i think she watches me on tumblr :)

for everyone who wants to know what bex said about klance in afterbuzz:

  • basically they’re talking about ship discourse and bex suddenly goes
  • “Can we just….. for a quick second talk about klance?” (around 4:43)
  • she then says that she loves the chaos that occurs “when all the klance shippers blow up”
  • in relation to this, the hosts mention jeremy being in one of their previous episodes (and klance shippers’ reactions to it lol) and bex immediately says “OH MY GOD” and looks to the camera like she just knows
  • so my theory so far is that she knows we drag him and tbh i hope she drags him too god bless that boy
  • later on they talk about the emperor’s new groove moment in episode 5 and bex cheers (around 8:30??)
  • and eventually she’s crying-laughing and she legit curls up into a ball and wheezes “yOU BROKE ME” (pictured below)
External image
  • they also mention how keith keeps the towel on his head throughout that entire scene
  • bex says “He knows that his hair just sets Lance off. It just wasn’t the right time.”
  • she also jokes that it sticks to his hair because of all the hair product

and ok i think thats it basically bex is so sweet and great she makes lots of references to tumblr posts and has great insights about discourses like hunk not getting enough moments this season and the pidge bathroom debate AND HOGWARTS HOUSES so yes watch it

i said it before in a separate post,

bex taylor-klaus is not a horrible person.

i have been a fan of @bext-k since i first saw her in scream. she dressed a way i had previously in the show, and her character was bisexual with a preference towards girls. it was something so special to me, and i was delighted to see such a humble actor behind a character i related to so much.

as i watched more interviews and found her on tumblr, i learned some really rad things about her. like me, she was jewish. it’s something she doesn’t even begin to hide, and that is really cool. she came out somewhat recently, and that was cool too. ever since, i see her helping people come to terms with who they are. i don’t think bex would do anything to hurt anyone. i think she’s a ray of sunshine and snarky positivity and i have so much respect for her.

that being said,

i don’t agree with what bex said about sheith. if you don’t believe me, search “sheith” on my blog, and you’ll see my thoughts. the post i made regarding sheith/shaladin was in an ask during the school year, before any of this started. i didn’t like sheith, i didn’t support it, and i didn’t think it was a morally sound ship. i still don’t.

but bex has said she doesn’t ship sheith. even if she did, we can no longer be at-each-other’s-throats upset. by the law, sheith is not illegal. it sucks, sure, but that is the reality now. what bex said was in retaliation to a lot of shit she had gotten. you have to remember she’s a human and she’s gonna make mistakes and say things you don’t like. just because bex is a public figure does not mean she has to be the perfect image you all clearly had of her. her joke sucked. she doesn’t. because when you look at the rest of her blog, she’s helping people with their sexuality. she’s educating herself and others on racial matters. she’s interacting with her fans in a way not a lot of celebrities do- something that we turned around on her. the ask where bex makes the sheith joke was incredibly hostile; not from her, but from the anon. it wasn’t coming from a person trying to advise her; it was someone who wanted a rise from her. you all are throwing a lot of things about her around, so i just want to say: saying “power bottom” isn’t immediately fetishizing m|m- i’m an upperclassman in high school, and i can’t tell you how many times i’ve heard stuff like that come out of my straight friend’s mouths in regards to each other. it’s an expression, it isn’t sexuality-specific. 

i understand it wasn’t the best thing to say. i understand that voltron is a kid’s show. but can you give me another instance where bex has done something that’s so bad? because i don’t remember a single thing she’s done before this that people didn’t like. bex wasn’t serious about this. again, her joke wasn’t the most fantastic thing in the world, but it wasn’t racist. it wasn’t sexist. it wasn’t homophobic. the positives far outweigh the negative on this one, guys. you have to pick your battles. 

this one isn’t worth it.


i cement my face to her plexus, to feel how time sinks into flesh—hold her, and interfere; her unsurpassable forehead kiss, i smudge those infinite, kohl eyes, to hear hurricanes brimming in her chest; her mind, palace of versailles, creates and solves her own riddles, late august drizzle, at the shore, she gathers seashells; i walk in on ballerina toes, during siesta, to watch her innocence blossom, surf breaks, silk, nape; and when she tucks the sea in her curves—she thinks of me.

  • Draco: So what are you thinking about, Blaise?
  • Blaise: Well it's near the holidays, which means I have to go home and watch my mother get on with husband number who knows anymore, and of course she's going to be all on me for-
  • Draco: Cool, so anyway. Have you heard that Potter's staying for the holidays again? I'm thinking-
  • Blaise: *turns to Theo* He's talking about Potter again.
  • Theo: *rolls his eyes* Honestly, what else did you expect?
the types as my (unhealthy) coping mechanisms!

estp: impulsively giving myself stick and poke tattoos out of pure Boredom?? like srsly i have a (very faded) tattoo on my leg that just says “she’s dead, karl.” why do i have she’s dead karl permanently tattooed on my leg?? my manic episode of 1972™ or a legitimate reason?? who fucking knows??

esfj: wants approximately 43 children. wants to name them all different variations of the name katelyn. secretly a 43 year old divorcee soccer mom in a 14 year old emo’s body. needs help.

enfj: rewatching mean girls at least once a week?? it’s a Serious Problem??

isfj: stress baking. i fucking kid you not last year around exam times i baked 37 consecutive batches of vegan cupcakes. who fucking Knows Why!!!!

istj: excessive use of midliner highlighters™ on notes for school. still have a gpa of 2.4 and Crippling Depression but hey!!!! at least my fucking notes are pretty!!!

entp: starts arguments with every fucking teacher. my algebra 1 teacher could sneeze and i would start a 43 minute debate about charles darwin’s formulated scientific theory of evolution™. Just a Crippling Hatred for any form of authority.

istp: writes shit like “say perhaps to drugs” or “your mom has nice tits” on bathroom stalls for no reason besides!!!! fuck the system!!!!!!! i’m an edgy individual who can do whatever the FUCK i want This Isn’t A Phase Mom

enfp: somberly watches the same vines of birds dancing at 3 in the morning while eating Half Stale Potato Chips™. is dead inside.  

infp: purposely forces self to stay up till unearthly times of night and waits for the Nightly Feels™ to kick in just so i can write edgy poetry. is there a reason behind this?? none at all but!! do you think i’m gonna stop?? it’s a No From Me!!

isfp: scrolls through pages upon pages of those tuMblr aEsthTic blogs. all day. every day. has she even moved in the last 72 hours?? no!! why?? for the aesthetic!!

infj: analyzes everyone’s personality. i’d stare at a rock on the ground and mutter “what a 4w5.” secretly owns 19 cats. named them all after harry potter characters. regrets nothing.

estj: yells at everyone constantly. constant flaming hatred for everyone and everything. crippling self-hatred accompanied by an overwhelming narcissism. keeps forgetting to call my mom.

entj: daydreams about being an Important Person™ and yelling getting paid to yell at people. probably secretly cries self to sleep over a boy i haven’t seen in 3 years. lives for the formal attire aesthetic™.

intj: reads wikipedia articles for days at a time. i may be failing 3 classes!! but at least i sure know a lot about the aerodynamic stall of air france flight 447 and helena bonham carter’s entire family lineage!!

intp: writes mbti shit posts like these at 4 am. i need to get up in less than 2 hours. but i’m here. writing this. someone please help me.

esfp: literally hasn’t drank anything but arizona sweet tea™ in 2 consecutive years. plays 4 instruments but never practices. can speak 5 languages but still continues to confuses there their and they’re. the Class Clown aestheitc™.


Author: smutandahalf

Characters: Reader x Stuart



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           I tap my fingers against my knee, hoping that I appear cocky rather than nervous like how I’m really feeling on the inside. The man behind the desk looks irritated, but I’ve stopped paying attention to what he was saying quite a while ago. Part of me is rather surprised that I’m here; this definitely isn’t how I expected things to turn out.

           The man looks at me expectantly and I quirk an eyebrow at him.

           “Follow me, Y/L/N.” He says, his tone clipped and I bite my lips to hide my smirk. I fall into step behind him, twirling a strand of my hair. He doesn’t say much as we walk through the halls, people hurrying every which way.

           He opens a door to a collaborating room, and my breath catches in my chest when I realize there are people already working in here. They all look at me curiously, and I stare back at them cockily.

           “Meet Y/L/N,” The man says; it’s clear that they don’t understand why they should care who I am but they all smile at me warmly, at least all of them except for the guy slouched in the back, who is staring intently at his phone screen. “She’s the newest member of your team.”

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christsassenach  asked:

🌿 what did you think about the Claire birth scenes?! So loaded! Personally I loved that in the book she later tells Jamie she stayed awake for the birth because she was so scared she was going to die - but I loved the addition of "where's my baby" which totally killed me. It's nice that she fought the drugs and gas but didn't have a choice.

I’m going to post gifs hopefully later, I was up late watching and dissecting the episode. But I’m not one to live Tumblr my thoughts and I also kind of reserved tweeting until the end so I could take it all in first. 

But specifically related to your question, I loved everything about Claire’s birth scenes. One of my favorite scenes was when she was pretty much forced to tell Frank via the Doctor about Faith. It was like “hahaha, that’s right Frank, she almost had TWO with Big Ginger and none for you.”

I was OK with the change to put her under against her will. Oh, the futility and unfairness of it! Her helplessness and frustration at not being an active part of the birth was just so palpable. And her “you bastard” as she’s being put under—So Claire. 

Then I just love how the “where’s my baby?” paralleled Faith. Obviously with a happier outcome. Starting with her frantic fear: touching her empty belly and saying to the nurse, “Where’s my baby? Is it dead?” All of that followed by the relief that her baby, her last physical tether to Jamie, had survived, along with the pure joy of finally seeing and holding her daughter for the first time was amazing. Claire’s finally a mum and my heart grew ten sizes watching it. Caitriona nailed it all for me. 

I also liked the touch at the end, just as Claire and Frank were basking in their tentative awkward soap bubble of happiness, the nurse blew that shit up with her, “where’d she get her red hair?” I don’t trust Ron D. Moore with a lot of things, especially when it comes to Frank and his characterization, but I was strangely reassured by this episode. For these two, it’s going to be constant one step forward, two steps back. Can’t wait for Jamie’s ghost to cockblock Frank next episode.

Error 410 || Tom Holland x Reader (Drabble)

Requested: by MOMMA BEE!!!!!!1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 don’t deny it. u asked for it u have it

Warnings: ANGST, mentions of death

Notes: y’all i wrote this shit for the spiderjizz scult since i love to make them cry with my sad headcanons. i love y’all i’m having a fANtASTic BiRthdAY also everyone search error 410 on internet bye

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You and Tom talked to each other everyday. You knew everything about him and he knew everything about you. Suddenly, one day, you stop sending messages at him and he gets confused. He messages you in Skype, tumblr, instagram and every other social media you gave him. He calls you every one hour expecting you to talk to him again. 

Since you sent him your home address in case someday he decided to visit you.
He immediately buys a flight to your country/state and starts packing his clothes and bought some candies and food that you loved for you two to lay on bed and watch movies. 

He thinks, ‘Did I do something wrong? Maybe she’s mad at me because of the nicknames I give to her but she never tells me that she was bothered by them.’ 

He gets really worried for the rest of the day. He urges to call you one more time to see if you actually answer the phone but instead the mailbox sounds.

“Hey Y/N! Maybe you won’t answer this but I have a surprise for you so, yeah haha call me tomorrow morning at 10am please.” he pauses for a second. “Please. Please, answer me, Y/N.”

He hungs up, disappointed that you were ignoring his calls and messages. He was so worried about you.
He takes the flight from London to your country/state and takes a taxi when he landed. He tells the taxi driver to send him to your apartment and then he arrives.

He knocks at your apartment door, with his bag full of your favorite sweets but instead the door cracks open.
He enters the room, “Y/N? Hey, it’s me Tom! I was coming through here to…” 

He finds you laying on your bed. He thinks you’re sleeping and lets out a relieved breath until he gets closer and finds a big circle of blood in your right side and a bullet in the floor. 

He’s petrified.

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Dr. Tony who has 5-7 phds and answers rhetorical questions around the house with science facts, and does math in his head and shocks listeners, etc? Please?

“Oh my god, you’re totally going to get murdered by Natasha.”

“Oh ye of little faith,” Clint scoffed at Tony, shooting him a look of scorn before turning back to Steve, who was readying himself on the other side of the room.

Tony rolled his eyes, eyes darting across the living room for a second before landing back on Clint, this time with a slightly elevated eyebrow. “There is an 84% chance Natasha will injure you in some serious way once she realises you are using her favourite and most expensive imported Russian chocolates in order to make Steve do tricks like some sort of house-trained labrador- which I guess he is, but still- you’re gonna get hurt because of it, so I’d decide right now if you think it’s worth it.”

This time, Clint looked  a little surprised. “What makes you say 84%? Am I missing something? Has she just been given a new supply of weaponry?”

“No,” Tony shrugged, “I’m just bomb at math.”

Steve looked carefully at him, before squinting a little. “Okay. Give me your ‘bomb’ math, then. I can see like, seven different ways this could go wrong, but I still don’t see how you can turn that into a mathematical equation.”

Again, Tony shrugged, gesturing vaguely around him. “How the hell should I know? The author who’s writing my character right now can’t do maths for shit.  She doesn’t even spell it as ‘math’. Who the fuck spells math without an ‘s’? Americans, that’s who. Anyway- we’re derailing from the point,” Tony waved a hand across his face, looking a little put out as he stared at the roof. “This whole ‘inability to do anything other than basic times-tables’ thing the author has going on makes it slightly annoying when she’s trying to bring me, a character who is, y’know, a mathematical genius, to life. All I know is that I have 5-7 phd’s according to an ask she got on tumblr. Which makes me pretty fucking smart. Now trust me, if I say you’ve got an 84% chance of grievous injury, then you’ve got an 84% chance of grievous injury. Have fun avoiding Natasha’s wrath,” Tony waved them off, turning back to his tablet with a little smile on his face.

Steve and Clint watched him go, confusion written on their faces. “How long do you think Tony hasn’t slept for this time?” Clint asked. “ ‘the author?’ Is he on drugs?”

Steve shook his head. “I’m pretty sure he’s just sleep-deprived,” he said, before pausing, and turning to look at Clint, eyes wide. “Or maybe that’s what the author wants us to think.”

Clint looked at him, before gasping. “Holy shit. You’re right. Technically, is this breaking the fourth wall?”

Steve looked confused for a moment, before pulling a face. “I only worked out what that meant about four weeks ago. I thought it was exclusive to movies.”

Clint shrugged. Then Steve shrugged. There was shrugging everywhere. Even the author was shrugging. Probably. Steve and clint couldn’t actually see them. They just assumed. (They were correct).

“Hey- shall I go make out with Tony like I tend to do at the end of every story this author writes?” Steve asked suddenly, turning to Clint, who looked pensive for a moment before nodding solemnly. 

“Make sure to get your wires well and truly crossed before-hand though. Don’t want to make it two easy for the both of you.”

“I’ll keep it in mind,” Steve patted him on the back, smiling as he followed Tony’s path.

Clint sighed. “I’m going to get beaten up by Natasha now, aren’t I?” He asked the empty room.

Somewhere in the universe, the author laughed. Then the elevator doors opened, and JARVIS announced Miss Natasha Romanov’s presence.

More Disturbing than Killing Stalking

My mom once said that she wouldn’t watch American Horror Story because it was too “mean”. I think I understand what she meant.

I started reading Killing Stalking earlier this year after hearing about it on Tumblr. I genuinely enjoy reading it. It’s creepy, but intriguing. It’s of the horror genre so it’s to be expected- blood, violence, psychological torment, etc. It’s an enjoyable read.

But about a month ago I started reading something new and it is so uncomfortable to read. Also hosted on Lezhin the manhua “Save Me” by creator 0123 is about a high school boy, Hyeongoh, bound to a wheelchair who is bullied and tortured by a group of boys everyday who try to find new interesting ways to “play” with him. They steal his wheelchair, use his back as a literal dart board, and force feed him laxatives it make him shit his pants in front of the whole school. A lot of time is spent focusing on these periods of torture in almost every chapter. And to make it worse the teachers are either completely blind to everything that happens to him or they are just as apathetic as the other students.

The interesting character for me is the “mysterious transfer student™” who is instantly obsessed with and automatically wants to be Hyeongoh’s best friend, despite students telling him to not bother with him. There’s something weird about the transfer kid that I’m itching to find out, and I’m starting to suspect he’s gonna be some type of yandere character.

I’m thinking what’s turning me off the most is the victimization is so public in Save Me yet no on lookers do anything. No teachers, no parents. While in KS it’s happening behind closed doors, which is also scary. But mix that in with apathy for another persons well being, like you could be getting murdered in the street and people will just keep walking by… *shudders*

I also like reading the voices of two of the bullies as Beavis and Butthead.

The Business of Conducting Leaves

She has a patio
Where she stares the trees
In the whites of their leaves
And they sing
Like clarinets
Harmonized with glitter-gold
Slivers of bayonettes
The deep-navy daggers
All gossiping gatherers

And the man in the tailored suit
Waves his conductor wands
While the face
On his wrist
Speaks money

But the leaves
They never
   Pay him
No mind

So, he watches them from her porch
And sighs
And she can hear in his breath
The cry:

    Take me on your melody waves
    - This sea of green -
    I don’t know why

    But I think it’s where
    I really belong

actuallyaghostthanks  asked:

I love dragging people into the fandom and watching them listen to the first few episodes. A friend of mine was listening to the first Caleb episode in class the other day and she looked me dead in the eyes and said "He sounds really gay"

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La Belle et la Sorcière

Anonymous asked: Okay since literally NO ONE writes for Disney Descendants, do you think you can do a Mal x Ben/Chad’s sister fic. It doesn’t have to be either of the princes, but I kinda like the idea of this high class royal kid falling in love with this high class evil kid

Descendants Anonymous here, I would prefer the reader to be Ben'a sister tbh

Hi, this is the descendants anon. I don’t know if you saw the second part of the request I sent or if I even sent it, but i would like it to be a general princess x Mal (she doesn’t have to be evil, but whatever works best for your writing is great)

Ma dude, my darling, you have awoken something within me. I am a huge fairytale nerd and you can bet your fucking ass I will use my knowledge to the best of my ability to do this. I am 10000000% ready for this shit oh my god. I also watched Pete’s Dragon before writing so yeh…hahaha.

Big shout out to my friend Roxy (I think she has a tumblr I forget what it’s called haha, whoops sorry) for helping me out. She’s Canadian and speaks French. The title translates to, ‘The Beauty and the Witch’ since like…Beauty and the Beast and Sleeping Beauty both have French origins. So thanks so much for help me out darling! *blows kisses*

And thank you very much for the compliment darling! Anyway, here we go~!

Warnings: Uh….fluff? Dragons. This thing is long as fuck holy shit. And this sucks.

Your name: submit What is this?

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anonymous asked:

I’m torn! I liked the episode but I also feel really anxious about it. Why Oliver doesn't trust her anymore? He admitted that he and Diggle had let her fall deeper and that maybe she didn't feel like she belonged this season and yet he doesn't back her play. Help me understand this please because I don't want to think like this about him. I wanted to enjoy episode 20 but this is upsetting.

Don’t come to tumblr/twitter much because of my job but I love Arrow, though I’ve only been watching it for a year. There are some I’ve been following that were really vocal about 5.19: they’ve basically been saying Oliver isn’t good enough for Felicity now and are angry at him for not trusting/backing her like she has him. Is it them who don’t understand or me? I thought it showed Oliver afraid. No mistrusting. And Felicity asking for equality. I saw a reply you gave once but I don’t know anyone who does them like that.

I wasn’t going to answer these initially because I feel they’ve been answered so fully by the names just below this but… I HAVE AN ABUNDANCE OF OLICITY FEELS THAT CANNOT BE DENIED.

I needed to vent them! Overuse of gifs ahoy!

OK, first? Q2 Anon: I can give you the names of a few people who answer questions FAR better than I ever could if you’d like?

There’s @jbuffyangel (who did her usual amazing review of the episode which should answer all of your questions/worries) @callistawolf and @louiseblue1

There are others that I’m sure you’ll find if you explore a bit ;)

There isn’t really much I can say past what hasn’t already been said by the 3 above.

But I need to clarify (even though you can’t answer) something Anon 1. You liked the episode?

JUST liked?

Well I just about had a mini coronary. Honey, I don’t think you were seeing it properly. Episode 19 was like a piece fanfiction come to life. It was an episode to grin hard about and watch whilst gripping the edge of your seat. Something to feel deep in your chest the next day.

Everything in it – EVERY SINGLE SCENE – was a moment I’ve been waiting on pins to see.

And I mean, purely from the point of view of a fan: how could you not adore the return of the looks and the talking:

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True, I DO think they made us wait a tad too long (kill me now – @scu11y22 knows especially, after episode 9 how close I came to having a full on shit-fit – but just a shit-fit, not a loss of hope) for this but I also believe that they wanted the whole Prometheus Vs Oliver = Oliver’s lowest moment score to occur prior to any progression that could be made between Oliver and Felicity…

It’s because they want them - their steps back to each other - to be part and parcel with Prometheus’s defeat.

And Prometheus is representative of Oliver’s demons. Of his darkness and his pain. 

Originally posted by mogirl97

Something he can no longer run from like he has been doing for years. What he needs to face and defeat, to strive beyond.

It’s all so that the penultimate moment, episode 20, can mean so much more and have triple the affect it would have had without this.

Oliver can’t defeat Prometheus with his current mind-set. He can’t even stand against him: Prometheus has broken a vital piece of Oliver’s soul: his hope.

Think about it: Olicity closing the gap between them - healing that breach - each and reuniting possibly leading to the defeat of Prometheus. And what’s necessary for the defeat of Prometheus? For Oliver to step forwards into a light of his own making. A mission of his own choosing.

How much more epic can you get?

But you (Anon 1) (Anon 2, you’re fine girl/boy;)) were referring more to the deceptive lack of trust in this episode, correct?

That supposed absence of trust, the very thing that put a pause on this whole relationship? It’s an Oliver Queen smokescreen. Possibly subconscious on his part, at least initially. A not-so-flimsy cover up for Oliver’s real problem. A problem they’re going to bring about, in GREAT and uncompromising detail, in episode 20.

But let’s get into specifics.

It’s what we’ve been waiting for. And all of it, everything, was good. Everything coming will be better.

I think a problem a lot of people might also be having at the moment is the sudden rise of emotional intensity in the show.

Originally posted by yourreactiongifs

Yes, I know: random. But.

Arrow has always been intense but it increases with each season: the actors are pushed into doing scenes and playing roles they’ve never done before, into bending rules and breaking past boundaries. Season 5 has been exemplary in this. But there’s been an upswing from episode 16, especially in regards to OTA and Olicity, that wasn’t as present earlier on. It’s been very welcome, but also, a bit of a shock.

They’ve had to wait you see: there’s been too much story to tell first. We got a lot of Olicity before anything else in season 4 so they needed to be true to their other stories first but you all know the other reasons as well. Lord know’s I’ve gone on about them too.

So now, everything feels powerful. Penetrating. Worrying? The script was so forceful in Dangerous Liasons, so intense: every scene featuring Oliver and Felicity was a scene that left a mark on the audience. People are feeling the heat - the kind of heat exhibited in 3.20 - and it’s such a burn that it people might consider it an omen.

Don’t feel anxious about it: not at all. It’s about facing the truth. About Oliver and Felicity facing each other. About facing themselves…

And they found themselves in each other once upon a time.

Originally posted by curvygeekyfangirl

That still holds true. There was no way in hell that they were going to get to the root of each of their issues without them coming back to each other.


There’s no one he trusts, respects and admires more than Felicity Smoak.

But being honest with her - telling her about his 5.17 revelation (something he had to understand himself first) about his reasoning behind why he’s done what he’s done over the years - is something he thinks will make her fall out of love with him.

But it also might save her from becoming him.

This has absolutely nothing to do with trust.

For the first time, Felicity is the one he and Dig have to worry about… and like big tough Alpha males, it throws them completely out of whack.

Originally posted by emilybuttrickards

It’s not about a lack of trust or a deliberate choice not to be there for her when she has been there for him every single time he needed someone.

He can’t possibly be ok with her behaving like him because she’s more. She’s better. She’s the example he measures all other acts of goodness and evil against. No other woman (or man) has come close.

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And that’s just some of the examples and only the women.

But there’s been a lack of understanding between these two for the past year (A year… Christ, it’s been more than a year) and they need to hack it out but they wouldn’t be able to without a stimulus.

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Boom baby!

Now, Felicity TELLING Oliver that he doesn’t trust her was soooooo deeply satisfying, not because I agree with her. I don’t. She’s wrong. But I only know that because I’m the observer.

I loved it because she was finally being honest about how he’s made her feel. And how he’s made her feel isn’t just like she isn’t trusted:

Originally posted by andjustforthismoment

It’s lonely. Alone.

Originally posted by felicitysmoakq

She’s felt like she can’t go to him and ask for the assistance she needed, the help she wanted. The kind of love she deserves. Honestly, I’m pretty sure she didn’t want his help either. Not at this stage. She wanted to rely on herself. To decide for herself. To make the choices he and Dig have always made for her. To be their equal.

What she wanted was for him to say:

“I don’t like it. I don’t want you to do it. You’re asking me to stand back and watch you sell yourself because of a problem I caused. I don’t want it. It’ll hurt too much… but I’m going to. I’m going to because I trust you. You already know I love you. And now I’m going to prove what that actually means to me. I’m going to place all my trust in you because I believe. In. You.


Wonderful, right?

But this is from the point of view of a woman who doesn’t fully understand Oliver Queen, through no fault of her own. She’s the closest any woman has ever come to truly knowing him: she DOES know him the best of everyone, even Thea…

And that is something he - subconsciously - can’t allow. He can’t have Felicity - the person he loves the most - close to his darkest demon. Can’t have her touched.

If she’d been ready at the time of their break up, maybe she would have seen something else and NOT a man who simply doesn’t trust her the way she craves to be trusted, the way she’d trusted him and still does trust him. Even after everything.

But she couldn’t help missing that because Oliver is emotionally stunted and very unaware of how his father’s promise and his survivor’s guilt have deepened that chasm inside him.

Oliver is also a man of his word.

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“We can protect her.”

He made a promise to himself and Dig and he was vehement in that promise.

It was a declaration of intent: I want her in this but not at the cost of what makes her… her.

Do you think that ever goes away for someone like Oliver? And do you think he ever forgets about that promise? No. It just grows stronger. It was crucial to him; especially right at the beginning of it all.

And for Felicity Smoak it is an absolute - a requisite - STRONGER than his need to protect Thea.

He grew to accept at the end of season 3 - after choosing for her for most of the season - that Thea’s life was her own, that her actions were her own, her body was her own to throw it onto fire if she wanted to.

He’d hate it… but he’d get it.

He can’t do that with Felicity because she’s his cornerstone.

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Even after they broke up, even months later with this distance between them, she’s still the person who balances his world, who gives him structure.

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When she first joined the team, she enabled his night work in a way he didn’t think possible and she was as safe as he could make her. Behind her computers. In HIS Foundry. Perfect.

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She was where he could keep an eye on her and control how deep into the life she was. In fact she only ever touched close to danger when she was in the field, which was few and far between for this exact reason.

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Even when she opted – even when it was her choice – Oliver (and by extension Dig) only agreed when they could control the danger level.

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But even then, things can still go wrong.

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The problem is that Felicity has always been just as ‘in deep’ as the boys.

But she’s their precious gem: their lucky charm. Their lighthouse, their way home. The heart of the team.

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What happens when a lighthouse goes dark?

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The way home – your eyes – vanishes.

You loose sight of reality.

It was taken for granted, Felicity’s natural light. Her faith. He thought if he left it alone, it was stay exactly as it was…

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The light on Oliver’s path – as pitiful and as small, as narrow and filled with thorns and without forks and choices as that way has become – was, in his head, taken fully away in episode 19. He was left asunder and confused.

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Adrift. Lost at sea…. he’s already lost at sea.

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He was lost at sea for years until he chose to stay away from Starling (I prefer the name Starling City to Star City btw).

After his return, she became his anchor. Slowly.

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Moment by moment.

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Until she became irreplaceable.

And he didn’t realise just how deep that went… until he broke her heart. Until she left him. Alone.

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They’re as alone as each other. Even when they’re with others. Even in a crowd. Even as they reached out to others, romantically or otherwise and it didn’t heal them.

Case in point: look at where they are right now. He thinks he’s a sociopathic serial killer and she’s willing to destroy her life to bring down the man who made him feel that way.

She is doing for Oliver what Oliver did for Thea in season 3.

All she’s asking is for him to let her.

But he can’t.

He promised Dig he’d protect her. Just her. 

Not Laurel or Thea or Sara or anyone else, not even Dig… Felicity was the one whom he’d never have twisted. The one neither of them could or would sacrifice. IRREPLACEABLE.

Most importantly, he can’t have her become him. He’s been protecting her from that since day 1: he can’t fathom its possibility.

Oliver has paid a lot of prices, sacrificed so much of himself. And he’s lost things and people.

Her soul is the one price too high to pay.

Yet Oliver feels like everything he has touched, every person who’s into contact with him, has suffered because of him.

And now? …He feels what’s she doing with helix, how she’s behaving is because of him. A darkness that never comes out created by him. To Oliver, he has created this path of a deepening darkness for the woman he loves. Now he has to put up with what she’s been putting up with for years. And he doesn’t like it.

Drink it is:

Like a husband who’s argued with his wife, had his words royally and correctly thrown back at him and in the dog house. Big time!

What Oliver doesn’t realise is that light can alter over time. It can grow warmer or more distinct. Stronger. Can shift and shine a new way. A better way. A softer way. Some lights can draw weaker ones out and strengthen them.

Has anyone noticed the increased use of both purple and green this year on Arrow? Oliver’s and Felicity’s colours. 

Not a coincidence.

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When he sees her for who she really is, when he finds out how her view of him – in walking in his shoes – has changed, has grown, when he discovers that his confession doesn’t have the affect on her he thought it would, when she actually gives him a new and brighter understanding of herself… he’ll see her light for what it is. For the beauty in it. And he’ll love her all the more for it.

I think he’s going to tell her – when their air is ruining out, whilst he’s hurt and she’s defenceless – his painful truth and he’ll be waiting for the worse case scenario reaction from her.

And… I feel like he’s going to be given the shock of his life. Or something to that affect. (Am I just desperate?)

Whatever happens, it’ll make him view her as an equal in every sense of the term – he thought he already did, but there was still that last layer of bubble wrap for him/her to pop.

And in walking in her shoes – in trying to move on, in watching her make the hard choices and being powerless to stop her, in being on the other side of the fence and being the one who doesn’t get listened to – his understanding and already super high regard for her will shoot past the stratosphere.

Like Wendy said:

“She’s been through something now, and she sees him in a different light — and he also sees her in a different light. There’s a lot more mutual understanding, and even though I think it’s hard to top the mutual respect they already have for each other, that goes up as well.”

Won’t be surprised if they leave the bunker shooting each other awed, heart-eyed looks and thinking ‘wow’.

Remember the song?

I am so sorry that I bothered you
Now I know why you have to hide
I didn’t know what you were going through
All I could see was my own sign

I will just fade away
I will let you be here
I won’t say a word until you come to me
Until you come to me
Until you come to me

They just tell me what you’re in there for
How could I know you did not say?
But now I know what I am living for
Tomorrow will be just another day

I will close my eyes
And I hear a quiet peep
I will wait in the shadows until you come to me
Until you come to me
Until you come to me, oh

Ah, sweet youth will all too quickly end
And we will never be this free
So all I ask is that we look again
Before we grow too old to see

I will fall alone
My elm was sweet and envy
Still I will be crying until you come to me
Until you come to me
Until you come to me, ah

Understanding. Readiness. Love. Trust. Heart.

I’ll be waiting for you. Until you come to me.

It’s a mutual thing (though I do think this refers to Felicity more than Oliver).

And then it’ll be almost as easy as falling, his new ideal. I think she’ll give him a new point of view. Or, at the very least, a way to see it differently.

Very soon they’ll be ready for each other. The right fit.

A hero for a hero.

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She has to open the door but he needs to make her want to first. Strip each other down to the core.

And, come 5.22 (?) he needs step on through it all on his own.

They’re going to fall in sync.

And by 5.23 we’re finally going to breathe that breath of sweet relief.

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She was a mess,
a walking catastrophe,
a nightmare of a person,
yet a dream to me
She was a loner,
I must confess.
People only loved her
when they saw her undress
She never saw me,
but I watched from afar.
She had her own orbit,
she was a shooting star.
She was certainly strange,
as odd as they come
I think I could learn from her
and all she has done
One day I asked her name,
I said “Hi, I’m Julia”
She said her look is a cover,
“don’t let the outside fool you”
She sat next to me
with a beer in her hand,
then she told me to chug it
and we never talked again
—  J.DeLissio, Day 160, “That Girl From High School”

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I have a friend and she won't take up my recommendation of watching Criminal Minds because she doesn't trust me or my taste because I'm rather weird, do you think you could respond to this convincing her that Criminal Minds is definitely worth watching? Also you are probably my favourite blog on tumblr and I love everything you do and say 💕


Dear (insert friends name here), I believe that you should start watching the riveting show Criminal Minds based on its ability to capture an audience through its storylines. For example, recently in season 12, the Spencer Reid (I will get into characters later) storyline consisted of amazing plots in that one given storyline. As well as that, Criminal Minds has a vast audience and to cater to their needs I believe that the relationships between the characters are vital to the success of the show. I guarantee once I explain the characters in detail you will completely fall in love with every single one.

Aaron Hotchner: Or more commonly known as ‘Hotch’ was the esteemed Unit Chief of the FBI’s Behavioural Analysis Unit (BAU) for over a decade, before he had to step down in 2016. He is also a father to a boy named Jack. His story is definitely heartbreaking. His wife was targeted by a serial killer that tortured him for several weeks before… well, I’ll let you watch that for yourself. He can seem cold at times but I assure you, there’s nothing he wouldn’t do for his team.

Derek Morgan: Frankly he is one of the best agents the BAU has ever had. If he wasn’t kicking down doors he was slamming his hand on a desk whilst interrogating an UnSub (Unknown Subject). He fights for what he wants and usually succeeds. His relationship with a gorgeous blonde named Penelope Garcia is probably one of the best dynamics in a show you’ll ever see and I’m not just saying that from bias. Don’t let his tough exterior fool you, once you get to know him, he’s a sweetheart.

Spencer Reid: Personally one of my favourite characters in the show. He is a doctor, who has bachelor’s in Sociology and Psychology, PhD’s in Mathematics, Engineering and Chemistry. He’s arguably a genius, with an iQ of 187 and can read 20,000 words per minute. Honestly, when you start watching in season one you may not consider him attractive (I don’t know how you couldn’t?) but when it hits around season 4 or season 5. You’re about to witness God’s work, my friend. He possibly is the most all rounded person, his friendships with everyone are just amazing and so special.

Penelope Garcia: She is known as the technical analyst for the BAU. She may not be the one to catch the bad guys in action but without her, the team would never find the UnSubs. She’s a very important member of the team and CANNOT be replaced. She’s probably the sweetest, kindest soul you will ever meet. She’s  different to the rest of the team in that she gets incredibly upset by the cases they deal with and so to cope she wears bright clothes and decorates her office with soothing ornaments just to remind her of everything good in the world. Derek Morgan, as mentioned above, is her best friend in the whole world and their relationship with each other is excruciatingly beautiful. She cares for everyone on the team and is honestly one of the best people you will ever meet.

Jennifer Jareau: Or more commonly known as ‘JJ’. She’s a gorgeous blonde who’s probably the kindest person you’ll ever meet. But, when you peel off that kind persona, you reveal a seriously badass agent. Honestly, when her family or team is put in jeopardy, she seriously changes in a way that’s so admirable that you can’t not like her. She’s such an integral part of the team and she’s worked her ass off to get where she is. She’s gone from being a communications liaison to a talented SSA (Supervisory Special Agent).

Elle Greenaway: You’ll first meet her in season one, and honestly, she’s probably one of the most confident women you will ever encounter. Yes, she goes through a lot of trauma and some heartache but, she’s one of the strongest people you will ever meet. She honestly deserved so much better, and you’ll see why later on in the show.

Emily Prentiss: This wonderful agent joins the team mid-way through season 2, and she demonstrated how talented she is quite early on and she such an asset to the team. She has had quite the life. Honestly, once you find out about her background you’ll absolutely fall in love with her. She’s one of the most caring people and would protect her team at all costs, shown in season 6. She recently took over from Hotch as the new unit chief and I honestly can’t think of someone more right for that position. She’s been through so much, yet she manages to bring happiness everywhere she goes.  

David Rossi: He originally was supposed to be retired, but he decided to come back to the Bureau which enabled him to solve a 20-year-old case that he was being taunted by. He can seem controlling at the beginning but truly, once you see him interact with the team in the coming seasons he will feel like such a father figure to the team. He rarely shows emotion but when he does its heart breaking, he becomes this beacon of light in everything dark and he’s one of the best agents the BAU has ever seen.

Alex Blake: This angel, joined in season 8 after Emily Prentiss departs for reasons I will let you find out on your own. I believe her character development is an important part of her personality. She begins to become close with every single member of the team, especially Spencer Reid. We see her shine through as a mother figure throughout the two seasons she’s on the show. She has this quality about her that makes her so likeable. She is a pure example of how much the team cares for each other, even if they haven’t been on the team for that long.

Kate Calahan: She has been through a lot. She lost her sister in 9/11 and she took in her sister’s daughter as her own. If this doesn’t show you how kind of a person she is, I don’t know what will. She has been through so many struggles and yet she brings this incredible sense of humour that almost masks the dark acts that these people experience on a daily basis. You see first hand her develop on the show and it’s a beautiful experience. You watch her grow as a person, dealing with traumatic things in her past that she reveals in the beginning of season 10. She has this energy that makes you want to smile all the time which is something incredibly rare.

Luke Alvez: A new addition to the team could not have been better introduced or portrayed. His relationships with everyone are so clearly shown and developed in such a way that it makes you feel like he’s been on the team forever. He’s a member of their family already. We get an insight into his life and his past which is something so interesting. We see him as a normal person with a dog who goes running, and it almost makes you forget about the horror he probably dealt with whilst serving in Iraq. He’s one of the funniest human beings, literally his interactions with Penelope Garcia honestly what make season 12 amazing.

Stephen Walker: Moving on to this wonderful man. Not only is his voice deep and it soothes every ounce of my being but he is so intriguing. We see him as a family man, someone who values and cherishes the time with his wife and children. This is what makes him one of the greatest people. He is definitely underrated, but I honestly don’t know how. He is one of the most caring people you could ever meet. He’d only known the team for a short period of time and he was already willing to give up anything to protect them. He considers them his family. That’s what you call noble.

In conclusion, I know I’ve left out masses of information on these characters but I honestly want you to watch for yourself and see the dynamics unfold with your own eyes. It’s incredibly powerful first hand. If this isn’t enough to get you to start watching the show, I don’t know what is. I promise you, you won’t regret it.

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At first, i actually disliked Hanji. She, at the time seemed like an annoying character. But when i saw Levihan (and your blog), i started digging deeper to Hanji's character and pay more attention to her. And after a few weeks, my point of view changed dramatically. I love Hanji since!!!!!! _Guess i could say that shipping changed me_ AND it happens a lot -also with Levi- cause i tend to judge the characters on their first appearance. Idk, just thought that i would share my story to you.

Awww… this is so sweet of you. And no! I really like reading someone else’s story a lot on how they discovered the ship! And this is so precious. *sheds a tear* 

Mostly, everyone disliked Hanji at first! (But, no, I LOVE HANJI THE MOMENT I SAW HER ASDFGHJKL) and I have read those things many times now, especially here on Tumblr! and I think they didn’t like Hanji’s attitude towards Eren and its because she totes love Titans!

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and this doesn’t stop there. She’s also reckless at some point! No! Reckless at EVERYTHING! You can actually refer it on when she was almost eaten by Bean.

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And she’s really annoying TBH

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But, no LeviHan shipper will ever get bored looking and watching this iconic Levihan moment! The Hair Grabbing Scene!

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I wish someone would make a 1 hour edit of this scene. ;-;

And wow, thinking about someone knowing this blog and telling me they shipped LeviHan bcoz of it makes me cry so hard! I can’t! 


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Another good prompt @rowendarkholme! What came to my mind with this AU was teen!lock. Hope that works for you! ;)

“You’re such a baby,” Eurus groaned with a roll of her eyes as she shoved her brother. “I see the way you stare at Molly like an idiot every time she comes over to study.”

“I do not,” Sherlock whispered between gritted teeth, obviously terrified his sister’s friend would hear, seeing as she was only a few meters away, reading under a tree. “Besides, isn’t Jim Moriaty-”

“He’s not the one who makes her blush and forget how to speak coherently,” Eurus cut in with weary laugh. “Leave Jim to me, stop listening to Mycroft, get out of your own head, and go ask her out!”

Sherlock stared at his sister, and then over at Molly, and then back at his sister. “Alright, fine,” he spat out and jumped up, propelled by sibling peer pressure, which Eurus always did excell at.

Eurus smiled proudly to herself as she watched him approach an instantly smiley Molly Hooper. “Thank God, finally! Was beginning to think I’d have to lock them up together in a cement room or something…”


yeah, i don’t sing anymore.
the house burned last fall
and i still see her eyes falling shut
in afternoon light, her body rocking
forward and back. i don’t sing anymore
and it doesn’t make sense to talk about it.
i know a girl who lives in the valley
and bakes her own bread, follows
her own recipe. sometimes i pretend
i am her and sometimes i tell myself
that i love her and sometimes i believe it.
it feels right to say that my body
deserves an apology. from who, i don’t
yet know. if i say it enough times it makes sense
and if i slosh it around my mouth, under my tongue,
it tastes a little less sour. i keep forgetting-
what was her name again? what did the song
sound like when she sang it to me in bed?
i watch the sun rise behind the blinds
that we broke by pulling too hard for light.
i don’t want to be this haphazard girl
with the wind knocked out of her, with cracks in her windows and her teacups.
i move my mouth around where the song should be
and my lips crack quietly. the sun is coming
over the hill where my bird is buried.
i think my song is under the dirt, too.