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Hey, maybe someone else told you something like this before(or you already did it??? I have it pictured so clear in my head) but I've been thinking about you and lacie it just struck me - you guys as paladins! Btw you are adorable and your blog always cheers me up. :)

little do you know I think about this a lot

I was halfway thru drawing this before realizing I don’t actually know if Lacy would have a gun but I’d already drawn it and I didn’t want to erase it. also I want a bow

bonus klance outfits

“Ted... I’ve got a serious question.”

Ted the Animator: “Huh? Wait, what’s wrong?”

Carl the Animator: “Nothing huge, just… do you have a second?”

Ted the Animator: “…I’ve never seen you like this before. Did someone die?!”

Carl the Animator: “No, no, chill, I’ve just got something bugging me right now. Can we talk?”

Ted the Animator: “Yes! Yes. The pen’s down, just say it… goodness, you’re freaking me out, here.”

Carl the Animator: “Ok, well, here goes…. I think I can do it. Deep breaths, staying calm… just need to–”

Ted the Animator: “JUST *SAY* IT!”

Carl the Animator: “…speaking of staying calm.”

Ted the Animator: “Sorry, sorry… suspense about seemingly-bad things always freaks me out.”

Carl the Animator: “Well, uh… to put it simply… when I was a kid, I’d watch Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer, and–”

Ted the Animator: “…wait, what?

Carl the Animator: “In Rudolph, they have this song, and–”

Ted the Animator: “What on earth does this have to do with anything?”

Carl the Animator: “The song the elves sing… why do they sing abou–”

Ted the Animator: …wait, all that wind-up was for a question about freakin’ Rudolph? I thought you were seriously traumatized over something!”

Carl the Animator: "This is a very serious and traumatizing matter.”

Ted the Animator: ”…huh?”

Carl the Animator: “Have you seen Rudolph before, Ted?“

Ted the Animator: "Like, meaning the ‘60s Christmas special? Uh… yes?”

Carl the Animator: “Do you remember the elves’ song?”

Ted the Animator: “l think? Sorta?”

Carl the Animator: “Have you ever really thought about it?”

Ted the Animator: “…no. No, Carl, I haven’t.”

Carl the Animator: "I envy you. There are darker implications hiding just under the surface.”

Ted the Animator: ”…”

Carl the Animator: “Part-way in, the elves perform their big song for Santa. Not just any song, mind you – one praising and extolling the virtues of Santa, and how their lives revolve around him.”

Ted the Animator: “…uh-huh?”

Carl the Animator: "Doesn’t it seem just a little weird to sing a song like that directly to the subject? Either they have an unhealthy adoration of their employer, which is creepy, or Santa requires them to sing it, which is even creepier.”

Ted the Animator: ”…hm.”

Carl the Animator: “And it doesn’t end there. Oh no, that’s just the beginning.”

Ted the Animator: “Uh-oh.”

Carl the Animator: "During their song, we see all these reactions where Santa’s irritated…” 

Carl the Animator: ”…even unwilling to mask his disappointment and boredom.”

Ted the Animator: “Not exactly his jolly old self, huh?”

Carl the Animator: "Not at all, Ted… not at all.”

Carl the Animator: "And to top it all off, at the end, he just says ‘Well, it needs work. I have to go’…”

Carl the Animator: "And just leaves, slamming the door on his way out.

Ted the Animator: ”…oh.”

Carl the Animator: “No thank-you given. No ‘Gee, elves, I really appreciate this tribute you’ve practiced all year for me.’ Santa gives them nothing but a reminder that they don’t hold up to his standards, and further neglection.”

Ted the Animator: "That… wow.”

Carl the Animator: "In that moment, as a kid, I realized the true villain of the story wasn’t the Bumble… it was Santa all along.

Ted the Animator: ”…I had no idea Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer was an allegory for emotionally-abusive relationships.”

Carl the Animator: “We can only guess as to what Yukon Cornelius and his sled dogs might represent.”

When I was growing up, there were these news stories that kept popping up in my life about children who would get swept out to sea, and the parents would dive in after them. I’d seen these news stories crop up again and again, and it made me think of this idea of the sea being this entity that needs a sacrifice—like, if it’s going to take your children, then you have to give yourself. It got me thinking about the power of water, like in Virginia Woolf, and that sense of really being overwhelmed by something. I also remembered this idea, I think from a childhood story, about a river that has to have someone drowned in it before you can cross it—like, if you see a river running smoothly, it’s because someone has drowned in it, and if it’s raging, it means that it’s still got bloodlust … It’s all very morbid. My dad always gets asked at parties, “What did you do to her?”

this little shit

so hey do you think Izuku ever asked All Might who “Toshinori” could be, because Gran Torino mentioned the name once and figured it must’ve been someone fairly important??

and All Might just. spurts blood in surprise and he’s all flustered and replies with something like “W-W-WELL, MY BOY, UM….. W-WHERE DID YOU HEAR THAT NAME??”

and Izuku replies, oblivious, “Well, when I first met him, Gran Torino called me it. I thought he was just a senile old man at first, but I know that’s not true now. I thought the name might’ve belonged to someone he taught before, or it might be someone you might know…”

‘MORE SO THAN YOU REALIZE, MY BOY!!’ Toshinori internally screams

Izuku continued, “… then again, it might just be a random name. He was playing dumb with me to get me to let my guard down…”

Toshinori, meanwhile, may or may not be panicking as Izuku muses to himself

I have had my share of fandoms, but I don’t think I’ve ever been so intimately involved in one before Lazytown… there are strangers on here I care about, just because I know they love this show as much as I do, and I’ve never felt such joy at seeing someone I’ve never met be happy like I did when I saw Stefan Karl being just… an absolute ray of sunshine in that livestream.

We did this. We gave this to him. Joke about memes all you want, this is something special and nothing can ever take that away.

I love my villain memefriends <3 all of you

‘Samme tid et helt annet sted i universitet’ - Evak one shot.

So, I did a Thing. 

Now, English isn’t my first language and I haven’t read it over and I don’t have a beta but I needed to write something for Even and Isak because I’m not ready to say goodbye. I’m really emotional rn. 

Anyway, this is what I think happened after Even came over to Isak’s house after he told him to call him when he broke up with Sonja (aka, smut. And fluff, I’m starving for Evak fluff help. Also I have never written smut before so be kind, thanks). 

Enjoy, and comment if you’d like. It may get a second chapter, if inspiration strikes. Feel free to give me ideas. :) 

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He remembers every single instant, second for second, minute for minute.

How he was so anxious and scared and terrified that he’d lost Even forever, until he discovered that he hadn’t.

When he looked outside the window and saw him standing in front of his building, with his jeans jacket and his perfect hair – his heart leapt out of his chest, and all the fucking butterflies of the world started pestering his stomach, his chest. His brain went blank for a few seconds, until he realized that he really was there. He didn’t call, he just ran to his goddamn house.

‘It’s Even’ – Isak told his friends – his incredible, amazing friends, who hadn’t judged him or anything when he came out to them, who helped him and loved him even more and he couldn’t even breathe for the sheer happiness he felt, the belonging, and he thanked the moon for them every day -.

'Even? He’s here? Are you kidding?’ - the faces and comments they pull would have made him laugh in any other circumstance, but right then? They had to get out as soon as possible.

So of course he threw them out, even if he loved them, because Even was there and he just needed to talk to him immediately.

When he finally reached the door and opened it, he didn’t know what he should say or feel. Having Even in front of him like this, after all that happened, Isak didn’t really comprehend what was going to happen. He truly wanted to talk with him – except that, he really didn’t.

The boy in front of him – almost a man – looked like he wanted to say something, but just couldn’t think of anything else besides from 'Hi’.

So he took the situation in his hands, went for his neck and brought his lips down to his.

Did it miss this feeling, like fireworks and fire and a fucking storm all wrapped up in one and when the hell did he become such a sapp?

He couldn’t have cared less, not when the man of his life was pulling him up on the wall of his living room, where anyone could come in and see them (he couldn’t bring himself to care about that either). When Even pulled away he wanted to reach for him, but then he was pulling off his flannel, and then he took off his snapback, and his shirt, and Even’s too. And just like that they were half naked, and he just needed to feel him against his skin, keep him close and just breathe in everything that was so undeniably Even, Even, Even. His perfume, his hair, all ruffled with him always running his hands through it.

He felt like time and space and all the other universes didn’t exist in that precise moment, but only Even’s mouth on his lips, on his neck, on his shoulders, and his chest and his navel… and suddenly, Even was looking up at him from the floor, giving his usual eyebrow thing that made him go wild. Isak swallowed and just kept staring. Then one of his hands went in his hair and he nodded.

Even was swift in opening his button and his fly and getting rid of his jeans, which went to the floor. He thought for a moment that maybe he should take off his shoes and kick them away, but then Even’s hand was touching him through his briefs and his mind caught off all thoughts.

He was watching every single reaction he had with his heated gaze, making him want to kiss him and laugh and cry all at the same time and he just needed him so much he was going to fall on the ground soon and just beg him to fuck him right then and there, or he would lose his mind.

His eyes probably told all of this to Even, because then he was skimming his boxers off his hips and down, past his knees. Isak didn’t have time to be self-conscious, because in a second Even’s hand was on him, and he inhaled sharply, pleasure coursing through his veins and he knew that he wouldn’t have lasted much longer.

He almost fell down when his mouth went around him, taking him all in in one go. He couldn’t breathe. He couldn’t think. If a bomb were to come down on them then, he really wouldn’t have noticed. He kept staring at Even’s face, at his cheeks hollowing, and he was so fucking thankful that he kicked his friends out – thank God he did that.

'E-Even, I’m gonna… please…’ - Isak didn’t know what he wnted to say, maybe just warn the boy in front of him of what was going to happen, but he didn’t seem to mind, far from it, he just picked up his pace and kept a steady look on his face.

Isak couldn’t take it anymore, he exploded, seeing stars inside of his eyelids, not believing how could it all felt.

Even didn’t stop until he had swallowed every single drop, then he got off his knees and got up, looking at him all the time; all he could do was sttare back at him with half-lidded eyes, full of lust and amazement. Then he kissed him, still naked, his heart beating faster when he tasted himself in Even’s mouth. He moaned, slipping his tongue inside the other’s mouth and pulling him closer. Isak’s hand went for Even’s jeans, opening them and pulling them down, and he could feel how much he was hard.

But one of Even’s hands stopped him, kissing him once more and then smiling down at his wondering face.

'You don’t have to if you’re not ready.’

Isak wanted to kiss Even, kiss him and hug him and keep him beside him forever, because no one had ever made him feel so wanted and cherished and full of life and passion. He didn’t know what would’ve happened if he’d lost him – not having him, not feeling like this, made his life seem duller and grey and terrible.

Isak shook his head and pecked his lips.

'I want to. I want you, every single part of you. But I believe that we shoud move … all of this to my bedroom’.

They took off our shoes and jeans and boxers, then Isak grabbed his hand in his and led him to his room.

The door wasn’t even fully closed before Isak had him pinned on it, going for his neck and his lips and gripping his waist and then around it. His eyes shone in the darkness of the place, and all he could think about was that he wanted this man to stay there with him for all of eternity, even after the galaxies and all the worlds had been destroyed.

He pulled him to his bed, letting him fall on it and laying on him, kissing him like his life depended on it.

Then he started sliding down, tracing Even’s figure with his mouth, leaving open mouthed kisses on his navel and on his hipbone, his skin marveling and fascinating.

When he reached his goal he casted his look on Even’s face, starstrucked and beautiful in a new way, with pleasure and eagerness and fondness all wrapped into one in his expression. He kept looking at him when he started stroking him, when he parted his lips slightly and kissed only the head, feeling a salty feeling on them when he licked them. He inhaled, transfixed by his boy’s movements.

Isak slowly tried to take all of him in his mouth, but it was really and impossible feature for someone as inexperienced as him – but Even didn’t seem to mind, based on his moans.

'God… Isak… just…’ - the younger boy took that as a hint to go a bit faster, so he did.

He swallowed around him, compensating with his hand. He felt Even’s fingers in his hair, and the action only fired him up more, so he went faster and faster, until the boy was moaning so loudly his neighboors had probably a really good idea on what was going on there. He found he didn’t care in the slightlest. He adored this Even, turned up and restless. Isak couldn’t get enough of him.

Soon after he was bucking up in his mouth, eyes closed and a silent cry trapped in his throat. Isak shuddered at the feeling of Even’s come in his mouth, but he didn’t mind (at all).

He swallowed all of it, feeling quite proud of his performance, until Even reached down and brought him up on him, kissing him thouroughly.

'That was the most amazing thing ever’ – he said, looking up at him.

'The feeling is mutual’ – Isak nipped their noses together, then kissed him and tucked himself in Even’s side, his forehead touching the other’s.

'We really need to talk, but first I think we need to get some sleep’ – Even whispered to him, kissing his nose and then his lips. Isak’s stomach twisted for a moment, but then he felt more relaxed he had been in a week.

'That’s chill’ – his eyelids felt heavy, and he welcomed sleep two minutes after that.

Even watched Isak succumb to a dreamless slumber – the younger boy really looked like he needed it.

He tucked a stray errand of locks out of his eyes, caressing his cheek and his lips and just observed him for a good half an hour.

He thought that he could sleep, too, now. He hadn’t felt like this ever before, and he knew that he needed to talk to Isak. He was terrified of losing him. Of feeling rejected and seeing an expression of horror and fear decend on this magnificent boy’s face.

Even kissed Isak’s forehead and closed his eyes too, trying to calm his troubled mind.

The next morning Isak woke up alone, and for a minute or two he felt a deep sense of confusion and sadness and bitterness when he noticed Even wasn’t there.

Only when he found him in his kitchen, preparing breakfast for them both and chatting with Eskild and Noora (who were so flirting with his boy, though he didn’t get the time to be jelous since Even went on and smiled widly and kissed him in front of them and how did he deserve this anyway?).

'I thought you had left’ – he told him when they were finally alone.

'I was just here, cooking breakfast’. Even kissed him like it was the easiset and most normal thing in all the world. Maybe it was. It still amazed him so much.

After breakfast Even proposed to take a shower together. Isak agreed wholeheartedly – even if he was a bit nervous. He needn’t have to.

He stripped him of his shirt – and then he realized that Even was wearing his shirt, and his trousers. He warmed up inside at the thought. It was the sweetest and most adorable thing he had ever noticed.

But all of that went out of the window as soon as they were both naked – and hard. So painfully hard.

Even’s touches were always tender, not from fear of hurting him, on the contrary, he touched him like he was the most precious thing in his whole world and didn’t want to scare him off or hurt him. Isak loved the sensation, and he loved it when they got under the jet of water, and he loved even more when they started kissing. Not rushed, heated kisses, but sensual and slow-burning kisses. A first for them – midways from the ones they shared on his bed that afternoon that seemed so long ago, and the ones from the night before.

Isak couldn’t get enough of him, of touching him and feeling him so up close. One of his hands went into his hair, while the other started down. He felt Even’s breath in his mouth when he reached him, and the feverish way he started touching him in return.

He thought that he couldn’t get any better than this (he was wrong, of course).

Isak wanted to make Even feel as good as possible; he wasn’t ready, yet, to go all the way. But there was something he could do to him – also, some more practice couldn’t hurt him, and seeing Even’s face contort in pleasure above him was something incredibly hot and perfect. Just like him.

He took him in his mouth, a bit more confidently, and he kept on teasing him for more than twenty minutes at least, until Even was a breathless, moaning mess above him, his knees and thighs – now covered in hickeys and signs of Isak’s presence, just like his neck and his chest -  trembling.

'Please, babe, please… please please please I need t-to come… I can’t take it anymore… I-Isak…’.

He finally had mercy on him, so he picked up his speed and took him fully in. Two seconds later Even tried (and failed) to reign in his scream when he came, harder than he ever did.

Isak welcomed it in, but didn’t manage to keep it all in, so when Even looked down at him he saw a bit of liquid on the corners of the boy’s mouth, groaned and kissed him, breathless.

After that, Even and Isak went to the living room, where they settled for a bit in front of the tv. They were cuddled up and almost asleep, when Eskild enterd the room and sat on the couch on the other side from them.

'So… I guess you guys had fun. At least from what we heard’

Isak turned bright red and cast his eyes down, while Even only chuckled slightly.

'We did’

'Even!’ - the boy let his head fall on his … boyrfriend’s? Shoulder, his cheeks burning up more and more.

'Well, I’m happy for you. I just wanted to ask you to take your clothes with you the nest time you start your… activites in this room. I for myself don’t mind seeing boxers lying on the floor of the living room, but I think Noora had a minus stroke.’

'I did not, Eskild’ – a voice startled them, arriving from the corridor. A second later the girl appeared, a bit flushed.

'I just didn’t expect it, that’s all. Also, it’s not really hygenic, leaving underwear out like that’.

'Seriously, Noora, you need dick. And I feel like I’m repeating myself here, but really. It’s been a month since you came back. What are you planning to do?’.

Isak glanced up from Even’s shoulder to look at his friends. He truly thought that Willim was acting like an idiot, letting Noora go like that. He believed that their love was stronger than anything.

Even looked at him inquisitively. 'I’ll explain you later’ – he told him.

'That’s none of your business, Eskild. And I am completely happy with being alone, thank you very much’.

'If you say so’ – the other boy told her.

Later, that afternoon, Even was cuddled in between Isak’s arms on his bed, and they were laughing for something the younger had said.

They had spent all the day there, just smoking and cuddling and laughing and talking – about their lives and their families. Or, well, Even did. He liked the way he talked about his parents, that feeling of bounding and purpose that radiated from the older boy.

While Isak was playing with Even curls, he heard himself ask – 'what do you think the other Isaks and Evens are doing right now?’.

He thought about it for a while, drawing circles and patterns on Isak’s chest and his side and his cheek.

'I think that they are all somehwere off together, like us, doing everyone something different’.

'Like what?’

Another bit of silence.

'Some of them are on some sandy beach, it’s the middle of summer there, and they’re talking about what they are going to do after school. How they’re going to get an apartment together, maybe a dog, and sstudy and live happily ever after. Another pair of them are meeting just now, at a party, or on a road in the middle of a forest in the coldest palce on their world. This Even is realizing how beautiful his Isak is, how wonderful their life will be.’

'That Isak is probably trying to seduce him with his rapping skills’ – Isak said.

'I think he is, and that he is going to succeed. Then we have the Even and Isak that are old. The ones who never met eachother until they are, like, eighty, and grey and tired.’

'I think that they will be happy too’.

'What makes you say that?’

Isak paused for a moment before answering.

'I think… I think that, no matter where or under what circumstances, there are always an Isak and an Even that are destined to meet, be in eachother’s life. Like there is this pull, from the center of the universe, in all of the universes there are, that will always keep them together. And when they are, then there is no way nor reason for them to not be happy. It’s just simple: every Isak will find happiness in every Even’.

Even looked at him, his eyes a bit glassed over. He focused on Isak’s eyes. Then he cupped his face and kissed him, tenderly, softly. The same way every other Even kisses his Isak in every single universe.

'I think that every Even finds his happiness in his Isak, too’.

Isak smiles at him.

Even brings him closer until they are breathing the same air.

He could’ve lost this – could’ve lost his Isak. All for his secret and his fear.

He needed to tell him, he was sure of it.

And he would. Soon. But right then, Even kept on hugging Isak to his chest, and he kissed him. And they were happy, in their own little, flawed, marvelous world.

some people are angry with tai about his joke about the arm, but im going to share something personal and hope some of those people can understand.

in the summer, i lost a family member. they died at home, and we went over before the body was taken away. you know what we did? we joked. we laughed. we were joking about someone who was dead in the next room. 

that scene kind of felt like that to me. something bad had happened, and tai joked about it. in my opinion, i dont think it’s as bad as people think. it’s something that i do personally, joke about bad things that’s how some people cope. so i was initially shocked by where taiyang went with that, but honestly i’m not going to condemn him for it by a long shot. 

✰ Sentence starters -- First encounters pack ✰

“Ah, forgive me, but I seem to be lost… could you help me?”

“Oh! I’m sorry, I didn’t see you there! Are you alright?”

“You seem like a friendly face, mind if I sit with you?”

“Looks like it’ll rain again, doesn’t it? Ah, don’t mind me… just thinking out loud, is all!”

“Excuse me, but I need someone else’s opinion on this.”

“Pardon, I hate to be a bother but… may I ask for your help?”

“Hey… are you alright?”

“I’ve never seen you before… you new around these parts?”

“You look kind of lonely… want some company?”

“I’m sorry, did you need something?”

“You look kinda lost, if you don’t mind me saying. You okay?”

“… What are you staring at?”

“Hey, stranger, be careful!”

“Who the hell are you?”

“What kind of person barges in here and tries playing hero?”

“Who do you think you are?”

“I don’t know who you are, but your face irritates me.”

“Quick, act like my friend and laugh at my jokes. Hurry, they’re looking this way!”

“N-no, I wasn’t… crying, I just h-had something in my eye is all…”

Turning Pages//Stiles Stilinski

Hi I’m a big fan of you and your imagines 😍 May I please have a Stiles imagine, where Stiles is in a coma after saving Y/N from an attack or an accident, so Y/N feels very bad and guilty so she spent most of her time at the hospital, beside him, singing him songs to help him wake up, because Stiles always liked her voice and her singing but Y/N never really did sing for him before because she dislikes her own voice. Something sad, emotional, with a cute and fluffy ending please! Thanks ❤️💕

*The song is Turning Pages by Sleeping At Last

*Also this takes place during season 4 (I think)


It was all my fault. It was my fault he was here. He was protecting me.

In front of me was a sight I’d never wanted to see. An unconscious Stiles. He was brought to the hospital after being attacked by someone targeting me. The bounty was on my head, not his.

The guilt washed over me as Scott told me the person targeting me was no longer a threat. He was gone. And so might be Stiles.

I hadn’t left the hospital in three days, I couldn’t leave him. Ms. McCall always asked me if I needed anything every time she came to check on him but the only thing I could think of was for Stiles to be okay. I wanted that more than anything in the world.

“I’m so sorry” I whispered, as I clenched his hand harder, tear streaming down my face. I didn’t know what to do. I can’t make him wake up or take away his pain. I couldn’t do a damn thing. The only thing I can do is stand here and hope for him to open his eyes.

After the tears past, I did anything I could think of for him to just hear my voice. People in comas can hear voices, can’t they? Either way, I still spoke. I talked, I read, and I even sung. He had always loved my voice, even though I didn’t. He would smile so brightly when I sang along with him in the car, windows rolled down.

The memory sparked a smile, the first time I had in days. Maybe I should sing to him, maybe he’d hear it..

I started singing the first song I could think of, one that reminded me of Stiles..

“I’ve waited a hundred years

But I’d wait a million more for you

Nothing prepared me for

What the privilege of being yours would do

If I had only felt the warmth within your touch

If I had only seen how you smile when you blush

Or how you curl your lip when you concentrate enough

Well I would have known

What I was living for all along

What I’ve been living for

Your love is my turning page

Where only the sweetest words remain

Every kiss is a cursive line

Every touch is a redefining phrase”

My eyes became filled with tears as my voice cracked at the end of the verse. The sadness I felt was too overwhelming to go on.. I sat there crying for what seemed like forever, and I almost didn’t notice the pressure of a hand cupping mine.

My head shot up, wiping the tears from my cheeks. Stiles’s hand squeezed mine again, a little bit harder. My heart began to race as thought of him swirled around in my mind.

“Stiles?” I whispered “Stiles are you awake?”

His eyes fluttered open, getting used to the fluorescent lights, small smile on his face.

“You’ve always had the most beautiful voice”.

Writer’s Note: Thank you for the request anon! I hope you like it! (Also if anyone knows how to make a masterlist hit me up because I have no clue) -M

Domestic AF

Victor: *Walks into his St. Petersburg apartment with an armful of shopping bags* Yuuri, I’m home!

Yuuri: Well. It looks like someone had an exciting evening.

Victor: I sure did! I couldn’t help but look around this adorable clothing store just a few minutes away from the rink, and before I knew it it was already dark outside. We should go there together sometime Yuuri!

Yuuri: Maybe some other time. On another note Victor, don’t you think you might have forgotten something?

Victor: Forgotten something? Is there anything in particular I might have forgotten?

Yuuri: Oh nothing particularly important, just something along the lines of it being your turn to make dinner haha. Ha.

Victor: *sweats nervously* Oh, obviously, it was obviously my turn to make dinner. I would never forget about something like that. Of course not. Never.

Yuuri: No, of course not. Luckily I was in a good mood so I made us both some Katsudon while you were on your little shopping spree. 

Victor: *drops shopping bags and proceeds to hug Yuuri* I have the best husband in the whole world!

Yuuri: *blushes slightly and hugs Victor back*

Rant/Discussion about Into the Wild

My English class was having a discussion today and we were talking about into the wild and the teacher asks if we think Chris had the right to treat his parents the way he did. I said his parents deserved to be ignored because his dad was extremely abusive and his mom wasn’t much better.

Then someone was like “well if you have an abusive parent you can’t just run away you have to sit down with them and talk about it.” Like?? You can’t always do that it doesn’t work that way. If you try to tell an abusive parent that they are abusing you they will likely become even more violent than before.

The someone else said something along the lines of “ yoy have to love and respect your parents no matter what” but in my opinion if your parents make your life a living hell then you don’t have to love them at all. If they don’t respect yoy then why should you respect them?

The point of this is that I didn’t even realize that people don’t know what it’s like to be abused. Like I seriously can’t imagine having a happy family life and I just hate how most people can’t even grasp what it’s like to be abused.

I doubt anyone will read all this but if you do feel free to discuss it with me.

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u still think the saddest thing about homestuck is that jade "half dog" harley can now never have chocolate, i mean she could but it might kill her and while she would revive bc its not just or heroic but thats like allot to go through just fir chocolate, but bc she's only half dog more likely it would just make her really sick which is honestly worse than dying

i think someone has sent me something like this before but since she like half dog(or maybe even less?) it wouldnt kill her probably but maybe make her sick if she has a lot

but like even so she did live on a island so she may have never had it and also shes incredibly smart she could probably make her own safe for dogs brand of chocolate

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❖ Give yours jewelry

“My goodness!”

Erina’s eyes widen as she is presented with the lovely gift. It is a beautiful golden necklace with a blue gem in the middle. She holds it in her hands, unsure if she should keep it or not. It almost seems too fancy to be given to someone simple like herself. It was not so that she did not enjoy the gift, she loved it to say the least. It was just that Erina had never been given something so pretty before, and it made her question if she deserved it.
She holds it close to her chest, looking up at Giorno with greatful and sparkling eyes, although there was a hint of unsureness.

“Thank you so much, Mister Giorno! It is very kind of you…! Do you really think I am worthy to be given something so exquisite?”

Well, I think it says something about these characters feeling very lonely, and it makes me happy that the audience is sort of picking up on that, that these two people are people that need someone, it makes sense to me that people would hope that each of them would find someone… but yeah, I don’t know what’s going to happen. I do feel like now, after [that] episode, that Beth and Daryl know each other on a much deeper level, in an intimate way. I don’t think they feel alone the way they did before.
—  Emily Kinney
if your first reaction to being thanked/praised is to apologize, stop.

i’m guilty of this myself. i grew up in a household where “thank you” meant “how the hell could you mess everything up this bad” and compliments were “what the hell did you think you were doing you stupid kid you can’t do anything right”


that’s not how it should be

if you actually go out and do something nice for someone, even if it’s not perfect, 9 times out of 10 they’ll mean it when they thank you and they like it

it’ll take a while before it becomes just as comfortable to accept it than to apologize, but just keep doing it

and if you’re the one who is getting the apology when thanking/complimenting, saying “why are you apologizing?” or “you have nothing to apologize for” doesn’t help because it is trained into some people that they can’t do it right and asking why causes an “I DON’T KNOW I’M SORRY I DID WHATEVER IS MAKING YOU HATE ME” response for me (idk about others)

a better thing to do would be to point out something you liked about it, e.g. “I liked your performance!” “i’m sorry!” “I really did, though! I loved how…”

i don’t know about anyone else but i seriously need validation and people always take that as being selfish/narcissistic and maybe I am but still it seriously helps me believe you when I’m actually told what people like about it

and don’t say stuff like “if you apologize one more time i’m gonna give you something to be sorry about” because fear response > apologizing > more fear response > more apologizing > nobody is happy

Where to start? Right here. The Internet.

It’s a lot easier to watch what you say on the Internet because you have a delay between your brain and your friend’s screen. You have to type it out, right? And you can always change what you say. Even if it’s just “thanks” at first, that’s better than apologizing for something you never did. From there, it can eventually become easier to try to accept compliments face-to-face.

Constructive criticism is also needed, though. Blindly complimenting someone isn’t going to always help them, especially when you don’t mean it. constructive criticism is WELCOME TO MOST PEOPLE and shows that you really care about what they do and want to see them improve. don’t send blind anon hate for something, but “hey this could use some work may i give you some tips?” IS TOTALLY 100% ACCEPTABLE AND MANY PEOPLE WANT TO IMPROVE AND WILL LOVE YOU FOREVER IF YOU HELP THEM SO PLEASE DO

You know I expected better from some people. I’m not naming names because I know when you see this the guilt is going to flash like you through lightning and leave you hot and sick to your core.

Because you know what you said.

You know what you put at the end of one of my posts about someone else. You were needlessly cruel and unkind and I am very disappointed right now. What about me did you think would make it okay to tear someone else down? Hmm? What any single part of this blog made you think I’d appreciate a bully.

Just…think, please. Before you say something cruel. Just think. How would you feel if someone said that about you? And if your answer is “wouldn’t bother me” then I want you to consider this:

You’re not being funny, you’re not being “honest”. You’re just being mean. And if you think “well the world is mean, so what?” congratulations you’re part of the problem. Just because the “World™” can be ugly and cruel doesn’t mean you have to be. Be better than that.

Be kind.

And if you can’t be kind, have the courtesy to remain silent.

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McCree is 100% the kid who walked in on his parents having sex and he believed them when they said they were playing twister and then years later when he's eating dinner with Hanzo in his own house he's like wait a minute that wasn't twister

hanzo just stares at him and then shakes his head. it’s one of the less weird things mccree has said



I literally had the thought tonight, right before @millennialfangirl posted about her husband’s speculation that Quentin could be Prometheus.

And when they showed Evelyn slicing Prometheus’ arm, something told me that was going to come into play in this episode.

I think Quentin is Prometheus. 


I think someone is orchestrating it. They’re using Quentin’s alcoholism to mask what’s really going on.

Maybe drugging him? 

…Like Malcolm Merlyn did with Thea?

Random SWR idea

So, while thinking about what I should write for Rogue One, I realized that I keep being disappointed at the lack of Rebels stuff in these things. And that made wonder if the Rebels fandom would want to do something like a secret santa/red robin thing (a secret santa is where people have prompts or parameters, and everyone is assigned someone to makes something for, whereas a red Robin has like two or three rounds and each builds on submissions from the last round). Only, Christmas is a while away, so I was thinking if we did something it could be during the hiatus/during summer so people would hopefully have more free time to work on it, and it could be a fun way to pass the time while waiting for Season 4. 

I’ve organized a secret santa before, so if this is something the fandom wanted to do I could help with that…though I’d probably need some help because I have a feeling Rebels could have a lot more people participating that TSE haha.

Anyways, if anyone would be interested in something like this maybe let me know, and also which event you would prefer, a secret santa type event or a red robin type event? And if you would want to help run it also let me know! I’d love to have a few people I could talk over stuff with if this actually becomes a thing ^^

Sometimes we don’t want to lose this feeling we feel for our loved ones. We always forgive them, sometimes even when we do know that it’s not right. But if you once loved someone, you’ll always do. Maybe not how you did it before, but you’ll always feel something whenever they come across your life. That’s it. I think sometimes it would be great if things weren’t like this, but unfortunately we can’t change it.
—  I miss you, but you don’t deserve my forgiveness