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My Kind of Crazy

Summary: Jensen uses a song cover to reveal his feelings for his co-actress. 
Pairing: Jensen x Reader
Word Count: 1515
Genre: Fluff. All of the Fluff. 
Warnings: None.

A/N: This is my entry for @impalaimagining‘s 1K Followers Challenge! Yes, it’s late, my apologies, Taylor! If you’re not already following her, make sure you do that, you won’t regret it! My prompt was the gif at the top of fic, as well as My Kind of Crazy by Brantley Gilbert. Also, this is the first fluffy thing I’ve produced that I’ve been exceptionally proud of in a while so … yeah. Enjoy!

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Fanfiction - A Lifetime of Her (Part VIII)

Part VIII – “Please teach me gently how to breathe”

You can find every previous part here.


“Open yer mouth.” I ordered with what I thought might be a commanding voice, holding a spoon in front of her stubbornly closed lips. “This jelly actually looks delicious. Ye need yer strength.”

“Yuck.” Claire showed me her tongue in distaste. “Why don’t you eat it, then? I’ve been eating that yellow blob for the last three weeks!”

“Sometimes it’s red.” I pointed patiently. “I ken ye’re tired of being here, mo nighean donn – I have spent enough time in hospitals to last me a lifetime, I assure ye – but ye’re scrawny as a bird fallen from its nest. They won’t let ye leave unless ye put on some weight.”

“Fine.” She replied in a mordant tone, clutching the spoon away from me. “But I can feed myself – I’ve been shot, not taken back in time to when I was two years old.”

“Then stop acting like a wicked bairn.” I offered her a playful nose scrunch. “How is yer pain?”

“About as good as it was two minutes ago, the last time you asked.” Claire swallowed a spoonful of the hospital’s dessert, grimacing. “Are you sure you haven’t been a nurse in a past life? You seem to like prodding and ordering way too much.”

“I’m sure whatever I was, ye were always the one in charge, lass.” I kissed her forehead – marvelling with the freshness of her skin, after so many days of burning fever. On top of her surgery, from which she was slowly recovering, Claire had developed an infection of her suture – which finally had started to heal properly, after days of intravenous antibiotics. Her usually calm and centred temper had suffered with prolonged seclusion and constant fear of a relapse – and undoubtedly she found my constant attentions profoundly tiresome, if amusing and heartening.

“How is my favourite patient?” Denzel asked, entering the room and greeting us with a warm smile. He looked tired, wearing his crumpled scrubs, his surgical cap slightly hanging from a pocket. “I hear half of the nurses in the department are handing in their notices, unless I discharge you.”

“Hardly.” Claire smiled, neatly folding a corner of her sheet after pushing away the lunch tray. She still looked quite pale, with deep dark smudges under her eyes, but her orbs had regained their usual sharpness and liveliness. “But I’ll let you get away with it if you let me leave this damned place.”

“I’ll have to check your dressings.” Denny squeezed my shoulder in a companion manner, before stepping in to expose her abdomen, still covered with fluffy white bandages. “Your labs are back though – your infection parameters are finally down, so you might be in for some good news.”

After some clicking of his tongue – and a heated debate between the two doctors, from which I only understood about half the strange words – it was settled that Claire was allowed to leave the next day, as long as she accepted to come in every two days to check and redress the wound.

“And you have to build up some body again.” Denzel alerted, ignoring her disarming glances with a professional face. “The infection took almost all of your muscle. You need to eat a bit more if you want to heal nicely.”

“Fine!” She conceded, mocking exasperation. “Get me a cheeseburger, then!”

“Take care, Claire.” Denny winked and brushed her hair with a kind hand. “I’ll see you tomorrow morning before you leave.”

“Will ye go home, do ye think?” I asked slowly, as she adjusted her pillow to settle in for the afternoon, after Denzel’s departure.

“Where else would I go?” Claire gave me a questioning look, softly squeezing my hand.

“Well,” I started, caressing her knuckles with my thumb. “I was thinking ye could come to my place – just while ye heal.” I added hurriedly, trying not to sound desperate and possessive. “My mind wouldna be at ease if ye were alone in her house, almost empty as it is, with no one to look after ye.”

“If you’re sure.” She raised a brow and smiled. “I can be quite the handful.”

“I am.” I breathed out, trying to control the emotions that seemed to ran so close to the surface, exposed and rampant, after her injury. “Bad things seem to happen when we’re apart. I want ye close to me – I want to care for ye, mo ghraidh.”

“It’s settled, then.” Claire grabbed by hand and pulled me in for a rewarding kiss. “You’ll be my private nurse.”


She had protested, assuring me she was quite capable of climbing up the stairs to my apartment – but I saw the effort everything required of her, even standing or laughing too hard – and carried her in my arms, only letting go when I laid her down on my bed.

After helping her change into some comfortable pyjamas, I contentedly sat by the bedroom window, grading some tests from my students, while she took a nap. Once in a while I stopped, my eyes drifting to her, reassuring myself she dreamt within my reach.

I cooked us a simple dinner – roasted chicken with basil and tomatoes, aromatic and homely – and helped her to lay down again, determined to find a place in the sofa or on the floor, where I could sleep close to her without disturbing her.

“Will you sleep next to me?” She asked softly, her brown curls and hawk eyes almost the only visible thing inside the cocoon of quilts I had made around her. “I’d sleep better with you beside me.”

“Aye.” I replied in a husky voice, easing myself under the covers next to her with gentleness, trying not to disturb her with my movements – the idea of causing her any pain made my stomach churn.

I placed an arm around her, reassuring her of my presence – mindful not to put too much pressure over her or to touch her scar. For a time we laid silent, aware of each other’s presence, discovering the intimacy of a bed shared in darkness.

We had been so once before – but at that time she had been devastated, wrecked like a ship after an unforgiving storm, and I had offered her security, a presence of someone who loved her without any demands. I remembered how I had stayed awake, memorizing her until I could recreate her in my heart - believing I’d never see her again, much less hold her in my arms. I wondered if she too recalled that night, when I had offered her the knowledge of my feelings, in the hope that she could use them to heal – and she had.  

I knew she wasn’t sleeping – I’d spent every day and night for the last weeks watching her sleep, until I knew the cadence of her breathing, the comes and goings of her dreams, like a second nature of my own.

She trashed about a little, fidgeting with bedclothes and adjusting her body on the mattress – always laying on her left side, wishing to avoid the tenderness of her upper right quadrant – slowly searching for the contact of my body behind hers, sheltering her like a cloak, two halves finally falling into place.

I waited for her to speak, painfully aware of the desires of my body, feeling her soft arse wedged between my thighs – yet completely restrained by the will of the woman who ruled me.  

A hand came up in the darkness and she placed it gently on my hip.

“I want you.” Claire whispered, almost sobbing. “I need you, Jamie.”

“Are ye sure?” I asked in a husky voice, my fingertips brushing her face, tracing her lips to find truth in her words in the absence of sight. “I dinna want to hurt ye. I’d die if I hurt ye, mo nighean donn.”

“You could never hurt me.” She replied softly, caressing the length of my thigh. “I can’t breathe while we’re apart. I must have you – please, Jamie.”

I didn’t try to dissuade her again, even afraid as I was that it was too soon, too hazardous. I knew all too well the hunger that moved her towards me, starved for life when death had come so close, when it seemed that each moment could be the last. We had lost and found each other in the past, time and again – it seemed that while we were one flesh, one body, parting us would be impossible. While we were in each other, life – and death – was an afterthought, a remote threat, to which we were immune while moving as one.

I moved impossibly slowly, wishing to give her enough space to retrocede at any time, baring us of as many clothes as possible. I kissed the back of her neck, delighted in the small shivers of her skin next to mine, the testament of her arousal in her hardened nipples. I caressed her body with a worshiping hand, taking time at each new discovery that made her moan and hiss in pleasure.

When I thought her ready – desperately pressing herself against me while clawing at my hair – I held her thigh with a light hand and raised her, slightly folding my legs, so I could enter her. I rocked calmly with her body nestled against mine, letting her command the pace while I carried all the weight of her movements.

“I love you”. She whispered – moaned - tilting her head to kiss my lips. “Jamie.” I felt the moistness of her cheeks mixed with mine, tears of a joy long forsaken, exploding between us with enough force to leave us gasping, deeply moved.

It didn’t take long – I knew she was still weak, stubborn and lustful as she might have been. When I felt her tire in my arms, my hand came around her hips to delicately touch her in time with our movements, smiling as she cried out my name.

Afterwards, I held her against me, my hand brushing the dressing on her belly to make sure everything was in place – feeling the comforting thump of our hearts beating together, close enough to be inside the same chest.

“I was right.” She murmured on the verge of sleep, surrendering to my keeping once more. “Nothing hurts when you love me.”

The end

…for now - End of Section 1

BTS Reacts: Your Different Music Choices

Request: BTS reacts to you listening to American pop such as Lady Gaga, One Direction, Katy Perry, Zayn, Adele, etc.. Please. If you haven’t already done this.

Originally posted by beuits

Seokjin (Jin)

“I wanna hold em’ like they do in Texas Plays,
Fold em’ let em’ hit me raise it baby stay with me (I love it),”

You gripped the soup ladle in both hands, singing the words as if your kitchen amenities were your screaming fans as you waited for your eggs to fry. Your legs and elbows flailed uselessly in an attempt at a dance for your audience. With your back to the door, you carried on your performance well into the chorus, somehow managing not to burn the six eggs you forced into one small pan. The second the song quieted to begin the bridge, you heard a loud snort.

The ladle fell from your hands with a loud clang, Seokjin hardly able to keep his laughter from spilling over. “How long have you been there?” Your chest heaved, a shameful blush spreading up your neck and dusting your cheeks.

“Long enough to know I’m a better dancer than you,” Seokjin quickly threw himself into the song, trying to mimic the dance you had come up with. Your blush only deepened. He was right; you looked like a dying squid.

Through the embarrassment lodged deep in your chest, you heard the sound of the eggs popping, and quickly busied yourself with taking them out of the pan and replacing them with 4 more. Seokjin quietly chuckled behind you, lacing his arms around your apron-clad waist. He nuzzled at the back of your reddened ears.

“You’re cute, Jagiya. Don’t worry.” He watched your practiced hands easily crack open the last egg while jostling the pan with the other. Your heart beat loudly in your ears with the last dregs of embarrassment. You knew this wouldn’t be the last of his teasing. “You should put on a show for me with more American pop music. I would love to see more of your dancing.”

Lyrics Mentioned: “Poker Face” - Lady Gaga

Originally posted by momokotan

Yoongi (Suga)

Baby, you light up my world like nobody else!” You sang loudly, soapy water overflowing onto the bathroom floor as you made obnoxious hand gestures with your singing. You happily lathered your leg with your body wash and continued your bellowing, only pausing when you slammed a toe into the wall of the tub. “The way that you flip your hair gets-ow!-overwhelmed.”

Goosebumps rose on the back of your neck, the feeling of not being alone spreading like wildfire through your chest as you swore you had heard Yoongi say he wouldn’t be back for at least another hour. You slowly turned your head, and sure enough, an outline of a figure stood in the doorframe, blurred by the white shower curtain. You screamed, instincts kicking in as you tried fruitlessly to cover yourself with your wash cloth and hands.

An all too familiar laugh reached your ears, as you pushed the shower curtain aside to watch in horror as Yoongi leaned against the doorframe, arms crossed and a mischievous glint in his cat-like eyes.

Your face burned crimson, as he quirked an eyebrow at you, waiting patiently for an explanation. You sputtered. “Y-you’re home early.”

A light chuckle escaped Yoongi’s lips as he padded across the soaked tile floor and sat on the covered toilet seat, just beside the bathtub. An easy smirk fell on his lips and your bare chest and cheeks flushed red with embarrassment.

“And here I thought you were my biggest fan?”

Lyrics Mentioned: “What Makes You Beautiful” - One Direction

Originally posted by minsecretsoul

Hoseok (J-Hope)

You busied your hands, nimbly folding shirt after shirt, trying desperately to make a dent in the mountain of clothes piled high on you and Hoseok’s bed. You hummed along to the music station blasting hits from your middle and high school days, completely absorbed in the task at hand.

“You think I’m pretty without any make-up on,
You think I’m funny when I tell the punch line wrong,
I know you get me, so I let my walls come down, down,”

You grinned, nostalgia crashing into you as the lyrics came back easily, singing along loudly. You wiggled your butt in a makeshift dance as you continued folding away at the pile.

“Before you met me, I was a wreck,
But things were kinda heavy, you brought me to life,
Now every February you’ll be my valentine, valentine”

You spun around, shirt held out at arms length, mid-dance and screamed. “Hobi! Don’t laugh at me!” You laughed, flustered, and balled up the shirt to throw it at him.

Hoseok’s deep chuckle rang loud in your reddened ears. “You know, you might want to take some dance classes with me.” He beamed at you, kicking the shirt up from the floor and back onto the mountain of clothes. “I thought you didn’t like pop music. I thought you were more into rock or alternative or something.” Hoseok strode towards you, snaking his lean, muscular arms around your waist, strong chest pressed against your back.

Boring holes into the mountain of clothes, and wishing it would just swallow you hole, coral pink dusted your cheeks as you mumbled your half-hearted response. “It’s a guilty pleasure.”

Lyrics Mentioned: “Teenage Dream” - Katy Perry

Originally posted by bangthebae

Namjoon (Rap Monster)

“Climb on board,
We’ll go slow and high tempo,
Light and dark,
Hold me hard and mellow,”

You sang quietly to yourself, sprawled out on the floor of Namjoon’s studio, two text books and a study guide laid out in front of you. The room was silent except for your singing and the low bass that could be heard from his headphones, letting you know he was hard at work on another song. You began scribbling an answer on your paper as you continued mumbling to yourself.

“So we’ll piss off the neighbors,
In the place that feels the tears,
The place to lose your fears,
Yeah, reckless behavior,
A place that is so pure, so dirty and raw,”

You paused in your work long enough to notice the bass had silenced, your quiet singing still ringing loud in the air around you. You gazed up towards Namjoon from your spot on the floor.

“How can you sing that while you study? Is it not distracting?” Although his voice was deep, you could hear the smile laced through it. You snorted.

“Unlike you, I don’t think about sex every waking second of the day.”

“How can I help it when you sing songs like that?” Namjoon licked his full lips and smirked down at you. “You should keep singing, babe; it sounds good coming from you.”

Lyrics Mentioned: “Pillow Talk” - Zayn Malik

Originally posted by moonsuns


You bounced in your seat across from Jimin, excitement threatening to eat you alive. You admired the shabby-chic restaurant with too many things hanging on the wall, from licesnce plates to framed and signed posters of visiting artists. “Ooh, Jimin-ah, you should sign a napkin or something so they can hang it up!” You smiled brightly at your boyfriend, still bouncing in place. Jimin chuckled across from you.

Jagi, I don’t think they would hang it up.” His smile faded as he ran back over the menu, brow furrowing in concentration. “Have you decided what you want?”

You nodded enthusiastically before realizing he couldn’t see you. “Yeah, I’ve been dying for an American cheeseburger ever since we landed.” You glanced around the restaurant once more, singing along to the pop song playing from the jukebox in the corner.

“She got a body like an hour glass, but I can give it to you all the time,

She got a booty like a Cadilac but I can send you into overdrive, oh~”

You sang to yourself as you waited for Jimin to pick from the menu. Your eyes found their way back to him, staring at you, perfect lips slightly parted. “What?” An embarrassed laugh bubbled over as you combed a hand through your hair and glanced at the table.

“I didn’t know you still listened to American pop.” The smile was evident in his voice but you refused to meet his gaze, cheeks burning an angry red. You shrugged your shoulders in a noncommittal response. “It’s cute, (Y/N). I’m glad you still listen to your country’s songs even though you moved overseas with me. Does it make you miss your home here in the states?” Jimin lightly questioned.

You smiled up at him, pin prickles of embarrassment slowly fading from your chest. You nodded. “Yeah, it does sometimes.”

Lyrics Mentioned: “Bang Bang” - Jessie J ft. Nicki Minaj and Ariana Grande

Originally posted by glitterskylines

Taehyung (V)

You stared lazily out the window, watching as water raced down the car windshield.You had been at a standstill for 15 minutes with no sign of moving anytime soon. Stifling a yawn, you looked over to Taehyung, contently drumming long fingers on the steering wheel to the song playing from the aux cord.

You blinked a couple times, finally gaining your focus back onto the present, song registering in your ears. You smiled and glanced back at Taehyung, turning up the volume.

“But every song’s like

Gold teeth, grey goose, trippin’ in the bathroom,

Blood stains, ball gowns, trashin’ the hotel room,”

You sang confidently to the lyrics, hips and head swaying as you nudgged Taehyung with your elbow, grinning at him. He donned his boxy smile and moved to the music with you, not really knowing the words but hyping you up, singing the last word of a line after you. You laughed at his antics.

Taehyung pulled out his phone, updating his Snapchat story with you singing your heart out and trying and failing to dance in the confines of the front passanger seat. You watched the 10 second clip, grinning at how ridiculous you looked.

“What else do you have on here, (Y/N)? I want to listen to more American songs with you.”

Lyrics Mentioned: “Royals” - Lorde

Originally posted by nnochu

Jeongguk (Jungkook)

“Alright, (Y/N), you pick this time.” Jeongguk tossed the large ipad into your lap, mic and snapback in one hand, the other running through his dark locks before replacing the cap backwards on his head.

“But you always say I pick boring songs,” you mumbled, scrolling through the list of ballads available. You barely recognized any of them except for the occasional OST. Switching genres, you hoped something would pop out in the American section, biting your lip as you quickly read through the list.

Your eyes landed on a title you knew you would enjoy, immediately selecting the song, and picked up your mic, waiting for the music to start. Jeongguk sat down his empty water bottle, lips slick from downing the rest of its contents, and wiped at them with the back of his hand. “Ready?” he raised both eyebrows with his question.

You smiled and nodded in the dim light of the karaoke room, standing up from your comfy spot on the couch. You watched Jeongguk’s face contort in slight confusion and concentration as the music started flowing from the speakers, eyebrows pinched together as he tried to place the familiar song. You grinned at him, singing the first couple of lines.

“What do you mean? Oh~

When you nod your head yes, but you wanna say no,

What do you mean?”

Jeongguk’s face lit up as soon as your voice carried out the second line, his bunny tooth smile peeking out of perfect lips. He began singing with you, a bit hesitant at first using the lyrics on screen but as the song wore on, they came easily to him as if this used to be one of his many favorite JB songs, and you only needed to jog his memory a bit.

Jeongguk beamed at you as you assumed your laid out position back on the couch. His nose scrunched up cutely as he teased you. “(Y/N), when did your music taste improve? If I had known you still listened to American music, I would have chosen his songs first.”

Lyrics Mentioned: “What Do You Mean?” - Justin Bieber

supergirl sentence meme: episode 4-6

  • you’re safe here. 
  • saving the world means everybody. 
  • you promised me that you were gonna be here. 
  • i’m just- i’m freaking out. 
  • she was mad at me for you not dating enough. 
  • chocolate pecan pie is the best dessert in the galaxy. 
  • you always looked great in blue. 
  • i mean, she does kind of give off a sapphic vibe.
  • we can watch orphan bIack after. 
  • you’re always warning me about something. that’s our dynamic. 
  • if i could legally adopt her, i would. 
  • people don’t want your brand of negativity anymore. they want optimism, hope, positivity. 
  • if the weather’s getting you down, don’t worry. it never lasts. 
  • she has always come down hard on me for not protecting you. 
  • i truly hate hospitals. 
  • how much longer until it’s appropriate for us to leave? 
  • you and i both know that you’re tougher than a bolt of lightning. 
  • i don’t understand how you could allow this. 
  • she’s going to do things that you don’t like. 
  • you know better. you should have stopped her. 
  • the stars aren’t going anywhere. 
  • you lied to me for years.
  •  she risks her life to protect other people, and she’s a hero. and yet, i do the same, and i’m in trouble? 
  • you were always so much harder on her than me. 
  • and you and i– we’re gonna have words. 
  • i’ve transcended. do you really care how or why? 
  • i didn’t get where i am by running and hiding from a fight. 
  • sounds like you’ve got your hands full here. 
  • you’re useless. 
  • everything i am, everything i have, is because of her constant pushing. 
  • you always make the hard choice. you look to help others before yourself. 
  • i wanted you to be better than me. 
  • i can draw her out, but then we’ll have to work together. 
  • cool, it’s like ghostbusters. 
  • i really wanted one of you to watch the other one die. 
  • congratulations, you have the wit of a youtube comment.
  • i wonder if i have enough power to stop your heart. 
  • the world is full of so much noise and snark - much of it, we generate. 
  • there’s a lot i don’t know about you. and that should probably change. 
  • who cares what that guy says? 
  • she’s taking on way too much, way too fast. 
  • people who click don’t spy on each other! 
  • if someone’s targeting one of my assets, i want to know who it is. 
  • please don’t yell at me, this isn’t my job. 
  • i didn’t know that she could smile if it wasn’t based on cruelty to others. 
  • i didn’t tell you about it because i knew you would have this reaction. 
  • get me a salad for lunch. i don’t care what kind as long as it has a cheeseburger on top. 
  • she is living down to my expectations by prioritising her career over my own. 
  • you know how sometimes people just want to help other people? 
  • so, you think that if you do me this favour, i will owe you something. 
  • that sounds like a woman who knows what she wants. 
  • okay. that is cool. 
  • she’s gorgeous, she’s smart, she smells nice– hell. even i want to date her. 
  • well, was she out saving the world? 
  • my mom says it’s okay to be a nerd. she says if you can face your fears and come out of your shell, then nerds can win in the end. 
  • i prefer not to rely on the government to solve my problems. 
  • i’m trying to change the world. so anyone invested in maintaining the status quo would be interested in targeting me. 
  • and here, i thought we had something special. 
  • i believe there’s no higher calling than helping others. 
  • the world needs a new kind of hero. 
  • i’ve never met anyone worth trusting. 
  • that is a very lonely way to live. 
  • you are staying home. 
  • i don’t know what i would do without you. 
  • you do not seem like the kind of person who gets frazzled.
  • just because i look a certain way on the outside, everyone assumes it matches the way i feel on the inside. 
  • i don’t put much faith in the government’s idea of protection. 
  • what happened to you was a tragedy. i’m trying to prevent another one. 
  • be honest, your heart was never really in it. 
  • i’m starting to think you have a thing for me.
  • i want to help you. i understand what it’s like to be overwhelmed, but you are not alone. i can help you. 
  • please, do not kill all of those people. 
  • we had an epic nerf gun battle. 
  • you have just stumbled upon the most annoying question of the century and you are so young that you do not even realise it. 
  • far too many women burn out trying to do too much before they’re ready. 
  • you can have it all, just not at once and not right away. and not with that hair. use conditioner, for god’s sake. 
  • in the end, you can’t control people. 
  • easy peasy fresh and squeezy. 
  • i suspect that whoever is responsible for these attacks might be curious about you.
  • the fun is just beginning.
  • you cut me off, dude! 
  • watch where you’re going next time! 
  • you cannot lose control like that! 
  • those idiots nearly killed people, and you’re getting mad at me
  • that’s the thing. i am not mad, i am controlling my anger. i suggest you get into the habit. 
  • i’m just glad these two men were only in the hospital, and not in the morgue.
  • call me old-fashioned, but i still prefer male doctors. 
  • i need to find out what really happened to him. you’re the only one who can help us. 
  • we have an executive order forcing you to comply. 
  • game night is the last shred of normalcy that remains in our lives. 
  • maybe the roar of the ocean will drown out the sound of her voice. or maybe it will just drown her. or me. 
  • don’t you think you’ve made enough of a fool of yourself over him for one day?
  • everyone’s noticed how you throw yourself at him. 
  • you should try being a little bit more professional. 
  • it helps when you really know your partner. 
  • it’s like when you see a movie star in person and you’re like ‘is that it?' 
  • i don’t say this often, but i am craving a good fight right now.
  • i’ve invested too much time and effort into this. 
  • i’ve been screaming your name over and over for the past minute and a half. ninety seconds, i have been boiling alive in my office. ninety seconds, each of which, if amortised to reflect my earnings, is worth more than your yearly salary. 
  • don’t talk to me like that! please! i work so hard for you! i don’t ask questions, i don’t complain, and all you do is yell at me and tell me i’m not good enough! and it’s mean! why are you so mean?! 
  • i didn’t mean that. i don’t know what happened. i just snapped. 
  • chop chop.
  • hope no one’s trying to kill me this time. 
  • i’m not the bad guy. 
  • it’s gone rogue, and i need your help to find it. 
  • if you want to prove to me that you’re not the bad guy, then help me find the real one. 
  • 'never trust a man who doesn’t drink, because he’s probably a self-righteous sort– a man who thinks he knows right from wrong all the time.' 
  • play nice. 
  • you’re not good enough for her. 
  • you ally yourself with people you think are special. but that doesn’t make you special. and i think you know that. 
  • here’s the thing: everybody gets angry. there is no pill that will eradicate this particular emotion. i know this because if there were such a pill, i would be popping those babies like pez. 
  • you apologise too much, which is a separate, although not unrelated, problem.
  • whatever you do, you cannot get angry at work. especially when you’re a girl. 
  • he picked up a chair and he threw it out of the window because somebody missed a deadline. and no, he didn’t open the window first. 
  • that would’ve been professional and cultural suicide.
  • the real key is that you need to figure out what’s really bothering you. 
  • you weren’t really mad at me.
  •  you need to find that anger behind the anger. figure out what’s really making you mad.
  • i’m not gonna let you hurt them!
  • you saved my life. 
  • you let that thing get away- i thought you were on our side. 
  • he used your humanity against you. and now more innocent humans could be in danger. 
  • you seem to only help people if it helps you. 
  • i’ve seen what happens to the selfless. 
  • wow! and i thought rocky balboa practicing on dead cows was cool. 
  • girls are taught to smile and keep it inside. 
  • it’s not like black men are encouraged to be angry in public. 
  • say what you’re mad about and then let the fists fly. 
  • i hate how my emotions get the best of me! 
  • i hate that i’m never gonna have a normal life!
  • i’m realising that being myself doesn’t make me feel more normal. and it never will. 
  • think you can keep your cool this time? 
  • i’m not afraid of my anger anymore. i can use it. channel it to work for me, not against me. 
  • you’ll have to kill me.
  • we are on the same team. 
  • i hope that one day, when you realise what a terrible mistake you’ve made, it won’t be too late.
  • you’re my hero. 
  • you don’t get to talk to her that way. 
  • i understand that you have always been threatened by my success and you try and elevate yourself by denigrating me. 
  • be careful, you might cut yourself. 
  • i’m bleeding.
Half a noodle - the teaspoon girl pt 4

A witch turns Y/N into a teaspoon sized woman, and Sam and Dean has to make sure she doesn’t get squashed – and find a cure.

Word count: 3453

Have another part – this one is a bit longer than the others. Hopefully part five isn’t too far away (I’m sorry – I’m a slow writer).

Also, thanks for the idea, @mrswhozeewhatsis :D Not quite what you had in mind, perhaps, but…

Please let me know what you think – and remember that I’m not English. Also let me know if you want on – or off – my tag list.

From part three:

“Fuckin’ Barbie,” she muttered, but she picked up a few garments anyway. Her old clothes were so dirty she couldn’t wear them anymore – the stench was becoming unbearable.

“Turn around,” she instructed, waving her arms in Sam’s direction. He chuckled, but did as she asked. After pulling her filthy shirt over her head, she retched again and trembled violently. “Ugh, I smell like The Bog of Eternal Stench! Oh my god, what’s this? Seriously, Sam?” She’d picked up a sweater with a white and purple unicorn printed on the front.

“Sorry. As I said, limited choice. Wasn’t exactly a huge store. But the lady behind the counter was certain that ‘my daughter would be delighted’,” he replied, fighting to keep his voice straight.

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Dinner Bell

Originally posted by aborddelimpala

Pairing: past Dean x Reader, Lachlan (OC), Bartholomew (OC)
Word count: 622

Part 2 of Soccer Mom

–Dean’s POV–

I watched as your car pulled out of the parking lot, and away from Burger King, and me. “You coming?” Sam asked, making me look away from the ever shrinking sight of your car.

“Yeah.” I sighed, nodding before we made our way in to order. Shoving my hands in my pockets, I looked up at the board, although we both knew what I’d get. There was only one person in front of us, and they were done ordering quickly. “Uh, bacon cheeseburger meal. Large.” I told the cashier, nodding a thanks as I took the large cup I was handed. “Meet you at the table, Sammy.”

–Reader’s POV–

Seeing Dean wasn’t something that I ever thought would happen, let alone in the town I’d settled into years ago. My stomach was in knots, my mind was on overdrive, and I was trying to school my features. My boys didn’t need to know that I was a bit shocked, a bit scared if I really wanted to admit that, or about who I saw.

As I neared my house, I took a deep breath and pulled into the driveway before grabbing our food and drinks. I was so thankful for drink carriers right then.

The door shut behind me, alerting the two tiny men that I was home. I heard them before I saw them, making me chuckle. “Alright, can one of you take the drinks?” I motioned to the carrier in my hand.

My oldest, by a whole five minutes, took them before heading to the kitchen. I made my way there, setting down everything else. “Thanks, mom.” They said at roughly the same time, making me chuckle.

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You Are Beautiful

Title: You Are Beautiful

Pairing: Jughead Jones x River Vixen!Reader

Warnings: Insecurity, Body Hate, Cheryl being a bitch.

Summary: Cheryl makes a rude comment about the reader’s weight, Juggie is there to comfort her.

Request(s): Hi! Could you please write an imagine where the reader and jughead are dating and she’s a river vixen and she isn’t the skinniest but she also isn’t plus-sized where Cheryl makes her feel insecure, so jughead reassures her after she keeps insulting herself (she says stuff like “this shows how fat I am” or “I don’t need to eat more I weigh enough as is”) Thanks! 

Can I please get a jughead x reader(they’re dating) with dialogue 32, 38 and 47 where the reader gets insecure after Cheryl insults her weight (she’s not skinny or plus-sized she just is a lil chubby) and it bothers her so she tries to diet and stuff. Jughead confronts her about what’s wrong then comforts her. 

32. “You look awful!” 
38. “Please, don’t leave.” 
47. “Everything has been such a mess lately.”

A/N; As always feedback is greatly appreciated and I hope you all enjoy!

Tag List; @day-dreaming-nightmare @emotional-wrek-hello @dempsey-mantle @sunshine51879

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Jurassic World, Mad Max Fury Road, and Little Girls

For her birthday, we took my soon-to-be six year-old to Jurassic World. Prior to that, she had watched a bootleg copy of Fury Road with me after I had confirmed that it fit the levels of violence I consider acceptable based on what I know of my daughter.

The most interesting thing to me was her reactions after each film.

After watching MMFR, she talked incessantly about it. (She had talked during the film as well, making observations, etc.) Her name was suddenly changed to Angry Cereal, mirroring two of her favorite characters. She made a new Sims game, spending more time than she ever had before perfecting the characters - and giving them all pets. A Lego car set was turned into a crazy car that could fit into the Mad Max world. Barbies were now the Wives and her dad’s Diablo figurine was now Immortan Joe. It’s been a little over two weeks and she still talks about it.

When the credits rolled on Jurassic World, she said, ‘Can we go see another movie?’ –And that was it. The only other comment vaguely related to the movie was her assertion she liked dinosaurs. Nothing else. No elaborate recreations, nothing.

I had thought with MMFR that my excitement had rubbed off on her but that doesn’t seem to be the case. After Jurassic World, I was excited, encouraging her to talk about her favorite parts. She asked for a Happy Meal. When we went to spend a gift card at Toys-R-Us the next day, I pointed out all the Jurassic World toys. They had Blue! She barely gave them a second glance.

It didn’t jive. She had tons of dinosaur books. Why was she infinitely more interested in an adult movie that was pretty much one big car chase rather than a movie about dinosaurs? Was it because despite the differences in ratings, Jurassic World had frightened her more? Maybe. But when she picked out a new stuffed animal to buy with her gift card, she informed us the little owl’s name was Splendid.

And that was it.

She had watched Fury Road in almost complete silence until the first shot of all the Wives. Then she turned to me and said, “There’s so many girls!” That was her takeaway from MMFR: there were lots of girls! All the girls were fighting together against the bad guy! The girls were the heroes! That was important to her, seemingly even more important than it was to me. Maybe because she’s just getting her first taste of playground culture where boys and girls are separate and the two don’t mix often and it’s been confusing. Maybe because she just really liked seeing girls on the screen. When I ask her, she just shrugs and says, “I don’t know, mommy, I liked all the girls. I liked Toast.”

As an adult, I’m aware of issues with representation. I don’t remember consciously noticing it as a child but I remember Leia and Uhura and Janeway being my favorites. I remember dressing up as Dana Scully. As a mom, I watch my daughter gravitate to girls and women on screen. A movie I thought would a sure thing because DINOSAURS! became a total miss because for her, there was no one on screen that she left the theater wanting to dress up as. There was no incentive for her to change her name to mimic favorite characters. I left grinning because holy shit, raptor squad! She left wanting a cheeseburger.

anonymous asked:

What are the girls' diets/workout routines?


Gigi’s Core-Focused Workout:
1. Warm up the core with 10 minutes of boxing.
2. Perform three sets of 40 crunches each.
3. Raise your heart rate with 10 minutes of boxing.
4. Perform three sets of 40 bicycle crunches each, kicking each leg out once per bicycle.
5. Box for another 10 minutes.
6. Take a plank pose to hit the transverse abdominals, holding for about 60 seconds, or as long as you can maintain good form (abs tight, no sway in the back, and the neck in a neutral position).
7. Super-set straight into leg raises to hit the lower abdominals, performing four sets of 25 leg raises each.


Gigi said: “It’s really important to get tested for your allergies and know what’s inflammatory for your body, what you shouldn’t be eating. I think all of those things are really important, more than following one person’s fitness and diet routine.”
  • Breakfast: She wakes up at 7 in the morning and she has a cup of coffee or a simple breakfast of bacon, toast and scrambled eggs.
  • Lunch: Gigi has her lunch at noon and usually visits JG Melon to have an arugula salad.
  • Dinner: She eats sushi with her friends. If she is having a night in, she likes cooking and watches some TV show or a movie. Her day usually ends by watching Girls or Prison Break and sleeps by 11.30 PM.


“I’m not really a big “working out” person, but I definitely like to do cardio when I do. I guess I run sometimes, drink green juices once a week.”

She also likes to run (with or without a treadmill), do yoga, Pilates and walk around New York. She gets very self-conscious in front of a fitness trainer, so she tries to work out on her own. Her exercise regime is not set. Bella exercises whenever she gets some time. She tries hard to do cardio exercises for at least 15 minutes every day. She is also a fan of horse riding and has been doing it since she was just two years old.

In an interview with British Vogue, she talks about the difficulties of working out when you’re travelling a lot:
It’s hard with my schedule – every time I go somewhere I’m like “can you send me a pair of Nikes? I forgot my shoes!” I always forget something. But even this morning I went and swam in the pool, just to keep moving. When I’m home I like to train harder than usual. I haven’t really worked out a lot since the last VS show. My trainer always calls once he knows I’m in town. Like “I know you’re back, where are you?” And I’m like “sleeping?!”. But when I have the time and energy I’ll go. I love doing abs and ass, and getting my blood pumping. Running around keeps most of my body in check but I eat really badly when I’m travelling because I can’t help myself. It’s my comfort.

In a W Magazine interview promoting her Nike Cortez campaign:
‘As for her own workout routine—look at the multitude of crop-tops in the campaign, as there is definitely a routine—Hadid shared her go-to moves earlier this year. “I actually enjoy working out now with my trainer,” she said. “My sister loves boxing and will do a whole thing of boxing, but I prefer intervals, so like five minutes of boxing and then go do ass and abs. I really like doing fun workouts, like the thing where you slide or get to pull a rope. I do not like burpees.”’

Bella talks to ‘E! Live from the Red Carpet’ at her Nike Cortez campaign launch about her work out routine.

Before VSFS: “I’ve been eating hard protein every day, and working out for three hours every day. It’s crazy but I think that you know if you set your mind to something I think you can succeed.”

On her dietary guilty pleasures:
‘Ooh. I mean, chicken nuggets, grilled cheeses, French fries, pizza, burgers. All those things. Usually my go-to is just ordering chicken fingers, grilled cheeses and fries when I get to the hotel. [The] burgers in London are really good.’

Rumour: According to this website this person tried eating like Bella for 7 days and went to Bella’s nutritionist. I don’t know if Bella eats exactly like this but here is what the nutritionist recommends:


Workout: She likes to focus on abs, but says that it hurts to even laugh the next day. She also said that she uses Instant Abs Trainer (free app): “Sometimes when I’m watching TV, I think to myself, ‘I should be doing crunches and sit ups right now.’ Then I get off the couch and do it”. You can read how she got ready for VSFS here.


  • Detox Diet Tea (Up to 12 cups a day)
  • Fruit: Strawberries, Grapes, Apples
  • Vegetables: Carrot / Celery Sticks
  • Salad: Kale / Spinach
  • Oily Fish: (Salmon, etc.)
  • Lean Protein: Yogurt, Smoothies
  • Organic: Eggs, Milk, Produce


Workout: Kylie said that she sometimes workout with her family but this website claims that this is how she works out .

Diet: she opts for foods high in fiber that taste good. High fiber foods allow you to eat things that taste good, but with less calories. Fibrous foods don’t turn into fat. Carbs, without much fiber, do. 

  • Breakfast: eats avocado toast, oatmeal, bagels and waffles. She loves Avocado Toast with Chicken strips (healthy fat + carb + protein).
  • Lunch: From organic-pressed juice to smoothies, she loves it all. She loves to eat Mexican food, especially tacos and guacamole. 
  • Dinner:  Her go-to staples are: Chicken, fish, veggies and rice. One meal was Lemon Bacon Arugula Pasta. She also loves: Shrimp Fried Rice, Asparagus and Teriyaki Chicken.


“I think you kind of have to force yourself to exercise – even when you don’t want to. I always end up feeling better after a workout when I force myself to just do it. I used to be a ballet dancer, so doing things that I enjoy that don’t feel like exercise – like talking classes, doing Pilates or things like that are good. I also like to randomly play a sport that I’m bad at – I like going to play soccer with people, or trying to play tennis with people – and teach myself that way. I’m competitive, so I’m always open to learning and trying [a new sport].”
Her favourite workout:
“I don’t like to run. You will not see my running on a treadmill ever. Ever! I like boxing, though, so if I can go to the gym and box for 30 minutes, I will.”

Diet:“I try to be very strict about eating just for my skin and my body.”
But Hailey does break the rules on occasion—particularly on vacation. “I did go to the Maldives not too long ago,” she recalled. “I felt like that was like, super lavish, indulgent. I was eating whatever I wanted when I was there because it was just like you’ve got to take advantage of those moments.”
She also really emphasises the importance of drinking lots of water.

  • Breakfast: “On a regular day, breakfast is usually eggs or oatmeal, some type of healthy protein, or a smoothie.”
  • Lunch: “Lunch is usually salad, fish, grilled veggies, or maybe a sandwich. I don’t really eat a lot of gluten so I’m trying to be particular. I love a good kale Caesar salad [but with] no croutons. That’s usually one thing I leave out.”. 
  • Dinner:  “Dinner is usually kind of along the same lines [as lunch]—some sort of vegetable, or pasta, like a gluten free pasta. Chicken, maybe. Sometimes [I’ll do dessert]. I really like the Magnum (ice cream) bars, obviously that’s a great one. [But I generally try to avoid] sugar. Sugar’s a big one for everyone, I think.”
  • Cheat day:“A cheat day for me, the first thing that I crave, I’ll eat. That’s my rule. So if I wake up and I want pancakes, I’m gonna eat pancakes. If I want a cheeseburger for lunch or for dinner, I’m gonna eat it. If I want fries, I’m gonna eat the fries.”
    Hailey’s favorite burger is the same as Gigi Hadid’s (the one she ate on Jimmy Fallon’s show, notably): “I love J.G. Melon. It is so good. I actually think…no, she’s not the one who took me there, but it’s bomb, and I don’t think enough people know about it.”

Tales from the Crypt Episode 51: Werewolf Concerto 

There was another murder.

The guests of The Mountain Hotel and Resort were all terrified, some were refusing to continue their stay and others were demanding to know why the authorities had yet to be called.

Hannibal Lecter was doing neither.

He sipped his wine, smiling to himself as another set of guests went up to the Hotel manager, Frederick Chilton, shouting in the man’s face and demanding answers he could not give.

He licked his lips, remembering the taste of the man he’d slaughtered the night before the feeling of the blood in his mouth as it hit his tongue and the meat as it slid down his throat.

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Of Pups and Alphas - 2

Requested by @screams-setonfire : Can you do a part two to the overprotective of baby mama Derek Hale imagine? The first one was beautiful ?

Prompt: Derek and you get paint for the nursery. Derek scares an employee at a fast food restaurant and the baby kicks for the first time.

Characters: Derek x Pregnant!reader

Word count: ~1700 words

A/N: Second part of the protective daddy!derek series. Part 1

You pulled on your shirt before inspecting yourself in the full-length mirror. Your baby bump was now clearly visible, stretching out your shirt. Turning a bit you inspected you bump from the side – first you were surprised about how big your bump was despite that you only were 3 months along, but Deaton had explained that it was completely normal.

Werewolf pregnancies in general are shorter than human ones and since you were carrying the child of an alpha it wasn’t surprising that your pregnancy was moving along faster as well.

Sighing you ran one hand through your hair and with a last glance in the mirror you left the bedroom.

“Derek!”, you shouted while walking into the kitchen.

Before you could shout for him again Derek came running, crouching down in a fighting stance in front of you.

Puzzled you looked down at him while Derek’s eyes scanned the room.

“What the hell are you doing, Der?”

Derek breathed in deeply before his stance relaxed and he drew himself up to his full height.

“Don’t scream my name like that. I thought you were getting attacked.”

Laughing you patted Derek’s cheek, “You’re really acting like a guard dog since I’m pregnant, Derek.”

Anyone else would have gotten a good punch from Derek for calling him a dog but you only got a weak glare.

“I wanna buy some paint for the nursery,” you said, completely ignoring Derek’s glare.

“I can call Lydia over to watch you while I buy some paint. What color do you want?” Derek asked.

You frowned and crossed your arms over your chest, “I said I want to buy the paint and you’re going to take me somewhere where I can do that.”

“Can’t you stay home while I buy the paint?” Derek whined.

Since you got pregnant Derek tried to keep you home as much as possible. Usually, you didn’t mind, it was sweet how worried he was, but you were adamant about buying the paint yourself.

You glared at Derek, letting him know exactly what you thought about his plan. Derek frowned and glared back at you for a few seconds but soon sighed, “Fine.”

You cheered and Derek’s lips twitched up in a smile – he would do anything to see you happy.

Half an hour later you arrived at the store and immediately shuffled towards the paint buckets, Derek hot on your heels.

You looked at the different colors, wondering what would be best for the nursery. Since you didn’t know the gender of your child it was impossible to choose one of the typical colors for girls or boys. On the other hand it was a good thing since you didn’t want your child to grow up forced into some stupid gender role.

Maybe it would be cool to draw something on the walls, like a scene from a fairy tale. The first fairy tale coming to your mind was little red riding hood. You chuckled about the irony of your idea, but hey, it was a cute idea nonetheless.

While you were still thinking about all the colors you would need Derek stood behind you with his arms crossed over his chest, looking the aisle up and down. Every time someone else wanted to walk into the same aisle he shot them a glare, effectively making them turn on their heel.

You tried to grab a paint bucket, but immediately Derek reached over you and took the bucket, his chest pressing against your back.

“You shouldn’t lift heavy things,” Derek grumbled when you looked at him with a raised eyebrow.

“You don’t let me lift anything,” you replied, the amusement clear in your voice.

Derek shrugged, “Is that a problem?”

“Nope, but we still need more paint.”

You started to point at all the colors you wanted and Derek diligently lifted them down.

In the end you had choosen 7 different colors and Derek carried them all to the register at one go. Honestly, you were impressed by how he managed to balance them all.

A few minutes later you sat in the car again, the paint buckets safely stored in the trunk. You spent the drive in comfortable silence, playing with Derek’s fingers.

You drove past a restaurant and immediately decided that you were hungry. Really hungry.


Derek quickly glanced at you, squeezing your hand to let you know that he was listening.

“I’m really hungry,” you stated, rubbing your baby bump to emphasize your statement.

“Yeah? I could cook something for you when we’re back.”

“Nooo, you’re just going to make me some healthy crap,” you groaned.

Derek raised an eyebrow, looking at you out of the corner of his eyes, “It’s good for the pup.”

“Your pup wants curly fries, a milkshake, salad and burgers.”

Derek was silent, staring straight at the road.


You saw his jaw clench and knew you had won.

“Fine, let’s stop somewhere, but tomorrow I’m cooking again,” Derek relented.

10 minutes later you were skipping into a fast food restaurant, mentally making a list of all the things you were going to get.

You stopped in front of the counter, Derek planting himself behind you, one of his hands softly resting on your bump.

A young employee, maybe around 17 years old, sent you a tired look.

“What can I get for you?” he drawled out his words, but you were focused on starting at the pictures of food behind him.

“Mhhm… I want a vanilla, a strawberry and a chocolate milkshake. 3 large orders of curly fries, a salad and 5 cheeseburgers,” you tilted your head to look at Derek, “do you want anything, Der?”

Derek shook his head and you turned back to the young employee, “Okay, that’s it… oh, can you put mustard on the cheeseburgers and no ketchup?”

The employee groaned, “You sure you want to order so much? And no mustard, we only put ketchup on cheeseburgers.”

You shoulders fell and you immediately teared up. Damn pregnancy hormones, but you really wanted mustard and you could order whatever you want! Stupid boy!

Derek pulled you closer, a low growl reverberating in his chest. You wanted to calm him down, but Derek had already stepped in front of you, slamming his hands down on the counter.

The employee’s eyes widened almost comically when Derek leaned over the counter, his muscular arms clearly visible thanks to the black t-shirt he was wearing.

Derek’s voice was rough, a bit of his alpha voice slipping through and you were sure his eyes had flashed red by now.

“Listen, kid. You’re getting my girl her order and she is getting her cheeseburgers with mustard, are we clear? I don’t want to hurt a kid, but I’m going to if you push my patience any further.”

Not even five minutes later you held your order in your arms and made your way out of the restaurant. Derek held the car door open for you and you smiled up at him gratefully.

“Thanks Derek, but the poor kid almost pissed his pants and what did we say about growling at people?”

“I know, but you know how I get. My wolf freaks out when he thinks you or the pup are in any kind of danger and I could literally smell your tears.”

Pouting you got into the car. Derek placed one hand on the car door and leaned down with a smirk, placing a kiss on your forehead.

“It was fun and the kid deserved it,” with that words he closed the door.

Still smirking Derek slid into the driver’s seat. You decided not to say more. Scaring that boy seemed to make Derek happy and long as you had your food you were content.

Once you reached the loft Derek led you upstairs and you started to spread out your food next to you on the couch while Derek left to get the paint.

You were just unwrapping your first burger when you felt a sudden pressure against your bump. Surprised you placed your free hand on the bump. You almost wanted to pull your hand back when you felt it again. That was your baby. Kicking. Your baby was kicking!

“Derek!” You screamed loudly, “Derek! Hurry!”

You heard something clank to the ground – hopefully the paint buckets and not Derek.

Only seconds later Derek burst into the loft, his canines extended. You gave him an incredulous look when he panned his gaze around the room.

You felt the baby kick again and you let out a surprised noise. Derek rushed towards you and kneeled down in front of the couch, his hands awkwardly hovering over your body.

“W-What’s wrong? Tell me what’s wrong, baby. Should I get Deaton? (f/n)?”

“Shut up, Derek.” You grabbed one of Derek’s hands and placed it on your belly. As if the baby knew what you wanted you felt another kick, even stronger than the ones before.

Derek jumped back a bit, but immediately placed his hand back down, a look of wonder on his face.

“Our pup is kicking…” Derek mumbled, more to himself than to you.

He gently pushed your shirt up and placed his hand on your bare skin. You giggled when you felt another kick and Derek look up at you with a boyish grin. You had never seen Derek look so happy, so carefree.

Derek pulled you down and nuzzled his head in your neck, inhaling your scent.

“He’s just as strong as his daddy,” he mumbled against your skin.

“I think it’s a girl and she’s going to be just as strong as her mommy,” you said and ran a hand through Derek’s hair, “I told you our baby wants burgers and curly fries.”

You could feel Derek smile against your neck, “I’m still cooking something healthy tomorrow, (f/n). And we have to buy new paint, I dropped all of it.

A is for Aria. 110%

Hi guys, so this is my first theory on Tumblr, about Aria being Uber A, having some kind of connection to the “A-Team”, and hiding something. We all know that Aria have been acting shady and strange literally all the time during the show. There are lots of clues that give us answer about Aria and her personality. I know that “A” has been revealed already and its freaking Cece Drake, but for me there’s no way after all this amazing clues show gave us , Aria still be innocent.

Originally posted by dilaurnts

Let’s start with the clue that Marlene King (the producer of the tv show) gave us in the Twitter :

Really? Marlene? 

In this tweet “Big A” was really amazing hint because of the episode we have seen where Mona calls Aria “Big A”.

Originally posted by itstheartofgettingby

Well. We all know that Mona was an original “A” until the end of the season 2 (2x25 “UnmAsked”) when she was revealed to the liars, but we have also seen Mona writing “A” messages and sending them to herself, which made liars think she had nothing to do with being A. 

But then? Mona was revealed as “A”. And after that all, I think that Aria repeated this trick and was sending messages not only to the girls, but also herself. DUH.

We have seen episodes where girls got an “A” messages together as a group message. Look at this picture:

In this picture all of the girls are staring at their phones except Aria, she have her hands behind her back for a really long time which means she could easily send this group message to all of the girls including herself. And don’t forget that in that episode Aria is the only one who reads the text message out loudly. 

Not to say anything about the pain “A” made girls go through. We’ve seen lots of horrible things going on around the girls, especially Spencer, Emily and Hanna. BUT NOT ARIA!. I mean nothing bad have ever happened to her until the Halloween episode in the season 3 (3x13 “This is A Dark Ride”) when she was trapped in the box with Garretts dead body.

But trust me, this has nothing to do with “A” torturing anyone and I can explain that. That night on the Halloween ride when Aria woke up in that box, it was Melissa ( like Mona said) with Wilden who made Aria get into the box. So if we believe Melissa , she did what she did because of protecting Spencer. Isn’t it more doubtful? I mean why Melissa wanted Aria to be dead? or away from Spencer and the other girls. Why it wasn’t Emily? or Hanna? . That makes sense. DUH. DUH.

So this is what I am saying.. Spencer, Emily, Hanna and even Alison got more painful things around than Aria. Aria didn’t even get there. Look for yourself.

Originally posted by prettylittleliars

This is Emily Fields - whose girlfriend Maya died. She also liked Alison which was admitted as dead. Her next girlfriend Paige moved to California, and the last one was revealed as Red Coat. “A” once drove a car through her house and almost killed her mum. She was trapped in the box once, nearly got cut in half. I mean so poor. Isn’t it? 

Well.. who’s next? this is the smartest Spencer Hastings. Welcome.

Originally posted by prettylittleliars

She was taking drugs to stay awake for about a whole year, she was always living in fear because “A” was always trying to frame her for someones murder. She was trapped in the shower, almost got killed. She woke up in the dollhouse with the bloody shirt. Absolutely perfect. I mean wow.

Then here it comes.. Hanna Marin.

Originally posted by unbroken-and-flawless

She has stolen glasses and lots of other things from the store. She had an eating disorder which was the main reason she was critisised by everyone, it wasn’t only one time she have been in the police for her mum and the money. She has discovered an “A” message in her teeth, and she was hit by “A” (Mona) with the car.

And finally…sweet little Aria!

Originally posted by ashleywbenson

I can’t even remember.. have bad have ever happened to Aria?  Ever?  Ever? Ever? … Nope. Nope. Nope.

Also there’s this thing about Aria. Hiding things from everyone. I mean literally she even hides her emotions sometimes. Remember the dollhouse? where liars woke up in their rooms built by “A”? even in that episode Aria gave us a clue.

If you look at their faces you see that Spencer is totally freaked out by everything, Emily starts to panic and scream, and Hanna almost destroys everything in her hands. But what about Aria? 

Idk if this face shows us any emotion but confusion. She is so confused. Not scared. Not freaked out but confused. And that family picture in her hands. It really has to be a clue that Aria have some kind of connection to the “A” team. Becides, Byron (Aria’s father) once said that his brother had a mental disorder which makes me think Aria have some signs of that too. For e.x in the very first episode when she met Ezra, we all know Aria is vegetarian but she eat a cheeseburger in that episode. Kind of weird. I mean her behaviours are weird most of the time. Generally , I admire Aria but come on. She is hiding something and I can actually show you more clues , so lets carry on.

Don’t you think producers wanted to tell us something with that whole “mirror” thing. Aria have this habit that she always looks in the mirror. Idk is there any episode without showing Arias frame in the mirror? Maybe not.

Well.. that mirror thing tells us that Arias personality is broken into pieces. And this is the main clue of Arias mental illness.

We have also seen Mona in Radley, singing some kind of strange song which had this weird confession about Aria : “dear Aria you’re killer not Ezras wife”.

Does this have to mean something? DUH. of course it does. There are clues everywhere all over the show making point to Aria.

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And about the friendship.. we all know Spencer is freaking into her friends like Hanna and Emily. But still NOT ARIA!. I repeat this that the only thing Aria cares about is Ezra. nothing else. So this isn’t all by the way. I will make the part 2 if you guys like it. There are still lot more clues than you think it is. 

The types as things my grandpa’s said

INTJ: “Next time I see him smoke drugs, I’m going to laugh. Because drugs kill.”

INTP: “Every time Mollie sees me watching the science movies, she thinks I’m turning into an atheist.”

ENTJ: “If I was God I’d send you straight to the depths of hell right exactly now.”

ENTP: “I wanted to make cheeseburgers, but I let the grill catch fire because it looked cool.”

INFJ: “Jesus had to be white, that’s the purest.”

INFP: “Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go check my Twitter.” [opens Tinder]

ENFP: “I made so many cheeseburgers, you’ll get a heart attack. But you’ll die happy.”

ENFJ: “What do you call the Mexican KKK? The Que Que Que!” [throws a fit of laughter]

ISTJ: “Leave the cooking to the women, and the grilling to the men.”

ESTJ: “I am a much better cook than Mollie. I haven’t always been, of course, because she’s been in the biz longer than me. But that just proves I have more natural talent than her.”

ISFJ: “Love the Lord, love biscuits.”

ESFJ: “Maybe if you didn’t eat so much you’d be thinner.”

ISTP: “All these commercials, they’re boring.” [hits television set with a baseball bat]

ISFP: “Mollie, your aesthetic is dumb.”

ESTP: [upon watching Good Luck Charlie] “Oh, Teddy? I wouldn’t kick her out of bed.”

ESFP: “Have five caps of rum, it’ll help with your cough.”

The Secret

Requested by alexstarnes1701: Dean x reader where the reader is Bobby’s daughter and in a secret relationship with Dean. Sam finds out and tries unsuccessfully to hide it from Bobby.

Word Count: 1555

Warnings: Very mild smut

A/N: This one was so much fun to write. I hope you love it, darling! XOXO

A bead of sweat ran down the back of your neck as you walked across your father’s junkyard to the black Impala. It was parked in the back, in the midst of abandoned car parts, piles of twisted metal gleaming in the sun. The hood was up, and you could hear Dean’s deep voice, practically purring, as he talked to his “Baby” while he worked on her.

“Hey,” you called out, “Want a beer?”

Dean leaned around the hood and your breath caught in your throat at the sight of him. He was sweaty and grease smudged, his t-shirt sticking to his skin and showing off his toned upper body.

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Any Luke and Simon headcannons? Like how Luke ended up adopting Simon too?It looks like in the show Mr. Lewis will have died slowly instead of a heartattack. I imagine Luke being super supportive.

Yes! I’ve always personally headcanoned Mr. Lewis as having had pancreatic cancer, because I know it’s fast, brutal, and messes up a family in a big way. 

(I really hope we get a name this season too, because just calling him Mr. Lewis is getting a bit exhausting.)

So, assuming Simon was somewhere in the 8-13 range, he and Luke probably already knew each other and were friendly and everything. Luke picked him and Clary up from school sometimes, Simon ate lots of dinners at the Fray household, they were friendly. But Luke had a full time job and he and Jocelyn were always careful to stay slightly aloof. They had a lot on their minds and between their jobs and keeping an ear out for stories about the Circle they didn’t have a lot of time for Clary’s little friends. Like, Simon was a sweet kid and everything but children are flighty. Maybe he’d move, maybe he and Clary would break up, maybe they’d let a third person into their friendship circle and said person would try feeding Simon to werewolves, anything could happen. 

But then Simon’s dad got sick- blood clots, everyone said- and Elaine started asking if she could send Simon over a lot of nights as Mr. Lewis had appointments and some brief hospital stays for exploratory surgery. Jocelyn couldn’t really say no to a friend in need, so Simon was at their house more and more often. 

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Crossfire - Chapter Sixteen

Author: somemaycallmesunshine
Pairing: Young John!Michael x Prophet!Reader
Reader Gender: Female
Word Count: 14k
Warnings: tons of super cheesy Michael (is that a warning?), violence, blood, gore, anxiety attacks, angst, swearing, death, changes in season 5’s plot

A/N: I wasn’t planning on writing a whole new chapter yet but this is what no sleep gets me. Anyways, thanks, guys, for being so supportive of me and reading my stuff, even the non-smutty stuff!! It means so much to me. The day’s not even halfway done yet. Can you guess what other surprises are in store for our reader? Parts of the episodes are weaved in through the plot with some changes for the sake of the storyline. (Visions as well as internal thoughts are in italics).

Summary: Takes place during season 5. With the apocalypse at foot, Team Free Will and the reader are doing everything in their power to stop it. But when their plans take a wrong turn, the reader gets kidnapped by none other than their enemy, Michael the archangel,

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11 Part 12 Part 13 Part 14 Part 15

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Tips & Dibs - Baekhyun

Based off of this drabble which inspired everything that follows.

(In this line of business, roller skates are key.) 

“A waiter?”

Kyungsoo doesn’t answer you immediately, his spatula picking up speed as he slabs more meat onto the grill, barely perspiring under the heat of the kitchen. In comparison, you’re beginning to feel sticky all over even though it’s only been about five minutes since you came in.

And you’re in a dress.  

By that, you mean an old fashioned blue car hop dress with a frilly hem and white apron, a get up that screams ‘retro’. Except you don’t deliver to cars because this place doesn’t do drive-ins. Thus explaining the breakfast and lunch rush hours that occurs on a daily basis.

Kyungsoo gets the brunt of the work by having to stand in front of the stove, fryer, and other heated appliances all day. On the other hand, you’re part of the fancy show that the place is known for, zipping down tables on your roller skates and flashing polite smiles along with your two other girls who have mastered the art of waitressing under unusual circumstances.

It’s not every day you come across a well operated diner who still does it the old fashioned way.

But with popularity comes consequences, and said consequences include working to the bone on grueling ten hour shifts, reoccurring blisters on your feet, and occasional catcalling from idiots who drive you and the girls over the edge.

These are only some of the cons that apply. One other more prominent issue is your small sized staff that’s in desperate need of expansion.

Which brings you to your current conversation.

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Fallin’ For Ya ~ The song that’s sung

A/N: since this song got stuck in my head and I’m a kid at heart, this idea came to me so I’m writing it out. Hope you like it!

“Why are we going here?” Thomas asked when Dylan pulled up to a 1960s diner. They were meeting Ki Hong and Will for a quick lunch.

“I know a waitress,” he stated, “Besides we’re only eating.” They went in to see Ki Hong and Will already sitting. Dylan laughed, “Did you request Y/N?”

“Way ahead of you,” Ki Hong answered with a smile.

“Did I miss something?” Will asked, “Who’s Y/N?”

“I’m as clueless as you.” Thomas patted his back.

“So the Brits don’t know,” Will decided.

Suddenly, Dylan yelled, “Y/N!” when you came from the kitchen. You glared at him playfully and balanced the plates.

“Who is that?” Thomas asked. You were wearing a red dress with black polka dots and black heels. He couldn’t tear his eyes away.

“That, my friend, is Y/N,” Dylan explained, “Became friends with her the first time I came here.”

“She’s the reason why they’re so many boys here,” Ki Hong pointed out.

You approached the table. “There’s our chick,” he teased, “All decked out.” Thomas could see his phone opened to 1960s slang words.

“What a dip stick,” you told Ki Hong before seeing Will and Thomas, “Oh, sorry, I’m Y/N and I’ll be serving you today.”

“Y/N, these are our costars, Thomas Brodie Sangster and Will Poulter.”

“I love The Maze Runner,” you revealed before turning professional again, “Can I get any of you a brew?” They all said what they wanted to drink and you left.

“What’s with all of the 60s slang?” Will asked.

“Well, we’re in a 60s diner,” Dylan said slowly, “And Y/N gets so annoyed.” He looked at Thomas. “What about you, Thomas? You were really drawing designs on Y/N.”

He laughed a bit, shaking his head. “I’ve no idea what that means.” Before Dylan could explain, you came back with the drinks.

“Groovy,” Ki Hong joined in. You rolled your eyes and took their orders. Once you left, he explained, “He’s saying that you were checking her out.”

“What?” Thomas asked, “I was looking at her when she took our drink orders.”

Dylan just nodded sarcastically. The guys talked about other things for a while before you came back with their food. You placed Will’s and Ki Hong’s plates in front of them and asked, “Who had the cheeseburger?” Dylan raised his hand, thinking the third plate was his. “Then, this is yours, Thomas,” you continued, “I saw the cheeseburger, but couldn’t carry it.”

“Hurry back, sex pot,” he teased.

You just turned to him. “Do you want to miss the show, Dylan?”

He scrunched his nose. “Fine, Y/N.” You smiled and left to get his plate. Will and Thomas looked at each other. “What show?” Will asked, “Because I don’t think it’s legal to have teenagers here, then.”

“Just wait,” Ki Hong promised. You came back with Dylan’s food. “You going up soon?”

“Flake off,” you grumbled, “I’m up once I leave this table.” Thomas smiled a bit at the adorable sight of your cheeks turning as red as your dress.

“Well, I believe that we have all of our food,” Dylan replied ecstatically, “So you may leave.”

You looked at Will and Thomas. “Promise me that you won’t think less of me?” They both agreed uneasily and you left to a group of girls in long red dresses.

Suddenly, the music stopped. Newcomers looked around, wondering what was going on. Will and Thomas looked at each other again. You walked on the little stage with the instruments with the girls, but you were in the center while they were on the side.

The people started playing their instruments. It was an upbeat song, but the verse was slow. You stepped up to the classic microphone and began singing. Thomas could tell that he was staring at you, but your voice was amazing. He couldn’t help it.

“Staring now, Thomas?” Dylan teased. He blushed a bit. “The second verse is the best.”

“Now we’re going steady. He’s the cat’s meow,” you sang clearly, “He says I’m a Bettie and we paint the town.” The back up singers meowed and ‘oohed’. “I’m not the kind to fall for a guy just cause he says hi. He’s ready to race and I’m catching his gaze.”

“They’ll go on like this for days,” the girls sang.

The table was silently laughing just at the words. “Y/N sings this,” Dylan got out between laughs, “Every Friday.” You were a really good singer. It was just those lyrics.

They continued eating until, during the bridge, Thomas got up to go to the bathroom, or,as Dylan referred to it, the kybo. It meant ‘Keep Your Bowels Open’, something Dylan was happy to share.

To get there, he had to go towards the stage. The song had an instrumental part where you were supposed to walk around the stage, but your heel accidentally twisted on the edge. Thomas’s eyes widened and caught you in his arms before you hit the ground.

You stared at him with shock, but the song was continuing. Fearing the boss being angry at you, you sang, “And now, I’m fallin’ for ya. Fallin’ for ya. I know I shouldn’t, but I just can’t stop myself from fallin’ for ya. Can’t hold on any longer and now I’m fallin’ for you.” Your eyes never left his and he had to remind himself that it was for an audience.

The song ended and Thomas set you on your feet. “Uh, are you ok?” He asked.

“Yeah,” you shyly replied, “Sorry, but it was just the chorus and-”

“No, no, it’s fine,” Thomas reassured with a smile, “I got to hear your beautiful voice up close.” A sly smirk replaced it. “Since you fell for me, can I have your number?”

You laughed a bit at that. “Maybe. Maybe not,” you said before leaving to get back to your waitressing. Thomas went back to the boys, forgetting about the bathroom.

“Well, that fit in the song,” Will pointed out, “Quite cliché, if I say so myself.”

“No, they were so cute,” Dylan said in a baby voice, “It’s their song now.

“Shut up,” he said. You came back with their check and they payed it. Thomas decided to ask for your number again once you came back, but when you came with the change, he ended up remaining silent.

Once you left, the boys all scolded him, but Dylan opened the little book thing the receipt and change came in and smiled widely. “Hey, Thomas?” He looked up. “You might want this.”

Confused, he took the book and looked inside. There on the receipt was a phone number with the word 'Maybe’ written next to it. Thomas looked to the counter to see you talking to one of the girls, but she nudged you until you turned around to see him. You smiled and he smiled back.

You never forget the first guy you fell for. Or on.

Keep Tossing Rocks at Your Window

Happy Valentines Day, @cupcakesandtv!

Summary: Clarke has only been living in her new apartment for one month and she’s already involved in a passive-aggressive note war with her neighbor.

One month after moving into her new apartment, Clarke knows the following things about the person in #3:

  1. They have not bothered putting a name plate up on their door or mailbox.
  2. They have a very active sex life.
  3. They’re at least pretty quiet about it, and their partner(s) tends to be too. No screaming orgasms or anything.
  4. Their bed has the creakiest springs Clarke has ever heard in her life. She thinks if she went onto the street when #3 was having sex, she’d still be able to hear those damn bed springs.
  5. The person in apartment #3 is not aware they are living in a glass house with regards to noisiness and is convinced Clarke is the loud, inconsiderate neighbor, just because she has a cat who is sometimes a little bit annoying when she’s hungry. 

All of which adds up to this: Clarke has been living in her new apartment for one month, and she’s already involved in a passive-aggressive note war with her neighbor.

The first one arrived after two weeks, and it was probably meant to be helpful.

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