i think she wants a cheeseburger

Baby Makes Three, No Four - Jared Padalecki

Part of Harley’s Movie/TV Drabble Celebration Movie: What to Expect When Your Expecting Fluff Requested By: @samgirlcarmen Warnings: none

“I’ll be right there sweetie” Jared shouted up to the bedroom from the kitchen. His wife Y/n was in the last trimester of pregnancy and she wanted a cheeseburger at 1 am. “Ok just hurry Jared I’m starving” she said, he finished the burger and fries and brought it up to his wife. “Here you go beautiful” he said. “Mmmmm, thanks Jared, it’s so good” she said, he watched her scarf down the burger. “Could you please stop staring at me, it’s creepy, I’m gross” she said. Jared sat on the bed next to her and put his hand on her belly and rubbed it, “I think you’re beautiful even when your face is covered in grease” he said. “What about when I’m so fat I’m not sexy anymore” she said, “well that will never happen, no matter what you look like I will always think your sexy” he said. When she finished her burger she curled up next to Jared and he cuddled with her until she fell asleep. That next week just flew by Jared stayed by her side the entire time. Y/n woke up feeling strange that morning she thought she had to pee but on her way to the bathroom her water broke. “Jared, Jared get in here” she screamed. Jared ran into the room and saw the nasty wet pool on the floor. “Y/n are you ok babe” Jared said, “the baby is coming” she said, “really, now” he said. He ran to the bedroom and grabbed her overnight bag, the car keys and his jacket. Jared put everything in the car and as he was getting in he saw he’d forgotten something. He ran back in the house and up the stairs and he helped her down the stairs, “did you almost go to the hospital without me” she said. He nodded and kissed her cheek, “yes I’m sorry I as so damn nervous” he said. “I know honey I’m nervous too, were going to be parents” she said. They got to the hospital and they admitted her quickly since her contractions were two minutes apart. Jared stood by her side coaching her through each contraction and he fed her ice chips. He held her hand and wiped the sweat off her forehead and face and neck. The doctor came in and said she was ready to go to the delivery room, Jared had to put scrubs on over his clothes and a paper hat over his hair. He also had shoe covers and gloves on his hands, he still held her hand. The doctor told Y/n to push, Y/n pushed and pushed while squeezing Jared’s hand. “One more big push Y/n and you’ll have your baby” the doctor said. She pushed again and a baby slid right out, Jared cut the cord and the nurse took the baby to clean her up. The doctor went to take out the after birth, “Y/n another heads coming out you have to push” the doctor said. Y/n grabbed Jared’s hand and squeezed it and dug her nails into it. On two big pushes the other baby out. Jared cut the cord and the nurse took the baby to clean her up. They moved Y/n to a recovery room and they brought the babies in. They handed one to Y/n and one to Jared, “congratulations you two, enjoy your twins they’re a boy and a girl” the nurse said. The nurse walked out and left them to bond with their babies John and Jessica.

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lordeath said: 

Maka taking crona and soul to mcdonalds what kind of meals would they get?? What kind of toys would they want?? I must know

soul gets the most disgusting burger on the menu and a bunch of chicken nuggets EVERY TIME. if he’s not alone he’ll make someone else order a happy meal so he can nab the toy. he pretends he’s above wanting cheap plastic trinkets but he is ABSOLUTELY NOT.

crona gets chicken nuggest, fries, and ice cream. they dip their fries in their ice cream because they are the exact kind of person to think that disgusting concoction is delicious. 

maka gets a cheeseburger and steals fries from everyone because she’s too proud to order extra fries for herself. 



These caps don’t impart inflection, which is everything, really. The way Pearl kind of sneers out “human”, complete with a rolling of her eyes, and the actual shiver when she thinks of performing such a BASE HUMAN NECESSITY.


“Human construct”. We already know the gems are all shapeshifters, so it’s safe to assume that the forms they take are those they’ve chosen. But how far does that go, then? What I’m hearing from Pearl is the idea that they’ve adopted these basic humanoid-like shapes for the sake of being on Earth.


[Reminder that I’m watching Steven Universe spoiler-free and not looking for answers, just thinking aloud!]