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Hello, I read your fanfic of The Price of Salt. My god you're a terribly good writer. And you're only 19. My god. I'm gonna check out the rest of your writing on Downton Abbey and Mad Max, et al :). I was thinking if may be you could ever write a scene with Abby. I adore her character, in the books, in the film. Suppose a scene where she is trying to befriend Terese. She features so significantly in Carol's life, and now when Carol's living with Terese they'd want to be one big happy family.

(Really sorry that it’s taken me so abominably long to get back to you! Thank you very much for your kind words. I’ve done as you asked and added on a bit more, too. (: If you want to read from the start, you can find all the ‘Scenes from Seasons’ fics on AO3 and ff.net or under the tag on my blog.)

To New Jersey (Early June)

To New Jersey, that was where Carol insisted they would go to spend a sunny Sunday of their first June. ‘Do we have to?’ Therese groaned from her prime spot on an armchair Carol had recently brought in, her legs flung over one side, her head over the other, a book in her hands and the cat named Holiday purring against her chest. She had not seen Abby since those winter days at Carol’s house, gone now, and she had only spoken to her once or twice over the phone. She had no particular desire to see Abby again or to meet her ‘friend’ named Jean. The more she thought about it, the more the not-so-distant memories began to catch up with her.

But Carol was in a good mood, and when Therese’s bag landed on her face, it scared away the cat. ‘Come on, slowpoke. No one says no to free steak.’

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Brothers Love

nonnie prompt: Felicity is Tommy’s younger sister and she is secretly dating Oliver who is Tommy’s bestest friend. Oliver and Felicity are into bdsm and one day Tommy accidently walks on them doing some ‘weird’ things and he gets mad

A/N: So I somehow have misplaced the message for this :/ sorry! but I do save the prompts word for word thankfully! Anyway, sorry it’s taken so long, hope it’s what you wanted…

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