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Klaus x Reader

Summery: Klaus descoveres a terrified girl covered in blood with no memories beyond two names. (Y/N) (Y/L/N) and Theo Raeken

Peace. The rare treasure that Klaus had come to adore in the resent months. But the spell of silence of all but the crickets and the soft muttering of the family in the house behind him was broken by shark gasps for air in the distance.

He walked the length of the porch, frowning when the noise was joined by snapping of twigs and the stinging sound of branches and thorns pulling at skin. Elijah’s concerned words fell on deaf ears when Klaus stumbled forwards, as if he was tied to the end of a long line of string that was quickly dragging him towards whatever was in such distress it made panic rise through his body.

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OMG yes hi dear! Of course I remember you! I’m so glad to hear from you again! I’m so overjoyed for you!!! First of all, I would like to say I’m unbelievably proud of you. You’ve found out how to be true to yourself and accept who you are and to not think but feel and follow your heart. That alone is amazing!! But then you also came out to your friend too, so wow that’s another brave step you took! AND TO FIND OUT SHE HAD A CRUSH ON YOU THIS WHOLE TIME!! Wowowow
I can’t handle this I’m so glad everything worked out ❤️✨❤️✨❤️
Thanks for sharing and making my day! My heart is full of happiness, I wish the best for you cuties!!

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I LOVED THE CAPE FIC!!!!! It was literally the cutest! I have an idea to add onto it if that's ok. So since the fic ended off with Marco chasing Tom, maybe Marco runs out of breath, and then can't find Tom. He then finds him passed out (He was tired too lol) with the cape wrapped around him. Marco has to carry him back to tent.

Awwww! What a sweet idea! Sure I can write that! It’s so cute! I hope you like the story! I really enjoyed writing it! Sorry I may have tweaked the idea a little bit. I hope you like it! Enjoy!

Read the last one here! https://tomco-headcannons.tumblr.com/post/161931322937/of-course-i-can-a-lot-of-people-love-marcos

Tom laughed and ducked behind a tree, before stopping his running from Marco. Marco on the other hand kept looking for the demon. “Where did you go?” Marco asked, checking behind everything. He was panting from running so much and looked around. It wasn’t until he checked behind a tree that he saw Tom– passed out at this point.

“Oh, he tuckered himself out.” Marco cooed, ruffling his hair. Tom stirred a bit and Marco noticed the cape on his lap. He smiled and took it, leaning Tom forward and wrapping the demon up in a little bundle. When he leaned Tom forward, the demon threw his arms around Marco– still fast asleep. Marco felt his face flush red as Tom cuddled him close in his sleep. Marco gulped and scooped Tom up in his arms, the demon held him tighter and Marco felt butterflies in his stomach.

He brought Tom back to the camp and set him down on the sleeping bag, still bundled up in the cape. Marco didn’t have the heart to take it from him. He just looked so cute and cozy! Marco grinned a bit and brushed Tom’s bangs out of his face. Tom yawned in his sleep and pulled the blanket over his face a tiny bit.

“Hey Marco did you get your cape back?” Star asked, poking her head into the tent. But she smiled big when she saw Marco jumped away from a sleeping Tom. “Awww! How cute! He’s like a sleeping kitty cat!” Star cooed. Marco blushed deeply.

“He-he is not that cute.” He assured, spinning on his heel. Star made a face.

“Is that why you were petting his head and let him keep your cape?” She asked, leaning forward. Marco blushed deeper and moved past her. “Awwwww! You two are so cute together I think I might just scream!” She giggled. Star followed him around for a while longer, teasing and joking about it.

“Star! Shh! You’ll wake him up.” Marco told her, pointing to the tent. “He didn’t sleep well last night.” Marco recalled.

“And how do you know that?” Star asked. Marco’s face went red and he looked down at his hands.

“I uh…” He gulped and rubbed the back of his head. “He was… he was cold so he… crawled into my sleeping bag… and slept with me last night.” Marco coughed, blushing deeply. Star gasped and stared at Marco for the longest time.

“Oh. My. GOSH!” She cried, jumping up and down. “HOW CUTE HOW CUTE!” Star cried out. “Did you snuuuuugle?” She asked, teasingly.

“No! I just… well you know, he just sort of made his way into my arms… it was involuntary!” Marco snapped. Star was cheering and dancing around, singing little love songs and teasing her friend. “Oh okay, laugh it up.” Marco huffed. Star did so, and she kept laughing until Janna came back from her own tent.

“What’s so funny?” She asked.

“Guess who cuddled with Marco last night!” Star sang. Janna thought for a moment.

“Was it you?” She asked. Star shook her head.

“What? No. It was-”

“Was it me? I don’t remember it…” Janna trailed off.

“No Janna it was-”

“Janna it was Tom!” Star cut her off. Janna gasped and the girls took each other’s hands and jumped up and down. Marco rolled his eyes and the girls kept cheering.

“Cut it out! Tom and I don’t like each other! We’re like… always picking fights.” Marco reminded.

“Because you guys have a crush! That’s how crushes are!” Janna exclaimed. “When I had a crush on this kid, I stole their lunch and pushed them into a trash can.” Janna explained. She then sighed dreamily. “Young love.”

“You’re insane, I don’t like Tom…. and step off!” Marco hissed, turning and marching away. But by the time he was out of sight, Marco let a little smile creep onto his face. Tom did look incredibly cute fast asleep like that. And it was nice holding him while he slept. And he looked so adorable wrapped up in his cape. Maybe he would let the demon keep it.

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I meant to have this up yesterday, but then Circumstances coughcarriedawaycough got the better of me. :)

This fill is entirely based off @capricornkeith’s headcanons regarding Hogwarts houses for the Paladins, which Boss and I both vehemently agree with. In fact we got so carried away talking about them that, uh, this was the entire reason for my opening up AU prompts in the first place. :) This is the longest fill I’ve done yet. Happy birthday!!

(in celebration of 100+ followers I’m answering AU fills! This one also doubles as Boss’s birthday gift, because she is amazing and I’m so glad we’re friends. As such it’s probably way too long for tumblr, so I’ll cross-post to A03 in a couple days. <3 ENJOY)

00. These are the things that Shiro has.

His cherry wand, a perfect 10 3/4”. The dragon heartstring core is entirely responsible for Shiro’s three-year-obsession with dragons, which waned somewhat after starting lessons in Care of Magical Creatures in his Third Year. Though he no longer wants to be a Dragon Trainer, he still holds a strong admiration for the majestic creatures. Hopefully one day he’ll even see one outside of the pages of his textbook.

Shiro has two Broomsticks: the unaltered Comet 290 that he plays in school Quidditch matches, and the Cleansweep Seven he definitely hasn’t charmed to go faster, not at all. Shiro has his eyes on one of the new Nimbus models, but he can’t quite afford it. Maybe someday.

A full set of Hufflepuff ties, the yellow and black stripes bold and honest. Shiro’s proud of his House. He belongs there. He’s never felt otherwise. He isn’t a Gryffindor like Allura; Shiro’s brave, absolutely, but his level of bravery’s nothing compared to Allura’s take-no-prisoners, ask-permission-later method of dealing with adventures. Shiro certainly isn’t a Ravenclaw either, though that House suits Matt to a tee; Shiro’s intelligent and hard-working, yes, but his hard work can’t hold a candle to Matt’s voracious thirst for knowledge. The Sorting Hat said Hufflepuff; Shiro’s never found a reason to argue. He’ll do what needs to be done and he’ll fit in where he is, and gladly. He always has. The Hufflepuffs are his people.

He has his Prefect’s badge, now retired in favor of the Head Boy badge, delivered to him in a school envelope addressed in the orange ink everyone associates with Deputy Headmaster Coran. Shiro’s mom cried with pride when Shiro explained what it meant.

Two fantastic parents, supportive despite that their son isn’t going to an engineering school, isn’t going to be a doctor or a lawyer but something completely different. The Shirogane family’s adapted well to the surprise of magic in their household. Shiro’s well aware he’s lucky.

Shiro’s lucky also that the Shirogane family’s become such good friends with the pureblooded Holts. Samuel Holt gave Shiro his coming-of-age watch, a beautiful creation with self-winding hands and the moons and the planets and everything. (“You’ve got your own parents, of course,” Sam said, when he presented it to Shiro at the party, “but a wizard man needs a proper watch of his own, in our world. It’s tradition.”)

A fantastic and fabulous group of friends, scattered across multiple years and Houses. Allura and Matt are key, of course. Shiro’d met them both on the train that infamous September First, six years ago. Their friendship has stuck and carried true, despite that none of them are in the same House. Shiro doesn’t mind. His friends are perfect where they are.

Shiro has one consistently visible scar, stretched thin but stark across the bridge of his nose. It’s from a time before he and his parents really knew about magic. They know now. They’d been lucky.

Shiro has two flesh-and-blood, perfect, natural hands. He’s ambidextrous, which caused a bit of a challenge in Ollivander’s shop six years ago. He prefers to use his right hand, but he’ll switch it up on occasion. The Hogwarts Dueling Club will never forget that surprise. He’s not entirely sure Allura’s forgiven him yet.

Yes, Shiro is a child of two worlds, a Muggleborn pulled into something wonderful and truly magical.

The long and short of it is, too: the Shiro we know in this universe has the scar across his nose, but he hasn’t lost his right arm.


01. Summer

Keith goes home with Shiro for the summer holidays.

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I'm not a huge Milah fan but I do like the way you write her impact on his life. He obviously loved her, and pretending that that just goes away when he finds Emma is not the Killian I see on screen. And I think she's a big part of how he's so emotionally mature when it comes to understanding Emma.

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Killian Jones has probably spent the longest time in a canonically loving serious relationship with Milah,  and it shows. 

(Admittedly with the timeline it’s hard to tell exactly) 

But the point is, being in tune and sensitive and patient with Emma is not something that just… comes naturally,  it’s learned behavior.  And he learned that from spending years in a stable loving partnership.  And pretending that is irrelevant to captain swan is just… *quietly fumes*

Follow up to this, I believe. 

Come join me in the Millian pit of feels I have apparently stumbled into today: @queen-mabs-revenge @mryddinwilt @thisisevenharderthannamingablog

Sometimes, Love isn’t Enough 3/?


Author’s Notes: PEEPS! Here’s chapter 3. But first I will just apologize for the wait! I had chapter 3 done for a while and I was going to update the last week of May but I lost it. Word pooped on me and didn’t save which had me really pissed. And then, I wrote it a second time and IT did not get saved either. Which had me even more mad and I put off on writing for a while. I finally have it done and saved it no just on my desktop but on dropbox and my flash drive too! Take that!

This chapter was really hard to write and I didn’t want to get anything wrong because of what it is about. I hope you guys enjoy it. And please comment and reblog etc your thoughts! This was probably the chapter I whimpered in the most while writing. 

PS. Tagging under the cut! Tell me if you want to be tagged or untagged!

PPS. This chapter is the longest I’ve written for this story! Almost 3.5k!

Chapter 3: A Reason

Her whole life, she’s been walking a jaded, dark path. Or at least, it seems like that. She gives herself a head shake and closes her eyes as she chuckles silently. And Oliver feels her shake.

What has she been doing this whole time?

She wonders silently as she thinks about all that she’s done the last year and a half.

She’s followed a man out of curiosity, and stayed because she fell in love. And she’s let herself be in pain for so long because she held onto some silly little vision of hope. That he would notice her. That the mark meant something for the both of them.

But she was so naive. And it was her fault really. She’s been so used to people leaving, and using her. Her dad kissing her on the forehead when she was 6, promising that he would always tuck her in before bed.  And then leaving the next day. And then Cooper, befriending him, and falling into a relationship with him. And then finding out that it was just because he wanted her computer virus for his own gain.

But she knew what was different about this. This was her soulmate. And she wouldn’t have cared all this time. But Felicity grew up with all the stories of the unbreakable bond between a handful of pairs. Her grandma swept her up in them, and sometimes she ached for them. She talked about how you wouldn’t feel anything from the mark until you met each other. She talked about the endless love and affection they would feel for each other. The need for protection, the care. She remembered how she said there would be unbearable pain if they met and either of them denied the bond they shared.

And then her grandma showed her the blue bird she had on her wrist.

And how it matched her Grandpa’s.

She knew from there, that she wanted the bond. With an intensity.


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Luke Brooks Smut #12 (REQUESTED) Car Smut

Warning: the following text contains NSFW content. DONT READ IF YOU DONT LIKE.

“Alright 3 more questions then y/n and I have to get off because we have a long drive in the morning.” Luke says to the camera. The fans have been begging the boys to come to San Fransisco for the longest and finally they decided too. Beau, Chelsey, James and Daniel are already there while Jai is in Melbourne flying to San Fransisco. Leaving Luke and I driving there.

“How much do you enjoy Luke y/n? I think i can answer this one for her. She loves me so much she can’t stay away from me every second of the day. She tells me I’m her oxygen.” He interrupts himself by laughing. I laugh along with him because he knows damn well I wouldn’t say that nor do I do those things.

“Luke is an okay boy, he’s not all that.” I joke. “See I told you, she can’t get enough of me. Watch this, hey Y/n give me a kiss.” He says leaning into me. I push his face back and laugh. “No I’m joking I love him so much,I can’t imagine a world with him.” I smile. “Awww you’re so sweet.” He says kissing my cheek.

“Two more before we have to go” he says looking at the comments. “How long have you guy guys been a couple, about a year now.” He smiles. “One more!” He says scanning through the comments.

“That’s not a question but okay” he says turning to face me. He lifts my chin up with his pointer finger and thumb before placing a kiss on my lips. “That’s what they asked?” I question. “No they demand your Twitter name.” He laughs. “ oh it’s y/t/n.” I smile.

“Well that’s it guys , thank you for watching and we’ll be back soon.” He says. We both blow kisses to the camera.

After he closed out the broadcast and closed his laptop,he went to take a shower. I started to finish packing so I could’ve ready tomorrow.

10 mins later Luke comes out with a towel wrapped around his waist and his chest glistening from the reflection of the light coming off his chest. “Y/n? Hello…” He waves in my face. “Huh?” I question.

“I asked if you were ready and if you needed a shower.” He laughs. “Oh I’m ready and I’ll just take one in the morning babe.” I say. I strip from my clothes and grab one of his shirts from his drawer and climb into his bed. Luke just stood there watching me.

“Why are you starting at me.” I ask. “Well you just took off your clothes, you were in just your bra and panties before you put on my shirt. So I had to sit back and admire you.” He smiles. I get off his bed and pad over to him. “Admire me huh?” I say seductively.

I pull his towel so it falls on the floor, I grab his erection and stroke it lightly. His eyes turn a darker shade, his breathing becoming shaky. “Fuck y/n” I grunts. I go down on my knees and take his length into my mouth. My tongue swirls over him as I go up and down. “Y/n” he moans.

A few minutes later he pulls out of my mouth and jerks off, cumming on to his shirt. “I love you so much fuck y/n” he breathes. “Let me fuck you.” He pleads. “No well do it when we’re in San Francisco babe” I giggle. He pouts.

“Now I need to change my shirt haha.” I laugh. He took my shirt off leaving me in my shorts and bra before picking me up and laying me on the bed, him hovering over me. He starts to kiss and suck on my neck. Luke’s hands roam up and down my body before pulling down my shorts and underwear.

He spreads my legs quickly and starts licking my clit. “Fuck Luuuuuuke omg.” I moan. His tongue starts going faster before placing his middle and ring finger inside me. “That feels good, yeah?” He grunts. My legs start shaking and he pushes them down so they wouldn’t close.

“Luke I’m close.” I say, my chest rising and falling. “Cum for me” he says. A few minutes later I reach my high and my legs feel like jelly. “Okay now I really need to shower. Nevermind I’ll just shower in the morning that was great babe.” I say pulling him up to me.

We both get changed and ready for bed. When I wake up, Luke’s arms are draped around me and I pry them off so I can take my shower.

After my shower, I walk out to see Luke packing last minute things and getting them outside into the car. Right before I start getting dressed he walks in.

“Look at my beautiful girlfriend.” He coos walking over to me before wrapping his arms around my waist. He start kissing my neck and attempting removing my towel. “Luke we have to go.” I laugh. “I’m just trying to help you get dressed babe.” He says.

“Luke I’m not stupid.” I laugh at him.
“I know and I also know I have to wait till we get to San Francisco.” He says kissing my neck still. He kisses my lips before grunting. “I need you so bad.” He says walking away to pack his camera.

I put on some comfortable shorts and a dirty pig hoodie and my nike free runs. “Ready?” He asks. Luke is wearing a dirty pig shirt and black adidas sweatpants. We’re so alike it’s hilarious.

He gets the rest of our bags and places them in the back of them car, he wouldn’t let me help so I just sat in the passenger seat. “If you want you can just go back to sleep babe.” Luke says pulling out the driveway. I nod before getting my fluffy blue blanket and falling asleep.

“Beau we left an hour ago fuck, it’s not like we’ll be there in 2 minutes it’s a 6 hours drive. Alright. Okay bye.” Luke says before hanging up on the phone. I wake up and stretch before kissing Luke’s cheek.

“Beau won’t stop bitching, I’m sorry I didn’t mean to wake you babe.” He says to me. He takes my left hand into his right and kisses the back of it. “How was your sleep?” He asks. “It was okay, could’ve gone much longer but you know.” I joke.

“I wouldn’t woke you up anyways, road trips are boring when you have no one to talk to.” He pouts. “But sleep is so great, it’s beautiful if it were a person I would best friend them for life.” I say, emphases on the L of life.

“Yeah cause you hate me already.” He says. “If I hated you I wouldn’t have given you a blow job without you asking last night or other nights.” I laugh. “You’re right.” He chuckles, places his hand on my inner left thigh. He’s caresses it and goes higher up my leg.

“Hm whatcha doing there Mr.Brooks.” I ask. “I’ve been horny since we’ve been on the road.” He laughs. “So what do you wanna do about it?” I flirt. I move his hand back on the wheel. “Wouldn’t want to crash babe.” I laugh.

He groans. “Babe come on I need you.” He pouts. “Just think, in a few hours you’ll be able to fuck me as hard as you please.” I say.

He sucks in a breath. “Fuck you know how much I love it when you say stuff like that babe” he says. I decided to tease him even more by placing my hand inside my shorts and underwear. “Oh my god y/n don’t do this to me whyyyyy.” He whines.

“Focus on the road Luke!” I laugh. I start circling my self and I lay my head back against the chair. “I can’t wait for you to be inside me Luke.” I say to him. He looks over and he grabs my hand.

“Y/n stop you’re killing me.” He says.
I pull away from him before masturbating again. “Luke no, don’t you like this.” I say. “Yes of course I do but you’re gonna give me blue balls.” He laughs. “Well how can I help you if you’re driving?” I tease. “You want me to give you head?” I ask.

His eyes brows raise and his smirk is plastered across his face drone surprise. “Road head huh?” He smiles. “I was kidding Luke.” I laugh. “But I’m so hard right now. Ugh.” He growls. “Sorry Luke. Just tell me what to do.” I say.

“Rub your clit.” He demands and I obey. The pleasure going through me makes my legs shake. “Fuck, say my name.” He grunts looking back and fourth from the road and me. “Luuukkee.” I moan. His breathing increases and he palms him self.

“Y/n please.” He begs. I look around us to make sure there isn’t any cars, and it’s still early in the morning so it’s a little dark. I unbuckle myself before reaching over him and grabbing his length out of his sweats. He wasn’t lying when he said he was dying because he was very hard. I wrap my lips around him before sucking. “Fuck y/n” he moans.

His right hand holds my hair up. “Yeah just like that don’t stop.” He grunts. I go up and down and swirl my tongue around him. His thighs tremble from pleasure. His grip on my hair firmer than before. I swirl my tongue around his tip and he starts going crazy.

“Oh fuck. Y/n.” He moans. Every now and then his grip would get firm then soft then firm then soft. “Don’t stop.” He breathes. His hips buckle and he lets out a short breath. I look up at him while swirling my tongue around him and his eyes are furrowed and focused on the road with his mouth dropped in pleasure.

“Fuck stay down there’s a car passing us.” He says holding me down gently. I decided to do something I’ve never tried before since I have the opportunity. I start licking him slowly and lower my head down on him so that he’s at back of my throat. I keep doing this mouth, gagging from time to time.

Luke stays silent the whole time and his grip has gone firmer than ever. I go back up to his tip and look at him. His lip is in between his teeth and he starts twitching in my mouth. “Fuck I’m gonna cum y/n"he grunts.

I take my mouth off him before grabbing his length and stroking it fast. Seconds later he cums on my hand. I get up and get the towel on the floor in the front seat to clean it off. "Fuck y/n that was the best head you’ve ever given me.” He pants, his grip tight on the wheel and puts his length back into his boxers.

He grabs my left hand and kisses the back of it. “Anything for my king.” I say. “You’re in trouble when we get the hotel. You’re all mine got it?” He says, his accent heavy. The excitement in me is overwhelmed. I nod, “Good.” He says.

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🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊 jimin stans?

i dont think i follow many jimin stans but ill try my hardest!!!

🎊@4jimn alessa rlly rlly loves jimin n it makes me so happy like !!!! n i also have to mention @chimlq bc alessa is doing gods work with this blog!!!! shes’ so super sweet n lovely n u should rlly follow her!!!

🎊@bipjm karina literally has the cutest blog ever its jimin and the Nicest™ pink aesthetic like ????? what more could you want ??? shes also super funny n sweet but for the longest time i thought her url was bip jm n i was like wtf is a bip ??? then it hit me lmao

🎊@chimnin not only loves jimin but also ??? has the nicest aesthetic ever like i feel like im constantly reblogging just from their blog!!!

🎊@cozychim i really love anna and her blog like !!! jimin and ggs !!!! what a great combo!! anna really is the cutest u should definitely follow!!!

🎊@jiminsangel another jimin stan with an amazing aesthetic!!! kathi really is the sweetest n her blogs is one of my absolute faves!!!! really just a top tier jimin stan!!!

🎊@jithottie i really love tal so much!!! shes so funny n sweet and i love reading her tags so much!! honestly if youre not following tal what are you doing ??? literally one of my funniest mutuals!!!

🎊@lieparkjimin another one of my fave blogs!!! one of the sweetest n kindest jimin stans like sarah really has so much love in her heart!!!! also makes super nice mbs and just has a really cute blog in general!!!

For every 🎊 I get I’ll recommend a blog 💌

Do I follow them?: Indeed I do :3

Why do I follow them?:
Ya know, for the longest time she scared the crap out of me. But now I follow her for the sheer artful skill on every piece of writing she produces. She’s just amazing.

▪ Do we Roleplay: as of recently, we do!

▪ Do I want to Roleplay with them?: I’ve always wanted to! But she intimidated me before, and I could never think of a good reason why… until recently. With paradise lost, and berserk, and the prohibition era! Now we got lots of ways to interact!

▪ An AU idea for our muses: Well, I got into it above. General berserk,.on skellig. To paradise lost- especially paradise lost. I love the dynamics of their relationship as strained in-laws.

▪ A song for our muses:
still need to find a good song for them… Maybe “Jenny” Or “God went north” by Nothing more. Because it represents Freya trying to get it through to Rosie that someone cares. And wishing her peace.

▪ Do I ship our muses: Platonically, family. In-laws :3

▪ What I think about the mun: Dani is incredible kind and great fun to talk with! She’s that mom friend, and hella funny. I enjoy her company very much! Especially in the group chats. ♡

▪Overall opinion: You want art and poetry put together on a blog? With an incredible muse? Check out this Freya and her incredible blog.

▪ Blog Rating: 1000/10, she is Art. A masterpiece. GO.


I’ve been a little addicted to the chicken fries at Burger King.

And the slushes at Sonic.





He didn’t know what upset him more: The fact that she liked him and hadn’t told him or the fact that she liked him and was trying to convince herself she didn’t.

Sasuke was slouched in his seat, hardly paying attention to what was on the screen. The usual group had gathered at the movie theater—and how delighted and overwhelmed the staff became because of the money the group poured into snacks alone—and it was Choji’s turn to pick what they would watch. Usually, he picked an action-comedy, but some confusion of dark fantasy was flashing before the Uchiha’s eyes, and he suspected this was based off a book of the same name.

Hinata was next to Sasuke, and this wasn’t anything to fuss over. He wouldn’t say they were inseparable since they became real friends, but they were…on the same page. They ended up doing similar things at similar times, and their lives sort of aligned without them trying. Friendship like this was refreshing to experience, but…then she started acting weird—like he made her uncomfortable.

Or maybe she was acting more like the alignment of their lives was somehow inappropriate.

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Somebody Else // LD

Part 2 of my SE series. Find part one here: (xxx)

Come on baby // this ain’t the last time that I’ll see your face

“Liam, man, you gotta get over her.” Scott sighed and put his hand on Liam’s shoulder.

“I am, I am, I just don’t like seeing her around everywhere.” Liam replied. He watched as you laughed at something Lydia said.

You looked up to see your exboyfriend Liam staring at you from across the room. You raised your hand in a half wave and sent him a smile. Being at the same school meant that you two saw each other on a regular basis.

“If you’re over her, then why do you look like you just got shot?” Scott asked.

“I do not.” Liam punched Scott in the arm. “I just don’t want to see her all the time.”

Come on baby // you said you’d find someone to take my place

“Y/N, who are you texting?” Lydia asked. You looked up from your phone at her curious face.

“Oh, no one important.” You said and locked your phone to keep her prying eyes off of your screen. When she saw your phone light up, she snatched it out of your hand.

“Hey! Give that back!” You lunged for it but she hid it behind her back. You let out a sigh in defeat.

“Who is Brett and why is he looking forward to tonight?” Lydia asked too loudly. You felt your face heat up as everyone in the room turned to look at you.

“Keep it down you idiot.” You hissed and pulled her back into her seat. “He’s from Davenport, and we’re hanging out tonight.”

“You just broke up with Liam a few weeks ago and you have a new guy? Teach me your ways please.” She laughed and handed back your phone. You stuck your tongue out and replied to Brett’s text.

From across the room, Liam watched your exchange with a pit in his stomach. He had heard that you were seeing someone new, but he didn’t think to believe it until now.

Oh I just don’t believe that you have got it in you cause // we are just gonna keep ‘doin’ it’ and everytime

“My god that was the longest class in the entire world.” Kira said as she stood up. You nodded mutely, still texting on your phone, and followed her out of the room. As you passed through the door, you ran into someone’s back.

“Shit sorry,” You apologized before looking up and seeing that you ran into Liam.

“It’s fine.” He said awkwardly.

“So, uh, how are you?” You asked. He rubbed the back of his neck before saying that he was fine.

“This doesn’t have to be awkward every time we see each other. We’re friends right?” He asked. You nodded and looked down the hall to see your friends waiting for you.

“Nice to see you, but I have to go now. See you around.” You waved and jogged to catch up with everyone.

No matter how many times Liam tried to tell himself that you two could be friends, he couldn’t convince himself. It was too difficult given your past history.

I start to believe in anything you’re saying // I’m reminded that I should be getting over it

“Liam, that’s the third time you’ve missed the ball.” Stiles sighed as once again Liam had let a ball go past him into the net.

“Sorry, I’m a little distracted today.” Liam said and ran a hand through his hair.

“Are you still thinking about Y/N?” Scott asked. Liam shot him a glare before shaking his head. “You have got to move on.” Everyone nodded in agreeance.

“I am over her.” Liam protested. “And she’s clearly over me.”

“Isn’t she seeing that Brett kid?” Stiles asked. Scott nodded before Liam could respond.

“See? She’s fine. You should just find someone else.”

On the next field over, you and your team were practicing. You were also distracted, but for other reasons.

”Y/N? You okay?” You looked up from your seat on the floor. You took a swig of water.

‘Yeah, I’m fine.” You shrugged. “I’m just worried about Liam, that’s all.”

“Why?” She asked.

“I don’t think he’s moved on, and I feel bad that I have.” You looked down at the phone in your hands.

“Who cares? You guys ended on pretty okay terms, so it doesn’t matter whether he’s moved on or not.” You nodded slowly.

“Yeah, I guess you’re right.” You replied.

A/N: This is like significantly worse than the last SE I wrote, but then again, the lyrics for this one weren’t as concrete so I just kinda had to wing a lot of this. Sorryyyy :)  there’s like one or two more parts of this series - Em

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"Be mine." OQ

Pure sugary fluff.

“I like you,” she whispered into the space between them, stroking her fingers along the length of his and allowing them to tangle loosely between their mouths as she bit at her bottom lip when it curved in response to his gentle smile. Their noses were almost touching, the tips just brushing every now and then as they shared soft breaths with the covers drawn up to their shoulders. Her left leg was pressed against the length of his whilst her right was bent and draped over his hip beneath the sheets, keeping him close though she knew he’d only want to get closer to her rather than further away before they allowed sleep to take them.

Robin laughed softly in response, his blue gaze warmed beautifully by the glow of her bedside lamp, his wrinkles – his story, she liked to call them, his anguish and his laughter, his life etched right there upon his face and around his eyes – were made more prominent by the shadow and she found that only made him handsomer. “I should hope so,” he replied with a pointed chuckle because they were, after all, completely nude and both still basking in the afterglow of their joined passion.

Her eyes rolled with no mirth but instead an affection that only grew with every passing day. “You don’t have to like someone to be sexually attracted to them,” she reminded him because you didn’t. She had once found herself tempted by the heat of a certain pirate’s body many, many decades ago despite the very fact that she’d despised him even then but that wasn’t what she meant, wasn’t the route she wanted their conversation to take and so she clarified “and you may not like someone even if you love them.” They’d long since exchanged the sentiment – Regina had been the one to say it first, surprising both of them and absolutely delighting Robin – and though it was still special every time the words were uttered, it was becoming familiar, comfy. “But,” she sighed teasingly, a gentle smirk curving her lips, “despite first impressions” he chuckled at that, straightened a finger to tap at the end of her nose in feigned admonishment much to her amusement though he remained quiet, encouraging her to go on, “I find myself realising that not only am I hopelessly in love with you, Robin Hood” their smiles softened with her tone, less teasing and more serious, gentle and intimate, “but that I also like you an almost insane amount and,” she licked at her plump bottom lip – still kiss-swollen from their earlier activities – “I just thought you should know that.”

Blue eyes moved between her own for a long moment before they moved across and around her face, tracing every one of her features in that way that always had her feeling as though she had to do nothing more than jump from the ground and she would find herself floating off towards the clouds with little effort. He was smiling, his dimples denting his cheeks as he looked her over before he drew their hands down a little and leaned forward to capture her lips with his own in a tender and lingering kiss that had her sighing and melting into him once more.

He’d long since moved into the mansion with her and she’d once teased him for it but as she unlaced their fingers and moved her hand up between them to press her palm flat against his stubbled cheek, she found herself pressing closer to him at the scent of pine and wood smoke that lingered beneath the warm spices of the shower gel he favoured from the grocery store. This wasn’t a kiss to heat their desire – though she could feel him slowly hardening against her stomach, they’ve got time for that later – and so she broke it off with a gentle and loving hum before tilting her forehead against his own and stroking her thumb across his cheekbone as she took a moment to collect her thoughts.

“I like you too, Regina Mills,” he whispered in return, pulling a shiver from her when he skated gentle fingertips down the length of her spine and back up again, “far more than I have ever liked anyone in my life.”

She was filled with rather a foolish vulnerability – she knows he means it, Robin is an honest man but still, she still worries that one day he’ll wake up and be unable to deal with falling for the former Evil Queen – when she pulled back enough to catch his gaze. “Do you really mean that?” she whispered, brow furrowed gently when he nodded with an easy smile that spoke of his sincerity before he settled against the pillow once more and watched her, waited for her to utter the words she was sure he could see forming on her tongue. “Be mine?” It wasn’t quite what she wanted to ask and so, when he blinks in surprised confusion at her words – he is hers, in every way that he can be just as she is his – she amended “marry me?”

Surprise faded into a look of complete awe as her words washed over him, it wasn’t a spontaneous ask, she’d been thinking of it for the longest of time now.

“I know tradition calls for a man to ask” she began quietly with eyes on the hand she had on his cheek, “and don’t think that I’m asking because I’d been waiting for you to ask but grown bored of doing so,” she breathed a little easier at his chuckle, her following words not as hard to find, “I just feel that we’ve never been the kind of couple to follow the rules.”

“You’re most certainly right about that, my love.”

She found the courage to catch his gaze once more, her heart stuttering at the amount of love she found within his patient blue gaze. “And it is one of my favourite things about us, our utter inability to conform to the norm…” her thumb stroked across his cheekbone tenderly as she continued “that added together with the undeniable fact that I love you more than I believe I have ever loved anyone else – bar the children,” he nodded in agreement before listening with glistening eyes as she carried on, “and that I wish to spend the rest of my life with you led me to one conclusion.”

“That you want to marry me?” he asked with a watery grin that she mirrored as she nodded.

“That I want to marry you, Robin Hood,” and then, nervously despite the fact that he was practically beaming with joy, she asked “will you be mine?”

His face almost split in two with his wide smile as he shifted and gathered the required momentum to roll her onto her back and hover above her as his laughter matched her own and declared “for as long as you wish me to be yours, Regina Mills, then I will gladly be, so long as you agree to be mine in return.”

She feigned thoughtfulness for a moment, laughing louder when he pinched gently at her side and hung her arms over his shoulders and grew serious once more. “I always have and always will be yours, Robin Locksley.” Because she had, from the very first breath she had taken in this life, she had always been fated to end up here, looking into the eyes of her soulmate and promising to spend the rest of their lives loving one another. And by God, what a fate it was.

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A collection of svtfoe fics (part 4)

Hey guys! So this happened recently:

And I said I would continue my Star vs the forces of evil fic collection when I reached 1000 (OH my god do I really have 1000?!?!? I STILL can’t believe it! Thank you so much for following me guys!).

So anyway, I hope you enjoy. Sorry that this time there is only one fic, but it’s probably the longest one I’ve made. 


Summary: Marco’s friends inform him that the whole school thinks that he and Star are dating. Horrified, he intends to correct the problem. However, before he can do anything, he has to tell Star. Can be read Starco or not.

“Bye Marco! See you in gym!” She waved at him brightly

“See you, Star!” Marco called after her. This period was the only class they didn’t have together (Star went to Art Class and Marco went to Home Ec).

Alfonso gave him a sideways glance and seemed to be suppressing a knowing smile.

Marco frowned at the look. “What?” he asked defensively.

Alfonso shrugged. “Nothing! It’s just that…” He glanced at Ferguson and then back at Marco. “Do you and Star… you know…?”

Marco raised both eyebrows at his friend. Do you and Star go on crazy multidimensional adventures together? Do you and Star ever want to skip school while Star prefects her spell for unlimited chocolate chip pancakes? Do you and Star listen to the same girly pop songs? (Okay, yeah we do, but come on, guys, it’s 2015! Men shouldn’t be confined to what is inherently considered “masculine”!) What was Alfonso trying to ask? And why did he think Marco would be able to guess what he meant from his vague clues?

“Do we what?” Marco asked in exasperation.

“Do you…” He giggled, making Marco narrow his eyes suspiciously. “…You know, like each other?”

“Huh?” Marco asked.

“He means do you have a crush on Star? Better yet, are you guys secretly together?” Ferguson clarified with a grin.

“WHAT!?!?” Marco’s yelped. “You guys know about my love life and how non-existent it is! I would have told you about Star if I liked her in that way! Which I don’t!” he added for good measure.

“Then why does she always hold your hand?” Alfonso asked with a grin.

Marco blushed slightly. “Because she gets excited and that’s her natural reaction!” Marco defended. “Star is… different from everyone else, as I’m sure you’ve already figured out,” he explained. “She’s just a very touchy-feely person.”

“Is that why she hugs you every second she gets?” Alfonso added with a smug grin.

Marcos managed not to blush this time. “Y-yes. That’s just the way she is! We’re best friends, of course we’re going to hug occasionally… or all the time… it doesn’t matter!” Marco defended again loudly.

Alfonso waved him off. “Of course a hug among friends doesn’t matter, but what about all the kisses on the checks she gives you?” he insisted. “You can’t say that’s just friendly!”

Marco blushed a deep red. “That’s just Star!” he tried to explain, but he could feel his nerves churning slightly. He had always tried to brush off her kisses on the cheek as a ‘Star thing’ or a “Muni thing’ but the truth was they always made him slightly uncomfortable. Not because of any hidden feelings he had for her, but because… well… no girl besides his mother had ever kissed him on the cheek before and Star insisted on doing it weekly!

“Star is just like that!” Marco explained. “It doesn’t mean anything!”

“You don’t think she’s pretty?” Ferguson asked.

“That’s not what I said!” he snapped.

“So you DO think she’s pretty,” Alfonse interjected knowingly.  

“Would you stop?” Marco snarled. “Star is my best friend, end of story!”

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Still into you  (Stiles Stilinski)

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Stiles x Reader

Y/N - Your name ; Y/L/N - Your last name

Summary: It’s been 5 years since the Pack and Y/n last seen each other. Everybody was busy going different ways.That is why they decide to meet again in Beacon Hills. Y/n never really got over her feelings for Stiles..

Warnings: fluff at the end

A/N : It’s kinda long but I’m so proud of it. My first Stiles Imagine on tumblr! I hope you have fun reading it! My requests are always open, so don’t hesitate :) 


Reader’s P.o.v.

Five years. It has been five years since I saw my friends. Five years without any supernatural adventures, well for me. Five years without seeing my best friends every day.After graduating at Beacon Hills Highschool our Pack went to different places except Stiles, he became a Deputy in Beacon Hills, Scott went studying to become a veterinarian, Lydia and Kira went both off to some awful expensive college and we all don’t exactly know what Malia did after our graduation. Then  there is me, Y/N. I moved to Los Angeles to follow my dream of becoming a Make-up artist.

It wasn’t easy to keep in touch, with everybody in seperate places. I don’t know about them, but I sure as hell missed every single one. I sort of got homesick in the first year. It was one of my biggest fears: losing my friends, which most I’ve known since kindergarten. But to be honest, I missed his brown eyes the most out of all. The things he done to me, five years ago, are indescribable. Stiles Stilinski made a fool out of me without knowing it.

I never actually told him my feelings back then. I was too scared and the fear of ruin our friendship drove me nuts. I can remember those sleepless nights. All those emotions I had to hide when he was near me. As he started dating Malia, it got worse and I ended up not sleeping for days or even weeks because all of the thoughts that came to my mind at night. 

He’s happy now, if you really love him you should be happy too. For him.

Eventually I told myself to get over it, but he still got that special corner in my heart.

I just parked my car infront of that fancy Pizza place we decided to meet. I looked around. Man, nothing changed within those years. The city was still quite scary to me when the dark hits it. One last look into the mirror to check my face and I get out of my car to walk inside. The smell of fresh baked Pizza filled my nose. Although it is pretty full in here, the atmosphere is amazing. Places like this make me so happy. I searched for the others but no one seemed to be here yet so I walked to the reception and saw a familiar face.

“Hey Y/N! Wow it must have been a thousand times since we last seen each other. You got all grown up.”

“Oh well hello Cynthia. Yes, actually five years.”

She used to be my neighbour until her husband died and Cynthia decided to move across the city to find herself a little house near the woods.

“Wow. Just Wow. Anyways how can I help you?”

“Uhm well…”, I started to think about who reservated our table.

“Is there a reservation for McCall?”

Cynthia scrolled down the list and shakes her head.

“Hm, Stilinski maybe?”, I ask

“Yes, Stilinski, five persons at eight pm. May I get you to your table?”

I nod and follow her through the tables full of familys, couples and other people.

“Here you go Y/N.”

I thank her and she smiles politely as she leaves.

After a few minutes one after one, they came. I am so glad everybody made it. Lydia hugged me the longest and almost started to cry as she complimented me about my sense of fashion that I got since LA.

Scott’s got his billion dollar smile on and you can really see how glad he is for this pack reunion to happen. The moment Stiles walked in I stopped breathing. He looks so mature now. So manly. His hair is short again.


There goes my denial of feelings. Damn.

“Hey guys!”, he said with the brightest smile, that made my heart melt.

“Hey.”, I whispered and blushed.

I feel like a fucking sixteen year old again.

We start talking and reporting about our new lives and I’m amazed by the enthusiasm from everybody. 

Stiles proudly tells us about being a Deputy at his dad’s police station. Everytime he talks about cases they solved together his face lights up and honestly, it is adorable.

Malia informed us about her dog obedience school she opened three years ago with her dad.

I never, in a million years, thought Malia would love to train dogs when she is the one who doesn’t likes to be commanded.It’s kinda ironic.

“Now Y/N it is your turn! How’s LA?”, Malia asks.

I look into the round of people I love so much but stop at his brown eyes. They didn’t change. Nearly everything about his look changed within those years but they stayed the same.

He looks me in the eyes too.

“Yeah Y/N tell us!”, Stiles says and breaks the eye contact.

“Well, I work for some celebritys and do their Make-Up. That’s pretty much all. The first year without you guys were hell. I never thought I could miss people so much.”, I answer.

They all agree and go in for a big group hug and don’t even care about the table between us.

It’s been a wonderful evening. So short but so fantastic. We all agreed on meeting more often and as the reunion ends we all fall into each others arms. As everybody already drove off Stiles and I are the last ones to go but we decide to take a walk in the park. As we walked we found the small playground we used to play when we were kids. We went straight to the swingset where our younger selfs believed it would be possible to swing so high we could touch the sky.

“Thank you for coming Y/N. I’m really glad to see my best friend again and not just talk via text message.”

I don’t know if I should be hurt because he emphasized the word best friend or if I should be happy because he seems to miss me.

“ Thank you for organizing this and me too.”, I say.

He just nods.


I turn my head around so I can see his face.


“How is loverboy doing?Did you already tell him you love him, the way I told you?”, his eyes looked straight into mine but I turn away.

“Didn’t have the guts yet.”, I answer.

“Oh come on. There is nothing you can loose! And if the boy says no, he is a complete douche idiot!”

I start to laugh “ Douche idiot?”

He shushs me.

“Honestly, you’re so beautiful and you’re funny and you’re the kindest person I know.You should really go for it.”

I blush.

“Stiles?” I can’t believe I’m doing this.


“ So I just take your advice then and do it?” I mumble fast in a questioning tone.

“I love you.”, Stiles says out of nowhere

 Wait what?

“Y/N I love you. I realised it when you were long gone and off to LA. I know I sound like a total douche idiot…”, he laughs, “but I don’t know. I guess I realised it much too late. But yeah. I love you Y/N Y/L/N. ”

I feel too overwhelmed to bring out a word. Minutes go by and I try to wake up,  because obviously this is a dream.

“Could… could you please say something now, it get’s kinda awkward”, he whispers.

I can’t think straight and from one second to the next I get off the swingset and stand infront of Stiles. Our lips crash together and the kiss is so full of relief and happiness it’s crazy. It is so passionate.

“You’re the loverboy.”, I smile

Thank god. I couldn’t take it if it would be someone else.” 

tiqueuse (disabled!carmilla AU)

This is pure self-indulgence, driven by both the popularity of hard-of-hearing!Carmilla and the fact that I’ve never seen a Tourette Syndrome AU in any fandom. So just bear with me.

Laura just marks it down as one more annoyance, at first.

Stealing her pillow, eating her food, clogging the shower drain, bringing back “study buddies” at all hours- and Carmilla never stops moving.

Little things, mostly. Irregular, jerky movements of her fingers when Laura confronts her about not using the chore wheel. Shoulders tensing and relaxing three times in rapid succession as she drops textbooks on her desk and falls onto her bed, opening the dog-eared copy of The Castle of Otranto left there last night. Eye rolls Laura thinks are misplaced even for her, accompanied by strangely fluttering eyelids.

It’s all so at odds with her usual grace that Laura thinks nothing of mentioning it in a video.

“But we’re not here to talk about my horrible, twitchy roommate.”

On her bed, Carmilla stiffens. Laura only notices when she’s editing, hours later.


“By the way, buttercup, sorry my neurological condition bothers you.”

Laura blinks, fingers going still on the keyboard. “What?”

“Tourette Syndrome,” Carmilla replies. “Causes involuntary movements and sounds. Look it up if you want to know the science.”

“Wait, isn’t that the swearing disease?” The instant the words are out, Laura knows she’s said something wrong. Carmilla glares at her, snapping the latest book shut.

“No. I’m surprised little Miss Let’s-All-Get-Along doesn’t know that.” Her tone is poisonously sweet. “What, you weren’t president of the Diversity and Tolerance Club in high school?”

Tense shoulders. Rapid, ragged breaths. Things she noticed suddenly come together with things she didn’t to form a clear picture. Carmilla’s eyes, though, are daring her to mention it.

Laura finds her voice at last. “Fine. I’m sorry I said that in the video. I didn’t know.”

“Good,” Carmilla shoots back. And that seems to be the end of the conversation.


“So…if you’re a vampire, what about…um…”

Carmilla raises an eyebrow. Even tied to a chair and facing god-knows-how-long without sustenance, she still manages to exude dangerous levels of snark.

“Don’t believe everything those asnine shows tell you, cupcake. Being turned just added some new toys to my brain. Didn’t fix what was already wrong with it.”

Over the next nine days, her control worsens. But even when she grimaces, neck muscles cording out, and her irregular breath sends her into coughing fits, Laura doesn’t say anything. That, she thinks, would be adding insult to injury.

And tries not to remember what she read online about stress exacerbating tics.


There are moments- sometimes hours -of stillness.

Laura notices it when Carmilla is deep in a book, or practicing her bass (unplugged, to keep Perry from having a fit). Perfect focus- or relaxation? She finally decides it’s a combination of the two.

Maybe that’s the real Carmilla, and Laura thinks of it that way for weeks. But when she voices the thought to Carmilla as they pore over the heavy Sumerian tome, the response catches her off-guard.

“It’s all real.”


“My parents thought I was possessed for the longest time.”


“1680s, creampuff. Science was new and terrifying back then. And it was much worse in my childhood. More vocal tics and worse physical ones.”

“What happened?”

“I learned to hold it in all day, which was an utter catastrophe. Let’s just say that four successive maids gave notice when asked to help prepare me for bed.”





The rap of Carmilla’s knuckle against the desk is starting to remind Laura of a gunshot. Frequent, but at irregular intervals and always followed by muttering.

Increasingly frustrated muttering.


More muttering, but now muffled by something in the speaker’s mouth.

“Are you okay over there?”

After a moment, “My knuckle is the color of a ripe tomato, so you tell me, cupcake. Think I’m okay?”

Laura stands, stretches, crosses the room. “You don’t have to jump down my throat.”

“Sorry,” Carmilla says without much sincerity. The Sartre open on her desk has been abandoned in favor of nursing her right hand. Laura cringes. The knuckle of the smallest finger is indeed bright red.

“Here.” Without even thinking about it, she takes Carmilla’s hand and starts massaging the injured joint. Carmilla rolls her eyes.

“That’s an exercise in futility. It’ll just start up again when you let go,” she says, once a particularly long breathing tic abates and she can get the words out.

“Then I’ll never let go.” Laura raises Carmilla’s hand to her lips and kisses her knuckle. And in that moment, everything is still.

Go Hard (Fratboy!Michael one shot)

(A/N): I haven’t written anything in a very long time because I’ve major writers block (ew) and nothings been coming out right but I think I’m finally over it so I wrote this. This is actually the longest thing I’ve ever written so I’m pretty proud. As always feed back would be gr8.

requests are open

I could hear the too-loud music thumping from the sidewalk as I got out of my best friend Mariah’s car. I pulled the hem of my tight, dark blue dress down to cover a little more of my thighs and followed her while she talked on the phone trying to convince another of our friends to come just like she did me. Not that I didn’t like parties, I’ve never met a college student that did, but I wasn’t too fond on spending the night in the house of the biggest asshole on campus, Luke Hemmings. The only reason Mariah had convinced me to come was by promising me that Michael, Luke’s best friend, would be there.

I walk into the house and immediately I smell cheap booze and weed, even though the party only started an hour ago most people were drunk or stoned or both and there were people everywhere sometimes including on top of each other. I lost Mariah instantly in the crowd so I started looking for a familiar face, as I was standing there I felt someone walk up beside me.

 “Looking for anyone in particular?” Michael asked, his gaze roaming over the party goers. I looked over at him as he adjusted the plain black snapback that was covering his fading lilac hair then looked back out at the crowd and shrugged.

“Not really, just looking for someone I knew. Mariah ditched me the second we walked in the door as usual.”

I watched as a tall girl in an impossibly short dress walked barefoot to the stereo system and turned the volume up to an eardrum shattering level. I felt Michael rest his hand on my arm as he leaned down to my ear so he wouldn’t have to yell.

“Let’s go to my room, the music will be more bearable up there.”

I nodded and he led me through the crowd to the stairs then to his room at the end of the hall.  We walked in and I felt my eyes go wide at the sheer number of band posters covering the walls. There had to be at least 50, most of them small like they were cut out of magazines but some bigger.

“You’ve got a nice collection.”

He sat down on his bed and looked around. “I’ve got more on my walls at home. All of these I’ve collected since moving in here.”

“How many are there exactly?”

“Last time I counted there was 54 but I’ve added a few since then.” He said. I nodded and took a seat at his desk. I felt my chair bump his desk and his computer screen lit up. A quick glance revealed that he was in the middle of a video on a porn site which caused me to look at him with my eyebrows raised.

“What can I say? Not everyone is like Luke and gets a different girl every night.” He said nonchalantly but I could tell from the pink in his cheeks he was embarrassed.

“I’ve always thought that that would get boring, you know?” I said as I got up and sat on the bed next to him. “A one night stand every once in a while can be fun but I wouldn’t want to do it every night. It would get repetitive.”

“I guess but even once in a while would be better than once in a blue moon.” He murmured picking at his nails.   “Well I could help change that.” I said placing my hand on his shoulder   He turned to look at me a mix of confusion and something like excitement on his face. I took the initiative and leaned over to kiss him. He started kissing me back immediately, our lips moving together in perfect sync. I felt his tongue swipe my bottom lip so I opened my mouth slightly to allow him entrance and our tongues began to tangle together. I moved so I was straddling his lap without breaking the kiss, one of his hands went around my waist while his other lifted to my face before tangling itself in my hair, at the same time I put both of my hands around his neck.   Using all of the strength I could muster I pushed him over so he was laying on his back with me hovering over him somehow managing to not break our kiss in the process. I trailed my hands down his chest to the hem of his shirt and toyed with a little bit before moving to take it off, once it was fully off I tossed it off the bed and went back to kissing him. He reached for the zipper of my dress and tugged it down teasingly slow, I shrugged out of the arm straps and let him peel it off me so it laid in a puddle on the floor.   I pulled away from the kiss to trail my hands down his bare chest to his belt buckle, I undid it slowly before sliding his pants and boxers off in one motion. Now that he was completely naked under me I stretched up and planted a light kiss on his that trailed down his jaw to his neck where I began sucking and nipping. He let out a soft groan as one hand fisted the sheet while the other rested on my bum. I pulled away and pressed a soft kiss to the red mark before continuing my journey down his chest to his length.   I licked all the way up his shaft before quickly swirling my tongue around his tip and taking him in my mouth. His hand tangled in my hair again as I hollowed out my cheeks and began bobbing up and down. His soft moans were barely audible over the heavy bass coming from downstairs  so I pulled away making a pop sound as I went. I looked at him  laying on the bed with little sweat droplets on his forehead, slightly panting and noticed his snapback had fallen off. I stretched up and attached my lips to his, after a few minutes of kissing I pulled back. “Condoms are in the bottom drawer of my nightstand.” He told me breathlessly.    I nodded and got off him to grab a condom. I quickly ripped it open with my teeth and slid it on him effortlessly before climbing back on top of him. I felt him place his snapback on my head as I lined up my entrance, I watched as the grin of joy on his face changed into a look of pure pleasure as I lowered myself onto him. I rested my hands on his chest as I bounced up and down on top of him. His moans filled the room this time, too loud to be drowned out by the music from downstairs. He placed his hands on my thighs gripping the tightly as the pleasure filled him.   “I-I’m gonna cum.” He said through his moans just as I felt him twitch and release inside the condom, my own high came just after and I would have sworn someone heard downstairs from how loud I was. I collapsed on top of him, completely out of energy, trying to catch my breath. He slid out from underneath me and walked to put the condom in the garbage. I felt myself falling asleep as he came back and I made myself sit up. He handed me my dress  before going looking for his own clothes that I had just thrown around, he found the pants and socks just fine but couldn’t the shirt, eventually he gave up and pulled one out of his dresser.   “Can you zip me please?” I asked him, moving my hair to the side. He walked up and zipped the back of my dress without saying anything and it was getting a little weird. “Is everything okay? You haven’t said two words to me.”   “I don’t normally do this so I’m not entirely sure how to handle afterwards.” He murmured quietly, looking at the ground.   I laughed, finding the whole situation funny for some reason and he looked at me like I was crazy. “I’m sorry, I just find the whole thing absurd. You don’t need to act any different after trust me.”   He was still looking at me funny but he nodded. “If you’re sure.”   I was still semi-laughing as we walked out of his room to find Luke coming up the stairs. “I was just coming to get you.” He told us not looking at all concerned about the fact that we had both just walked out of his bedroom, him in a different shirt me without any shoes on. “The pizza guy is here so I need your half of the money.” Michael nodded, pulled his wallet out from his back pocket and handed Luke a fifty dollar bill. “Thanks. Oh and (Y/N)? That hat looks better on you.” He said with a grin as he turned and walked away. “He’s right, you know? It does look better on you. You should keep it.” “Are you sure?” I asked a little confused about the whole situation, Michael is never not wearing a hat and seeing him without one is a little weird. “Yeah, I’m sure. Especially since I hope to see a lot more of you." 

Ahh, finally it’s Nalu Fluff Week! I am so, so excited for this week, it’s unreal. Nalu is so great. I hope everyone enjoys this first prompt! (Also can be read here.)

Word count: 1215
Summary: It’s National Flowers Day, and oddly enough, Natsu is the one who is the most excited about it.

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So I guess it’s time to do another one of these. I’ve made some great friends over the past year or so on here and I am very thankful for it. And I hope I can make more but again I don’t know how to start conversation so if you ever want to talk just message me anytime

Special People:

hockeyismyreligon - Jan is the best. extremely nice and a fantastic person all together. Your place to go if you love Carey Price and chemistry jokes :)

nyrqurlforev - She’s awesome and  she needs you to tell her that because she doesn’t always think so. Definitely worth a follow

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iwannabe-yourbabygirl - she’s super nice to me for some reason and her blog is gr8

young-mullet-enthusiast - just an all around great blog and caring person

coach-qs-stache - very knowledgeable about the Blackhawks and also a cool nice person

valzilla ​- one of the few non hockey blogs I still follow and also one of the few I know in person. She’s a nerd but a friendly and accepting one

now for the rest I would have liked to put it in a specific order or at least somewhat organize it but I am too lazy

The Rest:

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