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Could you share your dream with us ?(only if you want to)😊

I literally didn’t even think to… tell you guys the actual dream oops. My bad, omg okay.

So in the dream Steph ( @newjapan) and I went to a show right? And I was wearing my Tyler Bate shirt and we went as fans ya know, because she loves me, anyways moving on. So it was like after everyone fought and stuff and British Strong Style were having a lil meet and greet so of course I wanted to meet Tyler and when it was my turn (I was last in line) like? His face just lit up and I was all embarrassed asking him for a picture which steph was gonna take but then he like grabbed my phone and started taking a like a selfie video of us, like just talking about his match and stuff like holding me by the waist, so I kissed his cheek and then he like stuttered on bragging about himself and I laughed like against his cheek and then he just turned his face and? Kissed me right there and I WAS SHOCKED, STEPH WAS SHOCKED, and PETE AND TRENT WERE SHOCKED. And then after he like pulled away and his eyes were all crinkled and that cheesy smile was plastered on his face and I was like giggling and shit and he just rested his forehead against mine and ended the video and? Yup.

Then I woke up the end.

Go Yuuri Go!!! staff comments

Translated by the amazing aki_the_geek on Twitter!

Please visit her account for more!

Katsuki Yuuri

Yamamoto: Many of YoI’s skaters were inspired by real-life people, and Yuuri is no exception.
In Yuuri’s case, I’ve heard about someone who is usually timid, lacks confidence and believes to be mentally weak, but once he steps on ice, turns into a competitive skater who wants the audience, the judges, and the viewers from all over the world to   look only at them. I found it to be a really interesting mentality and that’s where I got my idea for Yuuri from.
This Yuuri stands at the edge of the proverbial cliff - and then changes through his meeting with his hero and rival, Viktor. Thanks to this meeting, Yuuri himself starts reaching for more and more, grows stronger.
I find relationships with labels like “lovers” or “family” to be stifling, so I came up with these two characters that are not bound by names like that, who hold each other dear and who share a bond that would be difficult to replace.
As a skater Yuuri has an individual sense of rhythm, his steps his unique weapon, but even on a solid ground, he’s a great dancer. When he was young, Minako-sensei taught Yuuri the basics of ballet, and, as Viktor praises him highly, his skating feels like he is creating music with his body - it moves into dance on its own as he charms his audience.

Kubo: Yuuri is the kinda type of a glass-wearing character I draw often. (laughs) Many skaters have bad eyesight, and Yuuri too skates without his glasses. I though people would love the narrow-eyed, uneasy face he makes when trying to read his score, so I added that element, too.
I aimed for a design that would be easy for Hiramatsu to draw, so instead of deciding every detail, I drew a base that would later spring to life under Hiramatsu’s hands.
“Change” is an important aspect of Yuuri, so I gave him a seemingly ordinary appearance instead of making an easy-to-get pretty boy.
Yuuri is slightly taller than a typical Japanese person - that’s because both the director and I are around 165-170cm, and we though it’d be nice if he was taller than us. Yuuri’s eyebrows are in a  slanted ハ shape, but turn sharp when he competes. Things that are easier to explain via animation, like Yuuri’s hair growing longer as the show progresses, are also present.

Hiramatsu: I made sure he looks different during his chubby and slim phases. His best body shape would be right after “Onsen on Ice”.
We based Yuuri on a typical Japanese body: he doesn’t have long legs, wide shoulders or a spectacular butt, but going with Kubo’s drawings, I gave him long arms and bony hands. Yuuri grows about 10cm taller when he dons his skating shoes, which makes his legs look longer. Yuuri’s Japanese silhouette was influenced by Yasuhiko’s style, who was in charge of many of his scenes.

Viktor Nikiforov

Yamamoto: I think, surprisingly, there are many people like Viktor in the skating world (laughs). Viktor doesn’t care about what people around him think of him, he thinks it’s obvious that he is the center of all the attention. Viktor acts as he pleases and through it, he believes he brings joy to others.
I love it when characters like him appear out of the blue. In this case, Yuuri is the cause of Viktor’s sudden appearance. Yuuri barged into Viktor’s world that he closed himself in without noticing, believing he has to create all the new surprises. Yuuri offered Viktor a possibility he hadn’t thought about - becoming someone’s coach.
Unconsciously, Viktor is lonely, without anyone of similar circumstances, without anyone he could empathize together with. Viktor didn’t yearn for someone to understand him; he didn’t see it as a problem, but also didn’t realize how lonely he was. Yuuri is not the only one who became stronger by experiencing love - through Yuuri, Viktor learned new feelings and grew stronger.

Kubo: I challenged myself to create a character everyone would look at and find handsome, moreso than in my previous works. Viktor’s hair is silver, with some lighter streaks. At first I also thought about giving him a hair that looks silver, but once you see it from up close, turns out to be blond hair with many streaks of white hair. However, I couldn’t find enough information on how white hair grows on blondes so I gave up (laughs).
Thinking of balancing his height with Yuuri’s when they stand next to each other, I made Viktor slightly taller. I wanted Viktor’s face to be recognizable in gag scenes and so gave him a heart-shaped mouth. This is something straight out of the shojo manga era of “Tokimeki Tonight” or “Ohayo! Spank” (laughs).
I wanted there to be something unexpected in contrast to Viktor’s usual handsomeness. That aspect of him where he worries about his receding hairline, you know, where it goes slightly above the sweet spot? I wanted the viewers to watch it with a beating heart and confuse that feeling with falling in love. A suspension bridge effect. (haha)
I took heaps of inspiration for Viktor’s sexiness from Stephane Lambiel.

Hiramatsu: I paid attention to the flow and quality of his hair - and same goes for Yurio. Viktor’s eyebrows are straight, rarely ever turn into a mountain-like shape. Viktor’s posture is beautiful and adds to his brilliance; he sports a magnificent butt and long limbs.
Viktor has a confidence of an adult, but as someone still in his 20s, he can be quite childish. Viktor’s heart-shaped mouth was there in Kubo’s storyboards, which influenced the staff to emphasize that in the show.

Yuri Plisetsky

Yamamoto: Russia is a country where skating can change your life - the country supports its strong skaters. When I learned that some families bet on their children or grandchildren becoming famous and make them learn skating  I thought there must be many children with unrelenting spirit and a will to climb up - and created a deformed version of that in a form of a Russian badboy.
Yurio has many lines with swears, but there’s one in ep 10 that angered Viktor when Yurio implied he is now looking after a “pig”. This line goes back to my 20s - whenever I saw a pair wearing matching rings I’d think, “A pair of pigs tied with rings” (laughs). When I mentioned it to Kubo, she was like “Pigs! That’s good!” and we decided to put it in. Yurio is the only one with a potty mouth in the series, so coming up with his bad boy lines was fun.
Many growing skaters probably understand what Yurio said when he mentioned his time in his current body grows short. Girls change a lot during that period, but boys too have their muscles grow - it’s a big burden on the body that makes it impossible to perform some moves. We tried to put as many things that Yurio can only do now as we could into the show.

Kubo: There are many elements to Yurio’s design that make him popular, such as blond hair and blue eyes. He really does stand out. Looks-wise Yurio is probably most similar to Rabi from Madō King Granzort.
To quote the director, there are many elements from different skaters in Yurio. The base inspiration was Yulia Lipnitskaya. When I saw her at the rink, I realized there are many different kinds of skaters and that a more mischievous character could work too.
Yurio’s visuals were decided on early, earlier than Yuuri’s, as he is very anime-like, easy to animate. As story progresses, Yurio’s hair grows longer. I wanted to express how, when you haven’t seen him for a while, Yurio grows more and  more beautiful. Is it Lilia who styles his hair, or is it Yurio himself?

Hiramatsu: Half of his face is covered with hair, which strengthens his expressions. It was fun to give emotions to that slightly visible eye. Yurio’s body is slim, girlish, with long limbs and not much muscle.
I draw him as I would draw a girl. His looks were heavily influenced by Tatenaka’s style, who was in charge of many scenes as well as the skating of our model Honoka Kawanishi. Yurio has a potential to grow, outgrowing Yuuri and reaching 180cm or so.

Christophe Giacometti

Yamamoto: I wanted to create a character who would share popularity with Viktor, a character overflowing with masculine charm. I wanted Chris to have this showy sexiness in him like an ice dancer, so he’s one of the taller single skaters in the series. It was so difficult to show a sexy man type of a character, as there aren’t many visual symbols associated with it. I am hoping to one day establish a new frontier of male sexiness.

Hiramatsu: Chris has a sturdy body, and the most emphasized butt in the whole series. I poured all of my drawing skills into that scene where Chris grabs and lifts his butt while skating. (laughs) Until halfway both his arms and butt are raised, and then arms go up, butt goes down, which is how I showed the butt’s bounciness.

Phichit Chulanont

Yamamoto: Yuuri is friends with Phichit because even if Yuuri doesn’t go to him, Phichit will come to Yuuri on his own. Yuuri doesn’t have to be suspicious of Phichit’s motives and he doesn’t show customary concern over him like Japanese people do which in turn is less stressful for Yuuri.

Jean-Jacques Leroy

Yamamoto: I created JJ because I wanted a character type that falls into a “mentally a musclehead” category. JJ entered Toronto University as a top student, off season participates in charity activities. His girlfriend is his HS classmate, but as a devout Christian, premarital sex is a no-no - they’re in a pure relationship.
He often says JJ this, JJ that in conversations and in general only talks about himself. Even if he nods with understanding as someone speaks, he soon butts in and changes the topic to himself.
JJ talked to Otabek in ep10 because he found it sad that his old rinkmate was alone - couldn’t leave him out of kindness of his heart. Even when people find him overbearing, JJ believes he is doing a good deed, so it doesn’t bother him.

Hiramatsu: JJ could be considered a good catch if he just shut up. (laughs)

Otabek Altin

Yamamoto: First, I wanted a Kazakh skater to be a dark horse of the GPF and that’s how Otabek was born. There are many Russians in Kazakhstan and Russian is the official language so I thought Otabek could easily be friends with Yurio. Some Kazakh skaters are known to train in Russia, so the bit where Otabek participated in Yakov’s camp and became fascinated with Yurio came to me naturally. We created many qualities that Yurio finds cool in Otabek outside of skating  - such as riding a bike and DJing. 

Lee Seunggil

Yamamoto: All Seung-Gil does is training, and has no interest in things beyond skating. To create a contrast with his personality, for his SP, I went with a passionate mambo. The idea to have him count his score as he skates during competition came from Kubo.

Hiramatsu: Because of his personality, I always draw him alone in the back of group images, but he still looks into the camera. (laughs)

Michele Crispino

Yamamoto: To protect his sis, Michele tries to be threatening to scare off others. This doesn’t work on Emil, so they’re on good terms. 

Kubo: As an Italian who cares about appearance, I made him look like he visits a hairdresser once every two weeks. But I also wanted to add something non-Italian to him, hence the pretty dark personality.

Hiramatsu: Michele also would be a good catch if he shut up.

Emil Nekola

Yamamoto: Emil is rarely scared and there is nothing two-faced about his personality; he doesn’t feel too down when he makes mistakes which means he can still grow and become strong.

Kubo: I googled “Czech, male” and based Emil on one of the first pictures I found. At the beginning Yamamoto was talking about making Emil the most handsome out of the European skaters, but I completely forgot. (haha)

He says ‘I don’t get it, why are you still a virgin at 24?’
He says ‘I don’t believe you, I’ve seen you walk, virgins don’t walk like that’
He says, ‘That ain’t natural, people are supposed to fuck.’
Asks ‘Why though? No offense though.’
I ask ‘When was your first time?’
He says ‘I was 12’
He says ‘I know what you’re thinking, that’s too young.’
I look at his knuckles, he has two good hands.
He says ‘She was older than me.’
I ask ‘How old?’
And he says ‘It’s better that the girl is older, that’s how I learnt all things I know’
He licks his lips.
I ask again ‘How old?’
He says ‘I could use one finger to make you sob’
I think of my brother in prison and I can’t remember his face.
I ask again ‘How old?’
He says ‘Boys become men in the laps of women, you know?’
I think of my mother’s face lined with her bad choices in men.
He says ‘If you were mine you wouldn’t get away with this shit, I’d eat you for hours, I’d gut you like fruit.’
I think of my cousin’s circumcision, how she feels like a mermaid, not human from the waist down.
He says ‘I’d look after you, you know?’
I laugh, I ask for the last time ‘How old?’
He says ’34.’
He says ‘She was beautiful though and I know what you’re thinking but it’s not like that, I’m a man, I’m a man, I’m a man. No one could ever hurt me.
—  “Crude Conversations with Boys Who Fake Laughter Often" by Warsan Shire

He says ‘I don’t get it, why are you still a virgin at 24?’

He says ‘I don’t believe you, I’ve seen you walk, virgins don’t walk like that’

He says, ‘That ain’t natural, people are supposed to fuck.’

He asks ‘Why though? No offence though.’

I ask ‘When was your first time?’

He says ‘I was 12’

He says ‘I know what you’re thinking, that’s too young.’

I look at his knuckles, he has two good hands.

He says ‘She was older than me.’

I ask ‘How old?’

And he says ‘It’s better that the girl is older, that’s how I learnt all things I know’

He licks his lips.

I ask again ‘How old?’

He says ‘I could use one finger to make you sob’

I think of my brother in prison and I can’t remember his face.

I ask again ‘How old?’

He says ‘Boys become men in the laps of women, you know?’

I think of my mothers faced lined with her bad choices in men.

He says ‘If you were mine you wouldn’t get away with this shit, I’d eat you for hours, I’d gut you like fruit.’

I think of my cousins circumcision, how she feels like a mermaid, not human from the waist down.

He says ‘I’d look after you, you know?’

I laugh, I ask for the last time ‘How old?’

He says ‘34.’

He says ‘She was beautiful though and I know what you’re thinking but it’s not like that, I’m a man, I’m a man, I’m a man. No one could ever hurt me’.

—  Warsan Shire, Crude Conversations With Boys Who Fake Laughter Often
Prodigy Lance Fic Part 11!!!!!!

The team rushed to the healing pods, just in time to see Lance stumble out, as if he were half asleep. Keith stepped forward, catching Lance as he began to fall forward. Lance cracked open his eyes, peering at Keith. “Am I…alive?” Keith pushed him back, causing him to stumble and almost lose his balance. “Yes, you’re alive! But not for long is you don’t answer our questions!” Lance looked at him with his head slightly tilted.
Lance looked behind Keith, noticing that the others were with them.
“Oh, uh, hiya guys! Long time no see, heh!” Keith snarled and grabbed Lance by the collar, pulling him right into his face. “Lance, if you ever pull something like that, I swear on Pidge’s laptop that I’ll kill you myself, got it?!” Lance held up his hands and nodded. “I hear you loud and clear. Besides, I never wanna go through that ever again.” Shiro stepped forward, clearing his throat.
“We’re glad that you say that, but we still have a few questions to ask you.” Lance quickly swallowed and cleared his throat. “Oh, uh o-okay. What questions do-”
“DID YOU REALLY CREATE THE BEX TAYLOR-KLAUS CODE?!” Pidge shouted, interrupting him. Lance’s eyes became as wide as saucers and he slightly paled. “W-what?” Pidge gave him a hard look. “Did you create the Bex Taylor-Klaus code?” “And the Shada Plan?” Keith added, crossing his arms. Lance continued to stare at them, until he nodded his head a murmured a small “…yes.”
Pidge floored.
“What?! You really created all those strategies and codes without any help? Lance, do you know what that means? To come up with plans like that, you’d have to be a-”
“A genius? A prodigy? A freak?” Lance’s eyes turned cold. “I’ve heard them all, but yeah. I created them on my own. But what I can’t seem to figure out is how you guys even figured all this out.” Lance peered at all of them, eyes landing on Hunk who had started to slightly rock on the back of his feet.
Lance and Hunk made eye contact for a few mere seconds and Lance had already figured him out. All Lance had to do was arch an eyebrow and Hunk cracked.
“I’m sorry, Lance! I told them about the notebook and what I saw and the pages of codes and the Shada Plan. I didn’t think it was that big of a deal because I mean, that makes you super smart, you’re like a real prodigy and a genius so-”
“Hunk! You’re rambling again.” Lance chuckled. Hunk wriggled his fingers, a nervous habit he had developed.
“You’re not mad?” Lance sighed and ran a hand across his face, slightly wincing from still being sore. “No. I mean, you guys were bound to find out eventually, right?” Allura tilted her head to the side. “But why wouldn’t you tell us right away?” Lance opened his mouth, but Shiro gently cut him off.
“Let’s move this to the living quarters, okay? Let’s all just sit down and talk it out.” The team nodded and made their way to the couches. When they made it, Lance plopped down, comfortably sinking into the cushions. The others took the opposite facing couch, leaving Lance by himself.
“Okay, this isn’t turning into an intervention, right?”
They answered him with silence.
“Geez, tough crowd. Alright, alright. I’ll answer all the questions you have.” Allura was the first to speak, repeating the same question she asked before. “Why didn’t tell us if your talent? Do you not trust us?” Lance rubbed the back of his neck. “No, no! It’s nothing like that. It’s just complicated. In the past, I was proud of my abilities, but when others found out, they would call me all kinds of names. Freak was their favorite. They made me think being different was a bad thing. So, I tried to be normal. Never told anyone, never stepped out of line. I was never bullied again.” Lance answered, ending with a slight shrug. Coran leaned forward, propping his arms on his knees.
“So, your abilities…what are they exactly?” Lance threw his legs on the couch, lying as though he were in a therapy session. “Well, basically I’m a prodigy at strategies. I can create plans and escapes route almost immediately. I can look at a strategy and tear it apart, seeing it flaws and making it better, or creating a plan that would destroy it. My brain sees the world as the puzzle, and it constantly creates ways to solve it. Because of that, I can learn things quickly, and have a photographic memory. That’s how I learned how to speak so many different languages.” Pidge rested her hands on the top of her head. “How many languages do you speak fluently?” Lance listed them off, lifting up a finger with each language. “Spanish, English, Japanese, Korean, French, and most recently, Galran and Altean.” The team gazed at him with wide eyes. Lance blushed and rubbed his neck sheepishly. “Really guys, it’s not that big of a deal. Anybody could-”
“Lance, don’t sell yourself short. What you can do is a gift, an amazing one at that. Give yourself some credit.” Keith spoke up. Lance blinked at him as his blushed spread across his face. Keith blushed slightly, crossing his arm and sinking back into the couch. There was a small moment of silence. Lance shook his head and sat up straight. “Well, if that’s all the questions, then I should really-”
“Oh no.” Shiro stated, leaning forward and staring at Lance.
“We’ve only just begun.”

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Kim falls asleep on Trini. Trini is a useless gay and afraid to move lest she wake up Kim. Ensue the teasing from the boys.

Combining this with:

One of them fell asleep in the pit so they get a rude (or sweet) wake up call (via anonymous)

“There’s no way that you’re comfortable right now.” 

“I’m comfortable.”

“You sure?” 


“Because you don’t really look all that comfortable.”

“I’m comfortable.”

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RFA * V* Saeran overhearing their female s/o on the phone telling another boy she loves them but it's actually just one of the s/o's family members ?

hey it’s been like five years but I finally wrote it and I’m sorry I had no idea what to do for Baehee >.<

I love how they get progressively long as you go have fun reading

▧ Yoosung

·         You’re playing LOLOL together when suddenly you get a phone call, and pause the game while you answer

·         Yoosung’s doing some quick character customization while your conversation goes on, but he’s getting the feeling that you’re talking to another man

·         And someone close to your age, at that

·         He’s been working hard at controlling his jealousy, but it’s so difficult, especially now that you’re speaking such gentle words, your pretty eyes soft and twinkling

·         Who is it you’re talking to that would warrant such an expression? Such words that spoke of warmth and tender love?

·         Yeah so it was impossible for Yoosung to keep his switch off

·         Can you stab someone through the phone? How can I perform simple voodoo? became his newest google searches

·         “Take care of yourself, I’ll come see you soon, I love you!” you hang up with a wistful sigh.

·         “The old geezer went and fell down the stairs…again…honestly he needs to be more careful.”

·         “Old…geezer?” Yoosung asks tentatively, slowly putting his phone down

·         “Yeah, my grandfather went and broke up hip by tripping on a step. Luckily he didn’t fall a whole flight, but still, at his age….”

·         Yoosung discreetly closes his ‘Voodoo for Beginners’ tab and coughs lightly

·         “Right well, let’s continue our match, shall we? I’ll crush you! Ha-ha, I’m kidding?”

·         The battle begins once more, you having already forgotten about the phone call, but somewhere in Yoosung’s mind, he’s thinking about the web page he’d closed

·         Maybe it would be useful to look through

·         For future references…

▧ Zen

·         Y’all are rehearsing some lines

·         or taking selfies

·         or working out

·         or trying to summon Satan idk but your phone rings and you excuse yourself from your current activity  to answer it

·         lmao though imagine you actually summon Satan and he’s trying to take your soul or smthing but then you’re like ok hold up my dude I got a phone call the delivery guy might have gotten lost and Satan is just left standing there like ??? do I get food too or

·         anyways hi hello it’s your /actual/ father calling about the family reunion on Saturday

·         Zen’s sneaking glances your way because what’s with this sweet tone of yours

·         is i T A mE m Be R of Th eOpPOSi t E SE x????????

·         basically he’s trying to listen to the voice on the other end of the line but being sneaky about it

·         we all know that ‘subtlety’ is not part of Hyun Ryu’s vocabulary, let alone life skills

·         so he’s basally draped himself over you  like some sort of fallen tree trunk

·         im good at analogies alright

·         you’re trying to focus on the call but at the same time Zen what the flippity fuck are you doing you’re making me have to pee

·         he’s already suspicious but when you hang up with a cheery “love ya daddy!” Zen malfunctions and doesn’t know whether to cry or yell

·         “Who was that why do you love that person was it a guy wh-”

·         “Zen, chill that was my dad.”

·         :0

·         :000000

·         you can see him dying a bit inside because  oh no I got jealous over her F A THER??????

·         but then Zen is Suddenly Inspired 

·         “Hey,” he whispers in a sultry voice, his lips pressed against your ear, “how about you call me daddy too?”

▧ Jumin

·         contrary to popular belief, Jumin is actually cool with you talking to other dudes

·         as long as it’s strictly professional, that is

·         he’s never heard you talk to your family before, so he isn’t aware just how close you all are

·         the both of you are attending a meeting, and during the coffee break you receive a call

·         ‘Jongin’ is the caller’s name, which Jumin manages to catch a glimpse of flashing across your phone’s screen before you deftly answer the call

·         “Yeah? Hello!” you say,  before excusing yourself from the room

·         Jumin is left wondering whether he should follow you or just ignore it

·         but there’s just something about the delicate shift in your tone that puts him ill at ease

·         because you should only be speaking to him that way

·         side note I reallllllly want to see some yandere Jumin but not like weird prison guard Jumin but actual Yoosung level yandere

·         alas, the meeting starts again, yet you don’t return to the room

·         he hears you giggle occasionally from the hallway, but tries not to focus on it too much because the meeting is about the future of C&R’s cat projects and therefore of uttermost importance

·         needless to say, his mind is quite preoccupied

·         one of the chairmen asks him “What do you believe would be the total production cost for this particular plan?” 

·         Jumin answers with a distracted “Oh, no I rather do like red wine with my pasta.”

·         basically he’s really not himself what’s gotten into him he’s usually an unstoppable force in meetings but now???

-         the meeting is adjourned, and he rushes out the door

·         as soon as he spots you in he hallway, he’s marching straight towards you, reaching for your arm right when you say “Okay bye! I’ll see you tomorrow, love you!”

·         “What’s this about loving who now?” Jumin hisses, his hand closing lightly, but firmly, around your wrist

·         “It’s me telling a family member that I care about them?” you say, confused as to why he’s reacting in such a way

·         “You - what? family member?”

·         Yeah, that was my uncle. We usually go shopping together every few weeks, and we’re due to go again tomorrow.”

·         Jumin’s emotions quiet down in an instant, however his heart is still running rampant like a wild beast in his chest

·         he slides his fingers down to envelop your hand, and gently rests his forehead atop yours

·         “Please, my love, don’t scare my like that again, you are my one, my everything…”

·         you’re getting ready to whisper your own cheesy loving sentence, but he continues

·         “Also you should bring your uncle shopping in this building. We have over 200 different stores, and maybe he would be willing to lead our cat campaign-”

·         you poke his stomach

·         “You are not bringing my uncle into this cat thing…but if you want, you can tag along and come shopping with us.”

·         he agrees, which is a bad idea

·         cuz you and your uncle tag team him

·         and he ends up wearing some sort of cat/maid outfit that shows skin in just the right places

·         yeah but it’s a good buy

·         Jumin actually wears it around the penthouse

·         Driver Kim once saw him in it 

·         “The young master has rather particular interests….”

·         lowkey approves and wants one himself

▧ Saeyoung

·         mmmmmmkay well honestly he’s heard you say “I love you” to several people already, but he doesn’t get jealous because you’re always showering him with your affection

·         but he’s had one of his bad days, old emotions and thoughts and insecurities are already chasing each other in his mind

·         so it isn’t helping him much when he can just tell you’re talking to another boy

·         terrible thoughts swarm his head, and he cannot stop fretting about all the bad things that could possibly be happening

·         What if he hadn’t been looking enough into things?  What if he’s being played? Are you going around behind his back? Betraying him?

·         but for every one of these thoughts, he  lashes out at himself, thinking things along the lines of don’t I trust her? Do I really think she’s that bad a person? She’s given me all this love, would she really just abandom me like that?

·         Or maybe now I’m reading too much into things?

·         “Alright, bye Kyungsoo, I love you!”

·         He winces, not wanting to face you, afraid that the bile in his throat will lead him to say harsh things

·         “What’s wrong, Saeyoung?”

·         “Who…” he croaks, a faint pain etched across his face, “Who were you talking to?”

·         “Oh that? It was my brother!”

·         “You…your…ah.”

·         “Is something the matter?”

·         “No, I’m just a huge idiot is all.”

·         “Now tell me something I don’t know,” you say with a sly smile, wrapping your arms around his waist, “you might be the world’s biggest idiot, but at the very least, you’re my idiot.”

·         Saeyoung instinctively returns the embrace, holding you tight against his chest. “Likewise.”

▧ V

·         oh my hea RT lmao what heart haha I just roasted myself

·         y’all are just chillin’, looking through his pictures when you get a phone call

·         V is fine with you talking on the phone right beside him, so you answer right there

·         Heck, you could even be riding the shit out of him and he’d still be chill with you calling your friend

·         MC orders pizza while getting laid lolololol

·         He gets momentarily nervous, though, when he hears a deeper voice on the other end of the line

·         But V, he tells himself, don’t discriminate maybe it’s a girl with a deeper voice you never know

·         “Who is that?” V mouths, just to be safe

·         Oh, he’s just –” you start to say before you get cut off by the person you’re talking to

·         a b OY?!

·         “Okay! I love you!” you say before hanging up

·         V’s all ༼ ºل͟º ༼ ºل͟º ༼ ºل͟º ༽ ºل͟º ༽ ºل͟º ༽

·         it takes him a moment to calm down, at which point he’s convinced himself that you’re moving on, which is fine, because he’s not good enough for you he wasn’t good enough for Rika you’ll be happier without him you–

·         “V you’re turning blue I don’t think you’re breathing.”

·         He inhales sharply and looks at you with tears in his eyes

·         it makes sense, he concludes, trying to hold back the waterworks

·         “You should have told me sooner,” he says softly

·         “Told you what?”

·         “That you’ve…found someone else.”

·         seriously V I thought jumped to conclusions too fast but you really take the cake

·         you just stare at him, then look at the phone in your hand, then back at V

·         whoops

·         “Sweetheart no that was my cousin!”

·         V just blanches

·         I am horrible how dare I get jealous so easily and I thought she was in love with another family member what am I –

·         “V if you stop breathing like that you’ll actually die.”

·         without a word, V reaches over to you and pulls you into his chest

·         there’s a strange elation sensation inside his body, and he realizes that he had unconsciously been so stressed, a knot of worry had formed in the pit of his stomach

·         his worry is replaced by a realization

·         the realization that

·         he’s not okay with you leaving him after all

▧ Saeran

·         He ain’t taking none of that shit

·         the moment he hears you say “Hi!” in such a sweet voice because MC you’re only supposed to talk like that with me h o w da re you, he practically launches himself at your phone and does a wicked somersault landing

·         Where did he go?

·         Surely not inside the kitchen cabinets

·         oh

·         but there he is

·         crouching between cereal boxes and jars of tomato sauce, just emanating dark waves of furious doom

·         They’re so tangible for a second you worry they might stain the walls

·         “She’s mine,” he hisses into the receiver, “and I’m not gonna let you lay a single hand on her.”

·         “Well…” the voice answers, “that’s fine and all but I’m her brother so we do occasionally hug sometimes.”

·         Saeran had already prepared a nasty comeback, but he wasn’t expecting the call to be from your family

·         “Ah uh, okay bye,” he grunts instead  in an awkward manner, before promptly hanging up

·         “Um…Saeran…I kinda really needed to talk to him though…”

·         He whips his gaze towards you

·         “The….” he chokes, his eyes wide 

·         “Huh???”

·         “The what???? Hug?????” he finally whispers, seeming if not a bit panicked by the thought such a thing existing

·         you stare at each other blankly for a brief minute before you double up in laughter because

·         a) he looks like a startled, edgy cat b) he’s in your fucking kitchen cabinets and c) the what??? hug??? was something you never thought would come out of his mouth

·         but he gets so sour about you laughing at him that he refuses to leave his perch for the next two hours

·         #spends the whole time thinking about you hugging him

·         *cue the blushies*

·         wants to try this ‘hugging’ ordeal

No Rest For The Weary

SPN FanFic

~Y/N and the Winchesters just can’t catch a break.~

Dean x Reader, Sam

6,960 Words

Warnings: It’s a roller coaster. Fluff, bit o’Smut, Angst. Flusmangst. 

A/N: Thank you to @taste-of-dean for the readover (sorry about the prank) and to @idreamofhazel for her amazing beta skills. Couldn’t do it without you. Hope you enjoy. and remember:

Feedback lets me know you want me to keep writing.

The sun was shining brightly despite the heavy blanket of clouds that drifted across the Kansas sky. Breaks between the heather offered visions of perfect blue, and the air was filled with the promise of summer.

The Impala was speeding down the highway, its freshly washed black exterior gleaming in the sunlight. Tires spun in metallic blurs as Dean pushed her through the sparse mid-morning traffic, leaving Montana in the dust and heading home. The windows were down and wind whipped around the three hunters, lifting their hair and spirits. The rush of air forced them to breathe deeply, filling their lungs with the crisp spring atmosphere, relaxing their bodies and calming their minds.

The case hadn’t been any harder than any case before it, and certainly wouldn’t pale any that came after. But they were tired, muscles sore from lack of sleep and constant movement; their souls in need of restoration. Time off was desperately needed, and as long as Heaven and Hell kept to themselves, maybe they would get some.

As the miles wore on their shoulders settled, their minds calmed, and their smiles returned. Two hours in, laughter returned to the Impala as Sam and Dean argued lightheartedly about the cassette tape Dean had pushed into the stereo.

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A lovely anon requested:I’ve just recently found your page and have been reading your writing. I have to say it’s great. I was wondering if you could do a one of the reader getting glasses. (cause i just got some) She’s feeling confident with them but hears a comment that changes her mind. Also can it be paired with Bucky hope you can make it fluffy cause Bucky deserves happiness

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Fem!Reader

Warnings: None

Word Count: 956

tags: @coltcas


A/N: My first time writing for Bucky woot woot! I don’t have glasses so I’m sorry if I got some things wrong but I hope you like it!

*Y/C/N= your coworker’s name

Originally posted by seabasschino

You were nervous at first. When the optometrist told you that you’d need glasses, you worried about how your life would change, from the cosmetic-related insecurities to how it was going to affect your everyday tasks, but once you had gone through the process and picked out the perfect pair, you knew it wasn’t going to be all that bad. It would take some getting used to, but you also gained a sense of self-confidence in accepting it as starting a new chapter of your life. After all, you were still you. You with glasses.

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an everyday spring conversation

I wrote a little drabble about your Elsewhere University. I hope it does justice! (Warning: profanity).

“These poor kids are gonna be eaten alive.” Rhea flaps a hand towards the high schoolers touring campus, but her attention is focused on her packet of fruit snacks. She shakes it violently. “Dammit, I can’t get this peach unstuck.”

Ivo reaches over, plucking the gummy from the package. He pops it into his mouth. It’s a little stale, and he has to bite down hard to split it into pieces. “You’re a freshman, Rhee. You didn’t know shit when you showed up.”

Rhea brings a hand to her chest, mock-scandalized. “Wow, talking shit and stealing my fruit snacks! We’re not friends.”

“Yeah, yeah.” Ivo rolls his eyes. “You’re so melodramatic.”

“Maybe, but they really are gonna get fucked up.”

“Like you almost did? I saved your ass.” Ivo curves his lips into the lazy smirk he knows she hates. She grumbles something unintelligible, and he grins, showing off white teeth. He cups a hand to his ear. “What was that? I didn’t hear you.”

She shoves his shoulder roughly, blushing a little. “Don’t be an ass.”

Ivo throws his head back and laughs. The sun is bright. He almost can’t believe that it’s already time for the tours. If he didn’t have a semester’s worth of his organic chemistry notes laid out in front of him, he might think that the gentry were just fucking with their heads again. It certainly wouldn’t be the first time, and it certainly wouldn’t be the last.

“You know, Mallory was fucking around with one of them a couple weeks ago.”

Ivo hums - not disinterested, but not fully focused. He highlights another line of text. “Was she?”

“Yeah, I heard it was real bad. You know how the damn linguistics students are.”

He lets out a soft snort. “True. Do you remember Glenn?”

Rhea throws her head back, cackling. “He fucking threw his iron rings out the window because he was horny! Like, come on. That’s some next level thirst.”

Ivo looks up from his notes, grinning. Rhea’s laugh is infectious. Despite how high maintenance watching a freshman is, that damn laugh caught him, and he was hooked. He taught her to make salt lines, to always wear iron, to buy soaps at the market down the street and to not ask what’s in them. Now she’s all grown up. Oddly, he feels rather like a parent watching their child leave the nest.

“May I sit?”

Ivo’s eyes snap up. It’s a boy, tall and willowy. He has frog eyes.

“Of course,” Ivo says, and Rhea scoots over to make space. Always be polite. The boy ignores the new space, though, and balances on the bench arm, just next to Ivo. He gives him a grin that seems to show an impossible number of teeth.

“Not to intrude on your conversation, but I rather liked Glenn,” the boy says, eyes glinting. “He was honest, and a treat while he lasted.”

“I thought he was kind of a dick,” Rhea says, flicking through sheets in her portfolio. She doesn’t seem to realize what she’s said. The gentry’s eyes narrow.

“What’s that?” he asks, significantly less pleasant. He points towards it with a long fingernail.

Rhea tugs out a sheet with sketches autumn trees on it. She doesn’t make eye contact when she passes it over Ivo to the boy. “It’s my portfolio.”

The boy brightens significantly. “Do you do people?” He inspects the drawing, holding it in different angles in the light.

“Yeah, I do.”

He turns to Rhea with a wide grin. “Will you do me?”

Without any hesitation, she pulls out a sheet of thick paper. “Do you want me to draw you in this form, or…?” She lets her question trail off. The boy’s grin grows.

“Could you do it like this?” He smiles for her, and for a sliver of a second he is incredibly inhuman, with long horns and wide eyes that are too far apart. Rhea doesn’t flinch. Instead, she summons an eraser and a set of colored pencils from practically nowhere and begins to sketch from memory. For a moment, there is peaceful silence, and Ivo highlights another phrase.

“So, who’re you?”

Ivo looks up. The question stems more from boredom than from real curiosity, but he can’t leave it unanswered. “I’m Eye.”

“I’m See. How funny!” The gentry laughs a laugh without humor. “I’ll tell you what mine’s short for if you tell me what yours is short for.”

It’s not as if it’s his real name, anyways. “I’m Ivo.”

This earns him a pleased smile. “I’m Catahecassa.”

“That’s a nice name.”

“Of course it is. I wouldn’t settle for one that wasn’t nice.”

Ivo suppresses a sigh. The fae are always so vain.

“Excited to terrorize the newbies?” Ivo asks, waving a hand at the tour group that is somehow still in the courtyard. At least four overexcited high schoolers have their hands raised.

“Hell yeah,” Catahecassa chuckles, stretching. His shoulders pop unnaturally in their sockets. “These idiots don’t even know to wear their socks inside out. It’s fun to watch them try to figure out what the fuck is happening. You know, one of them has already fallen into the time fold by the fountain. The damn swamp hag his having a free-for-all.”

“Which one?”

“The one who lives in the time fold. Duh. I hate that bitch. Her hair is a fucking wreck.”

Ah, yes. The one who lives in the time fold. Excuse Ivo for not knowing how to do fucking origami with the time-space continuum, and for not knowing every swamp hag. Goddamn.

“It can’t be as bad as that spirit who haunted the tap in the lab last year.”

Catahecassa lets out a disdainful snort. “Ugh, he was an idiot. ‘Wah, the chemistry students don’t like me!’ Newsflash, asshole. Nobody likes you.”

“He almost gave me an aneurysm when I was cleaning out flasks.”

This earns a snicker. “The only thing he was good for.” He gives Ivo an up and down, curling his lip. “Chemistry majors are scum.”

Before Ivo can say something stupid, Rhea reaches out. “I’m finished,” she says, her paper covered in colors.

Ivo can’t really see it before Catahecassa takes it, but it makes the gentry’s face truly light up. “I do look good with that kind of horns. I fucking knew it.” Without so much as a thank you, he stands and leaves, walking impossibly smoothly. Not even Heelys could make someone walk that smooth.

“Well,” Rhea says, turning to Ivo with a grin. “I’m glad he liked it.”


sometimes pidge ships are more entertaining than they are cute

i like pidgance cause i like the idea of lance, the unsuccessful ladykiller, and his stupid pickup lines which don’t ever work except they totally do on pidge who knows he’s just being an idiot but still gets flustered and doesn’t know how to deal with it. might get kinda messy if she gets mad because she’s got it bad and thinks lance is just messing with her, and he kind of is, regardless of whether he likes her back or not

also i’ve been reading a lot of keidge fanfiction and some of my favorites involve them being dirty gremlin conspiracy theorists with questionable hygiene, but most of all, awkward teens not knowing how to handle their feelings. simultaneously being on the same wavelength for the most part but also having massive potential for being antagonistic towards each other (pidge can say hurtful things sometimes and keith has bad social skills). they’re the grossest messiest ship and i kind of love it

Why as a Jonsa shipper I'm not threatened by Targcest and you shouldn't be either.

So last night in the wee hours of morn, my GoT soul sistah @everythingjonsa and I were fangirling and flailing -you know, the shipping norm. Somewhere between all that, we had some serious discussion. Some of it has been already been proposed, but with a possible Targbowl on the very near horizon, let’s recap anyway.

Let me start by saying this isn’t an anti-Dany post. I happen to LOVE The Mother of Dragons with the burning heat of a thousand suns! She started at rock bottom -literally as nothing more than chattel -a piece of property to be sold by her own brother for personal gain, to a man that started out as her rapist (because while I love Khal Drogo -facts are facts, my babies -and yes, rape can exist in a marriage). But before I delve too deep into that, let me rewind a bit.

This is going to be long and convoluted (because that’s how me and my scattered thoughts roll), so if you’ve got the patience for my rambling, read on!

So, a lot of people have their own theories and interpretations of what the song of ice and fire is to them. From season one, we’ve seemed to have been following along the parallel journey of two heroes. Both underdogs (and who doesn’t root for the underdogs???), both making mistakes and learning hard life lessons along the way, both whom never seem to be able to grasp onto any modicum of happiness for very long, and both losing their first loves tragically. Yet, we’ve watched them both grow stronger and more self-aware. Seems like TPTB (the powers that be) are purposely paralleling these two characters for a reason.

One of ice. One of fire.

They seem destined to meet up eventually - This “song” of ice and fire. And here’s where this ship was born.

So before we fast forward, let’s hit the rewind button a bit more, and head back to season 1 Dany, and her evolution from bullied baby sis, to “the next time you raise a hand at me will be the last time you have hands." Her time among the Dothraki have made her more confident, and the love she’s sewn with Drogo has fledged her out into a full blown Khaleesi. And when Visereys meets his miserable end, it seems pretty damn justifiable. In fact, any time that one of Dany’s foes meets a horrible end (especially in the earlier seasons) -it almost always does seem deserved, as they have usually revealed themselves to be miserable shits. Her brother, Mirri Maz Durr (the witch responsible for Drogo’s death and who cursed Dany), the King of Qarth and Doreah (the whore), the Master of the Unsullied, etc. There may be some I’m leaving out, but you get the point.

It wasn’t until later seasons that we see a cold cruelness begin to emerge from her -a sort of enjoyment in killing people -like the Master she had her Dragons burn alive in the crypts (and seemed to enjoy toying with the others watching while it happened), and the Khals in the temple. The Master she burned alive may have been innocent, but Dany didn’t care, she played judge, jury and executioner right on the spot -just as when she had other Masters crucified (even ones who spoke out about crucifying children, as Hizdahr zo Loraq pointed out). The killing of the Khals I can place in a more ambiguous light, because they were kind of dicks, although they didn’t start insulting/threatening her until she disrespected them and said they weren’t fit to lead the Dothraki and that she would take them for herself.

But here’s thing -if you were actually paying attention -go back to the beginning and rewatch ANY of the times someone has died at the hands of or indirectly by Dany, she has this crazed satisfied look on her face. It’s almost as if she enjoys killing people. 

I’m not negating the good things she’s done or tried to do. Her inherent need to abolish slavery isn’t wrong -it’s her methods of achieving it that I take issue with. And God forbid if you disagree with her methods? No one can argue that disagreeing with what the Dragon Queen perceives as wrong, usually puts you at the top of her flaming hit list. Sounds quite tyrannical, no?

Despite everything I’ve just said, I really do think that Dany constantly struggles to do the right thing -because she wants to be a good and just ruler, but it’s that damn dragon temper that gets in her way sometimes. Luckily, she’s always had level-headed advisers around her -Jorah, Ser Barristan and now Tyrion, and she does usually listen to them. But, what would’ve happened if they weren’t around?

On the other hand, we have Ser Ice himself, the honorable Jon Snow, who lives by the same code as the man who raised him, Ned Stark. And without making this meta impossibly longer (because I could drone on about Jon’s faults and wonderful qualities forever), two very stark (har dee har har, pun intended) differences I see between Dany and Jon are: while Jon has done plenty of his own killing in the series, he certainly doesn’t enjoy it. Even when he was executing the men who had murdered him - you could see by the look on his face vs. hers (burning the Khals).

He who passed the sentence, swung the sword, but this was painful for him -and prior to cutting the rope, he even let Ser Alistair have his last words. Jon is just and fair. Jon doesn’t want to be a leader, but he just keeps getting thrust into the position. Yes, he makes mistakes, but he does this whole leadership thing pretty well (aside from not listening to Sansa when he should). ;)

On the other hand …. we have Dany threatening to take back what’s hers with blood and fire. What makes it hers?

Baby girl ….you is the usurper, now!

So, the (hopelessly longwinded) point I’m actually trying to make is that I think they purposefully walked the line on this darker side of Dany, while always putting her in am ambiguous light because they WANTED us to root for her right alongside of Jon. They wanted us to think they were the song of ice and fire together, until ….They finally revealed to us that R+L=J

So if Jon’s the son of Rhaegar Targaryen (fire) and Lyanna Stark (ice) then Jon, and Jon alone is the song.

Dany is only fire. So where does she fit in? Despite all my rambling, I’m not necessarily sure that Dany will be the villain here. I certainly think she’ll be switching to an antagonist POV, though. Clearly, her and her Dragons have an important role to play in the war against the WW. I personally think she will have a huge part in saving Westeros at the cost of her own life.

Despite Jon having Targ blood, Jon is and always will be a STARK at heart. It’s who he is at his core -honorable and just, exactly like Ned.

So that’s what we came up with -maybe the huge twist is that Dany isn’t the hero we’ve all been following along and rooting for since season 1. Or maybe she is -just not in the way a lot of people are expecting. GRRM certainly loved to blur the lines between good and bad. Maybe she’s both?

So the point to all this? It’s why I don’t ship them. It’s why whether or not boatbang or Targcest (or whatever any of you want to call it) actually proves to be true and happens –it doesn’t threaten our ship in the slightest. So everyone take a collective chill and Jonsa on, mmmkay?

When Hank met Scully

So @mulders-boyish-enthousiasm requested an XF/Californication crossover fic, and here it is. I don’t know if it’s what you were looking for, or tbh what I intended it to turn out like, but here you go! I hope you enjoy!

Spoilers - Never Again, Leonard Betts

She seems him the moment she enters the bar, perched on a stool by the counter, knocking back a whiskey on the rocks. The sight of him stops her short; she’d left him barely fifteen minutes ago, wanting to seek refuge to seethe in silence before she said something else he’d later regret, and now he’d beaten her to her refuge. Bastard.

She’s tempted to turn on her heel and leave the bar but his head turns and his eyes register her presence. Just her luck, she thinks to herself, as he lifts his glass towards her and smirks. But he can’t win her over that easily, and before she loses her courage she takes a deep breath and marches over towards him, ready to give him a piece of her mind. Again. But as she nears him, realization dawns on her, and by the time she reaches the bar all of her anger has disappeared. “You’re not Mulder.”

The gentleman, not Mulder, looks momentarily puzzled before regaining his composure. “Would you like me to be?”

“I’m sorry,” Scully apologizes, remembering her manners. “It’s just you look like someone I know.”

“That old line.” Not Mulder now appears amused, and gestures to the empty bar stool next to him. “The old ones work the best I find.”

“No, you really do. It’s uncanny actually.”

“Actually, it’s Hank,” the man replies, reaching out to shake Scully’s hand. Her body gravitates to the stool next to him, despite her brain telling her to leave immediately. Conversations with strangers in bars can be dangerous, she tells herself. Conversations in bars can lead to one-night stands and tattoos, along with a partner who can barely look her in the eye right now.

“What can I get you?” Hank asks, smirking to himself as she sits next to him, raising his eyebrow in challenge. Scully knows he’s not just asking about a drink, and for a second she briefly considers his question. “I’ll have what you’re having,” she replies, licking her lips unconsciously, her eyes darting down as Hank shifts on the stool.

“With soda, or…?”

“On the rocks.”

“Must have been a bad day,” Hank comments as he gestures to the barman and then repeats Scully’s order, ordering another for himself.

“I don’t want to talk about it,” Scully replies as their drinks are set down in front of them. She raises her glass in thanks and takes a swig of the drink. The whiskey burns the back of her throat as she swallows, but she doesn’t let it show.

“Something to do with my identical twin?” Hank persists. “Or was that really a chat-up line, because if it was, first of all you don’t have to try so hard with me, and secondly, why are we wasting time sitting round here?”

Despite herself, Scully smiles. “He’s my partner.”

“Partner as in work partner, or partner as in I know his sex face very well?”

“Just work partners.”

“Just? Do I detect a hint of longing there?”

She ignores him. “FBI partners, back in DC.”

“You’re in the FBI?” Scully nods. “Are you hiding handcuffs on you, because I’m open to possibilities.”

“I’ll keep that in mind.”

“So what brings you here?”

“We’re on a case.”

“I mean to this bar.”

Sighing heavily, Scully takes another drink. “Doesn’t matter.”

“Guy trouble?”

“Tell me about yourself.”

“I’ve got a daughter who hates me, a baby momma who doesn’t want to know me, and I’m already thinking about you in those handcuffs,” he says quickly, before returning to her. “So it is guy trouble? Let me guess, my FBI doppelganger. I’m right, aren’t I?” He was and they both knew it. “Well, let me just say this. Whatever he’s done, he’s an idiot for letting you walk out dressed in that skirt and come to this bar to be seduced by me.”

Scully shook her head and resisted the urge to roll her eyes. “Mr…?”

“Moody, but you can call me Hank. Most people do, although they tend to say it in a more exasperated tone.”

“What about you?”


“What are you doing in this bar?”

“I come here all the time.”


“I’ve been waiting for you.”

As she finishes off the whiskey, Scully feels it starting to take effect and giggles. “That was bad.”

“Oh I’m sorry, I forgot. You like the old lines.” Reaching into his left pocket, Hank retrieves some change and places a quarter on the bar in front of her. “Here’s a quarter. Go call your partner and tell him you’re coming home with me tonight.” He smiles as Scully laughs once more.

“Has that ever worked for you?”

“I’ll be honest with you….?”


“Dana, I like it. Dana sounds too sweet to be a mean FBI agent fighting the bad guys.”

“And aliens.”

“And…” Hank looks confused. “What?”

“Doesn’t matter.”

“Well Dana…” God, he even sounds like Mulder, Scully thinks to herself. “I never usually need to resort to pick-up lines.”

“What do you usually do?”

“Normally I just shoot women a charming grin…” He demonstrates. “…and say “Hi, I’m Hank Moody,” and it’s job done.” He reaches out to shake Scully’s hand. “Hi, I’m Hank Moody.” He pauses, his smile widening. “You’re tempted, I can tell.”

Scully opens her mouth to speak, to thank him for the drink and tell him she should be going, but Hank interrupts her thoughts. “Let me guess, you’re more tempted by Mr ‘We’re just Partners’ aren’t you?”

“It’s not like that?”

“Are you telling me, or yourself?” He smiles as Scully gestures to the barman to refill their now empty glasses.

“Mulder and I aren’t together.”

“Mulder?” Hank grimaces. “What kind of a name is that?”

“Fox Mulder.”

“Fox? Are you fucking with me?”

Scully laughs. “That’s his name.”

“God, his parents must have hated him.”

Her smile suddenly fades and Scully busies herself as the barman approaches with their drinks. “So I’m thinking you guys had an argument this evening, said some things you shouldn’t have, and rather than work out your issues with the naked pretzel, you stormed out to get drunk.”

“Something like that.”

“What did you argue about?”

“You’re inquisitive Mr Moody, I’ll giv you that. You’d made a good FBI agent.”

“I get it, you want to get into my pants Dana, but tell me the story first. Or we could go back to my place and you could tell me as we bathe in our post-coital glow.”

“Fine,” Scully replies, and she can tell Hank isn’t quite sure which option she’s agreeing to. “We argued over a case,” she explains. “At least that’s how it started.”

“And?” Hank chews on an ice cube and for a second Scully is distracted. It would be so easy to give in and go home with this man, but she knows it would cause her even more problems going forward. “And?”

“It’s a long story.”

“I’ve got time. The only other place I’m planning on being tonight is inside y…-”


“Sorry.” He grins, not looking the slightest bit sorry at all.

“Things have been tense between us lately.”

“Tense? In what way?”

“I umm…I recently did something he didn’t agree with.”

She’s vague, but Hank seems to understand. “You slept with his best friend?”

“Not quite.”

“His brother?”

“Again, not quite.”

“But someone who isn’t him.”

Scully nods sheepishly. “It didn’t mean anything. I was on a case and had some drinks and a tattoo.”

“A tattoo? Where?”

“It…it was just a one-time thing.”

“I’m intrigued about this tattoo.”

“Drop it Hank.”

“Gotcha. So anyway, he found out?”

“Yes. And so tonight we were arguing about work, but then it got personal.” Too personal. Insults were traded and then Mulder brought up Ed Jerse once again. His digs were too much to take, and before Scully could stop herself she’d lifted her hand and slapped her partner round the face. Mortified, she then rushed out of his motel room and walked…walked and walked until she came across this bar, and Hank.

“Are you sure you’re just work partners?”

She takes another drink. The whiskey is loosening her tongue now. “There may have been a time when I thought there would have been something more.”

“But not now?”

Scully curses herself inwardly for pouring her heart out to yet another stranger, thinking about the last time she did so just a few short weeks ago. How much has changed since then, she ponders sadly. But then again, she knows she won’t be seeing Hank again after this evening, and it’s not like she has anyone else she can confide in. “I’m sick.” It’s the first time she’s said it out loud, and for a second she’s fearful she shouted out loud.

Hank looks at her, really looks at her, and so Scully busies herself with her drink. “I take it you don’t mean you have the flu.”


“I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be.”

“He knows?”

“Not yet. I don’t want to tell him until I’ve had the test results back.”

“So you might not be sick?”

“No, I am.” She sighs. “Besides, I don’t want Mulder’s pity. Or yours.”

“Hey, you had me at “you look like someone I know.” At most it would be say….a two percent pity fuck, ninety eight percent sleeping with you because you’re hot.”

Suddenly Scully polishes off the rest of her drink. “Ok,” she says suddenly, surprising them both.


“Let’s go.”

“Really? The pity fuck line worked?”

“Shut up Hank.”

Scully gets to her feet unsteadily and Hank follows suit. “Do you want to go back to my place? Or we can head back to your hotel room so that lover boy can hear…”

But Scully stops listening, and her attention is now focused on the door. Hank follows her gaze and comes face to face with someone who looks a lot like…well, him.

“Fuck me,” he exclaims as the man, Mulder he presumes, approaches Dana.

“Scully,” he greets her, almost breathlessly. “I’ve been looking all over for you.” He stops, having suddenly registered the fact she and Hank look as though they’re about to leave together. “Oh,” he says, disappointment evident in his voice. “I don’t mean to interrupt.”

Scully says nothing, but Hank springs into action. “Dana here was just leaving to find you,” he explains. “I was just boring her with my woes while I wait for my baby momma to come and pick me up.” Mulder looks as though he’s about to call bullshit, so Hank continues. “I’m just on my way to the little boy’s room. Or big boy’s room,” he adds, winking at Scully, who blushes.

“It was lovely to meet you Hank,” she says, reaching out to shake his hand. “And good luck.”

“Same to you Mrs FBI.”

Nodding at her partner, realizing they need to talk somewhere quieter than the bar, Scully begins to move towards the door. Before Mulder can follow her, Hank grabs hold of him, pulling him back for a quiet word. “Nothing happened,” he assures the other man. “It wasn’t for lack of trying. She wasn’t interested,” Hank adds. “Apparently there’s someone else on the radar. Someone who looks a lot like me.” He shakes his head, as though he can’t quite believe it himself. “She’s a good woman. Don’t fuck it up Mr FBI. And for fucks sake find out where she got that tattoo.” He pats Mulder on the back, a little too hard in warning, and then walks off towards the bathroom, while the two FBI agents head out of the bar to talk.

Look, it’s Peter Pan!

+ Robbie Kay

author’s note: au but like… au-ish? probably v shitty imagine & sorta long and disappointing!!

Prompt: In which a boy named Robbie Kay is an actor at Disney, playing Peter Pan & he meets a girl but can’t break character to ask her out. 

Today is the day you and your family is going to Disney Land. The happiest place on Earth, tailored for even the oldest of ages.

A place and the figment of Disney its self is timeless, which is why you picked the special place for the whole family when you were asked to pick. 

A small, dainty hand is clutched to yours, the sweat seeping from the hand to yours. You look down and grin at your little sister who is so infatuated with Disney that she doesn’t realize she is sweating. 

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Every Me And Every You - Twenty Nine

“Care to tell me how long you and Spencer have been screwing for?”




So much nopeness happening right now.

You laughed, hating how nervous it sounded.

“Me and Spencer? Don’t be so ridiculous, Em.”

She narrowed her eyes at you, annoyed.

“Are you seriously going to try to lie to me, Y/N?”

Yes. Yes you were.

You started to nod, then realised what you were doing, your body betraying you.

“Haven’t got a clue what you’re on about.”

You walked to the sink washing your hands and then adjusting your jacket, smoothing your hair down and wincing as you saw a tiny purple bruise starting to appear just above the choker.

Fucking Reid…. Damn him.

“Alright. I’ll spell out my suspicions for you, lay the evidence on the table. All night I’ve watched you two shooting each other looks. The past few weeks you both have your cells out at the same time and to anyone paying any amount of attention to you both, it’s clear to see that you’re texting each other. Then you both slope off, minutes after the other and I come into this bathroom and can blatantly hear two people fucking. So I wait outside, just behind the door waiting to see who comes out first. And low and behold, it’s Spencer Reid. And there’s no one else in here, Y/N.”

“Did he see you?” you asked, panicked.

“No he didn’t see me,” she scoffed.

You sighed. She knew, she’d heard. There was no other explanation you could give her other than the truth.

Well. Not the whole truth.

“How long?” Emily asked again.

“A few months,” you begrudgingly told her.

“So are you two dating? Why haven’t you told anyone? We wouldn’t judge. We love you both to pieces.”

“We’re not dating. That’s why we haven’t told any of you. Cos there’s nothing to tell.” You searched in your bag for your lip gloss and compact, touching up your make up.

“So you’re what? Friends with benefits? With Reid?” Now she looked like you’d told her the sky was red.

“Pretty much.”

“But… It’s Spencer… Reid… He doesn’t… He hardly ever….. You’re seriously having casual sex with Spencer Reid?”

“Yes Emily, I’m seriously having casual sex with Spencer Reid. You just heard us fucking remember. Don’t worry, I was as surprised as you were when it happened.” You dragged your fingers through your hair, smartening it up.

“What about Dan?”

You shot her a look.

“He is Dan isn’t he? That’s why you legged it so quickly when I ran into you at the theatre. Because you were with him.”

“You got it.”

She furrowed her brow for a second. “But if you’re just fucking, why were you out on a date?”

Extremely good question, Emily Prentiss. Extremely good question. Because to anyone else it would have seemed just like a date.

“I erm…… I started my period earlier in the day when I was at his. We’d already made plans to spend the night together so we thought why waste it. So he called up and got last minute tickets. We’re still friends, you know. And we’ve hung out plenty of times before. We just occasionally bang each other.”

“Wait…. So if he’s Dan then all the things you’ve been telling me about how good he is in bed….that’s really about Reid?”

You pressed your lips together to stifle a laugh as you watched her wrestle with certain things you’d told her and try to apply them to Spencer.

“Oh my god! You gave him a twelve!”

“Well, he deserved it.”

She shook her head slowly. Finding out you were screwing her innocent looking colleague was one thing, but the knowledge that he was good in the sack was completely blowing her mind.

“Emily. You can’t tell the others. We said we wouldn’t let it affect work. If the others find out, then one of us will end up leaving the team.”

“Why will you? That rule about interdepartmental relationships is a myth. It’s fine as long as it doesn’t become a conflict and affect your work or that of the team.”

“It would affect the team. Can you imagine the teasing from Derek and Penelope. They’d never let us live it down, even after we stop.”

“So…. You’re planning on stopping this?” She played with a strand of her own hair, thinking.

“Well at some point yeah. We can’t fuck each other for ever. Eventually one of us is gonna want a relationship.”

“So have the relationship with each other then. You’re obviously attracted to each other, it wouldn’t be that far of a leap from what you’re doing.”

“It’s just sex Emily. That’s all we’re doing. There’s no feelings involved here. We made that clear from the start.” You spritzed yourself with the travel sized body spray you carried with you.

“Hmmm,” she replied.

“Hmmm? What’s hmmmm meant to mean?”

“Nothing at all. Just hmmmm.”

Nobody ‘hmmmms’ for no reason.

“No, you mean something. Spill.”

“Nah. It’ll be more fun when you figure it out for yourselves.”

“Emily, I’m serious. It’s just sex,” you told her, dropping your things back into your bag.

“Sure, sure. For now.”

“Oh, whatever.” There was no point in arguing with her when she got like this. “Just promise you’ll keep your mouth shut around the others.”

“I promise. You know me, keeper of all secrets.”

That she was. The woman was like fort knox with secrets sometimes.

“Shall we go back?” she asked you.

“I guess so.”

You exited the bathroom together and made your way downstairs. At this point, you’d been missing for around thirty minutes so when Garcia spotted you both, you told her that the shots must have disagreed with you because you’d been vomiting. You were gonna go, you told her. Get a cab home.

“Do you want one of us to come with you, make sure you’re okay?” she asked, concerned.

“Nah it’s fine. I’ll see if Spencer wants to share a cab, it’s not like he’s dancing anyway.”

You hugged her and Morgan goodbye, and then gave Prentiss a quick hug, her whispering in your ear “Off for round two?”

“Oh shut up, Em. I’ll see you on Monday.”

Making your way to Spencer, you told him you were going, and did he want to share a ride?

Not that Penny or Derek were close enough to hear, but you weren’t taking anymore chances tonight.

He looked at you curiously and then downed the rest of his beer, leading you out of the club.

When you were outside he turned to you. 
“Why was Emily with you when you came back?”

“The person who came into the bathroom halfway through? Her. She saw us both head in the same direction and was suspicious. She was also stood behind the door when you left. She knows.”

“What exactly does she know, Y/N?” His eyes were hard on your face.

“Oh as if I’d tell her that. She thinks we’re just fuck buddies, friends with benefits, whatever. Because essentially, we are.”

“I knew it was a bad idea getting into this with you.”

“Oh thanks! It’s not like I wanted her to know…. You’re the one who pinned me up against the wall and started groping me. It’s not my fault she walked in.”

He sighed, shaking his head and starting to walk down the sidewalk to where a line of yellow taxis were.

“I know… I know. It just, complicates things.”

“Reid, she won’t say anything. She promised.”

“I guess it could have been worse.”

“Exactly,” you told him. “It could have been Garcia that found us. And you know she’d totally be planning our wedding right now if she knew. There’s no way she’d believe we weren’t actually together.” You laughed and he chuckled back, the atmosphere broken.

“And for that reason, she must never EVER know.”

“Oh I feel ya. Can you imagine… Us. A couple!?”

“I know right…. Come on Snow, let’s get you home and to bed. I’m feeling round two is in order.”

Good Girl CH 7: Daddy

I hate school. Always have, always will. I hate the looks I get, reminding me how different I look, I hate the stuck up rich kids that are somehow so much different from Jihyo who is just as rich as them. Sitting in my last class of the day I want to pull my hair out, the teacher’s voice is putting me to sleep and Jihyo won’t step talking and getting us in trouble. I’m lucking enough to have three of my six classes with her and lunch. Since Elf, Panda, and Owl are a year older then me I only see them in the hall, but after their first few reactions to seeing me I’m learning to avoid them. Hoseok and Namjoon are in all the same classes I have with Jihyo, something that upset Kai and Sehun who I have my other three classes with. I’m guessing Suho did that on purpose to keep the fighting to a minimum.

“Do you need a ride to your new home?” Jihyo asks as we walk down the hall, our arms linked.

I shake my head, “Nope, one of the boys will be giving me a ride home.”

She huffs, “How you managed to talk your mother into letting you move into a coed boarding house is beyond me.” I chuckle awkwardly, feeling bad for lying to my best friend but she wouldn’t react well to the truth. We walk out the front door and to the steps. “I wonder where my driver is,” Ji thinks out loud as she scans the line of similar cars. One stands out, a red Ferrari and a familiar man in the driver’s seat. He spots me and pulls out of line pulling right to the stairs; he gets out, a big grin on his child like face. He looks so good in nice black dress pants and a white button up with the sleeves rolled up and the top few buttons undone, revealing a little of the amazing body I know is underneath.

Jihyo says exactly what I’m thinking, “Damn.” We shake ourselves out of our stupor, “Who do you think he is here for?” She asks me.

“Me!” I giggle gleefully as I run do the steps and jump into his arms. “Kitty oppa!”

“Hello there little one,” He laughs as he hugs me tight. I smile big as he leans away and kisses my forehead. “You are never leaving again.”

“What the hell happened that night you left me?” Jihyo yells as she stomps down the stairs. “Who the hell is this? Where did you get one?” Her anger only makes me laugh.

“One? She has twelve,” Kitty teases, resting his arm around my shoulders.

“I hate you,” She pouts at me.

“I love you too Jihyo-ya.” I give her my biggest grin.

She can’t help but smile back, “You are luck you are too cute to hate. But seriously, who is this sexy strapping man?” She pokes his chest teasingly, something Kitty does not like from the way his eyes loose all playfulness and is replaced with a glare. I grab Jihyo’s hand to keep her from doing it again, but play it off as me wanting her attention.

“This one of my new roommates at the boarding house,” I sort of lie.

“Can I move in? I would love to see the other guys you live with,” She continues to eyes him up and down, becoming the Jihyo that I don’t like, the one Kai keeps ragging on. The slut.

“Absolutely not,” Kitty deadpans, and I have to keep myself from laughing at her reaction at rejections. It’s a new thing for her, no is not something she hears very often, especially from guys. “Joo-ya is the only girl allowed in our house.”

“So no girlfriend?” She tries again.

“Get the hint Jihyo,” Kai teases as he joins us on the steps, “He doesn’t want what’s up that nasty skirt of yours’.”

“Ya!” Jihyo and I both shout as we swat at the boy.

“What did I tell you Kai? If you say one more thing about her I will cut it off,” I snap at him.

“You two know each other?” Jihyo says after my words sink in.

“Him and the others that were in the office are also my roommates,” I answer awkwardly.

“Seriously?” She grins like a maniac.

I nod.

“I’m so jealous!” She screams as she attacks me with a hug.

“That was not the reaction I was expecting,” I say my thoughts out loud. Owl, Panda, Elf and Sehun join us as well, a bit dumbstruck on the situation they just walked in on.

“I have to go but we are so talking about this tomorrow,” She beams as me as she runs away to her waiting car.

“God that girl is crazy,” I shake my stunned feelings off. “I always forget that.”

“You have a very interesting friend,” Kitty comments as he puts his arm around me again.

“Tell me about it,” I laugh.

“Hyung,” Kai says, “What are you doing here?”

Kitty looks down at me, “I came to give little one a ride home.”

“We wanted her to ride with one of us!” Sehun whines.

“You guys all have cars?” I question.

With a cocky grin Elf says, “We have motorcycles too, you wanna ride?”

I can barely contain my happiness, “That’s awesome, maybe tomorrow though.” His smile drops, “I wanna ride it Kitty’s car first.”

“That’s my girl,” Kitty grins as he opens the passenger’s door. I climb in without hesitation; Kitty quickly climbs in on the other side. I wave as he speeds down the driveway and turns on to the road. The world seems to fly by as he speeds down the road and I find myself grinning. It only takes a 15 minutes to get to the house, Kitty held my hand the whole way, though I would have preferred him having both hands on the wheel with how fast he was speeding but him holding my hand was actually better. He pulls up in the circler driveway; I get out and gawk at the beautiful house. A modern beach mansion would probably be the best way to describe it but those three words don’t do it justice.

“You act as if you’ve never seen it before,” Kitty teases.

“Well I was either drunk or having an emotional breakdown when I was in front of it so this is technically the first time I’ve seen it.”

“Let’s go inside and hang out before everyone comes home,” He takes my hand again before leading me inside. We slip off our shoes in the entry way and wander deeper into the house. Soon we are in the living room, Kitty plops down on the couch, pulling me on top of him, his hands on my hips. “There, comfortable?”

“Oppa, can’t I go change first? I have a skirt on,” I mumble shyly.

“I forgot about that,” He says as his hands slide down my hips to the curve of my butt, smoothing out my skirt as he goes. His eyes are fixed on my face, watching my reaction. I feel too embarrassed under his gaze as he hands cup my butt, making me burry my face in his chest. He lets out a warm chuckle, “I’m sorry for teasing you little one, you don’t need to hide. I’ll stop.”

“You don’t have to stop,” I mumble, not brave enough to look up at him.

“What was that? Speak up little one,” He says firmly, his hands go lower so the bare skin in between my stockings and skirt.

“I said you don’t have to stop,” I peek up to see him intensely staring down at me, lust burning in his eyes.

“What should I do then if you don’t want me to stop?” His voice is soft letting me control where this goes, though it’s only for a moment.

“I don’t know, I’ve never done anything like this,” I mumble back.

He smiles, “I know baby, do you want Daddy to decide?”

I blink at him for a minute, “Daddy?”

“That’s me baby,” One of his hands in on the back of my neck and pulling my lips to his. He kisses me softly, not wanting to be too forceful with the kiss. When he pulls away he scans my face for anything wrong, “Is this okay baby?”

I surprise myself by nodding.

“Use your words like a big girl.”

“Yes, Daddy.”

“Good girl,” He pulls me in for another kiss this time it’s a lot less innocent. His other hand slips under my skirt and squeezes my ass making my mouth open in surprise. He take the opportunity to stick his tongue in my mouth, something I don’t mind as he works his against mine. The kiss gets deeper when he flips us over so he’s on top; his hand moves from my ass to the back of my knee as he positions himself in between my legs. He grinds out hips together slowly; I can’t help but moan into the kiss, shamelessly moving my hips against his.

The front door busts open and the sounds of a large group of boys heads our way. Kitty pulls away with a growl, turning to glare at the boys who appear in the doorway, dumbstruck at the sight of Kitty on top of me and my arms around his neck. I’m horrified to see not just the five from school but all eleven, getting a good shot up my skirt.

“You guys have shitty timing,” Kitty snaps. He sighs before turning back to me to whisper in my ear, “We will have to continue this another time baby, but a little tip for you, if you ever want something from one of us and we say no or if any of us start to scare you, use that word and they will be putty in your hand.” He leans away, “Okay?”

“Yes Daddy,” I say quiet enough so that the others can hear. Kitty grins before sitting down normally and pulling me into a sitting position.

He looks to the others who are still gawking in the hall, “You guys act like you’ve never seen up a ladies skirt.”

Kris is the first to snap out of his daze, his eyes narrow on me, “Sweetheart, why do you give Xiumin hyung all the attention, you’re making me jealous.” His long legs skip the steps and stride quickly over to me. He towers over me, a scowl on his handsome face.

“Sorry Dragon oppa,” I mumble looking down at my hands.

“Kris,” Luhan scolds as he comes into the living room sitting on my other side, “Don’t scare the poor thing.” He strokes my head, tucking a stay curl behind my ear. “It’s unfair that all the others have been able to play with you all day and I haven’t been able to have you to myself for five minutes.”

“What are you talking about?” Kris snaps back, “the only person that has had alone time with her is Xiumin.”

“And Suho hyung,” Sehun pipes in with an evil smirk in the older man’s direction.

“What?” The group seems to rally.

“We walked in and he was holding her in his lap,” Kai finishes.

“Oh my Suho,” Dragon, or Kris or whatever, snickers, “At school, so naughty. I’m envious.”

“I think we should get one on one time with her since she will be living here,” Luhan tries to bring focus back to me.

“Xiumin and Suho hyungs have already used their time,” Dino declares.

Kitty laughs, “Fine, I’ll just wait until tonight.”

“What happens tonight?” Luhan asks.

“You don’t think she’s sleeping with you still?” Suho scoffs.

“Damn right she is, I’m the one that got her back here, and the only one, not counting Kris, to admit that I’m attached to her. Plus, she wants to stay with me, don’t you?” Kitty looks to for help. I sink into my seat nervously as I think the question over. As if he could sense my anxiety, Dimple comes forward with an idea.

“How about she decides after the one on one time?”

The others share a look, nodding in agreement, but Suho speaks for the group, “Sounds fair.”

“So oldest to youngest?” Luhan suggests.

“No!” Kai, Sehun and Panda argue back.

“Yes!”  Puppy and Kris snap back, making the younger boys back down.

“Great, so me first,” Luhan sings as he pulls me off the couch and out the other door to another sitting room with the same wall of windows but these ones open actually open, so during the summer the room becomes a patio. It’s chllier in this room, Luhan notices me shivering and grabs a blanket from the corner before sitting me down cross-legged on the extremely comfy couch facing him. I watch as he shrugs off his suit jacket, unbutton his cufflinks and settles deep into the couch next to me, one leg rests against mine while the other is touching the ground so we face each other head on. He gives me a smile as he places his hand on my thigh over the blanket, “So, little lamb…”

One Foot Out of the Grave (Part 5)

Read Part 4

Pairing: Pietro x Reader, Dad!Tony x Daughter!Reader

Warnings: angst, language

Words: 1,597

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look my dudes you can’t just say meihem is abusive when they only have two fucking programmed lines of dialogue.

J: “Brr, I get cold just lookin’ at cha!”
M: “Then you should look somewhere else!”


M: “You’re just a no-good bully! How can you even look at yourself in a mirror?”
J: “That’s cold!” or alternatively “I beg your pardon! I consider myself a freedom fighter–err..a misunderstood one!”

These lines of dialogue show that Junkrat and Mei have a tense sort of relationship currently in which Mei knows nothing about Jamison other than his criminal career and Junkrat doesn’t know anything about Mei besides the fact that she has a connection with ice abilities. 

Lines by other characters that show show a similar back and forth bicker include Widowmaker and Tracer, in which their interactions go like this: 

T: “Whatcha lookin’ at??”
W: “An annoyance.”


W: “It looks like we will be working together.”
T: “Don’t think I’m happy about that…”

Lines by McCree and Hanzo, the #1 Overwatch ship: 

MC: “You know…that Sake’s not half bad. But I prefer a little bite to my liquor..”
H: “How predictable. Such an unsophisticated taste.”

My point here is that every character in Overwatch has some sort of bickering, funny bit of dialogue between them and another character. Especially the more famous ships. 

We’ve got two short films in which we see that Tracer and Widowmaker have literally tried to kill one another, 76 will comment “Someone had to do it.” whenever his character kills the enemy Reaper, and Mcree and Hanzo have very little actual history between the two of them and only a couple of lines as well, both of them referring to liquor, actually. Sometimes McCree will comment on Hanzo’s good shot, but every character will say a line when your character gets a kill, so that’s not a big deal, really. 

Honestly though ya’ll literally have no fucking ground to stand upon stop calling Meihem disgusting and gross because…

anonymous asked:

Am I the only one who thinks P Chris is actually not how most portray him on fanfics? I feel like he's actually really nice, that what happened with Iben was just a bump. I mean he even told Eva he was raised well. I feel like both parents were always there for him, that's why he's so charismatic and confident. I don't think he ever promised any of his hookups anything more. The only thing I don't understand is why was he with Iben, when he was totally fine hooking up b4/after the breakup.

It depends a LOT of which fics. I already started to read some fics on wattpad where Chris is basically a borderline creepy guy, constantly harassing the girl in order to “get what he wants”, I usually just end up dropping because 1-i’m not a fan of this trope  2- like you said I don’t think it’s a proper characterization of Chris. In season 1 when he was flirting with Eva he wasn’t pressing her and being insistent, it was always reciprocate, since Eva was flirting back. Besides that, the moment Eva told him to stop texting her (after the kiss) he stopped. So yeah, it bugs me when i read Chris being the creepy dude.

 However, if you give a look on the fics I’m always reblogging here and most chriseva on ao3 actually, I think the writers usually portray Chris’ personality in, at least in my opinion, a very precise way. Of course, this is a little subjective and open to interpretation, because we didn’t saw much about Chris, but using the information we have, here’s what I think about him:

 1- At least in season 1 he appears to be really immature (almost childish), he doesn’t seems to think or care about the consequences of his acts. When Eva texted him after the kiss, worried about someone finding out, he was there making jokes about her panties and not understanding at all why she was so stressed. And this shows that he is kind of self-absorbed. You asked about Iben, well I think ( again just speculation) he might had have some crush on her for a while but ,you know,that kind of crush you think is gonna be something big but  ends up fading away really quickly. And due to  his immaturity and lack of sensibility to deal with feelings, he end up dragging the relationship instead of breaking up as he should have done ( because he clearly didn’t care enough  to commit so the best was to break up). Oh, and just to be clear I’m not trying to justificate his actions, He acted wrong, he was an asshole to Iben. No ‘’family issues’’ or anything can justifies what he did.

2- He seems to be a little troublemaker. On that fight with Jonas , William’s bored face is like “oh here we go again”, like if that was something recurring.  Again, he doesn’t seems to put much thought on his actions/words (Chaotic as fuck) and this probably leads him to constantly be in some kind of confusion

3- I do agree with you, I don’t think he ever promises something more to his hook ups. Season 2 we basically saw him being a 24 hours Penetrator Chris, he wasn’t really hiding his fuckboy facade. Even with Eva on s1, he was quite direct on his flirts, so I don’t think he’s the kind of guy that pretends to want something serious just to have sex. First Instagram chat with Eva and he was already saying he was turned on, so here is the answer.

4- He seems to have a good nature, to act nice with people in general. He might have some touch of arrogance, but I think he usually treat people well. For example, the twin moment with the other Chris, you know. That was so friendly. And on his interactions with Eva in general, he seems to be kind. He did show concern for her on the Halloween party and I think on that moment he was being genuine (the way he looks at her while she is not looking? That’s not pretending). Or in the first party, he was actually trying to make a normal conversation with her, asking about her friends and russ…Besides, He was always helping her with all the William’s information. Another case, all the playfulness with Eskild and Linn, singing Justin Bieber with Eva and carrying a drunk Eskild. Again, he was being extremely friendly with people he’s not that intimate. Also, the biggest proof, Chris Berg likes him!! (and Isak told us that he’s a nice guy).  One thing people might disagree, because i know many  fans don’t like that scene, but when he’s leaving William’s place with the two random girls did you notice he’s all playfull with them as well?  I, particularly, don’t see any problem with that scene, bc it’s consensual and the girls seemed to be enjoying ( girls are free to want threesomes if they want). But anyway, I don’t agree with fics that portray Chris like a guy who treats woman ( people in general) in a bad way. However, i do think he oversteps the line with jokes sometimes and that is the next point.

 5- He oversteps the line with jokes. No, but seriously, ask his best friend’s crush if she wants to join him? Do you notice William’s capricornian face “I’m super calm but i’ll kill you tomorrow bitch”? Chris is the “lose the friend do not lose the joke” kind of guy. Humor is definitely an important part of his persona. He probably use humor as a defense mechanism as well, either to deal with tense situations or to hide his feelings / his true self.

6- Now about the family, we will never know the answer for sure, but I am with you on this. I always got the impression that Chris has a normal family. He  pass the impression of being a kind of spoiled son, something on him makes me think he was/is really well treated ( maybe the confidence). And his immaturity on s1/lack of responsibility just appears to me like someone who never had to worry much about things in life. William actually says once to Vilde that the party was cancelled because Chris’ parents come home. He probably was lying about the party, but i got the impression that the parents are real and presents on his life. Of course, I’m not saying he has a perfect family, with no issues. Maybe the parents used to work a lot, maybe he spend too much time with nannys or not……but i just don’t think his familiar situation is as bad as William’s. When the Nico incident happened and William told Noora he was staying at Chris, i felt like Chris has stability in his life. He has a stable family, a stable place. So, whenever things get hard/complicated for William, he will look for shelter in Chris’ home. Also the “i was raised well” seems to fit this theory.

7-  He’s loyal to his friends, William himself said that he was always there for him. And even though it’s kind of hard for me to buy the storyline “ the Yakusa guys were completely douchebags who wanted to beat everyone’s ass for no specific reason”., if we believe Isak, Chris wanted to stop them, so he really cares about his friends.

Finally, i do think he grow up ( at least a little) during the seasons, especially because of his “relationship” with Eva on s3 and s4, which probably helped his emotional development (  recognize his own and other people’s feelings, deal with them,etc). Futhermore, i don’t see him as a serial cheater or someone who is incapable to commit just because of what happened on s1. I just think that he was really immature when he was dating Iben and that he (before Eva);  never really experienced the feelings of romantic love. And i think his clip was about that, he was finally having real feelings for a girl, but due to his messy past, the girl in question wasn’t able to believe him. Also the fact that he never experienced romantic love until he’s 19/20 is quite normal. Not everyone has serious relationships when they’re teens. And if you never fell in love until you’re 20 or 30 or 40.. etc, it doesn’t means that when you fall, you’re not going to be a good partner or that you’re not going to be able to commit. People experience things on different times. The maxim “once a fuckboy always a fuckboy” is really dumb and it’s sucks that Julie kind of reinforced that, because all characters are teenagers, and teenagers are in process of forming their identity , so you can’t say that their actions will define who they are for the rest of their lifes.

Anyway, i can’t believe i ranted so much about a character that has like five lines 😂   😂   😂 , but I love to make assumptions about fictional characters’ personalities and you triggered that with your question,anon. Oh, and i’m ignoring the last clip, cause we all know that shit doesn’t make sense…