i think s3 was their best season as friends

Ok but imagine:

  • Clem teaching Gabe how to stitch a wound, start a fire, pick locks, and other cool survivor shit
  • Gabe teaching Clem the handful of Spanish swear words he knows
  • The both of them stumbling on a Rubiks cube on a supply run and spending the entire week trying to figure it out
    • They eventually give up
    • Conrad solves it in like 2 minutes
  • Gabe and Clem always bantering and roasting each other
  • Gabe and Clem climbing on rooftops and watching the sun set
  • Gabe and Clem leaning on each other for emotional support
    • Clem opening up about her past here and there
    • Gabe telling her how much he misses Mari
    • They just listen and never push the other into talking about something they’re uncomfortable with
    • Sometimes there are days when the two of them don’t say a word, just sitting and crying together and leaning on each other
  • Gabe and Clem being too proud to admit to themselves or to anyone else that they have a crush on the other
    • (Javi thinking it’s the cutest shit ever, even if it can get a little annoying sometimes)
    • Gabe telling Javi about how great Clementine is for the nth fucken time
      • “Yes I know, buddy, you told me the same story this morning. Maybe you should ask her out on a date or something ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
      • “Pffffft w h a t?? Oh my god Javi she’s my best friend what makes you say that why would you even think that???????” profuse sweating
    • Javi being forced to play along as Clem asks for advice for a friend of hers who maybe might hypothetically like a hypothetical guy, so what should the friend do, you know, hypothetically?
    • Javi: *Looks into the camera like he’s in The Office*

anyways i am here for Gabe and Clem being bffs they deserve so much happiness honestly

note to people complaining about subplots and supporting characters :but mostly just a rant about the neglect of Eva's character

ok so I really need to say this -

everyone hating on Julie for allowing screen time for noora’s relationship problems and vilde and magnus’s relationship dynamic like guys out of all the material we’ve got till now it’s probably a sum total of 5 minutes. idk why you expect Sana’s season to not make room for other people’s subplots when we are the one’s who pride ourselves on the fact that we’re all patrons of a show that is realistic and in real time. well real time doesn’t work only for the pov character it’s obviously going to move the same for everyone everyone’s life is going to have things happening in it and not just Sana’s and it is going to interfere with her own life sometimes

also sana does care about all her friends she just hides it under all that sarcasm and sternness cuz she’s such a MOMMA bear

I don’t think it fair considering the fact that Eva’s season had to make room for so many introductions and subplots, a jealous havoc wrecking so called best friend who pretty much created all the trouble that Eva got into indirectly (just because he was in emotional turmoil doesn’t make what isak did to Eva in season one ok at all) like And SHE FORGAVE HIM FOR IT (and I’m glad for it I wouldn’t give up s3 for all the fries in the world)

and despite all the focus that Eva lost in the first season no one is complaining about the fact that we don’t get enough about her story. like ok suddenly after breaking up with her boyfriend that’s all that Eva has been reduced to? an alcohol happy party animal who has literally nothing going on in her life anymore? that is so wrong and misogynistic - just because the guy is out of her life doesn’t mean her life has none of it’s speculative 3 dimensional quality anymore? is she not her own person ? and as if for consolation we get that little bit of Eva making out with penetrator Chris in season three and cute with him at the Christmas party(and she was IMPORTANT AGAIN ONLY for the five minutes in which she was seen with a guy and had that fucked up mini romance…really¿ guys?) like hello he is the literal asshole who took advantage of Eva when she was emotionally incapacitated, he’s the reason she was slut shamed in front of the ENTIRE SCHOOL and now you’re all ok with all that and all buddy buddy with him despite being the truest fuckboy of the show

noora’s relationship and it’s problems have literally stretched for 3 seasons which can be justified since noora deserves better but so does Eva - but Eva is literally just this person in the background despite her explosive scandal in the first season, despite her being the first person to Introduce us to the world of skam, despite being the person whose house is literally the squad nest

Eva’s season was overshadowed by so many other characters’ lives and problems yet in Sana’s season we don’t want to allow that?

Evak’s season was allowed to have such great focus and justified by the fact that isak’s world is separate from the girls so ‘thats ok’ and even there we had noora’s subplot of abandonment and sana being beautifully understanding of religion and homosexuality as things which can co exist and her insight into the mentality of people who say otherwise and vilde being in love magnus and her kose group, but again Eva being left on the line when isak hides his drugs in her house (which is again NOT WHAT FRIENDS DO) and that’s it

Eva is just being made out to be this floating head who has the sole purpose of telling the group all the gossip that’s going in the outside world, falling into trouble on other people’s account and having no story or problems or subplot of her own despite being a 3 dimensional character (who had the wisdom and bravery to leave a relationship she was becoming toxically co dependent on so that she could be her own woman and discover herself) and just being portrayed as this desperate gossiping girl who is not — which I AM NOT OKAY WITH AT ALL. I want more Eva kicking ass on the emotional battlefield and in reality against slut shaming and also discovering the wonderful person that she is and helping vilde discover herself and teaching herself and vilde to be unashamedly themselves. basically to summarise I think it’s only fair that since Eva’s plot had to make so much room for other characters’ subs all I’m asking for is for her to have an equal share in their plots and be more than just a friend on the sidelines what she went through was just as emotionally harrowing as what the others went through and is just as important cuz there is no yard stick comparison in these matters….


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Do you think Even trying to memorise the Quran has any more significance now that we know two of his best friends at Bakka are Muslim? I think it definitely explains his analogy between assumptions about gay people being camp and Muslims being terrorists.

My (and other people’s) headcanon is that Even converted to Islam. The references to Islam in s3 felt extremely purposeful (I feel like I say “purposeful” ten times a day since the new season started). When he used the comparison you just mentioned (he could have used so many, why this one?), the fact that he learned the Qu’ran…

It’s been talked a lot in the fandom even before the trailer for season 4, most notably by @imansmeskinis (here are two examples of her wonderful headcanons and metas on the topic)!

So yeah, Islam seems to be tied to Even. Has been since season 3. Would go well with the Even is Sana’s mirror idea for this season.

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You know I think it's interesting that Jonas goes to "Why do you always pick gay songs?" in S1 to "What's up with you bashing on gay guys?" in S3. I honestly think it's because Jonas maybe deep inside knew Isak was gay but he let Isak take his time in telling him, and I think that's why Jonas wasn't surprised when Isak told him he liked another guy. In conclusion JONAS IS THE BEST BFF EVER

Jonas was quite different in S1, just like other characters! He really matured throughout the seasons which I find very fascinating to watch and he’s much much more mature in S3 and my heart honestly grew three sizes for him then. But yeah, I’m really sure Jonas suspected already but being the incredible friend that he is, didn’t try to push Isak and instead waited when he was ready ❤

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Hello Jane! :) <3 I've caught up with the finale and only 2 words for that thing: disappointment and underwhelming. The weakest finale of AoS but I guess it goes well with the weakest season. :/ Because yes I don't like this season (all my irl friends have quitted during it, shippers and not shippers) and I don't get the consensus that it's the best one... For me they have learned nothing, it's the mix of s2 and s3 flaws and adding its own. I mean since when angst on angst on angst etc means (1)

(2) good storytelling ? There is no sense of balance in the story. (s2) To appreciate the ups and downs, you actually have to have both! like a roller coaster! This year its a endless downhill. And worse, the story is more and more driven (progresses) by action and plot twist and mostly for shock value… its the level 0 of storytelling and sense of rhythm. All that bring deus ex machina and plot holes and adding bullshit storylines like love triangle doesn’t help (roboMay, Aida) (s3 flaws).

(3) Action and twist must serve the story and not leading it, it’s nonsense. Most of the writers in Ao3 like you, understand and deal better with all those basics writing principles. WTH? As for the flaws of s4 itself, they wanted to deal with very serious themes and used harsh imageries to do it, why not? but not only they were only used as plot device, but they were also mistreated and not resolved in any way. And worse, they don’t acknowledge anything. You already know it hurt me a lot. :(

(4)I’ve seen people taking time for excuse, seriously? Like any other job they are accountable of what they do and how they use their time. It’s bad writing. When you chose to write arcs it means that in everyone of them, you have a beginning, a middle and a end, and an opening for something else. But resolution doesn’t just kill the bad guy, which basically all the finale did and GR, nothing else… bad writing again. And that ridiculous ending and cliffhanger… As for FS nothing, the void,

(5) no discussion, no meaningful interactions, no smiles, no relationship status. Complete nonsense! All of their build up, pumped up storylines fell flat at the end and the wins were for someone else (daisy, radcliffe, GR) and back to being support character. What did Jemma do at the end? she didn’t save Fitz, she just killed a fake dad and shoot an unwoundable Aida… And all the tease around them with their forever love for nothing, its cool to say it but show it, and not just them telling

(6)other people that they love each other. WTF!? FS season without FS in it Bravo! – Not even a tiny pay off… I have no illusion it would change because I’m sure they don’t know how to write them out of angst, and if they are apart again. No thank you. Sorry Jane i talked a lot but i’m really not hyped in any way by s5, I loved my fun spy show with FS as main interest. ^^ Now it’s the shadow of it. Anyway thank you Jane for being always amazing! Love you very much <3<3<3<3

Hey there!

I have to admit, I was disappointed and underwhelmed by the finale, too. GR felt like a deus ex machina, FS was not resolved, and the whole thing was so rushed that I didn’t really care much that they were in space. They crammed too much in for there to be any time for the emotional impact to be felt. Becoming GR, really, was enough of a twist that they didn’t need to add going into space. And actually, if I had to pick between the two twists, I would have just done going into space. Tricking AIDA seemed like a flimsy reason for becoming GR. 

(Really, the only thing I can think of is that they were picked up and sent into space BECAUSE he’s the new GR, and that somehow makes him a part of this war Robbie was talking about. Either way, it was too much in too little time. There had to have been a better way to structure that.)

BUT, I will say that it’s hard to compare a network TV show to any other form of media, ESPECIALLY fanfiction. When I write, the story is exactly the length it needs to be, I can involve any character and plot lines I like, and I can literally take years to finish it if I want to. Network TV is different. ABC tells them how many episodes they get and when the episodes will air. They couldn’t add a 23rd episode even if they wanted to, they had to involve ALL the characters because of the actors’ contracts (which is why the birthday video happens in 4722 Hours; they had to get Clark and Chloe in there somehow), and they had to work around things like commercial breaks. Network TV is a very complicated thing with a lot of factors going into it that I, luckily, do not have to deal with as a writer. So when people say they didn’t have time, it’s true that they had a limited amount of time. Could they have made a better use of their time? Certainly. But we must acknowledge that they have limitations we don’t have.

The real mistake they made, I think, was that they spent too much time in the Framework and not enough time in the aftermath. They had a big story, and due to the restrictions ABC gave them, they only had seven episodes in which to tell it. In my opinion, the only way to fit everything in was to make the story a little smaller, and they didn’t want to do that, so we have what we have. A lot of the things they added in were the “rewards” they promised the fans, namely, the return of favorite characters. Maybe you didn’t care for them, but they were the fun parts of this arc that helped add to the balance. 

Of course, I think they focused too much on Evil Fitz and his relationship with AIDA for it to be truly balanced. That’s where all the pain came from, in my experience at least—they went too far showing how EVIL Fitz could be without showing a proper resolution. This is a problem with the greater MCU in general, though—it’s usually all pain, little gain. They need to learn how to tone down the pain or increase the resolution if they truly want to give their fans a satisfying ending.

Unfortunately, I don’t think they see it that way. Jemma shooting AIDA was supposed to be part of the resolution of Jemma’s arc, but I would have happily traded it for a chance for FitzSimmons to finish their conversation, because that’s what we really needed for a resolution. We actually had PLENTY of FitzSimmons love in this arc. Jemma declared her love more openly and boldly than we’ve ever seen her, and Fitz declared his love for her at great risk. You know what we were missing? Them declaring their love to EACH OTHER. Them being TOGETHER after they spent so long being torn apart! And you know, I don’t know if we needed a full conversation. We needed Jemma’s Amen, surely, and then Fitz reaching for her hand in the diner. They had enough time for that. All he had to do was reach for her hand, and for them to share a look and a smile. That would have told us, at least, where they were and where they were going. Elizabeth and Iain are good enough to make that mean more than ten minutes of conversation. But they didn’t add it in because they thought the love declarations and the hug were enough.

So really, the best way to look at it is as of the hug WAS their resolution. Jemma heard his love confession, she gave Fitz the support he needed, and then they apparently resumed their relationship. It’s a big blank to fill in, but I think that’s what they meant to portray.

Anyway, I understand missing the fun spy show with FS! I feel that way, too. Sometimes I feel like we’ve been cheated because we were hooked with a ship that was always together, and now they’re NEVER together. I wish they would bring back some of the humor and togetherness. They do have their more cheerful moments, like when Trip came back, but I definitely think we could use a lot more of the fun we fell in love with. All we can do is send our feedback and hope they listen.

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Hi! Could you please rec me fics where John is back in Baker Street with the baby (whethet Rosie or any other baby, really), and after a while of the boys raising the baby (whether as a couple or still friends for the time being), the baby one day calls Sherlock either daddy or papa and the boys slightly freak out because they don't know how the other is going to react? I'm sorry, I know this is super-specific, but I've read a few of these and it's such a cute trope xx

Hmm, the only thing I can think of is @vitruvianwatson’s ongoing fic. There’s currently 3 parts to it and I’m really enjoying it so far, it’s so good.

But here’s some post s3 parentlock fics as well if you’re interested:

Iris: Sherlock does his best to make John happy when John comes back to 221B with his new baby after the events of Season 3, but Sherlock has a track record of getting things wrong in this area. This story is an exploration of their gradual shift from friends to lovers, told from Sherlock’s perspective, full of a lot of pining and lack of emotional awareness. (But don’t worry; I love a happy ending.)

One Bed That Wasn’t Slept In, And Another That Was: John doesn’t mind sharing a bed with Sherlock. Sherlock dissents. Things go downhill from there.

Aftermath: Mary Morstan Watson is dead, and John Watson has been left alone and devastated with a daughter. Forced back into the familiar surroundings of Baker Street, John deals with grief and guilt along with parenting, and Sherlock Holmes does whatever he must to carry out his last vow, even after Mary is gone.

Where the Heart is: John learns that Sherlock flatlined after Mary shot him. Everything changes.

If you know a fic like this, please reblog or reply with a title and author or a link!

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Is there any specific scene/evidence/subtext/etc. that, above everything else, makes you believe in TJLC?

Honestly, Nonny? The entire show. The narrative makes absolutely no sense without johnlock being the end of the series. I actually didn’t really think it was going to be canon until I started understanding the narrative, and how it suggests that John and Sherlock love each other.


  • the entirety of TSo3, since it is the episode that made me look twice at the series. All I could think was that this is NOT how best friends deal with a marriage. 
  • WHY make the entire “I want you to be my best man” scene look like a bloody wedding proposal??
  • actually, the entirety of S3. This was the season they HAD their chance to smack down the suspicions. They could have had a wedding episode about an ACTUAL WEDDING. They could have had John not look like a grieving widow. They could have made the tarmac scene not so painful and not resembling the tarmac scene in Casablanca. They could have made Mary and John a completely happy couple rather than make them miserable with each other after one month of marriage. They could have had John dreaming about his wife instead of wet-dreaming about Sherlock. “I don’t mind / Anytime”. I could go on and on and on. 
  • and even before S3, the prolonged gazes and staring at each other when they’re not looking at each other. The constant need to be in each other’s orbits 99% of the time. John stops dating women. John’s blog. Sherlock’s jealousy. John’s  jealousy. The constant “I need to die with you”-ness of their lives.
  • the constant foreshadowing of events in the narrative.

There is SO MUCH MORE, Nonny, but I think you get where I’m going with this.

I feel like it will be canon at the end with a marriage proposal :)

Even though Emma and Killian spend most of S3 lowkey heart-eyes’ing each other, I think what I enjoy most about their relationship in that season is that they spend the whole 22 episodes going from enemies to friends. Their dynamic shifts so drastically, and we get to see, yeah, a whole lot of pining, but also a whole lot of friendship. I love this basis for everything that follows. They don’t tumble headfirst into things, they become friends, dare I say, best friends, and basically spend the whole season by each other’s side. That support, understanding, and communication comes naturally. This was such a perfect way to set them up, and their future romantic relationship. 

You guys, I just really, really love S3 Captain Swan. 


What I find so interesting about Once is that you can have five people view the same show and all five will come up with different ideas of what happened.  It is a show that is open for interpretation based on where you are in your life, where you’ve been and your experiences along the way. 

There are also characters on the show that create feelings that are poles apart, which to me makes it very interesting.

Of the main cast, there were three villains whose journey’s have been shown during the last 5 seasons and continue to this date. 

Killian - I think we can all agree, he’s reached the end of his journey and just has to learn to forgive himself. 

Rumple - I feel that there have been a few times when his character was written as ‘redeemed’’ if they show had been canceled so this year it will be interesting to see where they take him. 

  Regina -  again a character that some hate, some love.  Many complain about the way she is treated and how she treats others, but her behavior, while often annoying, is really in character of where I feel she has come from and where I think she is going.  And this whole EQ split, there are some posts I have seen that make me scratch my head.  I have explained my thinking to a few friends and they tend to agree.  Maybe I can’t swan you but maybe I can give you a different way of viewing the show.  Read on. 

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No, but seriously, after Sherlock finds out he is John’s Best Friend (capitals intentional), he continuously refers to himself as such, like he has just been knighted by the gods themselves. Like, I bet you that during all the interviews before John’s wedding, he was all like “I’m John’s Best Friend, Sherlock. Don’t fuck up this wedding, because I’m John’s Best Friend.” And at crime scenes he’s like, “This is Dr. Watson, and I’m his Best Friend, Sherlock Holmes”. Like, introducing John first is the most important thing ever (at least until he graduates to “my John”.)

And then, like, there were so many “Best Friends” written in Sherlock’s Best Man speech that Greg had to whittle it down to what’s left. Though Greg never saw the final draft, which is why he seems a little surprised at how much Sherlock reveals at the wedding

At least that’s what I like to think. Because a part of me thinks he takes great pride in saying, “Your Best Friend is sociopath who solves crimes as an alternative to getting high. That’s me, by the way, hello” in HLV.

But then I got thinking that he says that line to remind himself that he’s only ever gonna be John’s Best Friend, and to convince John to stay with Mary, because he’s a sociopath, who John chose to be his Best Friend, how foolish.

Wow, I turned this post depressing rather quickly. Sorry =p It really hurts how much Sherlock pines for John in S3. I love pining Sherlock. SLOW BURN…… BURRRRRRRRRN.

“It’s always definitely a love story. I don’t see why that means that sex has to be involved. What a weirdly sexualized world we live in where you insist they must be having sex as well. Why would they? Sex is not really the issue among any of these people. Love is. Infatuation is. I think John Watson is infatuated with and fascinated by Sherlock Holmes. I think Sherlock Holmes absolutley relies completely and utterly on John Watson and is devoted to him.” -Steven Moffat

Whatever their relationship is, it’s beautiful. I don’t care if you ship Johnlock, Sherlolly(my ship), Sheriarty, or whoever! But no one can deny that the friendship these two share…I think both on the show and irl is really amazing. That’s why it matters so much to us, because its so real.