i think photoshop hates me by now

HELLO!!!!! THE PHOTO WAS PHOTOSHOPPED!! VERY CLEARLY PHOTOSHOPPED!!!! so when I say JYPE confirmed it as a publicity stunt I meant that they wanted it to be talked about. which is exactly what is happening. JYPE doesn’t care if there is negative backlash because press is press and rumours between two of their most popular groups at the moment means A LOT of press… for those people that didn’t think JYPE confirmed it for press…. please look at the hate Mina and Bambam are getting right now. over an edited picture. death threats over a PHOTOSHOPPED picture. but JYPE doesn’t care, it’s press after all… GOTTWICE are being talked about so of course it doesn’t matter that their idols are getting hate!!! as long as they are getting publicity!!!!!!! anyways,, here’s another reason to add to my long list of why I hate J¥P£