i think she is beautiful as a model c:

RFA + Saeran with a gorgeous bombshell MC

So, I decided to combine these two requests because I think they kinda go in the same direction.

Hope you like this! ^^


  • When you showed up at his house, he almost fell and broke his other leg
  •  You would look beautiful to him no matter how you look, but… you probably look beautiful to everybody!
  • So yeah, he feels jealous when you’re walking on the street together, every guy is looking at you like… well, like every woman looks to him.
  • But as soon as he slips his hand to your waist, he knows people are thinking you’re the power couple and the sex is probably amazing. SPOILER: It is!
  • And the fact that you look so hot and have such a sweet personality only amazes him more and more.
  • “If you’re the wolf, Zen. I’m the fox!” oh shit, how can someone so hot tease so cutely?


  • He almost held back that kiss he gave you at the RFA party, he had no idea if he could put his hands on… your… body…
  •  That amazing body… you look like those lingerie models he saw on catalogues… not that he looks at lingerie catalogues often!
  • What will he do? Nobody will ever believe somebody like you is dating him! When you two are in public, guys approach you and don’t even notice he’s there…
  • So it takes you to give the most intense kiss on his lips to remind people (and him) that fuck what people think, you two will be happy together.
  • He tries so hard not to glance too much, but he can’t help it.
  • “Like what you see? You know you can touch it, right?” he will after he calms down a little.


  • She thinks you’re definitely beautiful.
  • But she only realized what she was dealing with watching male customers gaze at you.
  • So now she gets it, you look like you could be one of Zen co-stars!
  • So yeah, she feels a little insecure. Guys hit on you, girls hit on you, you have basically a fan-club… where does she fit in all of this?
  • But you constantly telling her how beautiful and hot she is definitely boost her confidence. If someone so gorgeous like you thinks that, it must be true, right?
  • “You’re perfect! I wish I have breasts as beautiful as yours, you know?”what? B-but your breasts are perfect and… wait, she should not be thinking about boobs like this at work…


  • When you showed up at his penthouse, he thought you were some woman sent by his father.
  • But when you introduce yourself and he associates this… bombshell with the sweet girl from the chat room… it’s hard to keep a conservative mind, you know?
  • He’s not one to be taken by beauty standards, but you… you look like a model. Can he hire you to model for C & R?
  •  And the fact that you know how beautiful you are only amuses him more. Your confidence is actually more charming than your looks.
  • He usually doesn’t care about what other people think and doesn’t read social media comments, but it amuses him more than he would matter reading how people can’t help imagine you two fucking…
  • “These people are gross, Jumin!” That’s right, but some of them are really giving him ideas…


  • When he saw you in the CCTV, he unconsciously smashed his Dr. Pepper can.
  • Well, actually it was more like that wolf from that Tex Avery’s cartoon, there was steam coming out from his ears.
  • You look like the femme fatales from his agency, Yes, he would definitely spill it out everything he knew if you interrogated him… oh, that’s dangerous, isn’t it?
  • And then there’s the fact that you’re quirky, smart and funny. Ugh… he needs to stay away from you, you’re gonna be the death of him! (yes, even literally if his agency finds out)
  • Those days at Rika’s apartment were torture! It’s such a relief when you get together and evrything is solved.
  • “You’re undressing really fast, Saeyoung…” well, he held back for so long, get ready to be taken to the space station without leaving the bed.


  • He doesn’t give a shit about how you look like, as long as you don’t get on the way of his plans.
  • Okay, but sometimes he checked the photos he got from your background check and… well, he could see the appeal.
  •  He doesn’t know much about this, but… yeah, you look like someone nobody would ever reject. In such a shallow society, your looks would make you win RFA’s trust.
  • But as he gets to know you after everything, he sees there’s so much more about you, like… you really care for people! For him!
  • So yes, your inner beauty is what actually makes people like you. Could he be as gorgeous as you are inside, one day?
  • You cried when he awkwardly told you this, he couldn’t understand why. “It’s just… nobody ever told me something so meaningful, you know? You are… really handsome too.”

anonymous asked:

after my break up of a 3 years relatnsp,I still havent had a stable relationship. I'm a female & I often find myself dating narcissists. I'm highly educated,my appearance is ok,I'm a bit curvy one. I don't know what I'm doing wrong & I always end up hurted. I don't know what's wrong with me. My appearance,my character,my mind,i still dont know what the heck attracts shitty people to my life.

in 7th grade my best friend rodney would invite me to bbqs. i always accepted his invites because i was a huge fan of soul food & good music/people/energy. i remember seeing really, really thick and curvy women there. these women would always bring empty tupperware containers in their purses (to take food home). that used to trip me out, but you know what tripped me out even more? these curvy/think/big women were always with buff/ripped or skinny guys (the men they were with were hotter than the men the skinny women were with). always. i used to wonder how these women were able to pull these men. but after awhile of getting to know them… i finally understood why & how. these women saw themselves as bold/beautiful/brilliant; they spoke their fucking mind out; they had the self-confidence of a lion(ess); they didn’t give a fuck; they had a very dominant personality; they didn’t put out desperate energy; they were honest/funny/passionate; and they just knew how to have a good fucking time. i knew a strong woman when i saw one… because of my mother… and these women were strong as fuck (spiritually/emotionally/physically/mentally). i soon came to respect & admire them because they shed light on areas i needed to work on… i’ve seen this throughout my life - that women who were 5’s or less (1-10 scale) but possessed self-confidence, usually got what they wanted/deserved/expected. many of my friends & exes were raped when they were younger or in college. that shit really fucked them up; they felt tainted/ugly/marked/disgusting; it screwed up their self-esteem/image/confidence. if they asked me for advice, i’d always recommend that they sign up for boxing or self-defense classes so that shit never happens again. most of them took my advice & signed up. after a few classes/sessions you could see something inside of them was changing - like they were transmuting the pain/insecurities/fear/negative experiences into power/self-confidence/love/respect. they would tell me that every time they punched a bag or learned a new move… that it was like a metaphor for being able to defend themselves against whatever life threw at them. it was like they could finally fight back against the shadows of their former selves… and win. it was like they could finally muster up the courage to say ’fuck you for trying to fuck to up my life! i’m in charge now bitch! don’t fuck with me anymore! i’m charging forward like a bull motherfucker!’ some guru once said, “the past does not equal the future” i happen to agree. i’ll tell you this… maybe there’s nothing wrong with you my dear. maybe you’re fine just the way you are… maybe it’s your environment and strategies. have you ever tried to catch king salmon with hotdogs? doesn’t work. have you ever tried to catch catfish in the ocean? you can’t - b/c they don’t live there. have you ever looked for bigfoot in the desert? good luck with that darling. do you see where i’m going with this? there are a lot of great men out there. unfortunately, most of them are shy. when you understand this, then you’ll start asking yourself better questions. like what can i do to land a nice/sweet guy? where can i find them? where do they eat at? what are they into? should i put an ad in the newspaper? maybe i need a fucking vacation (always a great idea). i would look to women like oprah, ellen degeneres and j.k. rowling as role models. fuck the fashion magazines. that shit is fake. you want ‘real’ women doing big things. you know oprah used to be really, really fat & then she became skinny and now… well… she’s fucking perfect. she used to stress over her body all the time but then she said fuck it i’m changing the world; i’m beautiful because i’m changing lives! fuck what they think! my value comes from making people feel beautiful about themselves! i love you oprah. will you marry me? you know… she could pull anyone, and i mean anyone… not b/c she’s a billionaire - but b/c she’s a goddess. and most men nowadays worship goddesses. so focus on yourself. try to figure what you have to offer the world. women who are trying to make a difference are very attractive. tap into the source within. here’s what happens when you become a goddess my dear… weak men will either shrink in fear or they will worship you and strong men will rise up and rule the kingdom with you. you’re a goddess, start acting like one. ~rob
p.s. repeat after me: “i’m a fucking goddess goddamnit!”

She is the epitome of confident…

My girl crish is Diana C. Veras. She’s 6 years younger than I am yet she’s my role model. She embraces every pound, down to the ounce and doesn’t care what anyone thinks of her. 

She doesn’t use her curves to over-sexualize her role as a woman but she uses them to make a statement that says “I’m perfect the way I am”… And because of her confidence she is the most beautiful woman in the world to me..

Here’s to you; Modern Day Marilyn.. my girl crush!

Her instagram: mynamesdiana 

Signed Girl crusher - Blake

It was beautiful day. Perfect for a stroll out of the base for an icecream hunting. Genji would gladly buy a pack, sneak it into his room and eat all by himself. Nobody’s gonna stop him.

On his way, he noticed someone. At first he though it was a regular omnic, but closer look confirmed the girl was some other kind of robotic being. Interesting. He haven’t seen a model like this before. And what she was doing at the watchpoint’s door?

“Greetings! May I help you, miss?” Cyborg asked lightly, approaching the guest. Whomever she was, better not leave a stranger alone. Not when they were trying to revive Overwatch here. “This isn’t most spectacular place to go on a stroll, to be honest.” He added with a chuckle.

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