i think some video games are in order

So I decided to just order myself a 2DS and Pokémon Sun. I’m excited to get it, but it’s really weird for me to spend money on unnecessary things, especially for myself?? I think it’s the most money I’ve used on myself in years, and it’s odd to think that it’s a relatively small amount for some people, especially since it’s my graduation present.  

This is the first video game I’ve ever bought, and it will be my first Pokémon game :) I’m probably going to be asking for advice on here a lot haha

montyspud  asked:

I'm going to go ahead and poke the beast, what are you planning? You usually don't post a string of things on your social media unless you have plans >:3c. Would it have to do with one of these night-mind originals we hear about. Maybe a game?

I’m planning a multitude of things at any given time.

Right now, I’m just wrapping up some old business while attempting to get talks in order for a few plans. I’m exploring some other ideas and possibilities as well. And naturally, I’m thinking of the videos I’ll be making that are part of standard coverage and Night Mind material.

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Favorite Anime/Manga: Don’t tase me bro, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen an anime or manga and couldn’t tell you the first thing about them.

Favorite Video Games: Mass Effect series was great, Dragon Age series was pretty fantastic, definitely a fan of select Final Fantasy games (VII/VIII/IX/X), Metal Gear Solid series (1, 2, 3, 4, PW, and just a little bit of V), XCOM, honestly anything with a good narrative or just generally addictive gameplay.

Favorite Books: I really like early to mid 20th century lit. Some select authors I enjoy in no particular order: Kafka, Frost, Huxley, Rand, Orwell, Camus.

Favorite TV Shows: Hmm, it really just sort of slides with my mood. Some shows that I like to catch when new episodes are chucked out are House of Cards, It’s Always Sunny, Bob’s Burgers and Archer.

Last Song I Listened to: Junior Boys - Banana Ripple

First Language: English

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Going to try to tag some people on my follower list that I don’t  know that well in the hopes of learning a thing or two. If you don’t feel comfortable, please don’t feel compelled to answer!

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I posted the lineart on twitter yesterday, but here is the colored ver

I had this dream where I was playing one of those RPG pixel games, and these guys were the boss battles. The designs really stuck in my head and I sketched them out as soon as I woke up so I don’t forget.

There was this general theme of everyone wearing masks, which I really liked, and I think the idea was that every mask came with specific themed powers, so instead of upgrading weapons or armor, all you had to worry about was how to strategically use the masks you could collect in order to beat areas.

One thing I remember as well was that there was some evil shit going on (as per usual in video games) that corrupted mask wearers, so I had to go around and beat the evil out of people. 

In game, I remember encountering Russ first, but he didn’t attack; instead he gleefully visited me during the game, as I beat other areas and the bosses and would comment on my progress (in order, I went against Cheyenne, Jund and Snake respectfully), and before I reached the final boss (Cry), he would try to stop me from fighting him, and if I refused, that’s when I finally got to fight Russ.

All in all, I woke up and was really confused when I realized that I hadn’t played an actual game; that I only dreamed it. It was so very detailed.

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Hey, I might be starting a Twitch

My twitch channel will be KasonRhodes94. Yeah pretty boring but whatever. So far I’m just gonna do it through my PS4. These are all the games that I have so let me know what you think I should do:
Wolfenstein the New Order
RE Remake and RE 0
Deus Ex Mankind Divides
Dark Souls 3
Uncharted 4
Dishonored 2
Hotline Miami
The Last of Us
Twisted Metal Black
Trials Fusion

So yeah please give me some suggestions and please join the stream. I don’t know much about running a channel so any help would be appreciated.

The signs as places

Aries: The Parks Department bc its full of excited energies and people achieving things 

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Taurus: The Office Office  bc there’s lots of slowburn relationships. Loyalty and love in this office place. Lots of characters who are stubborn and sort of “fixed” in their weird ways.

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Gemini: Greendale …Well for starters Greendale is a community college so duh, knowledge. Also this show features a fantastic amount of variety. Each episode has a style adapted from something. For Example: Video game episode, law & order episode, war doc episode. Theres so much variety in this sitcom that each episode is a special surprise treat.

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Cancer: Lindsey & Sam’s house bc the strong family connection. Lots of funny adolescent moments and lots of sweet emotional family moments. This place has some really intimate family scenes featuring things many teenagers tend to experience. For me, theres a real comfort in just seeing the home.

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Leo: 30 Rock studio I think this one’s pretty obvious…Its a show about producing a show. Dealing with drama queens and dorky writers along with a mystically powerful boss. Drama at every turn…plenty of vanity and creativity. Very colorful things happen, constantly.

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Virgo: House’s Office For starters, its a hospital so thats serving/helping others BIG time. House’s dry wit is another huge reason. In the show they often find cures in the details. Super funny too (i often find Virgos to be quite funny) 

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Libra: Kimmy’s Loft: Oh boy this entire show, to me, is a Libra show. Kimmy is a total Sweatheart. So many goofy and sweet moments go down in her loft. IMO theres a cute balance between her and her roommate, Titus. With his demanding and needy personality, and her kind hardworking go-getter attitude, they balance each other comedically and nicely. Making the perfect partners. 

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Scorpio: Misfits Community Service Place (idk the proper name) Gosh Golly where to begin??? This show has a great dark humor about it so check it out if you haven’t already. So many things go down here…Transformations galore!! Kids transforming & getting powers. Sex is a definite “theme”. Death. Lots of death…haha..ha.. So so much goes down in this place its crazy.  Very  “Scorpio-y”

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Sagittarius: Apartment 4D This is the Apartment from New Girl. These roommates are so very honest and open with one another. They all also have a tendency to embark on all sorts of weird adventures together. Also the drinking games..i.e. True American (if you havent played you totally should. Then inbox me with all the signs involved and what went down..if you can remember ) 

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Capricorn: Friends apartment The overall humor of this show is pretty “capricorn-y” to me. A bunch of young people tryna live their lives. Building careers and in a way finding their place in this world. With tons of goofy moments throughout their journey.  

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Aquarius: Mr. Robot arcade place THIS IS WHERE THE SHIT HAPPENS!!! this is where the oddball group gets together and CHANGES THE WORLD!! Its totally aqua-vibed with all the retro tech. 

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Pisces: That 70′s show Basement….this ones pretty obvious (Neptune+Narcotics) …This is where a bunch of friends go to smoke. Not having to deal so much with lame reality. Just have fun. Their “chill spot”

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Last Film I Watched: umm some old movie i’ve been watching in theater
Last Song I Listened to: Erased anime opening, so fucking good!
Last Book I Read: Me? Reading a book! Haha! Funny, I think it’s the hunger games I read in sixth grade!
Last Thing I Ate: Buffalo wings
If You Could Be Anywhere Right Now Where Would You Be: At my boyfriends house with him and his dad playing video games!
Fictional Character You Would Hang Out With For A Day: probably… sonic the hedgehog because I loved him so much as a kid!
What Topping Do You Order On Pizza: Just plain old cheese for me! I don’t like toppings very much!
What’s Your Favorite Smell In The Whole World: I know this is really cheesy (but it’s fine because I like cheesy pizza!) but probably the smell of my boyfriends jacket
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more sh lp au stuff
  • pt totally exists. james is the first to beat it. everyone is slightly concerned
  • harry is sad the monster is named lisa. lisa is the only character that actually dies in this au
    • @ablogbykirk:  “ always getting the…. fuzzy end of the lollipop…. i couldnt think of a better version of that idiom”
  • heather is suspiciously absent from any and all the pt playthroughs. within the week, the alessa channel updates….
  • “ i like the implication that sh1 happened but then everyone went back to like making youtube videos”  “ and also eventually the order made a game about it. life goes on” 
  • people try to call heather problematic for profiting off of alessa’s tragedy
    • someone writes a callout. little do they know, it was actually claudia under a fake name
  • the silent hill movie also exists
    • “ the sharon thing is revealed to be some copyright issue because heather was finally like “i swear to god ill sue your asses if you put me in one more thing"” 
    •  “ also you know that scene where like its all quiet and subtle and stuff, then dark alessa is like [lights on fire] IM BURNING! heather walks out of the theater” 
    • “ cybil watches the first movie. has a gay awakening”  “ harrys like "i…. i dont actually know that woman, sorry” and cybil has to set out on a quest to find her own rose “
  • revelations also exists
    • heather walks out the minute she sees vincent. she’s just like"no. no i see where this is going. NO"
    • “murphy and travis think all of this is particularly funny until the end of revelation”
    • vincent is torn between also being angry and finding heather’s anger hilarious

Dear Speaker,

This damn Ayleid ruin is already in the middle of nowhere. Was it absolutely necessary to toss the chest containing my dead drop orders in the back of some murky underwater room?? Just saying.

- Brenna

*cue Mathieu Bellamont sniggering in the distance*

Video game: *doesnt include inhumanly proportioned tits*
Some guy on a steam forum or gamefaqs: this is just RIDICULOUS. fucking tumblrinas ruining video games for the rest of us. You god damn SJWS need to make everything PC don’t you? Do you think my first girlfriend was PC with me? Was it “”“"PC”“”“ that she broke my heart into a million pieces and issued a restraining order no matter how hard I tried to win her back? Was that PC ENOUGH FOR YOU !!!!!!!!

[Update] To video blog & FT seiyuu interview and Gruvia doujinshis translations

Okay! This is going to be a long post since I’m going to include Gray & Juvia’s seiyuu (voice actors) interviews when they’re talking about Gruvia related and the Gruvia doujinshis translation update.

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Been thinking about CoLabHQ recently and how we’ve basically reached the thing that we all knew would be an absolute bear to get done because it is literally the worst.  Friggin’ Openbound.  And there’s literally nothing we can do to make the process go any faster.  And I thought about all the times that we’ve mentioned that we all have lives and jobs and school, and suddenly wondered exactly how much we’d have to make from something like Patreon in order to focus on CoLabHQ full time.  

Looking at it like this.  All of our editors are still in college I Think so basically there’s nothing that can be done to help them.  Meanwhile, out of the Admins, I’m pretty sure that all have jobs of some sort.  I work an 8 to 5 job, in addition to being somewhat prolific in fanwork, auditioning for paid VO gigs, and finding time to spend with my long distance boyfriend and occasionally get some video gaming in.  Kate does amazing work as a professional artist and designer, streams, does voice work and does commissions on the side.  Badger is a prolific streamer and has a regular 40 hour work week like I do I Think.  Maybe more.  So if any one of us were to basically turn managing CoLab into a full time job, we’d essentially have to be recieving a living wage in donations.  

I’ll use myself as an example, only because I’m Really Effing Lucky.  Thanks to some serendipity my cost of living is insanely low.  In order to quit my job and help run CoLab full time I’d have to make in the area of 1600 a month to cover all expenses.  That’s including rent and utilties, student loans, gas and food and health and dental insurance.  Now, I can’t video edit well enough to do all the work, so we’d at least need another 1600 to cover an editor, so that’s 3200 dollars right there.  And I would like to point out again, that due to my circumstances, my costs of living are insanely low, so that number would likely be higher.


If we wanted to compensate our actors for their time, basically pay them for the work, we’d need even more money.  I think the going super low rate is something like $5 for a minute of talking, I can’t remember. So, for example, my lines for the Rose/Doc Scratch conversation ran about half on hour.  That comes out to bout $150 for a single episode for one actor.  Our episode are routinely stretching the 30 minute to an hour mark these days, so we’d likely be paying out about $150 to $300 dollars per episode.  Assuming median time on episodes, and combining all the episodes of Act 6 so far that would be $5175 to fund the episodes so far, in addition to the $3200 a month to pay for an admin and editor.  Assuming this meant we got back to weekly updates that would be about 6 months.  Using some division and addition…that comes to about $4062 a month just for Let’s Read Homestuck.  That’s not including Paranatural, Supermahou, and other small projects like Ruby Quest .

And all of that is ignoring the fact that asking for donations, even for the people working to simply break even, is a shaky legal thing anyway, given how all of our work is dubbing other people’s intellectual property.  

TL;DR, We know you want content.  We’re working as hard as we can, but just remember that even as much as we love it, CoLabHQ is a hobby.  A hobby we put a lot of love into, but not something we really want to make a career out of.

i’m not trying to say that this is a widespread problem, but it’s something i’ve noticed a few times so i think it’s worth pointing out

there seems to be a sentiment among parts of the Tumblr Left/Radical Tumblr that small victories and little sentimental gains are meaningless and that if someone dares to be happy about them they’re an “assimilationist” or aren’t ~radical enough~ or some shit and like

idk just give it a goddamn rest and let people be happy about video game romances or disabled characters on television like not everyone has to be constantly miserable in order to be a Good Radical