i think she find joy in torturing me with these kind of things

King of the Nerds

King of the Nerds

Characters: Jensen x Reader

Warnings: fluffy, steamy, Jensen being fake moody (yea, it’s a warning), suggestive smutty stuff, language 

Word Count: 1.4k

A/N: 6k Celebration and One Year Fic-i-verary Celebration Fic ELEVEN. The line requested was, “I’m just a regular boy who goofs around, pulls pranks, and makes jokes.” It was requested by @starswirlblitz  . It will be highlighted in the fic. Thank you so much for celebrating with me. I am combining it with two gifs submitted by @torn-and-frayed. Hope you like it! This one was fun to write. I don’t usually write Jensen like this, but we all know he can get a little moody sometimes. It’s hot as fuck.

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Prompt: Rebelcaptain - Cassian is romantically involved with someone else when he meets Jyn.

This Is How It Happens (We Are Born to Burn)

We are born to burn, she thinks.

As Jyn watches the horizon on fire, she thinks, this is how it happens, and her arms wrap tighter around Cassian. She thinks of her father’s biology lessons on Lah’mu when she was a child, thinks about cells fusing together and becoming one, and then a miracle sweeps them up into the sky.

As they break atmo, their bodies broken but alive, she watches his chest rise and fall with labored breaths and thinks, we are born to burn. She just thought that had meant Scarif.

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this must be my dream (pt. 5)

Pairing: Jungkook/Reader
You swore you would never fall for another boy in a rock and roll band. You were doing fine until Jungkook comes into your life with his sweet melodies and even sweeter kisses.
Genre: Band AU, fluff, slight angst 

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5

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A new wolf

Originally posted by forevertry79

Part one- Just one look
Part two - Learning to trust
Part three - Living with the bond

Words: 3,794
Embry Call x Reader

This part features a OC.

If you had to pick a favourite thing about your wolf boyfriend it was that he was so warm and comfy that you could nap cuddled up against him for hours but, unfortunately, right now he needed you to remain awake. You sighed and cuddled up against his chest as you let the new information wash over you, he rubbed your back with his massive hand as you both lay on his bed. He kissed the top of your head as you idly gazed out into the hallway, his mum’s rule was that if you were around the bedroom door always had to be open, she wasn’t in but in all honestly you felt a bit more comfortable with it open. You’d not discussed being intimate with Embry, and right now wasn’t the time, so you hid behind the open door and his mother’s rules.

“You know, she’ll be loving the attention.” You mumbled after a moment of silence and beneath your head Embry’s chest rumbled in agreement.
“Jacobs in bits over the whole thing.” Embry told you, “He can’t believe that she chose the leech over him.”
“I can’t believe it either if I’m honest.” You told him.
“I thought that you were over your thing for Jacob.” Embry teased you and squeezed your arm playfully, you managed a small smile but even Embry couldn’t cheer you up after the news that he’d given you.

A vampire army was coming to Forks. Yeah, vampire army. And Jacob was worried about his love life.

“When did my life get so complicated?” You sighed and started to draw patterns with your finger over Embry’s chest.
He caught your hand and brought it up to his lips so that he could kiss the back of your hand, “I’m guessing when you met me?” he offered.
You sat up and looked down at him, since getting over your initial awkwardness about the imprint you’d not seen him look so unsure of himself. Your stomach flipped at the self-annoyance in his voice, you leaned down and brushed your lips against his before smirking and mumbled against his lips, “Yes you ruined my life, you stupid mutt.”
It took him a whole second to register the humour in your voice and in the next second he’d whipped a pillow from under his own head and hit you around the head with it. You let out a yelp of indignation as you play fought on his bed, his large hands finding your sides and tickling you. In a rush to escape his tickling torture you threw yourself to the side and as you began to fall off of his bed he caught you and fell with you so that you landed atop him in a pile of limbs and bedding.

He was laughing the ridiculous barking laugh that he did when he found something way too funny, the one that you found so adorable no matter who much the rest of the pack mocked it. That was Embry’s unabashed joy, how could you not like it? Your laughing soon joined him and you dropped yourself down on the floor beside him, laughing and enjoying life as you knew it before the forces of darkness descended upon Forks.
His warm hand found yours as you lay there. He faced you, his mop of hair sticking out from your fighting, “How can you make me laugh when all the worlds going to shit?”
You dramatically batted your eyelashes, “Because I’m the best imprint ever?”
You got a pillow in the face again for that one.


After each imprint had been told individually about the looming threat, you were all invited over to Emily and Sam’s to discuss what it meant for the pack. Sam took centre stage, as Alpha, and the pack sat with the imprints in a circle around him. Embry had bundled you into his lap but you were sure to give Jacob a hug on the way in, he needed to know that he wasn’t alone.
“So, you all know that Forks is in danger.” Sam started, Paul opened his mouth to make a comment but Leah clamped her hand over his mouth and Sam continued, “There’s no way to sugar coat it, we have decided to fight alongside the Cullen’s to eradicate the Leeches.”

A thick silence fell over you all, no one expected you be the one to puncture it, “Fuck off.”
Everyone’s gaze snapped to you, eyebrows up, mouths open.
Embry wrapped his arms tighter around you. Sam, to his credit, wasn’t mad. His face was full of all the understanding that it took for him to control his hormone fuelled wolves on a daily basis, “Y/N I know that it’s come as a shock and that you’re probably scared but you’re a smart girl. Think about it logically, we have to stand and fight or a lot of people could die.”

“Yeah people like you,” You argued, your hands were holding onto Embry’s arms around your waist, “But I’m sure I’ll be comforted by my logic when you’re all dead.”
Embry shh’d you slightly, not to silence you but because it was all he could think to do to help calm you. Sam looked around the room, once glance at the imprints was all it took for him to know that they agreed with you. But there was nothing that they could do to change it.

Sam came to over to where you and Embry were sat and crouched down so that he was in your eye line. You wiped furiously at your eyes that were spilling tears without your permission. Embry kissed your temple again, his chest rumbling at Sam’s closeness to your while you were upset.

“Y/N, none of us wanted this. If it was up to us we’d let the leeches rip each other apart and that would be that but you and I both know that’s not how it would end.” Sam implored, his patience shining through again, he didn’t want to see you upset but this had to happen.
He continued, “I never woke up and thought that I’d like to be a wolf, never mind in charge of these idiots,” Some of the pack elbowed each other, “Buts it’s my life now and I love it and I will protect it and everyone that I love. If they descend on us and we do nothing than everyone in Forks and La Push will die.”

You let his words settle over you, you’d always quite liked Sam, he’d never had a choice in how his life had turned out but always seemed to try to be firm but fair as he dealt with the boys. You turned in Embry’s lap so that you were facing your boyfriend and instantly he was wiping tears from your cheeks and kissing where they’d trailed.
“Do you think that you can do this?” You asked him, your voice was thick with trying not to cry.
He ran his hand threw his hair and gave you a lopsided grin that screamed confidence, “It’s kind of what we do babe.”
You took in a deep, shuddery breath before looking over at Kim and Emily to make sure they agreed with you before asking, “So what do you need from us?”


The list of rules that the pack had given you was ridiculous. The biggest annoyance that it caused you was the fact that no imprint was allowed to be alone at any time. You gained a furry escort everywhere, even when you slept you knew that the guard changed over the course of the night.
Today you were supposed to be under house arrest while the pack went to ‘train’ with the Cullens, they’d called it that so that you wouldn’t worry but you’d already threatened Embry not to start trouble with Emmett and to be careful or you’d shave him the next time you saw him as a wolf. And you’d meant to keep your promise to them to be somewhere where you could be protected at all times, you really had.

But the world seemed to have different plans for you.

Life could change in an instant; you knew that better than most. One look from your crushes best friend and you’d found the love of your life. Your literal mate.  Not that you’d been too keen on the connection at first, dreamy dimples or no dreamy dimples, but now you couldn’t see yourself without Embry.
You had intended to keep your promise not to wonder of on unattended but when your car gets run off of the road and into the woodlands by a monstrous ball of fur, you don’t really get much of a say. Well c’mon, that can’t be your fault. You’d stumbled from your car, uninjured but dazed. You were thanking your lucky stars that you were safe when you the thought of random moments effecting your life.

Somehow, for some reason, you knew that the injured wolf at your feet would be one of these instances. You tried not to panic but it was hard, it bubbled up in your instantly as a survival instinct. This wolf wasn’t part of the pack that much you knew because the back was with the Cullens. You couldn’t repress the shudder at your situation.
The pack was working with the Cullens, you were left unattended while a new army of the undead made their way to town and you’d found yourself the new keeper of an injured unknown wolf. You took a tentative step towards it, its dark eye snapped open and watched you. You jumped back, the fear that you’d had when you first learned of Embry now fresh. The wolf’s breathing was laboured, its chest heaving up and down.  Its eyes rolled back and he stopped looking at you.

Fuck. Fuck fuckitty fuck.

Well what were you supposed to do now?

Its side was bleeding profusely and you could tell by the deep gashes along his ribs that your car hadn’t done that. Shaking, you slipped your jumper from your shoulders and pushed it down onto the gashes.
What where you supposed to do?
How far away was the pack?
Would they hear you if you called or would the thing that had attacked this wolf hear you?
You pulled your phone from your jeans pocket and dialled one of the only people outside of the pack who could help you, “Billy? Billy I found a wolf.”

Through the combined effort of you, Billy and Sue, somehow you weren’t surprised to find that she knew about the pack, you had gotten the wolf into Sue’s truck and taken him back to Sue’s house and laid him across Seth’s bed.
You explained everything that you could to them, it had all happened so fast. Billy took you to one side in the hallway while Sue ventured into the edge of the woods in the hopes of catching the pack before they panicked at the scent of another wolf in the area.
Billy pulled you to one side in the hallway, “Look Embry loves you but he may react out of instinct to this new wolf. He’s just worried about you, remember that.”
“He wouldn’t hurt me.” You told him with absolute certainly.
“I know that.” Billy said, “But that doesn’t mean that he won’t hurt that wolf in there. We don’t want you getting hurt by accident.”

Almost as soon as the words where said the door crashed open and after a stampede of footsteps you were knocked off of your feet and into the warm arms of your frantic boyfriend.
He dropped to his knees, still holding you close to his chest and held you still for a moment.

Was he sniffing you?

“Did he touch you?” His voice rasped in your ear. It took you a moment of squirming in his arms to be able to face him, “No just my car. I think it was an accident though, I touched him to put my jumper on his ribs.” You explained and his shoulders deflated slightly as he breathed a sigh of relief.  More sets of footprints crashed into the hallway behind you, the rest of the pack must have caught up.
Quil was bent over, his hands on his knees as he huffed, “Jesus, I’ve never seen Embry move that fast.”
Sam was straight down to business, “What do we know?”
Billy answered him, “His wounds are starting to heal now that he’s able to rest. He’s transformed back into his human form but he’s not regained consciousness yet.”

Sam turned his attention to you, “What happened Y/N?”
“I was driving to your place when my truck got taken off of the road,” Embry growled at this but you continued, “I took my jumper off to hold it to his wounds and phoned Billy. I –” You stopped.
“What is it?” Paul encouraged you.
“Okay so this is going to sound weird but I felt like I had to help that guy.” You patted Embry’s arm as he tightened his grip on you, “I felt like I had to. I can’t explain it.”
The guys shared a look before glancing at Embry. Your boyfriend was clearly annoyed at your strong desire to save another man but for now he was content just to hold onto you after the fear of scenting an unfamiliar wolf and dealing with the Cullens all afternoon.

A noise at Seth’s bedroom door snatched everyone’s attention as the door opened and the wolf shuffled out in his human form, a towel around his waist to hide his modesty. He was easily as tall as Paul and had the same tanned skin and taut psyche as the pack. He looked  as old, if not older, than Sam and his black hair stuck up in all directions.
Sam stood proud in front of his pack, the alpha in charge, he started simply, “What’s your name?”
“Cade.” The words came out hard and twisted from exhaustion before he looked around and his eyes found yours, “Thank you for saving me.”
“You’re welcome.” You squeaked out from your boyfriend-fortress. Cade took a step towards you and Embry growled at him and Jake and Paul stopped his path.
“Move.” Cade told them and Paul pushed the injured wolf back with one large hand.
“No.” Paul snapped, “What do you want with my sister? You ran her off the road. You could have killed her.” He snarled and out of your peripheral you noticed Seth guiding Billy and Sue out of the line of fire.

“You’re not related, she doesn’t smell of you.” Cade said simply.
Paul’s face flushed with anger but you cut him off by asking, “What is it that you want?”
“I don’t know.” Cade answered honestly with a shrug, “I’d just got away from the new-borns then I smelt you. There’s something about your smell, I had to come and find you.”
“She’s my imprint.” Embry snarled, you could feel him starting to shake against you and you tried to calm him.

“I know,” Cade told him before pushing his hands into his hair, he looked distraught, “But the smell, you don’t understand, it’s driving me insane.” He looked at the guys, “Can’t any of you smell it?!”

They were shaking their heads when downstairs the door slammed opened and Leah was coming up the hallway, “What the fuck is going on in my house? Where’s Y/N? And what’s that sm-”
She stopped short when she noticed Cade for the first time and he turned to face her. They locked eyes and forgot about everyone else.
“Did they just -?” You whispered to Embry.
He nodded and as his whole posture relaxed he dropped back against the wall bringing you into his lap, “He must have smelt Leah on you. The smell of his mate nearby with the threat of the new-borns must have driven him insane.”
“Does this mean we can’t kick his ass?” Paul asked.
“I’ve not decided yet.” Sam grumbled as they watched Leah and Cade stare at each other in the hallway, they’d not moved yet.
Seth’s face was split into a massive grin, he nudged you with his knee as he stood beside where you sat, “Maybe your imprint to Embry gave you a better link to the pack? That’s why you knew that you had to help him? I don’t understand the whole mating link but Leah’s gonna be happy, that’s all I care about.”
“That’s if she remembers how to talk.” Quil quipped.

Leah was the one to make the first move, that’s if you can call launching herself into his arms a move. The motion knocked him back and they fell into Seth’s room, the door slamming shut behind them.
Seth’s grin dropped and he whimpered, “My room.”

Sam straightened his shoulders, “We need to have a vote about if he can join our pack.” He made a move for Seth’s door but you were quicker. You jumped in front of the door and held your arms out on either side to stop Sam.
“Sam, don’t you think after everything that Leah had to go through with you and Emily and then her Dad that she deserves this moment?” You implored, “Do your serious pack stuff later. Think about how protective you are of Emily, and Jared of Kim, and Embry of me. I wouldn’t want to get in the way of two wolves with the imprint, would you?”

Sam considered it for a moment, he had totally destroyed Leah with his relationship with Emily, he knew that. He nodded, “They have tonight but tomorrow we have to talk about the outsider.” Sam spoke loudly so that they would hear him through the door but you could hear clothing ripping from inside the room and doubted that they were paying attention to Sam.


The next morning Leah was PISSED.

She had met with you that morning and told you about everything that had happened between her and her mate the night before – yours ears where burning with embarrassment by the end of her tales. But for now you had more pressing matters, she was stalking up and down as you sat outside Sam and Emily’s.
“Vote on the outsider?” She snarled, “Vote on the outsider?! That’s my mate!”
You jumped at her voice but stayed sat. She just needed to vent and you were her closet friend.

You spoke about it for a while before she sighed and dropped herself down next to you. She let out a huff before cuddling up to your side, you wrapped your arm around her.
“Y/N if they don’t let him join our pack then I’m going to leave with him.” She whispered to you.
“I don’t want you to leave.” You admitted, “I’d miss you too much.”
Leah sniffed, “I’d miss you too, of course I’d try to come back to see you. But…you understand don’t you, Y/N?”

You inhaled the question and the answer came to you in an instant. You did understand. The way that you felt about Embry, when by all sane rights you should be terrified of him, was so much more than you ever expected to feel about anyone and you were human. You couldn’t imagine that connection between two wolves.

“I do.” You told her and she hugged your side more.

Cade came up behind you and gave Leah a small kiss before focusing his attention on you, “Y/N, I just wanted to say, not matter how they vote in there, thank you for being so understanding yesterday, for saving me and for bringing me to my mate. I’m sorry if I scared or upset you.”

You gave him a small smile, “Don’t mention it and for what it’s worth, I hope it goes well in there.”  
“Me too.” He agreed and took Leah’s hand before they headed into Sam and Emily’s house. Kim and Emily joined you sat waiting their decision, none of you spoke.

When the door finally opened, one hour and twenty three minutes later – not that you’d been counting- Leah rushed out and caught both you and Emily in an embrace.
“Whatever you said to Sam and Embry thank you,” She whispered to you both and you could feel her tears on your neck, “They helped me and Seth convince the others to let Cade stay.”
She stepped back and wiped away her tears of happiness and Cade was behind her in an instant, his hands holding hers and kissing her cheeks where she’d been crying.

You made your way over to Embry, wrapped your arms around his neck and pushed yourself up on your tiptoes so that you could kiss the tip of his nose. He grinned and gave you proper kiss.
“I’m proud of you for being so mature.” You told him.
His arms came around you, “Yeah well he came and apologised to me for scaring you and then I heard him apologise to you as well. I couldn’t split up a bond, I remembered how I felt yesterday when I found your truck. I wouldn’t want that for them.”

“How’d I get the sweetest wolf?” You asked.
He shrugged and gave you a grin, “Just lucky I guess. Well done you, you won the grand prize. Which is me, obviously.”
“And so modest.” You teased.

Jacob interrupted your moment as he stamped his way out of the house, the broken remnants of his phone in his hand.
“Bad call?” Embry asked.
Jacob glared at him, like he did everyone these days, “That was Bella. We don’t have long until the new-borns show up. I’ve got a plan to get her out of there before they show up.”
At the mention of the upcoming war you snuggled into Embry’s chest and he stroked your hair.
“Jake, not now okay?” Embry asked and nodded down at you.
“Not now, not now.” Jacob mocked, “Look you and Y/N may have a perfect bond but Bella doesn’t want me. The only thing that I can do is save her from the new-borns.”

With that stunning display of logic he stamped off towards his truck.
“It’s just one thing after another since you imprinted on me.” You noted.
Embry hummed in agreement before adding, “You know even though I was a wolf, my life was pretty quiet too. I’m starting to think that all this is your fault.”

You didn’t need to look up to know he was grinning so you poked him in the ribs, “Asshole.”
He gave you a playful squeeze, “Love you too.”

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Weak- Cassian Andor (Part Two)

Pairing: Cassian Andor/OC


A/N: This literally took me hours, lol. I’m not even ashamed, I just hope it turned out aright since I’m not normally a smut writer. Also– ft. alternate ending for Rogue One but fair warning, it’s still mildly depressing. It’s not fluff, it’s not angst…it’s like…flangst. I’m also a huge hopeless, romantic sap. Okay I’m done waffling now. #fixitfic2k17


@libsybum @princeofsassgard

Cassian’s grip was tight around my shoulders as we watched the world around us fade away. Fear clutched my heart in a cold, iron grip, making it feel as if my blood had turned to ice. The three of us exchanged worried looks, Cass slung in-between Jyn and I, too weak to stand on his own. Hopelessness began to replace the triumph I had felt only moments before, until I heard the sweet sound of a ship engine. I craned my neck and heard a relieved laugh escape Jyn as a rebel fighter ship lowered itself onto the beach and hovered over the sand. Inside, several rebel fighters were watching frantically at us and I knew we had maybe seconds before Scarif was gone.

Cassian grunted in pain as I helped him climb into the ship, two other pairs of hands reaching from inside to pull him him. Jyn and I followed, hopping in just as the pilot began to pull away from the beach. My entire body ached with exhaustion, but it was nothing compared to the state of my heart as I looked around the ship and saw no other familiar face. I tugged on the sleeve of the nearest rebel fighter. He leaned toward me, turning his head to hear my voice over the road of the engines.

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RFA(+V and Saeran) reacting to gamer!MC


° we all know that he is a gamer too

° so the more interesting question is, who is the better one?

° regarding LOLOL it´s a matter of fact that he won

° don´t mess with the No. 2 on the Shootingstar-Server

° but there are other games too

° so one day, you were tried of loosing to him, you decided to battle him in Mario Party

° yes MC is a Little Nintendo child

° you brought your Wii over to his place and by the time he noticed your presence you already finished plugging everything in

° “Hi MC why did you bring your Wii over?”

° “I´m tried of you always beating me so today we´ll Play a game of my choice.”

° before he could do or say anything else you already put the Controller inside of him

° he surrendered after only two minigames

° because he was only ever with mouse and keyboardhe was completly lost

° “MC, please let´s stop this.”

° “No, I are GOD!!!” Kira is that you?

° he was at the edge of tears

° “MC please. I admit I lost and you won but please stop being so scary!” ( ˃̩̩⌂˂̩̩ )

° yes, he was crying and yes, it was your fault

° great Job MC..

° “I´m glad you can admit a defeat, honey. I´m going to prepare dinner now. love you.”(´∀`)♡

° you left him Standing there looking like someone who got hit by a blue shell in Mario cart  」( ̄▽ ̄」)


° whenever she was away for work you felt lonly in the house

° well, someone has to earn money

° so you found yourself a hobby you could do from your couch

° you bought yourself a Playstation and a couple games

°  the games you enjoyed most were RPGs/JRPGs

° and this MC plays these games to 100%

° who?Me?

° but turning everything on ond off again was just tooo bothersome

° so why not play 24/7 instead?

° that also meant no sleep fro the time being

° Jaehee was away on a buisness trip with Jumin (the closest she´ll ever get to a vacation XD)

° you were at home, playing The Legends of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel

° btw I love that game

° when she returned you were fighting the last boss (for the 4th time or so)

° “MC, what are you doing there?”

° “Playing some games.”

° u don´t say MC

° “And for how Long have you been playing?”

° from your current state she could tell it was quite some time..

° “Dunno, wich day is it?”

° “DAY??!”

° “MC get off the Couch, under the shower and when you´re finished we talk about your game-addiction!” ༼ つ °  ʖ ° ༽つ

° that marked the endof your hobby and you had to find a new one (maybe like painting?)

° poor MC !! ( ≧Д≦)


° he often took you with him to his rehersals

° but since there wasn´t much to do for you, you had to find something to occupy yourself

° good thing you brought your Nintendo and a few games to play with you(*^▽^*)

° these were mostly Jump´n´Run but whatever

° but you were a very…… passionate player

° “You stupid Gumba, go die somwhere else!”

° “Bowser, you Bastard go fuck your turtle wife or something!”

° you were banned from the rehersal

° so what to do now?

° simple: go home, eat a snack and continue gaming

° I´m so proud of you MC!

° Zen´s rehersal took a lot longer than usual thanks to a certain someone, wich caused him to come back at 4AM

° he went into the bedroom only to be greeted by the dimm lights of your console

° “MC are you still playing those games?”

° “Yeah.”

° “Please go to bed and finish it tomorrow.”

° you did but this behaviour of yours stayed for the next few weeks

° get up at 12AM, game till 5AM and then sleep again

° simple life, no problems

° at some point Zen had enough of this

° but every time he took your game away from you, you had it back in no time

° he even went as far as asking Seven to hack that stupid Thing in order for you to stop

° but he said no (⌣_⌣”)

° so he did the last thinghe could think of and unleashed the BEAST

° he came in the bedroom to find you once again playing a game and cursing like hell

° oh, did I mention that he was naked?

° “MC, you have to choose now. me or the games?”

° “Zen, why do you say such stu-”

° you looked up

° then you threw your console away

° the beast won once again(๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)و


° at some point he gave in and admitted that it was kind of boring to just sit in the penthouse the whole day

° he let you bring your old X-Box over and you got your own playroom

° yes, playroom, with an X-Box XD

° but when he heard you complaining that there were games you couldn´t Play with the old one he got you a new one

° and a Playstation

° this room beacme your new favourite room besides the bedroom ( ° ʖ °)

° he was glad there was a Thing you enjoyed that much and if you gave even the smallest hint on wnating a new game…

° you got it 3 days before release

° but sooner or later he had to set an end to this

° more or less because you gave those games more attention than him

° when you didn´t evengreet him properly anymore and slept in this Rom he decided it had to be done sooner rather than later

° he was more clever than Zen and didn´t take your stuff away

° he was sneaky

° he was clever

° he was Jumin Han

° and this Jumin Han would make you yourself get tried of these games

° the more games you got, the less fun it was playing

° you played but didn´t felt this satisfying feeling anymore

° so you tryed something new: getting Jumin to play with you

° “Come on Jumin, just one round. Pleeeaaase!!”

° “Okay but than we´ll go to bed. Promise?”

° “Sure.”

° your smile already paid off the soon to be followed torture in his eyes

° you endedn up playing till 1 AM (・_・ヾ

° Jumin discoverd the joy of gamin and enden up int he same hell as you

° but he coulden´t skip wrk and you didn´t want to Play alone anymore

° you made an agreement: no more playing alone for the both of you

° mission succeded, well kinda


° he didn´t play for fun

° he played to make little children Yoosung cry

° mostly aggro-kiddies in CS:Go

° one day you played a chilled Little round of CS:Go with your friends when you heard the two trigger words

° cyka blyat, rush B

° These words were enough to make you go in rage-mode

° you screamed the only Insults in russian that you knew as loud as you could into your headset

° if you want to know russian insults just google them xD

° after your screaming ended yuo heard somthing fall onto the ground

° it sounded like a human..

° “Seven are you okay?”

° “I am but please don´t scream like that in the microphone.”

° he got of the ground and sat down in his chair once again

° you wondered how loud you screamed that he even fell of the chair

° MC. please use your brain

° you turned around to leave the room and then you saw it

° right on his screen

° it looked like he was in the middle of a CS:Go game, nothing Special but then you saw with who he played

° “ Saeyoung….”

° he looked Kind of confused as if he asked himself what he did wrong this time

° “I brought out the trash, MC!”

° “The only trash to throw out is this cyka sitting infront of me!”

° he catched on, but unfortunately too slow

° “You know how much I hate these damn trolls who aren´t even from russian to begin with.All they ever want is to bother others!!”

° “MC, please calm down!”

° poor Seven, you kept lecturing him for about 2 hours …

° but hey, after that you became the best troll-couple in every online game <3


° he didn´t care much about games

° mostly because he´s almost blind

° so he didn´t really cared either that you were a very passionate player

° what should he do against it anyway….

° he often sat beside you when you played another game and you kept telling him what happend

° “MC, why did you kill those harpys?”

° “Because they attacked me.” 

° “MC, why did you die?”

° Because I didn´t kill the harpys this time.”

° Mc, why-”

° you had enough of this

° a question every 5 seconds was just too much to handle for you

° think about her concentration V

° “V, please stop asking such obvious stuff. I can´t concentrate when you Keep distracting me.”

° “Oh, okay I´ll Keep quiet from now on.”

° he did

° for about 2 minutes than it started all again

° “MC, why did you kill them?”

° enough is enough

° you turned off everything and went to the kitchen to get something to drink

° “MC, why did you stop?”

° “Because I somehow lost the joy in playing.”

° thank you V

° from now on you only played when he wasn´t around which was almost never but still better than being bothered nonstop


° since Seven had a far to big TV-Screen, why not enjoy your favourite game on it?

° soon you had plugged everything in and stared fascinated at the Screen

° on said Screen you saw the fictional love of your life : Geralt of Riva (●♡∀♡)

° pls Geralt marry me

° playing Witcher made you frget about time and simply enjoy a great game

° but you also forgot about the non-fictional love of your life: Saeran

° he didn´t like that suprise

° you promised to go and buy ice cream with him and now?

° all you cared about was the stupid game, where a man was riding some horse and killing Monsters

° you didn´t know he was watching you so Yous aid the words that led to your death sentence

° “Geralt, I love you!”

° “MC we have to talk !”

° fuck, he was here

° “Saeran, I didn´t know you were here..”

° he looked pissed

° really pissed

° “MC, first you forget our ice.cream date and then you just say I love You to a fictional character

° “Saeran he is nothing more than that to me, fictional.Don´t take it like that you know you´re the only one for me.”

° “You know you have to make up for it right?”

° “I know.”

° so you payed for ice-cream and some snacks

° you had to take the console back to wherever it was before and apologized a million times to Saeran

° you were so exhauted at some point you just fell asleep on Saeran´s shoulder

° he wouldn´t admit it but as he heard you mumble something about him being the only one for you….

° he forgave you <3

That´s it for this one, I hope you love Geralt as much as I do and also enjoyed reading.  o(^▽^)o

If you did, leave alike or a comment, that makes me as happy as getting a shiny Mew XD

Also if you have some requests or whatever don´t hesitate and send it to me      o(≧∇≦o)

Unpopular Opinion : Tamlin

He doesn’t deserve to die. 

Let that sink in. 

He does not deserve to die, at all. Wanting him to die for hurting Feyre is more than a bit harsh. Amarantha deserves to die; she terrorized all of Prythian for over fifty years, she raped Rhysand, she tortured Faes, and she held the entire Spring Court under a curse that was pretty much impossible to break. She was evil. She deserved to die. She had no redemption coming for her. 

Tamlin? No. He doesn’t deserve to die. Tamlin? He’s as broken as everyone else in this series is and just because he handles it a bit differently**, we’re all ready to kill him. Well guess what, you were probably ready to jump on Rhysand for what he did to Feyre in that cell Under The Mountain. 

Oh well, it turns out he was her mate. Oh well, he did it for the better good. Oh well, he healed her anyway. Oh well, Oh well, Oh well. 

No. Rhysand still hurt Feyre. But he’s been redeeming himself since the second task, when Feyre couldn’t read and he helped her pick the middle lever. Since he gave her a choice. Since he gave her a choice in loving him. Since he gave her friends that understood her. Since he gave her a choice in all this war. You don’t see it, but that’s a true redemption arc and character development. 

When you forget the bad things they did and what a bad person they are. Because don’t forget that even though Rhys is a tiny baby bat, he’s the High Lord of the Night Court, Death Incarnate, and he’s done some pretty bad things over his 500/600+ years of existence. And the year that he’s been with Feyre, we’ll all throwing rose petals. 

Again, don’t get me wrong, I recognize Tamlin has done some really, really bad things. But we, as a fandom, don’t even put our hate into perspective. I still won’t ever get how you want him to die, but maybe I can break it apart. 

You want him to die because he hurt precious Feyre Archeron. The main character. Your pride and joy. The character we all relate to. We see it through her eyes. And because Tamlin hurt her, you want him to die horribly. 

If you don’t see that as an extreme, I just, I don’t understand. 

We find out there’s a reason Rhysand was so terrible to everyone in Prythian, he was keeping up a facade to save Velaris and all the people he loved that lived there. Bam. Immediately forgiven. Of course we get an entire book where we get to know him a lot better, but bam, already forgiven and now we’re just falling in love with Rhysand. 

If Tamlin got that, you guys would roll your eyes so much, they’d fall right out of your heads. But it’s clear Tamlin had a reason for doing all that he did. Now, I’m not going to go back to the book and get sources, because I’m really just not good at that, but I can list a few things from memory. 

1. Locking Feyre in the house. Extreme, yes, but understandable? yes. Very understandable. As we’re reading from Feyre’s POV, we understand she’s suffering from mental illness and being locked in the house is like being locked in the cell all over again. But if you think about it from Tamlin’s POV, he’s suffering from PSTD. The first time he let Feyre go back to the human realm (a very selfless thing) she ended up where he didn’t want her, Under the Mountain, going head-to-head to Amarantha. And any reasonable person would know human!Feyre Archeron would die a horrible death. And after three months and Tamlin finally has Feyre alive, a woman who he thought he was falling in love with, as soon as they get from out of the Mountain, Feyre wants to put herself in more danger. It’s not like she’s unaware of the fact there are dangers out there, she knows, and she wants to go out. Yes, she is a High Fae now, but that’s not something you just pick up. She’s still navigating that and she wouldn’t know how to run when she needed to, or use her strength, or even master her hearing and smell. Tamlin has every right to want to keep her in the house, where she’s safe. After all she’s been through, why would he let her go out into danger? He seems stupid and aggravating from Feyre’s POV, but reasonable from Tamlin’s

**Extra : Everyone is suffering from PSTD, depression, and loads of other things. But since Tamlin deals with it differently than our main characters, heroes, and favorites of the story, we don’t like him. People deal with their problems differently and Tamlin is a great example of how people can judge you on how you deal with it. You can’t say Tamlin dealt with it the “wrong” way because there’s no hand book. Plus, Feyre had Rhysand, Cassian, Azriel, Mor, and Amren. Tamlin had no one. 

2. There are a lot of times when Tamlin just treats Feyre like trash. It’s mostly at the beginning-middle of ACOTAR where he just treats her like a human china doll and goes on his merry way. This? This is not surprising. The curse is basically, “Make a human girl that hates your kind fall in love with you. Ha. Good luck”. Feyre walked into that house, hating Faes. Reasonable. Tamlin just let a human girl into his house that killed his friend. He didn’t even want to try to break the curse anymore, because he saw how unreasonable it was. He’s pouting, sure, probably. I wouldn’t blame him. And he has to make Feyre fall in love with him. Showing off his abs, and doing a majestic shampoo commercial hair flips isn’t enough. He also has his mask as a barrier, so Feyre ultimately ended up falling in love with Tamlin. Just Tamlin. (I mean those abs probably helped). But back to Tamlin not treating women right; all of Prythian don’t treat their women right. The whole continent is sexist and only Rhys, Cassian, Azriel, Mor, and Amren stand against it because they have witnessed it first hand and are putting their foot down. Now I’m not saying because the whole continent is sexist, that gives Tamlin the right to be sexist too, no. I’m saying this is where he got it from. He never grew up respecting women. Male offspring obviously are attached to their father by the hip, learning and training how to be Heir. (borrowing this quote from @sparkleywonderful, I’ll be using this quote later too) 

“Better than Beron’s brood at the Autumn Court. Tamlin’s brothers were equally bad, though. Worse. And they knew Tamlin would take the title one day.” –pg 448, ACOMAF

We learn that Lucien’s brothers are the worst sadistic, anti-feminists, murdering red heads you will probably ever meet and can give the Night Court a run for their money. So imagine Tamlin’s brothers being worse and they (probably) learned that from their father.  Tamlin was raised by the same man so if his father hadn’t died, he would have grown up to be worse than Beron’s Bunch. And you can’t blame him for that, he was raised to be like that, and he had no one to show him the way. Rhys, Cass, and Azriel spent more time with Rhys’s mom than any other possible Heirs to the Courts ever had (just by what we know). They were shown so much maternal love, they had an undying respect from women from the start. That’s not something you can say for all the characters. 

Those are two of the major things we hold against Tamlin and they also continue through ACOMAF. Mostly in ACOMAF, Tamlin is desperately trying to get Feyre back. So I’m going to talk about that too. 

1. I Do Not Blame Him For Thinking Feyre Was Under Rhys’s Mind Control. Go to Rhys’s fandom wiki page and scroll down to powers, or maybe you already remember. But I’m going to quote it. Daemati Powers. To sum that up, mind powers. He can also change memories, which we saw him do in the Summer Court in ACOMAF and he can also read your mind and memories. Those are the two that are mentioned on the wiki page but it’s mentioned that Rhys can control minds as well. So given that, and given Tamlin’s rocky history with Rhys, and given he still thinks Rhysand is this Big Bad Wolf, I don’t blame Tamlin at all. Given Rhysand has these powers, I don’t blame Tamlin for thinking Feyre was under his mind control. He doesn’t know Rhys taught her how to block it, he doesn’t know anything we know. And even Feyre screaming, “I have my mind! I’m my own person! He isn’t controlling me!” that just sounds like someone is controlling her mind to say that. And after all Tamlin’s been through, still having to run a Court with his obvious mental illness, I don’t blame him for cracking. 

2. Joining the King of Hybern. I’ve got nothing for this. That was so stupid I’m still laughing. I legitimately have nothing. 

3. Trying To Get Feyre Back. 100% reasonable in Tamlin’s POV and just annoying in Feyre’s POV / Feysand shippers (aka all of us). I can actually explain this by saying it like this. Feyre is now in the Spring Court and obviously Rhysand is going to want to get her back. He’s the “hero” is our story and we’re rooting him on to get his High Lady back. Tamlin is the “villain” in our story and we just want to crush him under Thor’s Hammer. If you don’t get what I’m saying, think of it like this. If Rhysand was the villain, like we all thought he was going to be when we saw him in ACOTAR, and Tamlin was the love-interest-hero trying to save Feyre, we would have no problem with it. We would be cheering him on, begging him to get Feyre back. In Tamlin’s mind, that’s what he’s doing. He doesn’t know Feyre and Rhysand are mates and he doesn’t know she’s happier in the Night Court. All he knows is Feyre sent a letter and she never came back. That’s frightening. That is top-notch frightening, I would have a heart attack. Going back to Rhysand’s Mind Control Powers, that is frightening. 

I answered an anon’s ask and you can find that here. I said Tamlin was slowly becoming my favorite character. I should have said “one of” but I didn’t, and oh well, opened myself up for hate on that one. But you know what, he is slowly becoming one of my favorite characters, and that’s what makes this whole post an unpopular opinion. 

For a while now, I’ve sat down and I’ve thought about Tamlin, and I’ve thought about his redemption. I’ve thought about his past and I’ve thought about his traumas and what could possibly make him like this. What damage could possibly make him snap, could possibly make him want to get a stone heart, could possibly make him do everything he’s done. 

And I keep going back to the conclusion: Rhys’s sister was his mate. Everything slowly ties back to this, if you’d let me explain. 

I’m going to call her Chiara, because I have many fanfics in which I do that. Pain, Rhysand’s Parents 2, Wings Returned, and more. 

I’m going to borrow another quote found by @sparkleywonderful (you can find all these in The Bond That Haunts Us and I recommend checking out her other posts filled with easter eggs and mind blowing discoveries) 

Tamlin’s father, brothers and Tamlin himself set out into the Illyrian wilderness, having heard from Tamlin where my mother and sister would be, that I had plans to see them. I was supposed to be there. I wasn’t. And they slaughtered my mother and sister anyway. –pg 448, ACOMAF

I’m not saying these guys aren’t amazing trackers, I’m not saying it’s impossible to find the Lady of the Night Court and her daughter, but all I’m saying is it’s incredibly hard. Those mountain ranges are huge not to mention all the forest and all the nooks and crannies. It might as well be the Maze from TMR. On steroids. It would have been a lot easier with some tracking magic, and in that case, it would have been easy for Tamlin to get some of Rhysand’s blood, or…a mating bond.

Also, why would the Spring Court even bother with killing them? It’s not like they pose a threat to the Spring Court. Maybe, they hated the fact a daughter could be Heir, but given their sexist ways, I find it unlikely the High Lords would even think for a second a female would be stronger than any male. 

So why in the world of Prythian would they even bother themselves with this when the High Lord of the Spring could have been training his sons harder, preparing them for being High Lord. 

Oh maybe because she was Tamlin’s mate and they all expected Tamlin to be High Lord. Can’t have the High Lord of the Spring Court mating with the Daughter of Night. 

Back tracing a little, it is highly possible for them to be mates. Rhysand mentions that when he was younger (for some reason the number 100 is stuck in my mind, so maybe he gave an exact number, but I don’t remember) he used to train Tamlin in the Illyrian war camps. (More quotes from @sparkleywonderful)

“Lucien never cared about it, never expected to be crowned High Lord, so he spent his youth doing everything a High Lord’s son probably shouldn’t: wandering the courts, making friends with sons of other High Lords” a faint gleam in Tamlin’s eyes at that – “and being with females who were a far cry from nobility of the Autumn Court.”  Tamlin paused for a moment, and I could almost feel the sorrow.” –pg 160, ACOTAR

(I’ll be using this again later). But it’s canon that Lucien was skipping between Courts, making friends with sons of other High Lords. Obviously, his friendship with Tamlin was stronger since they’re all buddy-buddy bromance™ in ACOTAR. Tamlin did the same with Rhysand. He let the son of the High Lord of the Night Court train him. He made friends with him, and Cassian, and Azriel. He took Illyrian sized beatings just to be better. He also probably just wanted friends that weren’t his god-awful brothers. 

And with three Illyrian brothers, comes a cutie Illyrian sister. And with liking that cutie Illyrian sister, comes three Illyrian brothers knocking you into the dirt. “Not my sister”. So I think it’s highly possible that Chiara may have gotten a little crush; first time seeing a boy, first time it’s not a stinky Illyrian, oh my god he’s even apart of another Court. crush mode activated. plus Tamlin was either probably sleeping over or just winnowing there every day. It’s possible they fell in love and it’s possible a mating bond came into play. (this could be another case for SJM to show that while the mating bond is a wonderful thing, it isn’t always rainbows and sunshine) 

Here comes that quote again : 

“Lucien never cared about it, never expected to be crowned High Lord, so he spent his youth doing everything a High Lord’s son probably shouldn’t: wandering the courts, making friends with sons of other High Lords” a faint gleam in Tamlin’s eyes at that – “and being with females who were a far cry from nobility of the Autumn Court.”  Tamlin paused for a moment, and I could almost feel the sorrow.” –pg 160, ACOTAR

I’m high-key crying right now. If you weren’t convinced Tamlin was in love with another female from a different Court, aka Chiara of the Night Court, I hope you’ll think about it now. Chiara is definitely a far cry from nobility in the Spring Court. She’s nobility in the Night Court. It’s basically like being Crown Prince of one country and falling in love with a Princess from another. The original™ star-crossed lovers. 

I’m not saying this is some Capulets vs. Montague but…

Neither Chiara or Tamlin would have told their fathers, I mean, duh, Grade A stupid right there. But I think Chiara would have told her Illyrian brothers and then for headcanon, “Our sister!?” “Can’t really control these things..”

They probably fell in love, unlike some mates of the mates we know (Rhysand’s parents for one). They appreciated the small moments they got to have, and they appreciated their mating bond. And they probably waited to actually mate, just to see if they would survive the next day. I’m not saying they would have been killed but… *sips tea* 

This also explains a few things that Rhysand did. I forget when, @sparkleywonderful is so much better at finding quotes from the books, but Tamlin, Lucien, and Feyre found a head skewered on a fountain. 

And either Tamlin or Lucien said “This is typical Night Court fashion. They find pleasure in these things. Bunch of sadists” and while I believe that’s true (The Court of Nightmares), Rhysand obviously did this. No one else was let out Under the Mountain except for Rhysand, for reasons we already know. 

By why a head? I’m sure there are other ways to terrorize the Spring Court, for Amarantha’s bidding, reminding them that their curse was slowly coming to a deadline. Why would Rhysand choose the way his mother and sister died? The High Lord of the Spring Court cut off their heads and sent them down the river. 

Why would Rhysand remind Tamlin of that, like a secret message. Why would Rhysand put himself through the pain. To remind Tamlin, even after all these years, Rhys would never forget he had his sister killed, had his own mate killed. That he didn’t fight. That he let her die, probably screaming for him, her brother.

And then again, a faerie who’s had his wings chopped off, finds his way to the Spring Court. I’m not saying Amarantha isn’t cruel enough, but what a coincidence, Tamlin is reminded of how he had to watch Chiara’s wings get ripped off. What a coincidence, amiright? Really, what are the odds, these two messages would happen so close together, and it would be exactly how Rhysand’s sister and mother died. 

Tamlin was also thrusted into a position he never wanted. Where as Rhysand probably eventually came to terms with the fact he was going to be High Lord and he just ended up becoming High Lord a lot sooner than he wanted, Tamlin never came to terms with it and he never wanted it. He figured he had enough brothers to have a slim shot at never being High Lord, but no, they were all killed, along with his parents. 

“But my powers kept growing, and I couldn’t hide it – not among our kind” -pg 177, ACOTAR

So much for not being Heir. But why wouldn’t he want to be Heir then eventually High Lord? I mean sure, it’s not an easy job, but he was practically born just for this purpose. Why would he choose he didn’t want it? Why would Tamlin rather have one of his brothers “worse than Beron’s broods” be High Lord instead? 

Maybe being High Lord insured he wasn’t going to ever be with his mate. 

“The shadows that flickered in his eyes as he nodded his thanks told me there was more–still more that he had yet to tell me about his family, his life before they’d been killed and this title had been thrust upon him.” –pg 219, ACOTAR

At this point, I think Tamlin told Feyre how his family died. But Feyre could sense more, she could sense more of a story than “Oh Rhysand and his father just slaughtered them all. I became High Lord. The End”. Sure there are probably a lot of reasons, but Rhysand has always been mama’s baby bat and he just lost his mother and sister. He hasn’t turned into this two sided person, struggling between High Lord and Himself. I think he was just following his father. Sure he wanted revenge, he probably just wanted to kill Tamlin’s brothers. But it was his father who slaughtered the High Lord and Lady and I don’t blame him. The story of how these two males became High Lords is a lot longer than “We killed each other’s families. The End” and Feyre has always sensed that. 

“But darkness flickered in Tamlin’s eyes, and his shoulders seemed to curve inward ever so slightly.” –pg 177, ACOTAR

This is when Tamlin tells the story. Look how his body reacts. I’m crying again. Of course this is a natural fetal position, wanting to make yourself smaller, to be able to protect all of yourself. But I can’t help but stress ‘his shoulders seemed to curve inward ever so slightly.’ I’m sorry but this just seems too much how Illyrian wings curve inward, especially when you’re trying to protect yourself. Especially when someone is about to cut off your wings. It just seems too close for me not to add it in here. 

(all of these quotes have been from The Bond That Haunts Us - @sparkleywonderful)

“Wherever he’d had to go in his mind to endure the fight with the Bogge. I met his feral and glowing stare. –pg 106, ACOTAR

the Bogge doesn’t have a wiki page, and if it does, I couldn’t find it. But if I remember correctly, it shows you your worsts fears and memories. When Tamlin fought the Bogge off, he turned feral. His guards dropped, his shield fell away, and he became feral. Whatever the Bogge showed him (*clears throat*) turned him feral. What could possibly turn his feral? Mmm, mm, hold on, it’ll come to me, watching his mate be brutally murdered all over again. 

Back to his stone heart. I think all of this is enough for Tamlin to find away to make his heart of stone. “I failed you. I failed my mate. And I will never love another” While yes Tamlin was forced to find his mate and forced to watch her be killed, he still did nothing. And I think he’s punished himself ever since, making sure he never fell in love with anyone. 

I want Tamlin to have a redemption arc. 

I’m not saying what he’s done isn’t completely wrong, I’m not saying he isn’t an abuser, I’m not trying to cancel out any of that. Tamlin has done what he’s done and there’s no changing it. I gave possible reasons for him doing so, but I understand it doesn’t change what he’s done. 

Which is why I want redemption not death. 

Death = Redemption, is just not true. When Lord Voldemort died, did he redeem himself? When Kronos died (Percy Jackson) did he redeem himself? When Valentine Morgenstern died (The Mortal Instruments) did he redeem himself? When Gaea/Gaia died (Heroes of Olympus) did she redeem herself? When Amarantha died did she redeem herself? When Arobynn died, did he redeem himself? When Maeve and Erawan, and the King of Hybern die, HA, they won’t be redeemed. When any villain in any story ever died, ask yourself, did he or she feel redeemed in your eyes? 

All the characters I listed, have something in common. They are the bad-guys. They are the villains in those stories. Tamlin is not the villain in the ACOTAR trilogy. He’s just a male, who has made some horrible mistakes, and has become some what of a bad (SPACE) guy. That doesn’t mean he deserves to die for it. 

Imagine someone who has done nothing but terrible things. You know this person, they’ve hurt you, and so on and so forth. Do they really deserve to stop breathing because of it? 

Death does not equal Redemption. Tamlin’s redemption could include apologizing to Feyre, explaining himself, going deeper into his past, turning against the King of Hybern, playing a double agent, putting himself in danger just to give everyone a heads up. 

Cauldron, it could even start at the beginning of ACOWAR. Feyre notices a difference in Tamlin right away. He lets her go outside. He asks how she is, asks if Rhysand ever hurt her, he asks about her well being. 

His redemption isn’t all about Feyre either. He could ask Lucien how he is after having to face the woman who tore out his eye. After being in a small space with his brothers. After almost dying in the Second Task. 

He could go to Cassian, Azriel, and Rhys, and just for that moment, they can share that pain. They know he’s sorry, but they haven’t forgiven him. He could work towards that forgiveness. 

There are so many small things that could happen in such a long book to redeem Tamlin instead of : Right before my eyes, the High Lord of the Spring Court dropped dead. 

Unfulfilling, not redemption, sure you’ll probably cheer, but Tamlin wasn’t redeemed. He was just killed off. 

Don’t get me wrong, Tamlin could die a hero’s death, but we all know our Queen Maas, and she tends not to do the cliche tropes and plots. So I don’t think she’ll do that to Tamlin. 

And at the end of the day, Sarah said Tamlin is getting a redemption arc. 

anonymous asked:

would you be able to do a thing where mc receives news of her parents dying but instead of he being upset she is happy and says good riddance because her parents were very terrible to her and just terrible people in general? how would the rfa+saeran react?

Sure thing Anon, I hope you enjoy!


·         After you got the letter in the mail, you let him read it.

·         When he was done, you attacked him in a hug and he thought you were crying

·         “It’ll be okay MC!”

·         But then you pulled back, and you were smiling and crying

·         Crying tears of joy

·         “MC… did you read the letter??”

·         “Is this one of those panic response things?”

·         You kissed his face a lot which made him go red and jumped around the apartment

·         This boy was a little scared

·         Eventually you calmed down and explained why you were so happy about it

·         “Yoosung, they were such terrible people to me. All they did was tell me I was worthless and hurt me”

·         “I’m gonna fight them”

·         “They’re dead now Yoosung”

·         “I’ll fight their corpse”

·         Yoosung”

·         After you’ve explained it, he understands why you took their deaths so lightly

·         He told you that if you changed your mind, he’d comfort you

·         But for now, he was fine with getting back to life

·         And he definitely noticed how you did things with less hesitation or fear


·         Jaehee was the one that got informed of your parent’s death

·         She sat you down and very calmly explained the situation

·         “MC I’m so sorry to tell you this, but your parents were in an accident… and they did not make it”

·         “Oh, thank god”

·         Jaehee.exe has stopped working

·         Thank… god??

·         “MC do you understand what I’m telling you?”

·         “Yep”

·         “…”

·         Thinks you’re in some form of shock at first, since she doesn’t know what to say you just kiss her head and continue with working in the café

·         She let it go for a few days, but finally decided to confront you and ask why you were so calm… and why you seemed happier after the news

·         “Jaehee, my parents were very terrible to me. They made my life a living hell, and made me want to give up on it a lot”

·         Ah.

·         She understands now, and tells you she’s happy you’re happy.

·         She’s still concerned that you might feel a little sorrow, but she doesn’t say anything.


·         It was actually a few weeks before Zen found out about your parent’s deaths.

·         He freaked out

·         “MC! You’ve been so strong, why did you hide it from me? You never have to pretend around me!”

·         Honestly, you didn’t tell him because you didn’t care, if anything you were glad they were gone.

·         You explained that they weren’t nice people, and you had felt no sadness whatsoever when you were told they had died

·         “MC… I understand you and your family didn’t see eye-to-eye, but aren’t you a little sad they’re gone?”

·         He is a firm believer in rekindling family ties if possible

·         You were a little annoyed that he suggested you should be sad to see such awful people go

·         So, you listed some terrible things they did. Kicked you out, locked you up, starved you, dehydrated you, hit you, made fun of you, screamed at you, never let you do anything, cared about nothing to do with you, never said ‘I Love You’, always said ‘I Hate You’

·         He gets it now

·         He apologises for suggesting you should be more upset

·         If you’re happy, he’s happy


·         Like Jaehee, he was the one that found out about your parent’s death

·         It took him a few hours to find the words to tell you

·         Finally, he sat you down and told you outright

·         “MC, I received a call today, and I’m sorry to say your parents passed away”

·         “Oh, okay”

·         He doesn’t hear that at first

·         “I’ve organised a session for you to meet up with the best therapi- did you just say ‘Okay’?”

·         “Yes”

·         He stares at you for a second, and you stare back, he’s waiting to see if you break into tears

·         “Jumin, are we having a staring contest?” You asked, laughing lightly

·         “I expected a different reaction”

·         Of course, he did

·         You explained that your parents weren’t supportive, or kind, or caring, or anything positive

·         “So… you won’t need the therapy sessions?”

·         “Nope, I’m fine”

·         He’s still a little sceptical, he’s heard of people being in so much shock they fool themselves into being okay.

·         But, you really are okay, he accepts that, and soon your lives are back to normal


·         He gets it

·         He knew you and your parents didn’t get along, but he thought you’d be a little down after their deaths

·         But instead you read the letter that contained the details and???

·         Threw it in the bin??

·         “Good riddance”

·         MC this is now how you react to a family member’s death

·         He asks if you’re okay, and you nod and explain that your parents were foul people that had no place in your heart

·         He understands so well, that it hurts

·         He shrugs and the both of you get on with your lives pretty quickly

·         However, he decided to add a feature to the app that cause confetti to cross the screen any time people said “Congratulations!”

·         So, everyone in the chat began to say it

·         You knew that Seven made it to congratulate you on your freedom


·         Again, this kid gets it

·         You received the news via phone call

·         And Saeran was listening in on your conversation

·         He was a little scared when he heard your parents had passed, he wasn’t good at comforting people and he’d feel terrible if you started crying

·         You scared the ever-living hell out of this poor boy when you came into the room cheering

·         “Saeran! Saeran! The best thing just happened!”

·         Have you gone m a d?

·         “Uh, what?”

·         You explained that your parents had passed in some horrific accident

·         C o n f u s e d

·         “Saeran, these people tortured me for so many years of my life, they made me feel so trapped that I couldn’t breathe, and their abuse was nothing short of physical and emotional trauma”

·         Now he’s 100% on board with celebrating this occasion

·         Gets a tub of ice cream for you two to share, and the two of you watch your favourite movies

·         He offers to take you to a junkyard and the two of you can smash things in celebration but you settle for the ice cream

SVT - Click a Prince: Wonwoo

Originally posted by eonwonwoo

Series: Click A Prince (intro)

Member/s: Ot13 - Wonwoo x Reader 

Words: 1455

A/N: Oooo some kiss up ahead ;) And written/posted with batch 2 per request 

You threw your book at the wall in anger.

How dare he. How dare the author make you believe that the tall, dark, mysterious and handsome man was perfect for the protagonist. Her heart had already been owned by her best friend, who didn’t even see her as a woman. For her to be swept away by the other lad had been terrific. How dare that author make him the antagonist - and rip away the joy she had been feeling.

You huffed in annoyance. You could already feel the fanfictions forming your head, but you decided to ignore them.

Instead you decided that finding a new book would be best, something light, and possibly with no love interests; as your heart felt broken, even if yours wasn’t the one that had been toyed with by the man, the author had.

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anonymous asked:

MORE FEELS!!!! Companions react when Sole dies (whether by an enemy or by the aformentioned needle prick)

((For those of you who don’t know what they’re referencing, this is the link to the original reaction. And just so you know, this will be much more sad and angsty than the previous post. You have been warned.))

Cait: She wakes up in a bathtub of needles and liquor bottles, her head swimming in the heady aftereffects of so many substances. Sole still hasn’t come back. And somewhere, deep in her chest, she know they aren’t going to. Her eyes shut, and she licks her dry lips. Warmth rises behind her eyes, and a half-second later is joined by angry heat in her chest. The anger forces her to rise, stumbling, from the drug-and-alcohol ridden tub. Staggering to her feet, she runs a hand through her hair, feels patches missing, feels scratches on her skin. She can’t remember what she did last night. The burning behind her eyes and in her lungs comes in equal measure, her fury building along with her need to weep. But she doesn’t. Fuck that shit. She promised Sole she’d give all this up, the drugs, the drink - everything. But she failed them this time, failed them when they needed her most. Now that they’re gone… Now, she needs to make Sole proud of her. Even if they’re not there to tell her.

Codsworth: When weeks go by, the Mr. Handy still trimming hedges and cleaning rusted cars, the settlers at Sanctuary wise up, and realize what’s happened to Sole. They realize Sole isn’t coming back. It runs through the town like ripples across water’s surface, a brief disturbance before things go back to normal. People die all the time, and Sanctuary’s residents know this all too well. Sole’s death is unfortunate. Tragic, even, but there are crops to be grown and children to raise, and tears help no one. But Codsworth doesn’t have anyone to look after, not anymore. He’s spent two hundred years looking after a house for a family forgotten by time, and now he’s looking after it for a family that’ll never come. He reverts back to a state not unlike when Sole first emerged from the vault, a state of chipper denial. “Mx. Sole will return shortly, I’m sure,” he’ll say, if anyone tries to talk to him. “With Master Shaun in tow, of course. I’m just keeping the house tidy for them.” Sometime families are tempted to move into the house, tempted to try and get Codsworth away from the building. But no one quite has the heart to do it.

Curie: …What now? The synth girl is at a loss. Sole was the one who changed her life, the one who gave her life. And Curie couldn’t save theirs, in return. The thought eats at her, plagues her, aches in her heart every night she wakes up in tears. A life for a life - what a bitter trade! Such a terrible thing, life is. Such high highs, and low lows. Euphoric joy one moment, and torturous sorrow the next. A part of her wonders, had she remained a Ms. Nanny, if she’d feel so sad as she does then. She comes to the conclusion that no, she would not. This marvel of engineering, this human (synth) body, is both a gift and a curse. And she wouldn’t go back on it for a moment. Wiping her tears from her face, there’s a new determination in the woman’s eyes, a new guiding star born from loss. She sets up shop in the worst part of the Commonwealth, sharing her knowledge with anyone who’ll listen and healing anyone who asks, regardless of their race or creed or political affiliations. “Everyone deserves a chance at life,” she explains softly. “And I owe someone a great debt for giving me that chance.”

Danse: For a time, he struggles to understand why Sole’s death bothers him as much as it does. Sole was just another soldier; another brother or sister in arms, just another servant of the Brotherhood, just another body to fight alongside. But Danse has had companions before, and when they passed, he didn’t feel the ache so bad as this. He struggles with the idea of love and affection, whether that love is romantic or platonic. Love, somehow, dug its talons so deep into his heart that when Sole is torn away it feels like they tore his heart out along with them. He sits alone, apart from everyone and anyone else, thinking back on every moment he shared with them. He remembers every time he held himself back from saying their name, from sharing a smile with them, from telling them just how much they meant to him. He damns himself, and cries hot, self-loathing tears, calling himself a coward. Because only a coward would be afraid to share his feelings with the best thing that ever happened to him. Without Sole, he’s aimless, separate from the Brotherhood and lacking any real kind of purpose. He takes a long time to find his purpose again… if he ever does.

Deacon: He should never have gotten close. He disappears when the doctors declare Sole dead, dropping off the face of the earth, to the point where some wonder if he isn’t dead as  well. Don’t trust anyone. You can’t. You can’t trust everyone. He repeats the mantra to himself, screams it inside his head to drown out the sadness. It doesn’t work. His hands claw at his hair, but it’s not really his hair, and his wig comes off in his hands. The pain comes from deep inside himself, but he’s buried who he really is so deep that he can’t reach himself anymore. Off come the disguises, the sunglasses, the wigs and lies and jokes, all in a desperate attempt to find what hurts and rip it out. He should never have gotten close. He tries to hate Sole, but he can’t, because there was a reason he grew to care about Sole in the first place, and he can’t stop thinking about them. He tried so hard to get them to go away. The lies, the stories, everything he’d said and didn’t say, and they still stuck around. And he’d… he’d hoped, maybe, that this time around he’d learn to let his guard down and start to trust again. He should never have gotten close.

Dogmeat: It’s Mama Murphy, of all people, who comes for him, trekking across the wasteland all on her lonesome and finding him asleep beside Sole’s lifeless body. The dog whimpers when Murphy gently tugs on his collar, urging the canine to his feet. “Hey, there, sweetheart,” she murmurs. “I thought you’d be here.” Dogmeat doesn’t want to leave Sole’s side, but the Sightseer urges him away, petting his head and leaving Sole behind. She brings him back to Sanctuary, brings him back home to be looked after. Dogmeat likes the Sanctuary settlers well enough, and he likes Mama Murphy plenty. But sometimes, especially at sunset, he’ll sit at the front of the Sanctuary bridge, just sitting and waiting for Sole to come walking home. He’ll wait forever. He’s got no place to be.

Hancock: He comes in to Sole’s bedroom, a few days after they’ve been declared dead. He drops a bunch of hubflowers beside their bed, to replace the wilting bunch already there. “You know, Fred got in a new batch of Jet today,” he remarks, sitting down in the worn chair beside the bed. His dark eyes glance to the limp figure. “I didn’t buy any.” He shrugs, a little too casual to be genuine. “Didn’t feel right. I feel like I oughta be sad, like I don’t got the privilege of puttin’ something in my blood so I can forget about you for a little while. ‘Cause I don’t want to forget. I miss you.” He snorts. “I know. Corny. But you did a lot for me, y'know? Kept me from throwin’ myself into the gutter, headfirst. Even if I don’t always agree with you - or even if I do, you were good for me. Hey, I might not be so good for you, but you kept me around long enough, I figure I was doin’ something right.” He hesitates, the slight smile on his lips fading away. “Fahrenheit tells me I can’t keep you in here forever. Girl tells me you’ll start to rot, and that’s not gonna be pretty.” His gaze flickers down. He murmurs. “But sayin’ goodbye means saying goodbye, and I wanna make sure I remember what your face looks like when you’re in the ground.” He stands, affectionately squeezing Sole’s hand. “Sleep tight, brother/sister.”

Nick Valentine: He takes a long drag from his cigarette, feeling the warm tendrils of smoke curl around his circuits, a gray plume rising from his lips as he ‘breathes’ out. It’s so hard to tell what’s organic and what’s a simulation. Does he breathe anymore? Or does he just imagine it? Or is it somewhere in between, with the expansion of a false lung that gives the sensation of breathing? He’s had two hundred years to think about this, and he still doesn’t have an answer. He’s had two hundred years worth of loss, Pre-and-Post war, and mourning never gets any easier. Neither does the knowledge of another good person lost to the darkness of the Commonwealth, where good people are so few and in between. Whether his relationship to Sole was platonic or romantic, his reaction is the same - hide away in his office until another case comes in to distract him. There’s always someone that needs help, always somebody that needs saving by an unwanted old synth with nothing left to lose. Not any more, anyway. “Why not take me, instead?” he asks, staring up at the ceiling of his office. “They had more life left in ‘em than I did.” There’s no reponse. Just the hum of a fluorescent light, and the rumble of the coffee pot at work.

MacCready: “More liquor. No, seriously. Charlie, I’m- Just- ” The Mr. Handy sets down the bottle without a word, eyeing MacCready from over the counter. “I know. Look, just add it to the tab. Charlie, just give me the god damn-” Charlie informs the merc that his tab is long over-drawn. Ham’s firm hand lands on MacCready’s shoulder, and the smaller man shrugs him off, rising angrily from the bar and stomping away. He can already feel the buzz wearing off. Or maybe drunk is just his new normal? All he knows is that he’s sober enough to want to cry, and that alone pisses him off. He hates it, he hates thinking, he hates remembering, and he wants so bad to just fucking stop, stop everything, to slump over in a alley and choke in a pool of his own vomit. Real fitting end for a real piece of work, huh? But he won’t let himself. He won’t let himself give in to his own damn selfishness. Duncan needs him. And he won’t be honoring Sole’s memory by becoming even more of a piece of shit. No, he’s gotta keep going. He’s gotta be better. And that means paying off his goddamn tab and getting back to work, because there’s shit that needs doing, and he’s just the bitter old merc to do it.

Piper: She ends up publishing that obituary, the piece of work that took so many tearful nights to write. It ends up being less of an obituary and more of a memoir, taking up most of the paper as she recounts most (if not all) of Sole’s feats that she can remember. She tries drawing a picture of Sole’s face, if only to have something to remember them by, only to cry out in frustration and throw it aside. She’s a writer, not an artist. That’s what cameras are for. Why didn’t she take more pictures of Sole? Why didn’t she steer them clear of that damn needle? She releases a choked sob into the dim room of her office. After a few minutes of letting herself cry, Piper sniffs, stubbornly wiping her tears away and shuffling outside to the printing press, getting the next day’s paper ready before she heads to bed. Sole’s gone. Sole’s gone. She tells herself this, forces it through her thick skull, drills it into her thoughts so she can get out all the pain and crying before she drowns in it. Sole had believed in her, believed in her dinky little paper and her sister and her past and her dreams, and now Sole was gone. Another wave of sorrow washes over her. No. She can’t let herself cry. She’s got to be strong. Strong for Nat - and for herself. She had to be what Sole thought she could be. 

Preston: With Sole gone, there’s so much to be done, so many towns to protect, so many people that need help and so many resources to manage. He’s busy doing paperwork and training the newest round of recruits when a messenger comes, looking rather solemn. Sole’s dead, the boy says, his eyes wide. Preston swallows, gives him a tight nod, and sends him away. So this is it, he thinks. The last man standing, for the second time. But he blinks, and realizes that isn’t quite true. He’s not the only survivor of a massacre, looking after half a dozen shattered hearts in starving bodies. He’s got a fort. He’s got connections. He’s got honorable men and women that look up to him, countless families living in settlements under his protection, and hope. Hope. Something he thought he’d lost a long time ago. And he knows that without Sole, none of that would have been accomplished. Standing on the wall of the Castle, he looking out at the ocean, clasping his hands behind his back as he smiles softly. “Thank you,” he murmurs. “For everything.”

Strong: He’s surprised when the doctors inform him of Sole’s passing. “NO,” he says, shaking his head. “NO, HUMAN IS FINE.” Even when he’s shown Sole’s lifeless body, he still can’t quite believe that they’re dead. Within his limited thought processes, the mutant somehow believed Sole’d die in a big fight, with lots of explosions, and things to eat. Sole seemed too strong to die yet. After a while, Strong begins to understand that Sole has passed on, and what that means. He goes and sits out by himself for a while, just staring out at the sky with a solemn expression on his face. He sits there all night. The next morning, when someone goes to get him, he’s gone.

X6-88: He should have paid more attention. He should have kept them away from the needles. He should have known better. These are the thoughts that run through his head when Sole’s body is taken away. Before even an hour has passed after Sole’s death, he’s sent out on another mission. He bristles, protesting the reassignment so soon after his charge’s passing. “You’re a Courser,” comes the cold reply. “You do not exist to ask questions, X6. You serve a purpose. You do not form attachments. Go.” And before Sole, X6 might have agreed with such an assessment. But something dull and warm burns in his chest as he teleports out of the Institute. He’s spent too long serving others, being told he’s incapable of emotion, being told he’s a tool. Sole taught him to think, taught him what it felt like to be treated as an equal, taught him what respect felt like. With Sole’s death goes his last tie to the Institute, and it’s their face that flashes in his mind when he strips himself of his Courser clothing and removes his sunglasses. He vanishes into the Commonwealth, now his own man - and with Sole to thank.

((Thanks for the ask, anon!))

Mother Knows Best.

Request: can you do a fic where reader is dating crowley and meets Rowena for the first time and can’t help but laugh when reader finds out his name is Fergus

Requested by: nonnie

Warnings: None really. Just fluff

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The Fate of Black Cats Parts 2 & 3

Alright so apparently a lot of people were having trouble finding part 2 so i am posting it here with part 3. Part 3 will begin at the horizontal line. I have some scenes that I ended up not using that I will post tomorrow night! So if you are interested look out for those! Happy reading everyone!

Adrien grew up with stories of princesses and knights. More specifically, his princess. She drew pictures on his arms, then eventually words, and finally actually telling him on the phone. He remembers the first time he heard her speak. His mamma wrote her cell phone number on his arm and it was only a minute before it began ringing.

“Hello, I need to talk to my boy.” She had claimed him from day one, and he was forever hers. Her voice was angelic. He was convinced that she was made of magic. The day he learned her name is one of the happiest he remembers.

“Marinette is a princess name! It’s pretty and magical just like you!”

“If Marinette is a princess name then you have to be my knight. Knight Adrien.”

That day he could have walked on clouds. His girl had a name. Marinette. Princess Marinette had claimed him as her knight, and he would protect her with everything he had. From then on, their stories were about them. They told tales of their harrowing adventures together. Always the two of them. One day they would meet and he would never let her leave his side again. Then their stories could become real. Princess Marinette and Knight Adrien, off to save France. Together.

“I love you, my princess.”

“I love you too, my knight.”

Adrien’s parents were soulmates. He had no memory of his mother’s arms ever being without ink or paint. She would write his father notes while he was at work, and he would draw her bracelets of ink or designs of cascading flowers down her hands. One day, Marinette and him would be just like them.

When Adrien’s mother began getting sick, some of the magic started to fade. Gone were the carefree love notes written on arms, and in its place were queries about her health. She still let Adrien use her phone to talk to his princess, but she had to stay in bed more. Soon, she couldn’t leave it at all.

The day his mother died was the last day he spoke to Marinette. After her funeral, he reached for a pen, but his father stopped him.

“None of that. There are people here you need to talk to.” His father wouldn’t let him write to her all that day.

When they got home, he eagerly went to get the cell phone, needing desperately to hear his girls voice, but his father was already holding it. He saw Adrien looking for it and frowned at him.

“Everything you need is here. You are too old now to be distracted by nonsense stories. When you get older, we can arrange for you to get in contact again if you prove you are mature enough.” He didn’t understand. What did any of this have to do with his girl? When the phone started ringing, he reached for it, but his father answered instead.

“I need to talk to my boy.”

“He isn’t here,” his father said and hung up. When it started ringing again almost immediately, his father turned it off, and walked out of the room.

It was only then that he understood. His father wasn’t going to let him talk to his princess. Not ever.

No matter where he looked, Adrien couldn’t find anything to write with in the entire house. All his mother’s paints were gone, his stash of pens was empty, even his father’s office lacked even a pencil. He screamed and cried and begged, but it’s hard to get results from such things if there was no one there to see it. He was forced to watch helplessly as his only friend, his soulmate, drove herself mad with worry. It was two weeks of torture to watch the messages slash across his skin and not be able to reassure her. He was here! He was right here! He wanted to tell her that he loved her and that he was sorry and that he wished they had met, but he could do nothing as the messages slowly faded until only one remained.

Just tell me if you’re alive.

And eventually, that too faded, until his arms were left blank for the first time in his memory.

Adrien was never the same after that. He was quiet and polite, and only smiled on command for the cameras that surrounded him. He was never allowed anything that could mark his skin. All his school work was on a computer. He faithfully did everything his father asked of him. He took every lesson, took on every hobby, did everything perfect, but it was never enough. Every year for his birthday he would ask his father for one thing. He asked to contact his princess. His request was always denied.

“She will only distract you. You have more important things to do.”

He knew she thought he was dead. The birthday drawings were always sad and lacking in the joy she used to have, but still he cherished every one. It was the only thing he had to tell himself she was there at all. He often dreamed of her. He dreamed of a dark haired, blue eyes princess that came and rescued him from danger. She brought with her black cats and ladybugs. Those dreams were heaven. He knew the answer to the question he had asked her all those years ago.

What’s a knight without his princess?


He was lonely.

On his fourteenth birthday, he attended public school for the first time. It was the first time he had defied his father, the drawing on his wrist giving him courage, but it was worth it. Or so he thought. He walked in and heard only the sound of one girl yelling and sobbing, while the rest of the school stood silent.

“He died Chloe! He died, and now I have to sit here and listen to you disgrace him. I have to listen to you try and sully what few memories I have of him with your lies. I have had enough! Don’t you think I have suffered enough?”

The girl turned and ran. She bumped into him on her way to the door.

“Are you ok? Can I-“ he tried to offer his help, but she hardly seemed to hear him.

“Please don’t touch me.” She choked out, and ran the rest of the way out of the school.

It wasn’t long after that that his father’s employees came and retrieved him. His father lectured him for an hour that night over his tablet. He hardly ever saw him in person anymore. He tried to look contrite, but he knew he would try again tomorrow. And he did. And this time he made it all the way to class.

Several things changed that day.

He made his first friend besides his soulmate. The boy named Nino offered him friendship for no reason other than he needed one. He could never thank the fates enough for giving him Nino.

That day he also discovered that some kinds of magic is real. Namely, the kind of magic that turns scary classmates into even scarier rock monsters. He didn’t want to go home, but there was nowhere else to go until the monster was taken care of.

With evil magic, comes good. In this case, it came in the form of a silver ring and a tiny, black, floating, talking cat. His life only got stranger from there.

The irony of becoming a black cat superhero was not lost on him, but it was too much to ask the fates for his wonderful soulmate to be his partner.

Ladybug became his best friend. She represented the new found freedom being Chat Noir afforded him. She was truly amazing, but she was very serious. He tried to lighten her up with jokes, and it sometimes worked, but more often than not, she was extremely focused. No, Ladybug was not his princess, he could never be that lucky.

With school came an opportunity that he hadn’t thought of.

He had pens.

He could write to his princess whenever he wanted.

But she thought he was dead. It had been really four years since she had heard from him, how was he supposed to pop back in and tell her that he had been just fine the whole time. If he hadn’t already lost her, he surely would then. He couldn’t think of a way to tell her that wouldn’t lead to her hating him for all the pain he put her through, so he put it off. He kept putting it off until his fifteenth birthday rolled around. He decided that was to be the day he wrote to her. He would wait until she drew the mark she always did on his birthday, then he would respond.

A girl in his class was also named Marinette. She was quiet and avoided him like the plague. One day he asked Nino if he knew why. Nino looked hugely uncomfortable,

“You remind her of her dead soul mate.” All at once, he remembered his first day and realized that it had been her that bumped into him. Well, he decided that if being around him caused her pain, he wouldn’t make it any worse.  He sat in front of his in class and contented himself in knowing her only through the conversations she held with Alya.

The morning he turned fifteen, the topic of conversation strayed to a topic that no one touched with her.

“What are you doing? I never see you writing on your arms.” Alya asked Marinette, and Adrien gratefully accepted the distraction while he waited for his soulmate to draw her mark. He wasn’t expecting her answer, or the implications.

“It’s my soulmate’s birthday,” she explained, “if he were alive, he would be fifteen today.” Marinette didn’t notice Adrien slowly turning around in his seat to look at her, she was too busy drawing, but Alya did. “Every year on his birthday I draw the same thing here on my wrist it’s my way of remembering him. See he loved black cats, and I like ladybugs. We used to tell each other stories where I was the princess and he was my knight. This is how I remember him.”

Slowly the picture of the cat and the ladybug with her words formed on his wrist, right where she drew them. She didn’t notice Adrien staring at her. He was blown away. His princess had been sitting here behind him all this time. His sweet Marinette was right there. His mind simply could not compute. Slowly he turned to look at Alya who had been staring at him, and reality set back in. Alya did not share his in his wonder. There looked to be only one thing on Alya’s mind. Murder. His murder at her hands.

Well, shit.

Part 3

Dodging Alya for the rest of the day was no small feat. She knew and she was not going to stop until he had a large helping of her opinion. His saving grace was an akuma.

Now that Marinette was off the menu, Chloe had focused her malice of pretty much everyone else. Today’s akuma came courtesy of Chloe and with her stamp of disapproval. It took the rest of the day to take down this akuma and several close calls. By the end, both Ladybug and himself were exhausted. After their traditional fist-bump, they agreed on a shortened patrol later that night and set off on their separate ways.

Once home, Adrien finally had time to really think about what had happened. He found his soulmate. His wonderful, carefree princess was sad, quiet, Marinette. She wasn’t always sad, she was often happy and energetic, especially around Alya. But in quiet moments, he could catch her watching the happy soulmates around them with longing. Ivan and Mylene were particularly happy, having known each other their entire lives, they had been able to grown into a comfortable sense of intimacy. They were always holding hands, or absently kissing cheeks, or just in general being the embodiment of a happy set of soulmates. He could see how much Marinette longed for that kind of relationship. The kind of relationship she had thought died with him.

She thought he was dead. She had been mourning him for years! How was he supposed to tell her, “oh I’m alive! Surprise!”

Don’t you think I have suffered enough?

Those had been her words to Chloe. How did he possibly tell her without making her hate him? He collapsed back into bed, accepting defeat. Four years of longing for his soulmate, and now he couldn’t even work up the courage to tell her who he was.

She deserves to know.

At the thought, he could feel his resolve solidifying, and a plan starting to form. Tomorrow was the day.

Dodging Alya was once again a challenge. It would seem that none of her anger or violent urges had faded overnight. So he once again found himself dodging around corners and into bathrooms to escape her. He finally had a lucky a lucky break at lunch time in the form of Marinette’s own luck. Her handmade backpack had ripped down a seam and spilled all her stuff across the locker room floor. By this time, most everyone had already left. He rushed over and began helping her gather up her things.

Looking up at him she smiled her thanks as he handed over her things.

“Thanks, Adrien. I guess I need to stop over stuffing my bag.” She chuckled and walked back to her locker to deposit some of it back in there. Adrien followed nervously.

“Marinette, can I talk to you for a bit?” She turned and looked at him, seeming to notice his nervousness for the first time.

“Yeah, sure.” She sat down at one of the benches and patted the space next to her. He sat down and turned to face her.

“Marinette, I have a story to tell you and I know it’s going to sound weird, but please just hear me out till the end.” She slowly nodded, looking wary. Adrien took a deep breath, and jumped right in.

“Once there was a little boy with a mom and a dad and a soulmate. The little boy spent his days drawing pictures for his soulmate and playing with his mother. His soulmate told him stories, and his mother would help him act them out. He was happy. One day when he was older, his mother grew ill, and eventually died. His father decided that from then on, the only way to make sure his son was completely safe was to cut him off from everything and everyone, including his soulmate. No matter how much the boy begged, his father wouldn’t let him write to her. Years passed and finally the boy was allowed to attend school with the other children. He made friends and he was finally able to write to his soulmate. But he found that he didn’t know what to say. It had been years and surely she had given up on him. Finally, on the boy’s birthday, the sweet girl behind him in class draws a picture on her arm, and it appears on his own. The knight finally found his princess.” Finishing his rehearsed story, he looks up at Marinette and finds her staring at him in shock. After a moment of silence, Adrien pulls out a pen and writes on his arm.

Hello girl.

Slowly Marinette rolls up her sleeve and finds his neat handwriting waiting for her. She looks back up at him, and tears filled her eyes. Adrien offers her a small smile and a wave.


“Hello, Princess.”

At this, her tears overflow and she launches herself at him. She hugs him fiercely, crying into his shirt. Adrien pulls her into his lap, and lets his own tears flow.

“Stupid, stupid boy, I was so worried about you! I thought you were gone! I cried over you for weeks! Months! Oh Adrien, I missed you so much. Thank God, you’re alive.” She sobbed into his shirt and tightened her hold on him, refusing to let him go. He held her as close as he could manage, murmuring in her ear in a soft, desperate voice.

“It’s you. My princess, my Marinette. You’re here. It’s you.”

They weren’t sure how long they sat there clinging to each other before Alya rounded the corner, huffing and wearing her war face.

When she saw the pair clinging desperately to each other, she fought to stay mad. The sight of Adrien Agreste crying freely and holding on the Marinette for dear life softened her anger. At least a little bit.

When Adrien finally noticed her standing there, he cringed and held on to Marinette tighter. He looked at her with what can only be described as sad kitten eyes, and she relented. She shot him a look that clearly said, “We’ll talk later,” and left them alone again.

It was a long time later that they finally were able to control themselves long enough to release the death grip they had on each other. They each leaned back and wiped the left over tears off each other’s faces. Neither of them had it in them to separate all the way, and instead settled for Marinette staying in his lap, arms loosely wrapped around each other.

“You do realize that we still have a lot to talk about right? There is still a lot you have to explain.”

“I know, but we have all the time in the world.” Marinette’s eyes twinkled and she leaned her forehead against his.

“I’m going to hold you to that.” He laughed and finally did the one thing he had been longing to do since the day before. He wrapped his arms around her waist and leaned in the rest of the way, and kissed her,

For the first time in years, he knew that everything was going to be ok.

laropasucia  asked:

Your favorite-characters post lists Margaret from Henry VI as one of your three favorite Shakespeare characters, but though I tracked down your posts on Edmund and Benvolio (and Regan), all of which are epic, I can't find any lengthy posts on Margaret, in any tag. So, whatcha like about her?

So unfortunately I don’t have time for anything really lengthy atm (my critical survey is due in two days and I’m jumping on a plane back to the States literally the day after that) but here’s the short version: 

Margaret is a badass. She appears in four different plays, starting at the end of 1H6 and right from the start she’s not taking anybody’s bullshit. Suffolk captures her in battle and instead of being being remotely frightened by this man with a sword who is standing there talking to himself (the scene is hilarious, read it if you never have) she’s just like “Are you gonna ransom me or what? I’m not going to stand here all day.” And Suffolk is so struck by her and how beautiful and fiery she is that he falls in love with her on the fucking spot. And I mean, really who can blame him?

So to make a really long story really short, Suffolk’s descriptions of Margaret are so captivating that he persuades the goddamn king of England to marry her without having even seen her and without her having a dowry and as soon as she crosses the ocean she starts to fucking dominate. To be fair, dominating Henry isn’t hard because he really just wants to sit around reading his Bible instead of ruling, but Margaret also has to contend with the whole court mocking her because she didn’t come from a rich family, and she takes literally none of their crap–she smacks the Duchess of Gloucester in the fucking face when she’s had enough of her high and mightiness, and personally I like to imagine Suffolk standing in the background, fucking beaming just like “That’s my girl.”

Okay, really quickly, Suffolk: Suffolk is a weird guy. He’s kind of nasty and slimy and the only thing he does with any consistency is love Margaret so hard he can’t even see straight. When he’s finally banished at the end of 2H6 it’s one of the saddest scenes in the whole fucking cycle. Look at the way they talk to each other: 

Queen Margaret. O, let me entreat thee cease. Give me thy hand,
That I may dew it with my mournful tears;
Nor let the rain of heaven wet this place, 
To wash away my woful monuments.
O, could this kiss be printed in thy hand,
That thou mightst think upon these by the seal,
Through whom a thousand sighs are breathed for thee!
So, get thee gone, that I may know my grief; 
‘Tis but surmised whiles thou art standing by,
As one that surfeits thinking on a want.
I will repeal thee, or, be well assured,
Adventure to be banished myself:
And banished I am, if but from thee. 
Go; speak not to me; even now be gone.
O, go not yet! Even thus two friends condemn’d
Embrace and kiss and take ten thousand leaves,
Loather a hundred times to part than die.
Yet now farewell; and farewell life with thee!

Earl of Suffolk. Thus is poor Suffolk ten times banished;
Once by the king, and three times thrice by thee.
‘Tis not the land I care for, wert thou thence;
A wilderness is populous enough,
So Suffolk had thy heavenly company: 
For where thou art, there is the world itself,
With every several pleasure in the world,
And where thou art not, desolation.
I can no more: live thou to joy thy life;
Myself no joy in nought but that thou livest.

Dude, this scene goes on for a while, and it’s fuckin’ heartbreaking. And I think what you have to remember is that Margaret is young when she arrives in England, where nobody wants her and everyone ridicules her, to marry a man who has no real interest in taking care of her, and Suffolk is the only one who’s always been on her side. (There’s a theory floating around that Ned is actually his son, and that’s why Margaret often calls him ‘my son’ instead of ‘our son’ when she’s talking to Henry. I don’t know if I believe this but it makes for a really compelling narrative.) 

But here’s what happens to Suffolk: On his way into exile he’s murdered by pirates and they send his head to Margaret. She enters in 4.4 carrying his head and listen to what she says: 

Queen Margaret. Oft have I heard that grief softens the mind,
And makes it fearful and degenerate;
Think therefore on revenge and cease to weep. 
But who can cease to weep and look on this?
Here may his head lie on my throbbing breast:
But where’s the body that I should embrace?

This is her turning point. From this point forward, Margaret is motherfucking ruthless, and the stuff people call her is insane. She-wolf of France, tiger’s heart wrapt in a woman’s hide, and so on. She fights the wars herself while her useless husband sits at home and she takes absolutely no prisoners. One of my favorite scenes in the whole canon is her torture and murder of York in 3H6, because it’s so deeply disturbing–you can see how tormented she is even as she’s tormenting him. Every drop of pity has dried up in her because the English court has taught her that pity doesn’t get you anywhere, and she’s right–look what happens to her piteous husband at the end of the play. 

But here’s the thing: Margaret comes back for one last encore in Richard III. It’s a total anachronism because she never actually returned to England after losing everything and being exiled, but I think Shakespeare just couldn’t resist bringing her back for one last bow, and dudes, I am so fucking glad he did because she’s the best part of that play. She enters as this mad old woman who has lost everything, and has come back just to watch the people who ruined her suffer. But again, like the scene with York, you can see that it just comes from her own suffering. She rants and raves and throws out some of the best insults in the canon (Thou elvish-mark’d, abortive, rooting hog!), but the most interesting scene by far is the one with the four women together, where they sit and talk about what a fucking mess the men have made of everything. And you get this amazing, precarious moment of camaraderie where Margaret says, “This is going to harden you. Look what it’s done to me.” Here:

Forbear to sleep the nights, and fast the days;
Compare dead happiness with living woe;
Think that thy babes were fairer than they were,
And he that slew them fouler than he is:
Bettering thy loss makes the bad causer worse:
Revolving this will teach thee how to curse.

And I just… Jesus. Margaret may be ruthless and bloodthirsty, but the world has made her that way, and she knows it. In a lot of ways she’s like a female Edmund, and maybe that’s why I love her so much. She’s one of those most dizzyingly complex characters Shakespeare ever wrote, and because she’s in four different plays you just get to know her in such a deep, intimate way. Working on these plays and directing one of my best friends–who is so beautiful and so talented and absolutely brought the role to life–is one of the most cherished Shakespearean experiences I have. Like Suffolk I think Margaret will always be my queen.

Joker imagine : Obsessed


stimahagen said:Could you please make an imagine where the Joker sees the reader and he grows an extreme obsession with her?💗💗

/Here it is! Thanks for requesting :)

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Joker’s P.O.V.

‘’Boss there’s a fight at the dance floor’’ One of my workers at the club informed me nervously. Usually they didn’t tell me about these kinds of things, but since I decided to come down tonight and have a good time, they did. I sighed and stood up from the soft couch and left my business friends behind. ‘’What kinds of idiots are there this time’’ I growled because I was a little annoyed that some people had to fight in places that they shouldn’t.

If the fight was at the bar I wouldn’t mind, but it was on the dancefloor. Many people could see and in the worst case someone would call the police. After stepping out of the fancy VIP area, I saw people in a circle, watching as obviously two persons were ready to rip each other’s faces off. The music was loud, blasting through the building, but I heard the fight.

Then the biggest surprise stepped forward. One of them was a girl, fighting with this way bigger man. She had clawed his face and it was obvious that whoever this girl was a good fighter. Instead of stepping in between and throwing them out, I stayed by and watched. It looked like the girl hadn’t gotten one punch. Her make-up was perfect and her H/C wasn’t really messy.Tough one.

People that saw me walked away or ignored me, both from fear. No one wanted to mess around with me and it made me smile. ‘’Okay that’s enough’’ I chuckled and decided to would be better to stop this and perhaps get to know this pretty lady’s name. She turned to look at me with E/C eyes full of anger. The man didn’t stop. He tried to jump on the girl and take her down, but I was quicker. I grabbed my gun and pointed straight at him. It didn’t look like it stopped him so I pulled the trigger and the bullet pierced his leg. The loud music muffled the worst bang and it didn’t catch much attention.

‘’Get him out’’ I demanded and pointed at two of my henchmen who had followed me. They nodded and picked up the guy that was now yelling in pain and getting soaked in his own blood. The girl had frozen onto her spot, probably shocked. People started dancing again because they were too drunk to even care. ‘’How about we move to a quieter place? I’d love to have a chat’’ I asked her with a big smile. She stared at me coldly and seemed like she wanted to leave. Oh not on my watch.

But she wasn’t dumb. She gave in and then nervously walked away from the scene with me towards the VIP area. ‘’What’s your name pretty?’’ I questioned her as we walked. ‘’I’m Y/N’’ She let me know -finally. An imagine twisted in my mind, but I tried to keep it away.I could already see her in a different way. I stopped to take a good look of her a little secretly. She was perfect. Every curve, every little mark and her face, there was nothing that was wrong. But she could be even better as a crazy one.

‘’That’s a pretty name’’ I let her know and then knew that I wouldn’t let this one run away. ‘’And I assume you’re Joker’’ She cracked a smile after looking so though for a long time. ‘’Yes, but you can call me Mr.J or simply J’’  I told her but I continued the sentence in my head ..or whatever you feel like because you won’t get rid of me in a long long time.

‘’What got you so angry? He looked like he had made the worst mistake in his life’’ I chuckled and then sat down on a bar stool. Y/N stood there a little nervously, but as soon as I patted my hand on it, she took a seat as well next to me. Oh she’s so good. ‘’Em, he was my ex. He uh, you see he’s strange. He wanted me back but I ignored him and it turned into a fight where I had to defend myself’’ Y/N explained shortly and that’s when I heard her voice well. It was so beautiful. Damn. I don’t know what it was but she made me feel like I had found the rarest gem on earth.

She couldn’t just disappear. I had to find a way to make her bad, to get on my side. I already knew that Y/N was badass, but there was something else that I quite couldn’t put my tongue on. It’s like I was obsessed already.

‘’Well hopefully he learned not to do that again’’ I snickered and found it funny that I got to shoot someone. Instead of running away, she stayed. ‘’At least he won’t run back to me now that you shot his leg’’ She giggled and hid her smile behind her hand shyly. She was too good to be true. 

As the days passed, I found myself thinking about her all the time. At night I dreamt about her, at day I thought of her by my side. I could imagine me teaching her how to shoot, how to pick locks and all kinds of important things. Her face was in my mind, distracting me from work. At first it was annoying because I found it as a weakness, but if I could turn her crazy she could become a strength. I had to get her no matter what!

‘’Frost’’ I grunted and slammed my fist on my desk. The door opened and my most trusted and loyal man walked in. ‘’Yes boss’’ He spoke so seriously. I smiled as I saw him standing there in his suit and tie.’’Won’t you prepare the torture room? I need to get something of mine’’ I nearly purred from joy because my plan was perfect. ‘’Sure. And if you’re talking about Y/N, I found her address so it would make your mission easier’’ Frost smiled a little evilly. He was the perfect guy to work for me. He seemed so serious and smart, which he was, but no one really thought of him as an evil guy.

‘’Oh Frost that would be amazing. What would I do without you?’’ 


Princes cheat on MC - the reunion (part 3)

Pfft. So I’m the worst and this was meant to come out DAAAAYS ago but it was way longer than I thought because I included less in the prologue than I intended but meh, what can you do? XD

This is for… voltagestalker



Prologue: It was 4 or so years since the…incident. Since then, there was not a single day when you didn’t think about the true love that brok your heart. However, you had to move on, for your own sake…and for the darling little girl that you had given birth to. One day, you had returned to the kingdom of your love, to show your little girl what kind of place her father came from. The one thing you didn’t expect however, was to come face to face with your past.

“____________?” You turned around at the sound of your name being called out. The face you were greeted with made you tremble to the core. Though he was in disguise, you could recognise him anywhere. A string of emotions attacked you. First, it was confusion that turned to realization. From that, stemmed memories which resulted to anger…but the last set of emotions that hit you, was the pain, heartbreak and yearning that had haunted you for the past few years. You stared in shock as all the emotions you had been suppressing and had hidden away began to well back up inside you, keeping you in a trance until, “Mummy?” You felt a small hand tug at the hem of your skirt and watched as his attention turned to the small girl beside you, eyes widening in shock.

Wilfred: Carefully, he began to approach you, the usual cool smile that graced his face showing you the kindness that you had missed all these years. His deep, crystal blue orbs never leaving yours, yet you could see them waver now and then. “_________.” When he finally reached you, you bobbed a curtsy, unsure how to greet him. “Your Highness.” The response you gave him stabbed at his heart and his eyes became racked with sadness. “_________ I-” “Mummy? Who’s this strange man?” Bending down, you smiled at your daughter. “This man is the crown Prince of Philip! He’ll be King here soon, now, what do you say?” Nodding enthusiastically, your daughter turned to him and bowed her head. “Good afternoon Mister! I mean, Your Highness!” Smiling proudly, you stood up, fully prepared to bid your farewell to the Prince when, “She’s a cute kid…” he began. “Yeah…she’s my world now, and I love her to bits.” You found yourself smiling fondly as you watched your little girl crouched over a small pot of flowers, admiring the colours. “May I ask…how old is she?” “She’s 4 and a half-” you had answered before you could stop yourself and looked back at Wilfred, covering your mouth in shock. “4 and a half?” You watched nervously as his eyes widened from the realization. “You mean…” Slowly, you began to nod. “Yes…she’s yours.” Bracing yourself, you squeezed your eyes shut, only to find seconds later that you were wrapped in someone’s warm embrace. “Y-Your Highness?!” “Thank goodness…” he murmered. “I don’t know what I would’ve done if she was someone else’s…_________. For these 4 years that we’ve been apart, I’ve done nothing but think about you. Think about the future we should’ve had together. The life we should’ve lead…if only I hadn’t been so stupid.” His words, tinged with regret, made you tense up from the stinging memory. Noticing this, he quickly continued. “I have spent the last few years dreaming that you would come back to me, praying that you would find it in your heart to forgive me…and now that I’ve seen you again, after these few years, my heart yearns for you even more so than before. Please _________. Return to the Chateau with me. Bring your daughter, our daughter…please, these pasat few years have been torture without you and I don’t think I can take it much longer.” “….” Feeling you hesitate, he continued. “Please….if not for me, do it for her.” It was at this point that he pulled away and motioned towards your daughter, filled with innocence and joy. “I already know that you’re doing an amazing job with her but I want to be there for her too, as her father…and don’t you think she’d be happier if she could grow up with both her parents around? Please. I want to be here to support her. To support you…not to mention, I never stopped loving you once in these 4 years so please _________. Give me another chance.”.

Keith: “Who is he?!” Almost immediately, Keith was marching up to you, absolutely fuming. “Who’s this unworthy jerk that knocked you up?!” Ignoring him, you ushered your little girl to play on a nearby slide, making sure that you could watch her as she did so. After she skipped away, you turned back to Keith, expression turning dark. “Look Keith, you need to calm down. You have no right to come marching over to me, demanding the name of a man I may or may not be involved with, it is not your place.” “My place?! My place?! Of course it’s my place! I’m your-” “My what, Keith?” Silenced, by your words, you turned to go meet your child and before you left, turned to him and said, “She’s yours by the way.” “Mine…” a few seconds later, as you were approaching your daughter Keith grabbed your arm and pulled you back. “Wait! I wasn’t done yet! ________,,,please will you come back to me, and live with me in the Manse?” His words were like a dream come true…but then you remembered the reason you left in the first place and felt your mood cloud over. Somehow sensing this, he reached for your hand. “Please ________, without you by my side, I’m restless everyday. You saw me just now, even the slightest possibility that you might be with some other guy is enough to drive me insane so please, come back with me…bring out daughter too…I want to be there for her, as a father should be. I’m begging you _______, I can’t take this anymore. A life without you is too painful.”

Roberto: “Hello little girl! My name’s Roberto! What’s yours?” Within seconds, Roberto was crouching down to match the height of your daughter and was engaging in a conversation with her. You smiled as you watched the two of them and caught yourself wishing that the three of you could stay together in such a  way forever…it was almost as if, with that one scene of father and daughter bonding, the past could be overlooked because it was worth it, as long as your child was happy. You knew that you couldn’t keep her father’s identity from her for much longer, and it when you looked at Roberto, there was still the aching love you had for him that refused to disappear. After some time, Roberto stood up again and pulled you tight into his chest. “_________. My dear, dear _________” As he said your name, his grip on you tightened. “I’ve waited for so long to have you back in my arms like this again, and I don’t intend to scare you off again.” “….” Taking your silence as a signal to continue, he spoke again. “…she’s mine, isn’t she?” At this, you pulled away in shock. “Huh? How did you know?!” Chuckling slightly, he stroked your cheek gently. “She told me she turned 4 a few months ago and so I just figured…why didn’t you tell me?” “W-Well I just figured you wouldn’t care about me anymore…you know, just considering…” You had expected to hear some sort of joke, but when you looked up, his eyes were laced with sorrow and regret. “My dear _________…I am so sorry I made you feel that way…believe me, there has not been a day when I don’t regret my actions…please, don’t say ridiculous things like ‘I wouldn’t care about you’. You are the one person in this world that will always stay in my heart _________, and if you can find it in you to give me a second chance, with you and our adorable daughter, then I would be the luckiest man alive.”

Joshua: “This is…” still bewildered, he stared from you, to your daughter and back again. Figuring it out almost instantly he asked, “Is she….?” Slowly and uncertainly, you nodded. Eyes, wide open, he approached you, a gentle smile on his face. “She’s so cute…and I’m sure she’ll grow up to be just as beautiful as her mother.” Hesitantly, he reached up and stroked your face. His touch was so familiar and comforting that you felt yourself lean into it, eyes closed at the relaxing warmth of his palm. “________.” You looked up to find his expression suddenly serious. “It’s been too long. Life without you has been bleak and colourless…and now, with this little girl too, I want nothing more than to have you back in my life, than to support you. I have never missed someone this much before. I have never felt this empty by myself before. I need you _________. You are what brightens up my world so please, let me show you how much you really mean to me.”

Glenn: The second he met your eyes again, you simply nodded politely and began to usher your child away when, “_________, wait.” You felt him pull you back the and turn to look at him. “What is it Glenn?” “Noth-no, I miss you _________. I can’t lie to myself anymore. My life is empty without you in it. I remember the day I found you again after all those years was one of the happiest moments of my life…and when you left well, I almost felt dead inside…and the only one who can resurrect me is well…you…” After his speech, your daughter poked her head out from behind you again and he smiled gentlly at her. “I don’t know who’s she is…but because she’s yours, _________, I would be more than happy to support her and care for her as if she were my own, so please _________, give a foolish guy like me another chance…”

Edward: “Hello! …and who is this beautiful bud?” You watched as Edward bent down to greet your daughter. “When you grow up, I’m sure you’ll be the most graceful rose there is! …after your mother of course…” after saying this, he looked up to smile at you gently. “My rose, how have you been? It is amazing because it only takes me a single glance at you to have my breath stolen from me. Once again, your beauty has captured my heart, though my heart has always been with you, even in the last 4 years…” Suddenly, his gentlemanly smile was tinged with sadness and regret. “There will never be enough ‘I’m sorry’’s in the world to make up for what I have done. I had you by my side and I took advantage of that and betrayed your trust…I do not blame you for resenting me…however, my dear, dear _________…I have also come to realize that a life without you in it is like a flower that cannot bloom, pointless, and painful. My garden is meaningless without you in it my flower so please, give me another chance, let me show you how vulnerable I am to you, how weak I am to your power over me, for my heart and soul has always belonged to you.”


Tired. Sleep. No time to proof-read. Sorry if it’s gross. Good night.

Stay Beautiful~


She's (not) confident./Part 2

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Warnings: Self hate and low self esteem thoughts, sickness, break ups, alcohol.

Notes: Oh god… hey guys!! I can’t believe that this is already over and FL is not… anyways! I hope you like it, this actually wasn’t what i was expecting but i’m kind of proud of this! I hope this make some people feel special and loved, because you’re!! If you need anything, you can talk to me! 

It’s great to finish this :) Hope you like it!

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Part 1

“What do you mean?” Jensen asked still a little confused with that confession.  

“I mean she snapped and now she’s gone. Puff, disappeared. She won’t answer her phone and before you got here, I walked around the neighbor but she isn’t anywhere to be found.” Jared explained, mad at himself. It was his fault after all, how could he have been so selfish not to notice what his best friend was going through? He could have helped. “And it gets worse…”

“How can it possibly be worse?” Jensen asked with a humorless laugh, running his hand through his face becoming more preoccupied and mad. Because in the end, you were his best friend too. 

“Gen was so nervous that she went to (Y/n)’s bathroom to look for something to calm her down and she found this…” Jared said handing a little orange bottle to Jensen, who hesitated before taking it. And when he did, he just wished he hadn’t. In the bottle, read the words “Anti depressive" 

“She was into anti depressives?” Jensen asked with a low, sad, confused and betrayed voice. His heart dropped and he couldn’t believe in any of this. You… You were his joy every day, the person who made him laugh, the person who made him smile. How could he have missed this?

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Oh my goodness you're writing is beautiful!! Could I maybe get some Priam, f!robin and baby morgan family fluff? If not that's fine but Keep up the amazing work anyway!! \(0 v 0)/

(Want to change the name? Use this!)

“Come on, Morgan. Eat it for Papa.” Priam grumbled for the seventy-fifth time, waving the spoon in front of his son’s face. For eight minutes, he’d been trying to get Morgan to eat a bite. Just one bite of the muck known as ‘baby food’.

Also known as mashed vegetables and fruits that didn’t belong together. Libra informed you this was the best way to get him nutrients, but it was clear Morgan wasn’t a fan. Considering Priam’s bias to meat, he understood.

Unfortunately, sympathy didn’t equate to change. You left him in charge of feeding Morgan, which he thought would be easy. You always got him to eat it with hardly any fighting, so why was he having such a hard time?

The obvious reason being the food was disgusting. “Morgan, you’ve got to eat some of it. Your mom’s not gonna be happy if she finds out you’re not eating any of it.”

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Drunken Conversations are the Best Conversations

Otherwise known as: the followup to this based on my own tags. 

Threepio lets him into the apartments, greeting him cordially and accepting his outer robe, and putters off without so much as a tangent about how long it’s been since his last visit. He hadn’t realized that a protocol droid could do passive aggressive, but apparently he’s underestimated Anakin’s programming skills.

(Wouldn’t be the first time – he’s pretty sure his toaster is sentient at this point due to all the tinkering Anakin’s done to it.)

Anakin is, of course, already there. He’s sitting behind Padmé, pulling her long hair into a twisty ponytail, and Obi-Wan stands awkwardly off to the side, not sure if he should sit or not. He’s not used to the two of them being comfortable in his presence, with them letting themselves sit so close or even touch when he’s around them. He’s never noticed before how stiff they both usually are in his presence, but seeing them now really puts it into perspective – Padmé has her eyes closed as she reclines against Anakin’s legs and Anakin is humming quietly to himself as he twists her hair in his hands.

“Obi-Wan, it’s good to see you.” Padmé says as she stands finally and when she turns to him she has this unsettling smile on her face that makes the hair on his arms stand up. Anakin scoots away from her, eyes wide, and Obi-Wan braces himself for the punch he’s sure to get.

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Can I request a soulmate au with poly Roadrat?

I might be mistaken but I think someone was thinking of doing one? Followers, you know anything more, because it’s a shame that there shouldn’t be a roadrat ship week

Meanwhile, to tide you over, have some poly!roadrat Soulmate AU. I went with “Soulmates having a song in their heads that gets more complex the closer they are to each other” again because I love this concept too much

The third day on the road, Mako’s radio breaks down. It’s been wonky ever since the explosion, filled with static and barely comprehensible warnings not to approach the omnium or be anywhere southwest of it. That’s the way the wind and the fallout’s blowing. Mako has been driving southwest from the start, packed with everything he owns and whatever he could scavenge in the immediate aftermath. He doesn’t care about the radiation. It already did its worst to him.

And now it takes the radio and with it everything he had to drown out the song. He tries not to listen to it but as these things go the more he ignores it the louder it becomes. It’s just a low bass like faraway drums, repeating periodically. His soulmate is somewhere far away and he, turned inside out by nuclear fallout and without a home or family to return to, thinks it’s best they stay that way.
He drives on, makes a note to repair the radio as soon as possible, and listens only to the wheels on the dust covered paths.

One day he’ll forget all about the song and what it means.

One day he does.

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let love bleed red (preview)

Words: 1,521.

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader.

Genre: Vampire!au.

Summary: She is beautiful’, Jungkook thinks, but most certainly not as beautiful as the taste he loves so much.

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