i think she had a few beers

The Contest

Dean x reader one shot - Dean loves to give you a hard time, and one night he pushes things a little too far…

Word count: 2293

No warnings, unless you consider a wet t-shirt contest tag-worthy (I have no idea where that came from, I think my muse was drunk…)

Flashback in italics

You sit in the booth, Dean’s arm draped over your shoulder as you lean into his chest, your legs up on the seat, beer in hand. Sam slides back into the seat across from you, answering your smile with one of his own.

It’s a good night, things have evened out for a bit, and you’re all feeling relaxed, almost contented. Sam’s new ‘friend’ had just left, saying she had to work the next day. You’re enjoying hanging with the boys, drinking a few beers. You watch the college kids, early twenties at the most, playing the same games you all used to play, trying to hook up, make some kind of connection.

You let out a happy sigh, looking up at Dean as he watches them, too, a kind of distant smile on his face.

“What?” you ask, and he looks down at you, his smile turning a little sheepish.

“I was just remembering the night… well, the night you opened my eyes.” You blush a little, ducking your head in a vain attempt to hide the amusement curving your lips, and he raises an eyebrow at you, letting loose with a stunning grin. You bump him in the belly with your elbow, and Sam stares at you with a curious gleam in his eye.

“Okay, now I want to hear this story.”

You blush a shade darker, and Dean looks at you, asking without asking. “Oh, go ahead. You’re dying to tell it.”

“Okay, Sammy, picture back a few years, a few months after we met Y/N…” You listen as Dean talks, letting your memories wash over you.

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I Have A Confession

For the @jonxsansafanfiction​ 15 days of Valentines Event Day 3: Confessions

“Jon I found a girl for you.”

Jon paused mid sip of his beer, only momentarily glancing across the table to where Sansa was sitting beside her brother before looking at Robb for confirmation he had heard him correctly.

“What was that?” was all Jon could think to say.

“I found a girl for you.” Robb repeated.

“She works at my office, just started there a few weeks ago. She’s attractive, athletic, outgoing, she’s perfect for you. I showed her your picture and she said she would be interested.” Robb spoke between bites of his steak, more focused on his plate then Jon’s reaction

Jon didn’t know what to say under the circumstances. Nothing like this had come up at their weekly get togethers since things had changed.

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earthquakefox  asked:

Why did Jeff asked to speak to his neighbor Pamela after he was arrested? What did he think she was going to do or say after finding out all that he did? I don't know what the purpose was there. What did he want to tell her? What do you think of this?

I believe he requested her presence because he felt that they were friends, or at least on friendly enough terms, and he felt embarrassed/ashamed of betraying her trust. They would occasionally hang out, he had given her furniture and he had shared beers and some lengthy small talk with her husband - one of few innocent encounters he had shared with other people in that apartment. I just think it was just a desperate attempt to salvage any relationship he previously had, because he had so few. In my opinion, he most likely wanted to apologize to her for everything involving the apartment, knowing most likely the other tenants would suffer for his crimes (as they did, everyone was eventually relocated) and to thank her for being something like a friend to him. The conversation desired was likely just to ease his own conscious about the situation.

blue night radio ♡ 160722

listener: jjongd, do you drink cocktails well?
jonghyun: many people seem to think that i wouldn’t drink cocktails or sweet alcohol well because they know i can’t drink… very well. but, no, i drink hard liquor and soju well. i drink strong alcohol well. i cannot even sip beers. many people get surprised by this. they say: “you said you can’t drink well!” i remember replying that, even though i can’t drink very well, soju and hard liquor are better. i actually had makgeolli (korean rice wine) a few days ago and thought that it wasn’t really something for me to drink. (source: thatcoolcatmeow)

Alphas and Omegas


Morgan typed away at her computer adjusting her reading glasses as she may have stubled onto a case. She kept digging finding a few odd things before taking a drink of her beer sitting next to her. She heard the door unlock “OH Good your back,” She said aloud still nose deep in her computer. “I think i may have found something, not super far from here and….and….Candi….who are they?!” Morgan said shocked as she moved now standing and quickly moving into the kitching shouting at Candice “KITCHEN NOW!” She tapped her food impatiently. “WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?! THATS AN ALPHA AND OMEGA WE HAD ONE RULE!” She yelled out in a hushed tone so they coudlnt hear. “ONE RULE you even made you couldnve at least warned me look at me im in a ratty old tank top and short and no bra i look gross no matter how hot they look!” She cried out hushed again embarassed as crap as she peaked around the corner taking her glasses off.

“Dean are you sure about this?” Sam asked standing in the hallway a bit awkawardly. Clearly Candice’s friend had no idea they were coming. “She did save us do we really have to stay to check on her? you can smell the other girl this isnt a good idea,” Sam said shifting waiving slightly to the other omega hoping to calm her some.


Sam Winchester Imagine- No Bunnies Allowed

A/N- so a lot of you wanted  to be tagged in this :) (By a lot i mean like 2) So here you all go :) @slintheadshuckface & @training-wolves  You’re welcome lovelies :) {credit to gif owner} The only reason I didn’t make this smut is because almost all my requests are for smut

    “You’re being.. what is it called? Catfished!” Dean said, laughing at his younger brother who had been talking to you online for a few months now. “Dean. She’s the real deal.” Sam said, looking up at him sternly. “Yeah, that’s what everyone thinks…” Dean said, chuckling and opening a beer. “What’s her name, Sammy?” Dean asked, looking at Sam with a sarcastic smile. “Y/N.” Sam said, turning his head. “See, anyone could’ve come up with that.” Dean shook his head at Sammy, not believing him. 


    “So where are we going again?” Dean asked, driving to L.A to meet you. “Well, I’m about to confirm my girlfriend to you…” Sam smirked, looking at Dean. Giving him the address, Dean continued down the highway. 

 Y:  I can’t wait to meet you!! :) I’ve been waiting a really long time and I’m so nervous..

S: Don’t be nervous, baby, the feeling is mutual. 

Y: So when you get here, my shoot will just be finishing, so I may or may not be in an actual outfit…

S: I’m okay with that ;)

Y: Have you told him yet?

S: No, I want the reaction to be genuine when he realizes it 


    Pulling up to the gray brick mansion, Sam turned to look at Dean’s face. Mouth hanging open, he turned to Sam. “A bunny?” Dean sounded like a third grader, causing Sam to laugh. “Yes.” He said, his voice shaky with laughter. 

     Getting out of the car, Sam and Dean walked up to the door, knocking. Opening the door, a mass amount of beautiful women peeked their head out. Dean’s eyes got wide, taking in the view. “You must be here for Y/N?” A girl looked Sam up and down, smirking a little. “Yes..” Sam smiled, the girls allowing the boys in. “Hugh isn’t here right now, so get comfortable, her shoot isn’t done yet.” As fast as the girls appeared, they were gone. 

      Sitting on the large couches, Sam looked at Dean, a huge smile on his face. “You’re dating, a bunny?” Dean asked, kissing his teeth. Sam nodded, containing his ‘I told you so’. “My favorite bunny.” Dean said, sounding like a little kid again. “Yeah, actually.” Sam said, shoving it in his face. Dean shook his head no in jealousy, leaning back on the couch. 


   Walking out in a pair of black panties and bra with faux fur on the sides, your heels clicked. “Sam?” You asked, biting your lip. Getting up, Sam walked over to you, holding eye contact. Behind him, Dean was stunned, his eyes roaming your body. “Sorry for how I look, the shoot took longer than expected.” You said, looking at the floor and blushing. “No, don’t apologize, you look amazing.” Dean’s eyes were still on you as he shoved his hands in his pockets and walked over to stand next to Sam. “And you’re Dean, right?” You asked, smiling at him. “Yeah..” Dean gave an awkward smile, looking between you two. 

      You wrapped your arms around his neck, hugging him. Dean’s eyes met Sam’s in confusion. Nodding, Sam approved Dean to hug you back. Lasting for only a few brief seconds, you pulled away, leaning up to kiss Sam sweetly on the lips. 

    Dean’s head was to the side, and when you pulled away, he looked mindlessly around the room at decorations. “So, I uh, I’m gonna go…” Dean gave an awkward laugh as he walked out of the house. Your eyes caught Sam’s, spending a moment to soak up that it was actually happening. 

    Grabbing his hand in yours, you started to walk. “Come on..” You said over your shoulder, smirking. Taking him upstairs, you went into one of the room, shutting and locking the door. 


     Walking Sam out to the Impala, you kissed him through the window, waving as they drove off. “So, how did it go?” Dean asked, fury in his voice. “Well, she’s only had sex once before about 2 hours ago.” Sam frowned, watching Dean’s face. Pure confusion, Dean quickly looked at him. “Really?” Dean asked, looking back at the road. “Honest to God, she was tight enough.” Sam said, a small smile appearing on his face before he forced it away. Dean nodded, “I still don’t think you should get a bunny before I do.” Dean’s knuckles went white, gripping the steering wheel as he pressed harder on the gas.         

Luke Hemmings-grind on me

Luke’s POV
After a long day in the studio we all decided to hit a bar for a few drinks and in hope of maybe seeing a pretty girl to talk too. “Think we deserve something a bit stronger than a beer,Ash get a few vodkas in.” Michael said. “I like your thinking mate. Four vodkas in please beautiful.” Ashton laughed. He couldn’t help but flirt with every pretty girl he saw. “Coming right up babe.” The barmaid smirked. We all took the vodkas and downed them in one. Calum signalled to the barmaid for some more and she nodded. I looked around,it was like any other bar,lights,a dance floor and a lot of pretty girls. Then,my eyes stopped at one girl,her long,curled hair glistened in the lights and she had a drink in her hand. She wore a headband with blue flowers on it that made her look like some kind of fairy princess. Her hips swayed to the rhythm of the song,moving side to side elegantly. She was different. I couldn’t keep my eyes off her. “I need another drink.” I told the boys,Ashton calling over the barmaid again.
It’s been over an hour and we were still doing okay,we weren’t to drunk. Yet. The girl was still in a circle with her friends,her hips still going to the beat. Suddenly,she turned around,her eyes piercing my soul. Well,that’s what it felt like. Oh my god. She’s coming over. Act cool. “She’s coming Luke.” Calum mentioned. “He will be as well if he gets his way.” Michael sneered and I thumped him on the arm. Soon,she was stood in front of me,a smirk playing on her plump lips. “How about instead of staring you come an dance with me?” She asked. My face dropped and all I did was nod. She grabbed my hand,pulling me to dance floor. She put my hands on her hips and she began to move under my touch. “You gonna tell me your name or am I gonna have to guess?” She giggled. “Luke Hemings.” “Cool name,sound like some kind of band members name.” I smirked. “I am in a band..” Her eyes lit up. “Really? That’s cool,but I’ve had better.” She laughed,her eyes sparkling mischievously. “Prove it baby girl.” A new song came on and this time I was prepared. I put my hands on her hips,her bum grinding against my skinny jeans. Suddenly,I felt my penis becoming more prominent in my jeans. She looked up at me and smiled. “Someones eager.” She giggled,her laugh touching my heart. “You gonna help me out or what baby girl?” “Help you out with what Hemmings?” She laughed. I turned her body round,grabbing her bum aggressively. “The hard on I’ve got over you grinding your bum against me.” “Hmm,I thought it would be funner to tease you for a bit longer.” She giggled. “Two can play at that game baby girl.” “I ran my fingers down her body,feeling her squirm beneath me. She tilted her head,exposing her tanned neck to me. “And you called me eager.” I whispered,leaning my head in to her neck ,sucking slightly. “Mmm.” She mumbled. My hands reached her covered core,rubbing her softly through he black,tight dress. I pulled it up,now the only thing between me and her core were a lace panties that were soaking with every touch. She brought her hand to my crotch,palming me through my jeans as I became harder quicker than expecting. My fingers pressed against her core and she moaned into my ear. “I could have you moaning a lot louder than that if you let me baby girl.” I whispered. She pulled my hand away from her core,her eyes shining as she led me to the exit. I turned around and saw the boys giving me a thumbs up. I was definitely getting some tonight.

She dragged me out of the main club area and into a hidden corridor. Her hands roamed around my body,her plump lips trailing across my neck. She pulled at the button on my skinny jeans,undoing it along with my zipper. Sinking to her knees,she palmed me through my boxers,the friction killing me. I pulled on her hair,her head now looking up at me innocently. “What’s wrong Lukey?” She questioned,her Y/E/C peering at me candidly. “Either suck my dick or let me find someone else that will.” I growled. She smirked. “Go look,but you’ll never find another like me.” She was right. Everything about her was mesmerising. Her face,her eyes,her smiles,her body,her personality. I wanted all of it. I needed all of it. “You can go as slow as you like,as long as I get your number at the end of all this?” I laughed. “How about I see how big your dick is before I agree on anything okay?” All I could do was nod. Soon,she pulled at my boxers,my prominent hard on springing out. Y/N looked shocked. “Guess I’m getting your number then baby girl?” She took me in her hand,her thumb massaging my tip. “Not so fast Lukey.” She giggled. She ran her tongue down my length,bucking my hips towards her. She repeated her actions a few more times,teasing me,until she finally put me in her mouth. She bobbed her head back and forth along me,getting quicker with every moan I made. Suddenly,I hit the back of her throat and she gagged violently,but she carried on. My moans filled the silent corridor and she watched my reaction seductively. There was a pop and she took me from her mouth. She ran her tongue around my tip,her fingers massaging my balls. “Fuck Y/N.” I groaned. Then,I was back in her mouth,her lips moving back and forth quicker than before. I’d never felt anything like it before,her lips worked magic around me,making me moan louder than I had ever before. I felt my self twitch and hit the back of Y/N’s throat again and I pulled out. She looked up at me,pouting slightly. “Whats wrong Lukey? Wasn’t it good?” She asked. I pulled her up and held her by the waist,looking into her attentive eyes. “Honestly Y/N,I just didn’t want to cum until I was properly inside you.” I smirked. She giggled. It was so adorable. “You’re beautiful you know that?” I saw her cheeks flush red. “Shut up Luke.” She sighed. “Y/N you are-” I was interrupted my her lips on mine,her tongue asking for access. Our tongues explored one another’s,trying to gain dominance. I ran my hands down her petite waist,pulling up her dress again. I detached my lips from hers,trailing down to her breasts. I left kisses and marks along her breasts,making her moan slightly. Her breathing hitched as I pulled down her lace underwear,I could tell she was nervous. “Baby girl we don’t have to do this you know?” I asked her comfortingly. “I want you Luke.” She paused,leaning up towards my ear. “I’m dripping for you.” She whispered. That was it. My fingers connected with her core and she moaned out. I rubbed her gently,my fingers sliding up and down her clit. “You really are dripping baby girl.” I laughed. Y/N wrapped one leg around my waist so I could get better access to her core. Teasing her,I put one finger near her entrance then moved away,causing Y/N to pout at me. “Luke seriously?” She gasped. I pushed my finger inside of her,causing her to gasp loudly. “Shush baby girl.” I whispered,covering her mouth with my hand. She nodded and I let go. I began moving my finger into her and she moaned against me. I pulled out,rubbing her clit harshly before lining myself up at her entrance. “Ready baby girl?” She nodded and I pushed into her. God,she was tight. I waited,letting her adjust. “You okay Y/N?” I asked sincerely. I could tell it hurt. “Yeah it’s just been a while. And never been that big.” She added cheekily. “What can I say?” I giggled,and she rested her head on my shoulder and I began to move. I was slow at first,stretching Y/N out. She began to moan against my chest,pulling at my shirt. I thrust in to her quicker now, her moans getting louder with every thrust. “Fuck Luke!” She cried out. She felt so good around me and we moaned together. I reached down and rubbed my hand against her and that made her come undone around me. Her high continued as I felt my grow,she began sucking at my neck and said “Come for me Lukey.” With those words,I released in side of her,groaning as we rode our our highs together. Slowly,I pulled out of her and she fell against me. “You okay Y/N?” I asked anxiously. She nodded,reaching down for her underwear that lay carelessly on the floor. I put my fingers under her chin,lifting her head up to look at me. “What’s wrong?” I asked again. “I’m gonna be just another fuck to you aren’t I?” She whispered. I put my hands around her waist,pulling her against me. “If you were just another fuck why would I bother asking you for a date on Friday?” I laughed and her beautiful eyes lit up. “I’d like that…Lukey.” She smirked. “Me too baby girl.”

Thought I’d do it from one of the boys point of views,I don’t know if it’s any good,oops

Feedback is welcome,even if it’s shit

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“Hey,” Ella said as she walked into Aria’s bedroom. “Are you okay?”
Without even looking up from the open shoebox that was resting on her lap Aria nodded her head slightly, “Yeah,” she replied. “I’m okay.”
Ella sighed, the last time she’d seen Aria looking through this box was when she had been banned from seeing Ezra. Ella knew it was full of mementos of their relationship, ticket stubs, a beer coaster and various other things that to anyone else probably looked like junk but for Aria they reminded her of a special moment in her life.
“Are you sure?” Ella asked cautiously as she sat down on the bed. “Because earlier you couldn’t wait to get out of The Brew.”
Aria lifted a hand up to her face and wiped away a few stray tears, “I think Ezra and I broke up,” she replied sadly.
“You think you broke up? Ella asked.
Aria nodded and for the first time since her mother had entered her bedroom she lifted her head up to look at her. “He said he didn’t want to ruin my college experience.”
“And why would he think he’d ruin it for you?” Ella asked.
Aria wiped a few more tears from her cheeks, “Because he thinks being in a relationship with him will hold me back, that it will prevent me from experiencing the things I’m supposed to.”
“Like what?” Ella asked. “Frat parties and random hookups?”
Aria shrugged.
“That wasn’t my college experience.” Ella continued.
Aria let a small smile grace her lips, “Because you met dad your second week there,” she replied.
Ella nodded, “I did,” she said as she grabbed hold of one of Aria’s hands, “And my college experience was falling in love with the man who would be the father to my two amazing children.”
Aria smiled again.
“Everyone has a different experience Aria, just because one person said hers was filled with parties, booze and guys doesn’t mean yours has to be.” Ella told her daughter.
“Thanks mom,” Aria replied.
She leaned over and wrapped her arms tightly around Ella’s neck.

Forty Minutes Later - The Brew.

“Come in,” Ezra shouted as he heard the light tapping on there door to his new office. He assumed it would be Talia saying she was leaving for the night so he was pleasantly surprised when he looked up from the stack of paperwork to see Aria standing there.
It had been a week since she had told him the real reason that she had been accepted to Talmadge.
One whole week since Aria had tried to reassure him that she hadn’t meant anything that she’d written in the letter.
One whole week since he had told her that she was right and that he wouldn’t ruin her college experience for her.
“Aria,” he stuttered pushing the paperwork to one side. “What’re you doing here?”
Aria took a tentative step towards the desk, “I’ve been doing some thinking,” she replied. “And you’re wrong.”
“I am?” Ezra asked as he stood up.
Aria nodded and took another step towards him, “You won’t ruin my college experience at all Ezra you’ll enrich it. I want to be able to come home to you and tell you about my day. I want to be able to complain to you when a professor gives me a really hard essay and have you remind me that teaching isn’t easy and to go easy on them. I want us to get our first apartment together. I want to experience the rest of my firsts with you Ezra. You won’t ruin anything, you’ll only make it better.”
Aria took one last step towards Ezra, so she was now standing right in front of him.
“I can’t imagine experiencing any of this without you,” she said standing on her tiptoes she brushed her lips against his slightly.
Ezra smiled, “I want to experience the rest of my firsts with you too.”
They both leaned in for a passionate kiss.

for hidingfrommychildren ;)

this is dean just come in from the garage
had to take baby cross-country last week
and baby’s getting a little old for that
so dean had to check things out
of course
he’s a few beers in cause it’s a hot day
and he’s got nowhere to go
so he’s come in from the yard and in to the kitchen
and he’s looking at you and you say
how’s she doing?
and he says baby’s alright
but i think you might need a once-over
and you laugh because it’s so corny
but you don’t even make it upstairs
he gives it to you right on the living room floor

Would You Stay

Author: @historywriter2007

Rating T.  (The letter/envelope is not exactly in the mail, but still very unexpected.) 

Peeta looked at the box on his desk that was filled with his personal belongings; he picked up the picture on top and took a long drink of his beer.

“I love that picture.” Peeta didn’t need to turn around to know who was behind him and he couldn’t control the smile that overtook his face. 

“It’s my favorite one.  I was thinking of taking it with me.” He turned around and leaned back against his desk. The sight was almost more than he could take.  She stood just a few feet away, her dark hair down. He loved it when she had it down, but her gray eyes were brimming with tears. “Hey, don’t do this.  I am not going to be gone that long, six month tops.”  He wanted to reach out to hold her, but something was stopping him. They were best friends, had been since the day they both started at the news station as reporters.  That had been two years ago and she never hinted that she wanted more, wanted what he did.

“Then why are you cleaning your desk off?”

“Haymitch asked me to. He said that when he first started, one of the guys who went to cover the Vietnam War never came home. He had to clean off his desk and told me he couldn’t do that with me.  Don’t know but I think he may finally like me.” Peeta smiled trying to convey that he was not worried, but Katniss knew better. 

“Would you stay, if I asked you not to go?” Katniss moved forward in-between his legs, looking up at his face.

“You know I have to, I always wanted to be a war correspondent.  I feel like I owe it to the soldiers to tell their story, to give them a voice.”

“I understand, but there is something I need you to know.” She took a deep breath as he held his. “I love you.”

He was in disbelief. How much time had been wasted by both of them being too scared to admit their feelings? “Why didn’t you tell me before?”

“I was afraid you didn’t feel the same, still am, but I needed to tell you in case I never get the chance.”

“I’m coming home, they will get me home, to you.” He leaned down and kissed her lightly on the lips. When he pulled back, her eyes met his for a second before she reclaimed his mouth.  This kiss was filled with passion and longing, this was a kiss that he would remember forever. 

She pulled back, grabbing both their drinks and tossing them in the trash. “I want to be with you tonight, just you.”

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