i think photoshop hates me by now


everything was GRAY. his hair, his smoke, his dreams…

                                      … & now he’s so DEVOID of color, he don’t know what it means.

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i hate the way i look so much i always want to cry whenever i look at my body in the mirror, all i see is just pure fat

I struggled with this a lot too, angel, but know that you’re the only one seeing that. There’s so much beauty in you. Having fat on your body doesn’t equal ugly, fat on you doesn’t mean you are not beautiful. I know plenty of plus sized girls who are drop dead gorgeous. I told one of them and she was stunned, said “I can’t be pretty, I’m fat”. Well guess what, I was totally crushing on her. I’m just saying that even if you feel ugly, you aren’t.
But you need to feel comfortable with yourself, too. So if you want to change, change. If you want to diet or start working out, do it. But do it for yourself and not for others (even if they tell you too). Honey, don’t let this get you down.

Have a little story. I used to be on the heavier side as a kid/early teens due to medication, operations as a baby and me not being so tall but really loving pasta. I hated myself and I knew I’d never be pretty. All my friends were pretty, I had friends looking like models and I still think they do. Everyone around me was pretty and I was just an ugly nothing.
But I changed, my body changed and now I’m a perfect weight, nearly too light even and I still think my thighs are fat. It’s like Eugene Yang said once, appreciating/accepting your body is much more difficult than just changing your body. (context: they photoshopped him into the “perfect man” and he still thought his stomach was too fat while he’s like the most handsome person alive imo). It’s about what’s in your head and not (just) your body. I’m rambling way too much but sweetheart, like I said, don’t let this get you down- remember that you’re not alone in this and that most of all, you are beautiful.

Imaginary Boyfriend

AU Prompt: You’re my neighbor and your grandparents are coing to visit and you’ve apparently been feeding them a lie about how you’re dating me to get them off your case so could I please be your pretend date for like two days you will pay me in concert tickets and mac and cheese

“Let me get this straight. I just have to hold your hand and you’ll give me Muse tickets?”

Dan stood at his doorway leaning against it watching his neighbor beg him to do possibly the most ridiculous thing he’s ever been asked.

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rant (dont hate me plz)

ok so rant here because idk why i really want vampires or spa day and ive wanted them for over a month now but i have to save up for cats and dogs but then i really want photoshop now because im having so much fun but im broke i cant even get toddler stuff or romantic garden ( my two fav stuff packs that ive allways wanted ) but ya i just had to rant because im broke and ya i think i might have money too buy cats and dogs when it comes out fingers crossed also im very thankful for the packs i do have but it just bothers me when i see people posting about how they got a bunch of packs today and stuff and im over here with 5 dollars  

Random Shit Part 6

Random Shit Part 6


Hi everyone! I’ve been gone from this account for so long and I know there have been going on so much lately with Zayn quitting the band and all the Little mix promotion, but I’m going to explain everything NOW.

Zayn Quitting + The Paris Trip

As we all know Zayn has quit One Direction (I’m crying inside). His reason was that he just simply wanted to be a ’’’’’’’ normal 22-year old’’’’’’’ and that he was tired of touring around and stuff. Well as we all know he isn’t being a normal 22 year old lad because he still has management people following him around. ANYWAYS this is not about Zayn quiting the band it’s more about what happened WHEN he did it. So right, after Zayn quit the band he went to Paris with his family and… dndndn… PERRIE. And just to prove that they were together Perrie had the perfect opportunity to post loads of selfies and pictures of her and Zayn.

The weird part is with this picture above is that Waliyha posted the same exact photo a few minutes after Perrie uploaded it. Another weird thing is that the time in Paris when the photos were uploaded were 3 AM. Who is awake at 3 AM and starts posting pictures AT THE SAME GOD DAMN TIME?  My money is on that modest posted the photos on both the accounts or Perrie and Waliyha just happened to post the same photo at the same almost exact time (which happens in RARE cases) 3AM in the morning.

And then doniya started posted pictures on her instagram 3AM in the morning as well. But the weird part is, I just went through her instagram account and this photo isn’t there anymore. She deleted it.

Anywho, All these photos were released when Little mix had an announcement about making a new music video.

We have all acknowledged that getting Zerrie photos on Perrie’s account when Little Mix have an announcement is NOT a coincidence and has happened before.

Other weird things is that a few days later “paparazzi” photos started to get released. We all know that it’s forbidden to have paparazzis in France snapping pictures of celebrities but we still got photos of them.

Look at the watermarks on the photo above this text, it says XPOSURE PHOTOS and If you guy’s don’t know what that is, here is a photo to clarify that

Modest obviously hired people to take photos of them and then SOLD them to XPOSURE and other sites just to make a fortune AND to get celeb gossip.

What we also got was loads of fake accounts posting new photos of the family and Zerrie.

Here is one for an example. this was posted from an fake Waliyha account. How the hell did a fake account access these kind of photos? this literally screams MODEST. There was a safaa account as well posting pictures but I’m too lazy to look for them. Let’s continue

Rumors and Promotion

First let’s start with the rumors. We all know that Zayn have this bad boy image and every damn magazine publishes something bad about him, rumors of him cheating and stuff. It happened A LOT this year as well. Let’s take a look shall we

But not on to my favourite of them all…

Lauren Richardson, it was a lot of rumors and news about this girl and that Zayn cheated on Perrie with this girl. Honestly we can’t know for sure what happened he could have cheated, but one thing that makes one of his cheating scandals real is this one…

If him cheating scandals are real WHY haven’t Perrie broken up with him already? Well I think we all know the answer to that question. BECAUSE LITTLE MIX needs PROMOTION.

Something that really bothers me is that THEY STILL use Zayn’s name in articles that is about Perrie or Little Mix.

there is so many more, these are just a couple of them. They need to write down Zayn’s name just to get extra readers in case people didn’t know who his fiancee was. (which probably the whole world knows)

Something that happened as well was that Perrie didn’t wear her engagement ring for a whole month and her excuse was that it was getting cleaned.

The part I love the most about this article is “But jewellery expert Lewis Malka says it is the norm to clean jewellery within 24 hours.”

She didn’t wear the god damn ring for a whole month which made everyone think that they probably had broken up or something, so that made the headlines, everyone started to make a big deal out of it and wanted answers, the only answer they got from Perrie was that it was still getting cleaned.

But after a month she started wearing it again and she started to show off the ring again. There was this tweet someone tweeted to their friend (I think) 2 years ago and she didn’t even tag perrie or little mix but somehow Perrie found the tweet and replied.

I know this was 2 years ago and you probably wonder why I’m bringing this up, but it’s because they didn’t tag her, they didn’t even write her NAME in the tweet but she still managed to find that tweet and reply to it. She obviously searches on some words on twitter and look for people tweeting about it. Isn’t that slightly WEIRD? And well done perrie calling people dumbass I know that they called her that as well but she shouldn’t get to their level she should keep it classy. 

Still don’t think Zayn promotes Little Mix? think again. As I said before in the beginning of this post, Zayn has people following him around (people from modest) and here is one proof of that

He is still under the controll of Management.

So MailOnline did this article about this guy in Little Mix video, that he looked like ZAYN MALIK, first of all MailOnline, have you seen Zayn? Because if you have then you’d know that Zayn does not look like that and that they are not similar in any possible way. BUT of course they are going to write an article about that with that headline because that will make people watch Little Mix video and get them more views.


Something funny about this picture is that this photo is in fact not a Zerrie photo even tho a Zerrie Instagram account posted it, it’s a photo of Percy and Annabeth. Perrie liked it making people believe that Zerrie is real just because she liked it

So there was some rumors about Zerrie breaking up and then within 24 hours we get a photo of Perrie in the “Zerrie house” and She posts a selfie with her cat with a picture of Zayn in the background making people believe that they are still together.

Now to my favourite part of this episode of random shit part 6 is this photo… Why the hell did she have to make the picture of her prom dress black and white? Let me tell you why, because she wanted people to think that it was her wedding dress. People commented loads of stuff about their wedding and stuff, the funny thing is, Little mix made an interview and then Perrie got a question that said “Which question you don’t ever want to be asked again? and then she answered “I’m sick of getting asked, When is the wedding, when is the wedding? I get married when I’m bloody ready!”

Well dear Perrie, why in the world would you post a photo of your prom dress in BLACK N WHITE and expect people to stop ASKING that question? BTW if some of you don’t believe that, that is her prom dress, here is a photo of it with its original colour: Purple.

Not the best photo but anyways.

So remember when Perrie posted this photo?

This basically explains all I was about to say so… Let’s move on to the next pictures

So Perrie posted this on her birthday making sure that we all know that they are together but there is something wrong with this photo… Zayn has dyed his hair blonde

And on the previous photo his hair is black and it’s not fully shaved. If you look closely you can see that the hair on top if his head is longer than his sides. I mean he could for sure dyed his hair back to black but the odd part is that it cannot grow that fast. So that picture has to be an old one. But Perrie then also posted this picture and she is wearing the exact same top

Either she just wore the same top as that photo or it’s simply photoshopped?

Tell me guys what you think of this post and message me if I’m missing something out!

I know I’ve been MIA for a LONG while now but life got in the way. I’ve reseaved over 100 followers under 24 hours and that’s CRAZY!

Loads of love! xx

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i've had the same issue with dymanic link and tbh all it took for me was a new ps download. i recommend searching up on youtube "download photoshop free" or something because that's how i found mine and it came with a dynamic link crack

okay, thank you! i just went ahead and downloaded the photoshop CC free trial for now, but I fucking hate it, so I think im gonna continue to look!

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Hi, this is the anon who asked how you draw tadashi and hiro, and I want to thank you so much because that helped me a lot, and well I hate to be a pain but you are now officially one of my favourite artists, but do you think you could show how you colour and what programme you use, I don't want to be annoying, asking you about your art process but I don't think I can explain just how much I love your art, and thank you for creating such amazing stuff. :D

I use Photoshop CS6!

I’m actually very bad at picking colors. Like, REALLY bad. To fight this awful fact I started saving pictures that I like and picking some colors from them, and then I made a palette that I use every time I draw. I just pretty randomly pick a color from that palette and if it works - I continue drawing, if it doesn’t - I’m picking another one)) If I want a color to be brighter or darker, I slightly change it using PaintersWheel (you can install it to Photoshop). Sometimes I go with overlays and photofilter to make some accent or to make the image colder/warmer. If I don’t have colours I need in my palette - I search internet for photos with the similar to the drawing colour scheme.

Here is a very simple example-

On The Neverending Bullshit That Is Fashion Blogging

When I decided to start this blog a few months back, my goal was pretty singular: talk about money in a way that doesn’t make me feel like an old, crusty white man in a boxy suit (and perhaps, as a second goal, have an outlet for my shoddy personal photography). But the point was just to have a space to talk about the stuff that gets to me – the overwhelming crises of bills, my inability to understand investments, the constant anxiety of picking the right insurance plan, and so on and so forth. It was a place to talk.

Since that initial starting point, I have decided I want to make something more of it. I am working with (an incredibly talented and somehow also incredibly chill) designer, I have invested in a camera that can take slightly less shoddy photos, and I am making BiG pLaNs for the future of the site.  And yesterday, when I posted a little photo of my new camera to #enhance my personal #brand (and to solicit some much-needed photography advice), I got a couple jokes along the lines of “Now you’re going to become a famous fashion blogger.”

And this is a joke, yes, as I have neither the disposable income nor the bone structure to be a famous fashion blogger, but I still feel compelled to say: Fuck that. Fuckkkkk thatttttt.

Part of the reason The Financial Diet is important to me is because, as a 25-year-old woman who lives on the internet and likes both pumpkins and art-directed photos of minimalist bedrooms, I am a prime candidate (victim) for Lifestyle Blogs. Left to my own devices, I am liable to get sucked into a k-hole of hate-browsing fashion blogs, scrolling through their untouchable Instagrams, and marveling at their uncanny ability to turn their life into one uninterrupted stream of sponsored content.

And I work in sponsored content. I have written or ideated dozens if not hundreds of various pieces of copywriting by now, and genuinely enjoy the work. I have nothing but respect for the hustle, and on the rare occasion that a brand has approached me with an offer to try out some free shit for a bit of personal Chelsea Fagan promotion, you better believe I was about that shit. But this is a mere shadow in the towering monolith that is the Fashion Blogger, as almost all of the content they will produce (no matter how much they choose to illegally not disclose that shit, and that is its own can of worms for the FTC to open) is funded by somebody

The thing about Fashion Bloggers – and their mutated, diversified cousins, the Lifestyle Bloggers – is that they aren’t REALLY people. At least, not in the way we think of people. Follow one of these waifish WASPs on Instagram and prepare to know literally nothing about them except that they enjoy macarons, get to travel for free, and are being followed around constantly by some put-upon boyfriend who has to risk his life in city streets to capture her #ootds. Everything they put out to the world is filtered through that Pinterest-brand art direction and a DSLR, a procession of blazers and lattes and crisp white sheets that is impossible to tell from anyone else.

And look, I am as basic as the next bitch, I love all of those things. But I have two issues here: One, can you at least provide me with one piece of information about yourself that doesn’t come in the form of a hashtag, and Two, can you please not pretend that the life you are living and aesthetic you are presenting isn’t expensive as shit? I have had the privilege of finding out, through my work, what these bloggers are getting for endorsements and guest posts, and trust me – you don’t want to know. And I also know that, if you want to keep those sweet, sweet branded dollars flowing, the best thing to do is remove all trace of potentially controversial content from your site. You don’t want to express an opinion, or curse, or even denote a preference that doesn’t come in the form of a shirt you have to promote. So they turn into something like Cashmere & Rosé or whatever the fuck they are called, and cease to exist outside of posts about what they’re “totally obsessed with this week!”

That’s another thing: Stop saying you’re obsessed with things. The only thing you are obsessed with is free shit, which I get, as I am also obsessed with that. But please be honest about it. You can still drown in endless sponsorships, you can just do it while providing at least a glimpse into what you actually enjoy or think about in your day-to-day life.

I guess what I hate more than anything is that, in the great MeDiA LaNdScaPE, you are forced to choose between “people who actually have sweet/funny/interesting things to say” and “people who satisfy my ceaseless thirst to look at pictures of macarons.” And I don’t think my life’s mission is to straddle those two worlds, as I know right now my photo game will never be anywhere CLOSE to what these people are putting out (photoshop stresses me out, and I am just not photogenic enough to inspire people to want to look like me, which is kind of a relief). But I do think that it’s important to call out this obnoxious trend, as a whole generation of #influencers is turning into this dead-behind-the-eyes hybrid of Kylie Jenner and Martha Stewart.

Fashion bloggers have to be aspirational, yes, but they can still be people. Because no one’s life can look like that, and they know that, and we know it, and there is no reason to continue playing the game. Even if we had the limitless income and spare time to make every outfit worthy of a blog post, and art direct the cheese we eat while standing in front of the fridge in our underwear, who would even have the time? We have jobs. And we need a fashion blogger for the working woman. Because life is stressful enough already.