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Why did you give up on your dream? You could ride and continue to dream of designing motorcycles.

A Morning Chat

Lily and Alice are getting ready together.

Lily: What do you mean? Why wouldn’t they be able to come up here?

Lily: You invited Frank up here? Alice, bad girl.

Lily: Sure I would, Alice, sure I would. But about the stairs, I have no idea why Frank couldn’t get up here and the marauders could.

Lily: I’m sure that conversation would go over nicely.

Alice: Yeah, yeah.

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Today, July 4th 2017, would have been the day that Saffie-Rose Roussos, the youngest victim of the Manchester attack, would have turned 9. According to her father, her dream was to be a star, she wanted to be famous like Ariana. So I’d just like to say Happy Birthday Saffie, wherever you are, rest easy - and I ask you to reblog this and give a little girl her wish, and make her name known on her birthday.


In this scene in Lilo and Stitch where Nani is desperate for work and tries her luck at the local coffee shop, I always loved how nicely the owner is animated…she’s a minor character but her design is so lovely and idk I think she’s great :3


170801 Jimin’s Tweet

본보야지 ✌️

Bon Voyage ✌️ 

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But we’re a million worlds apart..