i think she's still going to be heir

Okay little shits I want to say some words about the Earp Sisters- particularly my darling Willa

I see a lot of you guys have been giving her quite a bit of flack- you know for hating Waverly and shooting Nicole and unleashing a writhing tentacle beast on Purgatory. Now these are all very bad things. But I’d like to take a moment to explore how we got here. And as a clinical child psychologist specializing in abuse and trauma- I have A LOT to say about these three. Because OH BOY do they run the spectrum of child abuse outcomes in the real world.

Now, I want to start by saying all three of the Earp sisters were born into an abusive household. But the three had some very different experiences of abuse/neglect, and environment is SO important on child development. Like genetics is some basic groundwork but really it’s environment that does most of the shaping. In this analysis, let’s start youngest:

Waverly Earp. Now Waverly is like an ideal outcome from abuse. Clearly this girl was born with a hell of a lot of resilience in her genes (that Earp? legacy). She can bounce back from a crisis. But, she kinda got it easiest of the three: she was only in the homestead until she was 6- after that she was raised by Gus and Uncle Curtis in what was no doubt a much healthier, stabler household. Now see age 6 is important- because personality is generally done developing just before puberty- about 10 years of age. This factoid of personality development will come up again later, but for Waverly, being removed from a toxic environment at a young age meant she actually had a chance to unlearn/recover from many of the more nasty potential effects of severe neglect (she was by far the most neglected I mean a demon was her best friend and NO ONE KNEW) as well as the sibling abuse inflicted by Willa (blackmail, sadism, power plays- not a good sign in a child). 

Now does the abuse still affect her? Hell yeah! She still lived through it and it changed her permanently- you see it in how she needs love and attention (why else go for Champ as soon as Wynonna leaves town? She needed ANYBODY) even at her own expense. She downplays herself, but simultaneously wants to be important (the Heir- cause you know her dad only cared about the Heir). And you know what I think? She didn’t resist telling Wynonna about Nicole because she was scared what she would think. No. Wynonna of course doesn’t care. No she didn’t say anything because she didn’t want to even risk Nicole getting involved in the toxicity surrounding the Earp family. She wanted Nicole separate to keep her safe (remnant thought process from Willa using what Waverly loved to blackmail her). But still, even with all of this, she is not as severely affected as she would’ve been if she had stayed neglected and abused for say, 12 or 13 years. Waverly had intervention, and real world case studies of severe emotional neglect have shown that a child as old as 5-6 can bounce back remarkably well in the right care. I mean to where you wouldn’t know they had been through Hell- at least not immediately.

Wynonna Earp. Middle sibling, mix of neglect and abuse. She is the most moderate/common outcome from abusive childhoods- with healthy and unhealthy coping mechanisms and personality traits meshed together. Like Waverly, resilient as hell, because she lived in that environment for 12 years, and unlike Waverly didn’t get a healthy stable home afterwards. No she got the foster care system and juvie and unhelpful counselors who essentially gaslighted her (unintentionally but it’s still gaslighting) which does no one any favors. So Wynonna had way more negative environment time, yet she still held on to her “good” side- she has a moral code she follows, she cares for those close to her, she’s able to have a healthy relationship with at least one person (Waverly). I’d almost say she’s shown the most resilience of the three. Now her childhood experience is interesting, because she’s in the middle of this spectrum. She didn’t receive the full force of Ward’s attention because she wasn’t the Heir, Willa was. So that’s less aggression abuse from him, instead she was more neglected by him. But her very close age with Willa put her close to that aggression abuse as she experienced it vicariously through Willa. She saw what he did to Willa by way of abuse and Waverly by neglect, and seeing that affected her. It made her so, so protective and parental. Of both Waverly and Willa. So while Ward may not have done much direct abuse to Wynonna, she still lived it. And it affected her to make her a caretaker. 

It’s also a form of displacement on Wynonna’s part- to be a caretaker. The prospect of caring for herself is far too daunting but caring for another? More doable. Taking a caretaker role also helps her regain some sense of control, none of which she had when she had to witness Ward’s abuse and couldn’t help Willa or Waverly. Now some of you may be asking: “Didn’t she see Willa abuse Waverly? How could she still care for Willa?” Remember she had known Willa much longer than Waverly, and on top of that she knew WHY Willa was so callous and aggressive- she knew first hand why. So she explained it away because she loved Willa and saw she was broken and I’m willing to bet when she witnessed the sibling abuse, she stepped in. I have a feeling Willa did most of it under the radar. Hell I bet even Wynonna got some verbal or emotional abuse at times from Willa, but she went with it because it was less severe. And again she would explain it away. And in Willa’s absence, Wynonna idolized her even more, and she became a myth of herself. Her good qualities remembered over her bad ones. Waverly had a different experience seeing as she didn’t HAVE any good memories of Willa.

Now to the contentious point. Willa Earp. Now I’ve taken you through the personality development of Waverly and Wynonna. You see how they came to be. Now I’m going to show you how Willa came to be. As the Heir, Willa was THE focus of Ward’s attention. And this is where it begins. If she had been neglected she may have actually had a shot, ironically. Because Ward promoted aggression, antisocial behavior, and created a culture of fear. We’ve only seen glimpses but he was taking her out in the middle of night telling her how everyone would die and it’d be her fault. He was creating a paranoid soldier. Now this is awful for a child’s development, especially personality. Remember she lived under Ward’s thumb for 13 years- her personality had long since formed, and it formed to cope with constant fear and a desire to gain some semblance of control over her situation to stay safe. And to keep Wynonna safe. I do not doubt she loved Wynonna- but she loved her how she LEARNED to love another human. Ward had no problem hurting and scaring Willa in a horribly misguided attempt at raising her. She knew as a child that fathers are supposed to love their daughters. So Ward’s abuse must have been how you love (in the mind of young Willa), and you see her applying this with Wynonna. She was more than ready to kill Wynonna because she truly believed it was a kindness and a show of love. 

Did Willa ever love Waverly? I do not think so. Because Waverly didn’t show up until Willa was already about 8 years old and completely bonded to Wynonna. And, I think she was too busy to learn to love her, which I’ll explain more later on. Even in a healthy family, it’s not uncommon for an older sibling to resent a younger one, but add in the way Willa has been treated and raised up until that point, and you get the extreme response of sibling abuse. Now you might ask “So why didn’t Wynonna do the same? Why did she get parental while Willa got aggressive?” and the answer is (for the first time in this whole spiel) likely genetics. 

A quick lesson: everyone is born with a specific type of temperament, which in short is how a child naturally deals with their emotions. Do they sorta “go with the flow” of their emotions, are they a powder keg with strong, uncontrollable emotions, or some mix? Temperament forms the building blocks of all further personality development, and it is far far from destiny. But it’s a genetic predisposition to regulate your emotions in a certain way. And it is interconnected with that resilience I’ve mentioned previously. 

Resilience, if you aren’t sure, is a child’s ability to cope with adversity. The greater the resilience, the more likely a child is to come away from adversity without major psychological harm. A highly resilient child, is more likely to have a “good” temperament (moderate level emotions, relatively easy to work with) whereas a child with low resilience is more likely to have an “at-risk” temperament (very strong emotions that are difficult to regulate). Wynonna, with her obviously high resilience, clearly had a “good” temperament growing up. Willa, most definitely was an “at-risk” temperament (her losing her cool at the slightest provocation with Whiskey Jim for example), and combined with the severe abuse and aggressive environment, that temperament blossomed into the rest of her personality. 

A third vital ingredient in this is called cognitive load. What that refers to is basically how much mental effort/energy the brain spends performing a task or tasks. There is a finite amount of cognitive load the brain can handle, and so it must apportion its time as it sees fit. If there’s a lot of stimuli (external and internal) to deal with, the brain will prioritize, again, as it sees most fit, leaving out “unnecessary” information. EVERYTHING take some cognitive load, from thinking through a problem, to emotional regulation, to social relationships. And we all know you can only juggle so much.

Now let’s combine these three concepts together in Willa. Willa was born with an “at-risk” temperament, which means she has BIG emotions and cannot regulate them well. That takes a LOT of cognitive load to manage. She also has lower resilience to adversity, and some of resiliency’s power comes from a LARGE capacity for cognitive load. You are more resilient if you are better able to process and work through adversity instead of getting drowned in it. So low resiliency=low cognitive load capacity. This already low cognitive load capacity had to deal with emotional regulation of a veritable firecracker, so it’s mostly busy doing that. Add in her forced focus on Ward’s “training” (skills and cognitive tasks) and abuse, and her close bond to Wynonna (a social relationship to manage and someone to protect) and her poor brain is overloaded. It can’t handle any more responsibilities. So when Waverly comes along she sees another potential responsibility and says no. So instead Waverly becomes not only a nuisance to her (she’s got enough to focus on already), but an outlet for her frustration and pain. She has no control with Ward, but she can control Waverly like he does to her. She can feel big, and what kid doesn’t take comfort in feeling big?

Another major thing I want to point out with adult Willa is her obviously stunted emotional and social development, which is no surprise. I’m willing to bet growing up she really didn’t have any friends besides Wynonna, so all of her socialization happened in the Earp homestead (not a great place as has been clearly demonstrated). Willa shows an understanding of the world that is basically that of a preteen. It’s shown as a black and white understanding of other people when she tells Wynonna of the citizens of Purgatory “They hate us Wynonna, they’re evil they deserve that thing!”. It also plays into her lack of emotional regulation, because even a child with an “at-risk” temperament tends to improve some as they age because they learn ways to cope. Willa never did. Now not only did Ward contribute to this stunted development but so did being isolated by Bobo and Lou.

And finally it is here where I will address the Stockholm Syndrome briefly. Only briefly because while she clearly has it- believing Bobo loves her- it did not create Willa as she is. That happened long before Bobo. Bobo used what Ward had started, that’s probably part of what drew him to Willa. Bobo’s influence sure as hell didn’t help because all he did was reinforce everything she had learned up until that point. But Stockholm alone did not make Willa. It’s a much more complicated story and it is tragic and it is one that needs to be heard. She is a product of fear and pain and the need to survive, and while her history does not change the fact that as she is now she is a villain, she is a villain worth sympathy. Because the poor thing never really had a chance from day one. So I dare you to instead take a look at Willa not as the evil lesbian-shooter, but as a scared child trained to be a soldier who is solely responsible for everyone’s lives who cannot handle the pressure and needs to escape and doesn’t know any other way but destruction.

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How about how Mai would benefit from Zutara?

What Mαi would Gain from Zutara

Mαi would gain the opportunity to date a boy who makes her smile:

Who shares her disdain for politics:

And whom she really seems to like more than Zuko.

She would be free of any ties to the royal family

And could go off on her own adventure

Where she wouldn’t be stifled by the palace and her parents.

Mαi:  I was a rich only child who got anything I wanted. As long as I behaved … and sat still…and didn’t speak unless spoken to.  My mother said I had to keep out of trouble.  We had my Dad’s political career to think about.

The burden of providing the Firelord with an heir would no longer fall on her

Which is probably for the best.

And she wouldn’t spend hour after hour, befuddled

Mαi: Zuko, what is wrong with you?! Your temper’s out of control. You blow up over every little thing. You’re so impatient and hot-headed and angry.

While her boyfriend is undergoing a metamorphosis that she doesn’t, and may never, understand.

Zuko: When I got to the meeting, everyone welcomed me.  My father had saved me a seat. He wanted me next to him. I was literally at his right hand. 
Mαi: Zuko, that’s wonderful.  You must be happy? 
Zuko: During the meeting, I was the perfect prince.  The son my father wanted. But I wasn’t me. 

She would get the opportunity to live for herself

And not have her life decisions revolve around Zuko.

And most of all, she would be free to associate with people who get her:

Zuko: I saw it and I thought it was pretty. Don’t girls like stuff like this?

Instead of a boyfriend who is as confused by her as she is by him …

Zuko: Well, at least I feel something…as opposed to you. You have no passion for anything.  You’re just a big “blah”.

Will never trust or open up to her the way she wants …

Mαi: All I get is a letter. You could have at least looked me in the eye when you ripped out my heart. 

And just isn’t that into her.

Azula: The thing I don’t understand is why. Why would you do it? You know the consequences. 

(Meanwhile … )

Zuko: My sister was on that island. 
Sokka: Yeah and she’s probably right behind us. So let’s not stop. 
Zuko: What I mean is she must have come here somehow. That’s our way out of here. 

(On the other hand … )

Sorry, Mαi.

Season 7 finale..... my thoughts

Honestly, I am a person who tries to see good in everything but even for a person like me, the finale fell flat. Especially in comparison to season 6 finale. The first half especially was boring, dry and a bit dull. 

Jon doesn’t enquire after his siblings?? I mean like seriously. They don’t even show him talking to Brienne. The scene where the peace talks try to happen, even the demonstration of killing the wight scene was so dry. 

I still don’t get why the invitation was sent only to winterfell. Where are the Lords and Ladies of the other houses?? 

Cersei asks for something very reasonable, for Jon, to stay neutral in this great war that he’s so hell bent upon fighting and getting everyone to unite and fight for, which is even the right thing to do. But since he’s already rushed in and bent the knee to D. Targ, he won’t lie about it. It was such a simple thing Cersei asks for. Let’s unite, Let’s not choose sides, Let’s deal with that after the war with the dead is over. I can’t see why Jon, who seems to be concerned about nothing more than fighting the NK, can’t see the simple logic of this ask?? Your people want you to stay independent, D. Targ has agreed to help you without asking you to bend the knee, Now Cersei is making the SAME F*****G offer, WHY WON’T HE STAY NEUTRAL??? GOD, it was frustrating!! I don’t see how a man who is stupid enough to not see the logic in this can play undercover agent?? LIKE REALLY!! 

I don’t know if it’s just me, but like Cersei slayed every scene she was in. In her scene with Tyrion, both Lena and Peter were beyond awesome!! It was laughable that the only good thing Tyrion could say about his dragon queen was that she has good advisors to keep her worst impulses under check??? So the question is Who is she without her advisors?? Tyrion not rattling off her many titles or her goodness in front of Cersei could either be a politically smart move or really his own slow realisation that D. Targ is not the queen he thought she was. 


Now to Jon and D’s scene in the dragon pit where she talks about how chaining the dragons was not such a smart move. They’re meant to be set free, according to her. Just like the dragon within her. She doesn’t plan to chain the dragons, the dragons whom were are told in this very episode don’t understand the difference between what’s theirs and what isn’t. Land, Livestock, children. This is very important, mind you!! 

D. Targ: They were terrifying, extraordinary. They filled people with wonder and awe. And we locked them in here. They wasted away. They grew small and we grew smaller as well. We weren’t extraordinary without them. We were just like everyone else. 

This very aptly reflects what D. Targ thinks. She’s nothing without her dragons. Her power comes from her dragons. Dragons who can never be fully controlled, dragons who had to be chained because they posed an equal threat to men, like the dead do, dragons whom D. targ will never be able to see wasted away. She thinks without her dragons, she’s ordinary just like everyone else. And she does not want to be everyone else. She likes being different, she likes the power her dragons give her. This was foreshadowing, in my opinion. 

JON: You’re not like everyone else. And you’re family hasn’t seen it’s end. You’re still here. 

This firstly reflects what Jon thinks about D. Targ. He has only seen her good side. He ‘thinks’ that she’s not like everyone else and that she has a good heart which may be true in a sense but everything else about her, including burning the tarlys is going to come back to bite him in the ass. Remember what else Jon said in this episode, “I forgive, what I CAN forgive.” Which also means I DON’t forgive what I can’t. Anyway, we’ll have to wait for it in season 8. 

D. Targ: I can’t have children. 

I know how many people think that bringing this up again definitely means that D is going to get pregnant. I agree, that this is what the show wants us to think. That the witch may not have been a reliable source of information. That somehow it is possible for D to have children. Most of the casual viewers who were watching this show along with me thought that D is going to get magially pregnant next season. 

Which is why I got extremely suspicious of this scene, if you know what I mean. This is the scene in which the “continuation” of the Targaryen line is being discussed about. Is it really going to be through the incest route? The one that brought about the supposed downfall of house targ?? Could be, but I really have my doubts. Consider this, unknown to themselves, two targaryens are having a conversation about the succession of their dynasty. One who is capable of fathering children, one who is incapable of having children. One who thinks she is the rightful heir to the iron throne, one who is actually the heir to the iron throne. I still believe that Jon staring at Long claw and passing it on to his children with the STARK music playing in the background had to mean something. 

@ Winterfell… (Which was by the way the most interesting plot line in the entire season)

Sansa: No, this is the way he is.. It is the way he’s always been. He’s never asked for my opinion, why would he start now?

Sansa is not happy that Jon’s bent the knee. She’s angry and she’s upset and she has every right to be. Jon should’ve asked for her opinion before he rushed into things and I think for the first time in season 8, we’re in for some real tension between Jon and Sansa, which is not going to be about power. Sansa is not going to like D. I can feel it in my bones. 

LF: I can’t believe Jon would surrender the northern crown without consulting you. 

Sansa: This is his writing. His signature. He pledged to fight for D. Targ. He’s bent the knee. 

LF: I’ve heard gossip. That the Dragon queen is quite beautiful

Right here, we have the culmination of the Jon choking LF scene. There was no need for LF to mention this, just like there was no need for Jon to choke him. And Sansa’s next statement just proves that. 

Sansa: What does that have to do with anything?

In her mind, Sansa has never even considered until now, Jon having a romantic alliance with D. It’s never crossed her mind, until now. This has been planted for her to ruminate upon, it’s deliberate. 

LF: Jon is young and unmarried. D is young and unmarried. 

Sansa: You thinks he wants to marry her?

LF: An alliance makes sense. Together they’ll be difficult to defeat. 

Basically this scene show tells us, Sansa is unhappy with Jon bending the knee, she feels neglected by Jon and LF KNOWS that talking about another beautiful woman in whom Jon might want to marry will probably incense Sansa more. Because, it’s NOT betrayal of the north or House Stark that he uses as a ruse to un-name Jon as King in the north, it is a romantic+alliance with D.targ that he uses as a knife to twist into Sansa’s gut. THIS CAN’T BE IGNORED. This right here, is the hint LF drops before he pops off. Like I said earlier in a post, it will be subtle, not direct but it will be there!! 


LF: Sometimes when I try to understand a person’s motives, I play a little game. I assume the worst. What’s the worst reason they could possibly have for saying what they say and doing what they do? Then I ask myself, how well does that reason explain what they say and what they do? 

And here is the final explanation, that LF knows what both Sansa and Jon don’t, till now. 

AND YESSSSSSSSSSS All the three Starklings causing LF’s death WAS AWWWWEEEEEESSSOOOOMME!! The only freaking scene in the entire episode which deserved a standing ovation. (Except maybe some more proof would have been better other than Bran just repeating LF’s words. Like has the north just accepted him as the official green seer three eyed-raven now??) So they were always in cahoots and of course we all knew what was going to happen when we saw Bran sitting with Sansa. 

And Yeah when I see people gushing over the whole Arya and Sansa scene on the battlements…. Well yeah… of course that was going to happen!! 

Personally, I did not like the scene between Bran and Sam. It was rushed and stupid. Why would Bran reveal Jon’s parentage to Sam and not to his sisters?? After keeping it a secret for this long, he decides to reveal this to SAM?? Like what’s even the logic in that. 

Bran thinks Jon’s a Sand?? Coudn’t he have suspected there’s more to Jon’s parentage after the tower of Joy scene and done the whole jumping into the visions to check before itself?? And when did Sam find out about the whole Rhaegar marrying Lyanna Stark when we were explicitly meant to notice him ignoring Gilly mentioning that particular piece if information. Rhaegar looked eerily similar to Viserys and his son called his ‘daany’ in the previous episode… LOL!!

And now to the dreaded b0atb@ng. Lol!! I don’t know why I was dreading it. It didnt last for 5 seconds. COME ON GUYS!! TELLING US THAT JON IS THE RIGHTFUL HEIR TO THE IRON THRONE WHILE they were at it….. Doesn’t bode well for their relationship, one bit. And the he loved her and the she loved her bit?? That’s not about Jon and D. It’s a doomed romance, if that’s any foreshadowing anyway. Season 8, episode one, Jon is going to find out he’s Aegon Targaryen and what he does after that maybe told to us in a way of his conversation between Jon and Theon. 

First of all this scene does establish one fact. That Jon and Theon are each other’s foil. Again, the whole talk about 


This is foreshadowing to Jon’s dilemma in season 8. 


Our father was more a father to you that yours ever was. (Ned was more a father to Jon, than Rhaegar ever was.) You betrayed him. Betrayed his memory. (which means Jon never will). But you never lost him (Neither has Jon) He’s a part of you. (Ned is a part of Jon) 

You don’t need to choose. You’re a Greyjoy (Targaryen) And You’re a Stark. 

Well tell me what you people think?? Because this is the same choice that’s going to be presented to Jon in the next season. Does this mean that in the end Jon will choose to be both? Accept his Stark and Targaryen heritage?? 


Overall, this was nothing compared to the season six finale. I’m more and more convinced that there’s nothing much to figure out about the NK and his army because we’ve made zero progress there. They’re cold and death the living will eventually defeat them which is obvious. SO it’s what happens later that really matters.

 But it’s noteworthy that Sansa Stark is actually responsible or connected to for three of Game of throne’s worst villan’s death. Joffrey, Ramsey and Little finger. This is important people, very very important!!

Tell me what you think!!

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Hey Kristen! I really hope this doesn't come off as an anti ask because I swear I don't mean it that way:/ I was wondering - how will Dany and Jon achieve equality? I always saw Westeros as a place where there is a king and his wife, or thought that there will be a queen (Dany) and her husband. Isn't there always just one ruler and their spouse? Even today, that monster that sits in the white house is our president, and Melania is just his wife. So how will they be equals? No hate, love you 😘❤️

Hi, same anon who asked about Jon/Dany being equal rulers. I just wanted to add - if there is an iron throne left, who do you think will sit on it? Will they just forge another one using Drogon’s fire?:D Or do you think there won’t be an iron throne anymore? I think it’s pretty clear that there will be no more IT but I’m still curious to hear what you think. Hope you’re having a wonderful day, love you💞

First of all, omg you’re so sweet and cute anon haha. The love is mutual <3

Well, in the current system, you would be absolutely right! The Iron Throne is certainly built for one and we don’t really have good examples of exceptions to that rule. But we have something close.

In ASOIAF history, King Jaehaerys and his sister/wife Queen Alysanne had a successful working relationship as husband and wife, king and queen consort. 

They weren’t total equals but she exercised a lot of influence over him and was his chief counselor. 

For example, she was able to convince him to outlaw the custom of the first night, which you may remember from Braveheart haha–basically lords getting to sleep with brides under their jurisdiction on their wedding night. This was something Jaehaerys’s nobles were very serious about but the king made policy decisions according to his queen’s advice. I think that’s huge. 

They were married for 46 years and Jaehaery’s reign was the longest in history–55 years. He was often called “The Wise” or “Conciliator,” and Alysanne was called “The Good Queen.” They had thirteen children together and their reign was a time of relative peace and prosperity for the realm. 

Why do I tell you all of this? Well, I think that they establish a precedent of a Targaryen couple operating as an effective unit where the power dynamic was close to equal. 

Jon and Dany will be a more modern, progressive version of this where the woman is the one more interested in ruling/politics, but ultimately will go to her spouse for advice and heed that advice, as we have seen in canon already. Dany asked Jon what to do before the loot train battle. As we know, she wanted to go right to the Red Keep and get rid of her Cersei problem the old fashioned way. But Jon told her not to burn “cities” or “castles.” So instead she met enemy soldiers on the field of battle. She listened to his advice. If the king and queen tell each other what to do and listen to each other, regardless of titles, their relationship is equal in practice. 

But on the subject of titles, I don’t think we yet have evidence that their titles will be unequal either. In 7.04 Dany asked Jon to bend the knee a second time. But even after asking this, she referred to him as a king. I think that is important. She said that Jon’s people would accept her as their queen if their king accepted her. To me this meant that she was on board with the idea of Jon still being called king, so long as he and his people were loyal to her and acknowledged her as their queen. 

In the next episode we could see more of this. When Dany ordered Jon not to leave Dragonstone, she was clearly just doing it as a last, desperate effort to keep him safe and near her because she was already developing feelings for him. When Jon protested and said, “I am a king,” the camera immediately panned to Dany’s face, and she smiled. She didn’t disagree. She smiled and listened to him without another word of protest. 

Later in the same episode when Jon was leaving for Eastwatch, he told Dany that if he died she wouldn’t have to deal with “The King in the North” anymore. Again, Dany kind of smiled. She didn’t disagree or react negatively, and was clearly sad to see him go. To me, this signified her acceptance of his title as KitN. She views him as a king and is no longer interested in taking that away from him. 

Finally, in 7.06 Dany puts her life on the line to save Jon and when they speak afterward in the boat, she offers to help Jon fight the NK without any assurances of his loyalty or that of the North. It is only after this that Jon calls her, “My queen.” When he does this, he says, “I’d bend the knee …” and trails off, smiling. I think he was joking about being naked but also about bending the knee in general because that issue has become a running joke between them. Dany no longer requires this and Jon knows that. If he thought she was his superior and someone he has to subjugate himself to, I doubt very strongly that he would have given her a nickname (”Dany”) or taken her hand the way he did. 

Calling her, “My queen,” felt to me almost like a term of endearment. Yes, he swore fealty. Yes, it was politically significant. But to me it also signified a declaration of his feelings and intentions. He can absolutely still be the KitN: he’s merely chosen his queen. The use of the personal pronoun is key here, I think. 

And I also feel strongly that Dany picked up on this meaning as he said it and knew the significance of what he was saying. That’s why she was so touched, crying, and saying, “I hope I deserve it.” She is moved that he is loyal to her, yes; but she is moved even more by Jon’s feelings for her and the idea that he wants to make her his queen… possibly his wife?

So I could be wrong, but I believe that at this moment Jon is still every bit the king he was in episode 5. I also think that Dany is happy to let him remain so, no longer threatened by his power. Instead she is intrigued by and attracted to it. 

This is why Jon’s legitimacy is going to be so important. I don’t think it is to create conflict with Dany–because we are getting the information AFTER their relationship is serious and confirmed. I think it is to make Jon and Dany a united couple and the obvious choice for king and queen, two legitimate Targaryen heirs who also have the love and loyalty of the people. 

As to the Iron Throne itself, I’m with you–I don’t think it will still be around at the end of the series. At least not in its current form. Personally I think Jon and Dany won’t rule at all (if they both even survive) but that it will be by choice. Dany wants a home and family (the house with the red door) more than she wants to be queen. She wants to “break the wheel.” The current system is not something she is interested in. And we already know Jon isn’t fond of being king, as he has mentioned explicitly. 

But if they did rule, I think it is not only possible but extremely likely that they would do so as equals. I think the seven kingdoms will be more independent, with their own monarchs instead of just wardens/lords, and that it is possible that Jon and Dany could still rule them from KL (United Kingdom(s)?), but not in the current mode and not on the Iron Throne. 

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Do you think Arrianne will die?

I’m split on this, because on one hand, we don’t have a lot of Arianne POV chapters to analyze. On the other, the two excerpts from TWOW suggest her storyline is going to become tied to Aegon’s - which will probably end in disaster.

I could see it going either way, especially if GRRM decides that all of the omissions on the show (Lady Stoneheart, Aegon/JonCon, Arianne, Jeyne and Jeyne, etc.) are going to play much bigger roles in the text.

But, if Arianne does die, I honestly think it would be a massive mistake.

Martin’s already established the Martells (and Areo Hotah) as the only colored POVs in the series. Considering how many characters there are, this is already a little concerning. However, the way Arianne in particular has been written is appealing to a large amount of the audience. She’s a woman and is still heir to Dorne, and when she thinks that her father will deny her that right, she has one of my favorite lines in the books:

“(Nymeria) burned as bright as any man, and so shall I. You will not rob me of my birthright!” - The Queenmaker, AFFC

Even with the few chapters we were given with them, Martin was able to establish all the bitterness, resentment, and conflict that exists within the family of the Martells. Lack of communication between Doran and his daughter, along with Arianne’s resentment of both him and Quentyn, are what drive The Queenmaker chapter.

And yet, afterwards, we get to see Arianne grow. We get to see her actually talk with her father, and later on her journey in TWOW, lament on her past mistakes.

“I was a foolish willful girl, playing at the game of thrones like a drunkard rolling dice.” Arianne I, TWOW

If GRRM wrote this line, for this beautiful, fierce character, just to have her die because of her ambition? Do I have to explain how messed up that would be? Other characters get to grow and learn from their mistakes, but Arianne has to fall into the same streak of bad luck that the Martells have been under since they were introduced? I’m not a fan of that decision.

If Arianne gets swept up in Aegon’s journey, I get it, but that doesn’t mean she has to be in King’s Landing with everything (literally) blows up.

Elia’s death was awful. Oberyn’s death was tragic. Quentyn’s death was heartbreaking. Arianne’s death would be wasteful.

Deepest Darkest Secret

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Chapter 11 Chapter 12 Chapter 13 Chapter 14 Chapter 15 Chapter 16 Chapter 17 Chapter 18 Chapter 19

Chapter 20. Simon.

It’s over. It’s all over.

My magic is beautiful like this, soft and golden, sinking back into the atmosphere. This doesn’t feel like going off. I can feel the magic getting weaker, the light around me dimming, the more it flows out of me. It will be different now. I’m not the Greatest Mage. I wonder if I’ll even be able to use what’s left.

I close my eyes again. I’m so, so tired, and warm, and weak. I just want to collapse.

It doesn’t stop. It keeps running, and running, and the golden light glows weaker, but it doesn’t stop. How much of it did I take?

I realise that Penny is shouting something and force myself to open my sluggish eyelids. She’s yelling, she’s saying ‘stop’, and she’s running through the blaze towards me. She grabs my arm and yelps, pulling me out of my daze.

Keep reading

The “Savage Giant”

Lately, I’ve been thinking the popular theory of Sansa being the cause of Little Finger’s death because of Ghost of the High Heart’s prophecy. Since the first part of the prophecy fits Sansa, she has to be “slaying a savage giant in a castle built of snow”. Given Little Finger’s father hailed from Braavos and when his family entered Westerosi society they took the Titan of Braavos as their sigil, plenty people expect it to be Baelish who is the “savage giant”. There’s an irony in his nickname too - Little Finger, the “savage giant”. People think it will happen in Winterfell, but if he is the “savage giant” the Vale could just as well be the “castle made of snow”. The show has deviated from the book storylines a lot so this might have just been a butterfly effect that made it impossible to happen as it was supposed to. 

It does have its appeal as the apprentice beating the master. I know i’ve wanted it for a while. However, a part of me started considering if it doesn’t go down like how everyone expects it. Little Finger is the most obvious choice. If we take that the prophecy wasn’t just to show Sansa literally slaying Sweetrobin’s doll trying to invade her castle, then perhaps we need to look at characters who have a larger impact on the story narratively than Little Finger. I think the show doesn’t understand the importance of politicians at all hence the characterization of Little Finger, Varys and Tyrion has been suffering. They hold the plot together so change their importance in the plot and the structure that makes the narrative so complex falls apart. But unlike Tyrion who is POV character, the other two aren’t and you see them through the eyes of particular characters. But narratively, it’s Tyrion who has more influence on a wider range of characters who have POV. 

I started thinking about how Book!Tyrion isn’t “good” as the show portrays him. He has been watered down much like every other character on the show and Dinklage being such a esteemed actor might have impacted the change in his characterization too. Book!Tyrion has always been morally grey but he’s been growing darker and darker over the series to the point where he’s pretty bitter and cruel at this point - especially in his personal relationships. Book!Tyrion did expect Sansa to reward his “niceness” by giving her consent to have sex which she didn’t, and that frustrated him. He had pedophilic feelings for her. He even hated Sansa for escaping rather than defending him when she was a teenager held captive in this city and this marriage. He’s been shown to be highly abusive with the sex workers he slept with (Shae/Tyrion is highly romanticized on the show. She betrayed him because he didn’t give her wages) and after he escaped, he said he wanted to rape Cersei as revenge. The only reason he wants to join Dany is not because he believes in her but because he wants to destroy Cersei. So unlike the show, I cannot imagine Tyrion being alright in a world where Starks come out on top and Sansa doesn’t want him. If she is to be Queen, I can never imagine Book!Tyrion as her Hand because he sees Sansa as “his” and if she wants an annulment, he’ll feel cuckolded. He would see it beneath him; he would see her beneath him. He’s taking such a dark turn that I don’t know if he even has that one chance of redemption that Dany has to sacrifice herself in the War of Dawn. What if the “savage giant” is ironically Tyrion, not Little Finger?

The blind Aemon, who sees more than others see, said “oh, I think Lord Tyrion is quite a large man. I think he is a giant come amongst us” and he makes Shae call him “My Giant” while he’s bedding her. During the trial Shae testifies that she had to call him “My Giant of Lannister”. That’s some strange choice of words - becoming a motif - for a dwarf. Little Finger is a political giant but in underhanded ways, he’s twisted but “savage” is not a word I would associate with him because his ways are cold. That’s a word associated with more with aggressive and emotionally driven people, not calculative people. While Tyrion is calculative, his character does have more hints of “savage” behaviour in him. 

Tyrion wanted Sansa’s claim to Winterfell and as long as Sansa is married to Tyrion she will be seen as a Lannister before a Stark. Sansa’s journey has been holding onto her Stark-ness, even as she lacks the natural tether through a direwolf dragging her back as Lady died very early on in the series. Perhaps, it goes back farther than just LF but to the Stark and Lannister conflict and Sansa’s naivety and desire to live out her song initially made her turn a blind eye Joffrey and Cersei’s cruelty. If Sansa was indirectly responsible for Joffrey’s death and may be the younger, more beautiful queen in Cersei’s prophecy who will make her lose everything she holds dear and replace her, then in a poetic fashion Sansa might be the one to slowly, indirectly and directly bring all the Lannisters down - including Tyrion and Jaime. Jaime because of his oath to Catelyn Stark would serve her and die in the war for his last chance of honour, and perhaps, she will take down Tyrion directly or indirectly because as her husband, he might try to use his claim to gain control of Winterfell. It would be the opposite of what GRRM intended with his original outline, where she would side with the Lannisters after marrying Joffrey and Tyrion survives. 

It also goes with the theme of Sansa being responsible for the death of her husbands or to-be husbands. I don’t think it will happen on the show as Ramsay might have taken up that role and exempted Tyrion from such an end. But it is still quite possible in the books where she will never marry Ramsay and I think she will escape before she can ever marry Harry the Heir because her real conflict is in the North and it will come down to her only husband, Tyrion. Perhaps, Tyrion doesn’t die and “slaying” is more figurative as Tyrion’s feelings about Sansa are more conflicted than his genuine hatred for Cersei and Jaime. He might go on a dark path but Sansa might be the only one to put an end to it by “slaying” his ego or something more vengeful in him. Book!Tyrion also underestimated Sansa and thinks he’s smarter than everyone so it could be more symbolic and he survives to inherit Casterly Rock. 

As much as I love the idea of the apprentice beating the master, Alayne/Sansa is at a point where although she knows Littlefinger is up to no good, she only trusts him to keep her safe. If she escapes it’s probably because a rebellion breaks out against him in the Vale. Once Sansa goes North, she knows there’s only Jon to turn to in Castle Black and with the Northern Lords plotting against the Boltons, should Little Finger survive he would be wiser than going hunting for Sansa. This is a lot of speculation of course, but I just think Tyrion may be another option to consider for the “savage giant” Sansa will “slay”. A less expected and more ironic one. 

Edit: I don’t claim that Sansa has antagonistic feelings towards Tyrion or that Tyrion has completely hateful feelings for her. I also know how much GRRM loves writing Tyrion so I wrote this with the doubt in my mind about how plausible it could be considering it until I considered the possibility like I did for LF that “slay” doesn’t necessarily mean death - indirect or direct and I edited a part of this post to integrate those views. 

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5, 22 Elia Martell x Brandon Stark

5. hold my hand

22. books

Full credit to @lyannasand a certain movie–for the plot.

She’d grown up with tales of the massive size of Harrenhal, but she hadn’t fathomed its true eerie grandeur until she entered it. Sunspear’s Great Hall could fit twice over in the library alone, which is home to more books than she could read in a lifetime. A passing servant had been gracious enough to direct her to it, and after an hour of searching, she finally settles on a few novels to peruse over the next week. It’s as she’s distracted reading the introduction of one that she collides with someone, and the books tumble to the ground.

“Oh!” She had expected perhaps a serving boy or a page, but she gets neither, instead faced with the handsome figure of Brandon Stark. She hadn’t taken him for a library man; perhaps he got lost. “Forgive me, Lord Brandon, I was not minding my steps.”

“I often have that effect,” he says. He brings her hand up to his lips and smiles. “I shall not hold it against you, Your Grace.”

“Right. Well, if you’ll pardon me, I’ll just collect my books and be on my way.”

Brandon leans down to help her, and hands them all to her except the one she’d been looking at, which he opens and flips through. “You’re going to read this?”

“Yes. So may I just–”

Brandon squints at it. “But there aren’t any illustrations,” he says, confused. “How are you supposed to understand what’s happening?”

“Some people use their imagination,” she says, trying to keep the incredulity out of her voice.

Now I know why Ash has not made a fuss about being unable to marry him, Elia thinks. He’s a pretty face, but wouldn’t make for the most intelligent of conversation partners.

“Reading is overrated for women, I’ve always said,” he comments, still holding her book out of her reach. “What’s next, politics?”

If he weren’t a Lord Paramount’s heir, Elia would have brushed him aside long ago, but rude she cannot be. Carefully keeping her tone neutral, she corrects, “Where I am from, my lord, women are oft involved in politics. Mine own mother reigned for twenty years, and it was a woman who brought Dorne into a single kingdom.”

Brandon waves his hand dismissively. “Dorne is too attached to the ways of the Rhoynar.”

“You know,” she says, “Lady Ashara is quite a learned woman herself, and her grandmother ruled Starfall in her own right for more than forty years. Surely you show the women you bed some respect?”

“All told, there isn’t much talking between Lady Ashara and myself.”

“No, I imagine she prefers it that way.” Before he can work out her meaning, she plucks her book from his hand and makes her retreat. “Have yourself a pleasant night, my lord.”

Whenever Balor had to think, he went to his most trusted advisor, Nakamura. Normally Balor had his own ways of figuring out how to deal with sensitive matters, but this time was different.

Finn was able to talk her down somewhat, but when Balor surfaced she shut down completely. Her beautiful face contorted into a look of disdain, a look she hadn’t shown before. He really did fuck things up.

He trusted Shin to tell him exactly what he needed to hear, and so far he was hearing how wrong he was…he hated that.

“You have to realize that she’s not like us, humans were created to be expressive beings.” Shin said watching the Demon King pace back and forth. “That girl already spent a majority of her life being mistreated, and now, because of that treatment she’s here with you and Finn.”

Shin paused before he said what would normally get someone killed.

“You’re as bad as her father.”

Balor stopped in his tracks and stared at Shin.

“What? How the fuck have I been worse? I never hit her.” He spat angrily. Shinsuke sighed and nodded.

“True, but the idea that she’s properly still hurts her. You were the one that made the deal. You didn’t treat her as a equal when you did that did you?”

He had a point.

“She can’t just tell me that I cannot touch her. She’s as much my wife as Finns.” Balor thought back to what she had said previously about not allowing him to have any physical contact.

“And if she refuses? You’d what? Rape her…real men don’t need to resort to violence to get their wives to want them. That’s why she and Finn have been getting along.” Shin stood before the Demon and gave him a nod.

“It’s not that she wants your undying love and devotion…she wants to know that her being here has more meaning than just being a vessel for a future heir.”

Shin watched as Balor pondered his words. He was right, she hadn’t had the best life to begin with, and he was only adding to the feeling of never being enough, but he was still her King, her husband…she has duties to him still.

“Your one year anniversary is up in a month right?” Shin asked. Balor’s head throbbed with the thought.

“Great…she’s not going to be having it.” He wanted to throw a fit.

“I think I might know a way to get through to her.”

Balor’s head snapped to his friend.

“How? It’s going to take a hell of a lot to get though to that woman. She’s stubborn..” he felt his stomach clench.

‘She’s like me.’ He thought.

Shin bite his lip before he thought his idea through a little more.

“Is her father still alive?”

Balor grinned. Not for long.

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When Jons true lineages is revealed what do u think will bother Dany most? That Jon will be viewed as the true heir to the Iron Throne or the idea that Jon might not want her anymore since he was raised a Stark and they're not as incestuous as the Targaryens?

I don’t think either of these things will bother Dany, actually :)

Yes, the Starks didn’t practice incest on the same scale that Targaryens did. But they still practiced it, as did other Westerosi families, as did historical European families. 

What would be alarming to the culture of Westeros would be a sibling relationship or parent/child like Craster and Gilly. 

But cousins and avunculate unions are acceptable in Westeros. 

I also think that we have already seen the beginning of Dany’s change of priorities, and her trust in Jon. I would argue that she’s in love with him. So finding out that he’s the heir will not be a threat to her if she sees him as her partner/lover/potentially future husband. And as a fellow Targaryen, she will most likely think that this revelation would only make him more inclined to help her get the throne after the Long Night assuming she would still seek it then (I personally don’t think she will).

What I think will upset her will be Jon’s reaction. Jon is going to be upset. There’s no getting around that. But as I’ve argued several times, Jon’s shock is going to be an identity crisis. He is proud of being Ned’s son, though not of being a bastard. He identifies with House Stark and the North. The Northern people have become isolationists who only trust Northern families. 

In light of all of this, the revelation that Jon is not Ned’s son, not a bastard, an heir to the Iron Throne (and he seems overwhelmed enough just by being KitN), and the fact that he’s a Targaryen (when the Northerners made it abundantly clear this season how they feel about Targaryens), is going to upset him. I think he will pull away from Dany, and it will be one of the conflicts of next season, wondering if they will reconcile. And I feel confident that ultimately they will :)

But it will be Jon’s distance that upsets Dany, not the news itself. 

anonymous asked:

Do you think Lyanna would be happier if Renly or Stannis was the eldest Baratheon? Stannis feels very Northern and would never abuse or cheat on her. Renly plays the chivalrous part well so the betrothal looks good even if the marriage isn't.

You know, there is a theory in fandom that Lyanna didn’t want to get married, period. But my reading of her is that she is a romantic idealist, though with a more down-to-earth perspective than, say, Sansa. I think she’d still push against her father agreeing to a betrothal without asking her first regardless of the identity of her betrothed, but she might not go to extreme measures like running away with Rhaegar to escape the marriage.

I’m not sure about Renly, simply because an eldest!Renly would be a completely different person that the one in OTL. He’d be groomed as the heir and sent to foster with Jon Arryn as a child, resulting in a completely different person than the charming and good looking but ultimately hollow and selfish character we meet in canon. But I don’t know if the betrothal would happen in the first place. The betrothal happened in OTL after Steffon died meaning it’d be Renly’s choice to propose it or not, and Renly is gay and has two brothers to pass the Stormlands to. He doesn’t have to marry if he doesn’t want to. And even if Jon Arryn or whoever tried to convince him to marry, he probably wouldn’t go with a betrothal at that age. Meaning that Lyanna would already be betrothed or even married by the time he starts considering it, if he ever does.

Now, Stannis, he is the best choice. He wouldn’t be the hardened and embittered man we met in canon, and he and Ned would be two peas in a pod back in the Vale. He’d probably also make the betrothal, perhaps at the behest of Jon Arryn as I don’t know if he’d share Robert’s pressing need to make Ned his brother by marriage, though he’d surely recognize the excellence of the match on both the personal and political fronts. I can just imagine Ned waxing poetic to Lyanna about him. Would she be happy with the betrothal right off the bat? Hmm, depends. She might see Ned’s introverted and awkward nature in him which might endear him to her. Or she might be disappointed by how unimpressive he appears to be. I mean, she is still a young girl with romantic ideas, even if she’s more realistic and pragmatic than most. I like to think that she’d ultimately see Ned in him, and I know she’d appreciate his sense of honor and justice.

Whether that would translate to a happy marriage though is anybody’s guess. Yes, Stannis wouldn’t abuse or cheat on her, but a non-abusive marriage is not exactly the standard Lyanna should aspire to, neither is it synonyms with a happy marriage. Stannis is still a Westerosi man and still shares his society’s view of proper lady conduct as much as Rickard Stark (and yes even Ned) does. His dutifulness vs her free spirit might also be a source of trouble. Their mutual stubbornness would make for some epic fights. But I think there would be enough common ground between them to build a connection on. Or so I’d like to think.

Meanwhile, in the Afterlife:
  • *Just another day of the Earp family chilling in a bar in heaven or something*
  • Edwin Earp: "Hey Dad! The current Heir's about to have a child!"
  • Wyatt Earp: "Wynonna? Well I'll be damned. She's a good kid, so I'm sure the next generation will be great. Who's the father?
  • Edwin Earp: *Softly* "Oh... um...Doc Holliday?"
  • Wyatt Earp: *Spits out drink mid-swig* "WHAT?? THAT TRAITOROUS SCUMBAG'S GOING TO BE IN MY BLOODLINE?" *starts screaming and knocking over everything in sight*
  • Ward Earp: "Edwin I told you that telling him was a bad idea. He's going to have a stroke at this rate."
  • Edwin Earp: "We're dead I don't think we can have strokes."
  • Wyatt Earp: *Still running around wreaking havoc in the background, with screaming that somehow keeps increasing in pitch * "THAT JACKAL-FACED ASSHAT PIECE OF EXCREMENT ASKEJWJDHIDK-"
  • Edwin Earp: "On second thought... yeah he might have one."

anonymous asked:

How do you think a relationship will work between Manorian as Manon is immortal? do you think she'll give up her immortality to be with Dorian if that's possible?

Oh man. I have digressed on this a lot. So this answer will be short and not a fully fleshed out as some of my previous answers. And because you just mention the immortality thing, I’m going to stay within that question limitation.

IF SHE GETS TO KEEP HER IMMORTALITY (we don’t know what Elena said her sacrifice would be, I think we can all assume it at least involves her iron because the prophecy) I think she could give up her immortality to be with Dorian.

I don’t think Dorian would ask her to do that and I don’t think he would want her to. But I think that after hearing Asterin’s story and learning what true love is and seeing it (remember she was there the moment Aelin realized Rowan was her mate and Maas TOLD US that Manon could not look away from the scene even though she was bloodied and half dead). And we see in her behavior that these things deeply changed her. They called her life teachings into question and helped her reveal who she always knew/felt she was. So I think she might see that as a means of shedding the White Demon/Blackbeak Heir. She can still be those things if needed, but it would send a message to the other witches just what kind of ruler she wants to be.

IDK that she gets to keep her immortality. Honestly. When Rhiannon’s curse says “when iron melts return home” I’m thinking Manon—if not all witches—will lose their iron.


Yrene’s power is very VERY specific. And it makes me wonder if someone the reader cares about it going to be possessed OR if Yrene will be the one the “purify” the Valg parts from the witches—leaving them Fae.

This entire series, Manon has been described as being just as (if not more) beautiful as a Fae queen. And so let’s say Yrene’s magic is for the purpose of ensuring that the witches don’t get thrown out of the universe with the Valg. If they’re left Fae, then Manon has her immortality and we have a “return” to the once great king and queen of Adarlan: Gavin and Elena via Dorian and Manon. THAT FITS, right?

But let’s also say that maybe just Manon gets “cleaned” of the iron/the Valg bits and then she has to sacrifice her immortality to make the new Lock…. then she’s mortal.

I’m inclined to think that she will maintain her immortality because I like the return of the once great king and queen. But Maas TOLD US in EoS that Manon would have to sacrifice something and she didn’t tell us what that was. So maybe it’s her iron (and it’s just hers and the rest of the witches can stay too) or maybe it’s her immortality.

Whatever it is, Manon is willing to pay it. Or she didn’t seem to be freaking out about it at the end of EOS. I think all Maas said was that Manon cursed when Elena showed them what had to happen. Which for Manon is still a lot of emotion. She stays pretty even most of the time. Especially when she doesn’t have to put on a show/isn’t scared of retaliation from her abuser.

So. Yes. These are my thoughts.

corneliusgaiman  asked:

Hi, butterfly! I absolutely love your blog. I have spent so many hours reading your theories! Today I was reading about Cleopatra and how she had to force her brother Ptolemy out of Alexandria with the help of Caesar to seize the throne of Egypt. Obviously my mind went inmediatly to Daenerys and little Faegon Blackfyre (I think GRRM has talked about the Ptolemys as the *main* inspiration for the Targaryens). Do you think Dany will have to force him out of King's Landing? Sorry if this is stupid!

Thanks so much! And no, it’s not stupid at all, it’s just hard to say exactly with what we know right now. However, the symbolism of the “mummer’s dragon” in the House of the Undying prophecies, that Dany is the “slayer of lies”, does not bode well for Aegon. The little prophet Teora Toland (who appeared in the TWOW Arianne I preview chapter, so don’t worry if you haven’t heard of her) also said something troubling:

“Once we know beyond a doubt whether these be friends or foes, my father will know what to do,” the princess said.
It was then that pasty, pudgy Teora raised her eyes from the creamcakes on her plate. “It is dragons.”      
“Dragons?” said her mother. “Teora, don’t be mad.”
“I’m not. They’re coming.”
“How could you possibly know that?” her sister asked, with a note of scorn in her voice. “One of your little dreams?”
Teora gave a tiny nod, chin trembling. “They were dancing. In my dream. And everywhere the dragons danced the people died.”

Also, GRRM mentioned a second Dance of the Dragons once:

Hi, short question. Will we find out more about the Dance of the Dragons in future books?

The first dance or the second?

The second will be the subject of a book. The first will be mentioned from time to time, I’m sure.

GRRM, November 2003

Note, as GRRM is a “gardener” and plots and characters get away from him, the Second Dance of the Dragons may no longer be the sole subject of a book (for one, he used A Dance With Dragons as a book title already)… but is it likely to be a major part of TWOW and/or ADOS…? Probably.

Is the second Dance likely to involve Aegon and Dany in King’s Landing? Also probably.

But are they the only ones who might be involved? Maybe not. Remember, there’s Euron Greyjoy’s dragonbinder horn, currently in the possession of Victarion Greyjoy, who’s approaching Meereen. (And has arrived, per his and Barristan’s TWOW preview chapters.) If that’s used to take control of one or two of Dany’s dragons, you might see another dragonrider in Westeros before Dany even gets there. It may well be Euron or it might even be Victarion (I think he’s not going to die in Meereen, he’ll make it back to Westeros with a dragon or two, but he’ll find his flaming glory soon enough) – but it could be that Aegon takes King’s Landing with the Golden Company (Cersei escapes to Casterly Rock), and then a Greyjoy bro shows up, and wildfire kaboom. Dany may arrive on Drogon to have her own Dance with Euron on his dragon, not with Aegon. (Until Euron possesses her too, ugh.)

If so, the “slayer of lies” part of the prophecy may not be that Dany will literally slay Aegon (any more than she’ll literally slay Stannis), but that she’ll slay the lie that he’s actually Rhaegar’s son and the true heir to the throne, when it’s actually her. Aegon might be dead before she even gets to Westeros.

However, some people seem very convinced that it’s Dany and Drogon who’ll accidentally set off the wildfire in KL and blow up Aegon. I don’t, I think she’s still going to be in Essos at the time, and the wildfire explodo sounds more apropos for the hapless Victarion to me. We’ll see who’s right eventually… hopefully as soon as TWOW’s out. Write, GRRM, write like the wind…

I’m in the middle of my maturity diploma, I shouldn’t be doing this
ok, but I will take this ask as an opportunity to tell my followers some “technical matters”, I hope you don’t mind

-All my knowledge of english langue is from NSFW ff and tumblr ranst, so be ready for mistakes in all of my posts

-At first I named her “Dawn” because of that Ray Chase tweet.
However, one day I was listening to “Somnus” and word “Auroram” near the end really caught my attention. Because of that I started to think that “Aurora” would be a better fit to latin themes in the story. Still, I have nothing against it when people tag her as “Dawn” in reblogs. It’s the same word, but in english. (And I will probably call her Ari)

-As long as I will be credited - you can draw her, also send your asks, headcanons, things you want me to draw (after 15th I will have like 5 months of vacation so….)

So, about my sweet granddaughter
Ugh, I have so many headcanons and don’t have time for all, so let’s go with childhood for now

-ofc she lives in “everyone lives and are happy!” AU

-She was born really fast, I think Noct was 21 or 22

-When Noct & Luna found out that they are expecting a daughter they were pretty sure she is going to be the next oracle

-HOWEVER the same day she was born Gentiana looked at her and said “Nay, she’s not”  

- She have two siblings - brother (3 years younger) and sister (8 years younger)

-She have her father’s color palette, but big round eyes, hair structure and pale skin just like her mother

-She may have a brother, but still, as a firstborn and not an oracle, she is the heir to the Lucian throne. I think if you’re capable of wielding power to summon gods, use magicial crystal and a ring that connect you with your death ancestors, what you have between your legs isn’t a big deal (and she will not be a “Queen”. She will be called “King Aurora Lucis Caelum CXV”)

- She likes to play with only two of her many toys: a chocobo plush and a rubber-plush toy sword that looks like a big key

-Theres a story behind it: she may not remember it, but one time when she was like 2 or 3 Insomnia had some special guests, and she was really interested in sword that one of them was wielding (I mean “give it to me or I will cry for next two weeks” type of interested), so daddy ordered to make a safe for kid replica of it

-When it comes to that chocobo plush - she may or may not made a paper crown for it and sometimes put it on the throne or Noct’s dining chair

-in this family you can argue with dad, but mom’s words are absolute

-When she is going somewhere inside the citadel with her dad she never uses her feets. Her house is too huge for a little girl so big uncle’s back is a perfect option for her

-In 15 years she will be wondering why there’s a lot of really random photos of her

-“I’m lying down while crying in this one, why tf instead of helping me he decide to take a shot?!”

-This uncle may be blind, but no one on Eos can braid your hair like he can

-Everybody knows that animals shouldn’t be a birthday gift, but she was so happy about her new property that matches her hair perfectly and lives at the Wiz Chocobo Post

I made a short, 3 am thing here about a Neil who grew up as his father’s son rather than Riko’s player, and now here’s my rant about it. (I will write about it eventually, alongside my Cinderella AU and my cliche high school AU. Maybe. I’m aiming to do so) (What should I call this AU? Heir AU? Butcher AU? I think I’ll go with Heir for now)

This got incredibly long because for some reason I decided to plan an entire fic wow

  • so this is a nathaniel who was never sold to the moriyamas
  • a nathaniel whose father was never in debt
  • a nathaniel who takes the time to learn how to take over his father’s empire
  • he learns how to cut and carve and the best places to aim and how to cut a man’s eye out and how to torture with only a few weapons
  • because hes not at risk, his mother doesnt take him away
  • i imagine that, considering her own history, she doesnt let him ignore her side and teaches him how to fight physically and how to use a gun
  • (not that nathan would let him ignore that either, but he wouldnt prioritize it like she would)
  • perhaps nathaniel grows up beside ichirou rather than kevin and riko because theyre heirs to their fathers
  • now, nathan and mary frown upon exy but it keeps him in shape and it does something with his pent up energy
  • besides, exy makes him seem normal-ish
  • (hc nathan puts nathaniel into a private school and the private school happens to have exy)
  • until nathaniel turns thirteen and he makes his own kill
  • its gradual but hes brought into the business more and more as he grows older so he has less time for exy
  • and nathaniel cant say he really likes being the future butcher
  • but he knows better than to go against his father and mother
  • but then kevin day happens

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anonymous asked:

I always figured Arianne's stuff with Willas and Renly was mainly about her looking for powerful matches to help her secure Dorne and not really thinking it through because she was so consumed with not losing her inheritance, but that might not the intention but its how I always read that stuff. The Edmure thing seems to have been Hoster just trying to get his finger into every great house pie there was.

Another anon:

Meta has Arianne stepping down to be a mere wife for Willas/Edmure but it is counter to her every canon action. Why try to marry a powerful ruler if she has to give up Dorne the opposite of her goals?         

Let me clarify. I don’t think Arianne would have given up her inheritance or considered it, but I do think she did not think those desired betrothals through in the context of her birthright. She was young and defiant and hurt because she thought her father hated her since he kept bringing her matches with really old lords. Really, she was only following her father’s recipe, only younger and more fitting. Walder Frey is the lord of his house, so is Gyles Rosby, same with the rest of the matches.

Arianne Martell had grown up expecting that one day she would wed some great lord of her father’s choosing. That was what princesses were for, she had been taught.

What does her father’s choices of suitors say about how he thinks of her? What does it do to her self-esteem? She had been taught that her purpose was to wed some great lord of her father’s choosing. Her father chose greybeards older than himself; some sickly, some awful. Note that Arianne was really close to Doran as a child and that she was insecure about her looks and would pray that she grows up beautiful. Her attempt to seduce Renly ended by puzzled rejection. That girl- that beautiful charming girl, the heiress of Dorne- lit candles to the Maiden in thanks that Hoster Tully wanted her to come meet Edmure. She wanted to go to Highgarden to meet Willas, who is viewed by ableist Westeros as being less of a man, and Arianne is certainly not exempt from that ableism and that prejudice. Her headspace isn’t exactly the healthiest or the most rational.

Arianne is driven by a desire to prove herself and to prove her father wrong about her. She also has a tendency to grow tunnel-visioned when she wants something. I think her choices of suitors were born out of a desire to prove that she is capable of landing the highest matches, while also, consciously or not, following the example her father set with his choices and what she’d been taught. The Lord Paramount of the Stormlands who is also the king’s brother, the heir to the second richest family in Westeros, the heir to the Riverlands whose sisters are the ladies of Winterfell and the Vale, and whose goodbrother is the Hand of the King; those are some great matches, far greater than anyone Doran brought her and far closer to her station.

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Fiona ISN’T Alistair’s mother?  (**potential spoilers ahead, so read at your own risk**)

I first considered the idea when the question was posed on a DA fan page on Facebook - “Who is Alistair’s mother?”  Naturally, everyone chimed in with “Fiona!”, but then one astute person noted that Alistair’s name is never mentioned in the book.  I checked and sure enough, when Duncan and Fiona bring the baby to Maric, his name is never uttered.  My writer’s brain kicked into overdrive with the potential this bombshell might hold.

I mentioned this possibility to @oblivion-and-wonderland​ and we discussed how things might unfold if there was a THIRD Theirin heir out there somewhere.  Then she found this in the comics…

“All the people I love are here…  Cailan, YOUR MOTHER, Loghain…”

But Fiona is still alive at this point because these comics happen before the events of Inquisition.  So to whom, then, is Maric referring if not Fiona?  Again, we tossed around some ideas and theories and I dared to pose the question of another Theirin heir on a fanfic writers page and instead of people tossing around ideas about it (which was my intent), it turned into this huge mess about how ridiculous the whole idea was.  I wound up deleting the post because I was looking for an honest discussion of the possibility of another heir, not an argument about why the idea is stupid or ridiculous.  Of course, I’ll probably get that with this text post, but whatever.


The idea of a third heir stayed with me, even after the discussion died down.  I considered writing about it in my crossover (which I still may very well do), but I didn’t really give it a lot of thought or research.

A couple of nights ago, Karee sent me this…

This screenshot is from the Awakenings codex, but the one for Origins says pretty much the same thing - Alistair was raised at Redcliffe to hide him from Rowen.  However, Rowen was already dead when the events of The Calling happened, so if the babe Fiona had was really Alistair, there would be no need to hide him from the queen, right?

So, Karee put the screenshots together and tweeted them to Mr. Gaider & Mr. Weekes, asking for clarification.  Mr. Gaider’s response?  “I’m sure you can figure it out on your own.”

Believe me, I know the Dragon Age series is rife with timeline and continuity errors, but this seems like too big an issue to just be a simple mistake.

My theory is this… Alistair’s mother truly was a handmaiden; he was born while Rowen was still alive and hidden in Redcliffe.  Fiona did have a child with Maric and that son is still out there, somewhere.  Yes, her conversation in Skyhold lead one to think that she believes Alistair is her son, but she never expressly states this.  However, it’s logical to assume because she’d have no reason to think otherwise - she wouldn’t have known of Alistiar’s true parentage just as very, very few people would have known about her child with Maric.

I really think there’s a third heir out there and I think it’s going to cause some major ripples in DA4.

anonymous asked:

hello.. i was wondering if u read any leaks about jonsa bc apparently everyone read things about the targaryan baby :/

This is an excerpt from my season finale recap…

What I think about the targ baby theory… LOL!!


Now to Jon and D’s scene in the dragon pit where she talks about how chaining the dragons was not such a smart move. They’re meant to be set free, according to her. Just like the dragon within her. She doesn’t plan to chain the dragons, the dragons whom were are told in this very episode don’t understand the difference between what’s theirs and what isn’t. Land, Livestock, children. This is very important, mind you!!

D. Targ: They were terrifying, extraordinary. They filled people with wonder and awe. And we locked them in here. They wasted away. They grew small and we grew smaller as well. We weren’t extraordinary without them. We were just like everyone else.

This very aptly reflects what D. Targ thinks. She’s nothing without her dragons. Her power comes from her dragons. Dragons who can never be fully controlled, dragons who had to be chained because they posed an equal threat to men, like the dead do, dragons whom D. targ will never be able to see wasted away. She thinks without her dragons, she’s ordinary just like everyone else. And she does not want to be everyone else. She likes being different, she likes the power her dragons give her. This was foreshadowing, in my opinion.

JON: You’re not like everyone else. And you’re family hasn’t seen it’s end. You’re still here.

This firstly reflects what Jon thinks about D. Targ. He has only seen her good side. He ‘thinks’ that she’s not like everyone else and that she has a good heart which may be true in a sense but everything else about her, including burning the tarlys is going to come back to bite him in the ass. Remember what else Jon said in this episode, “I forgive, what I CAN forgive.” Which also means I DON’t forgive what I can’t. Anyway, we’ll have to wait for it in season 8.

D. Targ: I can’t have children.

I know how many people think that bringing this up again definitely means that D is going to get pregnant. I agree, that this is what the show wants us to think. That the witch may not have been a reliable source of information. That somehow it is possible for D to have children. Most of the casual viewers who were watching this show along with me thought that D is going to get magially pregnant next season.

Which is why I got extremely suspicious of this scene, if you know what I mean. This is the scene in which the “continuation” of the Targaryen line is being discussed about. Is it really going to be through the incest route? The one that brought about the supposed downfall of house targ?? Could be, but I really have my doubts. Consider this, unknown to themselves, two targaryens are having a conversation about the succession of their dynasty. One who is capable of fathering children, one who is incapable of having children. One who thinks she is the rightful heir to the iron throne, one who is actually the heir to the iron throne. I still believe that Jon staring at Long claw and passing it on to his children with the STARK music playing in the background had to mean something.

Don’t Leave

Summary: Jon decides to ride South to meet the Dragon Queen, Sansa tries to dissuade him from doing such enormous mistake 

Part 3 of the Love and Fear’ series

Part 1 Part 2

“Have you lost your mind? going South to Daenerys Targaryen? and what for? asking her to please give you her dragons? this is not how alliances work!” Sansa had lost her temper with Jon after the last council meeting with the Northern Lords. She used to be quiet, calm and resolute, along with her brother she was building a place of trust and support other than utter and complete love for one another. He had learned to listen to her, to take her advice into considerations and to inform her beforehand of each issue to be discussed by the council. But Sansa lost her temper as soon as Jon announced his intent to ride South and meet Daenerys Targaryen.

They were in the Great Hall, the room empty, all Lords dismissed and Ser Davos retired in his chamber. They were alone for the first time during that day and Sansa finally had the chance to express her concerns, frustrated over the earlier unanimous agreement of such idiocy.

“I know we’re going to have to make an alliance! I don’t know what this alliance will consist of” he growled

“She’s going to ask you to bend the knee, to renounce your status of King in The North and pledge your alliegance, the North allegiance to her!” she shouted in vexation

“we’re not sure!” Jon was always the same man believing in people, believing in their goodness and common sense whereas Sansa had learned at her expenses naivety and doubt were not contemplated in their world

“We are! she wants the Iron Throne, she wants to rule the Seven Kingdoms, do you believe she will be happy to hear about the North’s independence? about another King ruling in Westeros?”

“she won’t, but I have to try. She has dragons, Sansa. They’re the weapon I need to win this war”

“do you?” she asked

He paced back and forth along the table “you haven’t seen them, Sansa. You don’t know what they are, what they’re capable of and if I can’t get the strongest weapon to destroy them, none of us will make it alive and be damn who will sit on the Iron Throne, there won’t be a Throne to sit on if they win” his voice a tad lower as his anger was softening

she rested her hands on the table, leaning forward facing Jon on the opposite side “and this is how you’re going to convince her? without a proof of their existence, she won’t believe you” she countered

he nodded, aware of that possibility “then I will bring her the proof”

She squinted  “No” she whispered as she took a few steps back “no no no, bringing her the proof means..it means you go back beyond the wall. No..” and suddenly she was about to break down

“You know I have to go, I have no other choice” he lowered his eyes to avoid the painful image in front of him

“not now. You could die, you may never come back” she whimpered

“I’ll come back to you, I promise”

and with those words she was seething with anger “stop making promises you can’t keep”

“don’t say this to make me stay, it is my duty”

“there must be another way! this meeting could go wrong, you don’t know her and if she’s as mad as her father, you won’t even be able to make it out alive” she desperately begged him

“Tyrion Lannister is with her, he’s her advisor, if we can convince him at least, maybe we’re going to have more chances to convince her as well”

He had a good point. She knew Tyrion, he had been her husband, he was the only one who had treated her with respect in King’s Landing and unless he had changed, he wouldn’t let the Targaryen heir burn people alive “and who do you think is going to talk with Tyrion? Davos?”

“Me. I am the King, I’m going to her, to know who this Queen is and whether or not we can convince her to fight on our side. It is my duty. Davos will come with me. End of discussion” he was resolute, she recognized that tone of voice

“No. the discussion is still on. This is a mistake, you want to leave with no army, with no one to back you up and if she decides let’s just say to burn you with your beloved dragons?” she couldn’t lose hope to dissuade him from doing such grave mistake


“It’s dangerous! we don’t know her, her father burned our grandfather alive, our uncle strangled because of him and you’re going to her for help? how can you be such a fool?” she pretended to forget about Tyrion’s presence by her side, a great presence in Jon’s favor to his suicide mission

“This is no different than you asking Lord Baelish help with the Knights of the Vale despite what he did to you” he raged at the thought of that single event, of Sansa mistrusting him and hiding such vital information to him

“I was desperate, we didn’t have men and I had to do what it was right to do which meant to put aside my feelings and the pain I had to go through because of that man’s choice”she was almost in tears, hurt that Jon was still resentful of that act

“this is desperate time too, Sansa. Actually, this is even more desperate, don’t you understand? this is THE war and she has the weapon we all need to survive” he yelled at her

“there must be another way” she repeated as if that sentence was on her tongue to be repeated over and over again until he’d understand

“there is no other way” he shouted irked by her persistence “I must go. If I stay here planning a war with the army we have, it will never be enough. I’ll take a few men of our army if you want to, but there’s Tyrion Lannister with her, I trust him to listen to me, or at least to not burn us alive with those beasts”

she rounded the table to stand mere inches from him “you won’t listen to me, right?” she answered defeated for the first time after many discussions they had had. She had always won, she had always been in the right, but now it was different.

She was irregularly heaving, unable to stabilize her breath “No. this is my decision. Many times I listened to you, I took your advice after we took back Winterfell, but not now. I saw what we have to fight with my own eyes, there’s no throne, no power, no fucking King or Queen to kneel to. There’s only death ahead of us and I have to do anything in my power to thwart the Night King to wreck anything on his path"

“Go then, go to the Dragon Queen and make your alliance, marry her if you have to and the North will be glad to have a new Queen that will burn us all eventually” she spit out with fury merged with jealousy

He grabbed her by the shoulders and drew his nose close to hers. He said nothing, his eyes said it all though. He stepped forward along with her and trapped her against grand table “Jon…” he kissed her there in the middle of the great hall where anyone could enter and see them

He left her delicate and fiery lips and commenced to take off his armor “Jon no, what are you doing?”

He was silent, no words spoken as he turned her around and tore off her dress and slid it down, her small clothes disappeared in an instant and he sat her on the table. He took off his tunic and lowered himself on her perfect cunt, ready to savor the taste of her after a heated discussion. His face plunged between her legs, her hands gripping his curls, slightly pushing him as an encouragement to lick her. She lay down on the wooden table and widened her legs even more to guarantee him more access to her now slick and wet folds

“someone could walk in on us. Anyone, Jon!” she moaned as her peak was nearing

“I don’t care” he said without stopping lapping at her swell, delicate, juicy cunt “I waited to taste you all day long”

“we…can…wait…ahhh…our chamber Jon. our..chamber” he was making it hard to say something comprehensible

“no here” commanding Jon was back and she knew he was attempting to make a point his own way

And he sucked her folds, pecked them, licked them, lapped at them, his tongue going deep inside to have a better taste of her

“Jon Jon I’m about to come stop”

He didn’t relent though, instead he grabbed her hips and held her down to keep her steady, one finger on her clit, circulating and massaging it as his tongue slowed the pace to calmly and gently savour her moist, drenched inner parts before he felt her contracting and spasming in a mind-blowing orgasm as she yanked his curls

“can we go to our chamber now?” she asked still wheezing

“no” he answered while untying his breeches and ending up naked on top of her

“oh gods Jon I’m serious, someone may come in. It’s not the right place”

“again, I don’t care” he gingerly slid inside her and started to pump at different, blissful paces

He was punishing her with harsh and severe thrusts. He wasn’t making love to her, he was chastising her for her wrong words slipped out of her mouth.

“there’s no queen that will take me away from you” she placed her hands on his buttocks, feeling his defined muscles perfectly contracting, arousing her even more than she already was

He was not delicate nor gentle, he only savagely rammed into her “there’s no dragon queen to bow to or worst of all, to marry. I wont’ ever accept it”

one, two, three thrusts and he emptied himself inside her, the spurt so violent that she felt her walls pulsating once more.

Panting and worn out, he fell on top of her and she stroked his hair “can we go to our chamber, so I can drink moon tea?” she faintly asked

“I promise you after the war you will stop drinking moon tea”

“it is no time for promises, Jon. I’d say it’s time to worry about my dress being ripped off and discarded on the dirty ground” she flimsily laughed

He chuckled “don’t worry, my coat will do to reach our chamber”

Luckily for them, on their way to the chamber they didn’t encounter anyone as they prowled along the corridors and finally entered the room. “Arya wants to go with you” she said as she fixed her hair

“she will stay here and you will closely watch over her until I leave. She’s tiny and shrewd, she knows how to fool us all”

she sat beside him on the bed “she survived out there alone, I think she can survive this”

“that’s not why I don’t want her to come with me. She’s become a skilled killer, she may even be helpful. But I want you two to stay close, you hadn’t seen each other for too long, you need time to get acquainted with one another again”

“and?” she asked for further reasons

he rolled his eyes “nothing else”

“tell me Jon, I can hear you’re keeping the truth from me” she sweetly said

he sighed “I want her here in case Littlefinger attempts to lay his hands on you”

“I can protect myself. You don’t know but he tried to dissuade me into marrying him more than once” she reassured him

he clenched his fists “it’s better to be careful with him, I don’t trust him”

“are you leaving Ghost with me?”

he nodded “he’s more useful to you than me. He’s going to be my eyes in Winterfell…on you. He follows my orders, so when you’re going to be alone with him, Ghost will be there and if he dares to touch you, he’s dead, tore to pieces” he growled

she smiled at his overprotection, yet that smiled hid her true worries that did not involve being left alone with Lord Baelish, but were all about either the slim chances to see Jon ever again after his departure or the return he had promised her, but as a different man. There were whispers of the Dragon Queen’s beauty and strength, whispers that all men who ever met her fell for her eventually. Jon was Jon, yet a man he was and perhaps meeting her would make him forget of his duties, of the North and, her biggest fear, of her.

She had to prepare to turn to steel from the first light of the day until darkness, she had to master her emotions again for her not to cry the day Jon would leave.

“The day you will ride South, I will sternly look upon you, I won’t hug you, I won’t wave goodbye. You know why I have to do it, so please don’t hate me” she begged him as tears streamed down on her face