i think she lost weight :c


H: well I’m just saying if you lost a pound or two, your life would be just about as easy as mine.
Y/N: oh…
C: yeah well Holly I bet if you closed your legs here and there you wouldn’t be getting treated for, what is this your 5th STD?
H: *gasps* you’re going to pay for that comment Gallagher! *runs away*
Y/N: Carl that wasn’t a nice comment!
C: but she was commenting on your weight which I think is even worse.
Y/N: but slut shamming isn’t okay!
C: but baby you’re not fat, just a lil thick! *slaps your ass*
Y/N: Carl Gallagher I love you. *kisses his neck*
C: I love you too princess, we taking this back to the house?
Y/N: you bet your ass we are. *kisses lips*
C: that’s my girl!

-requested by anon
-not my gif

The Parental Update: S2 Episodes 6-14

Anonymous said: Have your parents watched anymore of Arrow?

Anonymous said: Hey. So, I’ve been following, as much as I can, your parents’ binge-watch reaction to Arrow and I was wondering if they’ve finished it already? I haven’t visited your page in a while because of this pesky thing called responsibilities but I’m really curious how your parents reacted to the latter half of S2 and, especially, the finale. I hope it’s not creepy that I like reading about your parents’ viewing habits. I just like learning how new fans react to the developments on the show. :)

Oh but they have Anons. But they have. This one is a little long, but hang in there with me.

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