i think she won :(((


Hillary Clinton’s concession speech – full transcript

“The Democratic presidential nominee concedes the election to Donald Trump, thanking supporters and calling for listeners to ‘have faith in each other’” - The Guardian


He idolizes you. He accepts you. He takes care of you. And all he ever wanted was your love and support. But all you’ve ever done is judge him. You never believed in him, you never wanted him to succeed. And you know what? I feel sorry for him. And I feel sorry for you.


You’re cute.

oKAY BUT in the beggining of the manga it’s Yona’s birthday right??? and we clearly see Soo-Won giving Yona a present but

what about Hak?

did he not bother getting her a present bc she would like, tease him about it anyways???

did he get her a something that he’d give to her later??? is it somewhere, still hidden, still wrapped???

what could it be?? how does Son Hak choose the present he’ll give to the love of his life on her day?? was it a rare flower or a shiny comb or neckace or… a hairpin?

did he get her a present that he knew he’d never give to her? 

what was their tradition when it came to this? like does Yona refuse to gift him anything on his birthday too bc that’s just how their relationship works??? or doe she actually get him something very thoughtful, throws it over his head every year and then runs away like she doesn’t care?

what’s the exact rythm of Hak’s heart as he opens it and he finds that thing he talked to her about like four and a half months ago???

did i just give myself the feels???


“We said we would tell each other everything.”


Favorite TV Show 2013.