  • 162-175cm

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BTS Reaction to Their Innocent GF Defending Them

Request from @teacuplissy; “A request where the boys’ usually pleasant girlfriend becomes protective of them after she hears someone subtly try to throw shade. She calls them on it.”

Note: I had way too much fun with this..I’m sorry if it’s too much lmao. I bet y’all didn’t see two reactions in a row coming lel *credit to gif owners*

Jin ➳ He usually felt pain when people insulted him, only shrinking as he tried to hide away but when your grip tightened onto his hands as you soon began to charge towards the insulters; he was rendered speechless. “It’s better to let someone think you’re stupid than to open your mouth and prove it.” You sneered, standing before the two men and although you looked like a smol hamster compared to them — the fire blazing around your build had them apologizing immediately. In Seokjin’s eyes, he imagined the light illuminating only onto you from the sky of the park, angels harmonizing in the background as he realized that you, his goddess, was a force to be reckoned with.

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Suga ➳ With you by his side, he could care less about who spouted what around him. You were his ingénue, an angel sent from above and once you had slammed your fists onto the marble table situated inside the fanciest of restaurants, your chair screeching as you abruptly stood up; your stilettos tapped against the glass floor as you made your way to the table filled with obnoxious men before stopping in front of the culprit. Suddenly dropping a handful of napkins onto his lap, you smiled towards the man before saying, “your ass must be jealous from all the shit dripping from your mouth.” Yoongi could only stare to you in disbelief, wondering when and who exactly possessed his lovely girlfriend at that moment.

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J-Hope ➳ You were shaking with anger at seeing Hoseok put up a front, acting all happy when some men tried to hit on you and have the audacity to tell you that being with Hoseok was a mistake. You were seething, but Hoseok only smiled while ignoring them, and you knew it pierced his heart whenever the smile would grow smaller and smaller.

Suddenly, you turned around and walked towards the men who began to whistle in happiness, only to be shut down immediately. “If you really want to know about mistakes,” you growled as they all became quiet, “then you should ask your parents.” Hoseok would be laughing so hard, dancing and asking them if they wanted some ice for that burn as you tried to drag him away.

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RapMonster ➳ You were all eating dinner with the boys when they all started to make fun of Namjoon, having nothing else to speak about and only finding amusement in ruining his pride in front of his girlfriend. He only smiled softly, not wanting the one he loves to see him in a different light as Jimin would squeak and giggle in various ways with the younger ones while they roasted their leader. The way you were gripping your fork went unnoticed, soon clearing your throat as you gained everyone’s attention once the waiter had placed the food down.

“Oh hey,” you smiled, looking to the green peas, “Maknae line, it’s your balls.” Namjoon would scream ‘oooh’ in the background, finding what you did in his defense the cutest thing ever.

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Jimin ➳ Jimin was suddenly pushed into you, and he would laugh nervously as he gave you a skeptical smile. “It’s fine.” He murmured, trying to push you along to keep you protected and from harm’s way but you wouldn’t have it in the least. The boys were laughing, calling Jimin various of names before they began to inch closer to the two of you once again and you were too quick for Jimin to react, suddenly pushing him to the side as you instantly karate kicked one of the men in the balls.

“That was just the appetizer,” you began to rub your hands and Jimin could only stare to you in aloofness; wondering if the one he loved oh so much was suddenly in the arms of a demon, “who wants the main course?”

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V ➳ If anything, one thing he knew you hated was seeing him be awkwardly quiet. You two have been playing at the arcade for a while, and although you both started off having a blast; Taehyung was slowly sinking into his emotions as he looked down. You were confused at first, until you saw a group of men laugh out loud as they were roasting him from afar. 

It was abrupt, but once you left the man with an assuring squeeze on his hand, you sped walked towards the group with a cup of dippin dots in your hand. “I just wanted to return your balls.” You told what you assumed was the leader, dropping the ice cream as it fell all over his lap; his supposed friends began to giggle and Taehyung was suddenly struck with pride at seeing his own girlfriend defend him.

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Jungkook ➳ You two were walking down the park, his fingers interlaced with yours as he swung it side to side with a smile playing against his lips. He already heard those guys talking crap about him, saying various mean things that stuck his heart but he only wanted to have a great time with his precious girlfriend — so, he pushed his feelings to the side. What he didn’t expect, though, was you abruptly letting go of his hand so you can stalk your way to the men and bring out a very colorful vocabulary he didn’t even know existed within you.

He was shooketh, his eyes wide as you got the men to frighteningly apologize to him. “No one messes with my man.” You murmured, and Jungkook was still in shock. Although it was hot in his eyes, if anything, he should be protecting you.

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Boyfriend Does My Makeup Challenge

Requested By: A few people (& I just wanted to write it bc lets be honest it’d be cute af)

Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader

Description: Now that the secret is out that you’re dating Tom, he’s now apart of your YouTube channel, people loved the fact you two were together, and you did promise them a new challenge.

Warnings: Swearing, pure fluff aw

Word Count: 2,082

A/N: So this gif has nothing to do with the imagine, but I thought Tom just looked really dorky and cute and I thought it was funny. But this was actually fun to create because I am super obsessed with makeup oops. Anyways, I hope you enjoy :)))

Friendly PSA: Please do not steal my writing without my permission, or flat out steal it at all. It’s super disrespectful and 100% plagiarism. So, if you’re someone who does steal other peoples’ work, think about what you’re doing before you hit that copy button. Thank you!

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“Hey guys! And welcome back to my channel! So, previously on my channel, Tom and I revealed our relationship to the world, and everyone was so supportive and happy for us, which is honestly so heartwarming.” You smiled into the camera, placing a hand on your heart.

“I also mentioned in a tweet last week that the new challenge would be the Boyfriend does my makeup, therefore, that’s what we’re going to do.” You grinned, clapping your hands together.

“Now all you need is some makeup,” You grabbed your bag of cosmetics, which was a lot since you were hella obsessed with makeup, “And now I just need a boyfriend!” You spoke dramatically as Tom jumped into view, taking a seat next to you.

“Hello everyone! It is me, Tom! Y/N’s very attractive boyfriend here to make her look even more beautiful.” Tom smirked, wrapping his arm around your shoulder as you rolled your eyes playfully.

Anyways!” You laughed, squishing Tom’s cheeks with your fingers, as he swatted your hands away.

“Are you ready Tom? You think you know how to do makeup?” You teased, turning to face him.

“Oh hell yeah, I so got this.” He grinned, the confidence shown across his face.

You handed him your bag of makeup, the look on his face being the most priceless thing ever.

“What the hell, do you have ten pounds of makeup?” Tom muttered, laughing as he picked up the bag.

“Guys this thing is so heavy, Y/N has a serious problem!” Tom shouted, looking at the camera as you gasped dramatically.

“I do not! I just.. love makeup.” You shrugged into the camera, laughing as Tom dumped out all your cosmetics on the floor.

His eyes widened at all the different items, not knowing where to begin at all.

“Okay babe, lets see what you got, yeah?” You teased, making him narrow his eyes at you as you raised your eyebrows challengingly.

“Okay, uhm, I think we start with this?” He lifted up your foundation, trying to show it how beauty people did on YouTube before opening it.

“Alright, now what you do next is grab this squishy thing, and hit your face a ton of times.” Tom grinned, pouring some of the foundation onto his hand, before dipping the beauty blender and starting to place it on your face.

“See I’m already a pro.” He grinned, making you laugh as you watched him apply the foundation to your face.

“Let’s see once you get into the more difficult stuff, then we’ll know how much of a pro you are.” You giggled, making him huff, continuing to blend the liquid into your skin.

Once he decided it was good enough, he took a look at your face, a smile appearing on his.

“Okay now what do you do next?” You questioned, watching him search the items on the floor as you took a sneak peak at the camera, showing the audience what he had done so far.

“I think this?” He raised up concealer, surprising you slightly.

“Yup! But the question is where do you put it?” You smiled, watching his brows furrow in confusion.

“Dammit I forget!” He groaned, opening the concealer and placing it randomly on your face, making you laugh as he shrugged.

“Good enough! Now we blend!” He grabbed the sponge once again, before tapping on your face.

“Blend, blend, blend.” He sang, making you laugh as you watched the smile on his face grow wider.

“Okay! Now what do I do?” He spoke aloud, as you raised your eyebrows, shrugging.

“You’re the expert.” You smirked, watching him bite his lip as he searched through all the different products.

You once again turned to show your face into the camera, laughing as you saw a bit of your reflection.

“POWDER!” Tom suddenly shouted, startling you as you turned back to face him.

“Thomas!” You laughed, making his head snap up and smile sheepishly, before winking at the camera.

“I’ll tell you what brush to use, because I don’t want you to mess them up.” You laughed as you grabbed your powder brush, handing it to him.

“Also, you need to bake.” You added, watching him look at you in confusion.

“But I’m not hungry.” He stated, making you burst out into laughter, his confused expression growing wider.

“Y/N what is so funnnnnyyyy!” He whined, as you dabbed your eyes, looking at him.

“Baking in makeup terms means putting setting powder underneath the eyes that way it doesn’t wrinkle as much and if there’s fallout from eyeshadow you can just brush it away.” You explained, watching as Tom listened carefully, really wanting to do a good job.

“Alright.” He nodded, grabbing the brush, but you stopped him, handing him the beauty blender and explaining you used that instead to bake, then the brush for the face.

“Y/N this is crazy.” He laughed, but did as you said, laughing at your face once he ‘baked’ it.

“You look like a ghost!” He laughed, turning you to face the camera to show everyone before he turned you back, setting the rest of your face in powder.

“Alright, your face looks hella good, besides the bake.” He laughed, making you roll your eyes playfully.

“Now you have to contour, bronze, blush, and highlight.” You spoke nonchalantly, shrugging your shoulders as you looked at the camera.

“Bloody hell..” Tom muttered, making you smile into the camera, biting your lip slightly.

Tom picked up what he thought was contour, as you handed him the proper brush.

“You have to do that face.” He mimicked the fish face, making a smile appear on your lips.

“Show the camera that look, you’re a dork.” You giggled, making him laugh and do the face into the camera, before making you do it also, then applying the contour.

“Yesss my baby is looking good!” He cheered, making your face heat up, he was so adorable.

He then grabbed the bronzer, “What the hell does this do?” He asked, while applying it to your cheeks as well.

“I don’t know, it just makes your face look warmer.” You shrugged, holding still as he finished apply it.

He then grabbed the blush, a smirk on his lips making you curious.

“Guys I make Y/N, blush so much!” He joked, holding up the blush and laughing, as you sat there, watching him in amusement.

“You sure do make yourself laugh.” You teased, as he applied it to your cheeks, a grin on his lips as he watched the color appear.

“You look so beautiful.” He smiled, making your heart beat quicker.

He always knew how to make you feel so special, just with simple words.

“Now the highlighter! My favorite part!” You squealed, making his eyes light up.

“It’s true, her cheeks are always blinding.” Tom laughed, before applying it on your cheeks, smiling to himself as he looked you over.

You showed the camera, stealing a quick glance to see your face, you were surprised at how well it was actually looking.

You smiled at Tom as he was choosing between an eyeshadow palettes, before going with a random one.

“What’s the look today?” You smiled, watching as his eyes roamed the palette, a mysterious look in his eyes.

“I want to go with browns, because I actually want it to look good.” He laughed, picking up one of the brushes, before applying a light brown to your lids.

“Aweeee yeaaaahhh this looks bloody amazing.” He grinned, before taking a darker color and blending it also.

Before you knew it he was done, and you slowly opened your eyes, seeing Tom’s smile widen.

“This is amazing, I’M AMAZING.” He smirked, clapping his hands excitedly, as you laughed in amusement.

That was the one thing you absolutely loved about Tom, no matter where or when or even how, he could make you laugh.

“I’m skipping this bloody thing because we all know I’d fuck it up.” Tom muttered, throwing the eyeliner back on the ground as you laughed.

“I am going to apply this though?” He spoke aloud in more of a question, as you took what he was holding.

“He means mascara.” You laughed, handing it back to him as he scooted closer, getting the mascara close to your eyes, applying it onto your lashes carefully.

Once he was done you opened your eyes, blinking a few times before smiling.

“Only thing left is lips!” He grinned, making you smile and dance around in your spot a bit.

He laughed, before leaning over and pressing a kiss to your lips, smiling as you kissed him back.

“Dork.” You mumbled, making him wiggle his eyebrows, as he grabbed a pink nude lipstick.

He applied it carefully to your lips, and smiled once he was done.

“I think this is the best you’ve ever looked, obviously because I did it.” He winked into the camera, as you did the setting spray onto your face.

“Alright everyone, I’d like to introduce you to Y/N!” He cheered, turning you around and showing his masterpiece.

He handed you a mirror and your eyes widened, he did a really nice job, no, it wasn’t perfect but you could see he actually tried.

“Tom this isn’t bad at all, I’m really proud of you babe.” You smiled, pressing a kiss to his cheek, making him frown as he saw the mark of your lips on his cheek.

“Y/NNNNNN.” He whined, but smiled anyways, resting his head on your shoulder.

“Alright guys! As you can see this is the look Tom created! This was actually really fun, did you have fun babe?” You rested your head against his that was on your shoulder.

“Of course! I got to see how obsessed with makeup you are.” He teased, making you laugh and shake your head.

“Well that was the Boyfriend does my makeup challenge! If you liked this video please give it a big thumbs up,” You smiled, raising your hands up into a thumbs up, as did Tom, “And subscribe down below! And we’ll see you next week! Bye!” You smiled, blowing a kiss before covering the camera with your hands.

You and Tom then spent the next hour editing the video before uploading it, smiling as people started commenting, they found Tom hilarious, which made him smile.

You two were the ultimate couple goals on YouTube.


hey! i’m going to be dead in a few hours, so before i go, let’s have this out. you and me, once and for all. “winning?“ is that what you think it’s about? i’m not trying to “win”. i’m not doing this because i want to beat someone — or because i hate someone, or because i want to blame someone. it’s not because it’s fun. god knows it’s not because it’s easy. It’s not even because it works because it hardly ever does. i do what i do because it’s right! because it’s decent! and above all, it’s kind! It’s just that. just kind. if i run away today, good people will die. if i stand and fight, some of them might live — maybe not many, maybe not for long. hey — maybe there’s no point in any of this, at all, but it’s the best i can do, so i’m going to do it — and i will stand here doing it until it kills me. — you’re going to die, too —someday. when will that be? have you thought about it? what would you die for? who i am is where i stand. where i stand is where i fall. stand with me. these people are terrified. maybe we can help a little. why not, just at the end, just be kind?

{Reaction} EXO watching another idol confess to you on stage

Note: This is a one off request for someone who requested this before EXO reaction submissions were closed. They are not open so please do not request EXO reactions. Thank you, Admin Mami. 

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/images used. 

Park Chanyeol

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Chanyeol: “What the hell do they think they’re doing confessing to {y/n} like that on national TV when it’s obvious that I’m already their boyfriend.” 

Do Kyungsoo/ D.O

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Kyungsoo: *In the crowd, can see the confusion in your eye as you two make eye contact. It’s clear to him that you’re as surprised about this confession as he is.* “What on Earth is going on right now?”

Byun Baekhyun

Originally posted by ethereal-baek

Baekhyun: *Laughs it off* “It’s okay, {y/n} is dating me, and they didn’t return feelings so it’s alright.” 

Oh Sehun

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Sehun: *Feels awkward, especially because he is watching from the crowd* “No chance, not when {y/n} is already dating someone as spectacular as me. Also I have Vivi, and no one can deny Vivi.”

Zhang Yixing/ Lay

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Lay: “That’s funny that they think they have a chance of stealing {y/n} away from me.” 

Kim Jongdae/ Chen

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Chen: “Waaeeee~”

Kim Minseok/ Xiumin

Originally posted by callmeminseok

Minseok: “It’s actually rather cute that they think they can outshine me and take my Jagi away.” 

Huang Zitao/ Tao

Originally posted by whereisexom

Tao: “I can’t take {y/n} anywhere, Jesus Christ.” *Jealous af. Also 1000% done with shit*

Lu Han

Originally posted by fyeahluhan

Luhan: “Did he just confe- oh no he went there, he confessed.” *Watching with wide, uncertain eyes, only feels secure again when you kindly reject the idol’s offer to date.*

Kim Junmyeon/ Suho

Originally posted by daenso

Suho: *laughing* “Really? he thinks that {y/n} will go after his childish ass? there’s no chance when {y/n} already has a Daddy right here”

Kim Jongin/ Kai

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Kai: “I guess my performance next will remind her who she really belongs to” *smirking*

Wu Yifan/ Kris

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Kris: “Oh hell to the no”


Hyper Projection Engeki Haikyuu - Karasuno, Revival!

Hinata and Kenma texting shortly before the game, then Hinata trying to give his phone to someone in the audience.  

Please do not repost gifs


10 parallels of Emma becoming a hero / Hook becoming a hero

Requested by Anonymous

I got this request following the “journey of having a family” gifset, but when I built this one, I realized that in oppose to the journey of having a family, the journey of becoming a hero is much more dynamic and doesn’t have a fixed chronological order (as you can see in the gifs above).

I think it’s kind of beautiful though, because becoming a hero is something that wasn’t happening in a day for them, especially not the understanding that they are ones. It began by them not seeing themselves as such, but it also continued with it after they already proven their heroism (like Hook saying he’s hardly a hero in 4x12 after he made heroic choices for already a season and a half before that). It continued with someone putting their faith in them (for Emma Henry, for Hook Emma), and so they just gave this new lifestyle a try by sticking around and not running like they always did.

They both helped people along the way, pushed the temptation of the darkness of being the DO away, sacrificed themselves for the sack of others, were acknowledged as heroes by other people, and were even able to acknowledge it about themselves eventually.

But I think the most important thing for both of them, even more than realizing they are in fact heroes, is acknowledging that being heroes is what they truly have wanted all along! After lifetime of convincing themselves that they are better of alone, that they should care only about themselves, they chose to embrace the change that someone offered them because they truly WANTED to be heroes. It wasn’t so they can be happy like Regina (they both know heroism comes with a price, and sometimes the ultimate sacrifice), it was because that’s what they secretly always wanted to be. So at the end of the day, the journey of becoming a hero didn’t end up with doing heroic acts, or even acknowledging that they have a mark on the heroes column, but the deep understanding that this is by their own choice. I think we saw it once more for Emma in the mid season finale, in which she became horrified that the EQ was gonna make her “wish” come true because she knew it was something that was said without truly being meant. The truth is that she wouldn’t trade being the savior at all, in the same way that Hook ended up choosing heroism over and over again after a lifetime (or better say several lifetimes) of darkness.

Send me a parallel/anti-parallel and I will turn it into a 10 parallels gifset

the 10 parallels project  

Friday Night Lights - Peter Parker

summary: the big homecoming game is one of the most important events of the year; how else are the tigers to show their school pride? when a group of students, including peter and y/n, decide to go to the game and school dance as friends, y/n can’t help but hope that a certain someone will make a move.

notes: gif not mine okay this is totally cliche and a completely overdone trope but i loved this idea. let me know what you think and also if you want to be tagged in future fics i write :))

word count: 1612

My phone lit up, and I glanced at the notification. 

MJ: you ready yet??

I picked up my phone, replying a quick almost before returning to the mirror. I was adding the finishing touches to my outfit. A big group of us were about to head to the game together, and tomorrow night, the dance. However, I couldn’t deny that I was a bit hopeful that a certain someone might make a certain move at a certain game tonight.

My phone buzzed again. I glanced down, picking it up as it buzzed a second time.

Keep reading

“She doesn’t know why he’s disappeared. In her mind, he’s left because of this fight, which feels like a big betrayal because she’s thinking, ‘We’ve had arguments, we’ve had fights, we’ve had disagreements before, why would you just leave and not come back?’ The flip side of that though is that she does have her ‘superpower,’ which is telling her something’s not quite right.”

The flip side of that though is that she does have her ‘superpower,’ which is telling her something’s not quite right. 

Thats the look I was talking about. Look at the change in her expression at the end - she’s seeing something, and she’ll know.

(gif belongs to @someone-like-robsten)


Hyper Projection Engeki Haikyuu - Winners and Losers

“In order to really have fun during a game, you need to be strong.  Someone said that to me once a long time ago.  Come on!  There’s never enough time before the next tournament.” 

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BTS Reaction 2 Others Assuming You 2 Aren’t Together

https://the-riseofbangtan.tumblr.com/ asked: Bts and Got7 reaction to the cashier at a grocery store using a plastic separation bar at checkout because he thinks you aren’t together (because you literally look like a goddess)


*gifs are not mine*

Jin: He’d be very insulted because in no way was he ugly. He’d tell the person why didn’t they think you and Jin were together causing the cashier to come up with an explanation. You’d be laughing the whole time.

Originally posted by markiejpg

Yoongi: (watch someone come in my inbox feeling some type of way because I used this gif, trust me it’s happened before) Salty as fudge. Yeah you were very attractive but so was he. He’d remove the bar a little to rough and he’d tell the cashier that he was paying for everything. He’d mad dog the cashier until you guys left.

Originally posted by imonaworldtour

Hoseok: His feelings would be hurt because it’s not the first time it’s happened before. He’d sigh and tell the cashier that he was paying with you and not separately.

Originally posted by jjeonguk

Namjoon: He would think it was funny and he would explain to the cashier that the plastic bar wasn’t needed because you two were in fact together. He would jokingly say to the cashier that you were crazy to find him attractive in any way.

Originally posted by rapnamu

Jimin: He’d be confused because didn’t the cashier see the two of you walk in together holding hands. There would be an awkward silence as you looked at Jimin and the cashier looked to you then to Jimin.

Originally posted by melaningoddessneota

Taehyung: When the plastic bar came into view he’d start laughing. He wouldn’t say anything and he’d just let you remove the bar and out your things together. The cashier would apologize and Tae would say it was fine and not to worry about it.

Originally posted by bangtanroyalty

Jungkook: He’d throw his head back and laugh because this cashier had the audacity to try and hit on you, thinking they had a chance with you. Jungkook would step in and say that you two were in a committed relationship and then he’d pay for the groceries with a smirk on his face.

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Bedroom Games

Requested by @belleorleslie -Can you do a threesome with liam/reader/brett?
It was the after party of the big game between Beacon Hills and Devenford Prep, it was being held at Scott’s house seeing as he is our team captain and the Devenford Prep boys were already here so it only made sense for the party to be held in Beacon Hills. Of course I was rooting for our boys, seeing as Scott, Stiles and I have been best friends since kindergarten. We all knew this game was going to be hard for Liam, seeing as he had just turned and was still getting use to all his abilities but also because it was against his old school. The boys have told me that Liam has had a thing for me since day one of meeting me but personally I don’t believe it. So as hard as it is for me to see my best friends loose, it was interesting to see how Liam was acting. Brett of course was acting cocky and over the top while Liam on the other had wasn’t even angry, he just seemed defeated. I thought he might perk up once the party started but that was a complete bust as well. While everyone was dancing, drinking and celebrating, Liam was sitting on the front porch staring out into nothing.
“You should go talk to him.” I heard a voice say from behind me, I turned around to see Brett standing there, staring at me. I looked him up and down, knowing what all the girls were going insane over. I then looked back at Liam and sighed, I took Brett’s drink from his hand and shrugged causing him to let out a chuckle before he looked me up and down like I did to him, minutes before.
“Thanks, he’ll need this.” I said, walking away from the man of the hour and towards the boy who is madly in love with me according to Scott and Stiles. As soon as I opened the door, it squeaked causing Liam to look back at me, questioning who was leaving the party to come outside. Once he saw it was me, he smiled softly, while still looking upset at the same time. I walked over and sat down next to him on the top stair of the McCall porch.
“How are you doing, Liam?” I asked handing him the drink that I had taken from Brett, which he took and let out a sigh. I just shook his head while taking a swig of the drink. I had to admit, I have a bit of a soft spot for Liam, and seeing him like this didn’t make me feel all that great. Brett is the popular guy, the guy that all the girls fawn over and Liam is just, looked over.
“Why are you looking at me like that?” Liam asked causing me to break my gaze with him only took look back up at him. A little light went off in my head, an idea that I hope would make Liam feel better and end this whole thing with Brett. I cupped Liam’s face with my hand that wasn’t holding my drink and kissed him softly which made Liam drop his drink, causing me pull away and chuckle as he looked at me with closed eyes.
“I like you Liam, I like you for who you are, not what you aren’t.” I said, causing Liam to open his eyes that started to glow a soft yellow, causing me to kiss him again but this time he kissed back with full force. His hands went to my waist, pulling me as close as he could while my one hand went to his hair, my other hand still holding my drink. I pulled away only to catch my breath, If I was going to do this, I was going to have to do it now. I took Liam’s hand in mine and stood up and pulled him into the house.
“We are going to do something that is going to make you feel better, don’t question it, just go with it.” I said causing him to nod, lust in his eyes as we made our way through the drunk teenagers of Beacon Hills. I looked around to see Brett at the bottom of the stairs, talking to some drunk and stumbling girl. I sighed and walked over there, taking Brett’s hand in my other hand and leading them both up to Scott’s room. He said he room was off limits but what he doesn’t know won’t hurt him. I let go of Brett’s hand to open the door, and pulled both the boys inside, shutting and locking the door behind me. They both stood there, looking at me like I was an oncoming car and they were two deer in the middle of the road.
“You both have an issue with one another. It’s because you both think you have the qualities to be the top man, the best of the best. Devenford Prep won tonight so naturally Liam thinks Brett is better at Lacrosse, he also thinks Brett has a better shot with girls but what about who is better in bed?” I asked taking my top off as I walked around them in circles, letting them take in everything that I was saying.
“Sex is the biggest act of passion people can share, also something that guys think is a big deal, so I’m here to judge. One of you will be better than the other at this, neither of you will be bad, I’m sure of that but one of you will be better and after I say who it is, this stops. You two will be civil with each other, because the three of us will know which one of you is hotter in bed and that is one thing no man wants to suck at.” I said, standing in front of both boys, waiting for one of them to make a move. Liam went to put his hand out to touch me but Brett beat him to the punch.
“I’m going first.”  He said grabbing the backs of my thighs and picking me up, my legs around his waist, his lips hard on mine as he placed me on the bed, back first. His hips ground down into mine, causing me to bit down on his lip and let out a moan. Brett smiled and began to kiss down my neck and whisper, loud enough for Liam to hear as well.
“From the minute I saw you, I knew I was going to have you under me and moaning in no time.”  He said causing me to gasp as he undid the button on my pants and slid his hand down my underwear and began massage my core. I looked over at Liam with a smile on my face and let out a loud and breathy moan which Brett thought was for him. I put one hand out, wanting Liam to come over and join us. I could see his growing bulge in his pants, making me only hotter by the second. Liam took my hand and sat next to my head as Brett continued to kiss down my body while his hand got faster and harder with each circle motion in my pants. Liam bent down to my ear and kissed my temple before he began to speak.
“You have no idea how much I care about you and I know what you are doing. I can’t thank you enough for this, but I’m sure going to try.” He said causing me to go over the edge, earning a smirk from Brett and a sigh from Liam. Even if Liam knew what I saw doing, he didn’t like someone else making me orgasm.
“First orgasm of the night goes to me.” Brett said as he moved off from on top of me, my breathing heavy, my body wanting more. Liam rolled his eyes, pushing Brett out of the way and kneeled in front of me, shimming off my pants and throwing them to the side. I cupped Liam’s face as he took my underwear off as well and I smiled as he looked up at me with a smirk before diving into my entrance, I let out involuntary gasp as my hands went to Liam’s hair. His tongue, doing things I never thought it would do to me, the punch line to all the pack’s jokes was going down on me and my god it’s fucking amazing.  
“Liam, god.” I moaned out, causing Brett to sigh as I laughed from how much pleasure I was receiving. Brett fingering me, was hot sure but Liam going down on me was a next level kind of hot. I could feel a familiar feeling begin to boil up and I knew it was going to be a hot and heavy one.
“Liam, I-“ I started to say but didn’t get to finish before I started to feel myself go. Liam, licked his lips and stood up, taking off his shirt as I tried to catch my breath.
“Second orgasm goes to me, just like the next few of them will.” Liam said as I sat up and ran my hands up and down his torso as he kept undressing himself.
“You can leave now Brett, Liam wins. Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone that Dunbar is better than you in the sack.” I said causing Brett to scoff, roll his eyes and walk out of the door, slamming the door behind him.
“I really do like you Liam, I meant what I said. I said before he scooped me up and pinned me against the back of the door, my legs still weak from my past two fun filled experiences. Liam caught me before pulling his underwear off as well.
“I know, and I meant what I said. I like you, a lot and after I make you cum one more time, I’m taking you back to my house where we can talk all night about what the next move is for us.” He said before shoving himself into me, making me squeal followed by a moan. I never knew Liam would be this good in bed, but damn am I glad that I found out. Brett lost my bedroom game and it made Liam feel a ton better, the orgasms didn’t hurt me either though. Thrust after thrust, I kept letting moans out, Liam following suit. Liam and I still have to talk about what we are going to be to one another but right now, all I can think about it how good I feel. I kissed Liam passionately, wanting him to know I didn’t just use him for some sex toy. He kissed me back, before he locked one of his hands with mine against the back of the door, my entire body just behind held up by one of his arms, I was never more turned on in my entire life.  Boy, am I glad, I found someone with the stamina of an animal, oh wait.

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Hi there! I love your pixel arts though ( ̄▽ ̄) They look really cute. I'm starting on drawing pixel too, so can you tell me what Wacom do you use or any other tools ? like suggestions for beginners (╹◡╹)Thank you

helloo, well i didn’t start off using a drawing tablet for pixel art, that was fine for me as a beginner i suppose bc i think it makes you take your time & helps avoid that wonky line uneven distribution thing like this 

(which i see some beginners do) i mean idk maybe that’s the look people wanna go for but i like clean outlines personally. It’s easy to do the first example when you have a drawing tablet/pressure sensitive pen as ..you can just just end up drawing like you would with a pencil, but pixel art is slightly different in that it’s more …‘tap tap’ than ‘swoop swoop’ ?? so it could just take some getting used to

 I got a drawing tablet later on bc i wanted to experiment with like ‘traditional’ digital art (that sounds weird but i mean like digital painting and all that) so i have this thing

that’s a ‘wacom intuos’ and it’s good for me ! it’s also very hard to damage which is a plus when ur good at dropping things from various heights & spilling stuff. It’s actually my second wacom ( i had one before that broke but i forgot to model name??) anyway it had a years warranty or something so i went in and they were like ‘yeah we don’t have that in stock, you can have this one though’. So, that’s why i have it. sort of like an upgrade 

For drawing programs i just use ms paint, and sometimes gimp for fancy colouring (because you can use opacity and stuff on there - don’t draw in gimp bc i just like paint better but i guess it’s fine for that if you wanted to). I also use gimp sometimes for doing more complex animationss for gifs 

ALLLso for beginners i would say don’t be embarrassed to look at references, literally everyone looks at references at some point in their drawing…lives, but just remember that if your reference is say someone else’s artwork or particular post/photo etc ALWAYS remember to credit before you post online, some artists may also like you to ask permission first.

same goes with posting artwork inspired by someone else, honesty and generally just being nice to people is the way forward !

that’s about all i can think of right now but i made another post abt this sort of thing here

thanks ~ ✌️✌️


Make me choose between…
Anonymous asked: Humankind or The Universe?

“Stars die and are born in places like this one […] They condense like raindrops from giant clouds of gas and dust. They get so hot that the nuclei of the atoms fuse together deep within them to make the oxygen we breathe, the carbon in our muscles, the calcium in our bones, the iron in our blood, all of it was cooked in the fiery hearts of long-vanished stars. You, me, everyone…we are made of star stuff.” - Neil deGrasse Tyson