i think she's a secret genius

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The idea of Lena doesn't know Kara is Supergirl hence Kara's guilty face is plausible, but I wish they won't go that way because I think it's a disservice to her genius character not figuring out that her only two friends are to same person :/

I agree completely anon. I mean Lena is so incredibly smart and I truly do think she figured it out a long time ago. I think she is just waiting for Kara to come clean because she trusts her and probably trusts her reasoning for keeping it a secret.

However, the idea of Kara looking guilty because of a lack of revelation could still be a possibility due to the fact that Kara doesn’t know that Lena knows (if that is the case). So if something did go wrong with Jack, Lena could be understanding because she knows Kara. She knows that Kara would have done everything that she could have and would never do anything to intentionally hurt her. So once again, Lena could be sad but is also approaching the situation from a place of love, respect, and understanding toward Kara because she knows how hard making these types of decisions can be. Sometimes when you want to see justice done, people may get hurt in the process.

So whether Lena knows or not, Kara’s face would remain the same because Lena could also be keeping a secret to protect her and their relationship.

Sherlock spoiler ahead

So are we just not going to talk about John cheating? Like I know everyone ships Johnlock, but fuck, that was so out of character and so beyond asshole… Mary had her secrets, but I never doubted that she loved John or that John loved her, so what the fuck was all that? They literally could have had John spiralling in a pit of despair and guilt without having that weird ass tangent in the SL. I’m hoping that there is an explanation like maybe Sherlock asked him to talk to this lady for clues etc and that’s where John’s hate for Sherlock is coming from - Sherlock asking him to do this and now his wife is dead. Also, i don’t for a second think that Sherlock, the absolute genius, would not know what his best friend was up to. I just need John to redeem himself.

So I was reading a post that argues that Danny from Danny Phantom is trans, citing various instances that might be taken as hints toward that fact. This inspired me to rewatch Danny Phantom and I am super into this headcanon. 

I mean, I just watched episode 3, when Danny is being hunted by Skulker and meanwhile the lady from Genius Magazine (a magazine for women geniuses) is interviewing Danny’s mom. The interviewer becomes interested in Danny, and Jazz immediately tries to stop her from talking to him, with a desperate, “I DON’T THINK THAT’S A GOOD IDEA!” Which is weird at first…but later the interviewer says, “Man, if only Danny were a girl” which is perhaps why Jazz was trying to shield him (Jazz, as we know, is very very protective of Danny’s secrets. Maybe she was afraid that the interviewer would say something like that *to* Danny, which might be rough on him). Plus, the main plot of the episode involves a gorilla who is assumed to be male, but at the end of the episode it is revealed that the gorilla is actually female. When Mr. Lancer grumbles, “Didn’t anyone at the zoo bother to CHECK?!” Danny responds, “Maybe they were just respecting her privacy!” Parallelism, maybe? For Danny’s privacy being respected, I mean.

Anyway. Trans boy Danny is great and I am fully on board.


Radio Silence by Alice Oseman 

4/5 stars 

Goodreads Summary*

Frances has always been a study machine with one goal, elite university. Nothing will stand in her way; not friends, not a guilty secret – not even the person she is on the inside.

But when Frances meets Aled, the shy genius behind her favourite podcast, she discovers a new freedom. He unlocks the door to Real Frances and for the first time she experiences true friendship, unafraid to be herself. Then the podcast goes viral and the fragile trust between them is broken.

*This is a partial summary as the full one is quite long and I don’t think it does the book justice, honestly. 

My Thoughts

I’ve been seeing photos and rec posts about this book for months, so I finally jumped on the bandwagon and I have to say, I was not disappointed. To avoid dragging this on, I’ve split this into two lists. 

So, without further ado. 

The Good: 

+ Oseman tackled some very heavy themes like identity, family, sexuality, the pressures of academic success and more in a relatable and respectful way. 

+ The characters were incredibly diverse! There were several POC characters, including Frances who was biracial and bisexual, as well as two other characters who were gay and one who was demisexual. Even better, the words demisexual and bisexual are actually in the book, rather than the characters only being subtly coded to those sexualities.

+ Frances was a fantastic narrator. I loved the dry, frankness of her voice. At times she got at my heart, and other times I was laughing out loud. Additionally her struggle school felt very relatable. Especially how she had a ‘home’ and ‘school’ self, and near the end her schooling became something she did because she was good at it, not because she enjoyed it. It was nice to know that I wasn’t the only one who felt that way with school friends or about school in general. 

+ I could tell that Oseman has a great understanding of tumblr and fandom culture. She accurately displayed how this community can be so supportive and productive at times, but so destructive and hurtful at others. 

+ Frances’ mom reminded me of Emma Stone’s parent’s from Easy A. You just can’t help but love how much they love their kids and want the best for them, and that is exactly how her mom was. I LOVED her. Besides the main characters, she was probably my very favorite part of the whole book.

+ No romance between Aled and Frances! Thank God. I am so tired of the same old trope of ‘boy gets girl’ or vice versa, when friendship is equally as important as romantic relationships.  

+ The ending was everything I wanted for Frances and Aled. Everything. 

The Not-So-Good: 

- Although I loved the February Friday part of the plot and I didn’t know exactly how the mystery was going to be revealed, I figured out who February was within the first 50 or so pages. So, that was a tad predictable for me.

- At times the writing style had this melancholic tone even during the main character’s happy scenes, which made it feel off-balance and heavy in a away. So, even when everything was going well for Frances and Aled, I was just waiting for the other shoe to drop. It’s probably a weird thing to be bothered by, but it did bother me a bit nonetheless.

This book was not perfect, but it felt so real, included so many diverse characters and it covered so many important topics that I could recommend it to literally anyone and they would be able to connect with it on some level. So, if you’re hesitant to pick up Radio Silence for whatever reason, give it a try anyway. I think you’ll be surprised (or maybe you won’t be) by how much you enjoy it and relate to it! 

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Ok I get that the horses mouth as it were would seem reliable to Enty and that's why he published the BC TH blind, but why would Weirdo contact the very man who knows all her evil secrets and plans? It makes no sense. Why would she contact the very man who can easily take her down?

Because she’s an idiot. An idiot who thinks she’s an evil genius.


Beach Break

Roxy looks over her shoulder to check on Guinevere in the backseat, grinning when she sees the little girl staring up at the palm trees in awe.

“They’re palm trees, Guinevere, can you say ‘palm tree’?”

“I think it’s a bit soon for that.” Merlin laughs. “But I admire how dedicated you are, love.”

Roxy pouts at him, adjusting her sunglasses. “My daughter is going to be a genius. I just know it.”

Guinevere squeals in the backseat at a puppy they drive past and Merlin laughs again.

When they make it onto the beach, Guinevere grins for the entire day.

Whenever Merlin asks if she wants to go home, she whines and shakes her head, crawling away from him towards the sea.

He gives up trying to persuade her otherwise, and takes her for a paddle in the sea while Roxy snapchats the entire thing to Harry, thanking him for their enforced holiday.

Merlin carries Guinevere back to Roxy once the little girl is all worn out, and Roxy wraps her in a big fluffy towel.

“Come on then, Princess. Let’s get you back to the hotel.”

Guinevere protests sleepily, whining around her thumb before dozing off against Roxy’s chest.

They end the holiday the same way they began it: on a beach.

In between, there’s been parks, shopping, swimming, cocktails and presents, and Roxy’s very sad to leave.

Merlin promises he’ll take Guinevere to more beaches when they get home, which pacifies the little girl for a while, and she goes back to napping in the shade of the big umbrella.

“Not bad for our first family holiday, don’t you think?” Merlin mumbles, wrapping his arm around Roxy and pulling her against his chest.

“Not bad at all.” She agrees, kissing him sweetly.


Jane Sanders is a genius. Hillary wishes she could come up with a story like that. I mean, god damn, it’s beautiful. A disabled veteran asked Bernie to run for President at Denny’s. And Jane cried when telling the story. I don’t think I’ve ever been so impressed in my life. Jane is Bernie’s secret weapon, and I predict we’re going to see a lot more of her really close to the primary. 


i fucked her,

because she could write circles around me,

and I wanted to know her secrets; I believed

they were inside her, and that if only I could get close enough

they might rub off on me like golden paint,

but she was a tepid lover,

and I began to think I’d been a fool for imagining

sex could be a source of poetic wisdom,

but then she began to speak,

beneath the tenderness of my caress,

and suddenly a symphony of

metaphoric genius broke the animal quiet,

and she painted us in a poem,

so genius,

there is now way I could replicate it here,

though I do remember it invoked Dante,

was composed in tezra rima,

and that our orgasm came in a form

I’d never seen before,

a formal explosion for the ages,

an iambic free verse of unholy scripture

that went beyond anything I’d

imagined possible,

and then she put on her dress,

and her boots,

and her coat,

and walked out my door,

leaving me none the wiser.