i think she called magical or something

Sailor Knights II

Super Sailor Mercury Battle Armour.

Originally, I was going to give Mercury a sword because it seems like she usually gets picked as the tome wielding, magic user of the group, almost by default and I think she’s tougher than more people give her credit for… But then I remembered her little computer and her “Shine Aqua Illusion” attack and it just seemed right that she be taking people out with some fierce Arcane magic!

(I’m gonna call these guys Sailor Knights from now on since I fully plan to do them all and I want to have something to call them all together)

Sailor Moon

Sailor Mars

Okay since I read through all the set reports and watched all the videos I think i should give a narrative of what I think is going on. 

  1. Snow and Charming are fighting New Guy played by Craig Horner.  We do not know who he is.
  2. The fight looks pretty brutal and like the Charmings were unprepared.  Snow is using a pipe or a stick and David a trash can lid.  There is some barrels dropped at some point which I think might have been on the Charmings.
  3. New Guy is about to behead them (which I’m truthfully not sure you can do with a rapier but it’s not like Once uses sharp swords) and as his blade comes down it’s blocked by Regina’s.
  4. Regina and New Guy begin to duel.  It’s pretty physical.  Henry is watching hiding from behind some boxes.  When Regina is thrown to the ground he tries to run towards her.
  5. She tells him to stop and call Emma she can’t… something…. and needs help with magic.  6.01 suggests she’s not got access to all of her magic (though some of it).  
  6. New Guy disarms Regina and turns to go back and finish off the Charmings.
  7. Regina runs to her sword and appears to pull the same move that Charming does in the pilot at the wedding when he throws his sword at Regina (and Emma does when she throws the sword at Maleficent).  

End of fight. 

We don’t know if the EQ comes in at this point of if that’s a completely different scene.  (x, x)


The story behind this cutie patootie photo: 

 I was super nervous to meet Merida at Walt Disney World a few months ago, She gave me a super big hug and signed my autograph book and my hair was super curly so she asked me how I got it like that and I explained have cool hair where I can just twist it and it stays and that they are called banana curls (By my grandma) and said something like “I tell ya whot, It takes forever for me to get my hair in order” and I had picked out a sticker from my Merida sticker collection to give to her at the park, and I gave it to her and told her “I brought you something!” She was super happy, “-I was thinking since you probably don’t see your parents a whole lot since they are in Dunbroch and you are here at Disney world. I thought you might like a photo of you and them.” and this photo is of her showing it off to the photographers aid (The one that makes sure you get your magic band) and when she turned it around (Second photo) she saw there was Angus (She was in the middle of saying “And look Angus and I are on the back shooting arrows!” when the photo was taken) and she skipped over to me and was just so nice and gave me the bestest and super tight hug and told me she whispered  “I’ll make sure angus and I can see it everyday” (Paraphrase, it was super close to that) and placed it on the hay bale and told me she would get it for when she went arching, and she posed for a photo and gave me another hug and told me how brave I am (It was kind of super obvious I was nervous) and I will forever love Merida because of this wonderful person. 

Thanks to faantasmic for making a post that made me think to post this. 

Fenris: And what are you supposed to be? The demented product of a magister’s experiment?

Garrus: I’m a turian, last time I checked.

Fenris: You look like a darkspawn.

Garrus: Not exactly sure what that is, but I’m certain I’m not that.

Fenris: *grumbles*

Garrus: Are you human? Never seen ears like that on a human.

Fenris: Elf. The word you’re looking for is elf. *gets all glowy* You’ve probably never seen someone rip out a man’s heart with his bare hands either.

Garrus: No, but I have seen a hanar try to breakdance.

Fenris: *stares*

Garrus: It’s a–never mind.

Fenris: And your partner. She’s clearly a mage. Nothing good has ever come from befriending mages.

Garrus: You mean a biotic?

Fenris: Magic is magic, call it something different if you think that makes it better. I’ve seen her kind before.

Garrus: Somehow I don’t think we’re getting anywhere with this conversation.

Fenris: Neither do I.

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Road to Recovery: Fireballs and Ice

aka: What if Regina had been there instead of Hook in White Out?

Once more the device buzzed, and she got angry. Ready to tear the caller a new one, she saw the caller ID and cursed. Couldn’t those insipid Charmings ever shut up? She swiped to take the call, and growled out, “It seems I’ve wasted my time sending my message earlier as you are all hell-bent on contacting me after I specifically asked to notto be contacted by anyone, and if you think-”

“Emma’s in danger.”

Regina paused in her rant, hearing David’s breathless voice interrupt her. She swallowed thickly, and bit back, “And why should that concern me? Get her love-struck pirate or something to dash in and save the day.”

David sighed and responded, “No, there was a woman…she had ice magic, she took Emma and blocked the entrance with ice. I need you to help me melt the entrance. Please Regina.”

Her heart had already sunk at hearing that Emma was in danger, but now, she was petrified. “Where?”

“The Northern Entrance to town, I can come pick-” before David could say anything, purple smoke appeared in front of him, and Regina stood there, phone still in her ear.

They both hung up, and Regina briskly demanded, “What happened?”

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Witch AU!!!


So in this AU I was thinking Bill and Ford were in a powerful council like the Grand Coven or something. Bill being Ford’s “friend” got both of them kicked out of the council as he tried to trick Ford and take over the council. Angry, Bill decides to build a guild called the “ Mindscape”. 

Dipper and Mabel spend their teen years working in “The Mystery Shack Tavern” for their Grunkle Stan who takes over after Ford’s disappearance. Only few people have magic abilities in this world. Mabel aspires to be a witch and enroll in a witch academy, she has magic abilities. On the other hand Dipper has NO magic abilities. This is until he meets Bill and something inside of him is awoken. 

So how is it guys? :)

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Was at my sister’s, watching a bunch of people play Magic and was kind of stuck and couldn’t leave, and given that all the work I need to do is on my laptop, I… just decided to mash up some AUs again.

pickle-plum had written up something really cute between their winged!Hermann and my kaiju, Archimedes (from an AU I’ve just been calling ’Drift & Hivemind’ and will be getting more formally started over here in short order). Anywho, this was sort of supposed to accompany that writing. Archimedes has vaguely human like clawed hands on her second set of arms, so it’s entirely feasible she could help preen Hermann’s wings, delicately starting with her claws to clear out larger areas of scratchy messes, then carefully gripping a brush for the rest.

And then I’m weird and also gave Hermann chest feathers (also imagining Newt giving Hermann raspberries right in the middle of them). I dunno, maybe they start growing in right before he molts or something. Aaaand absolutely no ref was used (aside from one for Archimedes, ‘cause I guess I haven’t learned how to draw my own characters), so everything is probably a bit torqued.

I’m thinking of going ahead with the cracked article about creators doing ridiculous things in response to crticism and somehow came across this about Sailor Moon in Italy during the 90s:

In 1997, a psychologist named Vera Slepoy made her opinion public. She thought the transformation of the Three Lights to the Star Lights had the potential to turn young boys gay, and this resulted in the transformation phrase being altered to something to the effect of “Sailor Star (Healer/Fighter/Maker), Come to Me”! It then appeared as if the Starlights would magically appear when this phrase was called. Vera also thought that the fact that the females were the dominant superheroes confused a lot of people (she refers to them as dominatrici or oppressors). It seems some people still think that cartoons should be patriarchal!

Sailor Moon: turning boys gay since 1993

Usagi Tsukino: dominatrix oppressing all the dudes.

I remember reading elsewhere that the Italian dub made it so the Starlights were replaced by “twin sisters” when they transformed, it seems like many people attribute that to being in response to these statements. TV Tropes claims that Naoko pulled the rights of Sailor Moon from italy because of this, but there’s nothing substantiating that, so take it with a grain of salt.

It does make me think the history of censorship/backlash to anime in the West might be a good article topic for me to write, since I’m looking for them right now. It’s interesting there was so much nonsense in the 90s and now it’s largely gone these days. It would be fun to learn about.

I could give less of damn about ships in Once Upon A Time, but...

I think it’s kind of funny that Emma has had more chemistry and interesting moments with three female characters than she’s had with Hook.

I used to not like Swan Queen at all. I’ve never been a fan of hate/love couples, gay or straight. But now, I can understand the appeal past the sexiness people find in antagonism. They have candid and honest conversations, they  understand each other, and Regina is currently doing more than anyone to keep Emma from going dark side. Don’t get me wrong, I still think it’s stupid that Emma has never called Regina out for being the reason she was alone for her entire childhood, but Emma and Regina still have a foundation to build something real on. Same deal with Emma and Elsa, which I’m still a fan of. They have a lot of the same similarities and Emma and Regina but Else has never ruined Emma’s life for 28 years. Both magical women trying to get handles on controlling their powers, dealing with the sins of their parents, and who have trust issues. And this Lilly and Emma thing also has a lot going on. Two people connected by fate is sort of a romantic idea.

I don’t think I need more reasons to hate Captain Swan, but the fact that being with that smelly pirate is keeping Emma from being in an interesting, possibly redemptive same sex relationship can be one if I just go ahead and ignore that A&E kind of suck, and would never put Emma with another woman, anyway.

But seriously Captain Swan is awful. Hook basically confirmed in the last episode that the only reason he’s “good” is to get in Emma’s pants.

Book of Mojo

Are you tired of Urban Fantasy being a genre so full of middle class white people it should really be called sub-urban fantasy? 
Do you want to see a culturally diverse team of creators from studios like Pixar and Dreamworks tackle a story that deals with themes like homelessness and loss of family?
Do you think there’s not enough talking rats in animation?

Then I wanna talk to you about something called the Book of Mojo.

These are Lucy, Mojo and Thales.
Lucy is a thirteen year old runaway trying to master magic on the streets so she can reunite with her father.
Thales is a rat possessed by a spirit summoned by Lucy to help her and Mojo is a seven foot tall concrete statue whose origins are uncertain, even to himself.

But you know what? if that doesn’t sound cool enough then just watch this teaser:

This is all being crowd funded through Indiegogo, they’ve twelve days left to meet their goal and there’s about 30,000 dollars left to go.

If we all chip in with what we can and spread this like wildfire we can make this happen.
And listen, if we all get together and fund this that’s us saying as loud as we can that we want this change, that’s us telling the movie industry that we want this level of diversity in our media. 
So even if you’re not that interested in the story just share this around to help change the face and fate of media. 

About the whole HP North American “native inspired” sorting houses:

JR obviously didnt wanna put a lot of work or research into this & just picked whatever resembled the hogwarts houses lol. The horned Serpent house especially doesnt make sense, since I can name a couple of Native cultures that view The Horned Serpent animal/spirit as evil & reaaaallly something you wouldn’t wanna be associated with. Like for Crees, it was a giant snake that lives in lakes & eats people (particularily CHILDREN) that wander too close to its waters while alone. I think we call them “Misikinopik”.

This whole problem with her ideas on Native magic tho is that it kind of ACTUALLY HAPPENED, and not at all in the way she pictured. A few swift google searches could’ve told her that. & shes kind of acting as if Native Magic didn’t/doesn’t exist, that its inferior because its not the same as the European sense of Magic, & that anything surrounding that didn’t happen.

Im still so bitter over this. I love Harry Potter myself, but damn.

I was going through a couple of old videos on yt and came across this Regina-centric video with a line that really jumped out at me; hindsight & all that…

Regina says in 4a (4x08, I think? when she and the Charmings are out looking for Emma, and she’s walking with Snow towards the Sorcerer’s house) “Whatever’s working against my happiness is more powerful than me”. Now at this point in the storyline, “Marian” is frozen and she feels she can’t be with RH for obvious reasons cos that would be a really shitty thing to do.

And if you think about it, I mean she has a point. Pixie dust and tattoos aside, every time she came close to finding something resembling happiness and peace with RH, it always got fucked up - and not because they fought, but by some magical (or magic-related) reason. call it fate whatever

First, it was her thirst for power, magic and revenge, that kept her from going into the tavern.

Then, it was having his dead wife come back from the past. Then the wife got frozen. Then he left with the wife so she’d be okay. Then the wife was actually Zelena (magic!), but there was already a baby involved. Then in the Author’s World, again, through magic, she didn’t end up with him.

idk man, I thought True Love was magic? So why the fuck is magic fighting so goddamn hard to keep them apart? While shoving Emma and Regina together… time… and time… again.

just saying, maybe it’s not that fate, magic or what have you, is working against her happiness, maybe it’s just that she’s working towards the wrong bloody ending.

You mean to tell me that. Hook wants to kill Emma for making him a Dark One after she thought it was the best way to save him. What happened to all that talk about “nothing you could do could make me change how I feel about you” and also, he’s a Dark One now he didn’t want Emma using Dark magic at all but after learning he’s one too will use it.

This is why I never trusted nor believed Hook could be a “good guy”. He didn’t know he had dark magic in him until Zelena showed him his lost memories wouldn’t you think he would’ve known something different happened to him. He didn’t want to call her Emma.

Regina constantly worries and wants to help even in Emma’s darkest moment she’s still gunna do what Emma has asked of her.


Dear everyone that thinks drawing is something that you need ~magical talent~ to achieve - this is a wake up call. Exhibit A as to why that’s not true. 

I didn’t start drawing until January of 2013, literally as a new year’s resolution. Before that I did not draw - I couldn’t draw at all. I’d show you one of my first sketches, but I don’t want to embarrass myself further. The ‘before‘ drawing you see here was after six months of drawing almost every single day

Now, two years later, I’m definitely not even close to where I want to be, but I can draw humans that actually look kinda like humans. That’s not something I could do two years ago, or the 18+ years that I spent not drawing because I thought I had no “talent”. 

I know posts like this have been made before, but I want to add to it because I want everyone who thinks drawing is cool to draw. Art helped me get out of the darkest period in my life, and it might help you to. 

So basically:

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I’m including this still mostly because I still want her potions box.  But what I really should be talking about is Emma asking her for magic lessons.  Emma treated the last time they tried this like a favor to Regina and something to fight her on.  Regina’s “oh so now you want my advise” is I think… actually a kind of hurt feelings.  She was trying to help before and was called a monster for it.

Even if it did get the fire lit part of her had to feel hurt.

Perfectly Imperfect

A/N: I’m not completely sure what this is, but I fell in love with a prompt idea and it happened.

“Killian, all I’m saying is it doesn’t have to be made so complicated.”

Emma hated snapping at her boyfriend as much as she had today. But for the past hour they’d been sitting at the computer in the sheriff’s station, trying to figure out the next clue in finding the storybook’s author with Killian still unable to understand how the Internet (or the “strange magic box” as he usually called it) was supposed to help them. She knew that technology was a lot to take in- especially for someone over three hundred years old- but his endless list of questions combined with her lack of sleep thanks to the recent turn of events in Storybrooke was making her irritable.

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“You weren’t supposed to see that. Do you think you could pretend you didn’t and not go into a panic? You seem like a good person and I would really hate seeing that you do myself.” Doing so would have involved her removing a few memories from the others mind. Something that pained her just as much as it would have them. One time she uses her magic in public she gets caught. Just great. 

anonymous asked:

I love that your Gabriel has a dog. I also imagine him with a tiny bird, like a finch or a parakeet, with a cute little name. Just hopping across his abs and fingers and poking at his beard and chirping. Gabe chirps back and calls his birb a sweetheart and feeds her out of his hand. Jesse thinks it's kind of hilarious how sweet on that bird he is.

Oh my gosh. This just makes me so darn happy. 

I bet she’s a lovebird, and he calls her something ridiculous like Corazon or Dulcita (’heart’ and ‘little sweet’ respectively). She grooms his hair and twitters at him and rides around on his shoulder. She wears those bird-pants and Gabe’s gotten her special seasonal ones for the holidays. She has her own Instagram. He posts at least one picture a day and gives them funny captions.

It’s a wonderful, magical thing.

I think Fiona manifested either Force or Spirit, interestingly enough. In Chapter 14 of The Calling, we get “She had killed the Count with raw magical force.” Under the Origins system of magic, this almost certainly means Spirit, something like Walking Bomb, Crushing Prison, a non-mage-specific variant of Mana Clash, or a strong version of Spirit Bolt or Mind Blast. However, DA2 also had Force, that specific word, as its own school of magic. The argument against Fiona being a force mage is a) that’s DA2, which wasn’t in production yet, and b) Fiona is depicted as struggling with large-scale spells, but having enough precision for field-level healing (though she’s not that great a healer, probably because her circle wasn’t as into that), which is kind of the opposite of how Force works.

So, yeah, things to consider if you’re writing Fiona in combat. I mean, in canon, she’s also using elemental spells, but they don’t seem to be something she’s unusually skilled at, but more a feature of standard Circle and Warden battlemage training.