i think she might be serious

Okay, but can we take a moment to realize how difficult it must have been for the creators of Yuri on Ice to even get an anime studio to work with them?

Because this was not a simple project at all.

Like, think about Kubo-sensei walking into an office to begin negotiations with an anime studio to get the project known as “Yuri on Ice” greenlit and approved for production (I mean, in real life it’s a bit more complicated than that, but let’s just imagine for the sake of brevity and clarity), and she begins pitching her product:

“We would like to make an original anime about male figure skating”

[Figure skating is one of the most niche sports you could think of, esp in Japan, which could make it really hard to sell]

“Featuring a serious emotional (romantic) relationship between two men”

[Anime is notorious for its poor presentation of homosexuality and is afraid to treat the topic seriously and respectfully because it might scare away potential viewers]

“As well as about 14 different skaters, all from different parts of the world and relevant to the story in some way”

[All of that requires extra character design and casting]

“Which would all need at least 1 figure skating program each, amounting in about 22 different skating programs total

[That requires immense amounts of animation (and research, and references for its sake) which also means the animation team has to be sufficiently large and skilled to accommodate this need]

“And for this we would also need a professional figure skating choreographer, to actually design all the programs”

[Finding someone who could design 22 different programs, some of them particularly impactful and memorable is a difficult task in and of itself and finding someone who would want to work on an anime project is even harder]

“And of course, we would need someone to write about 22 different music pieces for all of the programs”

[All of which would need to be impactful and memorable, similarly to the choreography]

“And all of this would be contained within 12 episodes.”

[Meaning very little downtime between competitions, as we saw, which means that the animation team has no time to rest because they must complete all the frames for the next episode’s programs (and let me tell you that fluidly animating figure skating is not only difficult but also time consuming as all hell)]

I feel like I could still mention a few aspects, like for example the design of the different locations and the references that it would require, but I think this already gives you a picture of how difficult it was to not only make this anime, but how hard it must have been to actually get it approved (considering how difficult the production process would be, especially for something that originally looked like a risky project that may not even be popular enough to make a profit).

In case you needed more reasons to appreciate Yuri on Ice, let’s take a moment to appreciate how much work and effort went into the creation process for this anime.

Because the fact that it even exists is nothing short of a miracle and something we should never take for granted.

  • Cassian: She hates me
  • Rhys: She does not hate you
  • Cassian: She is always calling me brute or prick
  • Rhys: It’s her way of saying I might like you a little
  • Cassian: Rhys, I am serious, she threw a shoe at me!
  • Rhys: Just one?
  • Cassian: *raised brow* Just the one
  • Rhys: Feyre has thrown two. One actually hit me!
  • Cassian: Do you think it is a human thing?
  • Rhys: No, I think it is an Archeron thing

Another Chiara concept, I think this is as close as I will get to the character I envision in my head. She won’t be this detailed in the comic cause that’d take forever to draw but this is a more detailed version of her. I still need to check with @callmelopi to get his final say on this design. Ears might change to  be more faun-like.

We’ve been making some serious progress on the Nenverse in the past month. We have finally nailed down the visual concepts of all three races on Nen, we have been meticulously designing the history of solar system and races, @callmelopi has been researching all of the physics and tech stuff like space elevators.The technology in our story will be limited but to get a feel of the present day tech we need to find out what they used thousands of years in the past. It’s taking a long time but we think it’ll be worth it. We aren’t just writing a story and designing characters, we are creating entirely different races, histories, wars, species, technology, languages, religions, etc. and it takes a hella long time! I’m glad so many of you are still interested and are asking about the Nenverse it keeps us working hard.


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to clear up some assumptions i went ahead and labelled the web of connections shown in sombra’s origin story video. i think this just left me with more questions than fewer

also i couldn’t identify. whoever/whatever that^ is (connected to rein and the Big Eye). i might just be forgetting someone/something’s face/icon that looks like this, so help me out if you recognize it

mccree and mei (along with liao, but we know next to nothing about liao anyway) are missing from the overwatch web. with mei, it’s understandable. she’s a climatologist and may not have connections of note to sombra. not sure about mccree, though i’ve read some ideas ranging from ‘reyes is protecting him’ to ‘sombra refuses to acknowledge a cowboy in the year 2076′. but to be serious, i think she straight up might not be aware of him or is missing info on him. it’d make sense to see him here because of him being former deadlock gang (shimada clan’s here even though genji destroyed it, so i wouldn’t say deadlock wouldn’t be worth having here as well if it could be linked to mccree, who is in turn linked to reyes and overwatch as well)

zarya could be connected to volskaya, which we can infer from the end of infiltration and her voice line on the volskaya map where she says katya volskaya is a hero to her people for defence against the omnics, etc etc. but zarya’s not on the web, so who knows how her connection to volskaya works.

gabrielle adawe could be connected to numbani and the united nations, but she also does not appear on the web.

i added a list of the heroes who aren’t seen in the web (they could be above the cutoff, obviously). most of them are unaffiliated with major organizations (ow, talon, shimada clan), though.

this probably took me longer to assess than the art people took to make it. don’t think too hard on it

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What would Gladion, Lillie and Hau do if they accidentally made their S/O cry?

- i don’t know how the hell lillie managed to make you cry, byt let me tell u shes gonna feel guilty as hell (regardless if she’s in the right or wrong)
- depending on the situation, you crying might make her cry a little bit. it’s just reactionary
- after a while (because shes gonna try to apologize and calm you down) yall probably spend the rest of the night chilling with comfort food

- it all depends on the situation. if it’s something serious, and gladion thinks he’s right, he likely wont apologize for making you upset. however, if its because he said something harmful, he’s quick to try and make up his mistake
- by trying to fix his mistake i mean awkwardly apologizing while trying to comfort you bc inside hes screaming “I FUCKED UP”
- he’s probably gonna try to be on his best behavior from there on out

- its not unrealistic to think hau could make someone cry, he has no filter sometimes. once he realizes that you’re /really/ hurt, he panics.
- he probably tries to apologize by taking back what he said and trying to make up for it. if that doesn’t work, he’ll actually try to form a real, thought out apology in his mind and present it to you
- gonna tiptoe around you for the rest of the day, trying not to make things worse

Conversation With My Daughter

Last night, before heading out for date night with my girlfriend, I was kissing my wife, and 2 kids goodbye. My 4 year old daughter was sitting on the couch next to my wife. Here is the conversation that ensued:

D: Where are you going daddy?
Me: I’m going over to R’s
D: Oh… To her house?
Me: Yes
D: Are you just staying at her house?
Me: Yes, I think so, but we might go out for a walk or a drink
D: Oh… Are you going to kiss her?
Me: (Smiling) Yes, probably. Is that okay?
D: (With her most serious face) No! You shouldn’t kiss her, daddy.
Me: (Surprised) Oh, why not?
D: Because if she has a cold, then you’ll get her cold, and I don’t want you to get a cold, because then we’ll all get colds when we kiss you.
Me: (Smiling even more while glancing over at my wife) Don’t worry babesy, Remember, you just saw R yesterday, and she didn’t have a cold. We’ll all be fine.
D: (Giggling) Ok, daddy, then you can kiss her.
Me: Ok, thanks babe. 


Run Away

Its been so long since I’ve written angst. Gotta keep it up so I don’t get rusty ;D

Setting: Canon

Pairing: NaLu

Summary: He ran off again, this time it might just cost someone their life.

“Where the hell do you think you’re going?!” Lucy shouted as she bounded up the steps that led outside from the underground room. Natsu had woken up from his slumber not even ten minutes ago, and here he was already running off to the battlefield.

“We’re in a war, Lucy.” Natsu’s voice was deadly serious, something Lucy wasn’t quite used to. “There is no time to be sitting around doing nothing when our nakama are out risking their lives.”

“You’re still seriously injured!” Lucy tried to reason. “You’re in no state to battle anyone! Porlyuska still need to examine you-”

“There’s no time!” He yelled, taking a step closer to her making the celestial mage flinch back a bit. “Not when Zeref is out there doing Mavis knows what! I’m going to take him out, even if it kills me.” He paused to turn his back to her, afraid the hurt he saw in her eyes would break his resolve. “And not even you can stop me.”

With that, Natsu took off away from her, and all she could do was watch her best friend run away from her.


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I’m a bit scared for the future of SKAM.

Now that it’s gotten so big, will it keep being as authentic?
Now when people have started snooping around and disturbing the everyday life of the actors, will they even keep doing the series?
Will they be as open with real life places and events because of all the trouble they’ve been in with people almost breaking into the school?
Will Julie, the creator, want to keep going with it if she feels like the actors and their private life’s are put at risk?
Because I never think this level of fame was the goal. I just think she wanted all teenagers to have proper representatives on TV.

The concept of this series is pretty fragile and almost needs its actors to be, not anonymous or hidden, but at least a little protected from outside media.

Don’t get me wrong, I love that it’s spreading outside of the Scandinavian boarders, I’m just scared of the negative affects it might have. And so far, nothing serious has happened. But friends of the actors have already gotten hate on social media and people are seriously stalking these young people, in real life and on the internet. Me and my pessimist mind can imagine it going downhill pretty fast…

But then maybe I should just take Isak’s’ advice and live in the moment, take it minute by minute and not worry about it.

Yeah, this is no joking matter.

Corruption is a serious fucking issue.

Wait… it’s getting corrupted with the other gem’s corruption, not her own.

That’s… strange. I wonder if there’s a difference.

Oh hey Steven doesn’t turn to light when he fuses with another gem.

I wonder how that works.

I mean… yes, of course you’re going to try to help her.

And yeah, it MIGHT work.

But… I don’t think Jasper will accept your help very happily.

Yeah she’s not exactly in her… faculties.

You might want to be extremely careful or carry your shield.

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So you really think jess didn't pine for rory for 9 years?

No, I actually don’t think he did. What seemed to me, is he did date someone, but it’ wasn’t  very serious. When he came back and saw her (Rory) and started spending time with each other. Some feelings might be brought up again.. But I think people are forgetting that Rory and Jess will have their own story. after Rory deals with all the stuff they will get together and be really serious  or she will get close to Jess while writing her  book and realize she’s in love with him  that will be that. We don’t know or might take a little longer. It might even be when Rory has her baby she see’s how Jess is with them  But I don’t think it will take as long Luke.  That’s just  my opinion. i just take as something will be there in the future.

There Was An Old Budgie Who Lived In A Shoe: Extreme Piggyback Fail

Turned my attention away from Granny Mia for only a second, to come back and find her passed out on the grass with a twitching toddler under her.  Near as I can tell Mia was giving Isabella a piggyback ride and apparently collapsed under the weight.  I think Mia might be sick (surprise, surprise with all that snot and poop she’s dealing with), and that may have contributed to the collapse.

Giving serious thought to hiring a Nanny and a Maid or Butler.  Mia desperately needs some downtime.

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Harry is already private as it is, do you think this'll change when he gets a serious gf

If anything, I think he’ll become even more private when he gets a serious girlfriend. Not that he’ll force her to be a shut-in or anything; he’ll make appearances with her when the occasion calls for it, but I think he’ll limit the PDA and definitely won’t post anything on Instagram or Twitter. He might not mind if she does from time to time but I think that relationship is one that he’ll try to keep especially private, because it’s important to him.


[ car pulls up next to yours ]

Y/N: [laughs] You got some serious balls man.

Dom: I’ve been told.

Y/N: You know you’re lucky I missed my shot. [ refers to when she saw Dom for the first time after the car crash and shot him ]

Dom: I think you hit your mark.

Y/N:  Really? What is it with you? What, have you got a death wish or something?

Dom:  If that’s what it takes. I just wanna race.

Y/N:  Might lose your car.

Dom:  Let’s do it.

Y/N: Your funeral.

Dom: [ insert gif ]

Send in requests here.

My Type - Pietro

Summary - Girl’s night quickly turns into Natasha playing matchmaker with you as her victim. She’s been trying to hook you up with someone for a while, will she succeed when she starts suggesting the Avengers?

Word Count - 632

Tony | Thor

Originally posted by tomshardy

“Well, Y/N?” Wanda spoke carefully and quietly, “what do you think of Pietro?”

Though her voice was serious, you could see that she was struggling to hold back a smile, her eyes dancing with amusement as a light blush started to creep across your cheeks to your ears.

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Roy/Riza 20s bar please. Thank you

“I’d say it was about time we finally shut this speakeasy down, sir,” Riza looked stunning and serious with her short hair, shorter dress, and the gun Roy knew was strapped underneath it, “But I think then I would have to arrest you too.”

Roy smiled, his vision clouded by a haze of cigarette smoke and his own booze saturated brain, “Then you might as well dance with me instead.”

She raised an eyebrow skeptically but smirked back at him, taking a sip of his drink and grabbing a hold of his hand, “Might as well.”

Send me a pairing and an au and I’ll write you a 3 sentence fic!

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Well it could have happened in the past before he met Emma. I remember that the implications that Hook and Tink were a thing while he was in NVL. I personally don't think that's the route they're gonna go on. The more than likely scenario especially cause it said she likes to help people she'll help Hook on his quest for Emma and whatever he's trying to do to save her.

Yeah, they might set up something for the past and imply that they had a thing and I would never say no to a little bit of jealous Emma but this is just not something that I am even remotely worried about.

@justanotherwannabeclassic pointed out that even if they did have a thing in the past it wouldn’t have been serious because Hook never thought he would get over Milah until he met Emma

And @mryddinwilt pointed out that every time another woman is on the show people/trolls start speculating that Hook is going to be involved with them. I remember the uproar when Hook and Elsa filmed for 4x03.

This is not a concern of mine. If they had a thing in the past then cool because we’ll get to see sexy flirty Captain Hook. I love that. But present day he only has eyes for Emma and whatever he is doing when we get to episode 17 will be about Emma.


“I hate Christmas. It’s just another time of me being alone and cold.” Raven complained, sighing as she fell onto the couch. She rolled her eyes at people who were dressed in ugly Christmas sweaters. It was hard not to laugh at how salty she was. 

“I think eating Chocolate alone on a holiday is completely normal, And that’s why i love Christmas.”

“You’re serious right now?”She tilted her head, Wondering if you were lying to her, But the tone in voice told a different story.

“Yeah, Of course!” You said joyfully. “It’s fun, Sitting around, Watching horrible Christmas movies and getting high off of sugar. You can join me if you want, If you’re so down about being by yourself.”

“I might take you up on that offer.” Raven smirked, Throwing a wink your way.

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Do we think Noora is William's first GF?

Hum, I don’t know, honestly? But he’s probably had girlfriends before… But I think she might be the first like… real one, I guess? Like the most serious relationship he’s had, I suppose. Idk, I could most likely be wrong, we’ll never know I guess.