i think she is my favourite tbh

Literary References in Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler

There are a crap ton of references to literature in Kuroshitsuji, and after re-reading all of Kuro I was really motivated to make a giant list of the literary references.

So I did.

The Admirable History of Possession (Sebastian Michaelis)

In the 1600s, a French inquisitor named Sebastien Michaelis co-wrote The Admirable History of Possession and Conversion of a Penitent Woman. It included a classification/hierarchy of demons that is sometimes referenced in esoteric literature. I’m guessing Yana named Sebastian after this guy.

Famous Poets (Snakes)

All of Snake’s snakes are named after famous canonical writers. 

These include, but are not limited to, John Webster, John Donne, Emily Bronte, Oscar Wilde, John Keats, William Wordsworth, and Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

Peter and Wendy (Peter and Wendy from the Circus arc)

Peter and Wendy was originally a play/novel from the early 1900s and (as you’ve probably guessed) was the source material for the 1953 Disney film, Peter Pan. Peter and Wendy from Kuro have a medical condition where their bodies literally “never grow up,” which is something that happens in Peter Pan, but in that story it’s a result of magic instead of biology. Peter and Wendy from Kuro are also trapeze performers, which is the closest thing in a circus to flying.

Sherlock Holmes (The Phantomhive Mansion Murder Arc)

This might seem pretty obvious and yeah it kind of is, but there are a lot of fun little details that relate to Sherlock Holmes and Arthur Conan Doyle.

  • In chapter 39 of Kuro, Arthur admits to Ciel that he would rather write historical novels instead of detective fiction, but his editors told him historical novels wouldn’t sell. Ciel then says that Arthur should just make a name writing mysteries and that after that the history novels will sell based on his name alone. Arthur Conan Doyle has gained quite the reputation as the guy who wrote mysteries and got sick of them while no one cared about his historical novels, so this conversation is actually pretty funny.
  • Some of the side characters in the Murder arc have names based on characters from the original Sherlock stories. Irene Diaz shares a first name with Irene Adler (both characters are opera singers) and Patrick Phelps shares a last name with Percy Phelps (both of whom have nervous dispositions).
  • In chapter 45, Sebastian (as Jeremy) points out that Arthur has written a bunch of story ideas on the inside of his sleeves. The words written in his sleeves include “pearl” (”The Adventure of the Six Napoleons”) and “sign” (The Sign of Four). There’s also “India” and “secret room,” but I’m not sure what specific stories those are referring to.
  • Fun bonus fact: Jeremy Rathbone (aka Sebastian in disguise) is named after 2 actors: Jeremy Brett and Basil Rathbone. Both of them played Sherlock Holmes at one point in their careers. 

Beeton’s/Punch (magazines that Ciel reads)

In chapter 39 Arthur mentions that  “A Study in Scarlet” was published in Beeton’s magazine, and that he’s surprised that someone in a position of nobility would read such a magazine. Beeton’s actually exists and “A Study in Scarlet” was first published in Beeton’s in November of 1887.

In response to Arthur’s surprise, Ciel mentions that he also reads Punch. This was also a real magazine, but what makes it weird is that one of the editors of Punch was a guy named Edmund Knox. One of Edmund’s brothers was a guy named Ronald Knox, who wrote detective fiction.


Propertius’ “Elegiae” (The poem being taught at Weston)

In the public school arc, Sebastian is teaching a Latin poem that relates to some themes and events in the Kuro universe. Here’s a link to a more in depth post about the quote. 

Micah Clarke (novel that Ciel buys)

In chapter 85 (the one where everyone goes shopping), Ciel notices that Arthur wrote a historical novel called Micah Clarke. This was an actual novel by Arthur Conan Doyle from 1889. It’s also hilarious that Ciel complains about the historical novel because he wants Arthur to just write more mysteries. Wow.

The Wizard of Oz (Sieglinde Sullivan) 

(This one took me forever to get because I could never pronounce her first name properly).

In German, “Sieglinde” is pronounced “See-glinda,” which reminded me of Glinda the good witch from The Wizard of Oz. At first I thought that might be a coincidence, but then I realized that’s she’s also known as the “Green Witch,” which calls to mind the Wicked Witch of the West. Furthermore, her residence is the Emerald Castle, which is possibly a reference to the Emerald City. 

Also, the werewolf stuff takes place in southern Germany (Glinda was the good witch of the south).

(Maybe Wolfram is her little dog too!)

Fenian Cycle (Finny’s name)

In chapter 100, there’s a flashback where we see Ciel naming Finny after the lead character in a book titled Fenian Cycle: Celtic Mythology. The Fenian Cycle is a real story that’s part of Irish mythology and, just as Ciel says, the lead character was named for his blonde hair. 

Othello (Othello the reaper)

Othello is a Shakespeare play (my personal favourite Shakespeare play by the by) in which the title character is tricked into thinking that his wife was having an affair and murders her in a fit of jealous rage (the person who tricked him, Iago, convinced him that this was the best course of action). Like 5 minutes after he kills her it’s revealed that she didn’t cheat on him and he just fell for a really elaborately set up lie. Othello kills himself after discovering the truth. 

Yeah…I think it’s fairly easy to figure out that Othello (in the play) has a parallel to a character who we know committed suicide at one point. TBH this is my favourite reference in all of Kuro because we can kind of guess the character’s backstory based on his name.

Side note: Othello (the Kuro character) works in forensics, which is fitting since the field of forensics involves finding hard evidence to prove guilt or innocence. Shakespeare’s Othello had to rely on sight, verbal information, and assumptions, which led to him falsely accusing his wife of cheating on him.

Other stuff: In chapter 14, Ciel has a nightmare involving Poe’s “The Raven” and the early part of the circus arc mentions the Pied Piper. Both of these are well-known/explained in the story, so I didn’t feel the need to write a whole thing about each of them. 

If you noticed anything missing, please add it to the post! (Although make note that these are only the literary references. There are like 10,000 historical references in Kuro and I’m not experienced enough in history to notice all of them, so those can be another post.)

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Isn't game of thrones the best show! Who's your favourite character?

Yeess! Tbh i have many faves but i think my super main fave is Sanslay aka Sansa Stark

her character development is iconic. anyone who thinks Sansa doesnt have a skill are so wrong.. like it’s true her skill isn’t as flashy as Arya and Bran but Sansa is one of the smartest players. cause the way she makes her moves is by being stealthy and striking at the last minute when no one’s looking. like Sansa HAS ALWAYS been surrounded by enemies, lived with them, and hasn’t gotten a break since. like dont you realise how emotionally exhausting and terrifying that is? remember that SANSA cant defend herself so the only way she could navigate through successfully was make sure that she wouldnt get killed by playing their game. she is passive but that’s BECAUSE that’s the only way a person would have survived what Sansa has gone through. you have to convince the enemy that you’re not a threat. and strike at the last minute. that is why Sansa is still alive

i feel like she’s now a mix of Margaery and Cersei. she has learned from them.. and i’m confident Sansa got this and she is thinking through her moves carefully. i can go on and on why i adore Sansa and i will defend her until her last breath (and i will riot if she dies tbh but im optimistic she wont…). also, anyone who hates Sansa are most likely meninists! i’m sorry but that’s the tea

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Hey there! I was wondering about how you like the TOG series. I was planning to read it so I looked up some reviews and they were so mixed? And a good number were negative. They said that the main character was cliche and shallow and didn't live up to the badass assassin premise. Others said the plot and the world wasn't interesting enough. What do you think? Cuz I really want to read it! I'm in love with the ACOWAR series but if TOG isn't good then I don't want to waste my time. TYSM!

I think that if you dislike something you are more likely to post a review about it, and I think people like sharing negative opinions. I happen to adore Throne of Glass, and I prefer it to ACOTAR actually. Celaena Sardothien, who is the main character is my favourite character of all time. Her vanity is part of her being a flawed character, but I wouldn’t even classify it as a flaw tbh. 

Woman are told not to find themselves attractive and if they do then they are shallow and vain. Celaena knows that she is pretty and isn’t shy about her confidence, and she is quite charming and cheeky about it, I think we all need role models who are comfortable in their own skin, like that’s amazing and there is too little of it. I personally am sick to death of the Plain-Jane, Clumsy, Dull™ female characters that are obviously not those things that have just saturated YA literature. Celaena is a breath of fresh air from that and her growth as a character is amazing almost a complete 180.

Also I’d say that the people writing those reviews didn’t read passed book 2. It’s the same jump in how interesting the story gets as there was between ACOTAR and ACOMAF.


Magnus’ arms are stretched out at his sides, his head strained upwards. His blue magic is swirling all around him, starting a whirlwind around him, gaining speed and strength, the blue energy turning to black, getting more and more ferocious, faster and furious. When he suddenly turns, his face is a bleak grimace, his eyes dark, almost black with wickedly glowing yellow splotches.

I See You in the Dark by @sfjessii


Targaryen Meme - [2/2] Marriages

Prince Baelor married Jena Dondarrion of the Marches. The Dornish and the Marcherlords had been fighting for thousands of years and King Daeron marrying his half-Dornish heir to the daughter of the Lord of the Marches, creating a peace between the two lands. Baelor and Jena would eventually have two sons, Valarr and Matarys.

(Kadir Dogulu as Baelor / Özge Ulusoy as Jena / Tolga Sarıtaş as Valarr / Burak Dakak as Matarys.)

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where that fanfiction list at? need some juicy stories to read

Sorry I know I said I’d do this some time ago but I’ve been busy lately (I know I always say that) anyway so here it goes, it’s a little messy but I’m just writing down the ones I remember in no real order.

  • yes2day’s series (wip) is my all-time favourite. It’s canon divergent; what would have happened if John hadn’t been murdered? but it’s really tactful and treats all the characters fairly. it’s really well-written and follows Paul’s RL events with such accuracy that you will start to think it’s not fiction. It’s so in character that it’s scary! I think she uploads once a week on LiveJournal. The two first parts are on AO3 but the rest is only on LiveJournal which can be a little of a bummer because you have to look for every chapter, but it’s worth it
  • Art and Obligation (wip) by @imaginebeatles , I love all of her fics tbh but having been obsessed with Jane Austen since I was twelve, this one was bound to be one of my favourites. It’s completely Austenian! Besides, It’s  slow-burn AND hate-to-love so what else do you want?  -I’m also loving her modern au, Poetry Nights
  • Everything by @stonedlennon . My favourite is How we won the war. Sadly, I’m not sure if it will be completed, but even if it’s not it’s worth the read. So well-written!
  • Soldier of Love (wip) by Mademoiselle_kitty. Again an AU (LOVE THOSE) where John and Paul met in the army. They instantly hate each other so another great slow built, hate-to-love for you! (I can’t get enough of those)
  • Close the door lightly when you go (complete), by RosalindBeatrice. this one is part of an amazing canon series. I don’t usually go for angst but this is so in character! She’s really good when writing John’s interior monologue.
  • Holding onto the things that slip through your fingers (unfinished) by @fingersfallingupwards . This one makes me sad because it’s SO.GOOD.™ but the author has been on hiatus for years. Basically Old!Paul gets the opportunity to redo his life with the plus of knowing what’s going to happen if he doesn’t do things differently. Paul trying to save everyone from dying while dealing with the secret that he’s from the future and John falling in love with him. Such a good idea and amazingly written. 
  • @glimmerkeith ’s the starts that shine (wip?) 30s AU, John and Paul are actors in golden age Hollywood. I feel I’m saying the same all the time (not my fault, as it is true) but it’s so well-written!
  • @savageandwise ’s Bird Passing Through (complete) I love her writing and this one feels like Alice in Wonderland on drugs so don’t miss it! it also touches a little bit upon Paul and Tara Browne’s relationship which I love.
  • like a river flows, surely to the sea (unfinished) by @toppermostofthepoppermost just read it because it’s good.

I don’t think I’ve read many more tbh but these I really enjoyed. I’ll update this if I find (or remember) any other. There’s a couple on AO3 I want to read whenever I find the time :3

  • my fic fly by my window (complete) which isn’t anywhere close to the above in quality. However, I wrote it with all my love:3 It’s a modern au, romcom-like, no-drama fanfic <3

idk if this is the kind of ‘juicy’ you were looking for, anon but hope you like them! If you’re looking for pwp, I’m not much into it so I don’t think I can do a rec list of those, sorry!

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tbh i think my favourite thing about this clip is that they were so patient with each other esp when they were talking about religion and yousef didn't get upset when sana was like "are you SURE you don't believe in god?" AND HE REMINDED HER WHY SHE'S MUSLIM @MAMA BAKKOUSH COME AT ME



SO, I reached 300+ followers a time ago and I was shook ( did you all come through my mirror when I wasn’t looking or? ).  I can’t believe it but to be honest, this is not about how many followers I have but about saying “THANK YOU”  to some people that make writing here one of the most amazing experiences ever and are basically the reason why I am here, my true motivation besides my everlasting love for this Soprano that conquered my life completely and this story that breaks my heart in the best way possible. Great blogs that I simply love having on my dash, people that are so talented that make me speechless every time I read anything they write, and those who I consider now my friends, some all of those things combined because you are all so amazing that I can’t put into words. People that I love talking to and annoying the hell out ( sorry not sorry ). So yes, this is a thank you. A very sappy thank you by the way but it is not my fault that you all make me so damn emotional. I wish I could tag and write about every single one of you, but that would be the longest (ye boi) crying text ever.

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Tbh I would argue that, outside of the chocobros, Gladio and Iris probably have one of the most developed relationships in the XV verse, and we see Gladio being a great big bro.

Between the Brotherhood episode, incidental dialogues (my favourite being the one where it turns out that she and Ignis are bros lol), scenes in Lestallum and Cape Caem, the flower tour, and the haven resting scenes with her, we see Gladio either being with her or thinking about her a lot. None of the other bros really have an outside relationship like that, because I’d argue that Cor doesn’t have enough of a personality (I love him but uh yeah) to feel that important to Noctis.

Like, having a good sibling relationship can often only be seen when they’re apart. To use an example from my own life, years ago I once offhandedly mentioned that a dude I hated at school was trying to mess with me during class (but I wasn’t real bothered, he was just a dick and it was a once-off). My brother didn’t say anything at the time, but about a week later I found out that he’d told the kid that if he was rude to me again he’d lose his teeth. That’s sibling love lmao, and I wasn’t even there at the time.

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One question that kind of gives me hope is, if D@ny x Jon happens and is endgame, then who will Sansa be with? Stuck in a loveless political marriage? I highly doubt she would ever allow that again after Joffrey and Ramsey, and there's not much time for her to built a relationship with anyone else, so Jon is the only valid option, in my opinion.


Out of everyone on this show, I believe Sansa will be the one to survive. Mostly because her death seems redundant after everything she’s overcome, and especially because of this seemingly throwaway comment from Tyrion: 

“Lady Stark, you may survive us yet.”

There is also the case for her being the last remaining Stark. I pray that Arya, Bran and Sansa all survive, but Bran is now the Three-Eyed Raven, right? I don’t believe he will remain at Winterfell at the end of the story. And as for Arya, I just keep worrying about her. Those who seek revenge tend to die in not just Game of Thrones but basically every story. But she is going home now, so that gave me a lot of hope that she might end up surviving. Tbh, I just don’t know. I have no idea where her story goes from here on out and I am desperately hoping she lives. Arya and Sansa are my two favourite characters out of the entire show and all I want is a beautiful healthy Stark sisters relationship.

Even if Arya lives and as much as it pains me to say this, I don’t think Gendrya will be canon. I think Arya would most likely stay single. But if they are canon (and good lord please make it happen), I also don’t see her raising a family in Winterfell. I feel in a time of peace Arya would explore and go on adventures and Gendry would be by her side through it all. 

Anyway, basically what I mean is out of the three Starks, I think Sansa has the best chance of surviving and remaining at Winterfell. So with that in mind, if she is the Lady of Winterfell and the last Stark, she will have to marry. I know she shouldn’t have to and that it’s stupid that she does, but if the Starks are the heart of this story then the continuation of their line may be needed. Unless GRRM’s bittersweet ending is the survival of the Starks but the end of their house, which seems silly in my opinion. 

So going under the assumption that the Starks will remain standing at the end with Stark children in the future, it’ll be Sansa who has to repopulate (for lack of a better word) and that requires her to marry. She has already been married off twice. Yes, Tyrion treated her well, but ultimately, she was in loveless marriages including one extremely awful one. To force her into a loveless political marriage at the end is a horrible way to conclude Sansa’s story, especially when she says this: 

“No one will ever marry me for love.”

And with two seasons left, to introduce a new character just to be Sansa’s love interest, who will have no real sway in the political and supernatural game seems superfluous. They already said they weren’t really going to introduce any more new characters. This is the final shebang and these are the final players. Of who is left, there isn’t a single one who would make for a good match for Sansa politically and for her heart. Tyrion is a possibility, but he’s apparently now in love with Dany so there’s that. 

So like you said, Jon is her best option.

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Disney Descendants ??

fav character: Carlos De Vil…the boy is so sweet and he’s so cute and I love him. In D1 there’s a scene where his dog kisses him and he says “Thank you!” And my heart actually melted. Second fave is probably Harry, his eyeliner and general icon status is truly amazing
least favourite character: Mal TBH….I know she’s been through a lot and all but I just can’t with her. I don’t hate her, but I kinda wish she wasn’t the main character 😂 maybe I would like her more if she was a side character
otp: uhh I used to be rly into Benlos but now I think Harry/Ben tops it. Also I’m living that Uma/Mal and Evie/Doug life…and Jaylos, and Chadlos, and Lonnie/Jane. The party never stops when I’m around
brotp: Audrey and Chad. I know no one likes them but OMG they are probably the most iconic power duo….always dragging other ppls fashion and life choices. BFFs 4ever
notp: Jane and Carlos. Sorry. They’re both gay

Send me a fandom!❤️

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This sounds weird but what kind of tumblr blog do you think all the Class kids (+ Quill) would have. Quill would have a cat meme blog (obviously) but what about the rest?

okay, this was actually a series of asks a while back and tbh I think @resting-meme-face‘s answers to them are my favourites so I’m gonna link to those for the ones that she did:

So, that leaves April and Charlie. Though I did do one for Kalei when that ask thing was going around. 


Charlie needs Matteusz to explain how it works, but he gets quite into it. 

His tumblr is like his bedroom, it’s just about space, it’s the most obvious “look at me I’m an alien” you’ve ever seen, to the point where Quill actually criticises him for it and tells him that he needs to be careful in case UNIT are monitoring them. (You know, since there was already that close call with Matteusz’s instagram and Quill really doesn’t want to have to move to France or some shit.) Well, and he posts a lot of cute selfies of him and Matteusz and gets a bit of attention for that, because people love cute white boys kissing.

His URL is literally secretspaceprince and it was Tanya’s idea and the kids all think it’s hilarious and Quill wants to bash their heads together. 

He’s genuinely a bit traumatised the first time he gets followed by a porn blog, poor Matteusz has to save him and he’s trying to cuddle him to make him feel better but Matteusz can’t stop laughing into his neck because the look on Charlie’s face was just too funny. 


She changes her URL after the shit with her heart starts happening, to violinsandschmitars or something else that shows her contrasting aesthetics. Maybe like, violinwarriorking or something. 

Her blog is partly pretty aesthetic stuff, partly some shows like Riverdale that she just watches for the hot people and cos it’s easy, and then maybe some poems or something, tiny bit of social justice stuff. 

She reblogs a lot of Charlie’s pictures of him and Matteusz with a bunch of love heart emojis in the tags. 

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You are my favourite blog and you obviously have good taste, so what KC blogs do you recommend KCers follow ?

*yells* thank you so much! 

I think Moni without a doubt, the keeper of fandom knowledge tbh, @joey-prue. Erika posts all the article snippets that we need to know, and she makes BEAUTIFUL edits, @eriberry89. Jo, a fanfic cover ANGEL FROM GOD, @fanfantasticworld. Angie, A GIFT TO DA WORLD @thetourguidebarbie, and her smut drabble blog @onyourkneescaroline, hilariously sometimes people don’t know she’s both.

Cristy, the fanfic author of MY SOUL @misssophiachase, she has like a plethora of fics and listen—I’m not even exaggerating when I say I both read, and UTTERLY LOVE EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM. GO FOLLOW HER, AND THEN GO READ ALL HER FICS, ALL OF EM.

My fangirl partner, and ruins lives with drabbles, also ace detective Kaitlyn, @she-walked-away.

If you want like 50/50 TO/Klaroline, Syd is without a doubt one @mydarlingklaus, as is Mimi who makes a bunch of gif sets for TO/Klaroline, @shekissedklaus.

Of course the literal gifts to humanity, that I thank da lord everyday chose to BLESS US WITH THEIR WITCHCRAFT, @parallel-outlines and formerly niklausxcaroline, but currently @seriouslyinlove. Truly, these two, ruin my life weekly. 

All these lovelies @accidental-rambler, @purestheartslove, @leeloships, @klarolinessecondbreakfast, @lynyrdwrites, @klarolineforevermine, @austennerdita2533 life-ruiners every single one of em, but you’ll love em for it. Edits, drabbles, reaction posts, EVERYTHING THESE LADIES PROVIDE, AND THEY ARE GLORIOUS.  

Paula, @howeverlongs. Who when you make her read a book series that causes her pain, she’ll go and make a Klaroline gif set inspired, or worse paralleled by whatever pain she suffered in whatvever she was recommended. Do not recommend her books, because she will make a Klaroline gif set with some heart-wrenching quote from the book ship, AND IT WILL HURT. She’s super nice, but she’s also like 100% evil, go follow her tho. 

Caroline stan extraordinaire @goldcaught, who makes such lovely edits on top of her imminent vow to fight anyone in the name of Caroline Forbes. Make no mistake, she loves Klaroline, but she’s here for Caroline. Don’t fight her, she’ll win. 

My partners in crime/intimates/fellow hate blogs/charmed one’s, hollaaaaaa @hellsbellschime and @jonsnowbitch. They’re lovely to discuss with, for some reason Jenn’s lovely to troll with? Idk, she get’s trolled the most out of the three of us for some reason. They discuss as much as I do and they’re some BOMB ASS LADIES, WHO I LOVE VERY MUCH.

And last but certainly not least, follow the legit life saver @klarolinefanficdirectory, and the magazine, @klarolinemag.

And truthfully scrolling through the tag is always a good bet, the majority of the fandom is wonderful, and you’ll have no hard time finding people to follow

One Piece Character Poll Thoughts

My thoughts on the recent One Piece character poll results.

1. Monkey D. Luffy

Well, I mean, who the hell would read a 870+ chapter manga if they didn’t like the main character.

Luffy cannot be dethroned.

He is the King.

2. Roronoa Zoro

Nice to see him back in the 2nd spot. Personally he is my personal favourite, mostly because he’s my type (ripped, serious - but not emotionless, swordsman - I like swords) so I’m biased.

3. Sanji

Yay! I’m happy that the Japanese fans aren’t hating on him. And I’m happy that he’s called “Sanji” and not “Vinesmoke Sanji”. Because, like, Vinesmoke Sanji is dead, only “Black Leg Sanji” lives.

4. Trafalgar Law

Law is cool and all (but a little dull IMO). I’m not suprised he’s ranked so high. I’m okay with him at 4, as long as he’s behind monster trio.

6. Jimbei

He is boss. Enough said. This arc proved it.

I used to think he was dull, and that he wouldn’t fit in with the Strawhats. But I really like him now. However, I’m suprised he’s ranked so high, having said that, I don’t know who would be 6th instead.

7. Tony Tony Chopper

Well Chopper is the king of One Piece merchandise. I mean he’s cute, and can put up a fight. He was really useful in the beginning of Whole Cake Island.

8. Nami

Nami is the sex symbol on the series. Not surprised she’s ranked so high. Plus sh’e been really useful in this arc, and pretty much whenever in the series.

She’a my favourite female character.

5. Portgas D. Ace & 9. Sabo

I put these two together because to me, they have a similar purpose in the series as Luffy’s brother. TBH I like Sabo more than Ace. Even when Ace first appeared in Alabasata, I didn’t love him, I just thought he was kinda cool. But I actually really like Sabo as a character.

I’d rather Sabo be ranked higher than Ace, especially since Ace died ages ago, I’m suprised he still ranked higher than Sabo, who was in the series more recently. Anyhow, I’m glad Luffy’s brothers are loved.

10. Boa Hancock

I don’t like her.

I can see why people do, but I personally don’t like her. She thinks she better than everyone, and is rude to anyone but Luffy. Even her own people. TBH I can’t see Luffy being with someone so disrespectful, so I don’t get the ship.

11. Shanks

Well he’s a mysterious character who’s been introduced at the very beginning. He is the main drive for Luffu’s ambition. But I’m surprised he’s ranked so high considering how little we know of him. He could end up being a baddy if Oda wanted to (not that I believe he’s a bad guy).

12. Nico Robin

What’s not to love with Robin. She’s my 2nd favourite character in the series. Even though I like Nami more (personality wise), Robin is much more interesting, and I’m liking her more & more.

13. Cavendish

WHOA!! I did not expect Cavendish to be ranked so high. I don’t remember him being ranked so high in the last poll (correct me if I’m wrong). I mean, I’m happy for him because he’s my favourite of the Grand Fleet. THAT was a surprise.

14. Vinesmoke Reiju

I love Reiju (but I think there’s more to her). Not suprised she’s so popular.

15. Usopp

He’s GOD. Enough said.

16. Donquixote Rosinante

I get why he’s popular. I love him too. Suprised he’s ranked so high, but I guess the Dressrosa arc only ended less than 2 years ago.

17. Donquixote Doflamingo & 18. Mr. 0 Sir Crocodile

So I guess Doflamingo is the most popular villan. Personally I like Crocodile more, even back in the Alabasta arc. Crocodile was such an evil troll, giving the Strawhats hope, then crushing it. Like the ticking bomb & the fake key. Also he was f-ing awesome throughout Marineford.

But the Dressrosa Arc as a whole is better than Alabasta. Doffy was hyped through out the 1st half of the story, and he did not disappoint. Crocodile would most likely out rank Doffy when he reappears back into the story.

19. Brook & 20. Franky


He’s like, the MVP of this arc, and he’s an awesome singing skeleton!!!

What is wrong with the Japanese!?!?

I mean, Franky makes sense at the bottom, since he hasn’t been in the story for a year, but BROOK. BROOK.

20. Marco

I don’t get why he’s so highly ranked. He’s only been in the series in ONE arc. Sure he was freaking cool in that arc, & he was mentioned very recently, but other than that, we know nothing of him. Tbh, other than his devil fruit, there isn’t really anything appealing to me about him.

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honestly…the love of my life..i know everyone always talks about THIS PERFORMANCE but it is literally one of the most beautiful things i’ve ever seen in my entire life. i LOVED that she chose to debut it at the live stream because it meant that she was super proud of it and thought it showcased some of the songwriting on red which she somehow managed to take to another level from speak now

i love that she seems kind of nervous in this performance because it echoes the tone of the song JSFDS i’m sorry i’m like shaking just thinking about it TBH i love that you have to wait so long for the chorus like the structure of this song is one of the most interesting and mature things she’s ever done there’s no instant gratification and i think maybe this is the kind of direction she could explore more in the future?? IDK 

also THE LYRICS!!! my favourite is probably…the whole thing…but specifically  “nothing safe is worth the drive” like what kind of simple quiet genius?? that one line DEFINES the entire song 

put a taylor swift song in my inbox and i’ll share every thought i’ve ever had on it

Character Profile Meme: Lirelle Dawnbrook

art by @rishnea, outfit by @dorksworn

Full Name: Lirelle Dawnbrook

Other Names: Dawnmender Stabs, Lirs, Ass

Universe They Exist In: World of Warcraft

Gender and Sexuality: Cis female, very straight.

Pronouns: She/Her

Ethnicity/Species: ex-High Elf, Blood Elf

Birthplace and Birthdate: Born in her home of Dawnveil 369 years ago. Birthdate May 8th.

Guilty Pleasures: Shitty romance books (more later), drinking to excess, messing with her housemates.

Phobias: ‘Failure’, death of friends.

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Bandstand for the musical thing!

Favourite song?
Welcome Home (Finale) and Breathe are tied for first place.

Favourite character?
Johnny my boy!

Favourite obc member?
Corey Cott is like actually of my favorite people ever.

Least favourite song?
Uhhhhh none of the above.

Least favourite character?
That one club owner in the beginning who Donny gets mad at and then gets his guys to beat Donny up.

Donny and Julia.

Tbh I don’t know enough of the ships to pick one.

Wayne and Nick.

Favourite non obc member of cast?
Well considering it closed so early…

Unpopular opinion?
Idk how unpopular it is but I don’t think that Julia would take Donny’s name. I think she’d always be Julia Trojan, even if they did get married.

Rating out of ten?
yes/10 would die for this show.

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Do you hate Sansa?

That’s kind of complicated to answer because there are so many different Sansa’s running around.

Book!Sansa - I really like and find fascinating. She’s probably my second favourite female pov to read after Arya and I enjoy her arc. I disliked her in the first book - but seriously I challenge anyone not to get pissed off reading the GoT incarnation of Sansa. Overall, I think she’s has her flaws but is a great character and very interesting from a psychological perspective.

Show!Sansa - Ehhh. So-so. She’s so inconsistent it’s kind of hard to say tbh. The changes from the book have annoyed me both because of the impact on her own character and others. But she’s ok.

Fanon!Sansa - Loathe. I know every character has it’s extreme fans, but because Sansa has so many stans on Tumblr and I read/follow a lot of Stark stuff it’s hard to get away from her. I’m sure fanon Tyrion, Cersei and Dany are just as annoying but they’re less obvious and in your face. But fanon Sansa is everywhere and drives me crazy.

And that’s sad because that’s started to seep into how I view the character as a whole. But the non-stop “Sansa for Queen of Westeros/the North/the world, the entire jonsa mess that’s what happens when you adopt a crack pairing as canon, the problem of Sansa fans being under attack so much outside of Tumblr that they’re very defensive and dominating within this space, constantly making Arya subservient to prop Sansa up (the Arya-as-Nymeria theory, Arya as her sword/sworn shield, hell even the number of fics that have Arya constantly serving Queen Sansa in one way or another) and this rise of Gendry/Sansa, is only ever going to make me dislike the character not like her.