i think she's a nurse here

My boss called me “Tyrone” on accident (My name is Tyrand). She apologized and bought me lunch to make up for it. I didn’t think twice about it, since I’m used to getting called every variant of “Ty-(fill in blank here)”. Then later on I read a quote she keeps in her work area that made me feel kinda special.

“During my second month of nursing school, our professor gave us a pop quiz. I was a conscientious student and had breezed through the questions, until I read the last one: "What is the first name of the woman who cleans the school?” Surely this was some kind of joke. I had seen the cleaning woman several times. She was tall, dark-haired and in her 50s, but how would I know her name? I handed in my paper, leaving the last question blank. Before class ended, one student asked if the last question would count toward our quiz grade. “Absolutely,” said the professor. “In your careers you will meet many people. All are significant. They deserve your attention and care, even if all you do is smile and say ‘Hello’.”

I’ve never forgotten that lesson. I also learned her name was Dorothy.“

ok but i think out of the frogs nursey is the one who keeps like,, a really up to date calendar

except it doesnt really have anything that revolves around him? 

its just a detailed list of dates that are important to his family and friends

like of course there’s birthdays and anniversaries and stuff 

but then there is also the day of chowder’s first shutout, and when his ma’s first book was published and when dex first fixed betsy 

just derek nurse is a sentimental selfless person who really loves the people he loves

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msr 2,3, and 31 please

2. “Get under the covers.”
3. “You look cold.”
31. “Please don’t leave me.

This is post-Brand X

Even though she tried to act tough most of the time, Mulder knew that Scully was actually a pushover when he played his cards right.  If he had a dollar for every time he heard, “Mulder, no,” before she went ahead and followed through with whatever she objected to, he could probably retire.  All things considered, it was still more difficult than it usually was to persuade her to spring him from his latest stint in the hospital.

“You gotta get me outta here,” he rasped.

“Stop talking.”

“Please, Scully.”

“Mulder, no.”

“I can’t stay here.  The food is bad and it smells like bandages.  Besides, I think the night nurse has her eye on me and I’m afraid she might try to sneak a peek under my gown while I’m asleep.”

“Mulder…”  Her face was pained, but he could tell she was already softening.  “You need someone who can care for you.  Your lungs are still weak.  Overexertion, even by accident, could cause a collapse or even worse, we have no idea what those beatles did to you.  You need to heal.”

“Who better to heal me than you?”

“A hospital.  This hospital.  With doctors and nurses and equipment and-”

“You’re a doctor.  If anything happens, you’ll know what to do.”

“I may not.”

“And I trust you not to overexert me,” he added with a wink and a smile.  “Until you deem it safe.”

She sighed and he knew he had her.  Hours later, that’s why he found himself all snug and secure, shirtless and content on top of Scully’s bed as she shifted a stethoscope over his chest to listen to his lungs.

“All good?” Mulder asked.

“Shhhh,” she said.  “Take a deep breath.”

He did as she asked and stayed quiet as she listened to his chest.  After awhile, she pulled the headpiece away from her ears and coiled the stethoscope on top of her nightstand.  Her hand rested lightly on top of his chest where she’d just been listening.

“Get under the covers,” she said.


“You need to stay warm.”

“I think this is working well enough,” he said, covering her hand where it rested against him and stroking her wrist with his fingertips.

A pink blush tinted the apples of Scully’s cheeks and she slowly slipped her hand out from under his as she stood.  She tugged at the bedclothes under Mulder and he rolled himself up to sit on the edge of the bed.  He would have to admit that the movement did make his chest burn a little and shortened his breath.  He lay back down and then let Scully tuck him in.

“You’re not leaving, are you?” he asked.  “Please don’t leave me.”

“Does your chest hurt?”  Instantly concerned, she sat back down on the side of the bed and pulled the covers back to touch his chest and then feel his forehead.

“If I said yes, would you stay?”

“Don’t scare me like that.”

“You look cold.”

“I look cold?”  She raised her brow at him.

“Plenty of room in this big bed of yours if you want to join me.”

“Will you stay quiet if I do?”

He nodded to prove he could.  She sighed and kicked her shoes off and then moved to the other side of the bed to slide in beside him.  He grinned and opened his arm to her so she could rest her head on his shoulder.  She brushed her palm across his chest and then splayed her fingers over his heart.

“You know,” he said.  “It was only less than a week ago that-”

“Shhhh,” she interrupted.  “You promised.”

“I just wanted to point out, lying here like this-”

“I can literally feel you thinking overexerting thoughts,” she said, flexing her fingers against his chest.  “Put it out of your mind.  You need to get well.”

“Five days, eight hours, twen-”


Mulder trailed a finger up and down Scully’s spine under her thin sweater and then played with the ends of her her at her nape.  She breathed deeply and shifted against him.

“I can’t help thinking overexerting thoughts,” he said.  “It’s like asking someone not to think of a pink elephant.”

“Then, think of a pink elephant,” she said.

“You’re thinking about it too, aren’t you?”

“About a pink elephant?”

“Five days, eight hours-”


Mulder put his hand over Scully’s to keep it against his chest and stopped talking.  He breathed quietly and evenly, trying not to let any overexerting thoughts get in the way of his healing.

The End

Well I’ll Be Damned (Donald Pierce x Reader)

Pairing: Donald Pierce x Reader

Word Count: 2,327 ( what can i say? i love details lmao)

Warnings: Cussing, slight violence and that’s pretty much it. oh and ANGST (:

A/N: Here it is! It took me forever because I originally wrote a different one shot but I’m going to save that one for another time. Hope you like it and please let me know what you think.(:

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You tried to throw Donald and the rest off of Gabriela’s trail but it wouldn’t be long before they figured out who she’d gone to for help.

You were one of the main reasons the kids and most of the nurses even got out in the first place. You had a change of heart and a long talk with yourself about  who you’d become in the short span of two years. You were never this heartless and you wondered (more like hoped) if there was truly a God that they’d forgive you for what you’d done. Maybe this act would somehow absolve you of this sin but even if it didn’t, it did help you sleep a little better at night knowing those innocent children were spared.

The bed moved a little, the mattress dipping and a pair of arms circled your waist.

“Ya up baby?” Donald’s breath fanned over the crook of your neck.

Oh yea, you were also secretly dating the leader of the Reavers, Donald Pierce, that you were also apart of.

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kakashi trash #1 here, can i get headcanons of my boy kakashi and a little baby daughter

Thank you for the request.  It be cute to see Kakashi with a little girl that had his hair but a more cheerful personality that could brighten his day. ^.^ And I think we are all trash for Kakashi hahaha

Headcannons of Kakashi with a baby daughter

  • Kakashi falls in love with his baby girl the moment she is passed from the nurse’s arms to his. He’s not too sure how to hold a baby at first but the nurse guides him and one look at the sleeping baby in his arms and he feels warmth fill his being.
  • Kakashi talks softly to his daughter when she’s a baby but when she hits that toddler age like 2 or 3, he talks more normal with her. When he tells her not to do something, he’ll explain rationally why he doesn’t want her to do something instead of being that parent that yells and says because I said so.
  • Kakashi tries to be as loving and caring to his daughter as his father was to him. Sometimes he feels he is not adequate enough because there are times when he doesn’t know what to do about his kid. Like for instance when the baby is younger and they are colicky. He will try everything in the baby books just so he can put the baby to sleep.
  •  As his child grows older, Kakashi would introduce his daughter to his ninken. He be amused by the way his daughter tries to pet and play with his dogs. The ninken may or may not be happy about it, depending on which one it is.
  • I could see Kakashi trying to put his daughter’s hair into a ponytail and it just coming out crooked. Kakashi will think it’s cute enough but his daughter might whine about it at 4 years old. Kakashi would laugh lightly and shrug his shoulders about it, saying she looked beautiful anyway.  
The Witching Hour

John Laurens x Reader

HAPPY HALLOWEEN YOU GUYS! The prompt was that reader was a witch, so I hope you enjoy. 

Have a great day you guys! Be safe!


“She’s a strange one, I’ll give her that. But her heart does seem like it’s in the right place,” Alexander commented on about the girl that John was staring at.

Y/F/N. John’s crush.

She was a different type of girl. Extremely secretive, always running around to different places, carrying things that were unknown to the men.

She was registered as a nurse for the war, but others thought that she had other intentions, like spying. But the general considered her harmless so here she was.

“She is very nice, I think that she truly does want to help as many people as she can,” John replied.

Alexander nodded as they continued to watch Y/N. She was emptying jars of strange liquid onto the ground.

“Still, I don’t exactly understand why you like her. What is she doing?” Lafayette piped up from behind them.

John rolled his eyes.

“I don’t know. I’m just drawn to her for some reason.”


You had to be more careful. John and his group of friends were starting to notice what you were up to.

They didn’t know what you were, but they suspected that there was something wrong. If it went on much longer you knew that they would report you to the general and you would be out of the job.

You needed the payment.

Being a witch didn’t get you anywhere in life.


There was a rustling outside of John’s tent that night, and there was a shadow running away from him.

He grabbed his gun and followed the mysterious figure, wanting to catch them if they were a red coat spy.

He followed the shadow into the nearby area of trees.

They crouched by the stream, dipping their hands in and whispered some words in a dialect that John had never heard before.

There was a slight glow around the person and the wind picked up, moving the hair out of the person’s face.


All of the sudden she jumped up and spun around her face pale in the fear of being caught.

“John! What are you doing here?” she asked him nervously.

“I thought that you were a spy so I followed you out here just in case. What are you doing?”

“Well you see, I might, I,” she stuttered nervously. “I am-”

“You’re a what?” John asked, getting a little impatient and almost fearful.

“I’m a witch John.”

He stopped for a minute and comprehended what she just told him.

“There’s no such thing,” he protested.

How could you be a witch?

“But there is. And I am one. Do you want me to prove it to you?” she asked nervously. She seemed really scared.

He nodded, still not believing her claims but deciding to see whatever she was going to show him.

She took him over to the stream that she was just in and placed her hands back in the water.

“What do you want to see?” she asked him.

“What are you talking about?”

“What would you like me to show you?” she sighed.

He thought for a few minutes before deciding on what he really wanted to see.

“Show me my sisters.”

She placed her hands back in the water and started to whisper in those strange words again. The glowing returned and the breeze picked back up before the water started shimmering.

Then there, clear as day, John could see his sisters on the other side of the world, sleeping peacefully in their beds.

“Now do you believe me?” she asked him sorrowfully. He nodded, still in shock.

“Please John, you can’t tell anyone about this. I have a family to support as well,” she admitted to him.

He looked into her eyes, and then nodded.

“I promise.”

She breathed a sigh of relief, taking her hands out of the water and letting the picture fade.

“Can I ask you a question though?” John asked carefully.

She looked at him strangely but nodded.

“I’ve seen you pouring out strange substances and I was wondering what you’ve been doing. Do you make potions or something?”

A heavy blush covered her cheeks, before she nodded.

“I was actually trying to make a love potion if you really want to know.”

“For who?” John asked breathlessly.


For the second time that night John was shocked, but there was a feeling of joy there as well.

“Me?” he choked out.

She nodded her head, staring down at the hands in her lap.

“I’m in love with you John. I just didn’t know how else to get to you.”

John sprung into action, covering her lips with his in a deep kiss.

“I don’t think you need a potion for me to love you,” he sighed as they broke apart.

She burst into giggles, pressing another peck on his lips.

“Well, I guess anything can happen in the witching hour.”

Cousin Michael

“Cousin Michael is coming over tonight,” my mom says.

I sigh. Cousin Michael has been coming over a lot recently. His visits take all my energy. I am exhaustion just thinking about it.

My mom continues stirring the mac and cheese she’s been nursing for nearly an hour. “He said he’d be here any minute.” She blinks.

I roll my eyes and push my chair back. With frustration I stand up from the table. My mom smiles. I leave her stirring the cheesy pasta. By now it has become a yellow paste.

I walk through the kitchen, past the corridor, and go to the coat closet. Behind the heavy jackets is my dad’s shotgun. It rests almost peacefully against the wall. I grab it.

Like usual, my dad walks up behind me. His footsteps are weighty and blank. “Cousin Michael will be here any minute,” he says. His voice is devoid of emotion.

I ignore him, loading the shotgun. His hand is heavy on my shoulder. I peel it off as though it were infected. I step past him into the corridor. Car lights pierce the front window. I get down on one knee and point the barrel directly at the door.

A minute goes by.

My mom and dad stand in the kitchen, smiles on their faces.

The doorknob turns. I squint.

Cousin Michael fills the doorframe as he opens the door. He wears a business suit two sizes too big for him. A trucker cap sits on his head. He winks at me.

I pull the trigger and his skull shatters. I’ve gotten good at aiming. The shot went right through his forehead. His body stays standing for a moment before falling backwards. It makes a loud crack against the pavement of the porch.

I stand. My legs still shake, even after all this time. My mom and dad shake their heads vigorously. My mom rubs her eyes and says, “Did he come again?”

“Yes,” I reply stiffly.

“I’m so sorry honey.” She reaches out to touch me but I flinch away. Her face falls.

My dad breathes heavily. “I’ll drag it out in the back with the others.” He grabs the corpse by the ankles and hefts it outside. The garage is nearly full of identical bodies.

I wipe the sweat off my brow. This makes the third Cousin Michael this week, and it’s only Wednesday.

I put the shotgun away. I’ll need to get more shells in the morning.

My mom is back in the kitchen, attempting to fix the dinner she ruined. I reluctantly join her. “Maybe we can just order a pizza,” I say, trying to make up for my cold demeanor earlier.

She turns to me and smiles. “Cousin Michael is coming over tonight,” she says.

“That’s not funny,” I tell her sternly.

She doesn’t respond. Instead she just grins.

My dad walks in through the front door. His face is blank. “Cousin Michael is here,” he says.

I back up. There is a large figure hovering behind my dad. His suit is too big. His cap is shifted to the side. He cocks his head and smiles.


“We’re almost there, Mrs. Rogers,” the nurse pushing your wheelchair says. “Just keep breathing.”

Does it look like I’m not? You think. Both of your hands clutch your swollen stomach as you are rushed through the maternity ward. Tears from the stress of the last hour well up in your eyes, and your breathing is getting shakier.

You want your husband.

Steve and the rest of the team had left on a mission just two days ago. He had decided to go because you aren’t due for another two weeks. Apparently, your child thinks otherwise.

“We’re here, Mrs. Rogers.” You didn’t even notice the doctors and nurses lifting you onto the hospital bed. “Just hang in there.”

“I want my husband,” you whimper.

One of the nurses-she told you her name, but you can’t remember it now. Grace, maybe-looks at you sympathetically and brushes a lock of (h/c) hair off of your damp forehead. “He’ll be here.”

You can only hope that she’s right.

Two hours later, the contractions have gotten worse. “It’s almost time, you’re nearly dilated,” Grace announces.

Tears well up in your eyes, and you grip the bedsheets tighter. “I can’t. I can’t.”

“Yes you can,” Grace says determinedly. “I know you can, and so does your husband.”

A desperate sob escapes your throat as another contraction rolls through your body. “Please, I can’t do this without my husband.”

“Mrs. Rogers, you-”

The door to your room bursts open with a loud bang, and Steve stands there panting. Out of the corner of your eye, you see Grace’s mouth drop open in shock. His uniform is covered in soot, and his sweaty hair is slicked back off of his forehead. In a split second, his frantic eyes find you. “(y/n).”

He runs forward and grasps your hand in his gloved one. “Steve,” you sob, squeezing his hand.

“Hi, sweetheart.” He smiles down at you. “I’m here, I’m here.”

“Where have you been?” you ask.

Grace finally snaps out of her stupor. “Captain, it’s time for your wife to start pushing.”

Your eyes widen with panic again, and you look at Steve frantically. “Hey,” he says, bringing his other hand up to cup your cheek. “You can do this. I know you can.”

You shake your head. “No I can’t, Steve. I can’t-”

“(y/n)?” He cuts you off. He smiles. “Aren’t you ready to meet our daughter?”

It takes you a second, but your grimace transforms into a smile. “Yeah.”

His smile widens. “Me too. Now, listen to the nurse.”

22 - Kai Parker

[It’s my birthday too!! Happy Birthday 😁 Can you do a Kai Parker imagine where the reader got in a car accident and doesn’t remember anything and especially her boyfriend Kai when she wakes up in the hospital ?]


“Where am I?” I ask a woman who is dressed as a nurse. I bring my eyebrows together seeing I’m in a hospital?

How did I get here?

“Miss.” The nurse sets me back gently before I sit up. “You need to calm down.”

“I am calm.” I say. “Now, where am I? And why am I here?”

“Miss, what is your name?” She asks me looking a little worried.

“What?” I ask, but pause and think. My eyes widen. “I don’t know. Why don’t I know?”

“Oh my.” She gasps. “I’ll be right back, with a doctor.”

“Don’t leave me!” I plead, holding her arm. “Who am I? And why can’t I remember?”

“Your name is Y/F/N. It seems a few weeks ago, you had a nasty accident and hit your head hard. You were in a coma until you woke up today.” She explains, I nod and she leaves me alone.

I set at the white ceiling, my hands over my mouth. Taking a deep breath, I feel tears leave my eyes. “I can’t remember anything.”


“I don’t care! I need to see her!” An anger voice yells from outside my room, I tense and pull my blankets closer especially as some man enters my room.

He is very handsome but he also has red eyes as if he was crying? I wonder what is wrong with him.

“Y/N?” He says, I don’t realise after a while that he’s talking to me.

“Right that’s me.” I say, with a small smile. He sighs and walks up to me, without a word just engulfing me in a big hug.

My body tenses but relaxes at his comfort. “Y/N, do you really not know who I am?” He asks, hurt clear in his voice.

I shake my head. “I’m sorry I don’t.”

“I’m Kai, Kai Parker.” Kai introduces. I nod. “Your boyfriend.”

I raise my eyebrows. “Boyfriend?”

Kai nods. “We’ve been together for a year and a half.”

“Oh.” I say. “We have?”

Kai sits on my bed and I shift away slightly to give him space. “Yes, Y/N. You love me, like I love you.”

“I loved you?” I ask, shocked. I mean Kai is very attractive but I don’t remember him.

He nods, caressing my cheek but I jerk back. He sighs. “Baby girl, I’m not going to hurt you.”

“How do I know that you aren’t lying?” I question. “How do I know that you aren’t a psychopath?”

Kai smirks. “I’m not psychopath but I was a sociopath?”

“A sociopath?” I repeat, now afraid.

“But that’s not me anymore.” He quickly adds, taking my hands in his. “You changed me, Y/N. I’m not the same person anymore.”

I pull my hands back. “Please can you leave.”

“Baby girl-”

“Please.” I cut in, close to tears for some reason. “Kai, please leave.”

I see the hurt on his face as he stands up. “I love you.” He leans down and plants a soft kiss on my forehead before exiting the room.

Laying in my bed, I curl up in the blankets. I don’t feel anything for Kai and it makes me feel guilty, because he obviously loves me.

Sighing, I decide to just shut my eyes and sleep.


“Y/N, you have a visitor.” I look up at…..Caroline, it turns out she is my sister which is shocking.

“Who is it?” I ask, shutting the photo album. Caroline gave me the idea to look through some old photos to try and jog my memory.

So far nothing has worked and it’s been two months, I can’t remember anything. Everything is blank. I’ve met some new people though, Damon and his brother Stefan, who is also Caroline’s boyfriend and Elena who is dating Damon and Bonnie.

All of them seem nice and I’ve grown friends with Bonnie and a guy named Matt. Kai also visits me, he’s so adorable and funny.

I like him a lot.

“A certain Parker.” She says, rolling her eyes and I can’t help but smile.

“Kai.” I say, getting off my bed. I’m staying at Damon and Stefan’s place since everyone else basically lives here.

“Someone has a crush.” She teases, following me down the stairs. I blush and roll my eyes.

“I do not.” I argue but don’t look at her. Caroline laughs and I roll my eyes, but smile when seeing Kai.

“Y/N.” He says, hugging me. I hug him back, squealing as he lifts me up and spins me around.

“Kai, put me down.” I say, bright red again. He laughs and I join him, relaxed as my feet touch the ground again. “So, what do I owe this pleasure?”

Kai shrugs. “I want to show you something.”

“What is it?”

“A surprise.” He grins, his cute grin. I groan with a pout.

“You know I hate surprises.”

“I do.” Kai replies. “Anyway, grab your coat because we’re going out now.”

I hum. “Bossy.” I joke and he smiles. I smile back, throwing on my hoodie and shout a goodbye to Caroline.

Leaving with Kai, I zip up my hoodie and get in his car. “Please tell me, Kai.”

“Y/N, where is the run in that?”

I sigh dramatically. “I hate you.”

Kai smiles. “Love you too.”

Sometimes Kai will say he loves me and acts likes my boyfriend, I don’t mind but I feel a little uncomfortable. I hardly know anything about him.

After a while of driving, I feel someone shake me and jump. “I feel asleep?” I ask.

He nods with a smirk. “And you kept saying my name.”

I frown but blush, slapping his arm. “No, I didn’t.”

“You did.”

Before I can speak, Kai get out and walks around to open the door for me. “Thank you.” I say, stepping out.

Looking around I see we are at a field? I raise a brow. “Is this the part where you rape and murder me, before dumping my body in a ditch?” I ask Kai.

He laughs. “Y/N.” Kai throws his arm around my shoulders. “I’d never do that.”

“Good.” I say, smiling as I look around. The sun is setting so it creates a beautiful scenery for the area. “Why are we here?”

“Because this is where we first met.”

I look at him. “It is?”

“Yep.” We continue to walk until Kai stops and wraps his arms around me. “This is the spot.”

“Really?” I ask again and he nods. “How did we meet?”

Kai sighs. “It’s not a really nice story.”

“But I want to know.” I whine, tapping his chest. “Tell me Kai.”

“If I do, can you promise not to freak out or try and run to my car because I have the keys.”

“I promise.” I say though I’m not very curious.

Kai and I sit down on the grass because standing is tiring. “So it was about a year ago, I was with my sister-”

“You have a sister?”

“Yes, I had a few siblings.”

“I’d love to meet them.” I say, smiling.

Kai scratches the back of my neck. “They’re actually….dead, them and my parents too.”

My face drops and I put my hand over his. “I’m so sorry, Kai.”

“It’s ok, Y/N.” He says, looking at our hands.

“How did they die? If you don’t mind me asking.”

“No, it’s ok.” He replies. “I….I killed them.”

My eyes widen and I stare at Kai. “Kai that’s not funny.”

“Y/N, I’m not lying.”

My eyes widen and I feel my heartbeat increase like crazy. “What?” I go to stand but get the feeling that I’m glued to the ground. “Why can’t I move?”

“Y/N. Please let me explain.” Kai leans in, cupping my face. His face inches from mine and I bite my lip.

“Don’t kill me.”

He grins. “Baby girl.” Kai kisses my forehead softly. “I would never hurt you. But please just let me explain.”

Since I have no choice, I nod. “Ok.”


[End of imagine, part two will be up soon and leave requests.]

Today (St Patrick’s Day), is my aunt Lori’s birthday, and I never knew that until I was by her death bed. I’m pretty terrible with birthdays and ages in general so I don’t fault myself too much, but it’s a reminder of all the lost time we could have spent together. I wish I had been more insistent about going up to Maine to visit more than one week a year. 

After my grandpa’s move to a nursing home a few years ago I did visit every few months with my dad, and we’d have a mini reunion in his room and go to the local Irish pub for dinner after. Those were really good times. When she was diagnosed with liver cancer I started thinking every goodbye might be the last. And then it was. 

There’s that divide between wanting to make the most of my time here with the people that I love, and wanting each of us to live on as normal with enough space to ourselves, especially with anxiety and not wanting to seem “needy”. I’m not sure I’ll ever get it right. 


Imagine you the reader meets Chibs in the hospital (After the car explosion)

Reader’s POV
Six days ago I had gotten into car accident. It wasn’t anything major but the injuries I had were keeping me in here for at least another week. I was starting to get bored staying in this damn bed though. I called one of the nurses into my room. It was my favorite nurse, Jenny. She was a bit older then me and a real sweetheart.
“Hey Jenny, do you think I could get out of this bed maybe walk around a bit?” I asked her while smiling sweetly.
“Sure thing hon! Hold on one second and I’ll help you up.” She said. She went and got me a bathrobe to cover up the back part of my hospital gown. She helped me up and I groaned slightly in pain. Afterwards she helped me put the robe on and we went into the hall.
After a minute of walking I asked Jenny if I could explore by myself and she agreed. I started to walk around aimlessly and found myself going past this open door. I wasn’t paying attention to it until a voice floated into my ears.
“Jesus Juicey I’m fine! You don’t have to watch over me like a fucking watch dog.” The scottish accent made me look over to the man behind it. The man behind the voice was laying in the hospital bed with his head wrapped up. The man was a older but still very handsome. He had a scar on his cheek but that only seemed to make him even more handsome. He was glaring at someone else in the room that you hadn’t looked at yet but as if sensing your eyes on him, he looked over. I blushed hard as our eyes met and he smirked slightly.
“What ya in for lass?” He asked me and I let out a little laugh. He smiled big at the laugh I gave.
“Car accident. What about you?” I turned my body towards the room and smiled at him.  
“You could call it a car accident.” He shrugs. I look at him confused but before I can ask him a question, he is already speaking again. “What’s your name love?” I blushed at the love part.
“Y/N” I told him.
“Beautiful name for a beautiful women. I’m Filip but you can call me Chibs.” He said to me.
“Interesting nickname.” I smiled at him and he smiled back.
“Aye that it is.” He said. “Would you mind keeping me company lass? This one refuses to leave unless I have someone with me.” He nodded his head to the other man in the room. For the first time since looking into the room I finally noticed the other man. He was younger with a faux hawk and tattoos on the side of his head. He also had an amused smirk and a mischievous look in his eyes. I looked back to chibs and shrugged.
“Sure, why not?” I said.
“Great! Come sit by me lass and you.” He looked at Juice. “Get the fuck away from me.” The other man laughed.
“Oh you know you love me Chibby.” He said playfully.
“I’d love to give you a swift kick in the arse.” Chibs replied with a smile. I made the way into the room as Juice began to leave. I sat in the chair and Juice turned towards us.
“I’ll be back in about an hour brother. Don’t forget to use protection!” He laughed as Chibs threw a pillow at him.
“Get out of here you rat bastard!” Chibs yelled. Juice threw the pillow on the bed and disappeared while still laughing. Chibs grumbled something about reminding himself to kill Juice later as he picked up his pillow. I giggled at the whole scene and he looked over at me as I did.
“I take it you guys are close?” I asked him.
“Aye, I consider him family.” He nodded and smiled. That started off the beginning of our hour long talk where we discussed random things. Every topic from his Sons of Anarchy brothers and my own family to our favorite things. We had a lot in common surprisingly Eventually Juice came back in and I pouted slightly in disappointment.
“Well at least you two are decent.” Juice smirked.
“Oh shut it.” Chibs glared playfully at Juice and Juice just laughed.
“I should probably get going.” I said while standing up. Chibs looked at me.
“Not until you promise to come see me again tomorrow lass.” He said. I smiled and nodded.
“I promise. See you then.” I made my way towards the door. “Bye Juice!” I said as I passed him. He smiled.
“Bye Y/N” Juice said as I left. I made my way back to my room with the biggest smile on my face.

~Depending on the response to this, this one might get a second part to it~

The Dabb/Lofflin episode I Believe The Children Are Our Future is another masterclass in heteronormativity.

Sam and Dean are in a hospital, and Dean briefly flirts with a female nurse for information. She’s stationed at the nurse’s station behind Sam, in Dean’s direct line of sight, but Dean pays her no attention whatsoever after having gotten the information he desired from her.

They leave the hospital, Sam finds Dean with a furry palm in their motel room, and Dean tells Sam “I got bored. The nurse was hot.” by way of explanation. He had masturbated to the thought of a nurse, and you’re meant to think Nurse Freemont here was the nurse that had featured in his fantasies.

But was she, though? Was she really?

Because while they’re leaving the hospital, Dean also bumps into a male nurse, seemingly on purpose. Maybe he was the nurse he thought about.

Cute, dark hair, Dean’s type. Male nurse. Was it him?

Going to go with no, as there are stranger things afoot, here. Although he had been investigating the case upstairs, Dean had stationed himself strategically in a corridor that seemed to be adjacent to the route of a black male nurse. We see him pass behind Dean three times during Sam and Dean’s conversation.

During their talk, Dean checks behind him as though to make sure someone isn’t watching him before he makes the face that “froze that way“. Like he cares that someone that might be coming from that direction doesn’t think he looks like an idiot.

He’s not concerned about Nurse Freemont, who is stationed right behind Sam, seeing him make his stupid face.

And the black male nurse? Is a nurse we had seen previously. We had seen him help the coroner take a body away. During this previous scene, Dean watched the man’s ass for a pretty long time while they wheeled the dead body away. Like a noticeably long time.

Before they leave the corridor, we see the nurse one last time. First, Dean checks out something to his left. Then checks it out a second time. Then a shadow passes over Dean. Then we see the same nurse again, for the fifth time in the episode.

The black nurse is literally the last thing we see in the hospital before the scene changes to Dean sitting in the motel with his furry arm under the table.

And the first time we saw the male nurse? There was a sign on the wall saying

“Now you see it. Now you don’t.”

This beautiful hunk of nurse, here. Got to love those gender neutral terms. This was the nurse who Dean Winchester thought about while he masturbated in a motel room. This man right here.

This was the sleight of hand in the episode the poster was referring to. Jerry Wanek helpfully provided the clue.

Adoption- A Jefferson One-Shot

Title: Adoption
Request: Another Jefferson one shot? His daughter was put in adoption after the curse and reader was the one who adopted her and became her mother. Jefferson was angry at first but when reunited with his daughter, he and the reader end up falling in love.
Pairing: Jefferson x Reader

“Ok Ms. Y/L/N, here’s your baby.” the nurse said, handing over the baby to Y/N.
“Thank you, thank you so much.” Y/N said, looking at the face of her new adopted baby girl. “Now what do I name you?”
The baby giggled at Y/N.
“I think Grace. Yes, I like it!” Y/N said to the baby.
Grace smiled in return, and Y/N walked back home with her baby.

As she walked in the house, Y/N gave Grace the full tour of the place.
“This is your nursery, right by my bed. I hope you like everything.” Y/N said, placing the baby in her crib. Y/N stood watching over her until the little girl fell asleep.

Three years had gone by, and Y/N was rasing her little Grace. Grace loved her mother, Y/N loved Grace.
One day as they sat in their living room watching a movie, there was a loud knock on the front door.
“Grace, stay here ok?” Y/N said.
“Ok mommy.” Grace responded smiling, playing with a pony toy.
Y/N slowly opened the door, and there stood a man.
“Hi?” Y/N said.
“Where’s my daughter?” the man stated.
“Your daughter? What do you mean?” Y/N asked.
“She should be three now! I put her up for adoption and I know they gave her to you!” the man yelled.
“Mommy!” Grace called, she war alarmed by the man yelling at the door.
“Grace, it’s ok.” Y/N responded.
The man burst in the apartment, “Oh my little girl, I should have never taken my eyes off of you!”
Y/N jumped in and stood in the way of the man and her daughter, “If you are her real father, I’m sorry she is my daughter now. I raised her, you just gave her up.”
“I didn’t have a choice in the matter! She was taken from me!” the man yelled.
“What’s your name anyways?” Y/N asked.
“Jefferson. Please, just let me talk to her.” Jefferson asked.
“For a few minutes, then you must leave.” Y/N responded.
“Thank you.” Jefferson said.
Him and Grace talked for a few minutes, then he left. Y/N knew that Jefferson really did care for Grace, and would let him come over twice a week for an hour to see her and talk to her.

About 6 months later, Y/N, Jefferson, and Grace were very close.
Grace called Jefferson daddy, Y/N mommy.
“I’m going to put her down to take a nap.” Y/N said, picking Grace up.
“I love you Grace.” Jefferson said to his daughter.
“Love you too Daddy and Mommy.” Grace responded. Y/N kissed Grace’s forehead, and put her in her bed to take a nap.
After Grace fell asleep, Y/N and Jefferson talked.
“Y/N can I tell you something?” Jefferson asked.
“Sure.” Y/N responded, sitting by him.
“I don’t know how to say this, but Y/N, I think I’m in love with you. Not just because of Grace, but because of you.” Jefferson responded.
“Jefferson, I don’t know what to say!” Y/N said. In excitement, Y/N kissed him.
Suddenly, they heard Grace laughing.
They broke the kiss and looking over at the child, who was sitting up in bed watching them.
“Mommy kissed daddy!” she called.
“Yea, we did.” Y/N responded.

A few months later, Y/N and Jefferson were married. It was a small ceremony, just the two of them and their little Grace.
“I love you, Jefferson.” Y/N said to her now husband.
“I love you too.” Jefferson responded.
“I love you both more!” Grace said smiling.
Jefferson picked Grace up, and the family walked home.


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Dean Winchester-Black eyed beauty

Title:Black eyed beauty

Pairings:Dean Winchester x reader

Word count:681

Request:Hello! Just wondering if you could do a one shot for me? Demon Dean x reader, soo I was thinking maybe Dean and y/n go on a wolf hunt and well they save this girl and she turns to ask if he wanted to go to a bar afterwords only to see his eyes are black and she tells him they aren’t doing this here, and he shoots her (not killing her) and he nurses her back to health..? :).

“Okay,’‘you breathed out shuffling slightly on your feet as you held your gun tightly in your hands.You glanced up at the taller hunter as he peered around the wall seeing the poor girl strapped into a chair being tortured.

’'Remember,get the girl and leave’'He repeated slower as he looked into your eyes making sure you understood.You rolled your eyes letting out an annoyed sigh.

’'I’m not a kid Dean!’'You sighed ’'I understand’'You mimicked slowly making he roll his eyes back at you.

’'I know you understand but you just can’t go back for me if anything happen-”

“Nu uh’'You shook your head,popping your lips,refusing to argue about that.He narrowed his eyes at you before letting out a frustrated moan.

’'Okay fine!Only because now is not a good time to argue and your stubborn’'He whisper yelled nodding his head towards the girl as a signal.You both ran in sticking to your original plan as you wiped out as many demons as possible.Throwing a punch at the guy -who tried to jump at Dean-you grabbed his arm twisting it round till a crack was heard and shoved him away.

You rushed over to the girl,darting your eyes over to Dean who was fighting some more demons.You quickly untied the girl,throwing the ropes to the side you grabbed her and ushered her outside ready to rush back in for Dean.You sat the woman down telling her to stay put as you ran back inside to see all the Demon’s dead and Dean leaning against a wall,eyes closed,face bloody.Your jaw clenched as your stomach knotted hoping he wasn’t dead.Suddenly to your relief he looked at you,but there was one problem.His eyes were pitch black.He leered over to you his toxic eyes peering into your soul as he smirked a spine shivering smirk as all you heard was a bang.Your mouth fell open as your hands clasped your stomach,looking down you saw red crimson leak everywhere,seeping through the gaps of your slender fingers.A pit of black smoke flew from Dean’s mouth as he breathed out in horror catching you just as you fell to your knee’s.

’'Whoa!Okay,easy’'He muttered his hand now caked in the dark liquid that marked your pain.His eyes shined with unshed tears that you knew he was bound to hide from you.’'I’m s-sorry’'He choked out grasping your shaking hand.


Sam darted up from his laptop as soon as his name was yelled.His eyes fell on you and he froze,his heart stopping,coming to a hault as Dean began to bark orders at him.Sam shook his head getting into hunting mode knowing he couldn’t be letting his emotions get the better of him now.He rushed out and you watched in slow motion as they panicked and fled over you.It was all a blur of their lips of your forehead telling you everything’s going to be okay,mixed with crimson red and yells of fear.

Dean sighed in relief as he and Sam slumped backwards.“Thank God’'Sam muttered going to the bathroom to wash his hands but all dean could do was stare at his in horror.

’'It’s not your fault Dean’'You whispered clutching his hand and pulling it away from his criticizing mind.’'You got possessed”

“No (y/n) I should ha-’'You glared at him cutting him off as you tightened your grip on his hand as a single tear fell from his eyes making your blur up.

’'You listen to me Winchester.It wasn’t your fault!Don’t you dare blame yourself.I’m okay and I’m gonna be beating your ass again as soon as I get better’'You joked turning back serious as you glared at the once black eyed beauty in front of you.He nodded though you knew it meant nothing to him as he would pick at his flaws till he was raw and numb.

’'I love you Dean”

“I love you too (y/n)’' 

A remake of Cinderella, but instead of a ball, the duke announces the opening of a free healthcare university, and by royal command, every eligible person wanting a career in nursing, surgery, medicine, etc, is to attend.

“Isn’t it lovely? These scrubs were my mother’s.”

“Girls, please. After all, we did make a bargain. Didn’t we, Cinderella? …and I never go back on my word. How very clever. This stethoscope, it gives it just the right touch. Don’t you think so, Drizella?

“No, I don’t. I think she’s… That’s my stethoscope! Give it here. Why, you little thief!”

“… and look, that’s my pen light! She’s got my pen light! Mine!”

            “So, you know that movie Whip It, about roller derby?” Awfully chatty, she is, for someone who’s nursing a broken arm and sitting in bed five in the ER. It was only a matter of time before word got back to Charlie—in fact, she’s a little surprised that he’s just now getting down there, probably to scold her. Par for the course these days. “Well, I was practicing at the skate park, because I’m thinking about going to try-outs for the local team—I’ve actually been meaning to ask you to sign a permission slip—and I had a mishap with the ramp and some concrete, annnnd now I’m here!”

            The smile (more of a cringe, really) is her way of saying please don’t be mad.


teenage-mutant-angsty-zukos  asked:

PREPARE FOR A BATTALION OF ASKS! Do you have any headcanons on Beyris's mother???? We know about her dad but nothing of her mom! How did Arris meet his wife? What happened to her?

OH MY GOSH BRING ON THE ASKS!! :D Oh, my gosh, I /literally/ just got off a call with a good friend of mine who has basically written fanfiction of my fanfiction where this /exact/ thing came up. Here’s what I think: My headcanon is that Beyris is being raised by her uncle because both of her parents are deceased. Arris met his wife after getting injured in a skirmish of some kind (he was a pilot, she was a nurse) and they were an adorable couple. After Arris died, she lived for another year, taking care of Beyris, but she died in some kind of (insert tragic story here) and then Rayzor stepped in to take care of his niece (Beyris was about three years old at the time). Rayzor’s anger at their two deaths played in big-time to his initial hatred of the Galra you see in the story ‘Red Means Blood’. Beyris is very, very, VERY much what kept him from going all the way over to the ‘dark side’ (even though he was a jackass for awhile there).

nettlestonenell  asked:

But where are all the WWI cross-over fics about WWI nurse Phryne Fisher meeting Tommy Shelby?

You’re right - Where are they?

Not here, apparently. At least not the good ones. This is just a placeholder.

The name on the envelope almost didn’t seem her own. The Honorable Miss Phryne Fisher.  Seemed such a long time since she’d been anything even resembling an Honorable  - or anything other than the desperately cried  "Nurse!“ What her charges would think to see her in her Paris finest, dress dripping with pearls instead of mud, the flash of red on her face lipstick and not a splash of someone’s blood, choked up during a coughing fit?

She examined the return address and smiled - Mac again. If nothing else was dependable, at least Doctor Elizabeth MacMillan could be counted on for a weekly letter and a dose of home. Phryne stood up, resolved. This was not to be read in the depressing confines of one’s tent - this was tonic to be taken in the open air and savored, slowly. Doctor’s orders.

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