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Can I request a Mycroft imagine where the reader is best friends with the Holmes,and Mycroft is harboring a crush.But the reader has hiding their depression,until the Holmes find her about to off of a rooftop.

A REMINDER: Do NOT send me asks that center or are themed around suicide, self harm, great loss, rape or death. I am not in the right mental state to carry out any of those and will either edit or delete your ask. Thank you for your corporation. -M

If you put it off any longer I’ll out. You’ve been friends long enough to feel her out to test the waters and if don’t do so by today I’ll do it for you just to save you any more wasted time mooning over her.

Sherlock’s threat still rings in Mycroft’s ears as he rounds the corner to find ______’s office. 

I don’t know why the brat has gotten so tetchy about my fondness for ______ Mycroft thinks as he nearly collides with an employee of the state. They miss of course thanks to Mycroft’s quick footwork but he carries on uncaring of how the employee calls out, ‘sorry’ and continues his stride.

In truth Mycroft could understand why Sherlock was being so aggressive about confronting these feelings he had for his long time friend ____. 

After all with the push from Eurus to not only acknowledge and engage Miss Hooper’s feelings for him Sherlock must have reached what must have gained some clarity to the lost time he could have shared with her.

It was Mycroft’s understanding that this was Sherlock’s misguided way to also give him something that could have been his the entire time but was too cowardly to initiate but still was none of Sherlock’s bloody business.

_____ was a dear friend and colleague- Mycroft couldn’t go mucking it up with his growing attachment to her. It would just unhinge the balance of their relationship and ultimately destroy him should the outcome not be in his favor.

If anything Mycroft would rather tell off Sherlock but seeing the email that Sherlock planned to send _____ via private email filled with auido, video and written proof of his enormous admiration toward her (how he got any of that reeked of someone within his team conspiring against him) should he fail to confess today Mycroft had very little choice.

Coming up to her office door Mycroft takes a deep breath before placing a very careful knock. “_______,” he calls out only to receive no answer.

Odd. She should still be in there he thinks opening the door enough to take a peek.

Her office is as immaculate as ever with barely a thing out of place save her chair.

Very curious.

If anything ____ was very particular on how she left her things in her office. Her chair had she left it would be pushed in at a 95 degree angle to account for her tendency to lean to on her right elbow.

Cautiously Mycroft allows himself to push past the door a bit more. “______.” he calls out a bit louder and cautiously enters the office.

Coming closer to her desk he finds her shoes kicked off and when he focuses more her feet.

Bending down swiftly Mycroft is surprised to find ______ curled up in a ball under her desk in the midst of what looks like a panic attack. 


“Don’t look at me Mycroft I’m not good enough!”

Confused and a bit inconvenienced by the crouch Mycroft sits on the office floor and scoots closer. “What do you mean not good enough,” Mycroft questions, “You happen to be one of the most efficient sectaries of labor England has ever had in the last fifty odd years.” 

She shakes her head viciously. “No, no, no-how can someone like you understand,” _____ exclaims rocking herself further into the inside corner of the desk, “I’m not good enough. I’ll never be good enough. Just look at these numbers! My approval ratings! Mycroft no one likes me!”

Mycroft tries to squeeze under the small space of the desk but finds that he can hardly push more than half his shoulder under it. Tentatively he tries to grab her hand and when she does not receive it sticks to just having his shoulder touch hers.

“______ you’ll find that the common man will not recognize the boon you have given him until it is ripped away,” Mycroft professes, “If anything your policies will bring forth more jobs for the common people and feed into the economy.”

“They think I’m a sell out Mycroft and only lick the boots of the elite! Just look at how they trash me in the paper and the telly! I’m more a villain than Margret Thatcher in their eyes! I just-I just can’t deal with all these negative attention,” she cried.

“Come one ____ not everyone hates you-”

“A woman and her daughter spat on me when I was out buying groceries.”

“That was uncalled for-”

“I had my car towed on purpose by the shop keeps when I was trying to buy something for the afternoon meeting.”

“I do hope the police got involved-”

“My dating account got hacked and replaced with all these horrible things Mycroft I just can’t breathe with all this hate!”

Unable to think of anything better Mycroft simply offered, “I don’t hate you.”

_____ makes a choking noise in the back of her throat. “Of course you wouldn’t because you’re my friend-

“I actually have…stronger feelings than that ______.”

_____ rolls her eyes. “Sure you do, as my best friend,” she says sarcastically, “which by the way isn’t proving that not everybody hates me-”

“_____ I love you and have for a very long time so I would appreciate it if you didn’t dismiss my feelings as some sort of participation ribbon when it has been very difficult to express them so please stop this,” Mycroft implores, “I understand this is weighing heavily on you but taking it out on me won’t solve this.”

Blinking almost comically _____ states slowly, “Say that again?”

“Please ____ don’t encourage me to embarrasses myself further when you clearly don’t-”

She sits up a bit straighter and asks again, “Please Mycroft, say it again.”

Finding it difficult to deny her Mycroft says it slowly, “I love you and have for a very long time.”

The tears well up in her eyes again but this time not out of panic but relief before _____ is in his arms.

I Don’t Like People. Like, At All.

Sherlock One Shot

Characters: [GENDER NEUTRAL] Reader x Mycroft Holmes

Warnings: Mentions of war, violence and death

Request: “Sherlock: One-shot : (Mycroft) where the reader is an anti-social criminal who plans to steal a bomb to start a war.” - Anon

Word Count: 765

A/N: Okay but the title is so me. But I’m not going to steal a bomb guys don’t worry. I don’t really know how to steal a bomb but I hope what I wrote makes sense.

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you know, what bothers me about tjlc isn’t the ship itself because i actually don’t have any problem with johnlock - not my thing, but i can see the appeal - but its fandom… ugh.

i’ve seen people saying bbc sherlock is progressive because it made the relationship between sherlock and john romantic, because it has bi representation and i’m honestly worried about their ability of twisting reality. sherlock isn’t the show you think it is. this isn’t representation. john IN THE SHOW has been showed as anything but straight. maybe he isn’t, we can’t assume his sexuality, but this isn’t real life. if you don’t show something then it’s probably not real.

talking about tjlc again. i’ve seen people against sherlolly/adlock/warstan because “white hetero relationships aren’t progressive” which is true sure, but then you go on their blog and see they hope for canon greg/molly and that they hate sherlock/sally even if sally is poc. and if you ship sherlock/jim, sherlock/greg, john/mycroft AND NOT SEE IT AS A STEP STONE FOR JOHNLOCK you are bad as well, because apparently only johnlock can be shipped because it’s progressive? honestly i don’t think there is anything progressive in a white gay relationship with a fandom that throws women under the bus.

let’s be clear now: i don’t think you should ship something for representation. people love ships because they enjoy a dynamic and want to explore it, because it resonates with them as some level. but since you pat yourself on the back because “oooh we’re so progressive” at least be coherent and don’t wish for the death of a pregnant woman and her baby, don’t treat molly or irene only in relation of the man they are in love with (and only to dismiss their feelings).

also by saying “john is bi but can only be with sherlock or occasionally sholto but not as endgame” you are showing that you don’t give a fuck about representation but only care about johnlock. and if sherlock is your “gay baby” then why don’t ship it with greg, if you are only into healthy dynamics?

i wouldn’t mind tjlc if it was only “we love johnlock and we would like for it to happen”. but tjlc is “we love johnlock, it will happen, every character exist only because of johnlock,” may i add that this kind of thinking is really insulting towards the writers and the actors you claim to love? “and who doesn’t think like us it’s an homophobe”

Eurus + Mary = Trouble

I base this theory on the very CLEAR idea that Dead!Mary is the fruit of John’s imagination. She is John’s softer side. What she says and thinks and tries to influence John to do is WHAT HE THINKS AND WANTS TO DO in the first place. She is 100% a projection of what JOHN thought Mary was, but with his thoughts and feelings.

Dead!Mary, ironically enough, incarnates the best of John Watson.

I believe the John Watson we see in The Final Problem is a MP John Watson, for the most. Because they can’t all outrun bullets.

Because the real John Watson is critically injured and in hospital for the most of the episode.

And Sherlock is going to lose it.

I believe that Eurus (whom I strongly believe either worked with Moriarty or was the actual Moriarty) was committed by her eldest brother Mycroft and their parents after she committed an unspeakable act. Whether it be injuring Redbeard in a gruesome manner, almost killing Sherlock by drowning him (which would explain a lot of the water images we get throughout all the episodes) or by setting fire to their family home, she caused this family so much pain they had no choice but to lock her away in a mental institution.

This, obviously, traumatized young Sherlock. He locked away those memories in his memory palace, very very deep, deeper even than Moriarty, but now and then, these images break through in flashes, intuitions (water imagery, loud sounds, etc.) I believe the majority of TAB was his subconscious warning him about these repressed memories. Most of TAB, after all, was based on a deep fear of women nefariously working in the shadows (Mary, his sister, Emilia Ricoletti), but also a lot of love and admiration for women in general, because Sherlock is, deep down, a truly kind and good man. “The best and wisest man I have ever known” indeed, John.

Stewing away in some institution didn’t sit well with Eurus (whom I believe is not a psychopath, but possesses just enough psychopathic traits to be dangerous and cruel - after all, cruelty requires a great deal of empathy - THANKS HANNIBAL!). She grew up loathing her family, especially Sherlock, whom she believed was the cause for her getting locked away.

Locked inside, she met a man. James Moriarty. And she set everything into motion. Moriarty, unlike her, was either there for a short time, or visiting. And they became fast friends (that, or the other theory that she actually hired the man as an actor to impersonate this imagined villain, Moriarty, though I find this a lot more improbable given that he did shoot himself in the face).

So Eurus set everything in motion. Because she’s angry. And hella smart. Smarter perhaps than both Mycroft and Sherlock, except she only has her own agenda on her mind. One where she punishes Sherlock whom she believes had it too easy, out there, while she was locked and isolated.

When Moriarty tried to force Sherlock into suicide, with the help of hired killers AGRA, Eurus needed to make sure he was truly dead, like her friend Moriarty, and she sent in an agent to keep an eye on John, to know immediately if Sherlock tried to contact him. That agent was Mary.

What Eurus didn’t know was that Mary would genuinely come to care for John, enough to betray Eurus and leave clues to protect John from the grave. What Eurus also didn’t plan was that Sherlock would come back and that John would forgive him, therefore allowing for Sherlock to be happy.

What irks me about these two episodes we just got is that fucking DVD from Mary. Because it’s that very DVD that sets things into motion for episode 2. Mary worked for Eurus. Her death was part of that plan, that plan to BURN THE HEART OUT OF SHERLOCK. By putting an immense wedge between him and Sherlock, the dead body of his wife.

That was not enough for Eurus, nor was it enough for Mary, whom, even in death, couldn’t accept that she would never have been first in John’s heart. Enter the DVD.

With that final DVD, Mary does two distinct things:
1) she sends Sherlock into that crazy errand to “Save John Watson from himself/his demons/his grief/his guilt”. Whether she knew or not that John was cheating on her with fucking EURUS HERSELF is irrelevant. She was a trained agent, she knew something was fishy in her relationship. She however would much rather Sherlock didn’t succeed too well: she wants John happy, but she doesn’t want Sherlock to be happy too. Which is why Culverton is so convenient. Because he MIGHT. JUST. SUCCEED. at killing Sherlock.
2) She also leaves sufficient clues for Sherlock to piece together that something more dangerous, something bigger is coming, not just or him, but for JOHN WATSON. “SAVE JOHN WATSON”, literally. From Eurus. The clues for this? “Miss me?” - it gets Sherlock’s attention, sure, but also puts him mind on the right tract to piece things together.

But things don’t go the way Mary planned. Nor the way Eurus planned, tried all she did to interfere directly in the situation. A “common friend of hers and Culverton” put them in touch, after all (Moriarty, folks, that was Moriarty). Except I think she asked Moriarty to put her in touch with Culverton. She was the one holding the cards all along.

Now, how did she get out of wherever she was locked away without Mycroft being warned? Different theories for this:
1) Alicia/Elizabeth Smallwood is actually a double agent - though I find that unlikely - and she contributed to faking Eurus Sherrinford being secure. This could perhaps explain why she has two names but I think that’s just a bizarre mistake of the show from BBC broadcasting it to the DVD.
2) She played it like Mary did on the plane and found a lookalike to put in her place, probably paying big sums of money to the hospital personnel to keep this from Mycroft’s attention for as long as possible.

Regardless, she’s out. She’s out for blood. And she won’t stop until she’s made Sherlock as miserable as she can, including trying to kill John Watson. She was surprised to find that Sherlock was not the monster she had imagined, nor the selfish bastard she had envisioned from her “tower”. But I believe that only makes her hate him more, that even on the brink of death because of drugs and grief and chagrin, Sherlock still is loved, cared for, doted upon by people around him.

And Eurus cannot stand that. Cannot accept it. She will do all she can to put an end to Sherlock Holmes.

She will fail, and probably end up dying or taking her own life. But I think she might just take Mycroft down with her, as the ultimate fuck you. :(

JOHNLOCK WILL LIVE. At least I really hope so. They will finally stop being so emotionally constipated. I believe that might come from Sherlock admitting to a supposedly dying John Watson (whom he’ll believe to be unconscious) all he’s always wanted to tell him. That he loves him. That he’s the love of his life. That he doesn’t give two fucks about The Woman, except that she was a catalyst to him realizing how much he fucking loves John fucking Watson.

And John will hear. And John will crumble from the love. And TJLC will live.

Because I think that’s it, folks.

That’s the end of the road. The Series Finale.

The Final Problem.

My personal review of The Final Problem

What I liked:

- We’ve done a 180, from a show that’s all about the crime, to a show that’s both crime and emotional context, and then finally to a show where the decisions of the characters are based almost purely on emotion. We’ve watched Sherlock become human and seen the repercussions it brings.

- Every Moriarty scene, wasn’t Andrew BRILLIANT?! We got complete closure on Moriarty.

- Sherlock calling John family; we all know it but it’s beautiful to hear him say it.

- The subtle realisation that despite being less intelligent than Mycroft, Sherlock is stronger in many ways. Message me if you want my explanation for this.

- The way Sherlock got so angry after manipulating Molly, as it proves that he genuinely cares for her.

- John, and how he couldn’t shoot that man in the head. Just couldn’t. That was so pure. And how despite that, John remained a soldier the whole way through.

- The entire scene where Sherlock has to choose whether to shoot Mycroft or John, but more importantly Mycroft’s reaction to it. His complete willingness to die for John, because he knows Sherlock needs John more than him. His matter of fact manner - it had to be him. The fact Mycroft was willing to make that sacrifice was so so pure and I just can’t *-*

- Mycroft’s fucking umbrella sword gun. I’m in love.

- Redbeard being a boy not a dog - I think many people realised that Euros had harmed Redbeard in some way, so to make it a surprise, BOOM, Redbeard is a child not an animal.

- Okay, I’m ready for the hate…. Mary’s final voiceover. We got more closure for her character, and someone on the outside, just like us, summarising Sherlock and John’s closeness.

- When she (Mary) said something like, ‘Without me, I know what you could become.’ BE STILL MY JOHNLOCK HEART.

- The scene of Sherlock and John together playing with Rosie.

What I disliked:

- Some parts felt sort of, dare I say it, far fetched? I don’t know how to quite explain it… Perhaps over dramatic might be a better term? For example the way Eurus was sat crying… and that she just wanted someone to help her ground her… The way the cipher for the song was on the gravestones… etc.

- The way Molly was reduced to a teary wreck, I liked the Sherlock side of it but I just feel Molly deserves better from the writers.

- The freakin well scene. I was holding out for a nearly submerged John crying out for Sherlock, and a dramatic and dangerous rescue. Not a bloody rope and and a spotlight. THE CHAINS.

- The final set of scenes felt rushed… If each had been elongated for a couple more minutes I feel like that would have been a more rounded and fulfilling ending. I wanted proper closure for Molly, Greg and Mrs Hudson, not just Sherlock and John.

The only real disappointment I feel:

- How so many ‘fans’ reacted with unfiltered hate towards the writers. Having opinions is okay, criticism is okay, (isn’t that what I’ve just done?) But there is so much mindless and ill-considered hate out there, just because Johnlock didn’t become canon. Did you really expect gay butt sex on the BBC at 9:00pm? Admittedly, it could have been revealed more subtly, but still, it is the writers story and that’s not where they wanted it to go. Respect that. And for goodness sake, don’t call it ‘queerbaiting’. Watch it from another perspective and see how all the hints at their gayness can be interpreted as friendly, or family love.

John and Sherlock love each other. They don’t need to fuck to prove that.
Submission: Meeting the Parents

I take it, you see where this is going ;) Have a great weekend, darling! :)

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I certainly do, Mags. Thank you for the lovely idea and I hope you enjoy the story.


“There’s someone we’d like you to meet.”

“Let me see it again, Mike,” Victoria Holmes extended her hand, a gleeful expression on her face. Mycroft reluctantly handed her the engagement ring leaflet with a roll of his eyes, “…aww, aren’t they lovely? Which one did Sherlock choose?”

“That one, Mummy,” Mycroft scowled, pointing at a sparkling diamond ring with an enormous price tag, “I fail to see the point. It’s not even symbolic; at least a wedding ring means something.”

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Tone, Self-Image, Brothers, and Who Ees Zees Sherlock Anyway? Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Here’s my thesis: People seem to think Sherlock acted out of character as we’ve known him to this point. But that doesn’t mean he acted out of character for who he is.  We may just be beginning to learn who he is, and why. A lot of Mycroft here. A lot of theories of the subconscious.

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Okay but the goldfish conversation between Sherlock and Mycroft in TEH is about sex/sexual partners right? I mean, when Sherlock says he thought Mycroft might’ve got himself a goldfish, the winking sexual implications aren’t exactly subtle, compounded by Mycroft’s request to change the subject. Of course Myc is uncomfortable when the magnifying glass is turned onto him. But Mycroft literally just implied the exact same thing to Sherlock when he said “oh yes…FRIENDSSSSS…of course, you go in for that sort of thing now.” Like it’s pretty obvious that Mycroft isn’t talking about John or Molly or Lestrade or Hudders in that moment. He may as well be using air quotes when he says the word friends in that drawn out, knowing, simpering way of his.

Does everyone else feel this way too? Or do you think Sherlock and Mycroft are literally talking about actual friends in this scene instead of “friends” of a sexual nature. I’ve seen people mention it once in here but they seemed to think Sherlock was making sexual implications to Mycroft while Mycroft was being straightforward while talking to Sherlock about having friends now. I don’t really see it that way, because Sherlock has had friends for like 4 or more years at this point, it’s not exactly a recent development of his life. Idk what do you guys all think? No one hate me for implying Sherlock isn’t a blushing virgin because I love that idea too, I mean reading virgin Sherlock is my jam. But I just don’t think he is one in the show. I don’t know, I need outside opinions!


MYCROFT: I’m glad you’ve given up on the Magnussen business.

SHERLOCK: Are you?

MYCROFT: I’m still curious, though. He’s hardly your usual kind of puzzle. Why do you … hate him?

SHERLOCK: Because he attacks people who are different and preys on their secrets. Why don’t you?

MYCROFT: He never causes too much damage to anyone important. He’s far too intelligent for that. He’s a business-man, that’s all, and occasionally useful to us. A necessary evil – not a dragon for you to slay.

SHERLOCK: A dragon slayer. Is that what you think of me?

MYCROFT No. It’s what you think of yourself.

MYCROFT: I have, by the way, a job offer I should like you to decline.

SHERLOCK: I decline your kind offer.

MYCROFT: I shall pass on your regrets.

SHERLOCK: What was it?

MYCROFT: MI6 – they want to place you back into Eastern Europe. An undercover assignment that would prove fatal to you in, I think, about six months.

SHERLOCK: Then why don’t you want me to take it?

MYCROFT  It’s tempting … but on balance you have more utility closer to home…

- And here is the moment Sherlock realizes he’s just been given official sanction to kill Charles Augustus Magnussen.

Is Mycroft going to die?

So lots of people have been saying Mycroft’s death has been foreshadowed and that ‘I will always be there for you’ will not really be true but I think the food bet reflected something else. To start with, I hated how grotesque Mycroft looked - there’s no way that’s how Sherlock sees his brother, because we’ve seen Mycroft in the mind palace before and he didn’t look like that.
My theory is that Sherlock is afraid of what Mycroft might become.
But I don’t know if it’s truly food that Sherlock is so scared of his brother being changed by. If it is, it perhaps references how he doesn’t eat on a case and is so thin. If it’s not, it shows Sherlock is afraid of something changing, perhaps even killing his brother.
But what is that thing?

seragrace  asked:

Hey there:) you are always so nice and patient with fan questions so I figured I'd give it a go: I'm not a native speaker and can't make sense of the scene between Sherlock and Mycroft in TEH playing deductions. What does Sherlock try to prove? That Mycroft is lonely, but Sherlock is not because he has friends? That it's ok to be a little weird? That it's ok to care? That it's ok to admit that Mycroft missed him? Would love to hear your thoughts on this:) *warm squishy johnlock cuddles*

Hi Sera!!

Never apologize! There’s so many nuances in this show so it’s easy to get lost :)

The lines specifically are meant as a callback to ASiB:

MYCROFT: There are many names for what she does. She prefers ‘dominatrix.’
SHERLOCK (thoughtfully): Dominatrix.
MYCROFT: Don’t be alarmed. It’s to do with sex.
SHERLOCK: Sex doesn’t alarm me.
MYCROFT (smiling snidely at him): How would you know?

Here’s the line in TEH that you are referring to:

SHERLOCK (turning back to him): Well, anybody who wears a hat as stupid as this isn’t in the habit of hanging around other people, is he?
MYCROFT: Not at all. Maybe he just doesn’t mind being different. He doesn’t necessarily have to be isolated.
SHERLOCK: Exactly.
(He looks down at the hat again. Mycroft blinks several times, apparently confused.)
MYCROFT: I’m sorry?
SHERLOCK (looking at him): He’s different – so what? Why would he mind? You’re quite right.
(He lifts the hat and perches it on the top of his head, then looks pointedly at his brother.)
SHERLOCK: Why would anyone mind?
(Mycroft opens his mouth but seems to struggle to speak for a moment.)
MYCROFT: … I’m not lonely, Sherlock.
(Sherlock tilts his head down and looks closely at him, then steps nearer with an intense expression on his face.)
SHERLOCK: How would you know?

The two scenes are meant as ribs at gaps in each other’s knowledge, brotherly jibes at each other to knock each other down a peg. Personally I think Mycroft’s was a bit harsher than Sherlock’s (Sherlock did it with only Mrs. Hudson as an audience, while Mycroft did it with an emissary and John in the same room). If anything, it shows how much Sherlock has grown because he has chosen to not embarrass his brother.

In the first one in ASiB, Mycroft is basically calling Sherlock out for being a virgin; How would Sherlock know if sex alarms him if he’s never had sex? It was a cruel jibe at Sherlock’s knowledge, but in a way he thinks that his detachment from sex will also make him able to do the case without distractions.

In the TEH exchange, Sherlock has learned what it’s like to have friends and to actually love people, to have his own ‘goldfish’. Funnily enough, the exchange before these lines makes a jab at Mycroft’s own sexuality, which immediately ties this whole scene to the one in ASiB. With these lines, Sherlock is asking Mycroft how he would know that he’s lonely if he’s never had someone to care about? It’s so sad in a way, because Sherlock is genuinely sympathetic with Mycroft here; he doesn’t want his brother to be lonely, and I think he knows Mycroft was very lonely without Sherlock around. He knows Mycroft struggles just as much as Sherlock had with people, and Sherlock in a way is telling Mycroft that having friends is not as distasteful as Mycroft thinks. 

GUH, I hate how much these two care about each other so much. I’m so looking forward to seeing more of their interactions next season.