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Imagine: Getting drunk with your brother, Tyrion, to get your mind off of your soon-to-be husband, Robb, who dislikes you because you’re a Lannister.

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A/N: I thoroughly enjoyed writing this! :P

“Hello brother!” You say, walking into your older brother, Tyrion’s chambers.

“Y/N,” He greets, “Are you drunk?”

“Not yet,” You laugh, “I’m just getting started.”

“Alright, what’s wrong?” He asks, gesturing for you to sit down on the seat next to him.

“What makes you think something is wrong?”

“My little sister may be a Lannister, but she sure doesn’t drink like one. Unless there’s something wrong. So what is it?”

“The pretty Stark boy who I’m betrothed to is what’s wrong,” You take a large gulp from the chalice of wine in your hand.

“Now now, what did Robb Stark do to my poor little sister?” Tyrion asks with faux-empathy.

“He won’t even look at me,” You say, refilling your chalice, “How am I supposed to marry a man who won’t even look at me?!”

“Won’t look at you?! How can he even keep his eyes off of you?”

You laugh, “You know I’m not one for flattery my dear brother. But I’m a Lannister, so he hates me.”

“Well we could put his head on a pike if you’d like,” He jokes.

“As much as our nephew would enjoy that, I’d rather have my future husband be alive,” You laugh, your words are beginning to slur slightly.

“Well, why not forget about him and focus on this lovely beverage in your hand?”

“Sounds like a good plan to me.”

You spend the next few hours getting absolutely wasted with your brother and laughing until your sides hurt, forgetting about all your problems with your soon-to-be husband.

Tyrion is in the middle of another stupid joke when the door opens, “Well hello other big brother!”

“Y/N you are incredibly drunk,” Jamie deadpans.

“I’m not that drunk Jamie,” You hiccup.

“I can hear your laughter from my chambers,” He laughs, rolling his eyes and taking the chalice from your hands, and helping you out of your seat, “Let’s get you back to your chambers; you need to get some rest.”

“Fine,” You drawl, grasping your brother’s arm for support, and bidding goodbye to Tyrion.


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Language Nuances You Don’t Learn in a Classroom

Conjugation, subject-verb agreement, verb tenses…is there anything more clinical than learning a language at school? While these are all necessary elements of language learning, real fluency is born from listening to native speakers in their natural element.  

I’m talking about the type of mannerisms and peculiarities even native speakers don’t know about themselves! Sure you can write a 10-page essay in impeccable french, but can you gab with the girls at the hair salon? Here are the five language nuances your teacher won’t teach you. 

1. Inflections 

Languages don’t sound the same. That’s an obvious statement. But even the inflections and vocal tones don’t necessarily translate. For example, in english, depending on the context, we don’t necessarily need to go up at the end of a question. But in french, its essential. I’ve even been told before that even though my american accent is often undetectable, I speak in an american rhythm. I’m not sure what that means but it just emphasizes how these subtle idiosyncracies can make the difference. 

2. Interjections

I always thought interjections were intuitive. Actually, I never thought about them much at all until I moved to France. But I quickly realized that interjections are a learned part of language. If you stub your toe, you’re not going to say “ouch”. You should say “Ouïe”. If you eat something gross, you’ll get quite a few looks if you say “yuck” instead of “Beurk”. Even animals aren’t safe. Ducks don’t quack and pigs don’t oink. One of my classes (embarrassingly) had me imitate the entire animal kingdom because they found the differences so peculiar. At any rate, it’s definitely worth looking these interjections up because they’re a huge part of language. 

3. Facial Expressions

The french are quite facially expressive people. It’s quite entertaining as an outsider and all expats notice this right away. My favorite expression is the dumbfounded look my students give me when they have no idea what I’ve said. They widen their eyes and puff their cheeks like a blowfish…it’s hilarious. You can see that look HERE at 0:49. But what struck me most is how uniform that look is, which indicates that is cultural more than it is individual. 

4. Hand gestures

The french start counting with their thumb instead of their index finger, the “Ok” sign actually means “zero”,  and rubbing your nose means you’re drunk. Hand gestures are definitely cultural. It’s recommended before going to any country to look these up because you may think you’re giving the thumbs up but instead you’ve just started a fight in public. Typically, you won’t find these cultural differences in a textbook. 

5. Idioms 

One day I asked a friend what she thought of this guy she was seeing. 

Her response: “Il est sympa, mais il se regarde le nombril (He’s nice but he looks at his bellybutton). 

My first thought: “….That’s weird” 

What I didn’t know (and didn’t find out until a week later) was that se regarder le nombril is an idiomatic expression that describes someone as egotistical or narcissistic. 

Idioms are a little harder to prepare yourself for because the possibilities are endless and often the expression holds very little indication of what it actually means. However, whenever you hear one try hard to remember it and challenge yourself to use it in another situation. 

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"Fuck it - do you wanna get married?" With DJWifi?

“Fuck it. Do you wanna get married?”

Nino choked on his beer. “What?” 

“Let’s just get married. Screw dating. We should go do it,” Alya said.

“I don’t think we can just go do it, Al. There’s paperwork and–”

“Le sigh.”

“Was that seriously your proposal anyway?” Nino laughed. “I know I’m a pretty simple guy but I expected a little more than a F-bomb and a casual question while we’re at a bar.”

Alya covered her face with her hands. “I think I’m drunk.”

“I think you’re drunk too,” Nino agreed, tipping his beer bottle in her direction.

“I would totally marry you though.”

“Of course you would. I’m a total catch,” he grinned. 

“You should ask me. Make it all proper-like. You can ask Marinette for my hand in marriage.”

“Why wouldn’t I ask your parents?”

“Ninnnnnno,” Alya whined. “Marinette!”

“Okay, okay, I’ll ask Marinette for your hand in marriage.”

“And I’ll ask Adrien for yours.”

“He may not agree to it. He’s a jealous boyfriend.”

“I can be very convincing,” she said, curling her tongue behind her teeth. 

Nino’s eyes watched the motion intently. “That I believe.”

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Requested by @mikimiska113 - Dany and Jon get drunk while on Dragonstone and stuff happens. 

I guess this is kind of like a sequel to How much of that did you hear? (here) if you’re interested in reading that. Because I did kind of wonder what actually happened in the study. 

Maybe a little nsfw and a little smutty…not even full smut or anything but this is just what I wrote lol because I haven’t written a passionate makeout session in a few days (or maybe I have and I just don’t remember). 

Um…not really spoilers for Episode 5? I’ve managed to stay away from the spoilers, it’s just general plot stuff from last episode. 

The wine is sweet on her tongue and the rush of intoxication that warms the pit of her stomach helps ward off the cold of the winter chill. 

“More wine, Lord Snow?” She doesn’t know exactly how this came about; he’d had to talk with her about the Dragonglass and they were both still slightly embarrassed about what had happened while she was in the bath, but she’d poured glasses for them to be polite…and somehow she’d ended up pouring more. 

He nods, nudging his glass forward so she can top it off. “It’s good. What is it?”

“Dornish red, fresh from the vineyards. A gift from Lady Ellaria and her daughters.” Thinking about the Dornish makes her chest twinge unpleasantly, remembering where they most likely are now-in the merciless hands of the Mad Queen. Westerosi wines are different from those in Essos.”

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You know what I realized? SAB has never let Bay just be angry or upset without making her look to be the bad guy.

Being switched at birth and having to deal with her parents’ attention now going to another child with special needs? Suck it up buttercup.

Falling for Emmett and he does the same. But then Daphne thinks she may like him? Oh you have to give her a break, she’s been his friend for years.

Regina knew about the switch and never came for her? Well, Regina meant well so Bay has to forgive her within in an episode. (FTR, I don’t blame Regina, but the girls had every right to be upset.)

Emmett cheats on her? You can’t hold grudges forever, Bay.

Tank sleeps with Bay when she was too drunk to remember if she consented? (Aka raped her) Well la-di-freaking-da Bay. Don’t you care that this straight privileged white boy had his life ruined because he raped you? You must forgive him. You shouldn’t have been drinking anyway. Oh and when your supposed BFF dates him, her mom had a stroke so ya know, that makes it okay for her to date a rapist.

Angelo dies? We don’t have time to explore your feelings on this, we gotta show Daphne who ignored him for 3 seasons and started bonding with him an episode before his death.

Emmett makes a movie about the rape without her permission? Well guess what, now he’s all messed up so it’s all cool now.

Seriously. I am so over how this show treats her. No one faces consequences except her it seems. I want her to take Travis and move back to China where she can do tattoos and have little ginger babies with him.

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During one of the many marches in DAO, Alistair forgets to drink enough water and starts hallucinating badly. No one notices until he starts shouting about 3 headed Darkspawn that aren't there and running madly into the trees clucking like a chicken. Note: Based on a true story.

Well I for one, would love to hear this story.

Of course Leliana is concerned, but she isn’t ever going to let him live this down. After trying to get a coherent response out of him (and failing), and checking him over to see where he might have been bitten by a venomous animal or struck with a poison dart, she finally realizes he is showing all the symptoms of dehydration. She passes him a waterskin and has them all rest for a while. Then the writing begins, she is a bard after all!

Loghain: He. Is. Done. He grabs Alistair by the back of his hair and yanks him down onto a rock, briefly going over him to check for other symptoms of poisoning. One he realizes it is simply dehydration, Loghain has to fight the urge to pinch the bridge of his nose. Of course this buffoon would forget to hydrate. He passes him a waterskin and waits for Alistair to return to his senses… or at least to quiet down. Loghain isn’t really sure Alistair had any senses to begin with.

Morrigan: Oh, oh this should be good. She milks it for as long as she can, laughing as he continuously makes a greater fool of himself than he usually manages to. How did he, of all the people in Thedas, manage to become a Grey Warden? Morrigan may be cruel at times, but she isn’t stupid, so when Alistair finally passes out she aids him in a small and noncommittal way, like a spell or health poultice. He has been a Warden for much longer, so he may know things their leader does not.  

Oghren:  As Alistair slowly descends into madness, he can’t help but laugh. “What? You drunk or something? ‘Cause whatever you’re drinking, don’t think I don’t want some!” If anyone knows how to drink it’s Oghren, so he passes Alistair his waterskin, telling him it’ll help keep any hangover at bay (after making him promise to let him have some of whatever he’s drinking later.) This inadvertently solves the problem, and Alistair is left rather embarrassed and confused the next day.

Shale: “It appears It has broken. I did not know fleshy creatures could break in such a manner. It’s incessant screaming is quite unbearable, something should be done.”

Sten: He is… confused to say the least. It is not common for the Qunari to fail in taking care of their bodies, so when Alistair manages to fail so miserably, he is at a loss for what to do. In all honesty Sten would most likely knock Alistair out, shove a health potion down his throat, and carry him like a sack of potatoes until they reach their destination. Why should Alistair’s… condition… hold them out? They have an Archdemon to fight!

Wynne: Out of everyone she is probably the only one experiencing pure concern. She had known something was wrong, but for whatever reason her worries was not acted upon. Now, with a hand on his forehead and a quick recounting of the day’s events she sighs and shakes her head, handing him a waterskin and casting a small Rejuvenation spell over him. “Oh, Alistair…”

Zevran: Once he has determined that Alistair’s life is in no immediate danger, he allows himself to sit back and laugh at the rather amusing manner he runs about, screaming of darkspawn and bumping into things. Not until things become a little more serious does he decide to care and lend Alistair some aid. After all, he does have royal blood.




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Kuroo + his gf who gets a lil drunk so he decides it's time to leave but his gf says she can't go with him bc she has a bf (she's talking about him to him without even realizing bc drunk) he plays along and starts asking her about her bf and she gushes about him and says silly things he does. Eventually he asks if she loves him and she says yes and how she wants to marry him, have kids and grow old together. He gets emotional because holy fuck I love this dork so much

Okay, so this is going to be like a continuation of this scenario I wrote a while ago: X

[College - Almost adult life ! AU]

“Oh yes, the gods are favoring me now” Kuroo thought as he looked at his drunken partner.

Currently, he was trying to convince her to go home, but without avail. She looked up at him and said “Ya‘now dude, I know what you’re trying to do” she snorted “and let me tell ya, I have a boyfriend so go away before I call him”

She didn’t recognize him, perfect timing to get a mini revenge on the last time he got drunk.

“Ohh, excuse me then, I didn’t know you had a boyfriend” he said seriously “is he going to come if you call him?”

“Of course he is” she said “he’s like, ya’now, super caring and all those thingsss” she slurred a little “like, almost a father, always worrying and trying to help me”

His heart swelled with pride, knowing that his girlfriend saw him like that, someone whom she could rely on. “That’s very nice, I hope you have a long, love-filled relationship” he said

She smiled “I hope so!!” she laughed “even though he’s a biiiig nerd, always making those horrible science puns” and then she said “but he makes me happy, so I’m willing to hear them everyday”

His puns were amazing, why did she consider them horrible? She had no sense of humor, of course she didn’t. “Do you love him?” he asked cautiously.

She fell silent for a few moments, and those moments were the worst torture for Kuroo. Did she doubt her love for him?

“Of course I love him!!” she said excitedly “I love him lots and lotsssss, like I really can’t imagine a life without him?”

Oh god, someone please save Kuroo’s heart “I like to think of us in the future, happily married, with little children running around our house” she said sweetly “and I want to hold his hand every day, even as the years start passing”

She sounded surprisingly sober right now, but he couldn’t think about that at all. His heart was about to burst from his chest, happiness taking over his body. He didn’t realize a few tears slipped from his eyes, until he felt her hands on his face, and her fingers wiping them away.

“I may be drunk Kuroo, but I’m not stupid enough not to recognize you after a while” she said smiling at him.

“Oh” was all he could muster at that moment “did…did you lie about the things you said?” he asked slowly.

“Do I look like someone who’s going to lie about those things?” she asked.

“Of course not” he said looking in her eyes “God, I love you so much (Name)”

Never in his life had he felt so sure about something. When the right moment arrived, he definitely was going to ask her to marry him. He hoped she liked the ring he saw on a jewelry a few weeks ago.

A lot of thoughts on season 4

Okay, okay I haven’t done a real post about all my thoughts on season 4 yet. I’m a sucker for long posts and I looove analyzing everything. And SKAM is just the perfect show to analyze. The metaphors and symbolism is EVERYTHING! This post will be long!! (sorry)

We have already got sooo much from the season. Multiple updates a day. Clips every day (so far). I really hope they keep it up the entire season. So far, we have a little more than 16 minutes of eps 1. We could get a short clip today (maybe Sana talking to her brother about not getting involved with her friends?) And then a longer clip Friday. For some reason, I have a feeling that the episodes will be a bit longer this season compared to season 3, because it seems like they have A LOT to cover in 10 episodes. So, I’m hoping they are aiming for 30+ minutes rather than 20. But we’ll see!

So, we got the trailer. I already wrote a bit about it, but I didn’t fully cover it. I think it’s safe to say the correct timeline of events is the timeline of the reverse trailer: Starting with Noora and then the domino effect going from there. According to the trailer Sana will be the one starting it all. She trips Noora, who falls.

From what we have seen so far, it is pretty clear that this will have something to do with boys! Either something with William or some of the boys from The Balloon Squad (or both). It is clear, that Sana doesn’t want the girls to get involved with her brother and his friends, but at this point they are not respecting her wishes (let’s get back to this later). They want Noora to find a new crush/hookup and The Balloon Squad is the target. At this point I think this will be what triggers Sana to do what she does. The girls will push her to the edge, and she will do something. In the trailer, she clearly trips Noora on purpose, so I think she is definitely triggered by something (because otherwise why would she do it?). But I don’t think she knows what kind of drama this will start (the domino effect).

The next in line is Vilde. Noora falls into her, and tears her pearl necklace in the fall. A white pearl necklace is known to symbolize innocence, purity and beauty, and I don’t think that the use of a pearl necklace to be torn is a coincidence. 

Vilde has so far been portrait as a bit oblivious and very absorbed with her own image and appearance. Her thing with Magnus also seems very sweet and innocent. This will somehow crack, and Noora will be the one starting it. Vilde has already begun to appear really shady. She seemed head over heals with Magnus, but she was very quick to find other boys interesting (= Sana’s brother). She may play it off as finding love for Noora, but be careful Vilde!

Next up is Eva. She is not directly affected by Vilde, but more indirectly trips do to what happens to her when the necklace tears.

She spills her drink on Chris, and I think the drink-spilling may symbolize that this has to do with her drunkness. We know the girl can get wasted!! I have no idea what it will be about, but she may do something when she is wasted, which she may regret and will affect more than herself.

To be honest, I have no idea what the Chris thing is, but I may think Chris is not symbolizing herself. It is more likely that she symbolizes ‘the one filming’ (I did write a small post about this earlier)

We know the one filming is Mikael, and it would make sense that whatever hurts Even, is something from his past. I look forward to knowing what happened in Even’s past, but I’m also very anxious to see him hurting. He is my baby, and if someone hurts him on purpose, I will end them! But the trailer also shows us that Isak does not leave Even’s side for one second! He goes down with him and has his back. This really comforts me. Evak is power couple no. 1!!

Okay, so moving on from the trailer… We have yet to make it to the first full episode, but sooo much is already building up. It is clear, that Sana feels like she doesn’t fully fit in with her friends. They clearly don’t understand her religion/culture and it annoys her! You can’t blame them for not knowing everything, but I think the issue is that they don’t even try to understand. They just assume things instead of actually talk to Sana about it. I think she would gladly answer their questions and talk about her religion and the culture her family comes from. All this adds on top of them not respecting her wishes for them to not get involved with her brother and his friends. I think all of this will strengthen her relationship with Isak. The two of them became close last year, and he actually talked to her about her religion and views on the world. He asked questions and they both challenged each other and grew as human. I think Sana will feel like she could actually talk to him about things she cares about. The fact that the girls only talk about sex and boys clearly frustrates her. I think she would love to talk about her feelings on the subject, but that their lack of interest makes her keep her facade of not caring about it at all.

We don’t know how her relationship is with Even yet, but they could easily had become friends over the last couple of months (the time between the end of s3 and now). The fact that he knows the Quran and therefor maybe understand her more and doesn’t just assume things could be a big deal.

From the latest text update, the girls could end up partying with The Balloon Squad (against Sana’s wishes). This party could be the first step into drama town! Maybe The Balloon Squad ends up having a clash with The Boy Squad – Magnus being jealous of whatever Vilde is up to and Even being confronted with his past. He could even be taking totally off guard, if they randomly end up at the same party. Does Isak even now what happened at Bakka yet? It has to be something big, since it made him change school and take his last year in gymnasium all over again.

I’m excited and anxious about this season!! Oh boy, oh boy. If you made it this far (I know this is a really long post) Please give me your thoughts!

Ted Bundy talks to Dr. Al Carlisle about his long time girlfriend Elizabeth Kloepfer (Kendall as a pseudonym) and about his relationship with her.

Ted: I met Liz Kendall that fall (1969). I have a lot of pleasant memories of her and her three-year-old daughter. I had my own apartment but I stayed in her apartment for weeks at a time. We took a trip that Christmas to see her parents in Utah. Her father was a doctor. She and I had an intense relationship. In June of 1970 I returned to the University of Washington and majored in psychology. I got my BS degree in psychology in June of 1972. I got a part time job in a warehouse delivering medical equipment. It was a very tranquil period for me. It was a growing period as well. 

Al: How did the relationship work out?

Ted: She wanted to get married, and there were times that I did as well. But when it came right down to it I wasn’t quite in the mood. We got a marriage licence but I hadn’t graduated from college and I wasn’t a wage earner so I didn’t follow through. I deeply loved her. My being able to go back to college was largely due to her support. She frequently supported me, in fact. 

Al: What kept you from marrying her? You had some finances coming in, you spent a lot of your time at her apartment, and she was supporting you in college. What was wrong with the relationship that kept you from marrying her?

Ted: Liz didn’t fit the mould of a politicians wife and she had a daughter. She stopped taking her birth control pills at the recommendation of her doctor. It was just to give her body a rest. She got pregnant early 1972 and she decided to have an abortion. I didn’t urge her to or try to stop her. She had the abortion. We both had deep, deep regrets about not having a child. During the first two and a half years I ate almost all my meals at her house. She gave me $100 for school at one time.

Al: Did the relationship continue to go well? This would be the spring of 1972. Right?

Ted: Yes. I had an emotional falling out. I can’t think of any event that precipitated it. There was no arguing or yelling. It was that Liz needed constant reinforcement. She needed love over and over again.

Al: What were some of the things that caused a conflict between you?

Ted: One of them was her ideas of how to raise a child. She had no firm idea of how to do it. My position was that a time out was the best solution when a girl showed disrespect toward her mother. Liz exploded on her daughter. She would grab her daughter and just shake her. I was the object of their anger. I became insensitive to Liz. I began forgetting her birthday and not showing up for dinner when she expected me to be there. But we always came back together. 

Al: Were there other things she did that made you angry?

Ted: I think I may have blanked out things that I was angry about. However, there were no major things- nothing that lasted more than one day. However, there was one occasion when she had somebody over to her apartment. She was drunk and they had sex. I felt terribly hurt. I went home and sulked. My world was destroyed! THAT WAS THE LAST STRAW!

His statement was slow and firm. At this point, Ted went silent and stared into space. He was reliving the event. There was a dramatic change in his body language. His voice was stronger, he was very angry and, while his face was turned toward me, he looked beyond me. What I saw was a very hurt man. He had just finished telling me there was nothing major that made him angry with Liz. Now he reported an extremely emotional event. It appeared that this memory was one that he couldn’t suppress and, once it came into his mind, couldn’t avoid talking about. After several seconds he regained his composure. He looked at me and said, “But we got back together and we both cried. That was the only time she was unfaithful.”

Source- Violent Mind by Al Carlisle 

Things I/m Looking Forward To Seeing in GoT Season 8

1.  Tyrion and Sansa reunion - this one is rife with so many opportunities. I don’t ship them romantically but they did start to get along and I think they would have eventually found their way to friendship if not for the Red Wedding and the rest of Tyrions’s family.

2. Varys and Sansa -  They’ve interacted very briefly and I don’t think they’ve ever done that on camera. After her wedding when Tyrion was already drunk, Sansa excused herself and was seen talking to Varys. Varys may not have cared about her as much in the beginning except that she was and remains the key to the North, but that might begin to change once he sees the way she’s readied her people for the wars to come. I think in Sansa, he’ll see someone who has a sharp mind and has stopped hiding it. Remember, she’s learnt the game from someone that Varys respected, so I’m looking forward to seeing them interact.

3. Jamie and Brienne - We saw them briefly interact in season 7 at the Dragonpit but at that point they were on opposing sides and hardly got to speak to each other. Season 8 may give us more screen time with these 2.

4. Jamie and Sansa - Jamie only knows of Sansa from what he remembers seeing when she was a young and naïve girl and knows a little from what Brienne has told him so far. He’s seen a bit of Dany when she burned his men to cinders so I’m curious what his reaction will be when he sees Sansa who is quite different from the other queens.

5. Jon and Arya - Jon hasn’t seen Arya since they both left for their respective destinations. Since then, they have both gone through traumatic situations that have vastly changed them from the people they used to be. It’ll be interesting to see them navigate their way to each other while, at the same time, realizing that neither is who they used to be.

6. Jon and Bran - A lot of what’s true for Jon and Arya is also true for Jon and Bran. They are vastly different people from who they were when they were younger. Jon died and came back while Bran is now the 3-Eyed Raven. Their meeting will have even more significance considering the news that Bran has for him. The news that has the power to change a lot of things.

7. Dany and Sansa - Dany and Sansa have had a pretty similar arc, both were underestimated and sold, used and abused by others. They both also managed to survive and got rid of their abusers along the way. But the one thing that Dany had that Sansa never did were allies. Even when Dany was a nobody, she was married to a Khal who loved her and she had Jorah who served and protected her. Sansa, on the other hand, lived in the vipers’ pit, surrounded by enemies on all sides and no allies, she judged a person’s decency based on how hard they hit her and that is a truly sorry state of affairs. They have come out on top and both have something that they didn’t earlier, agency. They finally have control over their lives. Sansa has Winterfell and her family, Dany finally has the forces to take back the IT (whether or not she deserves it or would be a good ruler is not the point right now) Seeing these two women facing each other should make for interesting television, provided the writers handle it well. They are vastly different women and their approach to ruling reflects that. Add to that, Jon will probably come with the news that he did a lot more than merely bend the knee. This should make for an interesting dynamic between the ladies. Ideally, I don’t want them to have fights or disagreements because of Jon, that would be a disservice to both characters. So here’s hoping.

8. Sansa and Jon - Now, this would be truly interesting to watch. We know that Jon and Sansa have very different methods of ruling. When he comes back, having bent the knee and with Dany in tow, his already precarious position will be made even more so. He’s going to come back to a Winterfell that is in a far better condition than he left it in. It’s going to feel more like the Winterfell that he grew up in, when he was truly happy. He’s going to realise that while the Northern Lords did swear loyalty to him, they give more weight to words from Sansa. Sansa who can address their concerns while also not undermining Jon’s crown. The Sansa that he will meet upon his return will again be different from the one he left, more confident, self-assured. Sansa was never going to just sit back and let him make decisions that affects all of them. She was far from happy when he bent the knee without consulting her. He’s going to have an even tougher time making snap decisions like that while in Winterfell, especially once he finds out that the Northern Lords feel more loyal to her than they do to him.

Do you want me to lie and say I love you?

25.         “Being your friend is basically ruining my life”

40.         “What do you want me to say? Do you want me to lie and say i love you?”


warning: i think there was swearing? sexual shit, tom being a f u c king asshole

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Okay so I have a Wayhaught story for you. So I was thinking about how Emily was saying Wynonna definitely has opinions about Waverly and Nicole being together so what if Wynonna takes a moment with Nicole to have "the talk" with her about how she better not hurt her or end up like Champ (but she knows she won't) and Waverly hears part of this conversation and runs aways and now is very distant with Nicole bc she thinks Wynonna scared her away but later she assures she's not going anywhere

So, I couldn’t help myself and i wrote a whole fic for this. Hope you like it!!!!

Waverly was finally back from that creepy possession ordeal that they had to deal with, and she will absolutely tell you, that she will never be touching any strange gunk that she finds on the ground or otherwise, ever again. But everything is okay now and Wynonna, Waverly, Doc, and Nicole have taken over the Black Badge office in their search to try and find and get Dolls back.

It is had been a few days and the four of them have been locked up in that office. 

Waverly has been pouring over books and the internet, searching for anything she can wrestle up about secret government agencies that she can.

Wynonna was going through Dolls’s computer while she drinks whiskey out of his X cup, and muttering curse words under her breath since frankly there isn’t anything useful or entertaining of the hard drive.

Doc was sitting alone, at the far corner of the table. At first, he had spent a lot of time examining the vials that he had injected into Dolls before the showdown are Shorty’s. Now, though, he has moved on playing Solitare with an impossibly old set of cards.

Nicole, she has been sniffing out every gun and other weapons she can find in the office, she has been cataloging them and cleaning them, even going so far as to dismembering and, all the guns. At one point she even managed to wrestle PeaceMaker away from Wynonna. It was a very difficult feat and she found out that it hadn’t been cleaned in a very long time, probably since Wyatt himself had it.

Now it has been a couple of weeks, and with all the stress, Wynonna had pretty much forgotten about Nic and Waves dating, and reverting back to her normal self, had become totally oblivious of the lingering eye contact between her sister and the officer, not so subtle touching that they exchanged whenever close enough, and that whenever one of them left the room the other followed. She was so wrapped up in herself she had pretty much forgotten about the two dating.

At the end of the fourth night, after all of them had done almost as much as they could. Wynonna hadn’t found anything on the computer. Waverly hadn’t found anything mention a Black Badge Division. Nicole had run out of weapons to clean. And Doc, well how many games of solitaire can someone really play before they go insane? They all had started to sigh heavily and push their work away.

Grabbing Nicole’s hand, and looking across to Wynonna who’s face was buried in her palms, Waverly clears her throat, “You know Gus left me a message early and said that she was going to open Shorty’s back up tonight, invited us to stop by.”

“Got Dolls and I’s mess all cleaned up then?” Doc asks when he perks up at the idea of going to the saloon for a drink.

“Yup, I guess some town’s folk pitched in,” Waverly starts, “Gus said they wanted to try and make it up to Wynonna, the whole trying to kill her thing.”

“Strange,” Wynonna finally adds, “They’ve never felt bad about my near death before, I guess people are growing around here.”

“Oh come on Earp,” Nicole can’t help but attempt to protest that, “not everyone in this town hates you.”

Wynonna scoffs at that, “You clearly did not grow up around here red. But that is a conversation for another night when my brain doesn’t feel like soup. I think we ought to head down there, support Gus.”

It didn’t take them long to pack their things up and head to Shorty’s. Wynonna had already slipped behind the bar and found a bottle of whiskey and four glasses. Doc had stepped out to get some air for a few minutes. Waverly and Nicole had claimed a booth and were cuddled up pushed into the corner of the booth and were enjoying a slightly discreet and satisfying make out session.

“What the hell is this, guys?” Wynonna almost demands as she sets the bottle and glass down on the table.

“Uh, it’s me kissing my girlfriend Wy,” Waverly answers, with a very confused tone.

“Oh shit.” Wynonna declares as it dawns on her. “I, uh, I forgot about that.”

“No shit Earp,” Nicole adds after she lets out a giggle.

“I guess you and I need to have a little talk then Haught,” Wynonna replies as she starts the red-head down.

“I think that may be my cue to go find Doc,” Waverly says as she gives Nicole an apologetic smile for throwing her to the wolves or rather wolf that is Wynonna Earp, and then heads away.

“What exactly do you think you’re doing with my little sister?“ Wynonna asks, jumping right in.

“Honestly? Loving her.” Is all Nicole offers her in response.

“She’s been loved before Haught. What’s supposed to make you think you’re any different?” Wynonna questions the red head further.

“The way that I look at her.” Nicole challenges.

“And what way might that be?”

“Like she, herself, hung the moon and the stars, just for me.” Is all Nicole gives in return. Honestly, if you Wynonna hasn’t figured it out by now, she figuring she’ll have to draw it out for the woman.

“Champ used to look at her like that until she stopped being a trophy for him to win and became the strong young woman that she is. How am I supposed to know that you’re different than him?” Wynonna challenges Nicole. She knows that Nicole is different, but she needs to get a promise right from the woman.

“Because I’m not a boy-man-child like he was or is or whatever. Come on Wynonna, you’ve known me for a while now, do you really think I have it in me to treat anyone like crap, let alone Waves?” Nicole asks the question almost beginning to feel hurt.

“Well, I guess you’ve got a point there. I just have to make sure to give you the shovel talk or whatever. You know, Waverly is the most important person in my life and I haven’t really been there for her until recently, and I think I’m still a little too caught up in the curse bullshit to truly give her the attention she deserves.” Wynonna offers the confession as a peace offering of sorts.

“I get that Wy. But you are here now, and you’re not going anywhere. Plus, she has me now too, so I think she’ll be just fine.”

As Nicole finishes her statement, Waverly is walking back up to the table and notices the two other women completely emerged in the conversation but doesn’t catch anything, until Wynonna’s final statement.

“I get that. But just to put it out there, if you so much as crack her heart, or treat her even a little poorly, I swear to you, I’ll be using PeaceMaker for more that putting down revenants.” It’s an empty threat as she knows Nicole is better than that. As she finished though she notices Waverly within earshot and is completely unaware that she has been standing there long enough to hear the threat. 

“Hey, Baby Girl!” Wynonna greats Waverly with a broad smile. “Did you find Doc?”

“I ummm, I’m not feeling well, can you take me home Wynonna?” Waverly asks, not even responding to the question, she’s so shaken up from hearing the threat, scared of what it means. Does Wynonna no like Nicole as much as she’d been letting on the past few weeks?

“I can take Babe.” Nicole offers before Wynonna gets a chance to respond.

“No, I want Wynonna to take me.” Is all Waverly offers, and honestly the way she says it is a little cold. Before either Nicole or Wynonna has a chance to interject again, Waverly has headed out of the building. Thinking, dammit Wynonna, I finally found a good one, and you’re going and scaring her away, you can’t threaten lesbians with guns, it freaks them out. Admittedly, Waverly may have recently delved into gay culture and learned a lot about lesbian tropes.

“You’re not driving her anywhere Earp.” Is how Nicole decides is best to start the conversation.

“Why the hell not Haught? If Waves wants to go, I’ll take her where ever she wants.” Wynonna defends herself.

“No, you won’t. You’ve been drinking Whiskey all day, and you’ve drunk half that bottle by yourself while we’ve been sitting here. It’s not safe for you to get behind the wheel.” Nicole offers as she stands up and slips on her jacket.

“Fine. You going to go get her then?” Wynonna reluctantly asks.

“Yeah. Y’all can come sleep at my place when you get done here if you want.” Nicole presents the peace offering.

“Thanks, but there’s a room upstairs here, we’ll just take it. Let’s meet in the office at noon tomorrow? Give everyone a chance to get some extra rest.” Wynonna offers in return, her own peace offering of sorts.

“Sure, see ya then.” And with that Nicole has turned to head out the saloon herself. 

Nicole runs through the bodies as quickly as she can, pushing through the front doors, and scanning her surroundings. She finds Waverly sitting in her Jeep, letting it run. As Nicole gets closer to the Jeep, she notices hard sporadic shaking of Waverly’s shoulders, a clear sign of the tears that a certainly falling down the girl’s face. Wasting no more time, she runs to the driver’s door where Waverly is sat and pulls it open. Before she has a chance to protest or even notices who’s arms are enveloping, Nicole makes quick work gather Waverly up, rubbing her hands up and down the younger woman’s back.

“What’s wrong baby?” Nicole whispers in her ear.

With the question, Waverly starts to push Nicole away but doesn’t have enough strength to get her too far away.

“I asked for Wynonna,” Waverly states through heavy breaths.

“I know, but I don’t feel comfortable with Wynonna taking you anywhere. She’s had too much to drink.” Nicole offers, loosening her grip while looking down to search Waverly’s eyes to try and figure out what is going on. “I was thinking we could go to my place and I would take care of you.”

“I don’t expect you to take care of me Nic. You don’t even want to be around me, I’m sure.” Waverly states, not being able to help herself and leaning into Nicole.

“What the heck are you talking about Waverly?” Nicole asks shocked.

“I heard what Wynonna said. She threatened to kill you.” Waverly makes the statement though another round of tears.

“Oh baby,” Nicoles starts, with a grin playing at her lips. “She didn’t mean that.”

“Yes she did, she doesn’t joke about using PeaceMaker,” Waverly mumbles into the collar of Nicole’s shirt, that is quickly absorbing tears and most likely a gross combination of slobber and snot, not that Nicole minds. Waverly can bawl into any of her shirts any time she needs to.

“No babe, I promise she didn’t mean it. She knows I would never hurt you. She knows that I love you too much. She knows that I will treat you better than anyone else has ever treated you. She just said that because she felt like she had to finish her shovel talk.” Nicole whispers it to Waverly as she combs a hand through her hair.

“Are you sure?” Waverly asks, starting to regain her composure. 

“Yes, I promise. Now let’s go home and go to sleep. I think you may be a little over exhausted from the past couple weeks.” Nicole says as she lifts Waverly up, letting the smaller woman cling to her like a Khola bear, and walks to the other side of the Jeep. “We can sleep in and go get breakfast, Wynonna doesn’t want us coming in until noon.”

As she lets Nicole settle her into the passenger’s seat of her own car, she watches Nicole intently. Nicole just pays attention to what she’s doing. She buckles Waverly in and leans across her to turn the heat up a bit. As she is pulling herself out of the car, though, Waverly grabs the lapels of her jacket and pulls her so the forehead to forehead.

“You promise you want to be with me?” Waverly asks gently, her breath tickling Nicole’s lips.

“I promise Waverly. Ther is nowhere else, I would rather be.” Nicole makes what is probably the truthful statement of her life, and she is rewarded. She is rewarded by Waverly who leans in, gently pushing her lips to Nicoles, it’s the kiss of a promise, a kiss that means I love you, a kiss that says thank you for loving me. It gently but still passionate. Their lips move together like a choreographed dance. It is as though they were made for kissing each other, and honestly, they probably are.

“Good, because I feel the exact same way.” Waverly states as she pulls away but stays close enough to punctuate each word with another kiss.

thema-sal-shiral  asked:

What's your headcanon on if the Inquisitor (romanced Lavellan) just up and left the Inquisition one night with no intent to return, for Solas?

So this wasn’t technically for @dadrunkwriting buuuuttt……This prompt hurt my feelings so much I’ve been thinking about it non-stop since I got it, so I’ll answer it tonight.

Solas frowned.

Ellana scowled back, bottom lip sticking out ever so slightly, her eyes narrowed at him in an unmistakable challenge. 

“Absolutely not,” he said, barely containing the fury and glee that warred within him. “I will not have you involved in this. I will not have you risk your life for a cause that is not yours–”

“It is my cause,” she interrupted, voice ragged with her ferocity. “And I risk my life either way. I won’t have you throwing your life away as though there would be no one left behind to mourn you!”

He swallowed around the growing lump in his throat. “This burden–”

“Is not something you need to bear alone,” insisted Ellana. “Not anymore.” She came forward and took his hands in hers, small and warm and trembling like a wounded bird. “Solas, I don’t know what you meant for this to be…you and I. But I can’t let you suffer this alone. I love you, and I’m with you. Whatever the outcome, all I want in this whole world is to be by your side.”

Solas ran a thumb across her cheek, cradling her face in one large hand. “I…I never should have given in to my feelings for you…” he whispered. The hurt in her eyes was brushed away with the light touch of his lips to hers. “This was precisely why I held back for so long…and yet I find myself wishing I had given in so much sooner…” He moved to slip his arms around her waist, drawing her close and pressing their lips together again. 

“Vhenan…” she whispered against the feathery-soft kiss. “Ar lath ma uthaan…”

A pained smile spread his lips as Solas blinked away tears that threatened to fall. “I do not deserve such devotion from you, vhenan.”

“Everyone deserves to be loved. Even the Dread Wolf.” Ellana brushed his tears away with gentle fingers before linking her hands behind his neck and pulling him down for another long kiss. “I’ll be by your side until the end, ma lath. Whenever or whyever that may be.”

reader-chan13  asked:

RFA+Saeran headcanons with MC who's normally outgoing and seems confident but she's actually very self conscious about her body and doesn't want to have sex bc of the fear of them laughing at her when she gets naked? (Also she takes private showers too)



  • Things with MC were going good 
  • and it was about time to have sex (at least that seemed to him) 
  • so he invited her to his place at night 
  • but MC declined saying she was invited to a party before 
  • of course he didn’t gave up so tried again the next week 
  • but the same answer came 
  • “MC can we have a word?” 
  • You wee so nervous about what he wanted to tell you, and you kind of knew
  • “Is there something wrong? I tried to have a nice night with you but you always have other plans” 
  • “No Yoosung, is not like that I’m just a little busy but I want to go out with you” 
  • “I actually wanted to stay at home with you… so maybe… you know”
  • “what?” Of course you knew what he wanted and it was normal, but too difficult   for you
  • “you know what… couples do… sex” he was blushing too hard and it only made it harder for you too say something
  • “I can’t do that… You don’t know me I am horrible under my clothes, you will probably leave me after that and I don’t want it”
  • “MC don’t say that! You are beautiful and I don’t care how you look under your clothes I will love you no matter what”


  • You always were in the bathroom while he took showers (mostly bc he takes a lot conditioning his hair) 
  • but he was not allowed in yours 
  • he actually didn’t cared that much 
  • and about sex, you told him you wanted to wait for the right time and it was fine by him 
  • so nothing seemed weird
  • but this day we came home earlier than usual
  • and you were just about to take a shower
  • he didn’t knew you were home until he opened the bathroom door 
  • and you were there, completely naked
  • “MC I’m sorry” 
  • but it was too late, he already saw you 
  • now you were locked in the bathroom and he was dead worried
  • “babe, come on open the door” 
  • but no reply was heard
  • “I don’t know what is upsetting you but there ir nothing wrong about seeing each other naked, we’re a couple” 
  • and still silence 
  • “Listen, I don’t know what you’re thinking but remember that I love you with all my heart and nothing will change that.” 
  • “Sorry” 
  • “MC? babe please come out” 
  • as soon as you unlock the door he is there to hug you 
  • “I don’t really think you would like my body” 
  • “ARE YOU SERIOUS? I love it, as much as I love you” 


  • You two just moved together 
  • and she had her own room just like you so there was no problem
  • and since your friends were in town you were extra outgoing this weekend 
  • “MC you already went out a lot this week, maybe you should stay here with me tonight”
  • but you insisted bc your friends were leaving on Monday 
  • and got drunk 
  • your friends bought you home and Jaehee was there (off it was 4 am) 
  • “MC you need to sleep, let’s go to your bed”
  • you were wearing this dress that was way too tight, at least to sleep
  • “I will take this off” 
  • but you kind of woke up in that moment
  • and tried to stop her 
  • but you were too drunk to make any rational move
  • and she stopped
  • she was kind of afraid that she may have hurt you or something
  • but no
  • “I will do it, thanks” 
  • the next day she knocked on your door pretty early
  • “MC are you okay?” 
  • and you explained it, because leaving her feeling like that wasn’t something you wanted
  • “MC I know that this is not enough but I don’t think your body has something bad. And if it was the case I wouldn’t care because I am here because of how you are and not how you look, even when you’re beautiful”


  • he invited you to a special vacation 
  • and you were going to some spa in the mountains
  • very private and romantic 
  • of course it was really lovely and there were a lot of nice places
  • and he took you to everything you wanted to go just to make you happy
  • and now he wanted to relax in the spa with you 
  • “MC I read that they have hot springs in the mountain, and is very private and nice, we should go there”
  • and of course you wanted to make him happy too so you said yes
  • but it was a big mistake 
  • things were fine and you could handle the bathsuit because the water was covering your body 
  • but he wanted to get more romantic 
  • and started to get closer
  • “Jumin, not here” 
  • “But there is no people here, at least not in 5 kilometers”
  • and insisted
  • “No, please”
  • “MC what is wrong? Did I did something bad?”
  • “no, sorry Jumin, is me”
  • and you left him alone without an explanation
  • back in the hotel room you were in the bed already 
  • “MC please can we talk? why did you leave me without a single word?”
  • “Jumin you don’t know how I look without this on me” 
  • “Do you think I care? That is not important. I just wanted to make you feel good and that is all I care about.” 
  • “but you don’t understand”
  • “then let me see” 
  • and you did, just because you wanted him to stop saying those nonsense things 
  • but he didn’t say anything when you took off your pijama 
  • your underwear wasn’t nothing special, just black
  • but it was enough for him to feel his body getting hotter 
  • “oh MC you are beautiful” 

(I wanted to make this nsfw but it would be out of topic lol) 


  • It was summer and you convinced Saeyoung to get out of his house
  • of course you were having such a great time with all the members in Jumins house 
  • there was a pool and tons of grass to run and have fun
  • you were in the shadow with him looking at how Zen, Jaehee and yoosung were in the pool 
  • Jumin was talking on the phone 
  • and he asked you to stay there and call Yoosung 
  • after a couple minutes he came back with water guns 
  • and war started 
  • you were wearing a dress and it got so wet 
  • “I will go change” 
  • but he followed you 
  • “don’t change, we will have another round” 
  • but you just didn’t wanted them to see brought your clothes 
  • “I will change again then” 
  • “You don’t have enough clothes to change everytime”
  • “Then I will stay here”
  • and it started a little fight between you two 
  • ended up with you screaming to him 
  • and he stopped right there
  • “What are you talking about?” 
  • it was too late to come with something so you told him how you felt about your body 
  • “MC no, please don’t say something like that” 
  • “Is the truth” 
  • “I don’t know how can you say such a thing like that, I love your body.  Even when I haven’t seen it yet I know I love it because is a part of you and what you are. And by touching it a little I know I will love it even more. Please don’t say you hate it when is what I want to hold for the rest of my life” 


  • It was a difficult week 
  • he was getting tons of nightmares and tricking out about simple things 
  • so he didn’t wanted to get out of the house 
  • and didn’t wanted to see nobody 
  • “MC please leave me alone” 
  • but it was too much 
  • “no Saeran, its been a week and I won’t let you like that”
  • but he didn’t said a word 
  • “What can I do to help you?”
  • “MC you don’t understand what it feels to want to despair, like no one would even want to see you again” 
  • But you did knew that feeling, even when it wasn’t the same 
  • “I know what you mean but that doesn’t help you” 
  • “how can you know? your life is amazing”
  • and it was too much, you had to tell him 
  • he was wrong about you and you told him what you felt about your body and how you can’t escape that feeling no matter what
  • “I’ve tried changing but it doesn’t help. I get thiner and hate it fat and hate it, no matter how much I effort put on me I can’t do nothing” 
  • he was now feeling so bad for you 
  • he was a bit selfish to just think he was the only only feeling bad 
  • “MC I know I am not the best person to tell you this but listen, I know that you may see yourself like that know but believe me I will change that. No matter what I will make you love yourself as much as you deserve and as much as I love you. Thank you for staying with me all this time, I know I don’t deserve you”


too lazy to check the orthography lol 

i’m asking you (what you know about these things)

[jonxsansa, modern au, ~5k+]

said there’s no mistakin’
what i feel is really love

—sam smith (whitney houston cover)  

When Sansa had received the gold-leaf invitation to celebrate Loras Tyrell and Renly Baratheon’s spring wedding, her expectations were high. She had known Loras since high school—indeed, she was best friends with his sister Margaery to this day, five years after their graduation—and as such she had come to know the Tyrells to be the most extravagant of families. As a young woman with equally lavish tastes, Sansa had gotten on with them famously.

While never quite so bold or, at times, rather outlandish as Margaery and Loras, because of their influence Sansa had gained a sense of poise and sophistication well beyond that of her own family. That’s not to say that the Starks were not held in high esteem. But Catelyn Stark had always said that while all of her children had been born with silver spoons in their mouths, her eldest daughter had grown up to fashion hers into a crown. Sansa had once taken offense to that, thinking her mother meant to make a materialistic fool of her, but as she grew older she gained a better perspective.

Not one among their elite set did not have a taste for the finer things—not even her younger sister, Arya, much as she would like to pretend otherwise—and Sansa simply accepted her good fortune and used it to do good by herself and others. Margaery felt the need to point this out at every availability, usually when Sansa showed up to a social event with a less-than reputable beau on her arm. Which, even Sansa can admit in retrospect, is often. Loras’ wedding is no exception, although Sansa has yet to look at it in hindsight.  

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The Flirty Drunk (Paramedic AU Mingyu)

Originally posted by littlemingyu

Type: Fluff

Request: Could you do a Mingyu AU where he’s a paramedic on call and the reader is at like a house party and alcohol + high heels= a reciepe for a twisted ankle. So the ambulance arrives to take her to the hospital and drunk!reader is flirting with paramedic!Mingyu and embarassing fluff ensues. This is complete word vomit, but I think you’ll do great like you always do

You were sat on the stoop of the house you were sat on by your friend after she took your heels off. Soon pretty lights danced in your vision as you swayed lightly to the music you could still softly hear from inside. “What happened here ladies?” a voice asked as a paramedic made his way up. “Well handsome man. I’m- I may be a little drink” “drunk” your friend corrects “DD tonight?” he asks as she nods. “So what did you do-” “me?” you asked as you point to your heels.

“What did they get caught on?” he asked as he picked up the tall heel that was missing the whole heel “the ground bit my foot” you tell him as you boop his nose lightly. “You hurt your ankle?” he asked “I don’t know I can’t feel it yet” you tell him as he gives you a large smile “okay you can go back to your party” he tells your friend who nods.

“What’s your name?” he asks “Y/N” you tell him “alright Y/N, I need to pick you up” he says as you were lifted and tugged you into his arms as he takes you to the ambulance. “So are we like married now-” “Mingyu” he says with a smile “Minguu are we married?” you asked laying your head against his shoulder. “Oh you’re firm” you say lifting your head off his shoulder and feeling them. “I think I’m in love” you finish as he sits you on the gurney. He closed the doors as he taps on the front telling the driver to go as he grabs an ice pack.

“Sweetie” he coos as you look at him “lay down” he finish as you smile leaning back, he places the ice onto your ankle. “You’re adorable” you tell him. “Are you going to be a doctor?” you ask him as he shrugs sitting down beside you. “You’d be a sexy doctor” you promise as you went to roll on your side but he stopped you. “You’re really drunk” he comments “you’re super sexy” you giggle as your eyes started closing. He sighed but smiled as he leaned his head back.

laurenclare88  asked:

Request please, Mulder comforting Scully when she's sick

So what was supposed to be a productive Sunday has so far been spent reading fic (oops!) and avoiding the real world. On the plus side, October is here and my @fictober commences!

Mulder was having a dream, the best of dreams. It was a hot summer’s day, he and Scully were in the office, discussing their latest case when suddenly the heat became too much for his partner. Without breaking off their conversation she began to unbutton her white-colored blouse to reveal the lacy black bra underneath. Well aware that Mulder’s gaze was now fixed firmly on her breasts, Scully rose from her chair then slowly unzipped her pencil skirt and removed it, giving her partner an impressive view of her ass. As Mulder loosened his tie, the temperature in the room hot in so many ways, Scully removed her panties, sat back down in her chair, spread her legs and then -

The slam of a door woke Mulder with a jolt, and he sat up in bed with a start, immediately regretting the action. It took him a few moments for the room to stop spinning and for him to realize exactly where he was. California. Hollywood to be precise. It had been the premiere of the Lazarus Bowl, and after walking out midway through the movie, Mulder and Scully had spent a night out on the town. And then some. They’d finally made it back to their motel in the early hours of the morning, barely making it inside the door before Mulder was thrusting into his partner, and then finally, when sated, they’d made it to the bathtub, camping out in there with a bottle of champagne that a drunken Mulder had charged to Skinner’s room. When their skin was wrinkled and the water cooled, they’d dried one another quickly, before falling into bed and passing out. But now only Mulder remained.

He looked around the room, realizing for the first time since they’d got back to the hotel that they were in fact in Scully’s room. Her dress sat rumpled on the carpet, her bra by the nightstand, and god knows where her panties were. They’d have to look for them later. Spotting a glass of water on the side, Mulder reached over to take a sip, in a bid to freshen his mouth and try and clear his head. He was too old for this, he thought to himself. He barely drank when he was at home, and his body wasn’t used to this much alcohol, the hangover already setting in, despite the fact he had a feeling he was still drunk.

As he set the glass back down, Mulder suddenly heard sounds coming from the bathroom. Taking a -deep breath, he carefully edged out of the bed, wobbling slightly as he stood. Yes, still a little drunk. Realizing Scully was in the bathroom he edged closer, his pace quickening when he recognized the sound of retching.


He knocked on the door and then entered the bathroom to find his partner, dressed in his shirt from the previous evening, slumped over the toilet as she reacquainted herself with the food and drink they’d consumed on the Bureau’s expense. What a waste, he thought, stifling the giggle that threatened to emerge. Definitely still drunk. Thankfully practical Mulder took over, and he padded over to Scully’s side. He fell to his knees beside her, immediately regretting the action. Sudden movement wasn’t good.

His partner said nothing of course, her body preoccupied with vomiting, and he noticed she’d managed to soil the arm of his shirt, and a little of the floor too. He’d worry about that later. Despite the fact he now felt pretty nauseous himself, Mulder focused on Scully, smoothing her hair back away from her face and then gently rubbing her back. “S’ok,” he said, the volume of his voice surprising them both. “You’re ok.”

Scully sat back briefly in order to flush the toilet. Wiping her mouth with the back of her hand, she glared over at him. “You’re not sick?”

Resisting the urge to smile, Mulder busied himself by grabbing hold of the edge of the bathtub and getting to his feet, and then reaching for a washcloth on the side and wetting it. He returned to Scully’s side, gently (to him) wiping her face with it. “Nope.”

“It must have been the…” Scully paused, closing her eyes as another wave of nausea threatened to overcome her. “…the chicken.” She’d barely gotten the words out when she leaned back over the toilet and promptly threw up once more.

“The chicken?” Wrapping his arms around her, Mulder murmured soothingly into her ear. “It’s ok honey, it’s ok.”

“Mulder you’re hurting me.”

“Sorry.” He pulled away, slumping against the tub.

“The chicken, it must be…must be food poisoning.” She gestured to the washcloth and Mulder set about dampening it for her once again. “I knew that diner looked dodgy.”

“Scully we both had the chicken.”

She ignored him. “I didn’t think mine looked right. I should have said something but…oh god.” She turned and threw up yet again, her body unwilling to give her a break.

Mulder tried to be as sympathetic as possible, but the situation, coupled with the level of alcohol still in his system, was incredibly amusing to him. “It wasn’t the chicken,” he said with a grin, thankful that Scully’s attention was elsewhere. “I think it may have been the two bottles of champagne we had…” He tried to recall the previous evening. “And the vodka shots you insisted on.”

“No I…no I didn’t,” she replied through heaves.

“I think there may have been a beer involved somewhere too. And I have a receipt somewhere for a whisky and coke.”

“Oh god…”

“So…” He returned to her side and resumed rubbing her back. “Sweetheart, I think you’ll find it’s the alcohol, not the chicken.”

“Sweetheart?” Another glare. He grinned sheepishly. “Are you still drunk?”

“I think there’s a slight possibility I might be a little inebriated.”

“Why are you not sick?”

“You’re forgetting that not only did I outweigh you by several pounds, but I also stopped declined that second round of shots.”

“I hate you.” Her body finally spent, Scully relaxed into her partner’s arms.

“I know. But on the plus side I do recall some pretty amazing sex last night.”

Scully thought for a moment, then shook her head, closing her eyes immediately, regretting the movement. “We did?”

“You don’t remember?” He had to admit he was a little disappointed in that. “Tell you what, let’s do a repeat performance later tonight.”

“I’m never drinking again.”

“I’ve said something similar before and it never works like that, believe me.”

He stood once more, holding a hand out to her. “Are you done?”

“I don’t know,” she replied, but took hold of his hand anyway and let him pull her to her feet. She waited while Mulder grabbed a glass from the counter and filled it with water, before placing his other hand on the small of her back and guiding her back out to the bedroom. He helped her back into the bed, handing her the fresh glass of water to sip while he hurried back to the bathroom to clean up and turn out the light on his way out. “Ow!” he exclaimed as he bumped his shoulder against the doorframe, his spatial awareness impacted by the level of alcohol still in his system. Scully said nothing, either having not registered what happened or simply not bothering to respond.

When Mulder finally made it back to bed, Scully was tucked up beneath the comforter with her eyes closed, taking measured breaths. “You ok?”

“I hate you.”

“You’re the one who got vomit down my shirt.”

“This is all your fault.”

“You vomited on the bathroom floor too. It’s ok though, I love you and there’s no one else’s vomit I’d rather clean up.”

Despite herself, Scully laughed. “You’re drunk.”

“I prefer the term “well-oiled.””

“Get into bed Mulder.”

He did as she said, crawling in beside her and carefully wrapping an arm around her. “How are you feeling?”

“Like I just vomited up every vital organ.”

“Poor baby.”

“Shut up with the endearments. And stop showing off, just because you feel fine…”

“What can I say Scully, I can handle my drink.”

“Famous last words.”

“I’m never sick Scully, ever.” Of course, his head was pounding, but he wasn’t about to let on. “Go to sleep. If you think you’re going to be sick again wake me, ok?”

“Kay…” He waited for his partner to continue speaking, but when he looked down at her he noticed she’d already fallen asleep. No change there. Shifting in the bed, Mulder closed his eyes in a bid to fall back to sleep and continue his dream. Hopefully Scully was feeling better now, he thought to himself, and wouldn’t wake for a while.

As it turned out, he was the one who woke her, barely an hour later. It turned out that he couldn’t handle his alcohol either.

Take A Deeper Look - Pt. 3

{Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3}

Pairing: Jay Park/You, Simon D/You

Summary: AOMG’s newest producer has a lot to deal with including a flighty CEO who doesn’t understand the concept of “personal space” and feelings for yet another CEO who is so far beyond her reach she doesn’t even think she has a chance.

Content: [smut] d/s themes

Word Count: 5140

Notes: It’s here, and it only took 50+ years. <3

   To say your life had become insane, would be a major understatement. You had avoided Jay at all cost for the past two days and your work was suffering for it. On the outside of your studio door a “do not disturb” sign hung for all to see in bold print. It deterred most would be visitors from entering your studio with the exception of Kiseok. He had come and went multiple times and every time he came he questioned you about your progress and whether Jay had been giving you any more problems.

   Of course, you lied. You covered yourself by sharing the completely unnecessary tweaks you had made to the second track with him. He would usually never be fooled, but he had been so busy with his own work and his newly public ‘official’ relationship with Soori that he simply let it go. The only thing he had for you was an invitation to Secret Society for an AOMG outing tomorrow. You didn’t even care to debate why Kiseok the Recluse was finally deciding to out and party. All you could focus on was your own dilemma.  

   The strangest thing was that everyone acted as if they had no inkling of what had transpired between you and Jay just a few days ago. Hyukwoo had to have said something. He wasn’t a big gossip or anything, but you had a feeling the Boss shoving his tongue down a producer’s throat would be too big of news to just let go. Not even Jay himself had come to harass you about it. He had sent you a simple text to let him know when you needed him back in the recording booth. As far as the world was concerned, it seemed the situation had never happened.

   “But I know it did,” you insisted angrily at the soundboard in front of you. Thinking about it made you more conflicted than you had ever been in your life. On one hand, you were mad as hell - on the other, you were simply curious. Why had you let it happen? Why had you not pushed him away the second it had happened? Why did your thighs instinctively rub together whenever you thought about the way his lips had felt on yours and his hands on your body?

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The Plan

A/N: Okay so I wrote this fic for @kdfrqqg ‘s first writing challenge. I chose the prompt “You’re soft. I love you.” with the paring Crowley x Reader. I hope all of you guys enjoy this and feedback is appreciated! Also this takes place during S11. Nothing big but the Darkness is mentioned so ya

Warnings: Fluff?? Drunk reader. Crowley’s boner. Kissing. Kissing in front of people?? If that’s even a warning. Screaming Dean. And a little bit of language.

Words: 1,616

Paring: Crowley x Drunk!Reader

Prompt: “You’re soft. I love you”

Tagging: @kdfrqqg @professsionalsinner @marksminions

Originally posted by avengers-of-mirkwood

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He Overheard

Originally posted by deeepsleep

Prompt: “could you please do a Bones/Reader where it’s like, one night you drunkenly confessed to Jim that you have a sort of ‘doctor kink’ (or he finds out somehow about it) so whenever Bones is near you, Jim is all smirk-y and giggly, but Bones just usually passes it off 'cause it’s just Jim, but eventually Jim can’t hold his tongue and he tells Bones and he gets all blushy 'cause he likes you, so Jim cooks up a plan for you two to get together? haha sorry it’s long but I looove your writing so much xx”

Pairing: Bones x reader

Warnings: language

Words: 2096

A/N: Sorry this is a little late, y’all. Moving has been really stressful and it’s eaten a lot of my time lately. Thank God for my tireless Beta, who puts up with me incessantly asking questions and sending her things late, as well as yelling at me when things aren’t quite up to par. <3  

Ladies night. It had taken so long to actually get everyone together, but finally, you and Uhura had managed to wrangle a few other women from the bridge, the medbay, and engineering to have a night of fun when the ship was docked. Christine Chapel from down in medbay had gone on a supply run, while you and Uhura prepared your living space for several more occupants than it should have. You’d decided that keeping it on ship would be easier, as you’d have fewer unwelcome guests at your shindig.

“That should just about do it!” Uhura says, tossing another pillow in the corner to complete the last seat around your low table.

“Finally, now we just need Christine to get back with the…” You’re cut off by the door opening, and Christine appears in the doorway, arms full of bottles.

“A little help?” She gestures her head towards one of the bottles that’s about to fall. You rush to her, snagging it before it can drop and you take a few other bottles out of her arms. Grinning, you set the bottles and glasses up, chatting with Christine and Uhura until the other women arrive.

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